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  • Phil Coulson, on a date: So what do you think of Clint Barton?
  • Date: You mean Hawkeye? He's the worst avenger
  • Phil *shoving breadsticks in bag*: I'm sorry but I have to go now
Cowboy Boyfriends

🤠❤️1356 words, deancas, an imagined 13x06 where they share rooms and ride a horse together and get stuck in a closet because why not…🐴   

Okay. Dean tries. He really does. He tells himself to rein it in. He tells himself Conceal, don’t feel, even as he rushes forward to grab Cas’ duffel bag and carry it into the motel for him (they’ll all think that he’s just being a good friend, right?). He tells himself, Be careful, damn it, to stop reaching out to touch Cas on the shoulder so much, to ask him if he’s doing okay even if Cas is fine and it’s only been about twenty seconds since he last confirmed that particular fact. But…he’s hopeless. Dean knows that about himself. He’s hopeless because he’s got a lot of feelings swirling inside his chest and he’s not sure how he’s going to survive the next twenty-four hours without blabbing all of them.

So it’s no surprise that he ushers them all into the western-themed motel with a gargantuan grin splitting his face. It’s no surprise that Sam smiles softly and shakes his head, maybe a little embarrassed at his brother’s antics when Dean greets the receptionist with an overly-enthusiastic, Howdy (“God, Dean, you’re not five!” Sam scolds), even if the receptionist’s polite and she rallies back Dean’s energetic salutation with one of her own.

And when the rooms are paid for and Sam’s starting to assume that he’ll be sharing with him, Dean’s gone so far off the rails that he just can’t help himself.

He yanks a bewildered Cas inside and slams the door shut in Sam’s face.

“I, uh, thought we could use some quality time,” he tells Cas and he can’t stop the way that his face goes red at that.

The thing is, the get-up, it’s important. It helps them fit in with the locale, connect with the people better, and it just makes it all around easier to question them if they wear what’s ordinary hereabouts. Or at least that’s what Dean tells himself. Or at least that’s the answer that he gives the members of Team Free Will + Satan’s Spawn when he spots the shop toting authentic western wear and drags them inside.

“He really likes cowboys,” Jack observes and Dean tries not to let a stupid pleased smile cross his face when he hears Cas’ grumpy reply.

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Les Amis Demigods AU (3/?): Courfeyrac - Child of Helios

Helios is the personification of the sun. He is the son of Hyperion, Titan god of the light, and Thea, of sight and blue sky. Living in a golden palace at the eastern ends of the earth, he drives his chariot drawn by four winged steeds across the sky each day giving light to both gods and humankind.

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HE IS ADORABLE. His butt is cute. He was very polite to everyone on set including extras. And when the director told everyone to take 5, and joe took his iPhone out, now Like I said I was like 6 ft away so I can't be certain , but his home screen looked like it could be a pic of him and Taylor. I wasn't close enough to see the faces well , but it looked like a blonde woman with wavy hair

Tag yourself , I’m “his butt is cute.”

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You said you had some wips you weren't doing? Or going tdo? What were they? :0

oh, there’s definitely a couple i’ve had on the back burner (i haven’t forgotten about that Grillby’s gif, or the phone background, they’re… at least partially there;; =v=) but there’s a few that i put away for a bit and didn’t come back to for various reasons. while i try and finish most of my attempts in at least some way, i do have a few others i’m probably just not going to finish, period. one isn’t worth showing really - it never got to any cohesive place, and i’ve improved enough since i first tried it that it’d be something i’d rather just start from scratch if i ever wanted to try it again…

as for the other? hm. well, i guess the wip gif will probably be okay enough to show…? it’s missing several inbetweens, smoothing actions, and i was in the middle of adjusting proportions… but since i’m probably not going to come back to it i guess i can share it. little insight into my process, if nothing else:

the idea was to try animating a different way that sans might ‘summon’ his blasters. i still like the idea… but it’d need a lot more work before it’d be at a place i was happy enough to put colors and finishing everything onto. so for now, it’s probably going to remain in wip hiatus, haha.;;

i was almost asleep and then was pulled from the clutches of unconsciousness when the phrase ‘drama llama bananarama’ appeared in my head. idk why.


ok so i’ve kinda made an OC.

