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Omg you should do a continuation to that ushijima 'blowing off steam' to them losing or winning their matches and the after math of the locker room 😏😏

Oh yeah you can, Anon! Lol, sorry it took so long to get you this sequel!

Here’s the original request as well!

While only a few hours had past it had felt like nearly an eternity since the last time that he had touched her skin. An groan passed through Ushijima’s parted lips as she ground her hips down against his where he sat on the bench of the locker room. With his hands gripped tightly at her hips, his mouth found the junction of her neck and she let her head fall back to allow him to explore the expanse of flesh there.

He had met her there in the locker room, his eyes heavy on her as she locked the door behind her. She turned to him then, hips swaying as she closed the distance between the two of them. Win, lose, the results didn’t matter right now, they would discuss them later. Right now, as he approached his seated form, all that mattered was what they could get from one another.

Pressing her body against his, she gave an involuntary shiver at his hands pushing their way under her uniform shirt and his mouth pressing against her clothed chest. As he slowly removed the shift from her body, her breath left her in a shudder, half lidded eyes taking in his form as his lips traveled over her newly exposed skin.

This is what they needed, the both of them. With their adrenaline buzzing just beneath their skin, they needed this time to press, pull, and tear at the feelings that can not be removed otherwise. Taking two large handfuls of the flesh that made up her behind, their hips ground roughly together, another groan escaping past his lips.

The desperation that overflowed between them kept them from taking their time. That would have to wait until they had the chance, but for now, they’d rush to feel that pleasure, to feel that heat stroking at the pits of the bellies. It didn’t take long to remove only the clothes necessary to connect their bodies. The collective noises of pleasure filled the empty space around them as their hips ground tightly together.

“Yes,” she breathed over and over, her head falling forward against his shoulder, her hands finding purchase against his back. Her limbs shook as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her, filling her entire being with melted against his. “More,” she demanded with her hips coming down harder against his.

A surprised gasp left him at the movement, his head falling back on his neck as he felt himself rising towards his peak. With their voices growing in volume and their hands gripping desperately for one another, they soon found their orgasms together. Goose bumps covered their flesh as they found support against one another, hands weakly gasping at any part of each other they could.

Their mouths met then, the pace steady and slow, tongues lolling together lazily. She hummed against him, her gaze taking in his form beneath her. A smile crossed her lips then, her mouth pressing beneath his ear as her hands worked their way down his body, enjoying the way he shook under them. “Let’s do it again.”


Human AU where English teacher Derek’s overbearing sisters make him a Tinder profile and he matches with Deputy Stiles Stilinski.

The first date is definitely as awkward as expected.

The second goes a lot better because Stiles tells Derek about his partner (he’s in the K9 unit) and Derek talks to Stiles about his favorite book (To Kill a Mockingbird which was also Stiles’ mom’s favorite)

On the third date they have to leave dinner early to go to Derek’s apartment, they don’t even make it to the bed for round one. 

The 7th date is a double date with Stiles’ best friend.  When he asks how they met they tell him it was at Starbucks because neither wants to admit they found each other on Tinder. (Years later they admit it because it’s a funny story and Scott get’s mad because he talked about their coffee shop meet-cute in his best man’s speech at the wedding).

Date 22 wasn’t really a date so much as Stiles meeting the Hale family for the first time.  After dinner they decided that Cora and Stiles’ friend Lydia can never meet or else they might take over the world.

The 29th date starts with Derek scared for his life because Stiles’ dad had his gun on the table the entire meal and ends with John and Derek making plans to go fishing.

Number 86-101 happen on an epic road trip from Beacon Hills to New York City while Derek is on summer break.  He made Stiles take a vacation because by then he’d been on the force for 5 years and only used 3 total vacation days and by then they’d been dating for 2 years, it was about time they took a trip.

On the 102 date Stiles propose in Central Park.  Derek pretended he hated how cliche it is was but Stiles knows he not so secretly loves big romantic gestures. 

After that Stiles mostly stops counting the dates, except for the big ones, like their wedding, their fifth anniversary, the day their daughter was born, the day their son was born, their tenth anniversary, and well, you get the picture

Untitled -- Tom Holland x (Female) Reader

It was hard for me to avoid pronouns for a chunk of this, so I’m sorry for using female pronouns – I hate myself.

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Based (roughly) off the song “Muchacho” by Kings of Leon.

I don’t want to ruin anything, but there is mentions of d*ath. Please read at your own risk.x

Here’s something you won’t enjoy as much.x

Originally posted by poptartcalum

It had been some time since you had done something like this – gone and managed to pull off a surprise as well as you had this weekend. Although you had spent a significant amount of money and time to make this happen, you were glad you were going to see Tom after those couple of months apart. And although you had seen his family over the holidays, they were very excited to have you back in their home – and they were also really nervous because they didn’t want to spill the secret to Tom. After a year and a half of dating, it still managed to surprise you how well you had integrated into the Holland household, but you definitely loved being accepted so well into his family.

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Man or Beast?

Ok so I wrote a post about wanting fanfic of Dan Stevens growling, and lamenting that I would have to write it myself.

So I did. I couldn’t bring myself to go too far, so its mostly suitable for work.

But I definitely had to address how that growl made so many of us feel. It started as a small drabble and ended up as 6 pages of Belle trying to come to terms with Adam and the confusion I thought would be inevitable after his transformation. Then adding desire and that growl to the mix…well…hopefully I did ok lol






The full moon was high overhead as you tossed and turned in the bed that had so quickly become your own. The past weeks had been a whirlwind of adventure, perhaps a little more than you had really been prepared for if you were completely honest with yourself. You had suddenly become the heroine of your own romantic novel, complete with magical creatures, villains and a handsome prince and the reality was somewhat more overwhelming than you would admit to.

The noises from the castle outside the sanctuary of your room had long since ceased as your friends old and new took to their beds. No longer dusty, dark and crumbling, the castle was a sight to behold…vast in size and rich in design. The inventor part of you revelled in the beauty and form of your home, but a small part you almost missed how it was before. By no means did you resent the broken curse that had removed your friends from their household prison. Your heart swelled to see them happy, to see Chip running with dog, Lumiere dancing with Plumette and to witness them all enjoying their freedom. There was so much love in the castle, there always had been to a degree but it was so open now.

