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Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- Seth and Finn are keeping a little secret from the Reader and she wants to find out what it is.

Warnings- Little bit of spanking, choking, this is pretty long as well so.

So yeah I feel like this is long and I don’t have a clue where this idea came from but its here now.

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I had maybe been in my hotel room for 10 minutes, when I got a text from Finn.

Hey Y/N get your lazy ass down to the bar. Everyone is chilling here.

I rolled my eyes at my best friends text and responded.

Thats no way to talk to your friend, but I’ll be down in a second.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and slipped on my sneakers. I grabbed my room key and headed out the door. I was turning a corner towards the elevator when I ran smack into someone. “What the hell?” I looked up to see Seth smiling down at me.

“Hey sweetheart. Maybe watch where you are going.” Seth moved past me as my mouth hung open.

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Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: Eric and you have never really got along, so what happens when a mistake leads to you being stranded with him and the rest of your group far from home.
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 5124
Warning: Strong language that’s about it

A/N: I got a lot of good feed back from my last fic so I’m excited to present you guys this one. I think the description is a little sketchy but oh well. I wrote it surprisingly fast so chances are it won’t be that surprising if you spot a few grammar errors here or there. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy pretty please let me know what you think. -Lola

part 2

You where fully convinced that this was your personal hell. This had to be some kind of cruel punishment.

A week ago max announced that he had a mission of sorts that he needed a group of dauntless to check out clear on the other side of the city. It sounded easy enough, take a train trip, check it out, chase off any functionless if any, take some pictures and notes, bring it back to max.

If anything you where slightly looking forward to the trip mainly because Four managed to find a way to pull a few strings so that your group would consist of himself, You, Tris, Christina, Will, Zeke, and Uriah. There where a few other groups going but upon reaching the site everyone was to split up into there respective teams.

It was the day before the trip that Max announced that a dauntless leader would be required to supervise you all. You had prayed that it would be Jessica or maybe even Paul, just someone who wouldn’t make the whole experience miserable. Scratch that, there was really only one leader that truly crept under you skin. So you hoped and prayed that Max would tell this particular leader to just sit this one out.

Of course in the long run you should have realized that luck was never really on your side. The next morning you woke up at the crack of dawn and made your way down to the railways to meet up with everyone else.

Sure enough there standing off to the side of the crowd, having what appeared to be quite a heated discussion with Max was Eric himself.

You pushed your way through the thong of people and eventually spotted Four standing with the rest of your group waiting for train.

“What the fuck is Coulter doing here?” You demanded as you approached the group.

“Good morning to you too..” Four mumbled as you came closer.

“Is he coming with us?”

“Oh that’s right you didn’t hear the fabulous news last night, after you left the office. Eric’s the one in charge of us today.” Four looked and sounded less than delighted with the news.

“That’s just fucking great..” You grumbled shaking your head.

“Glad to hear your about as excited as i am about this whole thing, princess.” You heard a smug voice quip behind you. Groaning you turned around and glared at Eric.

“Don’t call me that and Is there seriously no one else who can do it?” You snapped back. You hated all the little pet names Eric called you by in order to get under your skin. ‘Princess’ had to be your least favorite of them all mainly because Eric has openly admitted that he only calls you that because he thinks your a primadonna.

Eric rolled his eyes at you, “Trust me when i said i tried getting out of this. It’s supposed to be my day off, But instead I get to spend it with you asshats while you play around in the dirt.”

It was your turn to roll your eyes at Eric’s bitching, You could hear the sound of the train as it approached and you turned your back to Eric to see if your team was ready.

“Quite the little team you got there Four..” Eric said tauntingly, Four who promptly decided that it was to early in the morning to deal with the other mans bullshit simply flicked him off before turning to help pull Tris off the ground where she had been sitting.

Everyone around you prepared to get on the train and before you knew it you spotted it round a corner and start heading your way.

You glanced over and noticed Eric waiting in your periphery. You could tell that he was in the perfect position to take off and be the first one on the train. That was the one thing about Eric, he always had to be first. So you decided to do the one thing that you knew would piss him off and took off a few moments before you needed too so you could get a head start in front of him.
It took Eric a few seconds to figure out what you where doing but once he did you could hear his footsteps fall in line next to yours as he tried to race you. You saw the train rush ahead of you and surged ahead of him just in time to latch onto the door handle and pull yourself up and on to the train. Eric entered a few seconds after you and you could see the nasty glare he sent your way earning a chuckle from you.

Zeke and Uriah had been right on your tails apparently and entered the train not long after you, soon followed by Tris and Four, Then Will and Christina. The rest of the people on the mission trickled in and after a few minutes Eric did a head count to make sure no one had been left behind.

You grew irritated upon realizing that it was a two and a half hour ride before you got to the right jump off point. You and Eric argued the whole time about any and everything.

“We need to jump off here Eric.” You snapped.

“No we don’t ___…” He said not even looking at you.

“Whatever..” You growled rolling your eyes at him. You turned to walk away but he quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him.

“Hey watch the attitude princess..” He whispered fiercely into ear, squeezing your arm tightly.

“Kiss my ass eric.” You spat at him.

“Sure thing bend over.” You yanked your arm from his grasp and glared at him before making your way to sit near your friends.

“What was that all about?” Uriah asked as you sat down.

“Oh you know Eric being an asshole as usual..” You muttered, picking at your nails.

A few minutes passed before Eric announced that everyone would have to jump off in a few minutes and do a long trek to the site because you had missed the stop you where supposed to jump off at. Everyone groaned upon hearing about having to walk almost a whole extra half a mile. But Eric made it quite clear, after a particularly snippy comment from Christina that the next person to bitch about he would personally ‘Escort’ off the train. No one liked the sound of that and pretty much everyone grew silent.

Everyone stood as it came time to exit. Zeke and Uriah pushed there way through the crowed and made sure that they where the first the jump off, They where followed by the rest of the people leaping wildly of the platform.
Before you knew there was only a small group of people left. The made your way to the exit but not before glancing over at Eric who was watching you coldly.

