well that sure is something i drew


i love the despair designs !

“The way Aloha, Scooby-Doo!’s script handles the first clash with the monsters is... interesting.”

Carl the Animator: “Why? Something wrong with it?”

Ted the Animator: “It just throws the monsters out randomly, right at the beginning! There’s no buildup, no tension… I mean, just compare it to the original Scooby-Doo episodes.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh c’mon, they were hardly screenwriting masterpieces themselves.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, yeah, sure… I’m not saying the structures were genius works of fine art or anything, but they worked. They were simple and cheesy, but understood how to build atmosphere and make things creepy.”

Carl the Animator: “True that… the astronaut skull/ghost/skost episode always unnerved me, even as I drew it.”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, did you just say ‘true that’?”

Carl the Animator: “No.”

Ted the Animator: “…anyway. Where were we?”

Carl the Animator: “Monsters. Scripts. Excitement!”

Ted the Animator: “Right. Those old shows needed to be tame enough to not give kids nightmares, but yet they still knew how to create a nice tension to the story. Proper pacing, an ominous tone, and a creepy buildup are what make y-

Carl the Animator:OOH! Like the second Wallace and Gromit with the robot pants! It super freaked me out as a kid.”

Ted the Animator: “They’re trousers, thank you very much, but that’s actually a great example.”

Carl the Animator: “You know it.”

Ted the Animator: “The antagonist is a freakin’ penguin, but there’s always this captivating sense of forebode as the story builds, and as the audience uncovers the mystery. It never plays its hand too early.”

Carl the Animator: “Well said, Ted–… oh, that rhymed.”

Ted the Animator: “Thanks.”

Carl the Animator: “So… compared to all that, how does Aloha, Scooby-Doo! do the big monster reveal?”

Ted the Animator: “A bunch of characters that we barely know surf a bit, complain… and then the monsters all run at them 3 minutes 17 seconds into the movie.

Carl the Animator: “…oh.”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, then. Great, I was in the middle of animating that scene and hopin’ it was gonna be cool, but I guess not.”

Ted the Animator: “Sorry to burst your proverbial bubble.”

Carl the Animator: “Sheesh. After that, I’m not even gonna bother drawing in the mouth when it jumps at the camera.”

Ted the Animator: “That’s… that’s an odd stand to take, but y’know what? I support you for taking it.”

Carl the Animator: “Thank you, Ted… if we don’t fight for artistic quality in cheap direct-to-DVD kids movies, who will?

Days 3 & 4 - Homework/Romeo

Much Ado

“Whatcha doin’ down there, princess?”

Marinette almost leapt out of her skin at the sound of his voice above her, even though she’d specifically left the window open for him. “Homework,” she supplied. “Ugh, I have to finish reading this play by tomorrow and I’m barely starting the second act.”

“Ah,” Chat purred, narrowing his eyes at the booklet in her hands. “The best act.” Instead of dropping down onto her bed like he normally would, he lounged on his side at the edge of the windowsill, flicking his tail to and fro with a playful air. “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?”

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Well, well! It’s been a long, fun road with everyone, and I’ve peaked 10,000 followers on this blog! Here’s a fast raccoon to celebrate.

I’ll keep it short, but I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that all of you enjoy this blog, and how happy I am to run it. I’m graduating college in a week, but I’ll be sure to keep this running no matter how hectic it gets. I look forward to sharing even more raccoons with you in the future.

tinyturtletimtim  asked:

so i know its probably been a while since youve even thought about lyricstucks but i just wanted to know how big your canvases were/how many panels you tried to stick to using? im working on something similar right now and im not sure what i should do so im trying to get a place to start. hope youre doing well!

well hello there!!  for the record I think about lyricstucks about once a month but that’s beside the point; let me dig into my handy-dandy MASSIVE HOMESTUCK ARCHIVES.

here’s a screenshot from the folder I stored Light Em Up in.  the “untitled” ones are the .psds with all the layers.