No, what you missed was the quiet, the solitude of your weeks here with only those few for company. When your time was spent in books or conversation and the days stretched in contentment as you learned so much about the inhabitants of this incredible place.

Now it almost seemed as though people swarmed all over and you felt both happy that all was well but a little selfish in wishing the castle and its inhabitants were still just…yours. You scolded yourself for your thoughts, you had never been a selfish person and you weren’t now. But a feeling of….something….you couldn’t put your finger on it. Something was off.

It was the Beast, no you corrected yourself, Adam. He was Prince Adam now, human, handsome, wonderful. So why did you feel this way? So uncomfortable in the place you felt to be home. So tense and awkward when you were with Beas….Adam!

That right there, that was what was bugging you. Mere weeks had passed and in that expanse of time you had been practically assaulted, held prisoner, discovered magic and curses, escaped from an angry mob, discovered your mother’s fate and fallen in love…with a beast…not a man. So much to take in and come to terms with. The death of Gaston and the transformation of Adam notwithstanding.

It was the Beast who had gifted you the library, who had thrown snowballs with you, had danced with you in an enchanted ballroom. His heart was the one that had touched you, it was his arms you had dreamed of when you felt alone and when you had been standing in that broken old windmill, staring at the broken pieces of your childhood it was him you had looked at and thought of home.

Since the night the curse was broken a new factor had to be taken into consideration.


In the moments after the curse was broken you had felt it and given into it. Your heart knew Adam and the Beast were the same, but your mind was having trouble coming to terms with these new feelings. Your heart skipped a beat and your breath caught whenever you caught a glimpse of the man but you almost felt unfaithful, your mind’s eye still seeing your Beast. It didn’t help that you had barely seen him in the last few days, either. There had been no moments of privacy or conversation. No touches, no kisses. Just being in the same space but not together while he worked so hard to put everything to right again with the village and himself. After so many years of misery and darkness you knew he was trying to adjust as you were. You also knew somehow that he was aware of your struggle, or at least of your distant feeling. His blue eyes radiated patience and a little hurt when he looked at you.

Throwing off the covers you paced to the open window, looking out into the night, pensive and anxious. You loved him so much you thought your heart would swell and burst in your chest and you ached every minute of the day for him. Prince or Beast you wanted to feel safe in his arms, needed him to drive away this empty feeling you had when he was out of your sight.

A celebration was planned for the next day and the final preparations kept you busy till late afternoon. The castle was spotless and stunning, everyone was dressed in their best finery and Adam had spared no expense, no doubt remembering the parties that had helped to set the curse in motion initially. You stood in front of the mirror in a stunning white dress, almost not recognizing the figure staring back at you. Alone for a few minutes you sucked in a deep breath as tears pricked your eyes. Perhaps a good cry was what you really needed, a release of all the emotions built up inside you. Forcing deep breaths you managed to fight back the threatening torrent, there would be time for tears later.

A knock at the door drew you from your thoughts and you couldn’t hold back the gasp or shiver that escaped when Adam walked through.

He came up short a foot inside your room, his lips curling into a smile and his eyes running over you in a way that made your toes curl and your stomach flip.

“Beautiful.” he whispered, stepping toward you.

You felt your cheeks turn red as you lowered your eyes to focus on the bright blue of his coat rather than his eyes.

You wanted him to crush you to him, to tell you he was still him, still your Beast, that everything was going to be ok. Instead he walked over to your bedside and picked up the book laying there.

“This again, really?” he snorted as he held Romeo and Juliet and for a second you heard him. You imagined him rolling his eyes dramatically as he had done before and a tiny laugh slipped out. Glancing up, you looked at him flicking through the pages, really looked at him for the first time since that night. As he scoffed at this and that you saw the line of his mouth, turned down at the corners the same as the Beast, his shoulders rolled with the same motions and for the first time you realised he even carried himself the same way.

Your gasp was audible and he rushed over as you sank to your knees.

Your head had finally caught up to your heart. Adam was the Beast, the Beast was Adam and a flood of emotion rushed through you.

“Belle! What is it?” his voice surrounded you and despite the higher pitch you couldn’t understand how you had failed to hear that it was the same damn voice. How could you have been so foolish, and so blind?

“Adam. Beast.” you murmured into his coat as he gathered you into his arms.

“Ahhhhhh, I see.” he whispered against your forehead, pressing his lips gently to the skin there.

“I’m so sorry. I was so confused and so..”



“I understand, it’s not an easy thing being human again for me either, I’m having to remember how to manage a lot of things differently.”

His fingers sat beneath your chin, tilting your head so you could look him in the eyes, the same eyes that you had so loved before. His lips curved in a soft smile as his fingertips brushed across your cheek.

“I’m sorry too. I’ve been absent for days, so consumed with trifling things that I thought I needed to get out of the way so I could just be with you without interruption. I sensed you were struggling and I should have simply hidden us away from the world like I wanted to.”

“I was wishing things could be like they were before….when it was really just us here. It was selfish but I thought that if we could just be alone then I could come to terms with what I was feeling.”

‘You fell in love with a Beast.” he smiled softly, “Then suddenly you had a man. Truth be told I would have been surprised if you came to this easily.”

“I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and the whole thing would never have been real. Even now I wonder if he was real and it breaks my heart to even think that.”

“Oh Belle, my love.” he took one of your hands in his, leading it to rest over his heart. You could feel the strong, steady beat against your palm. “Do you feel that?” you nodded. “That is the beat of his heart, as well as mine as they are one and the same. He was as real as I am now and like him, this heart beats only for and because of you. You saved him, saved us from an eternity of loneliness and pain. He is still me and I am still him, only the outer shell has changed.”

“I know that, my heart knows that, my head needed some time to catch up. I missed you, him, us.”

“I’m a fool.”

“True.” you both chuckle. There is was, that same camaraderie and humor, the easiness flowed back and you felt comfortable again sitting on the floor in his arms.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight again, I promise.”

“Even if I’m reading Romeo and Juliet?”

