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The Night Before

Tomorrow I tuck in my legal daughter. Daughter. The one I’ve dreamed of my entire life. This journey to parenting and permanent motherhood is not at all what I dreamed of, but isn’t it beautiful? I am so happy. My Lou, my daughter.

I was supposed to fall in love in college and marry the summer afterwards, and start birthing the giant family I always wanted. We would foster and adopt as well.

That didn’t happen. But my 20s were fantastic and full of adventures, growth, and mothering other people’s children. I remember getting to know a single foster parents story when I was counseling one of her kids at my internship. Then I found this great blog… obviously our Rebecca. Hmmmm it could work…. graduation, a job change, some space for adjusting and BOOM time to get licensed.

I felt like a nanny for my first kiddos. I moved into mom, but believed I wasn’t their forever mom. It wasn’t my time yet, other parents were meant to parent them forever.

I had one magical week of dreaming that both Lou and the older girl I was parenting would be mine forever– and then no, knew that wouldn’t happen. So I thought I’ll transition Lou out well (I’m so good at it!) and travel then keep fostering and adopt teens in 10 years. But no, that’s not how it goes.

That Sunday night in June I was haunted with images of the two of us, with hopes and dreams of forever. No coparent with me, still a working mom reliant on others– but her mom. Good enough! Great enough. Ready for the joys, privileges, highs, lows, good times and bad times of parenting. I’ll never have all of my shit together- but I am enough. I’ll never stop loving her, believing her, and doing all I can to make this world a better place for her.

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ineptly kiss cheek

first off I love your icon!! second off here we go!!!! this is a weird-ass disaster so I hope you enjoy!! thanks for the prompt <33

The very last thing General Armitage Hux wanted to see when he woke in medbay was Kylo Ren. Specifically, Kylo Ren somehow managing to look very confrontational through his ridiculous mask while holding a dreadfully droopy bouquet of rehydraded flowers that were probably arranged by someone both colorblind and suffering from acute visual agnosia.

“Ren,” Hux snapped. His scowl deepened as his head gave a truly horrid throb. He reached for his datapad—

“You can’t,” Ren said, and the nagging impression of aggressive sheepishness deepened despite his impossible, modulated baritone. “You…” He halted. “You have a concussion.”

“Well that’s just fantastic, Ren. I’ll be sure to inform the Supreme Leader when the ship experiences a critical malfunction due to my lack of leadership that my concussion kept me from filling my station.”

The datapad skittered a few inches out of reach. Hux scowled, enraged to the core, and lunged for it. The datapad leapt out of the air, dancing above his fingers.

“Ren!” Hux snarled, and his skull gave another mighty throb. “Release it. Now!”

“I can’t,” Ren intoned solemnly in his incredibly stupid voice. “I gave the medic my word I would prevent you from viewing a screen for the next twenty-four hours.”

“Twenty-four hours?!” Hux shrieked, rather shrilly. The heartrate monitor gave a harsh feedback sound as the graph spiked in response.

Ren nodded. “I can have things printed for you on flimsiplast, in 72-point font only, preferably in comic sans—”

“You’re making that up,” Hux snapped, dismayed. Comic sans. He hadn’t had to read comic sans since he was in the Academy and his rather eccentric Biophysics professor had insisted in lecturing in the dreadful font.

Ren said nothing, only staring at him from that mask and probably mouth-breathing.

Hux extended a hand. “Well, go on. What does that flimsi say? Is it my prognosis report?”

Ren handed him the folded flimsi with uncharacteristic hesitance and Hux immediately saw why. Written in a large, childish hand was the following:



LOVE, (scratched out messily with the stylus) CORDIALLY,


Hux glared. Ren brandished the awful flowers and cocked his head at a slight angle that indicated a nervous smile. Hux pinched the bridge of his nose and tried not to scream, as it would only make the tremendous pounding in his head worse.