“I told you so, by the way..” was all you had to say, referencing the argument you two had previously, before jumping off the train and landing fairly gracefully.

The rest of the people made it off the train with ease, with Eric being the last person to jump off. Everyone recollected and you guys made the hike to the spot you where originally supposed to be at.

Eric was surprisingly quiet the whole time. Even despite how nice it was, it put you on edge mainly because he was pissed at you for the comment you made on the train. Whatever, you honestly didn’t have the time to worry about whether you hurt his feelings or not. But god knows he was probably plotting something.

The work was tedious. The land Max had sent you all to investigate had once been amity farm land, but a few years back all the amity in the area had upped and relocated after realizing that soil was better on the other side of the city. The area had been abandoned ever since. Jeanine was interested in trying to turn the lot into another research center of sorts but it was agreed, much to Jeanine’s displeasure, that it would be best if a group of trained dauntless soldiers checked it out instead of some erudite scientists.

It was a fairly large piece of land, thus explaining the need for all the groups. Your team was to take the section of land furthest away from the rail tracks. The other teams spread out throughout the land and Eric made himself useful by doing pretty much nothing other than barking orders and pissing people off.

You group worked all the way until just before sundown. Everyone was tried, hungry and a little pissed off. It was only as our group emerged from the little forest that separated the land you investigated from the rest of the area did you notice that there was no one around. Immediate panic set in and your team rushed in the direction of the train.

You where one of the fastest sprinters so you pulled ahead and raced around a bend and spotted the train in the distance. Your feet pounded into the dirt as you spotted Eric in the back of the group.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” You yelled into the wind catching his attention.Eric turned to the side and notice you behind him.

“Why aren’t you on the train?” He snapped back.

“I don’t know why did you leave my team behind.” Confusion crossed his features and he turned around to notice the rest of your friends struggling to close the large gap that separated you from then.

“Shit.” Was all he could say as he realized what happened, Eric then made the jump up on to the train.
“Get on the train.” Was all he said as he looked down at you, he reached a hand out for you to grab but you sneered in his direction.

“No, Eric.”  Your legs started to burn and your lungs where on fire.

“What do you mean no?” He snapped back. You tried to keep up with the train but your body was starting to fail you.
“I’m.. I’m not leaving… my group behind.” You yelled back breathlessly.

Eric was seething at this point and before you could react he reached down, leaning out of the train, and pulled you up by the back of your shirt. You hadn’t completely realized what was happening until you felt yourself being thrown on the floor of the train.
Everyone looked on in shock as you just laid there for a second.

“Your ass is in so much trouble when we get back!” He yelled in your direction. You pushed yourself up from the ground and brushed past him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He growled down at you.

“I’m not leaving my group behind asshole.” You snapped back.

“Yeah you are ___, get over it.” You moved away from him and reached out gripping your arm tightly.

“Get off me Eric.” You struggled against him for a few seconds and his grip tightened.

Panic started to set in as you realized that you had maybe a 30 second window to safely get off the train and join your group. So in a moment of frustration, anger, and just maybe a little fear you turned around and felt your fist connect to some part of Eric’s face.

His grip loosened as he realized that you had just hit him but as you yanked away he grabbed you one more time just as you where about to jump off. You lost your footing as you pulled against him and the floor disappeared from beneath you. 

Your body connected with the ground hard and it took you a few seconds to come to terms with what just happened. You heard a groan next to you and glanced over and noticed Eric lying next to you face down. You had just fallen off a train and somehow with your luck managed to pull Eric off with you.

“You’re so dead…” Was all he muttered as he started to push himself up. You just sat on the ground and watched as he tried to chase after the train but it was no use it was long gone. He realized that and let out long stream of curse words.

You heard foot steps approaching you. The rest of your team ran up to meet you guys. Tris and Christina immediately busied themselves with making sure you where okay and pulling you off the ground. They helped dust some of the dirt off you not that it was any use, you where covered in the stuff, so was Eric.

He turned around and glared as you stood up. You couldn’t help but feel a little pride as you noticed the angry looking red mark just below his eye from your first, That was so going to burse.

“What the fuck was that?!” He shouted once you where fully standing.

“I told you i wasn’t leaving my friends behind, Eric.” you growled back.

“You could have gotten us killed!”

“It’s not my fault you wouldn’t let go!”

“You are in so much trouble when we get back.” You rolled your eye’s at his threat and turned to everyone else. After checking to make sure everyone was ok you all stood there awkwardly for a few minutes.

“Well what now?” Will asked as he looked around.

“Wait for another train?” Suggested Uriah, Zeke nodding next to him.

Eric shook his head as he watched everyone with disinterest. “That was the last train today.”

“Are you serious?” You growled as you looked off into the distance where the train had disappeared.

“Oh don’t you fucking dare. Maybe if you had followed my orders, we..” He made a motion between you and him. “Wouldn’t be stranded out here!”

“Well maybe if you had done your job instead of sleeping all day none of us would be stranded out here!” After giving out the orders upon reaching the site, Eric proceeded to make himself comfortable under one of the massive trees and took a nap.

Although you do have to admit that he had been quite the sight lounging under the tree. He had his arms crossed over his chest, extenuating the muscles in his biceps and forearms. He leaned his back against the tree and stretched his long legs out, crossing them at the ankle. There was no denying that Eric was.. attractive to say the least. It was a shame his shitty personality ruined it.
You tried to shove any thought of Eric in a romantic or sexual since out of your head, slightly disgusted with yourself for being attracted to him.

“Well how long of a walk would it be..?” Uriah tried again.

“… It was a two hour train ride to get out here, dumbass.” Eric said looking at Uriah like he was a complete idiot.

“Leave him alone Eric, at least he is actually trying to help.” You snapped at him.

“Yeah cause that was a really helpful suggestion.” He snapped back,.

