well that would be stupid

  • Aelin: Well, it's not a secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. Secretly.
  • Rowan: Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy.
  • Aedion: Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
  • Dorian: If i were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend... Well, that would be okay.
  • Chaol: It may be stupid, but it's also dumb.
  • Lorcan: I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
  • Manon: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?
  • Arobynn: 1% evil, 99% hot gas
Modern/YouTuber! Au // Hamilsquad general Headcanons

- do you have any headcanons about YouTuber! AU headcanons?
- YouTuber AU for the revset & schyuler sisters!!

Disclaimer : If any of the usernames on this post are actual YouTuber names, I’m so sorry and I didn’t?? Intended to copy.

Alexander :
Alex would probably have a rant channel where he throws in his witty jokes and reacts to weird videos and then rants about them. He’d have a small-ish fan Base, not many people would recognise him on the street but if he went to a convention then it’s likely he would be recognised. As well as commentary, he would have a “Suggestion'type blog where he does stupid shit that the fanbase comments. His channel would be called "ItsAlex”

John :
I can definitely see John having a gamer channel and a subscription box / inbox ong channel dedicated to cartoons, games and anime to be honest. Due to him being quite jumpy naturally, he doesn’t nerd to fake any of his reactions to horror games and his natural charms and jokes keep the viewer intrigued. He would subscribe to a bunch of boxes and do box openings, then he would donate the things ( like toys and clothes ) that he doesn’t need / want to charity. He is a bit of a closet weeaboo and unless you are very observational, you probably won’t pick up on the backwards Tokyo Ghoul theme playing quietly in his videos. His channel would be called “LaurensPlays”

Mulligan :
You guessed it, a DIY channel. A channel for making cute clothes that ranges from lingerie to dresses and suits. He loves making new things and taking suggestions from his viewers. As well as making clothes, he also does a lot of baking and cooking tutorials. For a man of such strength and stature, he is really good at making things with intricate detail and precision. There would be an occasional stream or a Q&A from him. His channel would simply be “Hercules Mulligan”

Lafayette :
Vlogging, commentary, and a lot of makeup videos. He’s a channel who is popular and widely recognised for his heavy french accent and skills with makeup! He often drops sarcastic and witty comments and sometimes the boys will interrupt his livestreams. It’s clear to see from his blogs that he doesn’t even need to put up a persona, he’s naturally happy and bubbly. He gets a lot of income from youtube, probably the most next to Laurens. His channel would be called “Misour laffy taffy”

Angelica : Like Alex, Angelica would have a rant channel full of feminism and even some reaction videos. While she’s not a “tumblrette” style feminist who wants to ban all men, she comes pretty close and van be a beast on screen and off. She won’t take shit from anyone and that’s apparent in her videos which are quite popular !!

Eliza :
Eliza would have one of those cute “look at my adorable family” videos where they do something different every day and record it all. It’s a cute channel and has a Smallish fanbase, but she gets enough income to consider herself wealthy. She also posts tips and hints occasionally.

Peggy :
Peggy would have a “look at my vegan body” videos where to posts tips on how to start going vegan, monthly favourite products and where she likes to buy them all from, for a reasonable price. She posts “daily routine” videos and such. She has a love-hate relationship with youtube.

Bonus : the boys have a vlog channel where they all act like idiots together ft. The occasional appearance of the schyuler sisters

What kind of stolen Aesthetic is this??

My thoughts on Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2

Things I loved:


–Cree Summer as the fake Weblum and the quote that came with it!

“If I can’t see ya, I can’t kill ya”

–Zarkon is out of comission now

–Shirtless Klance


–The adorable pet thing that just says YUP

Things I liked:

–Keith and Hunk bonding

–Galra Keith, despite my protests of how stupid it would be, was handled well.

–Keith did not become purple and furry after this discovery!

–Not much screentime about Allura’s problem with Keith being Galra because it’s stupid for her to have a problem with someone she trusts over ancestry.

–Nerdy Pidge

Things I hated:

–I’m gonna get this one out of the way because it’s the main reason I watch this show. LACK OF KLANCE. Granted the elevator scene was funny but it was really the only major interaction between the two all season so I don’t understand why everyone is so happy about it. I liked the slow burn of their relationship in season one but granted none of the characters except Keith really got an arc this season so… I guess I can forgive? Plus Lauren Montgomery says LGBT stuff is on the way so it was probably in season 3 granted how long animation takes to do and they are probably well into production since this season was made before season 1 was airing.

