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Jealousy (Yoongi Smut)

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Requested: No
Words: 2792
Warnings: angst? (I’m not sure if you can actually consider this angst), smutttttt
Description: You and Yoongi come back from a date, which was ruined by Yoongi being jealous. While trying to tease him, things get heated….
You stormed into the house, immediately taking your heels off after entering and putting them beside the door.

You heard the door close, and that was like a signal for you to go off. “What the hell, Yoongi? Can’t we just have one normal date? Why do you always have to ruin it?” You questioned, turning towards your boyfriend.

“I didn’t ruin anything.” He said simply, making you more angry than you already were.

“You ruined everything! This was supposed to be a perfect, amazing date, but you just had to  get us kicked out of that restaurant, didn’t you?” You asked. “You love causing problems, don’t you?”

Yoongi began taking his shoes off while he spoke. “It’s not my fault. That waiter kept hitting on you. What else was I supposed to do?” He questions.

You rolled your eyes, recollecting the memory from about an hour ago when your boyfriend of two years had “accidentally” poured his drink on the male waiter that happened to be serving your table.

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Company (m)

Summary: Sometimes all you want is a bit of company. 
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: smut || mafia/hitman leader au!
Warnings: teasing, thigh riding, brief mentions of weaponry
Rating: M
Word Count: 4,421

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You decide it is very difficult to focus when he runs a finger along the rim of his glass, eyes peering down at the amber liquid with deep interest and you wonder what he is thinking. What thoughts are occupying his mind as you sit across from him in the leather chair, legs crossed, the material of your dress riding up as you lean forward to grab hold of your own glass of rum.

The room you had decided to meet in is large, well-furnished and reeks of money he has no doubt required from many years on the job. You allow your gaze to roam over the aged, oak cabinets filled to the brim with antiques and glass figurines, the expensive leather seats you both occupy and the countless other objects which just goes to show he has acquired quite the large sum of money as a leader of a notorious company, employees of which are hired out to do jobs that usually end in body counts.

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There are children, Sarge, this is a public pool

Modern/YouTuber! Au // Hamilsquad general Headcanons

- do you have any headcanons about YouTuber! AU headcanons?
- YouTuber AU for the revset & schyuler sisters!!

Disclaimer : If any of the usernames on this post are actual YouTuber names, I’m so sorry and I didn’t?? Intended to copy.

Alexander :
Alex would probably have a rant channel where he throws in his witty jokes and reacts to weird videos and then rants about them. He’d have a small-ish fan Base, not many people would recognise him on the street but if he went to a convention then it’s likely he would be recognised. As well as commentary, he would have a “Suggestion'type blog where he does stupid shit that the fanbase comments. His channel would be called "ItsAlex”

John :
I can definitely see John having a gamer channel and a subscription box / inbox ong channel dedicated to cartoons, games and anime to be honest. Due to him being quite jumpy naturally, he doesn’t nerd to fake any of his reactions to horror games and his natural charms and jokes keep the viewer intrigued. He would subscribe to a bunch of boxes and do box openings, then he would donate the things ( like toys and clothes ) that he doesn’t need / want to charity. He is a bit of a closet weeaboo and unless you are very observational, you probably won’t pick up on the backwards Tokyo Ghoul theme playing quietly in his videos. His channel would be called “LaurensPlays”

Mulligan :
You guessed it, a DIY channel. A channel for making cute clothes that ranges from lingerie to dresses and suits. He loves making new things and taking suggestions from his viewers. As well as making clothes, he also does a lot of baking and cooking tutorials. For a man of such strength and stature, he is really good at making things with intricate detail and precision. There would be an occasional stream or a Q&A from him. His channel would simply be “Hercules Mulligan”

Lafayette :
Vlogging, commentary, and a lot of makeup videos. He’s a channel who is popular and widely recognised for his heavy french accent and skills with makeup! He often drops sarcastic and witty comments and sometimes the boys will interrupt his livestreams. It’s clear to see from his blogs that he doesn’t even need to put up a persona, he’s naturally happy and bubbly. He gets a lot of income from youtube, probably the most next to Laurens. His channel would be called “Misour laffy taffy”

Angelica : Like Alex, Angelica would have a rant channel full of feminism and even some reaction videos. While she’s not a “tumblrette” style feminist who wants to ban all men, she comes pretty close and van be a beast on screen and off. She won’t take shit from anyone and that’s apparent in her videos which are quite popular !!