“Shut the fuck up Eric!” You growled.

“Watch your mouth, ___!” He snapped back.

“Or what?” You challenged smugly, he opened his mouth to respond but Four beat him to it.

“Both of you need to shut up, enough is enough. The train isn’t going to show up again till sunrise and Eric is right that’s too long a walk. It’s going to get freezing out as soon as the suns completely go down. We need to find shelter.” Everyone hushed to hear Four speak and we all agreed with what he was saying.

All day while working it had chilly out but by sundown it was going to be down in the 40′s. Right now the sun was going to start setting within the hour to and it got darker every minute and the air was beginning to feel bitter cold.

“I saw a cabin or something while we where working.” Tris piped up.

“Well then what are we waiting for people.” Zeke said loudly.

You guys made your way back to the work site a few minutes later and Tris lead the way to the cabin. The group did there best to keep you and Eric separated because god knows it was impossible for you two to get along.

Upon reaching the cabin, everyone realized that it was surprisingly large, for an old amity house. There where three regular sized bedrooms and one large master bedroom. Eric make it clear pretty that the master bedroom was his.

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Christina and Will claimed a bedroom for themselves giggling the whole time. Uriah and Zeke joked about being room mates again. You knew Four and Tris where just now getting to the point in there relationship where they would sleep in the same bed together. You could tell both of them where uncomfortable with the situation as they claimed a bedroom for themselves earning a snicker from Eric.

Almost all at once everyone glanced at you waiting, and it took you a second to realize what the issue was. There where no bedrooms left for you to take, The only place left for you to sleep was in the master bedroom, with Eric, or one the couch.
You glanced over at him and he had a cat caught the canary grin on his face.

“Why do i have to sleep on the couch?” You exclaimed.

“No one said you had to sleep there, princess.” Eric snickered again from the wall he leaned against.

“I guess I’m taking the couch.” You growled irritated, over your dead body where you going to share a bed with Eric.

“____ it’s going to get cold tonight and it didn’t look like there was a lot of extra blankets.” Four said calmly trying to reason with you.

“Well then I guess my ass will freeze to death because i am not sharing a bed with him.” You said irritated with what Four was insinuating.

“Fine by me.” Eric commented as he pushed himself off the wall and started to make his way up the stairs up to that master bedroom. He hovered at the top of the stairs for a second, looking down.

“But i will save you a spot, sweet heart, for when you change your mind..” He called down before.

“Trust me when I say, I wont!” You called out to him as he laughed and disappeared around a corner.

“Asshole..” you muttered under your breath glaring at the spot he once stood.

Everyone, except Eric, donated a blanket or pillow to your makeshift bed for the night. Tris tried to convince you to put you differences aside and share with Eric just this one time but you made it quite clear that that so wasn’t going to happen
You tried your best to get warm sleeping on the couch but it was pointless. It was freezing and you where miserable. You tossed and turned for about an hour before realizing that there was no way in hell you where going to fall asleep. You had stupidly stripped down to your tank top and boyshort underwear in order to get comfortable, you where now realizing how terrible an idea that had been.

You finally came to terms with the fact that the only way you where going to get sleep was if you swallowed you pride and went upstairs. After contemplating it for a few minutes you finally collected the two blankets that you where trying to get warm with and grabbed the clothes you had taken off.

Every step you took up the stairs felt like you where walking closer to your death. You had tried to wrap the thin blankets around yourself but the air still nipped your skin.

It wasn’t hard to find the bedroom Eric was in. You stood outside of the door contemplating going back down stairs but the chattering of your teeth convinced you other wise. You entered the large bedroom and looked around impressed, the king sized bed was off to the side near a large window.

Eric laid in the middle of the bed on his stomach, stretched out. The heavy blanket he was using had slipped down to about the middle of his back and you took a second to appreciate the muscles and contours of his back.

You took a few tentative steps towards the bed and scowled as you noticed that he was taking up all the space in the bed.

“Eric..” You whispered and he didn’t stir at all.

“Eric come on.” You tried again but still nothing. You reached down and snatched the pillow he had been laying on from underneath his head. Now that woke him up. He glared up at you still groggy and half asleep.

“What the fuck do you want?” He growled his voice sounding thick with sleep you shiver after hearing it but figured you could blame it on the cold.

“scooch over, I’m cold.“ You tried not to whine but you where desperate at this point. Eric was now more awake and he started smirking as he realized what you wanted. He did as you asked and moved over a little bit. You lifted the blanket and caught a glance of his body underneath the covers. You immediately dropped the comforter and looked away.

“I am not getting in the bed till you put some boxers on Eric.” You said slowly Eric, of course thought this was hilarious and looked up at you smugly.

“That’s not really my problem.” He said before putting his head down as if he was going to fall back asleep.

“Eric seriously.” You snapped.

“If your so cold then just get in the bed ____.” Was all he replied not even glancing up.

You where growing irritated and honestly half tempted to just get in the bed. Finally after a few moments of you contemplating what to do, Eric pushed himself up and got out of the bed.

You couldn’t help but sneak a glance at his ass before looking away with a slight blush on your face.

Eric turned around and looked at you waiting for a reaction. He had absolutely no shame as he stood there completely naked in front of you. You glanced over and looked him in the eye, fighting every temptation to look at the rest of his body. Even in the dim light only provided by the large windows in the room, you could see mischief in his eye and an over all smug look wiped across his face.

You finally had to break eye contact and look away because you where more than sure he saw the faint blush across your cheeks.

“Your such a princess, you know that?” He said as he look around the room for his clothes.

“Why, because i asked you to but some underwear on?” You bristled back.

While he slipped his black boxer briefs back on, you climbed under the covers enjoying the warmth of the bed. you couldn’t help but sneak one more glance at Eric while he had his back turned. Only this time before you could look away Eric turned around and caught you in the act. You where absolutely mortified as a smirk grew across his face.

“Like what you see?” He said tauntingly and you rolled your eyes at him.