If his eyes had rolled any harder they would have left his sockets. You couldn’t help but laugh hard as he over acted his dislike.

“What is it with you and that book? There are so many better things to read.”

“It’s the book that brought us together.”

He stopped rolling his shoulders instantly. “How so?”

“When you were laying in your bed and I was talking about Shakespeare and you acted just like you did now. It was the first moment I really saw you, not a Beast, or a cursed Prince, but you, stripped down and honest. It was from that instant that I began to fall in love with you.”

“Well then.” he leaned down, gently pressing his lips against yours. “I guess we shall have to get every copy we can find.”

“Even one in Greek?” you chuckled.

“Especially one in Greek.”

There was cheering as you descended the staircase to the ballroom minutes later. Your smile was wide as you looked out at the human faces of the people you loved and some who were starting to come around to a better way of thinking. Adam lived up to his promise and never left your side, one hand always touching you in some way. Watching him like this was like seeing him for the first time, you didn’t think of him now as either man or the Beast, he was simply Adam and you loved him. The evening flew by in a whirl of music and light, a sensory overload with him as your center, your anchor. You were happy.

Later you watched him laughing with Cogsworth, his blue eyes flashing and his teeth shining. There was that breathlessness again, the feeling that came when your very fiber acknowledged how gorgeous he was, and that he was yours. Your eyes watched his long fingers sliding around a goblet and your mind’s eye responded with an image of them tracing patterns over your bare skin.


You shook your head to clear your thoughts as you realized someone was speaking to you. Before you turned your head you caught Adam’s glance over the rim of his glass, a piercing, almost predatory look that made you realize he had guessed the nature of your thoughts. Your cheeks burned as you turned away to address your companion, feeling his eyes on you.

A hand came around your waist suddenly causing you to jump.

“I believe this is our dance, my love.” he smirked, taking your hand and leading you out to the floor.

For a time you moved together, only your hands touching, yet somehow even that small caress seemed so much more. You knew what this was, welcomed it. The feeling of being swept away was intoxicating and you felt almost drunk as you both moved through the steps of the dance.

“Are you feeling ok?” Adam’s tone was knowing and assured.

You tried to fight through the fog to any semblance of control over yourself.

“How would you feel about growing a beard?” It was meant to be a teasing comment.

His eyes flared as he chuckled then fixed you with a stare.

He growled.


While smiling.

Actually growled, deep and with feeling.

A wave of heat shot through your body, head to toe, your heart hammering in your throat and your stomach at once. Your knees turned into rubber, buckling under you and only a quick thought let you stop before you hit the floor.

His smile was still in place as he brushed his lips across your hand, gently tugging you back into a standing position. One look at his face showed you he had missed nothing. You couldn’t look away as the dance drew to a close, his gaze held you in its grip, his smile never wavering. The music stopped, signaling the end of the ball and for several minutes you were distracted by goodbyes and thank yous.

No one would let you help tidy things up and slowly everyone made their way to their beds, leaving you alone in the ballroom.

Or not.

The candles had been snuffed and only the light from one candelabra remained, moving slowly out of the shadows toward you, in Adam’s hand.

For a moment you wondered if perhaps this was how a rabbit felt when it was being stalked by a wolf. You felt like prey.

You liked it, enjoying the shiver that ran up your spine.

“Come.” He took your hand and directed you up the stairs and towards the East wing.

You climbed in silence, the only light coming from his candles, his thumb tracing circles over the back of your hand.

Your heart beat so hard and fast that you were sure he could hear it, his smile told you he knew exactly the state you were in.

The door to your chamber loomed in front of you now and he let go of your hand, moving to stand behind you. As your fingers grasped the door handle he spoke, his voice low and gruff.

“I’m afraid I have to break my promise to you Belle.”

He stood so close that you could feel his breath on the back of your neck as he leaned down, his lips pressing against the bare skin of your shoulder.

The breath rushed from your body in a whoosh.

“I have to let you out of my sight for the night.”

No he didn’t, you thought as his mouth trailed toward your neck.

“Why?” you managed to sigh, unconsciously pressing your back against his chest.

“Because, my darling girl…” His teeth nipped at your neck, causing you to moan. “If I keep you in my sights tonight, I’m likely to eat you alive.” You felt his small laugh before his open mouth closed onto your neck, his tongue sliding across the spot he had nibbled at.

“Adam.” Your arm snaked up, your hand sliding across the back of his neck, holding him against you.

“Say my name again.” His voice was raspy and beastlike, his tongue tracing the outline of your ear.


He lifted his head, pressing his nose against your cheek.

“I like that, hearing my name on your lips.”

“I love you, Adam.” Your heart swelled.

“I love you too, Belle.” he whispered roughly before covering your mouth with his own.

Where before there had been tenderness and wonder, now there was passion and want, desire and need. His tongue slid across your bottom lip and your teeth before tracing along the length of your own. With a moan, stifled by his kiss, you responded in kind, your every nerve ending buzzing as your lips and tongue learned the shape and feel of his mouth. Another growl rumbled in his chest when your teeth caught his bottom lip, nibbling and licking as he had done to your neck.

In that moment he wrenched himself away and you turned sideways, facing one another, both breathing heavily, wide eyed and wanting.

“I have to say goodnight, Belle.” he managed to pant, his eyes blazing.

“I know.” You whispered. “I don’t want you to.”

“God!” he groaned loudly, stepping forward.

The candlestick was set on the floor before he pounced, the length of his body pressed against yours as the door held you up. His fingers tangled in your hair, pulling it loose from its pins, his lips crushed against yours, hard. Your arms wrapped around his torso, crossing over his back, holding his as close as you could. His chest rumbled as lips met and tongues danced.

Here was the Beast.

Long minutes passed in rapture as Adam practically devoured you, lips teeth and tongue blazing hot trails down your neck and across your collarbone. You felt your lips bruising and swelling but didn’t care. Only this mattered. Only him. You wanted him closer, aching with a need you didn’t yet know how to express or even quantify. Your back arched of its own accord, pressing your body closer to is.

“We. Have. To. Stop.” Adam panted against your neck.

