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So like, I’ve mostly been trying to stay out of the fandom drama recently (and in the future) because I just can’t be fucked with that. But just a friendly reminder to my followers and anyone else for that matter, that just because you dislike a character or actor, disagree with their stances on certain issues, or somehow can’t separate an actor from the character they play, it’s not acceptable to get up in front of an entire panel and audience and spew hate at people. These are real people and you can be sure that your favorite wouldn’t want you (especially as their fans) to be hating on their co-workers/friends, especially as they all seem to get on very well. So don’t make this awkward. I think we’d all just like to enjoy what the panel tomorrow has to offer but it makes it really hard to go into any tag and just see a million different discourse messages. And fans being at each other’s throats all day. 

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tagged by my amazing bro @hellafreckledhorses - thanks sugar, you know how i love music memes (i’m also about to binge the songs you listed in yours so thanks!!) 

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people

(this is going to be hard, cause i’m still heavy-vibing on the newest gorillaz album. promise i won’t list all gorillaz songs though.) 

1. Charger - Gorillaz

2. Other Side of Paradise - Glass Animals

3. The Knife - Kyla La Grange

4. Untitled - Paper Route

5. Cirice - Ghost BC

6. Pork Soda - Glass Animals

7. Engel - Rammstein (video is mildly nsfw FYI)

8. Out of Body - Gorillaz

9. Videotape - Radiohead

10. Mama’s Gun - Glass Animals

it’s super hard to just pick 10 songs honestly. i have so many more. but oh well!

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Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.



you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”

Laura Moon is not your “iconic badass female character” at all, and I’d appreciate it if white women stopped pretending otherwise. 

I do think it’s important and necessary to portray female characters who are complex, flawed, selfish, dangerous, and even a bit villainous. I also think it’s crucial to represent female characters with mental illnesses properly. So yes, in that sense, Laura is written quite well. Her depression is not aestheticized or glorified in the slightest, nor is it fetishized for a male viewing audience. She’s not a typical wife to a male protagonist because she is dangerous, she is apathetic, she is both a liar and casually blunt, she is self-aware, and she is cynical. These are not typical traits for the love interests of male characters. I get that. 

But Laura is also meant to be a character you dislike, or, at the very least, one that you should have quite a difficult time empathizing with. Not only did she cheat on her husband - she cheated on him with his best friend, a man who also happened to be her best friend’s husband. Her selfish desires caused Shadow to get imprisoned, and she committed adultery while he was in prison because she lied to both Shadow and to herself when she said she could wait for him. She chose temporary relief over honesty. She treated Shadow apathetically, selfishly, and patronizingly, and in fact even after her death she continues to condescend to Shadow and expects him to be at her beck and call. She was callous and flippant with a god (Mr. Jacquel, AKA Anubis) and expected him to listen to her whims. Mr. Jacquel is a serious but compassionate person - if even someone like him is irritated by her actions, then you know that Laura is not a nice or good person at all. 

You don’t need to justify her behavior. You need to accept that she’s a selfish and bad person. If you truly want complicated and different female characters, you cannot spend time trying to prettify or justify their awful behavior. 

Audrey, who justifiably hates Laura, still cares for her because Laura, albeit her actions, was her best friend. It’s difficult to fully hate someone when you found out about their death and their adultery at the same time. But she has no qualms about letting Laura know what she truly thinks about her. And she’s right - Laura did not love Shadow. Laura did not treat him properly. Laura was selfish. Laura is still selfish. Laura thinks of nothing but herself, and it doesn’t matter that she’s depressed; depression does not excuse treating your loved ones like toys to play with or manipulate. 

The only reason any of you are justifying Laura’s behavior is because Shadow is black. The protagonist of the show is a black man, and that’s exactly why you think the show is only good now that Laura is on it. I’ve seen people say “well the show passes the Bechdel test because of Laura now”. Setting aside the sad reality that the Bechdel Test was created by a lesbian to measure lesbian representation (so the show doesn’t actually pass the test since there are currently no lesbian characters on it), there are actually interesting and unique female characters already. These same fans who are touting Laura Moon as the height of “revolutionary” female representation ignore Bilquis. 

If Shadow was a white man, he’d definitely get more sympathy from white fans. Conversely, if Laura was a black woman, she’d get villainized by the same people who are currently defending her. Or alternatively, if Shadow had cheated on Laura, he would be deemed persona non grata by these “Laura defense squad” type fans. Hell, if Shadow was a white man, white fans would not be saying that the show was “boring” until Laura came along - they’d hype it up from the get go. 

This show is incredibly important because the main character is a black man who isn’t reduced to stereotypes at all, and it’s important because it has many characters of color who are written well and aren’t typecast into boring roles. Laura Moon is not what makes this show great. Sure, she’s one example of the great writing behind the show precisely because she’s such a challenging character to figure out and analyze. But even her actress, Emily Browning, acknowledges that she is supposed to be a character you have a hard time liking or empathizing with. Do not excuse her actions or lessen the degree of hurt she caused. 