“You wish, Coulter.”

He climbed in on the other side of the bed and laid about an arms length away as you laid with your back to him. Your teeth wouldn’t stop chattering, you where still freezing under all the covers.

“Can you not?” Eric snapped from next to you.

“Excuse me Eric for still being cold!” You growled back. You heard Eric shifting next to you and a few seconds later you felt him press against your body and wrap an arm around you.

“What are you doing?” You whispered-yelled as you tried to shift away.

“___ Shut up and just go to sleep.” He said sounding annoyed.

“I’m not cuddling with you Eric, so get off.” You said not quite sure how to react.

“Get over yourself, Your cold and the whole teeth chattering thing is annoying as fuck. So get warm and go the hell to sleep.” He growled in your ear. He was surprisingly warm as much as you didn’t want to admit it.

“Fuck you, Eric.” You retorted.

He snorted behind you, “Maybe another time princess.”

“You’re disgusting.” You groaned in response and that earned a snicker from him.

“You offered.” Was all he said, snickering.

Eventually you stopped shivering and your teeth stopped chattering. You where actually comfortable which was surprising to say the least. A few more minutes passed and you where convinced that Eric had fallen asleep.

“Are you warm?” You heard him whisper softly, A part of wanted to just pretend to be asleep but you knew Eric knew better.

“Yes..” You whispered back. He mumbled something you didn’t quite catch and you expected him to untangle himself from you and move away and you pretended that the thought of that didn’t make you feel slightly disappointed. But instead he stayed pressed against you. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep after that.

“You so owe me 20 when we get back, Uriah.” Snickering filled the room and that combined with the slight chill in the air stirred you from your sleep.

“Guys leave them alone.” You heard a voice you think belonged to Tris call out.

“Oh hell no, i want a picture of this.” Snickered someone who you knew with out a doubt was Zeke. More laughing filled the room and you heard the snap of a camera go off. That’s when you felt someone laying next to you stir awake.

You opened your eyes slightly and caught sight of all your friends pilled in the room you where sleeping in laughing.

The person next to you, better yet behind you was obviously awake now. You where confused at first until you heard Eric start talking behind you. The events of last night played back in your head and you felt beyond embarrassed.

“Get the fuck out!” You heard Eric yell soon followed by the sound of him throwing something, hopefully a pillow, in the direction of your friends. More laughing filled the room as everyone filed out and the sound of the camera go of again a few more times.
After everyone had exited you just kind of laid there for a second before bursting out with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Eric gripped but you could hear the amusement in voice. You where most defiantly going to have to do some explaining.

“Nothing…What did you throw?” You asked still snickering.

“A pillow.”

“Did you hit anyone?”

“I don’t know i didn’t look.” For some reason his response earned more laughter from you and he also started chuckling.

It was only then did you notice that it was no longer just one on his arms wrapped around your waist but he also had a leg thrown over you and entangled with your own limbs. The other arm that wasn’t wrapped around you, was underneath you head like a pillow.

You where comfortable and didn’t feel like moving but you shifted in your spot and turned to face him. You where surprisingly close to him but for some reason the close proximity didn’t bother you. He had his eyes closed but you knew better than to think he had fallen back asleep.He had to adjust his position slightly when you moved but he didn’t bother moving over any so you where still pressed against him.

“What happened to the no cuddling thing?” You said smugly.

“I got comfortable.” Was all he had to say. You rolled your eyes at him ever though he couldn’t see you.

He opened his eyes and looked at you with a piercing gaze. You had a staring contest with him for a few minutes before turning away to get out of the bed. He stopped you before you could slip out and, moving surprisingly fast, he shifted and threw a leg over you, moving so that he was straddling you.

He placed his hands on either side of your head and looked down at you
“What are you doing?” You said feeling breathless. He bent down so that his nose was practically touching yours.

“I don’t know just go with it.” Was all he said. Before you could respond he pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss started out surprisingly sweet at first but after a little bit you both got more aggressive and It grew more passionate. He placed both hands on your waits and you began clawing your nails down his back earning a moan from him. Before it could get any more heated you heard the door to the bedroom open.

“Guys we are leaving soon, so get- oh my god.” You peaked over Eric’s shoulder to see Four standing in the door way looking anywhere but at the two of you. A blush began to take over your cheeks and given your position there was no denying what the two of you where doing.

“Just-… Were leaving in ten minutes.”  Was all he said before exiting the room.

It was Eric’s turn to laugh now. He buried his face into the side of your neck and kept laughing.

“It’s not funny!” You shouted still embarrassed.

“Yes it is..” Eric commented still chuckling.

“You know.. There’s a lot we can do in ten minutes..” He said after composing himself and moving back to kiss you.

“Oh yeah..?”

“Mmmhhhm” He kissed your collarbone waiting for a response.

“Well i guess your just going to have to show me..” You whispered back, smirking up at him.

“With pleasure.” Was all he said before returning to your lips.

An hour later everyone had made it safely onto the train and you stood by a window watching the sun rise. You felt some one walk up behind you and you didn’t have turn to know it was Eric. You felt him lean in and his lips just barely brushed the shell of your ear.

“Don’t you think for a second that your still not in a shit ton of trouble when we get back princess.” He whispered huskily.

You turned around and smirked looking up at him slightly.

“Oh i was counting on it..” You whispered biting your lip before brushing past him.

Princess… you where starting to think that you just might be able to get used to that nickname.

Sweet Escape

Summery: An AU where Kurt’s foster mother has passed, leaving him with little to stand between him and the cruel, greedy plots of the circus manager. However, when you go to the circus and see him being mistreated, you know you have to intervene.