there were 72 panels in all (I didn’t try to limit it at all, I just drew however many I felt the song required), and it looks like I put 10-13 panels in each .psd:

of course, the method I was using wasn’t incredibly layer-heavy, so depending on how much junk is in the file you might want to do less.  or I guess you could make a new .psd for every single panel, but that certainly wasn’t my way. @v@

anyway, the size!  looks like these were 2250/1500 px.  I find anything less than 2000 px in width leaves things looking too pixelly for me?  but again, grain of salt.  also, the long panels had to have their own .psd files, and they were 3200 px in height.

hope this helps! ^u^

supernatural-sister  asked:

Chante's mouth curves into a playful smirk, "Come on, you gotta be capable of doing other things as well as posing, right? How about a little dance, or something else you know so we can all see how amazingly talented AND hot you are!" ((Chante, you enabler, dON'T--))

anonymous asked:

Prompt 300 words thing (?): “I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.” with Adoribull

As the sun glared through the hole in the ceiling, Dorian nuzzled his face further into Bull’s chest. The qunari was like his own personal heater and the reassuring weight of the man’s arms around him allowed his body to fully relax. He let out a whine when Bull’s chest rumbled with his laughter.

“Kadan, you know we have to get up eventually, right?” the Iron Bull asked, nudging the mage awake.

Dorian turned tired eyes to him and pouted. “Why? Didn’t Krem say he’d take over training the Chargers today?”

“Yeah, but there are other things to do.”

Dorian rolled his eyes. “Not right now.”

Bull chuckled and pulled Dorian up so that the mage’s face was in front of his own. “Hmm, is that so?”

Dorian gave him a sleepy grin. “Absolutely, the only thing we need to get done now is more cuddling.”

“And just think, not even a month ago you wouldn’t even think of cuddling.”

“Yes, well I’ve come around to the idea.”

The Iron Bull and Dorian shared a laugh before they settled into a peaceful silence. Bull drew lazy designs on Dorian’s back. “I can’t remember the last time I was this happy,” Bull admitted. Sure, the Chargers always had his back, but there was something about Dorian…

Dorian broke his train of thought when he pressed their foreheads together. “I can’t either,” he said softly, like if he said it any louder it might not feel real. “There’s something about you Bull.”

Bull’s smile grew soft. “Yeah, there’s something about you too.”

Dorian grinned and quickly pecked Bull on the lips before snuggling back down into the qunari’s chest.

“You’re going back to sleep?” Bull asked.

“No.” The mage placed a kiss above Bull’s heart. “Just cuddling.”

Bull was fine with that.

anonymous asked:

I love how you write Pidge/Keith interactions! could I get more of them? prompt: conspiracies


Pidge held a hand out and flapped it impatiently until Keith put what he assumed was the applicable tool into it. From inside the guts of the Galra machinery, Pidge’s half-muffled voice continued her previous thought. “Remember that field trip we took to the moon base to check out that exhibit from the first landing? All I’m saying is there’s no proof it’s authentic. I mean, it wouldn’t be that hard to do a scene mockup from those dusty old photographs.”

“Well, sure, that’s pretty obviously the case,” Keith said. “I don’t see how you can believe in photographs, though. Have you ever actually seen them, or just digital copies of them? Someone fabricated those too, I guarantee it.”

“See, now you’re thinking,” said Pidge. “Personally, I don’t even know that I believe in the moon.”

“I don’t think we even exist,” Keith countered.

“Thoughts aren’t real,” Pidge snapped back as something clanged inside the machine.

Keith opened his mouth to continue, but a slurping sound from the door drew his attention. Lance was there, leaning against the doorframe, finishing off a space juice. “You guys are weird,” he said, and from inside the Galra tech, Pidge cackled.

Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a microfic!

Bendy feels like a example.

Can we please just acknowledge how Bendy just manages to pull your empathy from the perspective of a creator looking at their mangled creation?

it just makes you say “Bendy, what happened who did this? why are you so inky…” or it makes you wish the creator never left! I mean really… Imagine if this was your OC.

Originally posted by pia-soleildiddle

wouldnt you feel bad if you left them to someone and they ended up like bendy? sure we all have reasons to leave things behind but, honestly it also makes me worry about turning OC’s that were left in my care into something like bendy!