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Some weird Zeref and Mavis action.

My smol child natsu is getting rekt #protectnatsu2k17




Also translation of spoilers:

1st page:

  • Jellal:I’ll buy us some time.
  • Erza:Jellal…
  • At the guild-Natsu:STOP IT!

2nd page:

  • Mavis:Wait,there is a way to end the eternal path!(side note:why does eternal path remind of the reason behind fairy tail guild’s name?”an eternal journey”?)
  • Zeref:I have a way to end it as well.
  • Zeref:And that is with NEO ECLIPSE!!
  • Mavis:AHHHHHHH!

3rd page:

  • Zeref:This world will turn into emptiness.

4th page:

  • zeref:An unlimited amount of magic power.The power of the god that surpasses even time!!

5th page:

  • Zeref:Fare thy well…Natsu.





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black sails nine nine  – Flint and Gates
#tryingtosoundstraight #forthekicks

Youngjae’s Valentine

( Happy Valentines Day! This is actually my first sorta comic and it was trouble.. but I am glad to have finished it and give my fav otter a happy vibe. It’s a bit late but I hope everyone likes it ; u ; - N )

“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”

After an eternity, me and @ketlingr finally found the time for another round of our little prompt game! And well, since @ketlingr suggested using a song as inspiration this time, I immediately thought of Fading by William Bolton (which is 100% @hello-shellhead‘s fault by the way) and now here we are. 

It was surprisingly hard to write and didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to but it is what it is I guess. Which Tony working through the events of CW. More or less. 

Check out @tonystarkstoga for all the other prompts we’ve already written!

felt so good when i closed that door”–Fading by William Bolton

Eventually, inevitably, the former Avengers are reunited.


Tony would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it. This. Every time he had reread Steve’s letter. Every time he had woken up at night, sweaty and shaking, throat hoarse from screaming. Every time the oh so innocent looking phone had rung.

Every time he hadn’t answered it.

There had been hatred in the beginning. And rage. A lot of angry words he had screamed at the walls. More drinks than Tony cared to remember. Countless glasses smashed. Because the hurt was too much to be kept inside, needed to be spread. Needed to hurt someone, something else.

Eventually the fury had faded. Tony had tried to hold on to it, tried to keep the hot flames alive in his heart, because as destructive as the fire was, anything was better than the cold. But anger required energy. And energy was hard enough to come by as it was, these days.

It didn’t dissipate exactly. Because Tony–a better man, maybe, could have let it go, but Tony was never going to be that man. He couldn’t.

He just–focused on other things. Less hurtful, less tiring, more important things. Preparing Earth for a threat it wasn’t willing to acknowledge, for example.

The time and distance–helped. For the most part.

Sometimes a stray thought or a throw-away comment would bring Steve to Tony’s mind again. Made him recall the last time they didn’t talk–because they had never, in all their years of working together, found a way to truly talk with each other–the last fight where everything had gone wrong–

Except that wasn’t quite true, was it? Things had been wrong long before they ever entered that abandoned bunker. Long before the Accords had ever become a reality. 

Sometimes Tony still thinks about seeing Steve again. About bashing his skull in with his own fucking shield. About throwing insults and unwelcome truths until he’s hurting just as much. Like maybe it will soothe the burn of Tony’s own wounds. 

(It won’t. He knows that.)

Sometimes Tony thinks about shaking Steve’s hand. About hugging him. About walking side by side.

(Those times he hates the most.)

Of all the things that happened in those messed-up days–Rhodey’s fall, Spiderman’s quip, his mother’s last moments alive–it’s Steve’s face that really stands out.

His expression when he looked at Tony.

‘He’s my friend.’

Tony rubs at the phantom ache in his chest. As though he can erase it, if only he puts enough pressure on. But. Unlike the rage, the bitter taste of betrayal, of dashed dreams and disappointed expectations, never faded.

It’s not as all-consuming anymore, but it’s still there, lingering in the back of his mind. Present.

Tony thinks less and less often about it. But.

It doesn’t fade.

“Tony,” Steve says. Hesitation, discomfort, wariness, hope flashing across his face in dizzying succession.

And Tony. Tony remembers drunk evenings and tears he couldn’t bring himself to cry. Remembers jokes and claps on the shoulder, and hits that hurt even when they missed their intended target.

Tony has lost a lot of himself in the past year. For Steve. Because of Steve. For reasons utterly unrelated to Steve. But he hasn’t forgotten how good they were together. He hasn’t forgotten how easily they fell apart. And letting go of the pain, the bitterness, the ugly spite–Tony has never been that good a man.