“Don’t worry,” Ren said suddenly, and took a powerful stride step closer, clearly undeterred by the fact that the general was evidently taking great pleasure in crushing the flimsy very thoroughly in his gloved hand. “I’m here to take care of you. People say I am an excellent caretaker.”

“ ‘People’ have never used the word excellent as an adjective to describe you, with the exception of excellent pain in the ass.” Hux snapped. “Now if you don’t get a medic in here within the next five minutes I will strangle you with this idiotic wristband.”

Hux was a passionate detractor of medbay wristbands, for reasons twofold: one, they were a needless drain of resources, and two, they were always too big for his wrists.

Ren waved a hand and suddenly a medic who had been in quiet conversation with a nearby amputee patient about-faced and walked to the general’s side. Hux watched his heart-rate reducing to something nearing twice his baseline. He would be able to speak to a normal human being who would take care of this situation for him, or suffer the consequences, not lecture him about the metaphysics of spiritual healing.

“There you are, medic,” Hux said as soon as the man was in view. He seemed vaguely familiar somehow, though he couldn’t exactly say how. “May I ask why there are no nursing droids in this sector?”

“With respect, general,” the medic said, in a rather cool tone that conveyed absolutely the bare minimum of respect, if that, “due to issues of budget the nurse droids for this sector were reprogrammed to replace the failing Emdee units in the surgical ward.”

Hux ground his teeth and bit back a scowl. The truth of it was, he now vaguely recalled signing such an impetus. However, he had not anticipated it might inconvenience him personally. “Very well. Then will you inform Lord Ren that I am cleared to use my datapad? I have work to do.”

“With respect, sir, you must refrain from using any backlit computational devices for the next twenty-four hours,” the medic said in that same smug voice. “If you so desire, you may request that any reading materials you desire be printed out on flimsiplast in seventy-two point font in comic sans—“

“Yes, yes yes,” Hux growled, unable to hide his scowl any longer. “Well give me my prognosis, I want to see it myself.”

The medic gave him a wholly perfunctory and downright insubordinate little bow. “Will that be all, general?”

“Yes,” Hux retorted. “Now get out of my sight.”

“Of course, sir. Should you require any further assistance in lieu of the nursing droid staff Lord Ren has kindly offered his services as caretaker—“

“Dismissed,” Hux snapped, then withheld the bizarre urge to give the retreating white-coated figure a rude gesture.

“There, there,” Ren said, and patted his hair. Hux bit back the urge to scream.

Over the next twenty-four hours Ren fetched him a gods-awful bowl of rehydrated protein soup that tasted like some foul metabolic stimulant drink cadets would consume in large quantities in the Academy, (re) organized the contents of his greatcoat, offered at least seven times to braid his hair, and—after at least three hours of furious and fruitless googling, during which Hux genuinely feared for the integrity of his datapad—managed to activate the text-to-speech function on Hux’s datapad.

Hux declined the proffered earbuds fished from Ren’s invisible pockets—gobbed with what looked like potato chip crumbs and perhaps chocolate—and withdrew his own pair from his greatcoat, which he kept on him for emergencies.

When at last the medic returned, insubordinate as ever, to check him to leave, it had been nearly fourty-eight hours and Ren had not slept or left to attend his own needs once. Hux had to admit he was slightly unnerved. When asked, all Ren would say was, “The Force sustains me.” Whatever that meant.

“Well…thank you, Ren,” Hux said, a bit stiffly, once he was out of the bloody awful medbay gown and back into his own scratchy, stiff, and overly warm uniform. “I appreciate your tactical efforts towards my coalescence. I believe we have cemented our co-commandership and learned valuable lessons about personal space and individual responsibility.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” Ren said, and loomed closer, probably still mouth-breathing.

Hux took a neat step back. “Should you ever require me to return the favor, I will do my utmost to clear a few minutes in my extraordinarily overbooked schedule to offer my well-wishes to you.”

“I don’t need your favors,” Ren intoned. “But I wouldn’t mind a kiss.”

