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So today has been the worst, my heart hurts so much
Poor Arthur had a sudden deterioration in his back legs yesterday, he was unable to walk. During the vet’s visit today, the decision was made to put him to sleep. If he hadn’t been separated from his mum so early, then maybe he would have stood a chance. But the damage was done. I just hope he knew how much I loved him and that I would have done anything for him. I already miss him so much, I was so excited for his future and he was so perfect


“‘We’ll all take turns as den mothers!’ Batman said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ Batman said.” –Black Canary, done with all her colleagues and these crazy little punks.

Based off of this fantastic text post by incorrectyjquotes. I’ve been giggling about it for a couple days…

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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No food, drinks, or any other intoxicants are allowed in the library at any time. That includes emotion bottles.


RTS appreciation week: [3/7] Favourite Quote - “I have the strangest feeling you’re going to disappear, and I’ll never see you again!”

The photo I have on the left is the quote I picked from RTS. One of the main reasons I adore this line so much is that it really strong parallels a line Cassie said back in CTD, which is the photo I have up on the right. I look at similar lines like this and I’m struck over and over how perfect they are for each other, how alike they are. They have abandonment issues that go on for miles, both their parents left them when they were really young and they were left to fend for themselves in worlds that didn’t fully accept them the way they are, and they both fall hard and fast for the other before they’ve even fully realised it. Young Pritkin felt an instant attraction to Cassie, and over the course of a couple of days in ancient Wales he was already smitten enough to fear the thought of never seeing her again (!!!) and by CTD Cassie was already terrified of losing him. They both use the same word, ‘disappear’, because that’s what their parents did. Cassie’s parents never left bodies for her to mourn, nor any history, or knowledge of where she came from or what she was. She had to find this all out for herself as she grew. Does this not sound a hell of a lot like Pritkin’s life? Also it’s kind of funny that Cassie uses the phrase ‘vanished, like magic’ because she does exactly that to Young Pritkin when she shifts away right in front of him the first time in RTW, vanishing with a magic he’s never seen before. So here they both are with these fears of abandonment and against all odds they found each other AND THEY HEAL EACH OTHER BECAUSE THEY KEEP RETURNING TO EACH OTHER AGAIN AND AGAIN, THEY CONSTANTLY PROVE THEY’LL NEVER LEAVE AND OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SHIP


Most have dark hair and eyes, and possess the second form of ravens, crows, and sparrows. The exception is the royal family, whose members take the form of golden hawks.

– The Kiesha'Ra Series : T h e A v i a n

I genuinely feel bad for all the boys on this site and there’s not nearly enough positivity posts so to all my male followers I just wanna say:

You are not ugly, gross, selfish, rude, sexist or inherently a bad person just because of your gender. Your gender alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you get everything handed to you, that your feelings aren’t valid or that you don’t face any problems. Whether you’re cis, trans, gay, straight, bi, ace or anything in between, you matter and you are always worthy of love and acceptance, and please don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not. ♡