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That’s My Brother- Alex Nylander

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Ok when I started this I had no clue what I was doing, but this turned out to be the cutest thing! I just love it and I hope you guys do too! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Alex Nylander blind date (reader is about a year younger/same age) please 💕💕💕


              You couldn’t believe you let your roommate talk you into this.

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So during champ loading, a friend i was in comms with told me to look at their names (all bots of their champs) and we were talking how we were with a 5 queue and they had cool names and then another friend joined comms and accused me of putting us in a bots game, then we see this and r like o shit. well, I was planning on telling you how the bots were really good bots even though we completely and thoroughly smashed them, like they rotated, made plays, flashed, warded, etc. My comms was full of conspiracy theories but we were fairly certain this was indeed a bots game. Another thing i was going to say was our graves was convinced they were real players despite the system messages. End lobby, a friend added one of the others (they still had real non-bot names on lolnexus and end game lobby) and asked if they had a bot game. Turns out, it was an actual game and we got completely trolled by riot. April fools!

A Job Well Done

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Eggsy Unwin x Male!Reader

Length: 1425 words

Warnings: swears, the age-old ‘kissing to get out of trouble’ trope


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A Date

Pairing: Destiel

Words: 3,171

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Tags: PornWithAPlot, HighschoolAu, Blowjobs

Summary: Castiel is the new kid (senior to be exact) at Lawrence High School, and Dean can’t help but wonder why he looks so familiar. So Dean interrogates the kid and ends up scoring a date (platonically of course), which leads to the question: Is Cas even gay?

Dean watched as the new kid pulled out his notebook from his bag, the rooms eyes all upon him.

He was tall for the most part, his shoulders wide and posture straight– which Dean assumed was the only thing straight about him. He wore a striped shirt and torn jeans that clung to his thighs– Dean also thanked the gods for that- and his hair was dark and slightly curly.

He was fucking pretty.

And Dean wanted a piece– no, a chunk of that.

“Damn, is there a waterfall in your panties Dean?” Lisa joked, her brown eyes glaring knowingly at him. “Oh fuck off, you know he’s attractive.” Dean shot back, sitting up with a grin. “Yeah, but you look like you want to eat him– oh god do you?” “No…” He paused, “Okay, maybe one thing–”

“Dean and Lisa, eyes on the board!”

They both directed their attention forward, Lisa kicking Deans ankle under the table as punishment, yet she tapped on his desk.

She signed “Talk to him”, and Dean rolled his eyes and lazily signed back “Fine”.

(dean and lisa are fluent in ASL)

Dean continued his day, talking up storms, texting his brother, and smiling at passing friends.

He wasn’t popular, but had different cliques he affiliated himself with, which helped a shit ton when it came to figuring out the new kid.

“So, did he speak or say anything about Beyonce– or drinking mineral water?” Dean questioned to his friend Kevin as they slumped themselves in a library table. “For the last time, no. I just said hey and we talked about tonights homework– and those are stereotypes!” Kevin argued, his sigh loud and obviously annoyed with Deans antics. “Well thats all I’m goin’ by for now. I haven’t had other classes with him besides U.S. History…” Dean groaned and threw himself into his chair, his head swinging back in defeat.

Just then, he saw him, the new kid walking towards them. “Shit!” Dean mentally slapped himself for looking idiotic as he quickly sat up straight, Kevin getting the memo instantly as he tried looked presentable himself. “Yeah so this jackass ran into me as i was helping my little brother…” Dean made up a conversation and Kevin played along as the boy walked up to them.

“Hey, sorry but i think i have you in my U.S. History class? You’re Dean, right?” He questioned, his lips curling into a smile. “Yeah, thats me. Whats up?” Dean quickly turned into his usual cocky self, a smirk quickly forming. “Well I’m not really sure what textbook to check out and i was wondering if you could help? If you don’t mind…” “Nah, i can help, sweetheart.” Dean stood up and Cas ignored the pet name and thanked him.

Dean slung his arm over the boy and walked down the library, smiling as he noticed the thumbs up from Kevin. “So why’d ya move senior year? Seems kind of ridiculous to me.” Dean sparked a conversation as he looked for the textbook sign and rows. “Well, my dad got a major job opportunity and we packed our bags and followed him five hours west. It sucks… i mean i had a shit load of friends back home but now… I’m starting over senior year.” The boy looked down as they walked, his blue eyes filling with sadness.

“Hey, look on the bright side, you’ll make more friends who you’ll forget after college.” Dean smiled and lightly punched the boys jaw before letting go. “Are you always this nice to the new kids?” The boy couldn’t help but laugh as he followed Dean into a row of books. “Only the pretty ones.” Dean turned his head and smirked before jolting to a stop. “Your book should be in this section, knock yourself out.”

“Thanks…” The boy chuckled in thought before hesitating, “Im sorry but i didn’t catch your name?” “I didn’t throw it.” Dean smiled before continuing, “Dean Winchester.” He held out his hand and the boy shook it shortly after. “Castiel Novak.” The boy– Castiel responded.

“I’ll see you at lunch, Cas.”


The first day was rough for Castiel, the lunch room huge and full of tables with little seating. He sighed, wondering if he would have to eat in the bathroom like everyone did in the movies. Im the next Katie huh… He thought to himself, his lips forming into a small pout as he decided to sit on, one of the many, window sills.

“Hey Cas, hows life?” Dean casually sat down next to the boy, noticing how he jumped at the sudden appearance. “G-Good.. How did you?–” “Never mind that darling, i’ve decided to invite you over to our lunch table.” Dean smiled kindly, his hands shoving inside his denim jacket. “Im not one to take down a kind offer but who is ‘our’ composed of?” Cas replied cooly, leaning against the window frame as he sipped on his chocolate milk. “A few friends of mine… Kevin, Charlie, Lisa, and Benny.”

Castiel hummed in thought before setting his milk onto his tray. “Alright, I’ll come along.” He agreed happily, standing up to follow the boy down the row lunch tables. “You’ll love the gang…” Dean replied happily as he walked up to the table with his hands gesturing to Castiel. “Guys, this is Cas. Cas, guys.” Dean sat down at his spot and gestured for Cas to sit next to him.

Dean started to introduce his pals, deciding to give a summary about all of them.  "This is Kevin, you met him at the library table.  He’s a junior but we let him slide.“ “Nice to meet you Cas.” Kevin waved. “And thats Charlie, shes in computer science and can help change a grade or two if needed.” “Or all of them if you’re desperate.” She laughed softy. “Im sure you heard about Lisa, she’s in our class and can help get receipts if you know what i mean..” “I cant make promises but i can get anyones dirty work from a single username.” Lisa winked and leaned against Charlie with a grin. “And finally, Benny. This guy knows his way around the school and has many friends in the drug business.” “Dude can you stop bringing that up? That was last year, i’ve officially given up in ‘the business’.” Benny grumbled as he rolled his eyes.

