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I made a comic awhile back (https://kletsgivethisatry.tumblr.com/post/163238334749/cartooncoloratura-infinity-train-comic-idea)
for chrisoberron’s #fillthetrain event. While I somewhat liked the result, it was a PAIN to make. Apparently comics are pretty hard when you don’t know what you’re doing! So I never really thought I would continue it.

WELL GUESS WHAT PAST ME WAS WRONG. I have decided to try and make a FULL freakin comic out of this mess. So witness a drastic style change, wonky text, and SHADING!

Also special thanks to all the people in the tags who encouraged me to continue this! It means so much to me that you like my crappy art ❤️

Anyhow, please enjoy my super sporadic updates! :D

Chapter 1 | You Should Have… | 1.8K | MASTERLIST


What happens when you’re stranded in the desert with the one person you hate?

A/n- My first series or fic for Kylo, let’s see how it goes! Enjoy! :)

p.s. if you would like to be tagged, just contact me!

You didn’t hate your job. There were just a couple of cons to the pro’s.

One: conferences, two: Kylo Ren.

Kylo never did anything to you. Well, if you don’t count taking the promotion you’d been working hard for for three years in his first two weeks of working in your office nothing, then yeah, Kylo never did anything to you. You would have been fine with it if he didn’t come around and rub it into your face every single business day of the week.

Now you were heading to a conference with him, and only him. It would have been bearable if you were allowed to take a plane, you could survive two hours and a ride to your separate hotel rooms, but due to budget cuts, all the company could spare was a car. So, for the last six hours you’d been cramped in a small car with the man you loathed, while heading to a event which you equally loathed.

“We have to stop for gas.” You said as the two of your rode past a gas station.

“We’ll be fine. I’ll stop at the next gas station.” Kylo insisted.

“We’re in the middle of the dessert, I would rather not take the chance.”

“I said, we’ll be fine, L/n.” Kylo huffed.

“I don’t want to be stranded in the desert just because you want to be stubborn Ren. Just turn around and fill up the tank, and get some mints, your breath is kicking.” You scrunched up your nose in fake disgust.

“Haha.” Kylo mocked, but you didn’t miss him discreetly checking his breath, then turning to scowl at you, realizing you were just messing with him. “We’ll make it to the next station.”

You rolled your eyes, smirking to yourself that you had gotten to him. You reached to your side and pulled the lever, laying back in your seat. The lack of sleep you had gotten last night finally catching up to you.

As soon as you closed your eyes and started drifting off to sleep, the radio blasted inside the car. You shot up, and looked at a smiling Kylo. You narrowed your eyes and turned down the radio, turning back over, and beginning to settle down again. As soon as you were, the music blasted again.

“Ren, stop it!” You yelled over the music that was already giving you a headache.

Ren, stop it!” He mocked, matching your volume.

You turned your body all the way around to look at him with disbelief. “Are you mocking me? What are you six?”

Are you mocking me? What are you six?

“That is not how I sound.”

That is not how I sound. Yes, you do, L/n. All high pitched and annoying.”

Your mouthed dropped, surprised he would even say something like that. “Well if you think I’m annoying, how about you let me go to sleep, at least unconscious we don’t have to deal with each other.”

“Deal.” Kylo said, turning down the music, cloaking the car in silence aside from the hum of the engines.

You huffed, turning back over and closing your eyes yet again.

He hated you, or maybe that’s whatever he told himself went he saw your face, and his heart fluttered. He decided to mistake it for anger instead of recognizing it as love.

Your name was beautiful, he loved–hated– saying it, and he hated it when you said his. He hated your angry, witty remarks that would make him want to keep the banter going. He hated the way you rolled your beautiful eyes at him, or how you seemed to always be smiling when you thought he wasn’t around.

Your smile was beautiful, every minute he missed seeing it. He missed seeing your face.