A.N: This is officially the longest fanfic I have written in a long, long time. I was reading Kurt’s updated origin comic with the phantom of the opera soundtrack fresh in my mind, which gave birth to this AU. I just got really inspired and had to write it! I don’t know if this idea appeals to anyone else but if you do like it please let me know if your interested in more! I may make it into a mini series if others take a shine to it <33

Warnings: Verbal abuse and mentions of physical/emotional abuse

You were surprised at how nervous you were, you supposed it was mostly the over excitement. You had never been to anything like a circus before, but when you heard they’d be in town you purposefully saved what little money you could to go. The colorful tents, the exotic animals, the eccentric people, it all fascinated you to no end.

You had spent the last of your extra money on seeing the trapeze act in the big tent so you were searching for something free to do before you left. The act had amazed you, though as you left you over heard two men saying it wasn’t as good as it used to be. Something about a blue devil who used to make the act the most unique of all. You shrugged the comment off however, when you saw a group of eager patrons heading towards a specific tent.

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I’m re-reading the Bleach Digital official colour Manga volumes I have and as I got into chapter 4, I remembered what a Japanese blogger wrote in their 686 review about Chad’s Boxing career being foreshadowed. And since, you know, Chad is now ~ahem~ “out of character”, “Money hungry” and “selfish/ fame obsessed”, what a good time to talk about Chad right?!

So anyway this what the reviewer wrote and I’ll translate:

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I’m currently playing Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and I love the shit out of it. Arata is the biggest dweeb ever and a complete fashion disaster. To be fair, everyone in the game looks like they got dressed in the dark. 

If y’all like plot-driven games where you capture, battle, and evolve monsters, I’d highly recommend Cyber Sleuth. The story and characters are quite well-done, too. I was expecting something simple and childish, but it’s actually rather mature at times? The game runs super smooth on my PS4 and it’s extremely addicting.

And I’ve got two huge ships. Guess what one of them is.

Anyway, trying out a simpler style so I can make quick doodles.

Bro 2: Well fuck yea we’re on the fuckin team you dick.  Whatd you think we were fuckin nerds or some shit?  Dunno where you got your story from bro but thats a fucked up version of reality ur spittin at me right now.  Im always been who I am, fuckin Chad Taylor and this here’s fuckin Baddass Brad Owen.  Yeah, we just crushed em in semi-finals bro.  That’s who we are, who we always been.  So what if we ain’t doin too good in school?  We’ll get a bye, Coach will pass us.  Team needs us bro.  What you got?  Chess club?  Haha thats a fuckin cliche bro!  Look at you, are you wearin those suspenders ironicly or what?  You chose to do that bro, you chose to look and dress like u do.  So did we.  Gotta be ready to workout anytime, so thats why we’re in our gear 24 fuckin 7.  Fuck, Baddass Brad over here fuckin wore his pads to sleep last night, didnt ya Brad.

Bro 3: Yeah, it’s like, a … uhhh, luck, thing.  Before the big game, yea.

Bro 2: That’s how we fuckin roll bro.

Bro 3: Roll deep bro.

Bro 2: So what you gotta say about that, huh nerd-bro?  Ain’t got shit.  We arent like you cuz ur a fuckin pussy bro, sorry to say it, but it’s true, and what’s more I think u know its true.  Why dont u man up?

Bro 3: Yea, man up, nerd-bro. 

Bro 2: You know how you fuckin pussy you just dont wanna.  Ur lazy!

Bro 3: Gotta hit the gym, nerd-bro.

Bro 2: Yeah.  Hit the gym.  That easy.  Ur gonna do it, right?

Bro 3: Gotta do it bro.  Gotta get that pump.

Bro 2: Nothin beats the pump bro.

Bro 3: Nothin beats the pump.

Bro 2: Yo, we gotta go, nerd-bro.  We’ll see u at the fuckin gym.  And dont laugh cuz u know ur gonna be there. 

Bro 3: Yea, ur gonna be.  Wait til u see. 

Bro 2: Team needs a kicker bro.

Bro 3: Yea, team needs a kicker.

Bro 2: Check him out bro, he’s all swirly-eyed.  Look familiar?

Bro 3: Yea, he’s hittin it, its happenin.

Bro 2: Fuck yeah.  Give it a few months, new lil bro’s gonna be on the team.

Bro 3: Fuck yeah.  New lil bro.

Bro 2: New lil bro!  Fuck yeah!

Bro 4: Fuck … yeah …

adrinette - childhood friends!au

I was originally gonna write this out, but my outline turned into headcanons, and I thought that I might as well post it as it is, so here we go:

A Childhood Friends!AU where Adrien knew Marinette since they were little and actually has someone other than Chloé to call a friend. 