You nodded, but made no move to unwrap your arms from around him.

He laughed softly, sliding his hands from your hair, his forehead against yours.

“I want nothing more than to follow you inside that door.”

“I know.” Your throat was dry and your voice sounded so hoarse you barely recognized it.

“When we are married.”


“Very soon.”

He pressed his lips against yours gently, before taking a step back, your arms falling by your sides. You watched him pick up the candlestick.


“Goodnight, my love.”

You waited until even his shadow had retreated before opening the door, finally sliding into bed moments later, arranging the pillows and quilt to imitate his presence beside you.

Somehow you knew that in another part of the castle he was doing the exact same thing.

You ran your fingers over your swollen lips, before closing your eyes with a smile.


Frequent Patient

Request: “Hey! Can I please request a kylo x Reader do where she is a medic on the ship and takes care of kylo after he is seriously injured and he falls in love with her and always makes up excuses or injuries to go visit her in the medbay. Maybe he goes to see her one day but she is treating hux and he gets super jealous/possessive. Thanks so much x”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1980

Warnings: a lil implied smut at the end

Originally posted by hardyness

Starkiller had fallen. The shame prodded more deeply at Kylo than the bleeding gash in his shoulder, and he limped towards the medical bay on the Finalizer, grunting with each step. A ripple of pain ricocheted against his shoulder and face. He would’ve been fine with having a droid stitch him up, but the wound across his face would need the care of human hands to make sure the scar healed nicely. He didn’t care about how he looked, but Hux had insisted that the new Doctor on board would be able to keep Kylo at least recognizable.

A trail of blood was left by the knight of Ren, and his vision was growing hazier by the second. He no longer could feel the left side of his torso, and it took all his strength to will the Force to keep his guts from spilling out. If only he hadn’t have been wounded, he would’ve slaughtered both the traitor and the scavenger girl. His weakened state made the duel totally unfair, but he still felt immensely disappointed that he still could not have pulled through in victory.

You emerged from the busy ward, having tended to countless injured Storm troopers, and almost dropped your information tablet at the sight of the panting Kylo.

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headcanon: otabek 'cool guy extraordinaire' altin is a fucking memer and yuri is Eternally Suffering cuz this fucker will wait until he KNOWS yuri is sleeping and snap him "send nudes" and when yuri replies with a middle finger otabek quick as shit (like the bitch had it ready) sends a fuckign crying pepe face and yuri HATES him

oh my goD GBFYDHF


i can’t stop thinking about this post now and it took me like 20 minutes to find it again but it was well worth it









So my first experience at the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio was amazing.

We left Boone, NC at around 12:45 in the afternoon and started on the 6 hour drive to Columbus. My girlfriend and my future roommate Hunter came along for the trip. The scenery along the route made me realize how beautiful the eastern United States is compared to where I used to live in Minnesota.

Around 7:15 pm we made it to Ohio State University and caught a Buckeye hockey game. It was fun being right at ice level but they lost to Michigan State! (Insert eye roll here).

After the game we got to the hotel and settled in for the night. I’m not gonna lie, I had trouble sleeping because I was so damn excited for what I knew was coming the next day.

Promptly at 6:30 am I woke up, got in the shower, brushed my teeth and got ready for the day. Then I woke up everyone else and they got ready, as well. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel and made our way to the Columbus Convention Center.

I can’t really explain what I felt walking into the Expo floor. I felt like a kid seeing the candy store for the first time. Honestly, I felt really overwhelmed. The amount of people there right when they opened was more than I would have expected and I knew that there would only be more as the day progressed.

The first day (Saturday) we went around to the booths and picked up all the free stuff we could get our hands on (as any person would have). I was able to meet Mat Fraser, Rich Froning, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Josh Bridges, at the Rogue booth (and Margaux Alvarez, Cole Sager, Dan Bailey, Matt Chan). As the day went on I met 3x Mr. Olympia, Jeremy Buendia. The highlight of the day was meeting Aubrey and Nika (Aubernutter and FitNika) randomly walking through the expo. I’m a really introverted person so I don’t talk a whole lot but I was able to get a video of them saying hi to my friend Caitlyn who freaked out when she watched the video. I’ve followed Aubrey for a few years now and she’s one of the biggest inspirations. As weird as that might sound, I found myself laughing at her videos and snapchats when I first moved to North Carolina after the everything good in my life got ripped away from me. Anyways, enough with the sappy shit, after the expo I took my girlfriend and Hunter to Raising Cane’s for the first time and I think they both fell in love with the chicken fingers. There was only one Raising Cane’s in Minnesota but I would drive an hour to eat there when I was living in Rochester.

Sunday, the last day of the expo, felt like it was going to be an eternity because I was NOT looking forward to the 6 hour drive home after being on our feet all day. We waited in line to meet Christian Guzman for almost two hours and it was well worth the wait. Christian was by far one of the friendliest and welcoming personalities we met that weekend. He took the time to ask where I went to school, how long the drive was, and personal questions about myself. I was surprised at how nice this guy actually was. So fast forward a few hours, we ended up getting kicked out of Steve Cook’s meet and greet line because he had a strict schedule and was going to leave before we got to the front of the line. MAJOR BUMMER. But I suppose it wasn’t all terrible because I got to meet Taylor Chamberlain. The main reason I wanted to go was to meet the Live Fit crew. I can’t remember a whole lot of the interactions I had because I was so star struck meeting them. But I do remember talk to Nick Dompierre for a few minutes, reminiscing on how I used to watch his video parts before I would go out and skateboard during my high school days. But the atmosphere at Live Fit was amazing compared to any of the other booths we visited. Hey genuinely enjoyed what they were doing and it definitely showed.

As we walked out of the convention center, we all decided that we would be back in 2018. The drive home sucked and I didn’t get into bed until 3 am and had morning classes on Monday but I’ll deal with being tired in exchange for that amazing experience.

Reaper76 Week - Day 5 “Over the airwaves”

Does anyone remember, that I took part in the Reaper76 week? Well my tablet died kind during that time. This is why this comic is a little bit late. Hum sowwy fow sat TT_TT 

Anyways, this “comic” is inspired by the song “Until eternity” by Blackbriar. I can say, that I am not completely satisfied with the result, but I am also quite proud of the art! Tell me what you guys think.