Eliza :
Eliza would have one of those cute “look at my adorable family” videos where they do something different every day and record it all. It’s a cute channel and has a Smallish fanbase, but she gets enough income to consider herself wealthy. She also posts tips and hints occasionally.

Peggy :
Peggy would have a “look at my vegan body” videos where to posts tips on how to start going vegan, monthly favourite products and where she likes to buy them all from, for a reasonable price. She posts “daily routine” videos and such. She has a love-hate relationship with youtube.

Bonus : the boys have a vlog channel where they all act like idiots together ft. The occasional appearance of the schyuler sisters

first dates - part one

requested by anonymous!
part two coming soon!

• this boy is so nervous on y'all’s first date
• cause it’d probably be like, his first ever date
• like when he was picking you up from your house, he’d be messing with his fingers or continuously running a hand through his hair
• when you finally came to the door, he got this shy little smile on his face
• he’d probably tell you that you look pretty as well
• for your date, he’d probably take you to the movies and to get food after
• the whole time the movie was playing, he was debating on whether or not to put his arm around you
• he didn’t
• but you eventually grabbed his arm and put it around your shoulders for him
• when the movie was over, he’d take you to dairy queen, because darry had given him some money for the night
• he’d open the door for you, so that you can walk in first
• jokes the whole time you’re eating
• and also talking about all different kinds of movies
• afterwards, he’d have to walk you back home cause it’s getting late
• he walks you up to your doorstep, becoming a little nervous again
• smiling like an idiot when you tell him, “I hope we can do this again”
• he had wanted to kiss you, but he’s never kissed anyone, so he didn’t know how to
• but you gave him a kiss on the cheek instead
• which caused him to grin at you, walking back down the stairs as you went back inside your house
• as soon as you got inside, he sprinted home, wanting to tell soda about his date

• he’d be pretty shy as well I think
• he just wasn’t around girls a whole lot, so he didn’t know how to act around them though
• before he picked you up, he’d go to Dally for last minute advice probably
• obviously dally would give him advice, but it would be more on the dirty side
• so he wouldn’t take it, just deciding to wing it
• he’d pick you up from your house and probably just take a walk with you for a bit
• not that you minded, it gave you both time to get to know each other better and all
• after walking a bit, he’d probably take you to the park to chill
• you two would sit on the monkey bars to talk
• he’s like the best listener so his attention would be in you whenever you spoke
• if it was a cold night, he would waste no time in giving you his jean jacket
• cause yeah, he’s shy, but a gentleman
• he’d also try not to smoke on the date, just because he didn’t know if you were comfortable with it or not
• he’s take you back home like half an hour before your curfew to show that he’s a good guy
• he’d probably just smile at you and say “I’ll see you around” or something before letting you go inside as he left

• tbh he’d probably come up with the cheesiest pick-up line to get you to go on a date with him
• and just because it was so funny, you had to say yes
• he has to walk with you to get places for the date, cause he car wasn’t working at the moment
• the whole night would consist of stupid jokes and puns from the both of you, him more although
• getting to hear his laugh and adoring it
• him making you blush so easy
• him using some dirty pick-up lines on you as well
• but also using stupid ones that he loved
• he would honestly just take you random places he liked to go to
• and possibly going to the drive-in theater for a bit
• he didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol that might, just because he wanted you to get to know the sober him
• since he’s pretty confident about talking/hanging out with girls, he wouldn’t be afraid to throw his arm around you or something
• but he would respect you and your boundaries and if you got uncomfortable, he’d back off a little
• hearing constant jokes about other people around you and what they were doing
• hearing jokes that didn’t make any sense whatsoever to you
• if he laughed at them, it caused you to laugh cause his laugh is that type of laugh that makes everyone laugh at it
• obviously, he’s lose track of time and ‘accidentally’ make you stay out later, past your curfew
• but when he did get you home, he would walk up to your doorstep
• he’d say that he had an amazing time mad definitely wanted to see you again soon
• and he’d probably give you a kiss on the cheek before walking off into the dark of the night


