well that's because she is demi

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Same Hc anon!. I'm happy you liked my ideas,,its nice to share them for once and to not stay quiet. I meant that I think Nora is demi-romantic,, as per the whole crushes easily, but takes a while to form a romantic interest thing. I also imagine her as ace, but thats mostly cause I'm ace myself and its a comfort head cannon. But i think it also works. ❤︎

no reason she can’t be both!!! :D

Demi-romantic ace Nora is a wonderful and beautiful concept and I love it completely.

(and comfort headcanons are often the best kind of headcanons – because, honestly? when people see themselves in characters and project aspects of their own identity onto those characters because of it? that’s when you get really true and well-rounded fan portrayals of that type of character. For example, even as an ace person who doesn’t display my aceness in typically imagined ways, I still sometimes end up making very stereotypically rooted ace headcanons because of… well, actually, I’m not sure why, but I’d bet it’s based on internalization and socialization. Ren is a good example of a character that I sometimes headcanon as very stereotypically ace – Not Interested in sex, touch-repulsed, Please Do Nothing To The Cook, etc. etc. Which is not to say that those are bad hcs! They’re just not quite… my experience.

And then, there’s Jaune. Jaune, my main muse, who I never in a million years would have headcanoned as ace, Jaune who has crushes and flirts and who I thought wanted sex, until I realized one thing: I wrote from Jaune’s perspective so goshdarn much that if he were sexually attracted to people, it would have shown up in something. But it hadn’t, because that’s just not something I, as an ace person, was factoring in to his crushes – and thus, ace Jaune was born, and my portrayal of him as an ace person is much closer to my lived reality and therefore more honest as a portrayal of an ace character. My headcanons surrounding ace Ren may reflect the real lived experiences of ace people, but they exist through the lens of “someone else’s story”. I know the way I portray Jaune is accurate)

(that turned into a long tangent again)

(i tangent a lot)

(your headcanons are loved and accepted here and I will never ask you to be quiet about them)