Castiel grinned and decided it was in his best interest to give a summary about himself before anyone asked. “Well its nice to met you all. I just moved down here and it’s taking a while to get use to. Im sure i’ll adjust to everything much quicker now that i know you guys.” He chuckled, leaning against the table easily.

“Well I’m sure you’ll enjoy Lawrence as much as the kids born and raised… Especially with Dean here.” Charlie smirked and couldn’t help but laugh when Dean glared at her discretely. Lisa suddenly covered her mouth as she spit out a laugh as well, grabbing Deans attention.

She signed “Wait you still haven’t asked him out yet?” He quickly sighed back “Hell no. I haven’t had the time.” Lisa chuckled and spelled out “B.S”, somehow adding sass along with it.

Dean and Lisa were the only ones who knew ASL at their table, so everyone kind of continued with their conversations as the two angrily sighed at watch other.

What Dean and Lisa didn’t know was Castiel was also fluent in ASL.

Oh boy.

“Are you guys done planning a date for Dean and I? Or should i just keep on pretending i don’t know ASL?” Castiel sipped on his milk and Dean fucking lost it, Lisa cackling like a mad woman as she was terrible at damage control. “Should of done your research…” Kevin stated quietly, earning a loud groan from Dean as he slammed his head on the table, his arms guarding him from a major concussion.

“Well im fuckin’ starvin’ ima get more food.” Benny announced, standing up to leave the situation quickly. “Oh man i ran out of water, better refill that!” Charlie awkwardly grinned, following her friend far far away. “I’ll help you with that.” “Uh me too.” Both Lisa and Kevin stood up, leaving the two blushed boys alone.

How fun.

“You know I’m… straight, Dean. Very flattered, but straight.” Castiel sighed, sitting up perfectly still as he calmly placed his empty milk carton down. “Thats why i didn’t want to say anything. I figured with a guy like you…” Dean sighed, lifting his head to reveal a deep blush covering his cheeks. “A guy like me?” Castiel repeated, a small smirk spreading across his lips. “Well you’re hot man, not to be blunt, but you are the straightest lookin’ guy, and i just assumed it would of been a bust.” The boy explained, his worried eyes drifting over Cas’.

“Well…” Castiel hummed, looking off as he sighed loudly, “i wouldn’t mind a platonic date. You seem nice, and i’d hate to loose a friend so quickly.” He flickered his eyes back to Dean and noticed his green eyes light up. “Really? Hows tonight at 4… at Dempsey?” Dean didn’t hesitate, sitting up fully with a stupid smirk on his face.

“Sounds great.”


Dean nervously picked at his straw, swirling it around in his drink as he watched the ice clink against the glass. He ordered a water for Cas and glanced at it every time he looked at his watch.

20 minutes.

Dean tapped on the table and looked around for any signs of the pretty boy, hoping to god that he didn’t get stood up. He checked his watch for the fifth time and jumped when his phone rang.

He quickly answered and smiled when he heard a familiar voice. “Hi, is this Dean Winchester?” Castiel asked, his breath rugged and heavy. “Yes sir… whats your status?” “Im outside, where are you?” He questioned. “Inside with a water waiting for you.” Dean smiled and couldn’t help but blush at the laugh that echoed though the phone. “I’ve been out here for five minutes!”

Before Dean could reply, the phone clicked and a bell was heard overhead. He turned around and saw pretty boy walk in, his dark hair tucked away in a snapback and a smile in his lips.

And Dean knew it was a sight he wouldn’t forget.

He waved him over and noticed the little limp in his step, his wind swarming with very inappropriate thoughts of the cause. He quickly brushed them away.

Castiel slid into the booth with a shy 'hey’, grabbing his water to take a long sip before letting out a sigh of relief. “God traffic was fucking terrible. Sorry i kept you waiting.”
Dean shook his head and quickly dismissed the apology, “Oh no you’re fine, no sweat…” He paused before continuing, “I uh didn’t know what to get you so i just got a large fry for us to share. The burgers here a great too if you’re not full after that…” He coughed and suddenly felt even more anxious about this 'date’.

“Sounds great, i was planning on getting a plain ol’ burger anyway.” Cas smiled, noticing the nerves in Deans actions. “So less about me and more about you, Dean,” He suggested, trying starting up a light conversation, “Tell me about yourself.”


Dean laughed fondly as Cas told another story from his childhood, his eyes scrunching up as he covered his smile. “Man, you sure did have a crazy brother…” He grinned, taking a sip of his water.

“Yeah, my siblings are far from normal. What about you? Do you have any siblings?” Castiel asked as he hunched over the table and picked up his burger. “Yeah, i have a little brother named Sam. He’s going to be a freshman next year so I’m a little worried.” “Whys that?” Cas questioned, his mouth full of burger and fries.

“Well i’ve looked after him all my life. Mom died when i was 5 and my Dad always worked, so i had to watch him most nights. I learned how to cook spaghetti at 7 and pay rent at 13. It’s been tough, but for now, its us against the world.” Dean sighed and decided it was best for him to shut up so he wouldn’t kill the mood.

“Well I’m sure he’ll be fine on his own. He has a cute older brother that taught him the ropes.” Cas spoke without thought, not even realizing what we said about Dean. “You think I’m cute, Mr. I’m Straight?” Dean grinned, noticing the blush surround the boys cheeks. “U-Uh yeah, but not like that. It was a platonic complement.” Cas stuttered, shoving his mouth full with the rest of his burger so he wouldn’t be able to talk.

“I don’t know man, this 'platonic’ date doesn’t really seem platonic…” Dean’s eyes grew dark as he leaned over the table. “I saw you limp in earlier, care to explain that?” He whispered, his lips dangerously close to Castiel’s ear before he leaned back casually.

Castiel visibly shivered at the action, his hands clenching the booth as he fumbled out an excuse. “I-I ran into one of the tables outside.” He lied, his blue eyes fearful. “You know Cas, i thought you sounded real familiar on the phone. Almost as if i heard it before, but i ignored it.” Dean leaned back into his booth and reached out for his water, taking a long sip before continuing, “So when you went to the bathroom, i texted Lisa and she eventually found out you had an older brother named Gabriel– which you confirmed as you told your backstory.” He set his glass down and couldn’t help but smirk as he saw Cas’s face drop. “Then i texted Benny because the name also sounded familiar. Long story short, Gabriel has class with Benny, and he cant keep his mouth shut.”

“W-What are you implying?” Castiel became nervous as he fixed his hat and waited. “Im implying that you’re maleaffection, from tumblr.” Dean licked his lips and grinned, “I liked last weeks video, the panties where a nice touch.”

Cas froze, his hands placed on his hat in utter shock. “H-How did you–” “I know people sweetheart.” Dean grabbed the last fry and slid out of the booth quickly, reaching in his pocket for his cash.