pt.1 | 2 | 3

  • Sabine knows Mama Agreste from collège, and when Gabriel needed a special cake for a fashion show after party, Mama Agreste immediately suggests Tom and Sabine’s pâtisserie
  • Sabine and Mama Agreste are the type of moms to meet up for brunch dates, but they’ve never officially met each other’s kids, so Mama Agreste suggests that Sabine bring along Marinette, since Adrien tagged along, too, and they’re about the same age
  • Adrien and Marinette hit it off right away
  • Chloé isn’t mean (yet) and the three of them get along swell
  • Insert mini time skip where Adrien’s mom disappears (*le gasp*) and Marinette is there to comfort him
  • Insert mini time skip where Chloé’s mom dies (*le gasp*) and Adrien and Marinette try to comfort her, but she refuses and prefers to be by herself
  • they’re relationship ends up strange from there because the three of them still see each other a lot—the mayor really loves the goodies from the pâtisserie—but Chloé distances herself from Marinette
  • She clings to Adrien instead, and although Adrien and Marinette are closer friends now, she always smiles and lets her whisk him away because she knows that she’s still hurting from her mother’s death
  • Marinette figures that Chloé can open up to Adrien more anyways since they both experienced that loss, so the most she does is hope that her friend is doing all right, even if she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore
  • So time passes by again and it’s time for the kiddos to start collége
  • This time around, Adrien has been going to school with Marinette and Chloé bc, as much as Gabriel wants to keep a close watch on Adrien, Tom and Sabine are like??? Gabe??? Don’t be a douche canoe to your son??? Let the boy live!!
  • Anyways, so they go to school and stuff and bc Adrien and Mari are still kind enough to help old man Fu out, they get their miraculouses (ooh! ahh!)
  • So everything happens the same in the origins, except Chloé doesn’t bully Mari; she just sort of ignores her 
  • And instead of Alya having to drag her away, Marinette offers to sit by her since she’s new and suff and voila! alyanette was born
  • It’ll go something like this, probably:
  • “Oh, darn,” Marinette mutters under her breath. She sticks her hand out to feel the drip drop of rain on her palm. “I forgot my umbrella.”
  • Adrien walks up next to her with a funny look on his face.”Don’t tell me you’re just gonna wait here until it dies out, Mari.”
  • “What else am I supposed to do? Make a run for it? I’ll probably fall into fifty puddles just trying to get back to my house across the street!”
  • “Well, you’re not wrong.”
  • Marinette points at him with finger guns. “Exactly,” she deadpans.
  • “Obviously, I’m not gonna go anywhere until you take this,” Adrien says, extending his umbrella towards her. “Gorilla will pick me up from here anyways, so I don’t have very far to go.”
  • Marinette looks appalled. “No way!” she exclaims. “You have a photo shoot after this! Your dad and Nathalie would kill you if you showed up all wet from the rain.”
  • Adrien shrugs. “I can manage. What’s the worst they can do anyways?” He shakes the umbrella out again. “Now: Go on, Mari. Take it.”
  • She looks at him with uncertainty, biting  her lip as she contemplates before finally giving in. “Fine,” she sighs, grabbing the umbrella from his hands. “You better not catch a cold.”
  • Adrien winks at her. “I’ll keep that in mind, Mari,” he replies. “and you better not fall into any puddles, all right? I’m not going to be there to catch you!”
  • While he laughs, Marinette struggles to fight back the blush blooming on her cheeks. “Whatever,” she mutters. “Just leave already, Agreste. I can manage.” Her voice lowers down to a whisper. “And thank you. For the umbrella.”
  • Adrien shrugs. “That’s what friends are for, right?”
  • Then Adrien leaves and Tikki zooms out of Marinette’s pocket.
  • “He seems like a very nice boy,” the kwami comments. “Is he your boyfriend, Marinette?”
  • “Boyfriend? Pfft!” Marinette waves away her remark. “Don’t be silly, Tikki! Adrien… Adrien is just a friend. He’s a boy that just happens to be my friend. Yeah.”
  • “But you where blushing back there! Are you sure you don’t want him to be your boyfriend?”
  • “A-Adrien? As my boyfriend? That’s… That’s crazy talk, Tikki! there’s no way! A-And I would never—!”
  • “It’s okay to admit you have a crush on him, Marinette.”
  • She sighs. Okay,” she admits. “Maybe just a little.”

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Hey if you want a BFF from here and she have to be a girl! Who will you choose XD

I am not picking one person over any other, especially since you ‘oh so carefully’ worded it as ‘they have to be a girl’. Anon, I don’t know the genders of about 75% of my friends on here, and I’m not particularly inclined to ask.

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ah sorry i mean i think in latvia there's a soup w/ milk/milk soup.. bc i ate it there.. i just for got to say 'i think' at the beginning of the sentence... lov that adhd...

OH lmao its okay! i think russia has milk soup as well, thats probably where my country (and latvia too) got it from but im unsure

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i've been in love with an amazing boy for almost the past 6 months but we've both been in and out of relationships the whole time that we've known each other so haven't been able to be together. i broke up with another guy a couple of weeks ago and we finally are 'official' (even though we're not being too public with it for other people's sake) and i just got home from his cast party where he introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend. it made me so happy and excited for my future with him :))

eeeek!!! thats so exciting!!! im happy for you that it all worked out so well!! and he introduced you as his gf thats amazing!!!!! GREAT THINGS AHHHHH 

tell me about your day, send me anything!!! i love hearing your stories

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Hi! Did you see the deleted scenes involving Alex Danvers's past history? She apparently used to live in what is now Kara's apartment, and there's a freeze-frame bonus where you can see she got a letter from her university that put her on academic probation (which IDK if that's A Thing in grad school, but eh). You can also see she was drinking even at home, as well.

Dude, those letters of doom are very real and I’ve witnessed them. (Although nowadays they come in pdf form via email, but that’s far less dramatic.)

That said, I personally ignore that scene as far as canon is concerned, if only because Greg Berlanti flat-out admitted after S1 wrapped that they’d run out of money for new sets by the end of the season – that’s the only reason they recycled Kara’s apartment. So on that score I am eternally grateful they axed that scene, because the logic there was stupid.

Re: the beer bottles in the scene, there’s no way to know if this was “Alex has been depressed for weeks and hasn’t cleaned the house because she’s too busy being miserable” and a collection just accumulated, or if whatever made her upset was a very recent problem and she decided to spend a day/night/weekend drowning her sorrows, or if we’re supposed to assume she’s been going out to wild parties every other day or what. Fanon has decided to run in a particular direction with that narrative, but it’s not actually the only way you could go.

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PSA - i !!! love my wonderful gf, my soulmate !!!!!!! sO SO MUCH !!!!!!!!! rn we live on the other sides of poland, which is kinda shit, but still!! love is v nice, 9858/10, would recommend. idk how a lonely nerd gay gremlin like me found such amazing person, an actual girlfriend, i'm blessed??? would not recommend a country where so many people are homophobic tho, but well (: yes thats all i wanted to say, have a good day, you're great and i love your art 👌💜

ooh im from poland!! im glad u got such a nice gf i hope you’ll be happy w her my dude!! @useless-protag me and my friend hope ull get married!! try not to think abt our terrible country and focus on ur love for the gf!! this is the cutest ask ive ever gotten ;;

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"Inky, I think... that something is influencing Cammy... lying dormant in his SOUL until now... I fear that the Earth in my world will D I E if it succeeds in getting here..." There's only pink petals where the voice came from...

