well thats done

like my biggest problem from age 6 to 16 was growing up in Shitsville USA where nobody played video games, and that was my favorite fucking thing. i had, like, TWO friends when i was a kid that played video games and then i found the internet where i could INSTANTLY FIND PEOPLE WHO LOVED GAMES!!!


I found my old sketches of this Kwami!Swap simply silly comic (where for some reasons ((which author was too lazy to think up)) got their partner`s miraculous, met kwamis and blah-blah, nothing new) and I finally finished it, idk what I have done (well, thats how its always happening)

*actually loves seeing Adrien in Ladybug costume lmao*
*and, yeah, backgrounds are for losers…..*

Something what happend after accidental akuma fight:

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break


Right. Maybe the last ones, but then again, maybe not. A different leather jacket, also profile. (x)


“On a night like this, a man might believe anything’s possible.”


[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

There are so many things I wanna draw but I went with this one because it’s the quickest and I need SLEEP.

So. MP100 Wing AU again. Enjoooooy.

Missing Trains at 2am (m)

Word Count: 5,739

Warning: Jimin Smut

A Christmas special based on an anon request I got~

You swung your backpack onto your back, staring up at the green digits that jumped around the grey screen stressfully. Names appeared where others vanished, some turning red as if to spread panic when your eyes checked them. Out of a nervous habit, you chewed on your lower lip, trying to find the specific name you were looking for between the sea of moving letters.

Right then, you found it, and your body froze.


You started running, your feet dragging you forward through the slim crowd of people as fast as they could. Heads turned as your feet collided with the ground like stones, your breath so irregular that you sounded like you were gasping for air. The voices of people you bumped into, their shoulders crashing into yours, chased after you as you kept moving forward, counting the numbers by the staircases like crazy. Nine, ten, eleven, far from the twenty-one you were looking for. Still, time was not showing any mercy to you. As you ran, you could almost feel the seconds pass by, nearing the finish line much too quickly.

Dammit, why had you postponed it until so late at night?

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anonymous asked:

so besides lance keith and hunk, who are the other characters in the swan princess au? :o

Keith’s dad is King William

Alfor is Lance’s dad and ind the role of Queen Uberta - so Allura is Lance’s bigger sister and Shiro is probably her husband already.

Hunk is Bromley.

Matt is Lord Roger and Pidge the one of the orchestra that dressed up as bunny and raw like a lion. (Some scenes are still in planning with this two :D)

Lotor is the frog Jean-Bob. Coran is the bird Puffin.

Zarkon is Rothbart. Hager is Rothbart’S side kick.

I still don’t have one for speed the turtle xD


Love Live Wallpapers

I kind of wanted Cas to snap at dean saying “you wanna talk about cosmic consequences?? How about: the DARKNESS. And the fact that YOU KILLED DEATH, DEAN, I don’t think you get to say anything about what I did.”