He stood up and placed $40 on the table quietly, walking over to Cas with a frown. He leaned over and placed a hand on the boys thigh, squeezing it as he spoke. “You shouldn’t lie, Castiel.” He let go and rose up again. “I’ll catch you at school.”

He left shortly after.


Dean walked down the halls, his smile bright as he walked towards his first class. His mind was full of Castiel as he recalled what happened last night, the very idea of Cas jacking off to him leaving him hot and bothered.

He would be sure to bring it up sometime.

He brushed the thoughts and continued to walk before he was dragged away by a very strong hand. He turned his head and grinned madly at the sigh of Cas. “Missed me already?” He chuckled cockily, his pride way to high.

Cas dragged them into the nearest bathroom, checking for signs of anyone before shoving Dean into a stall with him. “You know, i never would of guessed you were strong–” “Wow can you shut up or do i have to make you?”
Cas grumbled, his hands running down Deans shirt. “Ouh please do make me.” Dean giggled, leaning his head forward to kiss the boy.

Cas pressed Dean against the wall, parting his mouth hungrily as his hands snaked under his shirt. Dean let out a breathy moan, Cas’ fingers cold and thin. “Y-You know i saw your video last night..” He gasped, kissing Castiel again with need. “I couldn’t get you out of my head after you walked out that door.” Cas admitted, dragging Deans jacket off quickly, “You left me embarrassing hard.”

Dean grinned and reached out to pull at Cas’ jeans, popping the button and dragging the zipper down. “Look at you, already hard for me again.” He commented, cupping the boy though his briefs. Cas moaned softy and thrusted up into the touch, a blush appearing around his cheeks.

The bell rang over head, causing Cas to snap his eyes open. “Shit i forgot–” “I’ll be quick.” Dean whispered, kissing Cas gently before sinking to his knees. He grabbed the elastic of the briefs and tugged them down as he licked his lips in anticipation.

Cas huffed as Dean looked at him and kissed his hard dick, his mind far gone as he held in a moan. Dean took him whole soon after, pressing his tongue up against the base as he bobbed his head. “Dean..”  Cas moaned quietly and hunched over to hold onto the wall, his fingers pressing into the tile. “God your amazing.” He bit his lip and looked down to see Dean drag his head back and forth, his hand tugging his briefs down even more to expose his ass.

“D-Dean what are you doing?” He huffed, whining when Dean pulled away to answer. “Suck.” He brought his fingers up to Cas’ lips and grinned. Cas turned beat red as he parted his lips, knowing what was about to happen. “I’ll be gentle, okay?” Dean reassured him, kissing his inner thigh calmly as he felt Cas suck his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out of the boys mouth shortly after and brought them to his ass, pressing one in as swallowed his dick. “Dean!” Cas moaned loudly, covering his mouth as he shook above Dean.

Dean bobbed, sucking and pressing his tongue in unholy spaces as Cas broke down above him. He thrusted his finger inside him, adding another one with some resistance. “Yes, Dean yes..” Cas groaned and bit his lip as he clenched around the boys fingers, one of his hands coming down to yank Dean away as he came in a hushed whine.

Dean shut his eyes and felt cum slide down his face, his nose scrunched up in disgust as he slid his fingers out of the boys bum. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry, i didn’t mean too!” Castiel quickly apologized and gave him a wad of toilet paper as he tucked himself into his briefs. “You’re fine, just warn a guy next time.” Dean chuckled, wiping his face as he stood up.

“You need a hand with your boner or should we get to class?” Cas blushed, pulling his pants up before he dragged the pad of his thumb over Deans stained cheek. “Are you askin’ to jack me off?” “Is that alright?” “I just gave you a blowjob, of course its alright.” Dean bitch-faced Cas and held his breath as the boy unzipped his jeans and shoved a hand into his briefs with a smile.

“I’ll be quick.”

Rocky: A George Weasley x Reader Imagine

Requested: yes

In this imagine the reader is dating George Weasley, but her cousin, Draco Malfoy, is not at all pleased. After a heated confrontation the twins find out about Malfoy’s outburst and plan revenge. Will the reader be able to love freely despite an unsupportive family, or will it all fall apart?

Warnings: a few curse words

(Sidenote: I’m super proud of one of these insults, guess which one. Also, apologies for making Draco a monster. It hurt because he has my heart.)

Y/N - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to show passage of time

Word count: 2,060


“Y/N!” I hear Draco storming up behind me.

“What Malfoy?” I ask, rather uninterested in whatever he wants to complain about now. “If it’s about Potter and the Weasley girl I already know- and yes it’s perfectly horrid.”

“Actually-” He sneers, somehow managing to step in front of me. “It’s about you and the Weasley boy.”

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Bullets Pt. 3

|pt. 1| |pt. 2|

Another three days and still there was no sign of Michael. Elouise had checked the Garrison, the office, nowhere. And still he hadn’t come home. Their house was cold and lonely and she found it unbearable trying to sleep there alone, causing her to retreat to her childhood bedroom in Polly’s house, which appeared just as she had left it.

When Monday came round she pulled on her clothes and walked the short distance to work, unsure if today was the day she’d see him again. She half expected him to be standing outside the office, a hand in his pocket as he leant against the brick, a cigarette in the other. Instead she saw a girl, dressed in a fur coat and hat pulled close over her eyes, making it hard to tell who she was. Whoever she was though, she looked out of place. Elouise picked up her pace as she approached her, only one thing on her mind as a devilish smiled played on her lips.

“Excuse me,” she greeted warmly, “you look lost, can I help you with something?”

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It’s okay to express what you’re feeling

I know a lot of us are taught that “crying is for babies” and that “it’s better to keep your emotions to yourself and bottle them up”, but that’s all a load of shit. It really is. The only thing we accomplish by doing that is hurting ourselves, and possibly creating a sort of “feelings explosion” situation later on.

 Even if those feelings are of anger, jealousy, or deep deep sadness, I want you to know that it’s okay to express them. It’s okay to say you’re not okay, and it’s okay to feel your emotions as well. It’s okay to talk about your emotions, and it’s okay to acknowledge them. You are not weak for doing so, and you are not a baby, a whiny bitch, or whatever name comes to mind.

It’s okay to express your emotions, friend. It’s okay <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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hey so I couldn't come to that one stream a while back where u said a washed up vine star came and ruin your prom can u retell the story I'm so curious omg

I went to my first (and last) dance. my senior prom. I go to a college preparatory boarding high school, so I live in a dorm and my school consists of the top 300 students in the state.

my friends and I dressed up and went out to eat before the dance, it was fine, the dance started at 8:00 so we head over to the ballroom it was being held in and got there at right around that time. it was fine. i thought I was going to stay for 5 minutes, I ended up staying for an hour and a half. I wanted to stay to hear the prom court announced, but got tired so i got my shit (and loaded up with some of the catering) and head out at 9:30ish. as i get back to the dorm, my suitemate milla texts me saying they’re announcing prom court, our friend wins prom king!! people on Twitter are excited because we have a trans prom king, all is well.

but then I started seeing different Twitter posts. asking “who tf is Cameron Dallas”. I’m in my room at this point, and look up the name because i also do not know. he’s some vine star. 10mil followers on twitter. why’s everyone at prom talking about him?

