well that's because she is demi


a thing you should know first, english isnt my first language so, sorry if i dont write correctly.

Okay guys, let’s start this with the basics. I’m a selenator since i was 8 so that means i have been a fan for 7 years oh my god, that’s my half life and i don’t regret any second of it. I’m proud being a Selena fan, there isnt a lot of people like her in this world, we should be thankful. i became a fan because i saw something on her, something that i didnt see in somebody. like Demi Lovato was in the same generation as Selena so was Miley but i picked Selena (i dont wanna imagine my life being a demi or a miley fan, (no ofense they are great people too)) Well, basically Selena is everything i want to be in life. She is humble, caring, loving and talented. 

As some of you may know i’m not from USA, i’m from Mexico (lets be exact, im from the state down to Arizona i dont want to say the name), so you can imagine that i dont have Selena walking in my streets everyday… (nah thats never going to happen haha) 

i tried to go to the We Own The Night Tour but i couldnt buy it because my U.S. Visa expired, yeah i know i cried so hard, but well i never gave up.

Then new album!!! STARS DANCE! rumors said it was the last album and the last tour, so i fried out M&Gs are the only chance to meet her tbh, because i dont live where she lives. 

The dates came out, i remember this day perfectly. I was in my Math class, my teacher was talking when Selena tweeted the tour dates, i opened the link fast i was shaking because i wanted to go to the concert so bad! I started to read the list one by one slow and fast at the same time, when i say the date i was looking for: “November 5, 2013 - Phoenix Arizona” i started started to jump on my sit still shaking, i had to see her! 

So i talked to my dad and i said him that i wanted to go so bad because it was the last tour and my last chance to meet her, and that i wanted the M&G tickets, i told him the cost (it wasnt expensive tbh) and he said yes!

In my class anyone like selena, everyone hate her because She is/was Justin’s girlfriend but there was a person, we used to be best friend but then a boy happened and everything exploted (that is another story) i told her everything and she agreed to come with me and also buy the M&Gs i was so excited!

The day of the sale came and we bought our tickets we were so nervous that we refreshed the page like twice because we runed out of time haha, at the end we bought them i started to cry because i was going to meet Selena Gomez omfg, but then we needed to wait, omfg we waited 7 months for the concert, i was dying omfg! 

Finally it was November 5 we were at Phoenix after a long car ride haha, we needed to be at the venue at 5 pm for the M&G so we waited in our hotel room. it was 4:30 so we walked to the venue (the hotel almost next to the venue) 

Then the worst happened! Our m&g passes werent there! my friend’s last name wasnt on the list, i wasn about to cry, we were the first of the line but after this they kept us with them, at the same time they were giving the other people their passes they were trying to help us out because we already had our tickets and the thing that they send you after you bought the things and also the rules (or whatever) that you need to know and do when you are with Selena. we waited for 1 hour or more, i was so desesperated because the concert was about to start and so the M&g but i kept my hopes up, then my friend said “We should give up, it doesnt matter anyway we have our tickets we can go inside” i got angry, but sure she doesnt love selena like i do and she didnt know how important was to me to meet her so i said “No, i have waited my whole life for this, we’re going to get our passes and we are going to meet her just wait please” then the guy who was helping us came with OUT PASSES! the problem was because my friend typed wrong her last name. 

We were in the m&g line, waiting for our turn to meet Selena, she was in an improvised room i watched the girl go inside so happy and exiting the room crying, i started to panic, the real life beat me, i was about to meet selena gomez, When the bodyguard told me to come in, i was shaking so i took feww seconds before step in, then she was.

SELENA GOMEZ WAS IN FRONT OF ME, all flawless and beautiful, i looked her from toes to head, catching her on my eyes, smiling at me. She said “Hi” all i did was hug her so tight telling her “Hi, omg you’re so beautiful i love you so much” she said “thank you” then i gave her my letter with the notes from all of you guys i know you remember what im talking about, and i told her “Please read this” she said “yeah” then i said “pinky promise?” and laughed and said “yeah, pinky promise” and we crossed our pinkys, then i was about to ask her if i can jump on her back for our pic but my tears wanted to get free and i stopped in the middle of the sentense, she asked me if i was okay with worried eyes and i said “yeah” and smiled then she said “you sure? are you ready for the pic” and i said “sure” so we posed for our pic and i huged her one more time befere saying “i love you so much, thank you for everything" 

Outside i started to cry so hard, sooooo hard i couldnt believe what just happened, it was the best day of my life and it still is. :)