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“This creative work didn’t sit me down and explicitly explain all the plot points and character development in excruciating detail so I feel this creative work has Bad Writing ™ and I must tell EVERYONE and then also shame them when they don’t agree”

Alternate Time Vault Scene (S2E11)

I just want to say thanks to @fuck-you-i-am-spiderman​ for helping me with this, as well as @phantompierce-okamoto​ and @parrilla-collins​ for encouraging me as I worked on it.  Also crossposted to Ao3.

Cisco lets out a strangled cry as Harry’s voice cuts through the air, hands flying defensively to his chest as he presses himself to the wall.  Breathe, breathe, it’s just Harry.  But oh god, it’s the suit, he’s wearing the suit and Cisco feels dread trickling down his back.  “Don’t do that!”  He shrieks in a voice too high, trying desperately to calm down.  “I’ve figured out your trigger,” Harry says, and if Cisco could summon the will he’d snark something like, ‘Oh I’m fucking triggered alright Harry.’   But instead he just arches his eyebrows incredulously at him, only half taking in Harry’s words as he draws slowly closer.

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Looking for a Dragon Age DM

Yeah, that’s right, you read me well. We, a bunch of Dragon Age nerds, are up for a tabletop Dragon Age game all around the world! It will be a lot of tears, beers, and cheers; obviously with tricky hours or different rounds for all of us to play (regarding on each others’ timetable, location, and the number of players, I’ll come up with an organization to fir everyone).

Until then, here is our first quest: find a motivated DM to rule our adventures all together. We need someone creative, and who’s up for a hell of a ride with us all, through the Dragon Age Universe.

If you’re interested, feel free to send me a message; or send your questions, in PM or in my askbox. I’m ready for you.

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hey i just redid the personality test & got intp-t, except im drunk on gin & in a new place & time & i feel like i answered more as who i am INHERENTLY as a person rather than the person i put forward to the world & on here most of the time, hat person who is most myself and comes out more when i am around friends (who is DEF enfp-t … idk where that person is right now tbh but i want her to come out ASAP im tired & overwhelmed ahh!) ok thats all


Viktuuri Wedding redrawing ‘cause I saID I WAS GONNA DO IT

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