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Happy New year everyone// 

 I’d like to thank all of you for sticking around this year, also for the support you guys have been giving me throughout the 2016! It means a lot to me  ❤❤❤

 This might have not been the best one, but hey we can try to make the new one better. I hope you have good New Years and that we all are gonna step right into 2017 together. 

Savage City ( AU ) page 1

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plot: when a new recruited agent, nick wilde, gets paired up with zootopia’s top agent, jack savage, they two are on a big mission to stop whatever is turning innocent animals savage and take down the mastermind behind it. will the two crack the case ??? find out on the next page !!!

notes: WELL this is my first ever comic i have ever like done before ??? and posted thats gonna be turned into a story ohboy i hope you all like it, reblogs are appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions and would like for me to continue. - mun

  • Phil Coulson, on a date: So what do you think of Clint Barton?
  • Date: You mean Hawkeye? He's the worst avenger
  • Phil *shoving breadsticks in bag*: I'm sorry but I have to go now

Inspired by This fic by seattlesconduits c:

Kiki and the night puddles

Rewatching code Lyoko and
I fbn relate to Yumi so much
“You wanna tell me what’s going on?”
“There’s no time to explain.”
“Well you got time for a third round, then?”
“You’re stubborn as a mule, aren’t you?”
“That’s right. And since I’ve got no friends, I’ve got plenty of time.”

“For over a month, Lawrence has been enduring a grueling training program consisting of archery, track work, stunt drills and yoga. She says that her archery coach, a four-time Olympian from Eastern Europe, spent weeks bemoaning her lack of skills. Apparently, it was only after the woman declared her “helpless!” that Lawrence gritted her teeth and hit the bull’s-eye. “What happened?” her coach cried in surprise. Lawrence turned to her and growled, her Southern accent making a rare appearance, “You pissed me off!”

So what I’m getting from this is


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NEW VIDEO- HOW TO MAKE TUMBLR GIFS I’ve seen a lot of people asking me to do this, I can’t wait to see your gifs ! Don’t forget to tag me in them if you make some <3 

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Aradiiaa’s Follow Forever

Well now that it’s a new year even though im 18 days late I decided to do a little follow forever for all the blogs I’ve enjoyed following during the year of 2015! It’s been great seeing these guys on my dash and I’ve been following most of them for a while so I thought they deserve some appreciation and maybe a promo.

Favorites are bolded and mutuals are italicized! Also I’m only italicizing those who I know for sure are mutuals, I can’t check everybody ;v;

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Thank you all for making my dash great! And thanks to my followers for getting me past 7k and special thanks to those who still stick around! <3