before I was a Hetalia blog I actually had a Harry Potter blog. I figure hey, why not take my in depth Harry Potter knowledge and apply it to Hetalia. So here is my sorting of the Axis crew  (Prussia and Romano included)

Italy: Hufflepuff. I was actually torn with Italy between Ravenclaw an Hufflepuff. But in the end I realized he would be much happier in Hufflepuff. Mostly because Italy is a true friend. He would never turn his back on his friends and he’ll always stick by your side. This is arguably the best trait a Huffulepuff has, loyalty.

Romano: Slytherin. I’ve seen him everywhere even Hufflepuff, HA! Romano is a Slytherin. He does not go looking for a fight he would much prefer standing on the sidelines shouting insults your way. He’s shown to be crafty and a bit of a little shit.He’s also the staple of the mafia in the fandom. Quiet deals, shady money. It’s all just Slytherin, Slytherin, Slytherin! He’s not afraid to pick a fight so long he’s confidant the other person will not fight him back. He’s also shown to be quiet ambitious in the Manga saying he does all the work while Italy gets all the credit.

Germany: Hufflepuff. I know everyone is going to say, “he’s Gryffindor!” But why? Really why is he Gryffindor? Sure he’s brave…but anyone can be brave. It’s how you use your bravery. Germany does what’s for the good of Germany, not the world. This is a Slytherin trait. But I digress. He’s a Hufflepuff. He’s extremely loyal to himself, his people and his friends. he’s shown to be very patient with how he deals with Italy. He’s also a hard worker he’s always working out, or cleansing we never see him just sitting around. You might think he’s too mocho to be in Hufflepuff but never judge a book by it’s cover.

Prussia: Ravenclaw. It’s a hard glance between Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw but I’m confident in my choice. My reasoning for Ravenclaw is that he has the traits of both Gryffindor and Slytherin that I don’t think he would mesh well in either house. He’s brave but he’s stupid with his bravery and gets himself in battles he cant win. He’s a her but at the same time he’s the villain. He’s out for himself and the good of others at the same time. Yet, if we remember he’s also smart. He’s battle smart and strategic with what he does. He documents his life in detail since the first day and he is said to read a lot of books in one day I forget the exact number he said. He’s also a loner. Ravenclaws tend to be off in their own world, where if we know Prussia he’s often in a fantasy world where he is number one. He’s also seen to be rather lazy and conniving. Getting Germany and others to do his bidding with well placed words and a bit of begging. I think because of so many contradicting traits with Slytherin and Gryffindor the Hat would opt him in Ravenclaw where it would be a break even.

Japan: Ravenclaw. I really like Japan in Ravenclaw. He’s smart and creative. I don’t think he would particularly fare well in any other house. He’s not loud like a Gryffindor, He’s not overly nice like a Hufflepuff and he’s not cocky like a Slytherin. He just enjoys the simple things in life, something a Ravenclaw does. He’d much rather sit at home by himself with a manga or a video game than go to a social outing, the perfect Ravenclaw trait.

Other Parts:

Face Family , Nordic 5, Soviet Siblings

Theory Time ...


What if …

Clary goes to Emma and tells her that she is going to die soon and tells Emma what to do after her death.

And I just couldn’t help but notice how chill and calm Clary is all the while saying those things, that she is ready and has accepted her fate.
And then I had the idea that since she has had these dreams which sort of predict the future whenever the Shadow World is in a big ass danger, she pretty much knows how things are going to go down.

My guess is that she got better in reading and interpreting her dreams and see the signs clearer since she now knows who she is, where she came from, what her father has done to her and Jace and Sebastian and she also has lived as a Shadowhunter for 5 years now,  so she knows waaay more than she used to know in the beginning of the series.