Tbh. I’m leaving out the “In another life” day, because I still want to do other stuff, that will never be done when I only do R76 art :P I hope you guys forgive me for that ^_^

Mute - five

Originally posted by hobiga

Paring: hoseokXreader

Word Count: 3.3k (short chapter, expect a part 2 by Monday!)

Summary: You’re mute and it’s been that way since you were ten years old and a series of traumatic events happened. Your only real friend is Yoongi, the one person who understands you without you speaking - that is until Hoseok comes along and opens up your sheltered world.

Notes: Future mature themes, talk of abuse, and more.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Hi, could you do an imagine where Emmet wants a pet but he gets upset because he knows he’ll outlive it so you get him a tortoise because those things live till their like 1,000(I’m studying to be a vet &I my teacher has one(if you can somehow reference this I’ll sell my soul to you)). If you don’t want to that’s fine, I just thought it’d be funny and really cute.

A/N: Heya lovely! Of course! I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with! I really found this request cute, and I enjoyed writing it! Omg, that’s so cool that you’re studying to be a vet!!! Thanks so much for your request!  - Admin Kat 💟

  Melancholy wasn’t ever Emmett’s style. No it was not. He’d had the prospect lately of wanting to add a member to the family; certain that no one would injure or harm it. However, finding the perfect pet seemed brutally difficult: Nothing really would outlive him, and there was no possible way for him to prolong his life. One bite from a vampire and the venom would encase it’s veins, making it no more.

  You were certain that he would have sensed it’s presence, the little scuffling in the box, it’s miniature heartbeat. It was a wonder that you’d managed to get a hold of it; with much thanks to Edward!

  “Emmett!” you called his name and quite languidly, slowly, he managed to settle himself to his feet and wander over to you. The sadness hitting him hard. But not for much longer.

  “What is it, babe? The games on.” he beckoned to the glowing television that flashed all sorts of colors, showing the game that he had been eager to see. It was the only thing cheering him up.

  “How is it? Alice’s visions proving a winning streak?” you raised your brows, settling the little box down on the counter. His golden orbs followed it, seeing a dark hump in the middle of the hole punched box.

  “Nah, we’re getting our asses kicked.” he smirked, fingers unhooking the side of the lid, prying it off.

  A little tortoise stared up at him, black orbs blinking. “What’s this?” his wolfish grin spread across his countenance as he picked up the little fellow, - surprisingly tenderly at that -.

  “Well, you know how you wanted a pet?” you murmured pretty sheepishly.

  “Yeah. You got me a tur-”

  “It’s a tortoise!” your brows scrunched together, only causing him to laugh all the more heartily. “They live for around one thousand years, so I figured that it’d be your best option for an edition to the family.” you smiled at his bright, bright orbs that twinkled at the tiny animal.

  “Awesome! I’m gonna name it…” and off he went to watch the game with the little tortoise in his bulky bulbous fare hand. The amounts of options of names that floated around the house… well, let’s just say it took almost a lifetime to come up with one for the little ectothermic critter.

  Emmett was eternally grateful to you.

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i got this one twice, so i’m EXTRA sorry that it took me so long to get to! thank you so much to this anon and @coroarchenland​ for the prompts!

“I brought you an umbrella.”

That, Kravitz thought, was putting it mildly, since what Taako had actually done was descend through a hole that he had blasted into the roof of the Eternal Stockade astride a painfully beautiful spectral binicorn, only holding the Umbra Staff over Kravitz’s head to catch globs of tar-like goop as an afterthought.

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TalesFromYourServer: Customer accused me of stealing money from him while cashing him out, even though he never handed me any money.

Last year I worked as a server for a few months at a diner-esque restaurant. I live in a smaller town, so most of the customers were regulars who we saw most every other day, if not every day.

I took a table for one of these regulars one afternoon, and servicing them passed without incident. I was polite and courteous, and they (an old man and his wife who would come in practically twice a day) were the same…until it came time to cash them out.

Since I worked swing shift, we didn’t have a host, so it was up to the servers (or the manager, if they were at the front) to keep an eye on the register/cash customers out if we had a free moment. So I’m cleaning their table and notice they’re waiting at the front, so I stop and go to cash them out.

Here’s where the fun begins. Their bill was around $21. The man went to give me his credit card, before realizing he forgot to give me his senior discount card. He put his credit card back and gave me his discount card. I swiped it and it brought his total down to around $19 and some change. He pulled out exact coins from his wallet and handed them to me, but he still owed me the $19. I stared at him, confused, and waited for him to hand me a bill or a card, but he just stared right back and then asked what I was waiting for.

Slowly, I started, “Sir…you still owe $19. You only gave me (however much the remainder change was),” and then I held the coins out to show him. He gave me an odd look and replied, “Yeah, I gave you a $20 bill and that’s the change for the remainder so I can get even change.”

He never handed me a $20, and I told him so. That seemed to set him off because he suddenly got very angry and raised his voice, “Yes, I DID hand you a $20, and now you owe me the change! Check your register, it’s in there! You’re just trying to steal my money!”……I hadn’t even OPENED the register at all because I COULDN’T due to not having any money to PUT INTO the register for it to calculate change, and therefore open. I tried calmly explaining that to him but he wasn’t having any of it, he just continued causing a scene and asking me “how stupid” I thought he was that I could steal money right out from under his nose in public like this.

By this point I was completely dumfounded, just standing at the register holding the few leftover cents he gave me at the start so that he could get exact change back from the $20. Except he never gave me the $20, but insisted he did and that it was in the register, which was impossible because I had never opened the register at any point during this interaction.

His wife (who was quiet and seemingly as embarrassed as I was over the negative attention being brought to us), then spoke up, “Honey, perhaps you thought you gave her the $20 because you moved it in your wallet while trying to find your discount card?” Which seemed totally plausible to me, and could be the only reason why he thought he gave me a $20 in the first place. He suddenly turned on her though, and began yelling at her to “Shut the hell up and stay out of his business.” That alone was what upset me most, what right did he have yelling at his wife who was just trying to be calm and help us solve the situation??!