–There weren’t enough character arcs so much of the show was “LET’S GO AFTER THIS GALRA FLEET AND FORM VOLTRON”. There were almost no quiet characters moments or room for the characters to interact (except the glorious mall episode) and become more fleshed out because of the PEW PEW KILL GALRA

–Going off that, way too plot heavy when I could give a flipping quiznak about. I watch the show for the characters not the stupid villains who are honesty SO BAD IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

–the villains just get more boring and terrible. DEAR GAWD, will Prince Lotor be that bland?! I hope not.

–Ladies man Lance is getting real old real fast. Can’t he hit on some boys too? Bi Lance plz.

–No Allura in princess dresses, her outfits were always so pretty. 

Overall Grade: 

B (solid but needed vast improvement, season 1 was better)

Lloyd is not trans. It’s completely impossible. I wish people would stop saying it.

The Real Yang (RWBY) (Bumblebee)

//Quick thing I made on request of a friend, I’ve never really tried to make fluff and I doubt this is the fluffiest thing ever, but tell me what you think! Don’t forget to click that heart as well~ 

This was…ridiculous.

Normally Yang would use a word that was blunter. Stupid, retarded, shitty. Those words were normally coming out of her mouth, but not today, no, she had to be on her best behavior. Weiss had given Yang several tips, being the princess she was, and Yang was doing her best to follow them.

So far being a “proper” lady wasn’t working out so well.

Yang had to stop herself from cursing five times already, had tripped over her dress twice and had gotten scolded by Weiss at least three times since they got to work but even Yang had to admit, the heiress had good taste. Yang’s hair, for the first time in her life, was tied into an elegant ponytail, Weiss had even treated it for an hour so it wouldn’t be so puffy. The blonde also wore a lovely black, silk dress with a low V-neck that left her arms bare, most of her back and her right leg. Of course, Yang had shaved and showered, no, she had showered twice on Weiss’s insistence.

In all honesty? She was fucking beautiful and she knew it.

But then why am I so nervous? Yang thought to herself. Sure, this was her first date with a girl, sure, this girl was her partner, sure, this was the first time she had ever done something so formal…

“Stop worrying,” Weiss chided, walking up to Yang. “You’ll be fine.”

“I’m not worrying,” Yang protested, glaring at Weiss. The heiress, in turn, crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Yang. “Ok, fine, I’m worrying a little bit.”

“You have nothing to worry about, if Blake didn’t like you she wouldn’t have said yes,” Weiss reasoned, tugging on this end and that bit of Yang’s dress. “Just stick to the plan and it’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure this will work? No offense but you’re asking me to be all…princessy.”

“I’m telling you to be decent,” Weiss huffed. “I got you two reservations at a very nice, and expensive, restaurant in a very renowned part of town. She’ll be impressed, act the part and she will certainly be happy.”

“Well…if you say so,” Yang mumbled.

Normally people thought Yang was the dating expert, that she’d fear nothing and could win anyone’s heart, but that was far from the truth. The truth is she never had much time for dates, sure there were a couple guys here and there, but this was different. This was Blake. Being Blake’s friend was hard enough, Yang hated the idea of losing her but actually taking the Faunus out for dinner? That was another thing entirely. Yang really, really liked Blake and she didn’t want to ruin this.

“She should be here right about…now,” Weiss muttered, turning to the door. On cue, there were a few light knocks on the door. “Ok, go ahead, and remember. Be well mannered, be a gentleman…or gentlewoman, and no puns.”

“Would you say my puns are a PUN-ishment?” Yang cracked a wide smile as Weiss rolled her eyes on pushed her to the door. Yang smirked as the ice queen walked to the bathroom to do Oum knows what and opened the door-

“Hello, Yang,” Blake said, serious as ever. In response, Yang’s jaw dropped.

The Faunus was wearing a black dress as well. This one left went over one shoulder and left the other bare, her cleavage was revealed through an oval on her dress. The dress itself stopped a bit above her long, tan legs and hugged her body so perfectly-

“Yang? Hello?” Blake waved a gloved hand in front of the blonde, raising an eyebrow.

