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OH SWEET REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Can I see some IDW Starscream, Windblade, Ironhide, and Chromia if a random sparkling was suddenly put into their care without warning?

Here, let’s assume this is before *ahem* all that. (You’ll know what i mean when you read it)


  • Honestly he’d hate this. He doesn’t have TIME for this- he’s a busy mech! Here Bumblebee, you take- oh. “Slag!”
  • “Slag!” the sparkling repeats joyfully. Primus, this is going to be a day. The sparkling tries to grab his face and climb on his wings. They maneuver themselves so they’re dangling on his back, and Starscream decides they can stay there for a while. He goes about a good deal of his day with a lil monkey hanging on him. He acts as though this is normal.
  • Back at his office he sets them on the floor with a ring of keys to play with. This works well until he starts to cry and Starscream can’t figure out what’s wrong. They won’t tell him! They just keep screaming! “WINDBLADE!”


  • Starscream dumps the sparkling unceremoniously into Windblade’s arms. He grumbles and rubs his temples as he trudges away, and she’s left with only her confusion and a screaming youngling. Did- did Starscream not feed them yet? Looks like she’s off to get some energon.
  • She hushes them tenderly and holds the cube to their lips. “My, you were hungry, weren’t you little one? Yes you were! Was grumpy ol’ Starscream a big meanie? I bet he was.”
  • The baby takes to her instantly. They don’t let her put them down for long, always wanting to be held, cuddled, and played with. She doesn’t mind; what a precious little darling! She makes funny faces at them until they’re all giggled out and fall asleep against her chest. Suddenly, she gets a comm. from Rattrap. Ugh, and she was having such a good time!


  • “Can you watch them for me?” There’s no time for Ironhide to answer before Windblade is gone. Well, he has a sleeping sparkling now.  He’s not sure what he’s going to do with them, but gosh, aren’t they cute? All swaddled up like that… Okay, he loves them.
  • When the baby wakes up they are stinky. That’s significantly less cute, but hey, it’s nothing he can’t handle- Primus that’s gross! They’re in desperate need of a bath, so Ironhide gently washes them with one servo, holding them in the other. They kick and squeal at the bubbles tickling their frame, and Ironhide is terrified he’ll drop them. Once the tub is drained the sparkling is dry he can finally relax.
  • Then he realizes. This is a newspark. The rebuilt Cybertron doesn’t have a place for sparklings- there haven’t been sparklings for Primus knows how long. He’ll have to talk to Starscream about this. He throws the door open to see Chromia- oh good, a babysitter!


  • A pair of innocent optics gaze up at Chromia. “Slag!” the sparkling giggles. Chromia frowns. Her sentiments exactly. Where’s Windblade when you need her?
  • The youngling is restless but she doesn’t know where to take them. Where can she take them? Cybertron is still such a dangerous place, and there’s no one here she really trusts to take care of a newspark… Well, there is one place that’s pretty friendly…
  • “You can’t bring a baby to a bar!” shouts Blurr. Waspinator coos and snuggles the youngling, and Chromia watches him with something between wariness and relief. Mechs had crowded her as soon as she came in. They don’t bother her now- she’d made damn sure of it- but Waspinator is okay enough, plus she feels pity for him.
  • Later she gets comms. from Windblade, Starscream, and Ironhide, all at once. They say the same thing: ‘You took the sparkling where???’

[[Ehhh i’m not too hot about the ending, but let’s just say that eventually they got someone to take care of the baby and got started on an adoption process/sparkling center or whatever…]]