APPARENTLY, he was in assfuck louisiana (our town) for a wedding, and some girls recognized him while he was walking about the main town street, and said he should come to our prom.

so he did. for some reason.

he showed up about 2 minutes after our prom court was announced, effectively stealing the spotlight from them, and the administration didn’t want to let him in but the girls whined so they let him in. in the 20 minutes he was there, he:

1) told the DJ to play his own music. none of the music the students requested before prom got played,

2) grinded on high school girls. he’s 22,

3) touched my 15 year old friend’s ass. once again, 22 years old,

4) left.

but this is not where the story ends. when the people at prom got rightfully mad that he was there, doing these things, stealing the spotlight and conversation from prom court and the senior class, we posted on Twitter that we were upset.

his fanpages got very. very. pressed.

students at our school were attacked, called liars, ungrateful bitches for not wanting him there, and liars again because “cam would never do that, he knows the risks” (@ the inappropriate behavior). it went on for a couple more days, some of his fans are still steamed at us LMAO

so. that’s the story of how the grinch stole prom and how everyone at this school hates the prick known as cameron dallas

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sasuke and sakura are the kids who were def like seen as 'special intelligence' and had a shit load of responsibility placed on their shoulders and pressured to perform well at all costs in school and sometimes while they're talking about it they'll mention how shikamaru must have been real fucked too and maybe that's why he's such a fedora bro. But he will chime in from under the table he was napping that he actually just a genius and to keep his name out of their mouths and brags about his 4.0

thank u for sending me this its all v real except i dont think shikamaru would ever have a 4.0 gpa bc he cant be bothered. but he chimes in like “im chill actually”

currently open !   

hello, my name is sam  &   i’m  an  18  year  old  girl  from  india !    basically,   i  decided  to  do  commissions  because  i’m  in  med-school   &   you know how expensive that can be.  college reopens next month  &   the books cost a shit-load.   for that, i am short of money.    all the money gained from the commissions will go into financing my education   &   you’ll  have my eternal gratitude as well.

the  price - range  for icon psds is from $3 - $4  depending on the complexity of demand ! 


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So, what's your input on the bootyful fanfictions about Kyle & Stan? (since you won't answer in-character)


Okay, lemme just- it’s the tropes.  The goddamn tropes.  I’ll make a list of a few then tear them apart in a massive rant.  

I’m about to spam your dashboards.

  • Shota-shorty Kyle
  • Ultra wimpy nerd Kyle
  • Ginger-freckles Kyle
  • Super sensitive Kyle
  • Super-jock-cock Stan 
  • Mr Man Stan
  • Gaylord Kyle
  • Ultra-hetero Stan
  • Perpetual bottom-top dynamics

               »> Shota-shorty Kyle- There are too few people in the South Park fandom that believe in a tall Kyle.  I am one of them.  Here’s why: Matt and Trey loosely based Stan and Kyle’s friendship off their own, and by extension, they based the characters loosely off themselves.  Matt’s a tall guy (6’2) with tall hair.  In comparison, Trey is 6’ even.  If he’s based off Matt, there’s no reason why Kyle has to be so fucking short in every picture ever.  The only way it makes sense for him to be shorter than Stan is if someone tries to excuse it with genetics, saying he’s shorter because his mother’s shorter than Sharon Marsh.  But, even that’s not a viable excuse because his father is at least the same height as Randy and a lot of people grow to be taller than their parents.  

I’m just really sick of Kyle being excessively short and Stan being some kind of giant.

               »>  Ultra-Wimpy-Nerd Kyle- While it was said in the ‘Elementary School Musical’ episode that Kyle enjoys studying, and from the first ‘Mysterion’ episode- Kenny does think Kyle is the smartest kid in their class, nothing in the show makes Kyle out to be a stereotypical nerd.  

In reality, there are two classifications for ‘smart kids’- Kyle is often depicted as the quiet bookworm type (the ‘nerd’) in the fandom, but from what we see in the show canon, he’s actually the outgoing top-of-the-class type (the ‘overachiever’).  The difference is in what a kid does outside of class.  A ‘nerd’ generally doesn’t do many clubs and what they do is always academic related, they almost never do sports because they’d rather sit on the sidelines and read a book (which Kyle always fucking does in bad fanfiction- he fucking sits at Stan’s games and reads a goddamn book), and they’re usually physically weak because they care more about intellect than strength.  Meanwhile, an ‘overachiever’ will make good grades but also play sports and join competitive clubs.  They’re those assholes that everyone hates because they can juggle a crazy-hard course load as well as a fuckton of extracurriculars.

In the show Kyle is shown playing nearly a dozen different sports, and he’s been a leader among the kids several times (TSOT and Free Willyz to name a few).  He’s constantly depicted as tough when it comes to the boys rough-housing (we’ve seen him beat the shit out of Cartman who’s twice his size wide, in the Ice Man episode he fights Stan and is generally the one on top as they wrestle, not to mention that in TSOT he’s one of the strongest kids to fight without taking any zombie potion).  Also, he’s never described as bookish- the only time he reads for fun on the show is on the ‘Toothfairy Tats’ episode when he’s trying to understand reality and the universe.  In the episode where they write Grody McBoogerBalls, he makes fun of Catcher in the Rye just like the other boys.  

So, we can conclude that Kyle does like knowledge because he does pay attention in school, but he’s not an introverted bookworm, he’s just a smart guy who likes to be informed.

It seems like people just want their jock/nerd trope.  And, when people knock Stan’s intelligence down a couple notches to make Kyle seem smarter so they can fit this trope, it makes me want to kick puppies.  

               »>  Ginger Freckles Kyle- Ginger Kids episode S9E11 

Kyle: ”That’s not true, fatass! I have red hair, and I don’t have to avoid the sun!”
Eric: I was getting to that, if you will let me. Some people have red hair, but not light skin and freckles. These people are called “daywalkers.” [shows picture of Kyle, with “daywalkers” written underneath]

It’s fine that people give Kyle freckles sometimes, but he’s technically described as not having them and it really peeves me when people describe him as a ‘ginger’.

               »>  Super-Sensitive Kyle- Fanon Kyle is easily insulted and often insecure and overly-emotional.  I think this might be some people’s way of trying to translate his short-temper into their own words, or they’re trying really hard to project their own feelings onto him, but it’s gross and I want it to stop.  

Kyle is no more sensitive to insults than the other boys- in fact, he seems to have tough skin because he puts up with a lot of shit for being Cartman’s favorite target.  In ‘Here Comes the Neighborhood’, he cooly explains to Token that everyone has something they get picked on for and no one should be a pussy about it (I’m guessing he means that the proper response is anger- typical nine year old).  He does show some insecurity in a few episodes- like when he thought he was voted ugliest kid in the class, but rather than shutting down and getting depressed about it, in his typical fashion, he gets angry (and tries to burn the school down).  

