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I plan on moving out by fall and I was wondering how much should I save up?

You should have three months worth of expenses covered by your savings before you consider moving out. That’s three months of rent, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous costs.

I’m going to assume that you don’t have a job already lined up and waiting for your big move this fall. It’s hard if not impossible to find jobs in locations that you’re not living in yet, unless you have an in with a store of company that happens to have a location there. I am basing all my calculations on the assumption that you will be unemployed for a little while- if you get a job right away then yay you! Ignore this.

It takes an average of 43 days to find a job in America, or roughly a month and a half. Moving out and living on your own is a huge step, give yourself the advantage of three months worth of financial security. You won’t have to worry about pinching pennies to buy toilet paper or skipping meals, you’ll be able to live the life you wanna live while being unemployed. This money will give you the peace of mind and temperament that will help you find (and land) the perfect job!

Here’s a template to plug your own numbers into:

  • Initial lease expenses: Remember, before you move into an apartment, you’ll need to pay a security deposit (usually one month of rent) as well as your first month’s rent ahead of time. Landlords do this to ensure that you can indeed make monthly payments, some will actually ask for two month’s rent up front as well as the security deposit. 
    • Let’s say that your rent is $800 a month. We’re talking $1,600 worth of lease expenses before you can even get the key to that apartment.
  • Rent: Figure out your rent, and multiply it by three. 
    • Sticking with the $800 a month figure, you’re looking at $2,400 for three months
  • Food: Allot yourself $100 per month (per person) for food, toiletries, soap, etc. This is a lot of money! There are lots of places around the world where people make it through the month on less than half of that. But for sanity reasons, I would recommend sticking to that $100 allotment. 
    • That’s $300 for three months.
  • Transport: In general, public transportation costs slightly more than driving a car. Decide on a public transportation or gas budget. 
    • I generally spend $100 on gas a month, so let’s say that you will too. $300 for three months.
  • Electric/Internet: Prices will vary, but hopefully both these expenses won’t cost more than $100 per month. 
    • Again, that’s $300.

Figure out your grand total: $4,900 covers all of your expenses for three months.

This number may seem ridiculous to you- but believe me, worrying about money is not something that you want to be doing during your first few months living on your own. There will be so many other things to worry about, life is stressful enough as it is. Trust me on this- follow the three month rule.

PS: It’s always wise to have some “oh shit” emergency money stashed away somewhere. I know, I know… but still. I had to mention it.

gruvia drabble

prompt: “i was studying at 3 in the morning and accidentally locked myself out of my apartment and you have a job with weird hours so you walked by to see me sitting by my door crying in my pajamas help me i’m a wreck.”

paring: gruvia/gray x juvia

type: one-shot, modern au

rating: k

author’s note: actually a disclaimer/confession i am not a college student like im only still in high school so idrk what goes on while studying so lets hope this au makes sense lmao. also im rlllyyyy bad at titles so i keep naming these “gruvia drabble” but like should i just get rid of the titles in general??? idk. ps i noticed i have a thing for writing about juvia embarrassing herself lmao. probably bc my life is about 80% embarrassing moments hagahaha. anyway, enjoy!(:


The words all began to blur together in one big blob of letters. Juvia lightly smacked her cheeks a few times in an attempt to wake herself up.

“Come on, Juvia, you have a midterm tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning.” She said to herself.

Juvia kept telling herself she would start studying for midterms weeks ago, but now it was less than 24 hours before the exam and she only started studying yesterday. The subject she was studying was science, which of course, happened to be her worst subject. Damn procrastination.

Not only did she procrastinate studying, she procrastinated doing laundry all week, too. So now, she sat in her room while she listened to Lana Del Ray and wore her old Justin Bieber sweatshirt from high school, blue pajama pants, and SpongeBob socks and attempted to read a whole science textbook. She checked her phone and saw it was 3:38. It had been almost an hour since she put her laundry in the dryer.

