well that would be stupid


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”


Wynonna finally finds out about Waverly & Nicole, because the barn apparently is the secret spot of all the Earp sisters to make out with hot representatives of the law.

insp: That one “Friends” scene in that post


martin:  follows dirk around for 15 years so he and the rowdies wouldn’t have to feed on normal people, thereby avoiding hurting and potentially killing them

also martin:  is 100% ready to drain friedkin within an inch of his life normal people be damned

My tribute to Agni, the Epitome of a Butler. 


Eragon and Saphira

This is a gift for @killushawn as a thanks for getting me into this amazing book series(and also because you’re awesome). It’s not much but it is what i can give, and dragons are always fun to draw so why not <3 

Take my trash gift, hope u like it Shawn 

This is what happens when your ADC Sivir ditches you ten minutes in and then Mid lane Xayha doesn’t even flirt with you ONCE in a forty minute game. No loyalty! No love! And then Jungle Cho sends me a <3 when I wail that I’M ALL ALONE AND EVERYONE HATES ME.

I just followed him around and fed him and we won. It’s the cutest thing to see a tiny Rakan shield jump to a fully grown and fed Cho. My new shameless OTP.

Jealousy (Yoongi Smut)

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Requested: No
Words: 2792
Warnings: angst? (I’m not sure if you can actually consider this angst), smutttttt
Description: You and Yoongi come back from a date, which was ruined by Yoongi being jealous. While trying to tease him, things get heated….
You stormed into the house, immediately taking your heels off after entering and putting them beside the door.

You heard the door close, and that was like a signal for you to go off. “What the hell, Yoongi? Can’t we just have one normal date? Why do you always have to ruin it?” You questioned, turning towards your boyfriend.

“I didn’t ruin anything.” He said simply, making you more angry than you already were.

“You ruined everything! This was supposed to be a perfect, amazing date, but you just had to  get us kicked out of that restaurant, didn’t you?” You asked. “You love causing problems, don’t you?”

Yoongi began taking his shoes off while he spoke. “It’s not my fault. That waiter kept hitting on you. What else was I supposed to do?” He questions.

You rolled your eyes, recollecting the memory from about an hour ago when your boyfriend of two years had “accidentally” poured his drink on the male waiter that happened to be serving your table.

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Company (m) - 01

➢ parts: one - two || Masterlist

∟for two members of a world where broken promises are mended with spilt blood and contracts of a persons fate are sealed over a drink, from time to time it’s more than alright to mix business and pleasure.

or, sometimes all you want is a bit of company. 

mafia/hitman au
smut, violence, romance
・chapter warnings/graphic content: thigh riding, mentions of violence
word count: 4,421

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└ Caster’s dorkiness + DoS’ adoring glances

Cr: JAL CM Making of 13.05.2017


ANON REQUESTED: Can you do a reaction to you telling them your pregnant?


Jin would have been so excited that you were pregnant. Ever since you guys were dating, he would always talk about children. He would be sweet than usual towards you, he would make little dad jokes to make you laugh. 

“Jagiya, Now I’ll have a child to tell my dad jokes to!”


Namjoon would have been so happy. He would cuddle you more, plant kisses on your forehead, and would ask every hour if you were craving something.

“Jagiya, Are you hungry? I know pregnant women crave easily!”


Once he heard you vomiting every morning, he knew you were pregnant. He would immediately have a soft spot for you when you were pregnant. He would make the food that you wanted. 

“Babe, I already knew you were!” *smirks*


Hoseok would jump up and down at the thought of him being a father. He would immediately throw a party for you. He also grew way more softer than he already was.

“AHH! Wait- WE HAVE TO THROW A PARTY!” *runs throughout the house*


Jimin would have smiled shyly. He wouldn’t want to tell the rest of the boys because he knew they would tease him. Other than that, he was happy for a little kid running around his house.

“I’m not telling the boys yet! Do you want me to suffer?”


Taehyung would have been so proud to be a father. He would already by baby clothes, and baby stuff. He really wanted a kid to play with. He would hold your hair back when you vomited in the morning. He would ask stupid questions as well. 

“Wait, how did the baby get in there?”


Jungkook would have been shook in a good way when you screamed out that your were pregnant. He was talking with one of the hyungs when you told him you were. He immediately ran over to you and hugged you.

“Woah, I can’t believe you are pregnant!”



There are children, Sarge, this is a public pool

Today i’ve learned that any animal with deer like legs would not be able to sit on a chair, a stool would work tho, but not a regular chair of any type