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One of the Fellow Legolas x (human) reader

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Summary as requested by anon:

 Could you pretty please write an imagine where the reader is a human female, and for some reasons, despite not having a talent finds herself accompanying the fellowship. Along the way Legolas has fallen in love with here and he always acts sweet to her, but then he starts becoming super affectionate and he’ll do things like: play with her hair. One evening as the fellowship is setting up camp by a river Legolas goes to scout and check out the area around them. While he’s gone reader and Boromir start discussing his strange affectionate behavior towards reader, and Aragorn casually states something along the lines of “he’s courting you” or “that’s how elves court” as if it were plain as day. Then reader is super awkward around Legolas for the rest of the evening until the rest of the Fellowship is asleep and her and Legolas are by the fire, and she asks him if it’s true? 

Part: ¼

Notes: I love this so far.

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