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I said life is a tale— it begins and it ends

And forever’s a word that we can’t understand.

Well, I know that my life’s better when we’re together,

So why can’t our story just go on forever?


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!


hey since i made two of these already i decided to put them in a post together. for future reference
if i gotta add these to my posts may as well make them pretty am i right lmao

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

basically, two years ago i spent a ridiculously long amount of time on this (ttotd to last christmas):

and i had almost eradicated it from my memory, but then i found it on my desktop and remembered that i had actually written everything down for s9, and all i had to do was thors, for tonight we might die and doctor mysterio, and i was very bored yesterday so i thought ‘eh, why not’

turns out i could have just copied and pasted the script, since wordle gets rid of common english words anyway. i changed my rules about 20 times in this about what words count as common words and what don’t fml, which is why ‘hello’ is so small but still there. ah well.

might add s10 on too when it comes out, because i know i can copy and paste the script now. yay.

so yesterday you let yourself fall in love a little bit, and you got your heart broken
serves you right for having feelings!

Shit my fiancé said while I was making him watch Hannibal with me.

(First part can be found here. He had a major problem with Mason Verger and I don’t have the heart to tell him this character’s coming back oh no)


anonymous asked:

could i get a mf uuuuuuuuuh voltron youtuber headcanons?? (I know it's basic shhh)

sure thing anon!

• lance would probably be a beauty blogger. he posts videos about skin care routines and does lots of product reviews!
- occassionaly he does other silly videos like Flirting 101 or he vlogs him doing random shit like singing along to the radio in the car or going to starbucks
• hunk has a baking channel! his is really artsy and so professional looking everyone is a bit jealous of him
- he also does a lot of food challenge videos with lance. theyre usually horrific but everyone loves them
• pidges channel is literally a mess. she has gaming videos, prank videos (usually involving matt and shiro because theyre so easy to prank), conspiracy videos, you name it.
- she probably has a couple that are considered “the weird side of youtube” lets be real
• the three of them have a collab gaming channel! it was pidges idea after she brought them in for a collab video on her channel and it was a hit. people mostly just watch it to see them goofing off and being silly rather than to actually watch them gaming. sometimes they can convince allura to join as well.
• speaking of allura! shes a beauty blogger also. she does a lot of makeup and hair tutorials, and she also does fashion haul videos! literally everyone is in love with her
- her and lance collab all the time. theyre practically regulars on eachothers channels.
• keiths channel is… odd. he mostly posts conspiracy videos and knife tricks. he posted a couple singing video which is where he gained most of his followers from, but mostly his videos are just him ranting about aliens or mothman or that were all living in a simulation.
- pidge and he, unsuprisingly, collab a lot on those
• shiro doesnt have a youtube channel himself, but he does appear frequently in the others videos as hes friends with all of them
- hes mostly on matts channel though, everyone loves their relationship
• matt only joined youtube because of pidge, so most of his videos involve the two of them doing weird things, though once he started dating shiro a lot of his videos involved him as well
• all of them are really good friends! shiro and matt were high school friends, which is how pidge and keith met, and when pidge started collabing with hunk and lance thats when the rest of them met as well
• sometimes they do huge collab videos with all of them, and youtube LOVES it
• lance and keiths first ever collab together was an eating contest (food courtesy of hunk of course) and after that they just continued filming random competitions between the two
- there was no denying the chemistry they had together
• they came out as a couple during a collab together
- lance: alright guys! you’ve been asking for it and now u shall receive. im doing my first ever tag video; the boyfriend tag!
- cue keith walking into the frame with a little wave
• needless to say their fans exploded after that
• allura and hunk probably do weird challenge videos together all the time. if theres a challenge out there on youtube they’ve probably done it.
• allura starts dating an advise blogger named shay and soon they do a collab with lance and keith. wlw and mlm solidarity anyone???
• lance loves to do silly videos with keith, mostly because keith is always super confused and the fans love it
- lance: hey guys welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna prank my boyfriend haha
lance: hey keith
keith: what
lance: i’m gay
keith: ok? cool.
lance: HAH pranked you! i’m bi bitch!
(thank you @kidsflash for that scene)
• coran appears in a few of alluras videos, mostly doing storytime videos of all his weird adventures. no one can ever tell if hes serious or not.
• keith and lance post a collab singing video once. its their most popular video.

thats.. all ive got for now. lemme know if you want more!

Alana: I’m cold

Zoe: Here take my jacket

Evan: I’m cold too



moose blood - pastel


phew! so, there’s a lot to say but i’m not going to ramble on if i can help it. this is probably my first comic commission ever, for a very patient (and regular) commissioner over email! i’m not happy with how long it took for me to get it done, considering i should have planned my holiday better (forgot my laptop charger when i went home for christmas), and kept a better hold on the files as a whole page was lost at one point.

the point of this comic was to address an interesting dream – the text for it is word for word what was told to me by the commissioner! (what i’m saying is damn don’t they have a way with words) another point of this was to play with dimensions, reality and space. 

overall, this was a good project for me to work on, and i’m more than happy for this experience. hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it!