Solangelo Drabble Prompt

Okay so the prompt for this was “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”  I’m not exactly one hundred percent sure where I got it from (I think it was something I saw on here) but I liked it for Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo.  So here you go.

Nico was staring at the ceiling of cabin 13 waiting for…well, he wasn’t totally sure. A few minutes ago he was talking to Skylar in their made-up language consisting of some English and some Italian since they both spoke the two languages. Now he was laying on the top bunk wondering where she’d gone.

Skylar could talk so much that he just tuned out sometimes. He was pretty sure she had gone to get food…it was either that or the girl had run off to do something. Like he said before, one minute she was talking and the next she was gone.

Skye worked like that. She was a little bit…more ADHD then the rest of them. She could start a sentence talking about biochemistry and finish it talking about pandas. That was just how she was, and it was one of the many things Nico liked about her.

Now that Nico and Will were officially a couple…he cringed as he thought it. Sure…he really liked Will but he was always afraid that he’d do something wrong or end up pushing him away.

He shook his head.

No. He wasn’t going to think like that because for once in his life he was actually–and truly–happy. With his best friends, Skylar and Jason, and his boyfriend, Will, he felt better than he had in ages.

Anyways, now that Nico and Will were officially a couple, he was happy but also nervous. Skylar helped in that department. As much as he might’ve pushed her away, she kept coming back no matter what.

Nico thought back to some of the moments he tried to forget. The times he’d accidentally told the Daughter of Jupiter—twin to his other friend Jason Grace—too much. When he’d yelled at her to leave him because he was too toxic for someone so pure to be around. And he thought she would have left him; he thought that she would stop talking to him.

But she didn’t.

No. She pulled him into a hug and told him she’d never EVER leave him. And he believed her. She was his best friend, the best friend he could ever ask for. Heck, she’d gone to Tartarus and back for him…literally. She’d been with him when he was captured and put in that jar. She’d insisted on going with him. And he blamed himself for getting her into that.

But she had told him that it wasn’t his fault, and that she had gone on her own and she didn’t need his protection.  And he believed her. Although if anything ever happened to her, someone would pay.

Skye had some ghosts in her own past…so to speak. No one but Nico knew about her childhood and he’d sworn to her that he’d keep it a secret. He would keep that promise until the day he died…unless, of course, she was in danger and he absolutely needed to tell someone else. Then he would do it. But if that day never came, he wouldn’t tell a soul.

A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Hey,” called a voice. A voice that he recognized immediately. He sat up on the bed and went down the ladder to meet Skylar.

Physically, she wasn’t like her twin. Where Jason was large and in charge, Skye was small and sweet and bubbly all the time. She was a happy-go-lucky, laugh-more-than-possible kind of girl. She had the same blond hair as Jason but curly like Annabeth’s. Her eyes were a deep brown that were soft and inviting but he saw the subtle hints of pain in them sometimes. He could tell when his friend was hurting. And he would do anything to take away her pain but she just wouldn’t open up. And he respected that.

She had some freckles, not as many as Will but more than Jason, and wore red-rimmed glasses. Her lips were always red to the point that Nico thought she wore lipstick. She’d told him that she didn’t. And he had asked her if they hurt. She said no. But he didn’t believe her.

She wore faded jeans and a purple Camp Jupiter shirt. She liked it, he knew.

“So,” she handed him a package of chocolate covered raisins and held up her own, “is this movie night going to be awesome or what?”

“Yeah,"he smiled slightly at her.

"Whoa,” she said.

“What?” He asked her.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

He shrugged but kept smiling.

“Okay well, did you invite Will or am I gonna have to invite your boyfriend for you?”

“I told him, it’s up to him to show up.” Nico said. “Did you invite Valdez?”

“Nah,” Skylar said. Her and Leo had kind of been in this sort of relationship. He wasn’t sure. When he asked her about it she just said that it was complicated. She knew that he still had feelings for Calypso, but she liked him too. They were working on it, as far and Nico knew. “He’s busy working on something with Jason. I don’t know what it is. They won’t tell me.”

“Maybe it’s for you?”

“I doubt it,” she shrugged, then sighed. “I don’t know anymore with those two.”

“Hello, sunshines!” Will very rudely interrupted them as he waltzed in all high and mighty. Nico felt his cheeks flush slightly.

Will was about Jason’s height with shaggy blond hair that Nico loved to run his fingers through. His blue eyes sparkled with happiness and humor and his freckles bounced on his cheeks as he smiled with them. He wore an old Camp Half-Blood T-shirt, faded with time, Bermuda shorts like always, and sandals.

He kissed Nico on the cheek before going over to hug Skye. They’d become friends…well, after Skylar had made her warnings to Will about not hurting Nico. Nico blushed just a little bit more at the memory.  No one had ever been so sincere in a threat in his name ever. She’d been so hades-bent on getting Will back if he ever hurt Nico. Will had taken it lightly but sincerely and told her not to worry.

“So, movie night anyone?” Will asked.

“I get to pick the movie since I’m the third wheel,” Skye smiled brightly at them, pulling the movies out of Will’s hands and replacing it with his box of candies, Nerds to be exact. Yeah, Will was weird.

But Nico liked him that way.

After the movie was over, Skylar left, with the excuse that she was “going to check on her crazy brother”.  Nico knew that she wanted to give him alone time with Will though.  And he made a mental note to thank her for that later.

They were on the bed, but because it was so small, Nico was practically on top of Will.  He blushed hard and it spread to his neck.  Will had an arm around his shoulders: safe and secure.  It was a gesture that, from anyone else, would have been unwelcome, but from Will, it felt right.  New, but right.  

