well that wasn't productive

Ok, let me try to explain this. No, I didn’t screw it up with his name.

In good old Peru there’s a expression “¡Sao!” we use when a boy has said or done something in a  flamboyant way. Like, if you come to Peru and after some mannerism or whatever, someone says “Sao!”, then they think you just did something very gay XD.

Ryuu’s surname is Zaou, which sounds awfully similar. Let’s just say that, if the show had happened here, it wouldn’t have been Akoya the one being mocked because of his surname. Then again, if he had been born here, his name would’ve been Ricardo Zapata or some shit like that.

And why is he wearing a skirt? Because, for a parody of the maho shoujo genre, Boueibu is severely lacking in the crossdressing department. Yeah, I know they do crossdress in the game, but where’s my school play episode? With the prettiest boys being cast as the girls, and Ryuu and Akoya fighting over the protagonist role (who, of course, is a princess), only for idk… En being cast as her.

Make it happen season two. Although I should be praying for season tow to even happen in the first place.


27th february 2016 :
[12/100 days of productivity]: Walking to the supermarket and reading up on practical theology.