Bendy isnt just a good character he is a example, why sometimes you shouldn’t leave your creations in the hands of someone who sees them as just that… Joey Drew Is clearly the whole cause of Bendy becoming well Bent

anonymous asked:

How did you develop your own at style?

Years and years of trying out different things and studying other art, and eventually giving up on ‘finding a style’ entirely and let it come naturally to me instead. Don’t be obsessed with finding your own style. What you need to do first is to experiment, and one day when you realize ‘oh, I really like this thing I’m drawing now’, add that as a mental things of things you like to draw. Eventually you’ll have a whole list of mental notes and that will all become your own style, one day.  One day, when you feel like you’re more confident with your style and strokes, embrace that. I feel like I’m at that stage now. But there will always be a time where you’ll want to change something and improve, and never stop yourself ‘because it isn’t your style’. I mean hell, even Mickey Mouse didn’t stay the same during his years of development.

Did you know I used to be a sonic artist? A really cringy, awkward sonic artist.


I must have been around 12? I wouldn’t say anything of what I did back then translates to what I draw now, except my love for drawing original characters. It’s extremely bad but this was the first time I felt I belonged to a community (ah yes, good ol sonic fandom), and it was about then I joined DeviantArt and I got a real confidence boost, knowing I wasn’t alone in my passion for art. (Thank you, internet!) My influence was the sonic games, obviously, and their comics.


I can literally still hear ‘cRAAAAAWWLING IIIIN MY SKIIIIIIIINNNN—’ I was still drawing sonic-styled art but I was slowly losing my interest in it. Once I attempted to draw humans, I noticed that my skill in them was… lacking. So I eventually gave up on sonic-styled art in favor of drawing people, which used to be my main thing when I was younger and before DeviantArt. You might notice a style difference here, though, and actual attempts at shading. The style was a lot more ‘grittier’ compared to the drawings in 2006. My influence? Good question. Anime, probably, which is probably why my sonic figures started to have more humanoid anatomy.


This is when the idea of a ‘style’ really started to come into mind, however. I struggled. Did I want a more ‘dark’ style or a more cute one? I kept shifting between the two styles in 2008, and my style would sometimes have dark, strong lines with contrasting colours, or soft, near invisible lineart with pastel themes. However, drawing sonic-style was not something I did anymore, only occasionally if I was experiencing some kind of art block. I always enjoyed drawing humans one way though, and it was definitely pretty boys and girls with soft features (even when they weren’t soft characters, ack).


2009 was certainly the year where I decided to just do my own thing entirely. I was sick of trying to suit into one category of art instead of drawing everything I enjoyed in one. The result was this, really odd-looking style, and these examples aren’t even the worst. The bodies became extremely long and slim looking, and the faces small with often giant eyes. It was without doubt a very experimental year and I knew it, but I figured I would have to let out all the monsters or never see my full potential one day. This was also the year I discovered the wonders of character design and colour theory!


2010 was the year of traditional sketches, even though I don’t show them here. I was drawing so much on paper because I’d go to school and just spend the hours there sketching to no end. So, when I came home, I’d try do so more colour theory, and try different colour methods. I started to find more colour palettes that I enjoyed, and I also started to learn anatomy on a near medical level, which is why the bodies ended up looking a lot ‘fleshier’. I also continued with the character design, and I tried to see if I could mix genres and whatnot to make unique looks.


However, the ‘fleshiness’ of 2010 wasn’t something that I was particularly happy drawing. Personally, focusing too much on correctness drained my creativity and put me into a huge art block. 2010 kind of shows that, but it also shows what I was trying to do to break it. I focused on using my anatomy knowledge to be able to bend the rules instead of breaking it, making the stylised look believable and not disastrous. I started focusing on digital sketches and drawing characters more diversely. That year I focused less on design and more on body features, such as hair, face, and body shapes. I also ended up using a different brush to ‘free’ my linework a bit. Not a good look, but it worked at the time.