“Uh- Oh, yeah, I’m good,” Yang answered stupidly, trying for a smile. “You look great, ready to go?”

“I’m ready,” Blake answered with a rare, small smile. Her feline eyes looked over Yang once and the smile grew slightly. “I didn’t take you to be the fancy type, I was surprised when you told me it was formal.”

“I can be fancy!” Yang cheered, closing the door and offering her arm. Blake took it and walked closely to the blonde. It wouldn’t take long to arrive at the restaurant, Weiss had made sure it’d be convenient. Now the two walked calmly during the warm night, causing other people to stare at them as they walked boy. This portion of the town wasn’t as busy as the city and rather nice. Yang, in this situation, would’ve started talking a lot and trying to get Blake to laugh. The silence felt wrong, but Weiss had told her to keep calm, not to yell too much, find sweet things to do like pick flowers.

Apparently, this tip wasn’t too good because Yang easily plucked a flower and offered it to Blake. Blake blinked in surprise and then looked…disappointed? She took the flower and put it on her hair, which was cute, but Yang noticed her smile was gone. Something was wrong, but what? Yang looked blazing, the evening was nice, she wasn’t being calm and correct (as Weiss would say it) and Weiss knew how to date.

Yang was worried, although she hid it very well, for the rest of the short walk. They walked in silence, with Yang making little comments now and then until they arrived at the restaurant. The place itself was nice and definitely expensive, everyone wore very formal clothes, they ate with precision and grace, the voices were hushed as piano music played through the establishment. Yang whistled slowly, obviously impressed, and turned to Blake.

“You…you organized this for me?” Blake asked, her bow twitching slightly. For once she looked shocked.

“Of course Blakey, only the best,” Yang answered with a small smile. Blake’s cheeks turned pink and she leaned closer against Yang. Yang’s heart was racing but she walked calmly into the restaurant, asked about her reservation, and quickly got a table.

“I’m impressed, I didn’t expect all…this,” Blake said, looking around the place. Her expression and voice didn’t say she was impressed, however, she sounded…disappointed?

What more could she want? Yang thought to herself, trying to think. But what more could Yang possibly do? How could this disappoint! Yang felt a pit settle in her stomach but forced a smile.

Ok, maybe she’s disappointed for some reason…but I can still do this.

“So, Blakey, ever been to a restaurant like this before?” Yang asked quietly, leaning on a hand and watching her. Blake shook her head and smirked, narrowing her eyes at Yang.

“Have you ever been to a restaurant like this?” Blake countered.

“I have now!” Yang cheered, shooting a finger gun at Blake and a wink. Blake’s smile grew and Yang’s heart fluttered. Oum, she had such a beautiful smile. But then Yang noticed the odd glances, the disapproving looks and she realized she wasn’t following the tips Weiss gave her. She sat straighter and spoke quieter. “I wonder how long the food will take?”

Turns out it wasn’t going to be very long. Yang had gotten the food ordered with the reservation, so it was ready by the time they arrived. Yang watched anxiously as they set the two platters in front of them, pulling the covers off of them to reveal a simple smoked ham meal for Yang and-

“Marry me,” Blake said nervously, her eyes going wide as she saw the smoked salmon in front of her. It came with a side meal, spices and such, but Yang knew the fish was the masterpiece. For a moment the blonde thought Blake would just grab it with her hands, but Blake managed to control herself and grab the utensils.

Yang would have tried to talk, but frankly, the two girls were much too busy eating their food to speak much. Blake was absorbed in her fish and Yang was enchanted by her ham. The food, expensive that it was, was worth the price. The two of them ate rather fast but ended up with empty plates and content smiles. Yang took the liberty of serving Blake and herself each a glass of wine before the dessert arrived.

“You’re very…quiet today,” Blake commented, after a few moments of silence. She looked at her glass with that same disappointed, unsure look from before. Now Yang couldn’t hold it back, she couldn’t just wonder or panic. She had to know!

“What am I doing wrong?!?” Yang demanded, leaning forward.

“Wha- Yang, what do you mean?” Blake asked, blinking in surprise.

“Blake I can tell something’s wrong,” Yang replied, crossing her arms. “I know you pretty well.”