That’s when you turned over to go to sleep, he’d raised the volume. Even angry, your face was still beautiful. He snuck glance at you while mocking you in order to keep the argument going, to see your face. It was childish, he knew that, but he didn’t care.

Why couldn’t he just have a normal conversation with you? He missed the two weeks before he got promoted, the two of you had talked a lot. He was building up the courage to ask you out, but alas, his grandfather had other plans, requesting him to take his place when he retired.

Kylo knew how bad you must have felt, you’d been talking about that promotion for weeks, sure that you were going to get it. He knew that you’d been devastated when Snoke announced that he was taking Vader’s place instead of you. He had seen the look of betrayal on your face, the moment your friendship ended, and your hatred began.

And now he looked beside him, the calmest he had seen you around him for months.

Kylo looked back to the road, feeling the car slow dramatically, then sputtering to a stop.

He sighed, then groaned, letting out a loud “COME ON!”, waking you from your sleep.

You groaned, rolling over in your seat and glaring at Kylo.

“You ran out of gas, didn’t you?” You asked, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, stretching your arms.


You raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…” He told the truth.

You smirked, “I told you so.”

“Shut up.” Kylo rolled his eyes, and took out his phone, seeing if there was any cell service.

You reached up to the rear view mirror and pressed the onstar button. Unfortunately, nothing happened. Sighing, you pulled out your own phone, not seeing any service on your phone either.

“No service?” Kylo asked.

You shook your head, getting out of the car, and retrieving your bag from the trunk.

“Where are you going?” Kylo asked, look back at you out of the window.

“I’m going to start walking. Nothing is going to happen if we just sit here, maybe we’ll get lucky and there’ll be a gas station up the road.” You stated, walking past the car in the direction you were heading.

A few moments later, you heard the closing of the trunk, and the doors of the car locking. Kylo ran to catch up to you before you got too far away.

You looked over seeing him squinting his eyes, a hand being used as makeshift shade, looking around for any sign of civilization. You sighed, noticing his cap, facing backwards and sunglasses on top of them, sitting unused.

You moved your purse to your other hand, grabbing Kylo’s arm in order to stop him. You shook your head, and reached up to take his sunglasses off, placed them on his eyes, then turned his cap around. 

Kylo stared at you, wanting to thank you, but also confused on why you would do something to help him out.

“You’re welcome.” You sighed and moved your purse back, continuing to walk again.

“I told you to stop for gas.” You complained again.

Kylo rolled his eyes, “For the last time. I’m sorry. I thought we could make it!”

“You should have listened to me. If you had, my feet wouldn’t be hurting so much and we could have made it there by now!”

“You’re the one who wanted to get out and walk!” Kylo shot back. 

“Don’t put this on me! I didn’t want to come anyways. You could have just stranded yourself out here for all I care, but no, you insisted I come with you to this stupid conference, and since you’re my boss, I can’t say no to you, can I?”

“Oh, you’re not going to bring that up again?” Kylo rolled his eyes.

“I sure am!” You stopped, bringing your hands to your hips. “I’ve worked in that department for three years! I have way more experience than you, yet they promoted you at three weeks all because your grandaddy wanted them to!”

The two of you had this conversation before. Kylo knew it was wrong, how they took your dream job away from you, but there was nothing he could do about it. He’d tried quitting, offering you as the right choice, but Snoke wouldn’t let him. He should have tried harder.

Kylo sighed, and looked at your with sad eyes, thanking the stars that you couldn’t see through his sunglasses.

When you had voiced you rant, you weren’t thinking of the consequences. You were mad, you’d deserved that job, everyone knew it. What caught you off guard, was Kylo’s reaction.

The shade from his hat had tricked his glassed into thinking they were inside again, making his eyes noticeable. You could see every emotion, and what you saw was sadness and guilt.

Kylo looked off into the distance, seeing a building with a sign that said ‘Jakku’s Lone Motel’.

“There’s a hotel right up the road. Let’s go.” He said and started the trek towards the motel.