The year of blending! This is where I started to go outside my comfort zone to see if I could find something between a rough, painted look or a soft, airbrushed look. My style finally started to balance itself out and I finally began to see and feel what I enjoyed drawing and what I did not. But most of all, I put most of my effort into painting and focusing more on my colours and palette and the way I coloured more than how I was drawing my art in the first place. Basically — the sketch became less important, and it was the ‘result’ I was trying to perfect. I would later come to realize that’s not the best mentality to have, but hey, I learned from my experience.


You can see I started to find balance between a harsher painted look and something softer and sketched. This is when I started to get very understanding with my choice of colours, and slowly went back to my passion for character design again. But I wouldn’t go back and recycle old ideas, I’d keep pushing. How could I bring these designs to life with what I’ve learned? With colours, brush strokes, and shapes? This is when I really found out the importance of a good silhouette and good contrast in colours.


A very, very quiet year. Little activity happened here and I barely drew anything at all. I’m not sure what it was; lack of inspiration and motivation, distractions with real life… whatever it was, I wasn’t drawing much. But, strangely enough, this is also the time where I discovered key elements with my style, and the few times I did draw, I’d make sure they were noticeable. The things I drew, I really loved drawing, and that’s something I’d bring with me the following years as well.


2015 was a year that went boom. I was so flooded with motivation and inspiration and I felt myself improve in all ways possible. My inspiration was actually my boyfriend who wrote amazing stories, to which I tried to illustrate. He also helped me boost my confidence and see how I could take inspiration from myself as well. It makes me still so happy to think about. I feel like I tried near everything and I never put myself down for trying something out of my comfort zone. I experimented, I drew much, and I learned so much — and most of all, I had so much fun. Every single thing I drew, I’d keep in mind for next artwork.


The following year became more fleshed out, but it felt like just another step forward in my style, rather than trying to ‘improve’ it. I worked with what I had and I embraced it. I wanted to illustrate the feeling of the things my boyfriend wrote, I wanted to capture the atmosphere and scenarios. And finally, after years of struggling with it, I’ve finally found a balance between something soft and harsh looking.

It’s 2017 now and I still feel like I’ve got plenty to learn, but instead of stopping there, I’m making that my goals. And I can already feel myself going there, and I’m happy with what I’ve done in the process and what has helped me to get where I am now.

Notice how, with time, I became less obsessed with trying to ’find’ a style, and instead embrace what I have? Find things that inspires and motivates you, and keep trying. Keep pushing. Keep having fun! A style might be a thing for the observer, but for the artist, it’s just an expression.


BATB science boyfriends AU sketches

I haven’t seen the new movie yet nor have I watched the old animation in a very long time, but I do remember something out of it and used that as inspiration with these pictures.

Though while I drew this I already made a story about these two in my head in this AU. Prince Robert Bruce Banner managed to piss someone off and was turned into a beast, and then he dedicated his life to try to reverse the spell (he has a laboratory, etc. in his castle). So, when Lord Anthony Edward Stark exchanged his freedom to [character]’s (still not sure whose) freedom, the Prince and the Lord started to bond. Well, they first really don’t get along, until Tony learns about the curse and what Bruce has tried to do (like trying to get the spell off of him with science). Then they science together, trying to lift the curse, Bruce often feeling like Tony tries to act like little smartass and Tony being occasionally frustrated by Bruce’s own pride. However little by little they start to learn about each other and have some feelings too.

And something something something…

anonymous asked:

Used to draw well? dear, i know you don't consider have an artstyle but sure we can do the difference. I was looking to your entire blog a couple of days ago ('cuz i wanted to see everything again) and i think you have progress. Hope you can get see what i see,an the reason i love you <3 <3 (because guess what? i freaking do)

;_; awww, anon… thank you// here i drew something for ya… i luv you too



  I then decided to visit the cafe, Summer Gowers was there. I started talking to her about dating and how I just couldn’t find a guy that really drew my interest.

  “Well, that could just be a personal problem!” She says, cheerily. Something is wrong with her, only she delivers an insult with such a smile.

  “You have like…no social skills, do you?”