So I thought that you don’t just go to someone and tell them that you are going to die and what they should do after your death unless you are 101% sure you are going die and that’s it.

And let’s be fair as much as I would hate it, it wouldn’t make sense for Clary to say such thing and then NOT die .. plus it would be stupid plot move of Cassie as well. So she is, I think, giving us a head start that Clary is indeed going to die and we just have to deal with it.


Clary never says how, when and why she is going to die. While her dreams may predict how she might get killed, her dreams have never really been JUST about her really.  There are the people she loves and the whole Shadow World invovled in it and my guess is that Clary is now going to use that knowledge to change the course of things.
We know she has the connection to Ithuriel, who sends her visions and dreams, which are warnings about the danger that is to come.
My guess is that Clary is going to kill herself in order to protect the people she loves.
She is going to sacrifice herself for the greater good, because she is pretty much the only one who knows that things are going to be very very bad for everyone. She and Magnus, but the thing is she is connected to an Angel and she is now going to try and change the fate of her world. 
She is not confused or new to the world anymore, she is a changed person and I do believe that she has a plan.

I may be wrong, but Clary doesn’t strike me as the person who goes down without fighting back and giving her all for the people she loves and cares about, so I strognly believe she has made up her mind and whatever she knows, she is going to give it her best to put it into a good use,

Not to mention she goes to Emma, who for me is in a FREAKING DANGER, because, she is pretty much cursed thanks to the parabatai bond, she killed someone who was assumed as impossible to kill, she has shattered the Mortal Sword, she has enemies and Emma’s name is pretty much on someone’s hitlist. So for Clary to go to Emma and tell ONLY HER of her dreams, must mean that Emma will survive, that Emma will be there to get the messege to Jace and her family, Emma will do it.

So Clary also kinda alludes to the fact that she knows that Emma and Julian have a thing, because she says she didn’t imagine Emma being with Mark, and when Emma asks her with whom she imaged Emma beijg with, Clary doesn’t say a thing, because she knows that she can’t tell her it is her parabatai because this relationship is forbidden. But this one part of their conversation was very very strange to me and I guess it was foreshadowing and I will be careful, because Cassie is a mastermind when it comes to plot twists and foreshadowing

ALSO a very importnat fact: Clary and Simon (who btw noticed something strange about the two of them) WERE the chosen witnesses by Emma and Julian for their parabatai ceremony … which could also mean they know something. And I also think if they were to be exiled or stripped off of their marks or whatever punishmet they would be forced to face, the witnesses of their ceremony would be present aka Climon.Clary might as well try and save them somehow if the Angel was kind enough to send her a rune that undoes the parabatai bond, without ruining other bonds.Another scenario which I myself see as stupid is Clary using Cortana to kill herself if she is going to kill herself, since Cortana absorbes the powers of the things she kills/slays. It would be a goodbye gift from Clary to Emma a very cruel one at that, but I don’t think Clary knows what Cortana can do so yeah this is a shitty theory I just wanted to mention.Let me know what you think of this. 

Summary:  Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a small bud on their chest that only blooms when they first touch their soulmate. Y/N, no matter how much she loves him, believes that Castiel isn’t her soulmate. They’ve touched many times, and nothing’s ever come from it. But what if she were wrong?

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: language, brief angst, blood, FLUFF

A/N: here is my submission for the Castiel big bang that I wrote a few months ago! I hope yall enjoy it, and thanks so much to @dreamsfromthebunker for the fan art to go with it! if you’d like to see more of her work, here’s where to find it!


Everyone has a soulmate.

Whether you find them or not is another story, but everybody has one, platonic or otherwise. No one quite knows why, but everyone is born with a little bud, green as a toad’s belly and located right above the heart. You can’t touch it or feel it; if you tried, your fingers would slip through the air, like it wasn’t even there. But it’s there all right. You can’t cover it up or try to hide it under clothes, as frustrating as that can be sometimes. It’s always there, clear as day for everyone to see.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 28: Relaxing

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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As soon as you stepped foot into Jared’s spacious Austin home, you could feel the tension melt off of you. His house was large, but it was comfortable and lived in. With rustic coloring and furnishings, it fit into the Western feel, without being too cheesy or overdone.