“I struggle to see how that is adequate compensation,” Hux replied. “A kiss shall hardly boost your morale in a trying time of convalescence or live-threatening injury. I should think a good exhortation to survive for the good of the Order would do much more for your productivity—“

“I don’t mean if I’m lying dead in the snow,” Ren interrupted. “I mean now.”

“Oh.” Hux said. “Well, I hardly see the point, but there’s no regulation against it.” He gestured impatiently. “Go on, then. I can hardly kiss you with all that apparatus.”

Ren made no move. Hux had not formally kissed anyone, but he had read a short instructional article and perused the accompanying informational video at his (very protracted) leisure and was confident his excellent on-the-fly skill acquisition benchmarks would carry the day. He was also relatively sure kissing a mask was neither standard nor sanitary.

“Take it off,” Hux prompted, a bit more slowly, enunciating every word. Perhaps the mask, or his natural inclination, made him hard of hearing. Hux would not be one to judge. A deficit in auditory processing was nothing for an officer to be ashamed of, as long as they were diligent to keep all standard visual lines of communication open. Ren, Hux was quite sure, had never shown diligence in anything in his entire life.

There was a sharp hiss and the duck-bill section of Ren’s mask lifted upwards, revealing a very human mouth.

“A little more,” Hux prompted, a bit impatiently.

The helmet lifted, just a little.

“Ridiculous,” Hux muttered, then leaned briskly forward and pressed his lips to Ren’s cheek.

The standard kiss lasted 5-6 standard seconds, Hux knew. Any less than five would make him seem ungrateful, and he of course sought to telegraph his gratitude for Ren’s (inept) caretaking, but any longer seemed unprofessional.  He held his lips patiently against Ren’s skin, counting the seconds internally. One battle-ship, two battle-ship, three battle-ship, four battle-ship, five battle-ship, six battle-ship. Then he withdrew, feeling rather accomplished at the successful completion of a heretofore unmastered task.

“I shall see you on the bridge,” Hux said, and gave Ren his most co-commanderly salute. Then he about-faced neatly on his heel and made for the bridge, his spirits soaring high.

Send me a prompt based on these awkward sims romantic options here!

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Could otapliroy fit in the actors au? Maybe otabek's and yuri's characters have a kissing scene or something and they both realize the chemistry they have carries when the cameras are off and JJ and otabek were already lowkey crushing on each other so they just,,,add otabek to their relationship? Hahaha I have no idea I just want my baby otabek to have a part in this fantastic au as well!

Of course they can ! 

Maybe JJ and Yura date since a moment but noticed how handsome Otabek was but he only had cameos so far so they were looking to the moment he would appear more. (just to precise : in my original actors AU, they’re basically playing their “own” roles, or the series as we know it)

When Otabek appears and has his scene with Yurio, they have to admit they have nice chemistry and would do a nice couple, and Otabek admits he wouldn’t mind dating Yuri. For JJ, Otabek struggles more to admit it, but he was crushing on him since a long time.

So they all date, and start ruining scenes all together.

The airport scene when JJ ask Otabek to dinner ? when Otabek refuses, JJ’s like “You pass ? fuck no” and he starts taking a laughing Otabek with him. JJ asking “Can I touch your butt” instead of asking him out to dinner. He does it purposefully which doesn’t miss to make Otabek laugh, and the director yell “Come on JJ, we don’t have all the day to shoot this scene !” “But we have so little scenes ! I want to be on set longer with him !” “KEEP THE FLIRTING OUT OF YOUR JOB”

Yuri trying to do this line :

But he keeps bursting out laughing because JJ is being silly beside Otabek and Yuri can’t keep serious.