She read one more chapter in her textbook before staggering up from her desk and walking to the front door. Her apartment complex was really nice, but she had to admit, living on the top floor was annoying when the laundry room was all the way in the basement, a creepy basement, at that.

Even after almost falling down the steps on her way to the laundry room three times, Juvia was convinced she was perfectly okay.

She sluggishly walked all the way back up the steps with her laundry basket in her hands. Juvia reached out to turn her doorknob with the basket resting on her hip. Her stomach twisted when the knob didn’t turn.

The door was locked.

“No, no, no, no, no.” She repeated over and over, twisting the knob like her life depended on it. Which in a sense–it did, but the knob was not budging. She actually locked herself out of her own apartment.

Juvia thought to go get a spare key from the maintenance man, but she remembered that he went back to his apartment at 12:00. She would’ve felt not only guilty for waking him up, but she would’ve felt like an idiot telling him she locked herself out of her own apartment.

Suddenly, she completely broke down. She turned her back to her door, dropped her laundry basket, and sunk to the floor, breaking out into uncontrollable sobs.

This was it. This was the end. She would fail her midterms, drop out of college, lose her job as a waitress, never get an actual job, lose her apartment, and be forced to live on the streets. Her life was over.

It had been ten minutes and her cries hadn’t suppressed in the slightest. As she decided to accept her fate and fall asleep in the hallway, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Just when she her night couldn’t get any worse, god took the chance to prove her wrong. Her hotter-than-hell neighbor, Gray, just turned the corner to see a teary-eyed, snot-nosed Juvia sitting in the hallway.

How was it that he looked so put together and composed even in the middle of the night while she looked like an insane asylum escapee?

“Gray-sama!” Juvia hiccupped. She brushed a piece of hair that fell out of her messy bun behind her ear- because that would make such a difference.

“Uh, hey…” Gray furrowed his brows. Juvia thought she would die from the scowl Gray looked at her with.

“Wh-what are you doing out so late?” She considered trying to stand back on her feet, but it was too late for that now.

“I just got back from work.”

“You work this late? Wow, that must be tiring.” She chuckled. Her chit-chatting skills weren’t exactly the best.

“I guess.” He shrugged. “So, uh, why are you sitting in the hallways at three in the morning?” He walked closer.

“Oh, Juvia sort of locked herself out of her apartment when she went to get her laundry.” She looked down in embarrassment.

“Yikes. That really-” He paused. “Were you crying?”

“U-um!” Juvia sat up quickly and wiped her sticky face with her sleeves. She thought of making up a lie on the spot, but once she saw Gray’s piercing eyes gazing down at her, she knew she couldn’t.

“…yes.” She sighed. “Juvia’s been up studying all night and is just really stressed out.” She rubbed her hands over her eyes.

“Midterms?” Gray asked.

“Yup.” She exhaled. “7:30 A.M tomorrow. Well, today, now.” She remembered that 7:30 was just four hours from then.

“My first one is tomorrow.”

“Juvia didn’t know you went to college.” She assumed he just worked.

“Yeah. It’s community college, though.” His expression seemed to soften from when he first walked up the steps.

“Oh. Well, good luck on your midterm.” She gave a weak smile.

“You too.” Gray paused. “By the way, did you try going to our maintenance man?”

“Juvia doesn’t want to wake him up. Plus, it’s a little embarrassing.” She mumbled.

“If you want, I can try to pick the lock for you.” Juvia’s head snapped up in hope.

“You can do that?” Her voice regained its spunk.

“I can try.”

Juvia suddenly jumped up and flung her arms around Gray’s neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She repeated.

“Okay, okay.” Gray didn’t resist for a moment before putting his hands on her shoulders and bringing himself back.

While her face looked obviously tired with the huge bags under her eyes and her pale skin, she had this hopeful little smile on her face that made his heart skip a beat.

“Well, you’re gonna’ need to step out of the way so I can get to my door.” Gray joked.

Juvia cocked her head and gave him a confused look. He was referring to the door that Juvia was sitting beside… but that was her door, wasn’t it.