“Captain Rogers.”

No fury. No accusation. No insults. No welcome.

No inflection at all.

(Some things fade. Some things remain.)

For those of you who don’t know the song, give it a shot! It’s really good and reminds me very much of Tony post CW. Despite it being the prompt though this ficlet is only vaguely inspired by it, I’m afraid. 

A story of why you should ALWAYS pay your web designer...

So I have (had?) a client that decided he didn’t want to pay the full price for my web design services AFTER he signed the agreement. What happened was he paid my 50% deposit, and I sent him the beta version on my server. He took that link to other designers and asked them to build it for cheaper. When he found a designer who would, he told me he was no longer needing a website for his business and wanted to terminate. When I said he was on the hook for the amount, he ignored me for a week and then told me he hated the website. I sent collections after him and the agent found out he had another designer working for him. This new designer charges $350 for a complete website with a year of hosting and SEO.

What happened next is phenomenal.

New designer couldn’t copy my website, so he provided an HTML (non responsive, to boot) website instead. Collection agent gave me the new website and when I looked, it was okay looking. I checked the source and right in the header tag, it said, “mirrored from…”

His designer copied the code, pictures, slogan and favicon from this other company. Being the good little designer I am, I contacted the company and asked if they knew their website had been copied. Obviously, they did not. I sent a bunch of screen caps and information to him.

Owner of website contacted my (ex) client and ripped him a new one. Client threw the designer under the bus, so the company owner called the designer next. Owner of the company threatened corporate lawyers on him.

By 11pm last night, the website was offline. By 7am this morning, a new website was up… again mirrored from a hair & beauty salon in Las Vegas.

So I called the web designer of that website and let him know. His response, “of all the websites I’ve done, they copied that one?”. He called the designer and the designer responded by removing the “mirrored from” tags in the code. Original designer will be doing a little research and starting the process for theft of intellectual property tomorrow.

Because I’m a horrible person, I went through this designer’s profile and found a few more copied websites, and sent screen caps of pages and the code to each of the original owners, as well as information on what to do. If someone wants to copy code and learn from it, fine. But don’t sell someone’s hard work as your own.

At this point, I don’t even care if I get paid from my ex client, because I have been so amused by this entire saga. But I updated my collections agent and after he was done laughing, he was going to call my ex client back and recommend he pay me completely and get the original website I created for him, rather than the mirrored hack job(s) he also paid for.

anonymous asked:

i'm giggling to myself bc i keep imagining that sasuke's and naruto's friendship starts bc sasuke learns that naruto has massive chakra reserves and he's just like "well /hello destruction/" and they probably become everyone's worst nightmare.

The first time Sasuke really notices Naruto is during their Academy class’s unit on sealing.

To be fair, it would be kind of hard to miss him after the way he shoves so much chakra into the exploding tag he’s supposed to be making that he blows up the back half of the classroom and launches himself about twenty feet into the air. A couple of the other kids are a bit singed, and they end up having to share a room with another class until the terminally overworked Mokuton user can fix the wall and ceiling, but Naruto wanders back in the next day looking sheepish and entirely unharmed.

Since Sasuke saw him take the brunt of the explosion, this is worthy of note. So is the fact that he managed to shove enough chakra into the tag to burn out the safety seal that was supposed to keep things like that from happening.

Under the cover of Iruka-sensei’s yelling, Sasuke looks down at the diagram on his paper, a jutsu that his father dismissed as unreasonable and unusable given normal human limits, and thinks, Huh.

“All your old designs?” Shisui says with some confusion when Sasuke tracks him down after class. He rocks back on his heels, eyeing Sasuke a little warily, and swipes ineffectually at an ink-stain on his cheek. “Yeah, I still have them—I wouldn’t throw them out after you gave them to me for safekeeping, brat.”

“I need them,” Sasuke says with determination. “All of them.”

Shisui blinks, then tilts his head, studying him for a moment. “You know the amount of chakra they need would kill most jounin,” he says, though it’s too curious to be an accusation. “I think even Sarutobi-sama might have trouble with some of them. You’ve got a habit of thinking big, kid.”

“Are you going to give them to me or not?” Sasuke demands crankily, because he’s got curfew in three hours and he still has to pick through his plans to find the easiest one and find Naruto.

“Of course.” Shisui sounds offended that he’d think otherwise. “They’re your designs, Sasuke. Check the hall closet, top shelf—Tenzō!”

Shisui’s boyfriend takes one look at the manic light in his eyes, the scrolls scattered over the breakfast table, and the ink smeared across his face, then blanches and turns right back around.

“No no no!” Shisui lunges after him, grabbing up his scrolls and vaulting clear over the table. “Tenzō, no, come back, I swear this one isn’t like last time, this is a brilliant idea, you will be blown away!”