“Yang it’s noth-“

“Blake, if you don’t tell me I’ll take out the laser pointer!” Yang hissed, smiling mischievously. Instead of the usual glare or scoff Blake…smiled, then laughed. Her laugh was beautiful; the most beautiful thing Yang had heard. Her heart literally skipped a beat and all anxiety left her body.

“Yang,” Blake finally said. “This is all nice-“


“Incredible,” Blake conceded, narrowing her eyes. “But it’s not like you.”

“What do you mean?” Yang murmured, although she suspected she already knew.

“When you asked me out I accepted because I like Yang and what Yang does, not Weiss. This is incredible, but it doesn’t feel like the Yang I like.”

“I am such an idiot,” Yang said with a wide smile. Suddenly things made much more sense, and Yang knew just what to do about it.


Blake’s POV

Blake could tell, in a way, the change of attitude that suddenly took over Yang. The blonde smiled widely and pulled out her smile, making a call. She didn’t offer an explanation as she whispered into the scroll. When she was done she stood up and offered Blake her hand.

“Ready for the second part of the date?” The bimbo asked with a wink. Blake smiled nervously.


Blake yelped as Yang pulled her forward at a quick pace. The two exited the restaurant and Yang kept pulling the confused Faunus along. The walked one block down when Yang finally stopped. No one was around, not at this time, and this seemed to be exactly what the blonde wanted. She pulled off the hair tie and let her golden locks fall down her back. Then she bent down and began tearing at her dress.

“Yang! What are you doing?!?” Blake nearly yelled. Sure, she wasn’t much for dress up, but it hurt any girl to see such an expensive dress being torn. Yang sighed in relief, hands on her hips. Most of her legs were on display now and she walked in a simple circle before answering Blake.

“I can’t be me in that dress, it’s too…restricting,” Yang pretended to gag and Blake giggled. “It should be here any second now.”

“What should?”

“My bike, I had the chauffeur bring it,” Yang explained.

“You have a chauffeur?!?”

“Weiss hired one in case I wanted to go somewhere else with you.” Yang shrugged, smirking at Blake. “I had to charm Weiss into helping me out this much, y’know.”

“Oh really?” Blake challenged, narrowing her eyes at Yang. “How did you charm her, exactly?”

“Well, first I walked really close,” Yang whispered, doing so with Blake. “I leaned in even closer,” She continued, leaning in closer to Blake. “And paid her fifty lien.”

Blake laughed and Yang backed away, obviously pleased with herself. A minute afterward a man in a suit arrived on Yang’s motorcycle. It was a very…odd sight, but Yang casually gave her thanks and took the keys.

“So, Blake,” Yang said as she got onto the motorcycle. “You wanted to have a date as adventurous as me?”

“That’s not exactly the way I’d say it,” Blake replied, sitting behind Yang carefully and gently wrapping her arms around the other. “But yes.”

“Then hold on tight, because we’ll be going for a very exciting ride.”

“Yang you better not do something too cRAAAAZYYYY!” Blake yelled this last part, her bow nearly falling off and her heart skipping a beat as Yang suddenly sped forward. Blake wasn’t one for fear, but the surprise made her press herself tightly against her blonde companion, who smirked as she watched the road ahead.

“We’re just getting started!” Yang cheered, speeding up.

“Yang where are we going?!”

“You’ll see!”

Blake was about to demand an answer, but the words literally disappeared when she saw what was ahead. She almost regretted asking Yang to be herself, and now she was sure the bimbo was suicidal. The street ahead was filled with vehicles and the two girls raced next to them with merely an inch to spare. Blake didn’t dare move a muscle, her grip tight around Yang and her body stiff. Yang cheered as she raced through the narrow space between two trucks, ignoring the angry honking of another car.

“Yang?” Blake managed to say, above the roar of the wind. She could see the red light ahead with all the cars crossing the road. “Yang!”

Yang didn’t slow down and Blake felt her heart truly race, worse than that time she and Adam had robbed a train cart, but this was different. She could feel her heart racing, she could feel the other’s fiery heat and heartbeat too, she could sense the passion and joy going through Yang and for once in her life this kind of feeling passed on to Blake. Yang laughed as Blake cheered and the two raced between the cars, passing through unscathed. That’s when Blake saw the building ahead.

“Isn’t that place abandoned?” Blake asked, her mouth near Yang’s ear.

