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you know something I love about the Cosmere? the power couples. there’s so many of them and I feel so blessed. Sarene and Raoden, Vin and Elend, Dalinar and Navani, Siri and Susebron, Wax and Steris, MeLaan and Wayne, that one ardent couple studying spren and food, Breeze and Allrianne, probably Ranette and Misra (haven’t really seen anything of Misra yet but i love her already and i have faith that she and Ranette are powerful together), so on and so forth. Even Torol and Ialai Sadeas?? They’re, like, evil, but gosh darn if they aren’t a power couple

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Sometimes I think about telling Henry he needs a vacation, but I don't know if Mr. Workaholic could be made to take one

“See a movie! Go out with Dianne! Catch up on all that sleep you’ve been putting off! Just take a break.”

((he rarely takes time off on his own, so he does indeed have to be forced into it sometimes :P))

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nice transparent thing bc valentine is coming and all my ace ass has is this son and my laptop

have a good one too people

deadroses (m)

Word Count: 13,694

Warning: Hoseok smut, violence

A/N: This scenario took me about three months to write, which you can probably guess by looking at the word count. For that reason it has a very special place in my heart, no matter how much effort it cost me to finish it. It turned out a lot darker than my other scenarios, and I tried my best to make this scenario more intellectual for that reason. I really hope the two main characters (you and Hoseok) turned out the way I wanted them to: like real people, with a story and an imperfect personality. -But, without any further ado, enjoy.


You look up from your shaking hands at the boy sitting next to you. “What now?”

He stares at the graphite floor that shimmers in the dimmed light like the ocean, vibrating with every rock the vehicle hits. “Do you think there’s any chance we’ll succeed? An actual chance?”

You grunt. “I thought you were always so confident about our victory, Jungkook.” With your elbow, you strike his side, to which he responds by moving away from you. His dark eyes are hostile, which is so different from how they have been in times gone by. With a soft chuckle you remember his soft stuttering the first time you made this same move on him, the nervous look in his eyes like that of a deer in the headlights. Those days seem like they are miles away from where you’re standing now, on the edge of the horizon that is your memory.

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So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~

Mor: *has shown for hundreds of years how much she cares for Azriel*

(some of) The Fandom: Nah, I don’t see it, she doesn’t love him.

Cassian: *has met Nesta like three times in his life and licked her neck*

The fandom: Ohhhh hotttt, he is In Love With Her, Cassian has all The Feelings for Nesta!


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ugh i have all this shit to do today so idk if i’ll be able to make anything but HAPPY KAGEHINA DAY

they’re in love

okay folks so yesterday was when I posted B.A.P Text Post Meme #50. It’s kinda insane how i’ve been doing those posts for 50 days straight now and that i’ve accumulated 400 images for them the last two months. I know most of my followers have probably checked me out for these posts and i’m really glad you’re all enjoying them, but i’ve decided to slow things down with them.

the last 10 or so have been late and overall my blog hasn’t had much activity during this time, which you may have noticed. that’s because making them has become a lot of work, and combined with job applications, uni studies, group chat administration and the need to have a life outside of those things i’ve been stressing myself out about them. I’m also mourning the fact that i barely have time to make other kinds of memes anymore bc goddammit there was variation in the memes made on this blog during the first two weeks before the tpms started

i’m still gonna make TPM’s because i really like creating them and i still have 700+ unused text posts saved, it’s just that i won’t pressure myself to make one every day anymore. hopefully i can fix my sleep schedule and my deteriorating queue quality, and then we’ll see how things continue.

TL;DR: Text post memes will no longer be daily, but aren’t discontinued.

so today i got up early to do a segway tour to which the people didnt show up but i got paid my wage anyway, then i lazed around for a bit, and then i went to my best friend’s to play dragon age for hours straight until he cooked us dinner and we watched a movie and now i am home and cuddled into bed

all in all a good sunday

Rupaul's Bake Off ~ Hobnob

A/N: The great British bake off is so close i can taste it. People don’t know this about me, but i go into a hibernation like state whilst waiting between seasons of bake off. I then emerge from my cocoon as a sweaty moth, ready to watch some fuckin cooking and pound a few brews.

Alas, bake off moved to channel 4 and i can’t stand channel 4 it can suck my flaccid wang. Too many adds, I’m not about that life, you know? When i found out i looked my mum straight in the eyes and cried. She told me i was loved and held me tight. Thats the only intimacy i ever got from mum :(

I was craving some classic bake off, that really kept with the feel of the show. Bless mary berry that sweet old thing. She was faithful and stayed with the BBC! I burnt my paul holywood cookbook when i found out he was moving to channel 4. Liar!!! Dickhead!!!

Enjoy~ Hobnob

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