  “Umm, sure. I’m sitting here. Talking to you. That takes some skill if you can believe that.”

  “Yeah….” I can believe that, I suppose. 

ygquiayhe  asked:

So are there any ways that you criticize people in a tactful way? If so what are some of them? :) hahahaha thanks a lot and have a happy new year!! :)

How to Give Critiques the Right Way

1. What’s your intention?

It’s ok to give critiques if:

  • You’re helping someone improve themselves or their quality of work
  • You want to address the root cause of a problem or misunderstanding between you

Avoid it if:

  • You’re showing your superiority/their inferiority
  • You’re trying to prove you’re right
  • You’re coming from a place of anger or hurt (there are better ways to express yourself like talking through your issues instead of criticizing the other person)
  • You’re criticizing unimportant individual differences or personal choice (e.g. someone’s choice of fashion)

2. Do they want it?

If someone isn’t willing to hear you out, you’re wasting your time. They won’t follow your advice and may feel hurt or resentful towards you.

You should have a rapport before giving a critique. If not, it’s usually fine if you have their respect, or if they explicitly ask for a critique.

If you must critique to someone who is generally sensitive or defensive, make sure they’re in a good emotional state first. Let them know you can help comment on the fiction they’re writing, for example, and set up a time you’re both comfortable with.

3. Is it a good time and place?

  • It’s better to give critiques in a private environment (i.e. not in front of their friends or coworkers)
  • Make sure they’re not busy with something else or have other concerns clouding their minds

4. Is your critique constructive?

Here are the components of a constructive criticism:

  • What they’re already doing well
  • What’s not working well and why
  • How to improve it

The how is the key. It distinguishes a helpful critique someone can actually use, from a useless attack that only points out faults.

As I wrote in a previous post (Learning How to Take Criticisms Well):

There’s a difference between someone saying “wow, your drawing is bad.” (negative criticism) and “the anatomy is kinda off, fix it” (unhelpful criticism), and “hey, the balance of that character you drew is a bit off. That right leg looks like it can’t fully support the weight of the body with this pose. Try increasing the size of the thigh and shifting it to the right a bit” (constructive criticism).

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Santa Baby

Prompt: we’re both in the store and I’m trying to find a good candle for my mom, what do you think about this scent?

A/N: I switched the mother part and replaced it with something else. Hopefully it is still equally as good. It’s been awhile since I wrote for him, and it sort of felt like coming home, which is probably weird, but YOLO. Also, I literally have 0 regrets writing an early Christmas thing for Jiho, cause I love him and Christmas. Much Love, Jenn

Genre Zico x Reader

Words: 1288

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

“Does this smell okay?”

You were aware that sticking a candle into the face of a stranger wasn’t the greatest introduction into becoming friends, or not seem crazy. Lucky for you, the guy who stood beside you didn’t seem to mind.

He gave you a quick once over before he leaned down to stick a large nose partially inside the candle. His eyebrows and nose scrunching up in matching disgust as he backed away.

“Do you want an honest answer or do you want me to sugarcoat it?”

You let out a sigh as you put back the seventh candle you’d picked up within thirty minutes. At this rate you were willing to bet your sense of smell had died around the fifth one you’d inhaled.

“That had, huh?”

His full lips cracked into a smile and you found your cheeks redden from staring.

“I mean it wasn’t the worst selection you could’ve made, but it wasn’t the greatest. If you don’t mind me asking, who are you needing the candle for? Boyfriend?”

“That would be a terrible gift for a boyfriend,” you replied, your words tinged with laughter as you tucked your hands into the pockets of your coat.