Kyle generally isn’t emotional.  Stan’s the sensitive one in that meaning.  It’s safer to say that Kyle is a little emotionally-distant.  He can sympathize with someone once they’ve explained to him what’s wrong, and he’s gone out of his way to help people who’re having tough times (Free Willyz, Night of the Living Homeless, Crack Babies, etc), but he seems to have trouble noticing when there’s an emotional problem (Assburgers episode), and he can’t comprehend letting tough times get in the way of living life (Rasins- goth!Stan episode).  So, while Kyle has the capacity to be understanding, he does lack some empathy.  

When it comes to sensitivity as far as how Kyle treats people, the fandom makes him way too kind.  He’s not the perfect gentleman.  While he almost always fights for just causes, he can be just as ruthless with his insults as Cartman and like I said, he doesn’t always practice sympathy.  He’s caught between the influences of Cartman’s manipulative cunning and Stan’s loyalty to helping people.  But, we see in the Crack Babies episode, he likes to look to Stan for a moral compass because he knows Stan is better with empathy and he wants to be good to people.   

I think the Style fandom is really missing out on some lovely clueless Kyle looking to Stan to keep him on the right path.

               »> Super-Jock-Cock Stan- There are about a billion episodes of South Park that have the boys playing sports, but in every one- all the boys play that sport together.  Even Cartman in most cases.  The only episode that has Stan playing a sport that none of the other boys are playing is ‘Stanley’s Cup’- and he’s not even playing hockey, he’s coaching- kinda…not really.  

I’m not sure where this troupe that Stan would grow up to be the big South Park Cows football-star came from, but I don’t understand it.  There’s literally one episode where the boys play actual football (not Sarcastaball) and it’s way back in season one, “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride’, and in the episode, Stan is the quarterback for the Elementary School team and he can throw really well and the town is hailing him as their star quarterback, but he cares more about the fact that his dog is gay than he does about playing football.  Kyle is the one that Chef picks to fill in as quarterback when Stan ditches on his gay adventure.  Kyle is the one constantly pestering the guys to go to practice.  Kyle is the one that Stan immediately throws to, and Kyle is the one that runs the ball for the touchdown.  

It would make so much more sense for Kyle to at least be on the team, but the fandom always puts Stan on first and ignores the fact that Kyle actually liked playing football. 

               »>  Mr Man Stan- Stan is constantly depicted as the ‘man’ in the relationship which- first of all isn’t how gay couples work, second of all is sexist as hell, and third- isn’t how Stan behaves.  He’s strong-willed and badass, but he’s not an alpha-male personality type (and Kyle is anything but submissive).  While Stan is usually the calmer more level-headed of the two, there are countless instances where Kyle is the one that takes initiative or leads the way.

The only way we see Kyle being submissive to Stan is that he allows himself to rely on Stan to back him up (TSOT), and he gets upset when Stan doesn’t (Queer-Eye for the Straight Guy, Assburgers, Guitar Queer-O).  But really, none of those things make Kyle submissive- that’s just friendship.  

I think this trope rises up from the fact that Stan’s come to save Kyle several times- (Indian Hair Tampons, Smug Alert, Ginger Cow, etc).  But, what people don’t consider is that Stan’s need to protect Kyle arises from his emotional dependance on him which we he admits to in ‘Assburgers’ and ‘Guitar Queer-O’.  Stan needs Kyle in his life- maybe to maintain some kind of balance, I dunno, it’s just what he said- my point is that it’s true.  

When Kyle’s supposed to be there for Stan, he shows less drive to attempt the impossible (Imaginationland, Assburgers).  Kyle’s naturally just a little more self-absorbed than Stan is, that doesn’t make him the ‘girl’ in the relationship.  I’ve already established that he’s not short, weak, and nerdy- and that Stan’s not a macho jock.  Quit assigning fucked up gender roles to this ship.

               »>  Gaylord Kyle- Okay, this one’s difficult because it’s headcannon and it’s based around a lot of factors that I tried to explain above.  But, there’s this thing within the Style fandom where Kyle is immediately the one that’s gay and he knows he’s head over heals for Stan but Stan’s totally clueless.  And, for the reasons I outlined in the last explanation, that doesn’t make sense to me.  So, lemme see if I can explain why I think Stan would come out first before Kyle would begin to see himself as anything but ramrod straight.

Other than the fact that he’s emotionally distant, Kyle is somewhat out-of-touch with love.  He has four episodes wherein he acts in a childishly romantic way.  First is the Clubhouses episode where Bebe wants to date and kiss him and he’s grossed out (he’s eight).  Second is the Monkey-phonics episode where he thinks he’s in love with Rebecca (because she’s pretty and she showed him up at spelling), but his version of love is very…eighties romcom- he’s romanticized and oversimplified love and he jumps at it because she’s just as clueless as he is.  Then in Bebe’s Boobs, he thinks he likes her because of her boobs- just like all the other boys.  Then, in ‘Cartman Finds Love’, he gets interested in a girl as soon as he thinks she likes him.  Each time he has to have some kind of push before he thinks about dating- an opportunity comes to him

In ‘Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boatride’, Kyle couldn’t give a shit if Stan’s dog is gay.  When Mr. Garrison comes out- still couldn’t give a shit.  Kyle notoriously doesn’t give a shit where people wanna put their junk- he barely gives a shit where he wants to put his own so long as somebody likes him first.  It’s probably because he’s nine years old.  But, in comparison to Stan and Kenny, Kyle seems slow to consider the idea of being with somebody- male or female.  

Meanwhile, Stan has liked Wendy since the first season.  Their relationship is a little naive because they’re both so young, but Stan actively pursued Wendy because he knew he liked her.  At a very young age, Stan has some idea about how relationships are supposed to work whereas Kyle doesn’t even know how to fall for someone yet.  Kenny’s been talking smut about girls since he was eight, and even Cartman had a crush on Patty Nelson, but Kyle hasn’t had any active crushes because he doesn’t think about romance until it’s shoved in his face.

Trey Parker’s even said that Stan would be the most likely to realize he’s gay because he’s the most in touch with his feelings.  So, I think to say Kyle would realize he’s gay without prompting is a stretch.  To say he’d realize before Stan is stupidity.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Kyle would try and fight it if he started to realize he likes boys.  He’d be perfectly cool about it like- okay, I like dick too, that’s fine.  I just don’t think he’d really consider it until someone gave him a reason to.  

               »>  Ultra-Hetero Stan-  This goes hand-in-hand with ‘gaylord Kyle’.  So, it’s mostly already explained.  It just bugs me that, if he’s going to be described as gay or bi in fanfiction, Stan’s often really in denial about his sexuality.  Stan was broken of any homophobia in ‘Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boatride’.  Throughout the show he’s described as very accepting, so why would anyone think he wouldn’t be able to accept himself?  And, like I said, he has a better understanding of love than any of the boys.  I don’t think he’d have too much internal turmoil if he thought boys were hot.  