She clammed up and shot me an apologetic look (he was still making a scene and being disruptive, insisting me “stealing” his money would be on camera and he would get me fired) and I began to say I would go grab the manager, who at this point seemed to have realized there was an issue happening and already had made his way over.

I got the heck out of dodge and let him deal with it, and went to the back room to gather myself together. I’m one of those people who can’t handle confrontation/negative attention very well, and it took my all not to burst into frustrated tears (like I said I had only worked this job for about a month/2 months before this happened, and this was my first customer service job). This whole ordeal happened in the span of maybe like 2 minutes, but it felt like an eternity.

The manager found me afterwards and got my side of the story, and said he believed me. Apparently after explaining the exact same thing I had already said (about the register not having been opened) the customer handed over the $20 and left in a huff, declaring he would never come back again. OF COURSE he would be back the very next day though, because he was a regular and where else in this small town was he going to go, but I absolutely refused to take his table whenever he came in, and when no one was looking I shot him dirty glares at the back of his head.

I guess the silver lining of it all was a lot of the customers who saw the confrontation apologized to me and said they knew I wasn’t lying or trying to take the guy’s money, and felt sorry for me that the customer attacked me so harshly. They even left me rather generous tips, and one guy who wasn’t even one of my tables came up to me and slipped me a $20 and said I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

It’s just so off-putting seeing regulars who have always been kind, suddenly turn on a whim and viciously attack you over a misunderstanding.

tl;dr: customer thought he gave me $20 to pay for his meal, but he never did. Insisted I was trying to swindle money out of him and caused a huge scene.

By: chisaki-

Fic Recommendations

Hello everybody! I’m assuming y’all are on Christmas break, and so am I! I’ve been reading a lot too much lately and I’ve stumbled over some REALLY GOOD FICS LIKE WHAT THE HELL THESE DESERVE PRAISE

Oh and thanks to @fruitysmellz for mentioning me in her post. YOU ROCK!


Some are AU, some are not, WHATEVER. Read them anyway.

  1. Pumpkins and Anthropology by maravelous

Pairings: ShikaTema and NejiTen (AU) 

Summary:  “I think humans are more beautiful than any story or picture ever made." 

Notes: maravelous’ prose is something you are gonna want to read. The fic is endearing, and whimsical, and oh—so—natural when you read it. It isn’t like all the other AU high school fics you read. This one actually has PURPOSE. (Also maravelous is my writing idol I love her)

     2. Four Conversations on the Subject of Flight by wildcatt

Pairings: NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Flying is not as perfect as you imagine it to be, you know. Flying is just falling up.

Notes: pretty angsty. And beautiful. Something you can read for a good cry.

   3. a memory stick full of myspace friends by Straw8erries

Pairings: Nejiten (AU)

Summary:  fake facebook dating: it’s really cute, she swears

Notes: It’s a cute little thing. The romance is subtle, but not too subtle. May require more mature audiences though.

   4. borealis by hyperphonic

Pairings: NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Beside him, Tenten runs her fingers over the foible of her katana, true edge facing the door. "They want your eyes.” It is not a question.

Notes: It’s a pretty fic. Breathtaking. Like the aurora.

   5. Goldilocks by a Different Name by Aquarius Galuxy

Pairings: NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Tenten discovers that someone has been living in her apartment when she goes away on long missions.

Notes: Aquarius Galuxy is like the senpai of all teenager fics. While maravelous may be my idol, Aquarius Galuxy is a definite fav. Read her fics guys.

(Warning: Her fics may require more mature audiences. I speak for myself as well)


Some fics that exceed the “can be read in less than an hour” time limit. They’re still awesome though.

   1. like paper dolls and little notes by Seynee

Pairings: NejiTen (AU)

Summary:  It’s not that Tenten hates flying. In fact, she kind of likes it. Especially when she gets free cocktails. Especially when she’s sitting next to a handsome stranger. Especially when she gets to talk to him. This is going to be good.

Notes: Alright, I admit that I have been trying to read this fic for a long time. This is actually my first NejiTen fic, and I have attempted to read this more than three times. Good thing there’s no school on Sunday. The ending is EPIC.

(Warning: Fic is too good to be read. But read it anyway)

   2. Along the Way by MasterAverage

Pairings: NejiTen and some others (AU)

Summary:  It all started when Naruto refused to give Neji his house key back until he finally kissed a girl. 

Notes: Now HERE is your typical High School AU fic. But it’s still a must read. It’s fun, but there are some parts that are serious. Like a salad.

   3. Scars and Stitches by pusa.is.me

Pairings: NejiTen and some LeeTen to boot (Narutoverse)

Summary:  A love triangle of Gai-stronomic proportions.

Notes: Holy shit. This fic is like, the most beautiful Naruto fic I have ever read. Sure there is LeeTen, but fear not, NejiTen fans. This will make you cry. And laugh. And feel like a proud Papa Gai.


   4. Manager and Other Side Jobs by Scintazzle

Pairings: NejiTen. There is some NejiSaku but let us not go to those dark times…(AU)

Summary:  Accepting the shady job offer wasn’t really one of her best choices…but discovering she threw up on her future boss was even worse. 

Notes: This was an amazing fic. A breather, but can clench your lungs as well. Based on being a celebrity and what the showbiz is actually like.

(Warning: Sakura may grate on your nerves for a while after reading this fic)

   5. Unexpected Hero by notesonlife

Pairings: NejiTen and some others

Summary:  Being a ‘dorm mother’, or slave in hell, to five elite shinobi is not an easy task, especially for Tenten.

Notes: Pretty serious~~~


Hey, not only NejiTen fics come with great authors. Here are some amazing Naruto fics you’re gonna wanna see.

   1. Songs for a Dancer by pusa.is.me

Pairings: ShikaTen, NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary: He was a genius, and he could predict two hundred different outcomes to a single scenario, and every outcome he could think of leads to only one thing—his heart getting broken.

Notes: Alright, I am a dedicated NejiTen fan. But this fic, my friends, is the definition of AMAZING. Even though it’s ShikaTen, one-sided love can only go so far. It gives a clear and in-depth POV about NejiTen by our one and only genius. 