“Urgent mission, ANBU called, I have to go!” Tenzō calls over his shoulder as he bolts.

Tenzō! That wasn’t even a convincing lie! Come on, you’re the only one in the village with Mokuton, you have to try this or my brilliance is wasted, it’s a gorgeous jutsu! Tenzō!”

Sasuke rolls his eyes as the yelling fades behind him and heads for the closet. The box with the jutsus his father rejected is right where Shisui said it would be, and Sasuke clutches it and thinks a little gleefully about the potential of even one of these jutsus, provided he can get Naruto to agree. The destructive power. The awesome might. The possible explosions.

(Somewhere deep in R&D’s basement Mikoto pauses in the middle of creating a devastating combination jutsu, and turns to smile fondly at the picture of her youngest son on the wall. She’s so glad he got more of her proclivities than Fugaku’s, even if her husband does tend to complain about the property damage more frequently since she introduced him to the wonders of explosive chakra techniques.)

Naruto is just heating up water for his nightly cup of ramen, halfway through trying to factor a new jumpsuit into his monthly budget while still having money for Ichiraku’s, when there’s a knock on his door. A little wary—because Hokage-jiji usually warns him when he’s going to drop by, and there’s no one else who visits Naruto—he pulls it open, and finds himself face-to-face with the weird nerd who spends pretty much all of their time in class drawing on big scrolls. Iruka-sensei yells at him to pay attention almost as much as he does Naruto, which automatically makes Naruto like him.

But he and Naruto have never even spoken before, so Naruto has no earthly idea what he’s doing here.

“Hello?” he asks.

The boy thrusts the shoebox he’s carrying at Naruto and says, “Your chakra reserves are amazing will you try my jutsus?”

This is, Naruto learns much, much later, the Uchiha equivalent of a marriage proposal.

Even if he’d known, he probably still would have lit up with glee and cried, “Yes!”

“Not a word,” Mikoto tells her husband as she ladles miso soup into five bowls instead of the usual four.

Fugaku rolls his eyes at her, ignoring her warning to offer, “I don’t think Kushina would have liked anything more than for you to take in her son.”

“And now we have an excuse,” Mikoto says triumphantly, waving the ladle like it’s a weapon to stab Danzō and the other Elders with. “We couldn’t approach him but they didn’t say anything about Sasuke now did they? Hah!”

“I think,” Fugaku says dryly, casting a glance at where Sasuke is looking halfway to manic as he explains one of his jutsus to a beaming Naruto, “that the Elders are very shortly going to have much bigger things to worry about.”


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 1633

Warnings: NSFW, 18+ Smut, Language, thigh riding, sex and mentions of the thighs of betrayal.

A/N: This is for @emilyevanston‘s Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Writing Challenge! Congrats on 1 year and 2k followers my dear!

Prompt: Powerful Thighs


Originally posted by marga-r

“Cause of death,” you whispered to Natasha, making her snort.

You took another bite of your cereal and watched Bucky walk over to the refrigerator. He opened the door and reached in, grabbing a water. You and Nat both barely held in groans when he tipped it back and took long pulls from the bottle, the muscles in his throat working vigorously.

He had been down in the gym with Steve. He hadn’t hit the shower yet so his chest was gloriously bare, sweat still clinging to his skin. The gray gym shorts he was wearing were hanging low on his hips, a peak of his black underwear visible. The sweat on his legs were making his shorts stick to his thighs.

That is the cause of death you had been referring to.

When you had entered the gym a half an hour ago to retrieve your hairbrush that you left in the shower room, Bucky had been doing squats. You had frozen in place as you watched the muscles in his back bunch with every movement. His shorts had stretched tight across his firm ass and had ridden halfway up his thighs. The muscles were straining as he bent deep, the weights on the barbell across his shoulders staying parallel.

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While I am super excited for The War: Kokobop (because I am after all an EXO-L), we definitely shouldn’t forget that EXO has 9 members. So even though LAY will not be able to participate in the comeback, whether the album and/or promotions, don’t forget that he’s still a part of EXO. 

He’s constantly promising and telling us that he is EXO. However, due to circumstances that are without a doubt out of his control (especially political matters) he’s unable to promote this time around… but does that mean he doesn’t care for EXO? Definitely not! As Baekhyun kept talking about a repackage, hopefully, LAY will be able to participate in that… especially since they would probably need their healer after “the war”.

Please continue to show love and support LAY (Zhang Yixing) in his activities as well because he’s definitely doing his best to try to help spread about EXO and he’s working so hard to do so. 

♡ EXO-L Xingmi/Xback

Don’t forget to help out on Twitter by posting with the following hashtags #LAYthewar #kokoxing #이씽도사랑해 and tagging their twitter account! This is by no means telling you to not support the comeback. Please continue to support the comeback as LAY would have want us to!