She’s the first of the two Qrowin kids that im making rn. I dont have a name for her yet but heres a few facts about her:

- her weapon, as shown above, consist of a short sword and a tonfa blaster (I used Elie´s from rave master as reference) that can be combined to form either a spear or a scythe

- when in scythe/spear form she can fire shots from the blaster in a Ruby kind of style which makes pulling it easier to pull out of enemies or boost her a little (not as powerful as Yangs or Rubys shots)

- the measurements for her weapon are (in feet): spear- 4.1ft // scythe-2.9-3ft // sword-2.6ft // blaster-1.5ft

- her semblance allows her to turn into a Wallcreper (3rd bird left); which is pretty useful for spying or getting away from smth but the longer she uses it the greater the strain on her muscles and Aura

- she also has glyphs that can pull things & herself into one direction, it doesnt work on other beings with Aura & she cant get a good grip on Grimm

-she can use up to two of them at a time and more with time & training, and they can move things with a weight of ca 300kg

- her personality is pretty much based of the behaviour of Wallcreepers

- doesnt like PDA and tries to avoid it but can be really affectionate in private

- likes high places such as mountains, trees, the top bunk, rooftops…

- good at observing and reading the mood but isn’t always courageous enough to speak up

- not a leader figure but a good consultant and decent strategist

I doubt anyones gonna read all of that but feel free to send suggestions or questions if you have any. I’ll post her weaknesses, flaws and some childhood facts as well as a back view of the Outfit and her Symbol another time sooo…. thats it for now


are they even trying to hide it anymore? manip

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looking for a penpal!

hey! so, i was thinking it would be really awesome to have a witchy penpal! we can send each other cute spells we have and different herbs/crystals and such! i think it would be awesome and i love meeting new people so if your interested at all for now just like/rebog this, if it gets enough notes ill post a application form for people to fill out! i hope i can find someone willing ☆☆

[Fic] Epilogue for the Unwanted

I loved Fury Road and I am weak.

Hawke/Fenris, Fury Road AU,  2500 words. Soundtrack.

He comes back six months later with a knife that’s not his, in a car that’s not his, with a veritable armament in his backseat. The Citadel is not as he remembers it—greener, already, grass spilling down over the mountain’s sides, a soft moss creeping along the edges of the earth—but the shouts and whistles as he approaches are the same even if the paint is different. No white ghosts for them now, not anymore; blood instead, and red paint, vivid violent slashes across every nose he sees.

He cocks the shotgun in his lap. Fair enough.

They’re not maddened, though, even as they pound fists on his hood and bellow meaningless phrases as he draws closer to the Citadel’s heart. The chained platform hangs at half-mast now, spikes relocated to the outer walls, and he can’t help rolling his head on his shoulders as he throws the beaten DeVille into park and cuts the engine. The tattoos pull a bit, as always, and the newer cut on his shoulder blade twinges as he straightens, but that’s an easy thing to ignore when the crowd is parting around his car like sand opening at the edge of a pit.

He stretches again, steps out of the car, slams the door closed behind him. The shotgun’s in easy view, as is the semi-auto pistol at his hip and his hair too white to be anyone else. The half-lives haven’t lived long enough to go grey in decades.

“Hey,” she says.

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  • Daithi: Why does things have to go in peoples' asses here?
  • Delirious: It's because.. We're men, alright? That's what men think of.
  • Daithi: Okay, fair enough.

‘Red’ - A Short Film (2014)

STARRING: tumblr’s own Max (thechevroletimpala) as Red!

Watch in HD or you are wasting your poor little eyes, my friends.