You followed silently.

You entered the motel lobby,  groaning silently because the heat didn’t let up much.

The Lady behind the desk, perked up, seeing the potential costomers entering her lobby. “Welcome.”

“Thank you. Our car ran out of gas a few miles back, do you know if anyone can help us out?” You asked, setting your bags against the counter.

“I do, but they’re all the way in town for a festival, probably won’t be able to get out of here for a couple of hours and you don’t want to be out there in the dark! How bout y’all get a room, stay a while. I’ll take off five percent!” The woman talked fast, not giving the two of you the chance to think about what she was saying, or refuse the deal she was proposing.

Kylo turned to you mouthing a “wow”. You nodded in agreement.

She clearly wanted the two of you to stay there for the night.

Kylo spoke up, silently hoping not to trigger another spiel of information, “I think we’ll just wait for the time being.”

“Suit yourself.” She said, her voice perky, but not at all kind. She picked up her phone and dialed whoever it was to come help the two of you.

You and Kylo day down near the window, a seat apart. People came in, got rooms, then left, and after a few hours, Kylo excused himself to make a call. presumably to tell the hotel and your boss that the two of you were going to be late to the conference.

The sky began to grow dark and to your surprise, Kylo started to drift off, his head hitting your shoulder. You were tempted to shove it off, but thought better of it. You looked up to the lady behind the counter.

She smiled, “Do you want that room now?”

You smiled back and nodded.

She looked at the notebook on the counter and a devious smirk crossed her lips, quickly replaced by a smile. “You’re in luck, only one room left.”

Here be demons. Boy was it hard looking at that drawing for extended amounts of time to get a good ref hahaha

haha dang dude look at me. I do look like a long haired logan.
I wish i could wear a button up shirt and tie. 
I wonder what i’m gonna do to beat him up? 
It looks like i’ll just fucking headbutt him. 
I mean.. that’s very plausible.
I like it! Well done you can draw really nicely!
And sorry you had to look at my horrible creation for so long

anonymous asked:

I read your tag about losing friends for not texting back because of depression and I relate SO MUCH, it happened to me as well... 😶 Ps. Love your blog ❤

communicating while depressed? never heard of it . ily and im sorry you’ve done this too :( it’s hard because you KNOW what you’re doing and you try to stop but then there’s this sliver of u that doesn’t care and you’re confused why you feel like that and then you’re suddenly like IM SO ALONE AND ITS MY FAULT I MISS EVERYONE WHAT DID I DO. it’s like a ride at a carnival but less fun

Works I’m Proud Of Tag

Rules: Pick the four pieces you’re most proud of and explain why, then tag 5 people. 

This was quite hard bc I’m very critical of my writing, and I’m usually happy with what I write until like a week later where I’m like… Ugh this can be written so much better + I can’t remember what I’ve written anymore… whoops… 

I was tagged by @hamimagines (I hope you’re doing well, Rachel!! I know we haven’t talked in ages, but I really hope all is well with you). 

Broken Promises (Alexander x Reader)

Angst was always my favourite genre to write, but I think this fic was the only thing I’ve written to put me to tears or almost to tears. I think this one hits closest to home because I can really relate to the emotions of being forgotten. I think I also conveyed the emotion really well, but not making it too obvious at the same time. Reading this again, my heart still kinda aches for the reader… to be forgotten by someone you truly cared about is hurtful no matter the situation. 

Mess (Lafayette x Reader)

I literally wrote this in less than 30 minutes. No lie. I was meeting up with a friend who was running late so while waiting for her, I wrote this. And I loved it. The writing process was so much fun because the words just flowed out really well. PLUS it’s not too angsty!! It has a happy/realistic(ish) ending that I actually like! It’s such a fun read and I think that’s one of the main reasons why I love this piece so much. It’s light-hearted, but still has enough plot/drama to keep you interested in reading. 