   2. Eraser dusts by Wintry Leen

Pairings: SaiIno (AU)

Summary: He says I love you through his sketches.

Notes: I admit Sai is actually one of my favorite characters. Shoot me. But before that, read this first, and I swear even the most dedicated ShikaIno fans will find this endearing.

   3. Fifty Nine Moves by Oh Dee

Pairings: ShikaTema (Narutoverse)

Summary: It only took fifty nine moves for checkmate.

Notes: What can I say? I love ShikaTema. It’s well-written, thoughts of characters are on-point, and it’s overall a nice read. Perfect for lattes in late afternoon.

   4. What Remains Unmentioned by Dayadhvam

Pairings: NOTHING. Kakashi/Gai bromance. (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Kakashi keeps accepting Gai’s challenges because he likes to pretend that they still make a difference in the tally of their Eternal Rivalry. Because, really, he knows that he’s already lost. Gai is too kind to bring up the worst challenge of them all.

Notes: Prettay Angsty too D:

   5. Coffee Table Talk by firefly

Pairings: NOTHING. But Temari/Hidan interaction is actually quite funny. (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Meet Hidan, the religious fanatic. Meet Temari of the Sand, the no nonsense sister of Kankuro and Gaara. Watch what happens when they both happen to run into each other.

Notes: This is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read. Kudos to “what the fuck, guys, I send you a messenger and y’all just ignore him.” Comedy gold.

   6. Ink by xiaoyings

Pairings: SaiIno. (Narutoverse)

Summary: It’s his turn to catch her.

Notes: I’ve fallen in love with SaiIno. This fic is beautiful—leads you all the way from first encounters to marriage to old age, and overall, this fic was just one heck of a ride. Don’t blame me for cutting onions under your bed. It’s gonna make you cry.


Hey, it’s a pretty small world. There are people here too.

@misspandalily IS MY SAVIOR AND ALSO HAS FANFICTION. You can find her in fanfiction.net as misspandalily. She also has this fic called Immortal Love that is still in the making, and I lurv it.

@tabine is also working on a fic on fanfiction.net , also here on tumblr and in AO3. They’re working on this fic called The Secret Life of Teachers. Fun stuff.

@giada-luna also has ff.net and her fics are AMAZING. Go check her out sometime, I heard they’re really good.


If you need more fics, go check out my favorites in my fanfiction.net account aka. twinquies . ALL THOSE FICS ARE WORTHWHILE

I’ve also probably read 99.999% of all existing NejiTen fics, and yes—I have pretty high standards. I know y’all probably know NessieGG and Goldberry, and that’s why I haven’t added them here—there are other nice fics too. 


on the origins of vampires

What if Sensei searched far and wide for the perfect candidates for his experiments?

The first one he found was a boy dying of wasting sickness, too weak to rise from the bed he’d lain in since the sickness took his entire family.  Sleepy Ash, he named him, as the boy recovered and snow drifted outside. The authorities came to the empty village and burned the bodies of the dead.

Next, a prince barely out of infancy, whose royal father just couldn’t spare the ransom.  The child took to the prospect of eternity with a verve the polar opposite of his predecessor, devouring any scrap of knowledge Sensei could provide.  He stomped imperiously around the lab ordering his big brother and his creator around, earning himself the name Old Child.

Third, a simple man who led a simple life.  He worked hard at his simple job and returned daily to his home.  And this family was simple as well, until a brother became determined to go to war.  Held back by this man who only wanted life to stay the same, the fighting between brothers escalated until only one of them remained standing.  The fallen brother rose again solitary and mistrustful and was named Doubt Doubt, as a reminder.

Fourth, the reckless general, slain in single combat as she tried to protect her soldiers.  Sensei was the only one left to recover her body after the two sides wiped each other out in the battle that followed her failure. When she rose again, her rage left no survivors behind, and she was nameless until Sensei found her again before the graves of those who had followed her.  “I am The Mother,” she said, “and I believe I am done with wars.”

Then he encountered a thief, a boy with fast hands and nimble feet, who stole only what he needed to keep himself alive, for he had no one but himself.  But he aimed too high one day after being taken in by a local gang; to prove his worth, he set out to steal a gem from a lady’s crown.  By the time Sensei found him, the hands with which he made his living were black in the too-tight manacles.  “I thought you were Death,” he said when he awoke.  “Is that what you think you deserve?  Lawless?”  Sensei responded.

Not too long after that, he found himself travelling through a country devastated by war.  Town after town he passed, searching for survivors. A skeletal young man, curled up among the scraps beneath the shattered wall of a school building.  He blossomed wonderfully to the influence of Sensei’s elixir, and as his second life began, as he was given the chance to take anything he wanted, all he ever asked for was food. Eat well, Gluttony, Sensei would say.  Eat well, World End.

Seven is a powerful number, and Sensei would allow no mistake in the creation of his final child. So he waited.  Decades and centuries he waited, travelling, experimenting, searching.  Until, on a warm spring evening, he passed beneath the open window of one of the city’s fine houses, and heard crying carried on the gentle breeze.  His master’s jealous lover, the dying man said, as his blood perfumed the pillows all around him.  The lover came for the children.  Where are the children?

“It’ll stop hurting soon, All of Love,” Sensei said, and he reached into his robes for a bottle.

Centuries passed.  His children left him, one by one.  Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, even gentle Lust.  

Lonely and forgotten, he took to the world again.

17.) A Shy Kiss (and thank you, anon!)

All was quiet that night. Ladybug and Cat Noir were sitting together on top of a building, overlooking the glow of Paris in the evening. Lights shimmered in the distance, including the lights adorning the Eiffel Tower. The two heroes were silent for a while, until the black cat cleared his throat.

“It’s, uh…” he started. “It’s a beautiful night out, tonight.”

Ladybug shook her head in agreement. “Yes, it is. Paris is always the most entrancing against the evening sky.” She looked down at her swaying feet, refusing to look at Cat.