“Your door-?” Juvia turned to look at the door and her eyes nearly fell out of her head.

The number on the door read E11, but her apartment was E10.

“Oh my god…” Juvia’s voice sounded completely shocked. She let out a groan and rubbed her hands over her face. That had to be why Gray gave her such a dirty look when he walked up the steps. She was sitting right next to his door. Part of her hoped this was all just a horrible, horrible dream and she would wake up any second now.

“This whole time…” Her voice shook and her hands were still on her face. “Juvia was trying to get into your apartment thinking it was mine.” If embarrassment could kill, she would be dead.

“You’re kidding.” Gray paused before letting out a hardy laugh. “This really isn’t your night, is it?” Gray joked.

“This has got to be one of the– no. This is the worst night of Juvia’s life.” Her voice dropped an octave.

“Alright, drama queen, on the bright side, you can get into your apartment.”

“Right…” She sighed. “Juvia’s gonna’ go now. Thank you for your help…”

Juvia turned a little too quickly when she went to pick up her laundry basket and ended up losing her balance. She was expecting to feel her body hit the hard floor, but instead felt someone catch her.

“Easy there, sporto.” Gray’s voice was so cool it sent shivers down Juvia’s spine. She turned her head to see Gray’s face extremely close to hers. One of his arms wrapped around her shoulder while his other hand was placed on her other shoulder to keep her steady.

“S-sorry…” She stammered.

“Can you walk?” Gray steadied her and stepped away to see if she could stand. Her wobbling made him see otherwise, so he placed one of his hands back on her shoulder. “I’ll take that as a no.”

“I’m fine…” She seemed more out of it than before.

“I don’t think so.” He kept his hand on her shoulder. “Come on, I’ll help you to your apartment.”

“You really don’t have to do that.” She yawned.

“Well, I’m not gonna’ let you pass out in the hallway, either.” He muttered.

Gray didn’t give Juvia the chance to reply as he took one of her arms and wrapped it around his shoulders. He hesitated before snaking his arm around the curve of her waist. He walked her to her apartment and opened the door.

“Juvia can handle it from here.” She said in a whisper as she wriggled out from Gray’s hold and shuffled into her room.

“Can Gray-sama get my laundry basket?”

“Sure.” He went back, grabbed her basket, and handed it to her.

“Thanks. And thank you for taking Juvia to her room, too.” She leaned against the door frame.

“No problem.”

“Well, I’ll see you around.” Juvia’s eyelids felt like they had weights on. “If Gray-sama ever needs anything, Juvia’s just a door away. I kind of owe you one.” She smiled.

“Uh, yeah. Same to you.” He paused. “Good luck on your midterms.”

“You too. Goodnight.” She gave the biggest smile she could at this hour and shut the door.

As soon as she locked the door, she crashed onto her bed. She didn’t even try to muster up the energy to fold or put away her clothes.

In the short time Juvia was awake before passing out, all she could think about was Gray. She thought about the way he always had the cutest scowl on his face, and the way his voice was always calm, and the way the smallest things could make him laugh, and the way his smirk gave her a warm feeling.

When she took her time with Gray into consideration, she saw it was best fit to retract her statement saying that was the worst night of her life.

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can you maybe go over how you color your gifs? they're so pretty

first of all, thank you! you are the sweetest!! <3

so im assuming you’re just talking about just like regular gifs? rather than specific fancy colour-y type gifs? (if you mean the latter just shoot me another ask and i’ll go over those too lol)

but for just your average garden-variety gif, my process is actually ridiculously simple that im almost ashamed to tell it lmao

but let me use this gif from this last set i made as an example (i’m choosing this one, of course, for Important Gif-Maker Reasons™ and i have no ulterior reason whatsoever):

and a side-by-side to see the effect of the colouring:

aaaand i’ll put the rest under the cut

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Place the blame where it’s due

Why is everyone hating on CBS? The ratings for POI have quite drastically declined and CBS had to respond accordingly. It’s how they operate. It’s how they have to operate. It’s how any business has to operate. They have to go where the money takes them. They don’t have much of a choice on the matter. It doesn’t mean someone in CBS is out to get the POI fans. It’s hardly their fault the ratings have dropped. 

