well the mini version i guess


Part 3 (I guess)

One for Pixal/Zane. Tiny!Pixal would probably be really curious, so Zane has to keep picking her up so she won’t jump of a deskor something.

And one for Nya/Jay (I feel like I took that a little to far). So whenever another girl flirts/talkes to Jay Tiny!Nya will be jealous/angry…I don’t know if you would want Nya to be angry with you, even if it’s a tiny version of her

Part 1 (Kai)

Part 2 (Seliel/Cole & Skylor/Kai)

Mini edit/note: Well these skin colors look really pink:/ It doesn’t look like that in person…

Kirin!Hanzo Au
…because apparently we didn’t have enough AU already so we made another one. The idea is that the Shimada family are descendants of dragons. With the passing of time their power decreased and so their form reduced as well.
Some of them lost all the link to their human parts and become just kirin (who’s like a hooved mini-dragon version), but others are still able able to change form from human to kirin (and those are called Royal Kirin). Humans belive that they bring fortune and fulfill wishes so they hunt them down to make some easy cash, at least by selling them.

obvharry  asked:

Sooo I've never read a Niall fic and have no idea where to start? Any recs?

hiii!!! okay wow there are a lot of amazing Niall fics out there, here’s a list of them: 

  • screaming color and its sequel you and i need to have a little patience by @wokeuptired​ (it’s been over a year - i think - since i’ve finished reading these two and i still can’t stop thinking about how good Natasha is at writing these fics!!! Cole and Niall are the cutest, i swear)
  • left my heart out by @wokeuptired​ again because she’s super amazing & i love everything she writes. (this one is a love triangle between quentin, liam & niall - you’ll immediately fall in love with niall, i’m sure so this is a must read)
  • stars in your eyes by again, @wokeuptired​ !!! (this fic, i swear, i just, i have no words for it and yes it’s that good!!)
  • elementary by @marisa-writes​ (niall is a music teacher in this fic and how can you not love that?! reading this fic makes me want to be in it so i could get to know music teacher!niall)
  • 13 versions of a heart by…..yes, you guessed it right, it’s by @wokeuptired​ (it’s a one shot/mini fic and i’m sure you can finish reading this in one sitting, i know i did and it’s just so damn good i think about it a lot after i’ve finished reading it)

here comes the self promo….

  • come what may  (it’s a time travelling au and it’s sort of a love triangle fic as well? hahaha anyway this is one of the niall fics i wrote that is actually on tumblr so yeah)

So yesterday I made a small protectioncharm 😁

Hematite beads, wire-wrapped citrine and a rolled op piece of old book page on which I drew sigils and wire-wrapped. And a pentagram charm.
I hung it on the coat rack next to the front door, hidden underneath my kid’s raincoat so that the husband doesn’t get freaked out by my witchiness 😂

Made 4 mini-versions to hang outside the 4 corners of my house as well.

The rest of Lughnasadh I spent intensly cleaning, cleansing, setting up new wards and baking and I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I slept like the dead. I even missed out on the heaviest thunderstorm in 15 years, slept right through it 😂
I was a wreck today as well, I guess I overdid it a bit 😑

It has been observed by many, many fans, as well as canonically acknowledged, that Clara has become pretty much exactly like the Doctor.

It has also been observed by nearly as many people that Me can be a hell of a lot like Missy (like, Missy probably called her Mini-Me behind her back and thought she was being clever).

And they ended up together. 

We got like, the lite, female version of D/M. We even have the usual size difference. Which is a feat, considering Jenna is a tiny person.

Do I just have ships for brains or did Moffat do this on purpose?

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Hey there, i love all your blog. And i like the thing of ''every-character-that-martin-has-played-and-every-character-that-benedict-has-played'' So, i was wondering if there's a ''oficial list'' of this all this ships,

hehehe. thank you love! (〃・7・〃)

now if you asked if there’s “official list” for this freebatch ships I am afraid there is none,

but the popular ships is on!

● Sherlock Holmes / John Watson (BBC Sherlock)   

(no seriously do you even need an explanation)

● Smaug / Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

 (still though do we even need an explanation for this)

● Khan Noonien Singh / Arthur Dent (Star Trek: Into Darkness / Hitchiker Guide to Galaxy)

now this happens because of the same outer-space setting though? and the fact that Hitchiker’s Guide is kinda related with Star Trek universe?? idk?? but sometimes it’s Khan/John Watson because the ‘kriogenic-freeze-pod-where-Khan-kept-his-family-safe-and-we-joked-about-John-is-also-on-the-freeze-pod’ thing but of course you can change John into Arthur, no big deal. and also Khan/Arthur is completely the opposite so it is cute

● Julian Assange / Oliver Chamberlain ( The Fifth Estate / The World’s End)

… I honestly doesn’t know how and why this happened but I /like/ it. personal favorite. maybe because T5E has IT/Tech backgrounds and TWE also got one. Julian the hacker and Oliver the machine/Blanks/robots? like Julian probably could access Oliver as he pleased and messing with Oliver’s body—- I mean data

Peter Guillam / Hector Dixon ( Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy / Wild Target )

hahaha my personal favorite number one this… oh my god this. this one is actually popular though! and Khan/Arthur is the second. (don’t talk about Johnlock, they’re madly popular above all of this) uhm. this ship has a very obvious hints, like how Peter and Hector wears golden rings on their little/pinky fingers and their job is almost on the same area (aka life and death). AND ALSO THIS HURTS SO MUCH I TELL YOU

Well I guess that consists the ‘popular freebatch ships’. and here’s the ‘mini’ one:

● Stephen Hawking / Tim Canterburry ( Hawking / The Office )

● Vincent Van Gogh / Rembrandt van Djin ( Painted with words/Nightwatching )

● Paul Maddens / Martin Crieff ( Nativity / Cabin Pressure)

and honestly you can paired them up with any character you like. this version is only for fun ( /)u(\ ) (like me shipping Hector Dixon/John Watson or Khan/Hector)

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it's kinda frustrating that there are so many pc and 4 versions... isn't it a mini album? sigh. ynwa sold so well for a repackage album yet only had two versions... idk i'm not feeling like buying two or three albums only to get LVE letters which won't make sense. bighit really aren't playing their cards well with this one imo, i really didn't want a repeat of wings, but here we go and it's even worse somehow, hopefully we don't get a repackage from this one.

i know right. since we know love yourself concept will continue throughout 2018 too i guess they will release mini albums like hyyh. but 4 versions for mini albums, really? in this economy?
i think bighit know damn well that a good amount of fans will buy all 4 versions without knowing anything even tho people complained about this before (at the end of the day it all comes to money) plus with the amount of time they have stuff like what album will look like, how they will put members in these versions, price etc are gonna be a last minute preparations imo.
honestly don’t buy all 4 versions if you don’t feel like it or don’t feel bad if you can’t buy it at all. as much as i want to support them (bc i believe pre orders count towards the first week sales too) i myself can’t buy it right now.