“Yeah! The main gate is halfway open, though!” Yang yelled back.

“Then how will we get in?!”

“Just hang on!”

Blake’s grip, somehow, tightened even more and Yang poured every ounce of speed the vehicle had into it. Blake, despite herself, closed her eyes. Yang turned the vehicle to the side, leaned to her left. Blake yelled out and squeezed herself against the blonde as they slide under the half-open gate. Blake opened her eyes and for a split-second saw the ground an inch from her face then she was suddenly right-side-up again, panting and staring ahead in confusion, excitement, fear.

“Here’s the best part!” Yang warned.

“Oh no, Yang if we survive I’m going to-“

Blake didn’t get to finish her sentence as the two went up some sort of ramp, a thing left there by someone else Blake supposed and soared into the air. Yang yelled at the top of her lungs and Blake, more prepared this time, managed to keep her mouth shut and her eyes open. For a few moments, they sailed through the cool night’s air, the stars and moon shining above them, nothing but silence in their ears.

Then they began to fall down towards the ground. Blake’s stomach left her body, along with most of her organs and reason, the bike hit the ground with a hard jolt that reverberating throughout Blake’s back. A person without aura surely would’ve gotten injured by this, but the two girls continued for a few minutes before Yang finally slowed down and stopped.

“So, how do you feel?” Yang asked coolly, getting off the motorcycle and then helping Blake off. The blonde seemed no worse for wear, if anything she seemed better, and Blake couldn’t help but want to grab her right there and then, to embrace her, to kiss her. When she was like this, so pure and happy, she was so damn beautiful. Even her hair seemed to glow, almost on fire. A fiery sun in the darkness.

Blake, on the other hand, was wobbly. Her stomach was still somewhere in the sky, her heart was pounding and she ended up leaning on Yang quite a bit. Yang walked them away but Blake didn’t pay attention to where they were going, she just wanted to get control of herself and speak.

“Are you insane?” Blake finally asked, a shaky chuckle leaving her lips. “You are absolutely insane.”

“Insane for you,” Yang whispered in Blake’s ear, so sweet and soft Blake nearly fell down again.

Oum that voice, Blake thought.

“Why do you even go through all that? Where are we?” Blake asked, feeling better but content to lean her head against Yang’s shoulder as the blonde extended an arm around her waist.

“We’re at my favorite spot in all of Vale,” Yang answered softly. Blake’s eyes finally focused on where they were and her jaw dropped slightly.

The two girls were on the tip of a hill covered in lush, green grass. The night sky was perfect and clear above them, most of their illumination came from the thousands of stars and the full moon directly above their heads. In front of them, far away but close enough to see, stood a lake that reflected the moonlight and behind it stood a forest. Everything was quiet, everything was still. Blake, in all her travels, had never seen such a beautiful place.

“Yang it’s…amazing,” Blake murmured. “Do you come here often?”

“I only come here when I need time for myself, I know no one can find me here…” Yang sighed contently, gently bringing Blake closer. “I never planned to show anyone but…”

“Yang I…” Blake felt her eyes tearing up. She was flattered- No she was honored Yang trusted her this much to show her such a place, her private little area away from the world. The Faunus knew a thing or two of isolation, the fact that Yang was revealing her place of isolation meant a lot.

“I trust you, Blake,” Yang continued softly, turning to face Blake nervously. “And I…I love you.”

“Yang I…” Blake rubbed her eyes, wrapping her arms around Yang’s neck. “I love you too.”

Without hesitation Blake closed the gap between them and pressed her lips against Yang, giving the blonde a long, passionate kiss. Yang was surprised but quickly recovered and wrapped her own arms around Blake’s waist, returning the kiss.

And there they remained for hours, kissing, talking, laughing…

Completely entranced with each other’s love.