This is my first short film and I’m just ahhhhhjksdh shaking so much to be able to share it with people now, after 6 months of mud and cold and more mud and sitting on forest floors and drinking gallons of Lucozade and hours in front of my computer screaming “WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE VOMIT” (actual words I have said). But yeah if you watch it then thank you so much for giving me your time and ugh bless you all you’re my favourites.

Ok so i was browsing twitter..

and..i found something.

Before i show it to you i have to say something:

I dont hate caitlin Snow.

I do not hate Snowbarry shippers.

To be honest? You guys are cool. Sure there is fights with Westallen..buut its really not as bad as Olicity.

You guys are fine. Truth is: Everybody is passionate and thats a good thing.

So to all you normal snowbarry shippers out there?

Fell hugged! Lets have a drink :D I pay?

That said:

Warning: It was brought to my attention that this article has “Triggers” that could be seen as offensive and possibly trigger negative emotions in some people. I was seriously not aware of that.

I have retagged and want to warn here again: You will find the n-word, you will find racial slur in this. If you dont feel up to that or dont want to see it? 

I understand. Its fine. And i´m sry for causing incovnience or problems.

That was not my intention.

If you still want to read, pls have fun.I tried my best to make fun of it:

I dont think you want this person in your Fandom:

So it started rather innocent:

(yes that is me wearing a joker mask.Shut up)

Now..this wouldn’t be enough for me to call her out (And i will explain why i post this at the end)  but well i couldnt keep myself from wonder:

What else she got?

..and does she know how tagging works?

Oh boy i just had to click the name…

So right now i realize: “Omg this is gonna be awesome”

And i wasn’t disappointed!

Because after scrolling down i found the gems!

So we start off with this:

Remember folks! Not Racist. 


What i love about this is that she actually sends this to grant gustin. Like if hes gonna reply:

“Yeah no we will kill Iris and I´m gonna marry Caitlin snow! FUCK YEAH! WHITE POWER! WHERE´S MY HOOD?!”

But it gets better you see!

She is not only extremely open minded? She also knows the business!

You tell em girl! LIke imagine they would have “picananny” babies! Where do we get if Kids can pick their nannies! 


Thats not what that means?..You sure?..Where does it-

…uhm..Shit i can’t even be funny here..MOVING ON!

btw she even spelled it wrong what the heck..

Ok to be fair: One could think now she is only tweeting racist stuff.

And thats just not true. She has other great things to say too!

Yeah! You and your 15 followers! DAMN STRAIGHT!

But hey. I want to be a fair, totally honest guy here. She is not that bad. 

Hell she really seems to have inside information of whats going on behind the scenes!

Man! With these information i´m sure you can work for TLC Girl!

Or hell fox news! Thats where the real Class is !

But remember folks:

You tell em girl! Those people just cant stay civil like we do! I mean you never said something like tha-


Ok jokes aside kids.

I actually have 2 reasons for showing you this:

I wanted to show that there are people out there that take something innocent like shipping, and use it as a disguise to spread hate,racism and just flat out be horrible human beings. These are not shippers. These are people who try to use your innocent fun to their advantage and for their agenda.

Dont fall for them.Neither side. These people don’t represent Snowbarry.

And snowboarry should not let them. Otherwise you end up like many fandoms where horrible people make up their Face.

So as you see, i did this with all respect and just to show what depths some people can reach.

My second reason however is much more light hearted.

While we have our differences i think both Fandoms can laugh a bit about this.

Its trying so hard to be cool, to be this force and ends up being rather pitiful.

And no seriously this twitter is dead serious.

So i hope you dont take this article all that serious. Hope i made you laugh?Just a little?


Have a nice day!

EDIT: If you think you can use this to call out snowbarry fans or to start some shit here?


Clear no. I do not care if you are in the same ship as me. 


I will call out everybody who does that and make a blog about him too!

We are clear?