JJ takes Otabek’s place on the motorbike with his clothes and no one notices but Yuri (of course they have to change when he removes his glasses and you see his face but for the shot where you just see him talking to a surprised Yuri, it’s actually JJ)

Actually they often do that to mess with people, exchanging their clothes (even if they fit less JJ since he’s bigger) and coming on the set of each other’s scene. Sometimes they quickly get caught, but sometimes not, and you have some parts of Otabek’s performance being actually JJ dressed up as Otabek, while some parts of JJ’s performance are actually done by Otabek.
Fans noticed it by pausing at some moments and noticing that Otabek suddenly had blue eyes or that JJ lost some eyebrow thickness and then they realize…

Yuri finds it super funny, and would eventually reveal the trick during an interview with Otabek and JJ. The three of them are just giggling too much remembering this and the other stupid things they did.

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If it's not too much trouble for you, how would Colress, N, and Gladion react to seeing their solider s/o again after they were deemed missing in action 10 months back?? (I'm hoping I'm explaining well enough, I'm super tired.. Also, your blog is fantastic!! I love seeing your posts every day ^v^)

Aahh, thank you, my dude! ^^ Makes me happy that you enjoy my blog! ♡

* When he first sees you, he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. He grabs you by the shoulders, expecting you to disappear like a mirage at his touch. When he sees that its really you, he hugs you tightly against him, laughing and crying that you’re back.

* He is overjoyed when he sees you, having thought you were gone forever. He runs over to you and hugs you, almost picking you up. He’s giving you kisses all over your face and telling you how much he loves you, smiling and shedding a few tears.

* He is just shocked when he sees you, not completely registering that you’re back. When you run up to him and hug him, he then realizes what just happened, and hugs you back tightly without saying anything. He nuzzles his face against you, hiding his tears but he’s so happy and relieved you’re back again.

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What was your opinion of the Sherlock finale? The whole fandom seems to be have imploded in on itself...

Yiiiiiikes, I am not in the fandom & I thank heavens every day Colin Morgan was not the third brother so I didn’t need to be in the fandom, hahaa. Umh……. It was very James Bond. Mmh, I really liked the sister but it was so ridiculously unbelievable which would be fine in a James Bond film but this is Sherlock, a show about a guy and his ol’ bud that solve crimes. And there was less crime solving and more… Well, I dunno.

Acting terms; the lady playing the sister was fantastic and Moriarty was incredible. The baby playing Rosie was outstanding - I smell baftas. It was a pretty disappointing series, tbh. The second episode was good, despite Americans thinking the guy was supposed to be Donald Trump [reaffirmed by a conversation I had with my friend, Christina]; I think for us Brits it clicked straight away it was Jimmy Savile. 

He caught her and never let her go again

Character Aesthetics: Newt Scamander // Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 

 “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”

Imagine trying to reach for a potion ingredient off the top shelf and, being as clumsy as you are, slipping and falling on top of your classmate Newt Scamander, whom you have a giant crush on.

You scream as you fall grabbing onto the first thing in front of you. You land with a soft ‘Omph’ and feel something warm beneath you. A body. And not just any body. You lift your gaze to see brilliant hazel eyes staring at you.

“Oh my goodness, (y/n) are you alright? Did you hurt yourself in any way?” You feel yourself being grabbed at the sides and lifted gently. You sit on Newt Scamander’s lap as he stares up at you, worry evident upon his features. He accesses you to see if any damage has been done when his gaze lifts to yours. You stare back at him, tongue flicking out over your lips instinctively. His eyes drop to your mouth then snap back to your (y/e/c) eyes. His face is scarlet and you feel the blush burn across your own cheeks. He leans in slightly, cautiously, causing your breath to hitch. But before his lips can touch yours a loud crash sounds from the front of the classroom startling you both out of the moment.

“All of you back to your desks!” your potions professor barks. Students who had been surrounding the two of you, and doing their own depraved things, scrambled back to their work stations. You lifted yourself off of Newt and stared at the floor. He was about to walk past you when you felt his hand graze yours.

“If you want to…W-we could hang out sometime…” He stuttered, obviously flustered at your previous encounter. You smiled to yourself, feeling the blush spread across your face once more as you whispered back. “I would like that, very much.” You peeked at him through your hair, a small smile on your face. He kept his gaze on the wooden floor but a sheepish grin spread across his features as he walked back to his desk.