Now, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t keep it secret to avoid making things awkward- especially if he liked Kyle who’s often pretty dense with those things, I could see him wanting to hide that.

               »>  Perpetual Top-Bottom Dynamics- You’d think we’re all a bunch of diehard yaoi fangirls with how often we fuck Kyle’s ass dry.  The poor guy is susceptible to hemorrhoids, but for some reason, Stan never gives him a break…that or Kyle just loves it up the ass so much he never takes care of Stan instead.  Which, I dunno, maybe he could prefer to bottom- maybe it’s one of those things where people who like to be in control also like to give it up to someone they trust.  I’ve got no proof for or against who we put on top or on bottom.  I just don’t understand why Stan like always tops.  

sagatheturtlekid  asked:

Okay idk how you're gonna feel about this but could I get a BTS text when y'all are in a gang or some shit and they all have roles, and code names and it's be hella lit because we crazy as hell idk but it'd be lit


This is…so amazing?? Just think about it:

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan- Bulletproof Boyscouts= Your local illegal arms smugglers/dealers. Need a pistol? We got you covered! Always wanted that automatic machine gun? Look no farther!
  • If illegal dealings could be listed on billboards, you bet your ass Jimin’s shining face would be saying “You need a weapon? I got you locked and loaded!”
  • Well known throughout Korea and select other places in the world, business trips go to the US, and parts of Europe and south-east Asia
  • Renowned for being very efficient, and professional, but on the other hand you’re also known for being…weird?
  • Like when messages are sent to confirm meetings, they get photos of those who will be participating, but its screen-caps from snapchat. so there’s hoseok with a puppy filter, and a picture of taehyung passed out in a noraebong with a sharpie marker mustache drawn on his face with the caption “go hard or go home”
  • To celebrate a big successful deal you all go out to karaoke and get blasted. yoongi twerks, jimin takes his shirt off, jin reminisces over when you all were sweet kids: the whole nine yards
  • Your old apartment building evicted all of you because you were constantly breaking the instituted quiet hours, and there was some incident involving taehyung peeing in the lobby’s ficus??
  • But you all found a new building where you all are some of the only tenants, and you try to see how much hell you can raise without the building supervisor calling you out on it.
  • (Side note: But your new building supervisor is The Sweetest Lady in the World. Brags about you all like you’re her own grandkids, brings you kimchi and other side dishes when she makes them, made sure you were all settled when you first moved in, even rode on the subway with you once when you had to go to the hospital cause you got a knife wound *cough* while cooking *COUGH* You guys got her flowers and a fruit basket for mother’s day and had dinner with her)
  • All of people who have burned you in the past will go back to their headquarters only to find it’s been completely sealed and is now housing a two foot deep fish pond, or bologna slices have been placed on their cars, or glitter has been sent through the air ducts
  • Jin- totally a half-hearted trying-his-best-with-what-he-can get medic. like on one hand he’s all like oh MY gOD YOU’RE BLEEDING, and on the other side he’s all what the fuck are you doing– stop that you idiot *smack*. Cooks for everybody cause if you’re going to be running across the city you need to eat more protein!! Has earned the title “J Momma” for a reason, cause if you need something he’s there to assist. Doesn’t like to do the dirty work, which at first through you off cause why?? is?? he?? here??? and everybody just says “wait for it”. SURE ENOUGH shit goes down, the pink rubber gloves come off, and Jin reigns mercy down
  • …with his fists
  • Our illustrious Leader Mon, Namjoon- the brains of the operation. Mainly does the desk work at this point, says he did enough running around when the company first started so you young fucks can do that shit now. He’s actually the one who got you your job with the group in the first place! …or, well…you bugged him until he let you in, and only with the requirement that they didn’t have to change their group name. Listed as “Mobster Mon” in your phone – y/n for the last time we are a legitimate business!
  • Jungkook- the resident muscle pig and fuckboi. Always there to help, but the least likely to want to do so. You want shit done, you better bring food cause he ain’t doing that for free. Has probably been talked to one or two (or five or twelve) times about helping you cause you’re a part of the team, and he gets that, he really does. However he also gets that when you’re angry your voice gets all squeaky and it sounds like you’re a cartoon.
  • Probably no one believes him so he keeps doing it in order to get a recording because- i swear jimin it sounds like y/n belongs on a children’s show singing some shit about your colors!!
  • Taehyung- Code name is V and he told you what it meant at one time, but it was long and complicated and you’re pretty sure you dozed off at one point during his story cause it was 3 AM and you guys were supposed to be installing cameras at the new drop sight?? but overall taehyung is one of the sweetest people you ever met and you’re not sure how he wound up here. From what you knew he was neighbors with yoongi, but the last time you asked he just giggled, pinched your cheek and walked away. Deals with all electronica: cameras, computers, equipment, wi-fi connections, PlayStations. You name it, he knows how to tear it apart and put it back together. He also got you a killer phone plan, so score
  • Hoseok- the renaissance man of the group. Hoseok takes up roles as the runner, navigator, mail carrier, armory assistant and lock-picker. A well-rounded individual with a sunny disposition. Owns the rare title of Bangtan’s armory assistant, being the only person yoongi can stand working in the same general vicinity for extended periods of time. You always call him for help when traveling cause he knows every nook and cranny in Seoul - your hope’s got you covered y/n~!
  • Yoongi- Honestly, though you all talk shit about him, yoongi is the reason y’all get paid. Works mainly by himself, sometimes with the assistance of hoseok, and does possibly the single most important job in this group: SORTS ALL YOUR SHIT. He’s the one cataloguing all the weapons you guys carry, updating clients, both old and prospective, and he’s the one who makes sure you have rounds for your own guns. So….get on his level
  • Jimin- the shining face of the company. Deals with all the ass-kissing and meeting with the ‘elite’ clients. Presents statistics and earnings to partners, but can’t organize for shit. Constantly panicking on the inside that he has the wrong packet, but you’re like- i already emailed you the right one, all you have to do is print it out. Gets to go on the majority of the business trips and does not hesitate to rub this fact in your face- hmm? sorry y/n. the connection here in santorini is kind of finicky
  • All in all, Bangtan gives you this amazing sense of family. And you wouldn’t trade the bickering with yoongi, the puns with hoseok, the final fantasy games with taehyung, the insane snapchat stories with jimin, the last-minute rushed reports with namjoon, the eating of lamb skewers on the curb with jungkook, or the quiet chats with jin while washing dishes for anything

Sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for, but I love the idea and just kind of went crazy with it!

There is a text series that goes with this and it can be found here!

Sick: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Reader gets the stomach virus and Tom steps in to take care of her.