In the beginning of their relationship a few months ago, Will was hesitant with how to approach the “touching” aspect of a relationship: hand-holding, arms around shoulders or hips, hugs, kisses, all of that.  Later, he’d tell Nico that he hadn’t wanted to overstep his boundaries.  But, as the months passed, Will learned that the only way to get Nico to open up was by force.  Not brute force, but taking his hand in the middle of nowhere, or hugging him out of the blue.  That was how Will got Nico used to the touching thing: by doing it anyways and with confidence.  

With Will always at the infirmary checking on the patients still recovering from bad injuries from the Giant War, Nico didn’t get as much time with him as he would like.  But they managed.  Like tonight.  Movie night had been Skylar’s idea, but they had both agreed that it was a good one.  

And then there were the nicknames.  Will liked to call Nico “Sunshine” just because he knew how much it annoyed Nico.  Because he knew how Nico thought that children of Hades didn’t get a happy endings or “the sunshine at the end of the tunnel” (his exact words).  Will had disputed this claim by saying that Nico was Will’s sunshine at the end of the tunnel of demigod life.  Nico had blushed and tried to say it back.  However, Will had put a finger to his lips a shushed him, saying that he didn’t need to say anything, just accept that he had someone now to show him the other side of the fence.  

Will ran his fingers down Nico’s pale arm: feather soft and chased by goosebumps forming on Nico’s skin.  “What’re you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Nico said quietly.  

“I know,” Will smirked down at him, “you were thinking about me.”  Nico blushed harder and cleared his throat.  Was it getting hot in here? It certainly felt like it was to Nico.

“Maybe,” he mumbled, nuzzling into the crook of Will’s neck, hoping he wouldn’t see (or feel for that matter) his rosy blush.  Will was the only one who was able to do this to Nico.  He was the Ghost King, not that he used that name much anymore.  But he didn’t blush.  Or at least he didn’t until he met Will Solace.  Everything changed when he met Will Solace. Will was his Solace. 

“I’m flattered,” Will smiled sweetly but, when Nico picked his head up for just a moment to look at him, he could see the small blush on Will’s own cheeks.

Nico nuzzled back into Will’s neck and smiled slightly.

“Don’t be,” Nico said.  “I’m always thinking about you.”  Nico regretted it the moment he said it.  Not because he didn’t meant it, he did.  But because Will squeezed him so hard he could swear his back cracked.  “Killing…me!”

“Right, right,” Will stopped squeezing Nico so hard and Nico drew in a deep breath.  “I just…I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me. No, I don’t think, I know.  Nico Di Angelo, that is the sweetest thing anyone’s every said to me.”

“Don’t go getting all mushy on me now, Solace,” Nico said, but he was smiling.  It was the sweetest thing he’d ever said in general.  And it wasn’t used in vain.  Just the look on Will’s face after he’d said it was priceless.  Absolute joy and happiness.  

That face.

The words were tumbling out of Nico’s mouth before he knew what was happening: “I love you.”

Will stiffened for a second and Nico thought he’d done something wrong.  Then, Will did a full 180 and kissed Nico square on the lips: long a passionate.  He tasted salty.  (Will would deny this, but Nico could swear that when they pulled away, he saw tears swim in Will’s eyes.)  Those crystalline blue orbs seared into his own.  

“I take it back,” Will said, his voice thick with emotion.  “That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

“I mean every word,” Nico said. 

They lay there for a few minutes in happy bliss.  Nico barely cared that Will hadn’t said it back.  Then the pager beeped and Will had to leave.  He stood, pulling Nico with him, and kissing him: long and slow and full of unspoken words. 

Will walked towards the door and Nico almost thought that Will was going to leave before saying it back.  But he didn’t.

“And sunshine,” Will said, making Nico turn towards him, “I love you too.”

Everyone is asking where the hell is sasuke and his family living now…. well yeah thats the answer. I have no idea where they got the money from. maybe Naruto is helping them since after the movie sketches the uzumakis have a freaking huge house lol. 


annabellioncourt said:  YES. YES. That’s got to be one of the best lines in the movie, I laugh every time I watch it. And now I will be using that tag.

Warning: Opinions down below

Okay im just going to go on a long rant about the creatures because thats all I see right now and I feel like I want to say something that I have wanted to say for a while but keep in mind while reading that this is MY OPINION and thats it. If you’re going to get offended just stop reading now.

Okay so I have been a fan of the creatures for a long time now… and by long time I mean a LOOOONG TIME. I remeber them in their first house back in 2012. I found them through James’ channel and around that time I was going through a hard time and watching their videos made me so happy!

Seeing where their channel has gone from then is really sad. They were making amazing videos and not only them as the creatures but on their individual channels as well. I think for me when they started to go downhill was when they moved into the office. At least for me thats when I started to not enjoy them anymore. I got the immpression that they wanted to be like a bussiness or like roster teeth. There is nothing wrong with doing that but I felt like it wasn’t like them. I liked when they lived together and just made random videos and when they actually put up gaming content and skits.

Their videos used to be so hype, they would announce them weeks in advanced and stream them so we all could watch it for the first time together. Now we get half assed shitty videos and promised videos that we never get to see. I miss creature game nights and random creature house moments.

I didn’t expect them to stay the same for all these years but I also didn’t expect them to change as much as they did. They used to actaully have a schedule not just for videos but also for streaming. The first thing I ever saw of the creatures was a “good morning with Sly & Koots” stream. Since then I was hooked. But now nothing is planned and they uplaod whatever shitty content they feel like for that day. They don’t make skits or anything like that anymore.

The only reason I made this blog was to support them and see even more of them. Through the past years I have made friends and had so many good memories but its not the same ant more. I feel myself forcing myself to log into tumblr to reblog them because thats what my followers want. But lately I just reblog what ever I feel like.

I do still enjoy the creatures and I still watch some videos, but I dont enjoy it like I used to. Everything seems to forced and repetitive. They dont put the effort in like they used to. It seems like they do it for the money and not because they actually want to. Back then it seemed like they actually had a passion for what they did. I wish they would just take a break and figure what they want to do with their channel.