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      As we all know Spencer was ‘part’ adopted, as her birth mother is Mary Drake. It wasn’t really adoption as she stayed with her biological father and his wife. If you think abot this like.. Mary was locked down in Radley, and Peter was rich guy living in this amazing house with his wife and daughter. Why you need judge Khan to do some paper work for the Hastings then? It was logical that this baby will stay with biological father if he want to keep her, right? So Why Khan was included here? Only possible explain for this is there was more than one baby born that night. So Mary had twins then. So, if everything Mary told us is true(remember she never said that spencer was the only one, she just admited that Cece was her child and Spencer was her child too. ). In my opinion Spencer twin is a Boy and that was Charles. (I’m not buying this Charles becoming Cece thing). At first I was thinking that Judge Khan took the boy himself, but.. well.. Noel is dead now. Then I was thinking that Caleb is like the best for this role, but after he hooked up with Spencer that was just way too far. Toby- same reasons here. Lucas? No way, at least I don’t think so even when he is suspicious as hell. Andrew? He was adopted right? Andrew Drake make here perfect A.D. but.. that would be just silly, in my opinion. We got all these clues that Spencer have a twin, right? It’s almost obvious. But remember when we all were in place when we were thinking that Alison have a twin? Courtney in the picture was so sure for us. But all clues for that was just clues for ‘some twin’ being in a show. We have learned that Mary and Jessica were twins, so then we assumed that Spencer is the one with a twin too. But what if all clues we have are pointing towards spencer for the same reason like they did it in ali case? What if.. just listen to me, what if.. Cece was the one with a twin? For her deeply loved twin BROTHER she took all the blame. A.D. become A.D. after Charlotte death, so it’s her twin who is messing with liars just now.

·         Cece was pretending that she was a boy and that Jessica was her mother. As we find out Mary was her real mother, and she did have at least two babies.

·         Then we have this story of bethany young. Whis is so freaking irrelevant!! Bethany Young was there, in the hospital while Cece and her brother were there together. Only because their father was unknown so they stayed with mentally unstable mother. Remember Cece story about Marion? And how kid’s age was little bit.. weird? It’s because it Was CHARLOTTE AND CHARLES on this roof top, and one of tchem pushed Marion. And Bethany was there. Cece was already out of Radley. And I’m pretty sure that her brother was too. I think that both of them got adopted but to both different families. Remember Bethanys drawings? Of a boy took away by a monster from a little girl? Bethany drew what she saw. She saw Marion death, she saw somebody taking this boy away, what she saw – Charles was taken away from Radley while Cece had to stay, before she got adopted. It makes me think that Bethany herself was. Well, something between imagination for Cece, or irrelevant friend of her in Radley. But she saw what twins have done, and thats why Cece (alone or with her brother) planned to kill her. (we all know the story). Cece and Charles hated Jessica, because Jessica took away charles, she was in chargé in Radley, and she decided that he will be adopted with judge Khan. Remember this letter spencer got lately? It was odd for me that there was no name, it was ‘for her child’, and she wrote about how Hastings and Jessica are horrible people.

·         You will ask who is the brother? There’s only two explanations for this.

·         As Cece tried to be really close to DiLaurentis famiy, as she become friends with Ali, and she started dating her cousin..(which is a little bit less horrible than dating her brother), Charles tried too. My bet is on somebody who tried to be close to Jason and Alison too. So? Was is Darren? We all thought he was the one made Alison ‘almost pregnant’ in her teens, so.. no, yuck! He is dead anyway, so crossed. Wren? Well, she told Em that she know a doctor. Was it Wren? Possible, possible.. But wren is kind of irrelevant lately, even when he is suspicious and there’s a lot of clues (like with everybody actually). Any other ideas? Who else was ‘dating’ ali? Is here since episode one? Was even cought on being weird liar who was spying on our girls?

·         Yeah.. ezrA fitzgeralD.

·         Ezra is Charles. We even saw connections between Cece and Ezra. I can’t forget this moment of Cece at the airport with black hair (wig).



·         S.


Hello kids I am coming to you with the vast tat knowledge I have acquired from the last 4 years of working in tattoo shops and getting tattooed. I am currently managing a shop, which means I handle everything besides the actual tattooing. in this post I will be addressing ~in detail~ what you need to know about getting tattooed. This is long but don’t worry, it’s not scary! Here we go. 