You followed Gen as the men came behind with the suitcases. The boys had already run off, glad to be back home and playing. Gen walked through the house, heading up some wide, wooden stairs. “Your room is towards the back of the second floor, far enough away from the boys you won’t hear them wake up early. It overlooks the lake, and you actually have a balcony to enjoy the nice evenings.” She rambled on, filling both her side of the conversation, and yours. You let her, while you just took everything in.

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I’m convinced that Vibe’s Key Weakness is that he has an HP of like 2 (for comparison, Oliver is at like 63 and Barry and Caitlin are in the hundreds for healing factors)

how do i work up the energy to diss horrible college acquaintance’s terrible new column and the insipid praise it’s garnered (”praise” being four comments from her husband’s friends, but still)

Are Lemony’s memories of his chilhood incorrect?

“All the Wrong Questions” tells us all about the times young Lemony Snicket got things wrong… except he really didn’t. He was right about Ellington being a liar, about Hangfire being a villain, about the Bombinating Beast being central to his plot. The only parts of the plot he truly got wrong concern Kit and his family in general, and the way they relate to the VFD organization.

But what if Lemony’s misinterpretations extended even further? What if the series hid something even more ominous, more sinister, of which Lemony only got a glimpse?

We will argue (after the cut) that Lemony suffered a form of trauma during his early chilhood, which eventually caused him to exhibit symptoms of False Memory Syndrome (FMS) as a coping mechanism. This syndrom eventually damaged his relationships in later life. Simply put: Lemony’s memories of his family life prior to his VFD apprenticeship are completely wrong.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think would have happened if Edmund had entered the wardrobe first, not Lucy?

So, then wouldn’t he have met Mr. Tumnus first? 

  • Well, I’m guessing since he talked to the White Witch, he had no sense of stranger danger either 
  • He’d probably end up going with Mr. Tumnus anyway for tea
  • The conversation would’ve been dull 
  • Edmund would sulky, and Mr Tumnus would try to fill in the void
  • But after a little while…and some tea…Edmund starts relaxing a bit and asking Tumnus questions
  • He finds the stories of his father and of the war before the winter very fascinating 
  • He could’ve probably related a bit more 
  • Just as he’s getting acquainted and comfortable with this faun who actually seemed to listen to him, he let his guard down and cue Mr. Tumnus putting him to sleep 
  • When he wakes up and finds Tumnus crying, he’d feel really out of place
  • Hearing that Tumnus planned to betray him, Edmund snaps
  • Suddenly grows very cold again and doesn’t want anything to do with Tumnus 
  • He doesn’t even comfort the faun and just bolts
  • He can’t really find his way through the woods since his sense of direction is very poor and also there are no clean roads
  • I imagine Tumnus catches up to him eventually and helps him back, which Edmund is very reluctant to follow 
  • When he returns home, he says nothing of the magical land 
  • He knows Peter won’t believe him, Susan would call him stupid, and Lucy…well, he didn’t really want her to know his secret 
  • So, all in all, he would never tell them 
  • But then Aslan gets them back again with the whole Macready thing 
  • Assuming Lucy hadn’t visited as well, they would be completely lost in the woods until some talking animal (probably Mr. Beaver) comes to their rescue 
  • The idea seems insane–them kings and queens? 
  • Edmund would’ve stuck with his siblings the entire time since he hadn’t met the Witch 
  • They would’ve gone home, and if Edmund were to finally come clean about the whole Mr. Tumnus thing, Peter and Susan would’ve assumed the place was dangerous 
  • They would’ve gone back…Narnia would continue being in a perpetual winter

All in all, it would’ve been very sad and hopeless in the end:( I think there’s a reason Lucy, with her kind and forgiving heart, was sent into the wardrobe first.