well the cat just moved

Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night, startled by something. Might be his dreams, might not. He didn’t remember enough of them to tell.

What he remembered of them usually went like this:

He woke up alone. Statics filled the air. The streets buzzed. The punches never came, and he just walked the streets until he was on the ground, in front of an alleyway. The dusty lamppost stood between him and the entrance. The light flickered the way usual household light bulbs did, but slower.

Then he woke up, alone, the newest podcast playing on loop in his ears. The light was always off.

It really wasn’t much to go by.

even more bc it has to run its course 

Finished watching Drag Race whilst practicing some Lackadaisy expressions on Roy as a cat…man. Because I have a problem. Lackadaisy is so full of life, man. Motivates me. 

ofballgownsandtiaras  asked:

In CGTBL it was stated that Thorne wanted a cat. I honestly hope he got the cat. I have quite a few headcanons. How do you think this cat/Thorne thing would go?

Well, @nothingtoseehere-move-along just recently wrote a very similar headcanon and it’s wonderful, but I have completely different ideas about it. 

  • As I’ve stated in a previous headcanon, Carswell Thorne is not an animal person. That’s why, whenever he visits Benoit Farms, he happily sleeps in while Cress wakes up at the crack of dawn to help feed the animals. No matter how many times Cress bribes him to join her, Thorne won’t budge from under the covers.
    • He doesn’t need to gingerly walk through the chickens to gather the eggs.
    • He refuses to come within ten feet of the cow no matter how innocently she looks at him with those big brown eyes.
    • Once, he tried to feed the ducks at the pond and enjoyed himself for five minutes until the ducks got really aggressive and started flying towards the bag of bread crumbs he had in his hand. Needless to say, he ran away from them with a squeal and tossed the bag at Cress as he ran past her. Thorne ended up climbing onto Wolf’s shoulders in an attempt to reach higher ground.
  • Of course, Thorne had always wanted a real cat, deeming them the only animal worthy of his attention and when one of the barn cats gave birth to a litter of kittens, Thorne was allowed first choice.
    • Thorne spent a whole fifteen minutes evaluating the pros and cons of each kitten in front of him until he heard a particularly delightful giggle from Cress. He looked up to see a tiny grey kitten cradled in Cress’s arms, it’s eyes almost as big and blue as Cress’s.
      • They promptly made up a room for her on the Rampion and named her Little Cress.
    • Unfortunately for Thorne, he quickly realized that the reason why his parents never got him a real cat when he was growing up was because he was allergic to them. Not deathly allergic, but enough to make him sneeze a couple hundred times and walk around in a drowsy haze of watery eyes and mucus. 
      • Knowing how much Little Cress meant to Cress, Thorne suffered in silence. That is, until a month after they got Little Cress and Cress came up to Thorne in tears.
        • Apparently, Cress was also allergic to cats and had to find out the hard way. She knew how much Thorne had wanted a real cat when he was younger so she kept her mouth shut for as long as possible.
        • These two dorks had been so busy hiding their own sneezes and itchy throats that they hadn’t realized that the other was going through the same agony while Little Cress was getting petted and drinking all the cream her little kitten tummy could handle.
        • They promptly returned Little Cress to Benoit Farms where they knew she would be taken care of. Of course, every time they visit the farm, Cress and Thorne always bring Little Cress treats and play with her as much as their noses can handle until they have to run away and hide with a box of tissues.

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You sure? I can always try to beat my old record? {teases with a grin as she mixes a set of new drinks} Really… If that’s the case, then what the hell is he still doing with her? Just admit it, I’m bound to be alone. I might as well just get 22 cats and move into an old folk’s home.

Char, you’re not allowed, get over it. {really started feeling the booze, not to forget all her drunk feelings and amusement} I don’t know, he sure gets laid ‘cause he’s always happy when I see him at school. Gotta show him your moves, bae.. not being the crazy cat woman.. you’re too hot for that.

“The Law of Averages Has Gotta Catch Up”

“Well, how about that?  The law of Averages.”

Rick knew if he gave her enough stares, the day would come where they would kiss and thangs. I’m being silly, but it’s still kind of nifty.

♪ Well, a chick who’s gonna move me ♪ ♪ Well, she must be gay and sweet ♪ ♪ Well, two arms made for lovin’ ♪

♪ A lot of rhythm in her feet ♪ ♪ Hear me? I said rhythm in her feet ♪ ♪ No squares ever tag along ♪ ♪ Just to be near this cat ♪

♪ Well, you chicks is gonna move me ♪ ♪ That gotta be action-packed. ♪