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

But imagine Aromantic Max at, like, the age of 20-something and while he’s not interested in romantic relationships, he still wants a kid. He’s thinking about adoption when Nikki pipes up like “Hey, man, you want a kid? I can hook you up. I’ll be your baby mama!”

Max is like “Never phrase it like that again.” but he is really grateful that she’d be willing to do that for him. The entire time before the actual process happens, he’s like “Nikki, are you SURE about this? Pregnancy can be AWFUL, and I won’t judge you if you want to back out.”

Nikki laughs and is like “Are you kidding? People get the weirdest fucking cravings while pregnant. Some people eat dirt! I could eat as much dirt as I want and no one could judge me because I’d be pregnant! Also when it kicks, it’ll be like that one scene in Alien! How cool will that be?! I wanna try it at least once!”

That reasoning is enough to nearly make Max rethink his decision, but Nikki quickly assures him she’s kidding. Mostly. She still wants to eat dirt. Even in her twenties, she is a nature girl at heart and she is going to shove fistfuls of dirt into her mouth and no one is going to fucking stop her. Max says if his kid is a nature lover, she’s going to be the first person he blames, and David will be the second (spoilers: the kid LOVES nature and camping and Max is forever ‘bitter’ at the two of them).

(This takes place before the previous chapter, I messed up the order sorry!)

AU where Jungkook is a photography student and Taehyung owns a little coffee shop thats perfect to take pictures in

Chapter 9

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Jungkook walks nervously to the front register, seeking out the bubbly looking boy who’s currently leaning against the wall. Taehyung had said to come up and meet him, but Jungkook is far too nervous for that.

Luckily, Tae doesn’t recognize him as anyone other than just a regular customer.

“Hey, what can I get for you?”

Jungkook feels his soul leave his body. holy shit his voice is the most endearing thing I’ve ever heard

“Well, um,” He honestly didn’t think this through at all.

“Wait, can I give you a surprise drink? I love making drinks for people based on first impressions. I have something specific I think you’ll like.”

Jungkook is too busy admiring the big brown eyes staring at him widely to comprehend what is being asked. “…okay sure…”

Taehyung turns back to the espresso machine, and begins to make what Jungkook assumes is his cup of coffee.

“I think you’d very much like a cappuchino, with…” he pauses. “Cinnamon. And nutmeg. No, just cinnamon.”

He leans over the machine to grab a jar of something, probably cinnamon.

“A kind of drink that looks sophisticated… and put together… but is still–”

The machine hisses, cutting him off.

“But is still soft, and sweet, and not too serious.”

“And of course, with cinnamon, because everyone has something about them that’s hidden from plain sight.”

Tae turns back to meet Jungkooks gaze, and there’s a glint in his eyes that seems somehow… mischivious?

“And I have a feeling there’s a lot more behind your eyes than just a need for coffee.”

He holds out the finished drink, and throws Jungkook a boxy grin as he types something into the register.

“One cappuchino for.. Jungkook, right? The photographer?”

Tae’s grin turns smug as the surprise registers on Jungkook’s face, his eyes widening in shock.

“You think I didn’t know it was you?" 


Oh look a wild AU appears! This is something I’ve been playing around with for ages, so I kinda have more stuff for it than I originally planned /cri. At first it would be just a very plain, ordinary witch au but then I thought: well kwamis are already a huge extrapolation of the thing and I wanted them in, so why not go full crazy? 

So I did.

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Have this horrible sketch of Kakavege family time! > _>; These kinda pictures have a special place in my heart. Like I scream and do that running in place really fast when i see these kinds of pics. Shhhh….don’t judge me…Let me enjoy my weakness… XD


I’m sorry, i’m dying because of this friendship.

also, too ooc? probably.

welp i guess there’s not going back. @skidspace tagging you because you made me ship this and i don’t know if I hate you or love you for it probably the second one

So…I have this headcanon that Yandere when not stalking senpai or killing people, he likes to draw. It’s usually about him and senpai together and being happy and things like that but  sometimes he draws the other ilplier egos and the stuff he thinks happens in their meetings and theories about the egos he doesn’t know well and thats how this stupid comic happend and instead of drawing specific things about that headcanon i go for the gay stuff. yay me

Note: I like to think that even if he can’t see with his eyes, the host is aware of the things happening around him(visuals and stuff like that) because of his “narrating everything that is happening” powers(at least most of the times)