If you’re going to blame someone blame the POI writers. They radically changed the original foundations of the show. You can’t do that and expect to hold on to your audience very well. The whole first two seasons were about Reese & Finch and the number of the week, which means POI’s original fanbase was geared toward that. Then the writers suddenly make the two main characters less important and move away from the core concept of saving the numbers. That’s not likely to go down well with that original audience. Sure, a small percentage of people might like the change, might like the addition of Root & Shaw and resulting diminished screen time of the original two, but a large portion of people will not because they were the type of people who liked the original formula; that’s why they were watching it in the first place. 

I’m not hating on the people who like Root & Shaw and/or the AI sci-fi shift. To each their own. I wish I could enjoy the new direction and new characters but it just doesn’t work for me.

The problem is that when you make such a drastic shift like that you are hitting two very different types of audience which don’t overlap much. End all result is you lose a huge chunk of your original audience and while one might think you can make up for it by bringing in a new audience, this doesn’t work that well either because that new type of audience isn’t interested in the original formula; they will either miss watching it entirely or are unwilling to watch the original stuff to get to what they want (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people make posts about wanting to skip the first seasons to the Root & Shaw parts). Again, diminished audience. I also personally think it’s quite unfair of the writers to draw in one type of audience and then drop them later when they were the ones that made the show a success in the first place. It’s quite funny to me when I see this from Nolan: “The show has a very loyal core audience, and it’s a very big, very loyal core audience…” Um, You do realize that you just threw away a huge portion of that loyal core audience?

Not only did they radically shift the show’s foundations but they also continuously threatened to kill off the star of the show. And then they wonder why the ratings on the finale were so low?? 

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, the numbers don’t lie. POI lost a huge chunk of their audience when they shifted from the Reese & Finch/number of the week procedural focus and this is the fault of the writers not CBS. Honestly, we should be thanking CBS for allowing us a Season 5 at all after those ratings. 

Another hint Near kills Mikami?

as well as ‘the tale of how everybody in the DN production crew ceased to give a fuck about detail consistency’

I’ve announced this post as ‘an interpretation / theory founded on a pile of trash’ and I honestly wasn’t kidding. Normally I would get right into my theory here, but there’s actually a lot of things that need to be settled before for proper understanding.
This will be long-winded and make you feel like the terms ‘left hand side’ and ‘right hand side’ aren’t even words anymore, so if that doesn’t bother you, bear with me.

Since I’ll have to take like 700 detours before I can get to the main point, here’s a structure of wtf this post will be about:

  • What all did Mikami even do at the bank?
  • Someone in the writing crew forgot about Mikami’s killing habits 
  • Mikami forgets how to count to two, apparently
  • Near and Light do not forget Mikami’s killing habits and reasonably miscalculate because of it (but that ends up not mattering)
  • Mikami skips a page that Near would definitely want him to skip
  • Is the page full or empty? A fun image game

And as a further side note: I won’t go into explaining the whole Near-kills-Mikami theory plus evidence again so if you’re confused about the basis of all this, read this and maybe this post.

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Well, to be more accurate, I have nearly 380 of you following me. Wow, that is a HUGE number I never thought I’d accomplish. Getting closer to 400 now, that’s just CRAZY. What did I do to deserve all of you guys?

Well, I have so many people to thank, so this might get pretty long!

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There is No Way
Author: afreckledangel

Original Imagine Link: Imagine Dean and Sam are at your school for a hunt to find out you’re a hunter too.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,507


There was definitely a ghost at your school. There were mysterious disappearances of supplies being reported from all departments: the music stands were being taken, required novels were missing from the library shelves, Spanish-to-English dictionaries were unaccounted for.

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