Tom walked into the suite after a nice workout, “Y/N?” He called out. He saw that you had the TV on, so he figured you were in the bathroom. He heard sounds of violent gagging and walked in the bathroom. “What the hell? Are you okay?”

You were sitting on the toilet with the trashcan in your face. “I think I’m dying!” You screamed into the trashcan. You had been in that position for an hour straight, your legs were numb and your throat was sore. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked looking a bit scared. “I think I have a stomach bug.” You managed to say. He jumped back and covered his mouth and nose with his shirt. 

“It’s like every time I try to get up and wipe my ass. I have to throw up and then when I’m pushing-”, He put his hand up, “Alright I got it. I got it.”

“What do you need me to do?” He asked. “Go to the store.” You named off a list of things for him to get. “What is Ginger Ale going to do?”

“I don’t know. Black people swear by that stuff, just get it.” You hurled into the trash can again. “There is nothing left inside of me!” You screamed. 

“It smells so bad in here-” He gagged and went to the store. 

He came back with a shit load of stuff. He light a few candles and Lysoled the hell out of the house. “Are you still on the toilet?” He asked. “Yes.” You moaned. “Well you need to come out love.”

“I can’t my legs are numb and I’m afraid that if I get up, it will come out again.” You whimpered. You managed to get yourself together and you crawled out of the bathroom. 

“Did you wash your hands?” He asked. You looked up and say that he had 2 face masks and gloves on. “Duh!”. “Okay well just in case.” He grabbed some hand sanitizer. He helped you up and laid you on the couch. “I made you some soup.”

He handed you the bowl, “Thank you.” You croaked and started eating. 

After you finished the soup and gulped down the water, your stomach started bubblings. “Oh no.” You shot to the bathroom. Tom just sighed and followed you. “My butthole is burning!” You screamed. 

After another round of being on the toilet, you finally managed to get up. “I think I’m dying. What did I do to deserve this?”

He handed you some Pepto Bismol, “Take a fucking sip babe.” He smiled. “Shut the hell up.” You snatched the little cup from him and downed the pink medicine. “Here is your ginger ale. The thing you say black people swear by and here is some crackers for you to nibble on.”

Tom was upset that he had to clean up the bathroom bt he knew you would do the same from him. He finished and sat beside you. You started moaning and he rubbed your stomach, “You look like shit.”

“I feel like shit.” You looked at him frowned, “Is there anything else you need me to do?”

“Yes.” You nodded. “What is it love?”

“Hurry up and grab a bag, I feel like I’m about to hurl!”

Quick question: Why do Black People swear that ginger ale will fix everything??? Like it’s just fucking soda😂 

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  • yoongi’s a barista 
  • (a shit barista, jin would say as yoongi continuously spells everyone’s names wrong and bathes in his own ocean of smug)
  • “my name is tom
  • “listen here vietnam i don’t care so either take your latte and scatter or you can stay and fight me while my hands are loaded with hot beverages honestly vietnam take your pick”
  • namjoon’s a (though self-proclaimed) poet and rapper
  • he’s pretty well known for his instagram and his soundcloud 
  • “namjoon why are you taking a selfie with that plant we’re in public for fucks sake-”
  • ??????????? aesthetics???????????????
  • the cafe yoongi works at suddenly hosts an open-mic 
  • namjoon’s there and he spits freestyle to a kanye west instrumental
  • yoongi didn’t expect the awkward kid who fumbled through his coffee order to actually be able to rap that well but 
  • yoongi thinks he’s p good
  • actually he thinks the guy is fucking amazing but he doesn’t want to seem too excited
  • (namjoon barely got through tall cappuccino but he got through an entire verse of his rap and yoongi is so fucking confused but he takes it because namjoon looks so good up on stage)
  • namjoon keeps coming back during open nights and continues to go up and spit fire
  • (yoongi takes up longer shifts to compensate just so he can kip a few hours and just stand in a far corner and watch namjoon on their little stage)
  • one day he stops rapping and instead sits on a stool and recites long poetry and yoongi’s so in love wow (but only lowkey though)
  • (actually he realizes it’s pretty high-key when he spells namjoon’s name right on his cup the next day and the taller boy gives him a wide grin)
  • yoongi tries to persuade jin to stop the open-mics but jin is adamant on continuing them 
  • yoongi is in Deep Shit because wow how to stop falling for boy who can spit fire to yeezus instrumentals with a snapback covering half of his face but can also recite soft rimbaud in a soft sweater on a little stool with his moleskine out
  • namjoon’s reciting valentine by carol ann duffy when he makes eye contact with yoongi standing at the back of the room
  • he keeps eye contact and recites the entire poem staring at yoongi
  • yoongi leaves quickly at the end because wow how not to puke my stomach is going to upchuck itself
  • namjoon comes by the next day and orders his usual coffee
  • yoongi writes sand dune on namjoon’s coffee
  • namjoon takes out his own sharpie and writes on it too 
  • do u know what rhymes with yoongi
  • “namjoon i don’t have to time to play games i’m still working-”
  • “-date me?

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Ok Ronan IS catholic, but if Kavinsky is bulgarian that means he is probably Orthodox and has all kind of weird borderline heretic beliefs (us Bulgarians have the WEIRDEST shit as part of our church beliefs and literally no other church has some of our shit bc Reasons) but the best shit we have is namedays (u get cakes & flowers on the day the saint ur named after died/was born). I need K to explain this to Ronan and I need Ronan to be outraged (like my catholic friend was when i told her lmao)

Okay first of all I’d like to say that someone needs to tell me to stop because you talked about something so simple that could have been an easy conversation… and here I am. I’m back from the war, covered in old bullet wounds, I’ve developed a taste for fine wines and winter has finally come. There is so much angst in this single post that it could literally power a city like screams in monsters inc.

For you @officialedmundcorcoran (@ing you even though I can’t @ you lmao) I hope my name day stuff is okay???

(ANOTHER THING I MUST STRESS: please check the tags for trigger warnings!!!)

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currently open !  

hello, my name is sam  &   i’m  an  18  year  old  girl  lil  brown  girl.    basically,   i  decided  to  do  commissions  because  i’m  in  med-school &   you know how expensive that can be.  college reopens this month  &   the books cost a shit-load.   for that, i am short of money.    all the money gained from the commissions will go into financing my education   &   you’ll  have my eternal gratitude as well.


what  I’m  offering:

PSDs :   pre - made   &   custom  /  ranging   from   $3 - $4   according   to   the   complexity   of   the   demand .

batches  of  icons :   both  base  icons ,   or   icons + psd  on  them !     you  can  also  keep  the   PSD  with  you  for  future  use .     commission   as  many  as  you  want   in   one   batch .  

screencaps :   of  movies ,   episodes   of   shows   that   have   no  caps   available !      I’ll   try   my   best   to   offer  you   HQ   material .

dash icons,   promo graphics  &  mobile  banners :    for  roleplay  purposes !    