Where should I get tattooed?- Tattoo shops and tattoo artists exist on the spectrum of “walk in” (something that can be finished in one session, think tattoo “flash”) to “custom” (something that is drawn as a unique image for a client often with a unique “style”) . Most shops accommodate both, but some are more exclusive, or have a reputation for being either or. If you are looking for a small tattoo on a whim when you’re out with your friends, you will want to go to a shop that accommodates walk ins. If you try to walk in to a shop that is home to mostly custom artists, you might be turned away as these people can be booked out for months or even over a year (yes, really). Both are completely legitimate in their own right, as long as the tattoos they produce are of quality.

Who should I get tattooed by?- Speaking of quality, it is imperative that a client understand the difference between a technically good tattoo and a technically bad tattoo. This has nothing to do with style and everything to do with longevity of the tattoo and legibility of the design. This could be its own post, so until then visit http://tattoosnob.tumblr.com for a myriad of different styles of great quality. The internet is a great resource, but it’s not the whole picture. The number of followers a person has on Instagram is not indicative of their skill. There are BAD tattooers with tens of thousands of followers and a long wait list, and AMAZING tattooers with a modest following just waiting to be given your business. Do some online research for tattooers in your area, or anywhere you’re willing to travel to, and determine if their style and content fits what you’re looking to have on your skin. In the shop where I work, people fly in from California, drive in from up to 10 hours away, and we have locals who live around the corner. I realize not everyone has the means to travel, I’m just saying that it’s not unorthodox to seek out the person who specializes in what you want. I know it can be really intimidating to go to, or call a tattoo shop and inquire about a tattoo. The industry isn’t exactly known for being welcoming and friendly, but trust me, if you have a good idea of what you want and have done your research on the artists, they will appreciate it. The most tried and true way to “shop” for an artist is to take an afternoon and go around your area visiting each shop, looking at portfolio’s, chatting and vibing with the staff/artists, taking their card, and considering your options.

How do I book my tattoo appointment?- Please keep in mind that protocol for each shop/artist is going to be a little different, but walking in will yield the quickest results. If you can’t stop by the shop due to schedule or distance. CALL (do not email or DM, CALL) the shop directly (if you have phone anxiety, make sure whoever is calling knows exactly what info to relay). They will give you ALL the information you need to know based on who the artist is and what the tattoo idea is. I think there is a balance to be struck to expedite the booking process. Keep in mind that you need to know what you want, but that you need to understand your own limitations as a non-tattoo artist. Do not go to a tattooer and tell them you “don’t know” or “don’t care” or want them to “do their own thing”. As well, do not go to a tattooer with a laundry list of expectations and try to micro manage the tattoo. They will likely set you up with an appointment or a consultation. If you are planning something custom, large, that will take multiple sessions, such as a sleeve or a back piece DO NOT ARGUE OR WHINE ABOUT COMING IN FOR A CONSULTATION. The artist may want to chat with you in person to make sure your expectations are aligned, and they may also want to take a tracing of the area getting tattooed so they can plan the design accordingly. This is especially true if you have other tattoos around that area of the body. DO NOT ask to “see a sketch” of the tattoo before your appointment. If you’re tight with the artist maybe they’ll send you a preview on their own accord. The reason being that tattooers are extremely busy and will likely draw for you the night before or the day of. Additionally, people bail on tattoos ALL THE TIME and it behooves them not to waste their time drawing if someone is going to bail. During your consultation you will be asked to leave a deposit which will go toward the price of the tattoo. These are often non refundable but ask them what their specific policy is. At this time, you may inquire about price. You will either be charged an hourly rate or by the piece. Hourly rates vary, but expect between $100-$200/hour. If you are not a local client and are asked to come in for a consultation, my advice is to make a day trip of it! Bring a friend with you and when you’re done, go spend the day in that city or town. If you truly are too far away, they’ll guide you through the process. The shop will likely call you to confirm your appointment closer to the day.

Here is a list of things you should not get tattooed: something you drew, something your friend drew, an exact copy of an existing image/tattoo you found online, images made by an artist or illustrator without their permission.  