Au where machi and paku want to have a baby together but they also want one of the troupe men to be the ‘father’ so they spend a week picking out the most desirable features from each until they have their man

breakin stereotypes

aries: these strong, healthy powerlifters eat more taco bell than anyone else

taurus: THEY DONT EAT/SLEEP ALL THE TIME WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THIS?? these stubbotn bulls are huge softies, don’t let them fool you. every one of them cries @ the titanic

gemini: they don’t have a personality disorder guys, and they arent just random weirdos. they are clever beings and they mirror the personality that U are fronting.

cancer: idk why everyone says yr so motherly tbh. one time i read a post that said you’d be the one to bail your friend outta jail or take them to the hospital when they got injured doing something stupid and you know DAMN well you would laugh your ass off before doing anything

leo: yr not as solipsistic as everyone thinks kiddo, i know exactly how insecure you r and just how much you cried over greys anatomy


libra: why does everyone think you dont know how to make decisions? you know exactly how to spot a fuckboy within a 10 mile radius and u got some of the best style bbyg dont let anyone say otherwise

scorpios: well

sagittarius: you dont flirt with everything that moves. you actually have mad high standards and it takes a lot for you to have intetest in someone–though impulsive you pull some sherlock holmes style deductions out of your ass about everyone you meet

capricorn: everyone thinks yr suuuuch a boring, structured control-freak but little do they know that u shaved yr legs in the bathroom sink this morning after u overslept bc yr life is out of control and u stayed up all night wondering what went wrong

aquarius: eh yeah youre as weirdly intelligent and vaguely otherworldly as the posts say

pisces: ok some of you dont give a shit about anything and some of you feel way too much and just dont know what to do with it, and everyone says you’re unpredictable but youre an asshole because of one of those two reasons and there is no mystery to it

Request: Can I get 24 and 43 for Jeddy? Please and thank you!

You never loved me, did you?” James yelled at his boyfriend.

Teddy rolled his eyes.

“Not this again, James. You say that every time we fight. Of course I bloody love you. Why else would I stay after these stupid fights.”

“Well then why are you always talking to that guy?!” James countered. 

That’s how this whole fight had started. Teddy had made the mistake of telling James about something funny his coworker had told him that day.

Teddy groaned and dragged his hands down his face.

“He’s my bloody coworker, James! I have to talk to him! Can you stop being so damn stubborn for once in your life?! Can you please do that for just one second so you can get it through your head that I fucking love you?! James Sirius Potter, you are the love of my life. I don’t understand why that is so hard for you to see.”

James just looked at him, unsure of what to say.

Teddy stepped closer to James and pulled him into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“I’m sick of having this fight,” he mumbled into James’s hair. “I love you. So much. The fact that you even question if I do hurts me.” He kissed the top of James’s head.

James pulled away and looked at him.

“I’m sorry. Sometimes it’s just hard for me to believe that you would want to be with me…” he trailed off.

“Well believe it, love,” Teddy said and pulled James in for a kiss.

Rowan: Why did I risk my life for a selfish brat like you? I was always taught that there was some good in everyone, but, oh, you proved me wrong.

Celaena: Oh, boo-hoo. Now I feel really bad. Bad Celaena.

Rowan: I could’ve let you die out there, and then all my problems would have been over.

Celaena: Well, that makes you ugly *and* stupid.

Rowan: Let’s end this.

Celaena: Ladies first.

~☼~☼~☼~☼~Hi there ~☼~☼~☼~☼~

My name is Celeste Magenta MoonRaven and I’m a 4th level wicca and also a godkin! I’m the incarnation of Loki but I also godphone satan and my three totem animals- wolf, crow, and cat! They all speak through me and always tell me the truth! 

I run a coven with me and four of my friends and we are the best coven in town. We get together every saturday and watch American Horror Story and Practical magic and Charmed, and then we do witchcraft and use my sisters ouija board to talk to James, my dead boyfriend. He’s really nice once you start talking to him! I even went to his grave and we made out once.

And dont tell me I’m uneducated because I read all of Silver Ravenwolfs books and I’ve done blood rituals and even killed a person with my MAGICK

Love and blessings!

anonymous asked:

I can't believe Penders insisted that Luke Cage doesn't have to be black. Is there anything else he's said that would match that stupidity?

Well there was the time, when confronted over his appropriation of a famous Holocaust poem for his work in the Knuckles, he brought up the fact that he was of Polish descent and may or may not have had relatives who collaborated with the Nazis as a defense. 

Yep. When confronted over trivializing a work that commemorates a truly horrific time in the history of the world, done to draw a flimsy parrallel for a simplistic and poorly written political parable, he basically went “WELL IT WASN’T EASY FOR POLES EITHER”. 

Real class act, that Penders.