‘Baking with the Bittles’ is the first cookbook from the food blogger and vlogger extraordinaire, Eric Bittle and his husband, Jack Bittle, who helped with the food photography. 

We sat down with them to talk about it, and here are some excerpts:

“There are so many cookbooks out there and I was offered the opportunity to publish one of my own, I was a little nervous, because I wasn’t too sure what I can publish that hasn’t been already. I talked to my family and friends, and they convinced me to give it a shot. I wanted to make baking simple, fun and accessible to everyone so that’s kind of the concept I went for.” - Eric Bittle

“I normally take photos during my free time and never felt the need to publish them. But when Eric asked me to do this for him, I didn’t want to refuse him. I wasn’t too confident about my skills but he was always there for me and encouraged me so it didn’t feel like a job, more like another day-to-day shoot.” - Jack Bittle.

The cookbook has been getting loads of good reviews and we think it is well-deserved! We’ve been following Eric for such a long time and we’re so proud of his success! Watch the full interview with the Bittles here.



Chibs Imagine based on the song “Push” by Matchbox 20 

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When you were 19, your high school boyfriend pushed you around like you trash and made you wish you were death in the last year of your adolescence. It was what people, and mostly, doctors, liked to call “an abusive relationship”. It wrecked you and it made you the person you are now. You decided you were done with playing the victim. That was no longer you.

You spent your early 20′s jumping from bed to bed, in desperate need of  release, for the beast that Michael raised inside of you wanted to be let out; somehow you wanted to get your revenge. Chibs was just someone that died in the cross fire. What started with some sort of sexy dominance in your relationship became exactly what you were running away from. 

“Is your dominatrix joining us for dinner?” Gemma asked Chibs one night while everyone was laying around in the clubhouse doing absolutely nothing. You were up in your house, advancing some work while Chibs was in the clubhouse. He shook his head and got up. “Really, you need to tame her. I’m all up for girl power but…” Chibs lifted a hand and nodded, getting closer and kissing Gem on the cheek.

“I can handle it, Ma.” He assured as he finished his beer and grabbing his helmet excited the room. Yet, he kept thinking about all the things Gemma pointed out from your relationship that made her speak like that. Chibs revved up his Harley, directly to his house for he needed to have this conversation with you. He knew how much Michael wronged you, and how much he changed every aspect of the sweet girl you were, but this toxic relationship wasn’t good for him and there was no damn problem in speaking his mind. When he found you in the middle of your desk, coffee pot in in and notes scrambled all over the place. Chibs removed his kutte and placed his helmet on the coffee table, earning a glare from you. CHibs sighed.

“Now what?”

“I spent most of my day cleaning this shit hole, Filip. Might as well keep it like that?” You said, unnecessarily mean. Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, (Y/N)?” Chibs asked. “You’re complaining about my helmet on the coffee table but you ignore the shit load of papers you have there and there?” He said pointing at the papers. “C’mon.”

You got up and crossed your arms on top of your chest. “You’re such a dick bag, Telford.” You said walking towards the kitchen. Chibs saw this as the moment to begin his talk, so he didn’t moved from your way. You looked up at him, angry expression on your face.

“Love…” You groaned at the pet name he called you and grunted.

“Move away…”

“Listen, (Y/N)…”

“Move!” you said placing your hands on his chest and pushing him as far as you could. It wasn’t a lot of force but he did stumbled back, making you feel triumphant as you walked past him. He groaned and grabbed your wrist.

“What the fuck was that?” His accent became thicker whenever he was angry. But you wouldn’t know, he had never lost it with you. You cleared your throat and stared back at him.

“If I want to push you around; I will.” You clarified.

“Not likely. I don’t deserve it.” Chibs stood up in front of you. “Listen, love, you need to quit your fucking attitude or I’ll call it quits.” 

You scoffed. “Right. You said you loved me…” You threw your hands in the air, and turned around, pacing through the living room. 

“And I do.” Chibs said grabbing your wrists and making you look at him. “But love doesn’t mean putting up with your bullshit and being thrown around like trash. That’s not human.” For a reason, you thought of the image of Michael smirking at your bed late one night. 

“How dare you? I’ve been…I’ve been cheated on and everyone treated me like shit but now you…”

“I didn’t!” Chibs yelled, interrupting you. “I wasn’t the one that did that to you so I don’t deserve this blowing back at me. I didn’t treated you like shit; If anything I’ve been trying to fix what that asshole Michael did; But let me tell you It’s hard when you…” He quickly shut up, shaking his head and throwing his hands in the air as he saw the hurted expression on your face. “Forget it…” He said. 

“No…” You said, your voice shaky with tears. Maybe…Maybe he was right. “I want to listen.”

“You’re not ready.”

“Like fuck I’m not ready!” You screamed, silencing the room. “I want to listen.”

“It’s hard when you have became the one that hurted you.”

That sentence, that 11 word sentence was the deal breaker for you. He was right; You had became Michael; the abusive partner. This wasn’t empowerment nor feminism, when you treat the other person like shit you’re not edgy or representing girl power; you’re an abusive toxic person. 

“I’m…” Chibs looked at you. “I’m sorry…” You said caressing the back of your head. “I didn’t knew…I mean…” Chibs sighed and opened his arms, letting you cuddle into them. “I’m sorry, Filip…” 

Chibs sighed. “I know. I know you are…” He caressed your hair with glove covered hands. “We’ll work it out…” 

“Are you still staying?” He smiled.

“You won’t get rid of me that easily.” 


Hey guys! Long time no talk. Here’s my first story in months and I’ve actually been writing this for over a year? I’m sorry if its sloppy, still trying to get used to writing again :P 

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Setting: Long Distance AU

Pairings: NaLu; Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Loke BROTP

Summary: Gray, Gajeel and Loke were determined to help Natsu find out who this ‘Lucy Heartfilia’ truly was.

“Alright boys, time to crack another case today.” Gray announced, rubbing his calloused hands together. He walked over to the desk where his computer full of emails from awaiting fans to get their ‘Catfish’ case solved. His two accomplices, Gajeel and Loke, followed in suit behind the dark haired man.

“Geez, I can’t believe this many people think their being catfished.” Gajeel said, propping an elbow up on the desk. He watched as Gray scrolled through the thousands of emails they had received.

“This one sounds… intriguing.” Loke stated, pointing to the computer screen at an email entitles ‘Princess and the Pauper’.

“Alright let’s see…” Gray drew out his words, clicking on the email. When Gray seen the name of the person who sent the email, his eyes grew wide. “Oh my Mavis.”

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Fighting For Dominance

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Demon!Reader (female) 
Request:  Hi I’ve read your fics and I really like them. I was wondering if you would write another dean/reader fic but like with a sexy, sort of sassy power struggle dynamic and of course the smut 😍
Part 2!
Word count: 1,941
Warnings: smut, rough sex, 18+ gifs (sort of)

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Request: #6

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