Hell on Earth (Series) (Dean x Reader)

This is the longest thing/series I’ve ever written, and I’ve said it many times, but it’s my baby). This was my project and I loved writing it- even now I still want to write for this universe! I like the character development I had for the reader, but I wish I wrote it more in-depth. Writing this series taught me so much about pacing a storyline, and writing long pieces. Oh man… I used to be able to write long fics like it was nothing, but lately I struggle to write 1000+ words for a fic. I guess it’s just about finding the right inspiration. 

Babygirl (Dean x Sister!Reader)

This was a VERY personal fic for me, and I still read it from time to time because I think I conveyed the emotions (resentment, hatred, mourning, sadness, regret, etc.) pretty well… And in a way that I was satisfied with. The line, “You were so blinded by your hate for the world that you forgot to love me,” will always be my favourite line that I put together… mostly bc I wrote this fic surrounding that line lol. I serious

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I was tagged by @rayquazaa !!! (thank you sm ily!!!!!!! 💞💘💕💖💓I’m only doing the second part because I did the first part a few days ago!!)

relationship status: single

favourite colour: magenta!! or lime green

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (well lip balm I’m british :v)

three favourite foods: salmon, NACHOS, pizza!!!!

last song you listened to: stir fry by migos

last movie i watched: I rewatched the cat in the hat becasue it’s one of my fave films!!!

books i’m currently reading: I don’t readddd

top three shows: hmmmmm,,,it’s hard cause I love so many cartoons!! 😩

top three favourite bands: I don’t really listen to bands much now but I loved: msi, fob, mcr

(I have no one to tag because no one ever does them when I tag them 😶)


Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


cr: @enchantedseou


Hi guys, I’m Sollay! Still here!

If you don’t recognize me, this is some of my most reblogged art. 

I accidentally deleted my main blog earlier (which happened to be my art blog) and I’m a pretty upset about that, because since I have a very bad memory I’m having a hard time getting back to all the people I followed… and well because I deleted everything, including sideblogs and likes lol. I really want to get back to everybody and build back my blog and keep posting art, and maybe reposting some of my old stuff? And I really to let everyone know I’m still here in this URL if they were following me n_n; if you’d please spread this it would probably help me find some people back either following me or that I followed! Thanks!

I’m putting this in the HS tag because of the art and for promo reasons, too.

mbti: a summary
  • INTJ: smart weirdo loner
  • INTP: curious but lazy
  • ENTP: curious but lazy and obnoxious
  • ENTJ: werk werk werk werk werk werk werk
  • ENFP: human golden retriever
  • ENFJ: the protagonist in every book/movie/tv show
  • INFP: in lala land 24/7
  • INFJ: really wants to be a good person and usually is
  • ESTJ: bossy
  • ISFJ: too good, too pure
  • ESFJ: the perfect one that you try to hate but can't
  • ISTJ: "well, technically....."
  • ISFP: gives 0 fucks
  • ISTP: lowkey badass
  • ESTP: tries too hard to be a badass

you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”


*insert joke about Orochimaru looking like Michael Jackson here*

recharging : what the hell is even happening???

so i have reviewed my understanding of recharging in transformers mtmte and concluded I have no clue what the heck is happening

things I’m pretty sure are true

it’s like sleeping, you have to do it, you can have dreams whilst recharging

but does it have something to do with electricity?

supporting details:

nautica electrocutes the personality ticks by punching a ‘recharge socket’

not supporting:

every other instance that I can recall?

is it how they refuel, hence they’re hooked into energon lines?

supporting details:

When Tailgate attacks Megatron in his sleep we can see the fuel lines he and Ravage are hooked up to

Cyclonus says he doesn’t need a drink/fuel because he’s just recharged

Optimus refers to recharging as ‘topping up’

not supporting:

Cyclonus, Rewind all shown recharging with no feed lines

what are all the glowing monitors for?

? why is this one orange

? why is this one red

? why is this one blue

i’m starting to think there is no explanation

“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”