What should I expect the day of my appointment?- On the day of your appointment, make sure you eat a filling meal and drink some water (bring these will you as well just in case). Arrive to your appointment BY YOURSELF or WITH *ONE* FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER. –DO NOT– bring your whole crew to your appointment. Also, do not bring your kid/s. If you are desperate and your childcare fell through, give the shop a call, and ask what you should do. They may allow you to bring your child. Arrive about 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork (bring your I.D. or expect to be given the boot), and to chat about the final design of your tattoo. If there are any blaring changes to be made, it’s normally not a problem for them to edit the design a little. However, it is your responsibility at the time of your consultation to communicate exactly what your expectations are, so that you’re not wasting anyones time the day of the appointment. DO NOT walk in and say “I changed my idea”. Just don’t do it. It’s your responsibility to be confident in what you want from the jump. After you approve the design, they will need to make a stencil, and transfer the stencil to your skin. You can absolutely change the placement of the stencil if you don’t like the placement. They will wash it off and re-do it. You’ll probably get comfy on a massage table and get right to work. You will experience pain similar to a concentrated burning sensation, and as the tattoo progresses it will feel very tender, sore, and sensitive. Depending on the size and duration, you may feel exhausted. If the pain is becoming too exhausting, eat/drink something for some energy. If you’re feeling like you cannot continue, you can “tap out”. You know your own limitations. During your tattoo it is important that you do not move, jump, flinch, fidget, or complain. This will compromise the quality of the tattoo and make it take longer. If you learn after your first tattoo that you do not “sit” well, plan on accommodating for that in the future. There is no shame in doing shorter sessions, but you should let the tattooer know so they can be prepared for how your body will be behaving.

The “easier” spots to get tattooed are- bicep, thigh, forearm, calf

The “harder” spots to get tattooed are- ribs, feet, torso, back 

What should I expect when paying?- After the tattoo/session is finished, they will wrap the tattoo so it doesn’t contaminate anything/get contaminated on your way home. They will give you a run down on tattoo aftercare and might even give you a sheet to refer to about aftercare to take home. At “checkout” you should already have a rough idea of how much you’ll be paying as it would be discussed prior, but I always come prepared with $100 more than expected, plus at least a $50 for sessions that are a few hours long. Tipping is important because your tattooer likely makes a percentage on each tattoo, and do not pocket the entire amount. A portion goes right to them, and a portion goes to the shop owner. Some clients like to bring gifts instead of cash tips, and in my opinion this is more appropriate if you are a repeat customer, but it’s up to you. Cash is always preferred and may even be required for payment. You should inquire about this before your appointment, because if you need to leave to get cash, this will make the shop very nervous. People often try to dodge paying for their tattoos. After you pay, you may set up another appointment to continue the tattoo, or to start a new one. CONGRATS! YOU DID IT! YOU GOT TATTOOED!

Here is a list of things to keep in mind if you want to be a respectful and chill client- Trust the artist, relax and be flexible as best you can (unless you are really feeling coerced, pressured, uncomfortable), try not to be too loud when conversing out of respect to the other artists and shop workers, talk on your phone outside not inside, keep breaks to a minimum, tattoo shops/booths can be small so respect their space (ask where to place your belongings, etc), communicate, ask questions instead of assuming, wait to get tattooed until you can comfortably afford it, understand that while casual environments tattoo shops are places of business and tattooers are professionals, tattooers need to and deserve to be paid for their time, do not expect to be hooked up or tell people you get hooked up, do not assume you are tight with your tattooer and can cancel or reschedule many times or on a whim, always give as much notice as possible for a cancellation/reschedule.  

Here is a list of red flags, avoid these places if you experience the following: tattooing or handling contaminated materials without gloves, discrimination/hostility (sexism, homophobia/transphobia, racism, general rude/crudeness), a tattooer telling you they “don’t” “can’t or “won’t tattoo dark skin, tattooing of people/minors without proper ID and/or guardian present, no way of checking out the persons portfolio before getting tattooed, visible filth, very inexpensive pricing, licenses not openly displayed, tracing/copying the work of other artists without their consent.     

Ummm idk, if I missed anything or if you have questions hmu <3 

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