It was a pretty stressful day for them. An akuma was running wild today after school had let out. They had defeated it, but the fight took a lot out of them. Both were unaware that their transformation was about to wear off. Luckily, they were out of the public eye when they reverted back to normal, but they were unable to hide from each other. Both of them learned who the real person was behind the mask. Marinette almost fainted, but Adrien was ecstatic to know that the girl of his dreams was one of his own classmates. Marinette tried to run away, but Adrien caught her wrist before she could escape. He asked her to meet him later that night so they could talk about a few things. Although hesitant, Marinette agreed and took off without another word. To Adrien’s relief, Ladybug did show up tonight. He was afraid she wouldn’t because how she responded earlier.

He sighed and looked away from the city skyline to look at her.

“You know,” he said sheepishly, “I’m actually glad it turned out this way.”

Ladybug picked her head up, still looking towards the lights on the horizon. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…I’m glad it’s you,” he repsonded.

Ladybug shook her head and finally looked at Cat. “What do you mean you’re glad?” she almost whispered. “I always thought you would be…disappointed. I’m nothing special.”

Cat moved closer to his partner, looking straight into her eyes. “Why would you even think that?” he questioned. “You’re extraordinary! You’re a hero, you save thousands of people daily, you…”

He was cut off when Ladybug put her hand over his mouth. “That’s Ladybug. She’s the hero of Paris. Marinette was terrified just trying to talk to you, Adrien.” She took her hand off his mouth and put both hands in her lap. She sighed and looked down again.

She didn’t see it, but Cat was blushing. He never knew Marinette liked him. Was he that dumb? Cat took his hand and placed on Ladybug’s chin, moving her head so she was looking at him again.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I feel so stupid. I must have been really blind not to see the girl I was longing for was sitting right behind me.”

Ladybug couldn’t help but blush. She smiled at Cat as tears started welling up in her eyes. Cat took his thumb and wiped the tears away before any could fall.

They stayed quiet for what like an eternity, but without thinking, they started to lean towards each other. They both started to blush, closing their eyes, until finally, their lips met. They kissed for only a moment before the pulled away, their faces still red.

Cat smiled nervously as Ladybug buried her face in her hands.

“I can’t believe I just did that!” she said quietly. 

Cat chuckled, making Ladybug look at him. “If it’s any consolation, my lady,” he cooed, “you are an exceptional kisser.”

If her face wasn’t red before, it sure was now. She laughed lightly, playfully shoving Cat away from her. “You weren’t half bad yourself, kitty,” she teased. She leaned her head on Cat’s shoulder and closed her eyes, blissfully unaware of the world around her. “I’m glad it turned out this way, too.”

Special thanks to sakura-rose12 for letting me use her comic as inspiation for this prompt.


First Kiss with Jun (absolute pure fluff)

A/N: so that fact i put in there is apparently true. idk try it out with ya lover and tell me what happens bc i’m curious..

gif credit

Saying Jun was nervous around you was an understatement. When Jun was with you his heart would beat faster than a marathon runner’s would and his hands became the most embarrassing amount of clammy (at least to him). His whole body would grow hot upon the simplest touch you gave him and left a graveyard of goosebumps along his skin. He was almost certain this feeling would kill him and he was almost certain that that was all he wanted.

Saying you were nervous around Jun was an understatement. Your breath became the most addictive amount of shallow and your cheeks became permanently flushed with the light pink shade dusting your cheeks in the most obvious way. You couldn’t explain how this boy made you feel so awkward and borderline nauseous at times. You couldn’t explain that everything in your body made you want to run back to that feeling.

The late Friday “totally not a date” night you and Jun had gone on was passing by much faster than you had hoped. It wasn’t your first “not a date” with Jun, in fact it wasn’t even close. You and Jun had spent one too many nights sitting on a dock at a pond by your house, both of your bare feet swishing in the cold water as you talked with Jun about anything that came to your mind.

“I read this article today,” Jun started, moving on from your previous topic as his fingers wrapped delicately around a smooth rock before he skipped it along the water. One, two, three, you watched it dance along the surface before falling in after the fourth skip.

“Is that the end of the story?” You laughed to yourself noting his absence. You threw your stone along the water. Neither of you spoke as you both counted six skips in your head.

“No, no. Sorry, I just zoned out for a second.” Jun did this often lately with you around, you could tell something was on his mind but you couldn’t manage to get him to tell you what. “So, I read this article. It said that when you like someone and you look in their eyes” Jun’s thought fizzled out as he rambled to you.

“Okay,” You whispered barely audible hoping to push him along knowing that this thought was whatever had been weighing on his mind.

“When your heart starts beating from staring into someone’s eyes that you like, well, if that person likes you too your hearts synchronize.”

Jun had done it, he had sent your heart stage diving out of your chest with a few words. Jun could always do this to you. He was an intruder. Intruding in on your thoughts, intruding in on your dreams, intruding in on your heart.

You unsuccessfully gulped down a clump of nervousness growing in your throat. “(Y/N),” Jun spoke again, his voice hoarse. He cleared his throat before he continued, “(Y/N), can I try something?” He had looked up at you not breaking eye contact.

Your words you tried to speak became lost in your lungs and you only nodded in response. He reached his hand out, his fingers ghosting you chest sending a familiar graveyard of goosebumps on your skin. His placed his warm but delicate palm on your chest as your heart grew even more erratic.

His eyes had grown wide, comically wide, and if you weren’t so goddamn scared you would have laughed. He didn’t speak again as the silence lingered between you two. A second that felt like an eternity passed before he took one of your hands in both of his. He rested your hand on his chest as well, again never breaking eye contact with you.

And you had felt it, the synchronicity between your heart and his. You felt as though you were on a wave length that only you two could reach together. You glanced down at your palm resting on his firm build and felt the rhythm of your hearts together.

Then, a hand familiar to your skin made it’s way to your cheek, still dusted with a light pink shade. His thumb rubbed circles on your cheek and you looked up at him. A gorgeous smile was plastered on Jun’s face, so contagious that you became infected as well.

“You better kiss me, punk.” You heard your voice declare daringly surprising even yourself. Jun licked his lips and moved closer as he closed the gap between you, his hot breath tingling all over your body. His nose brushed against your own causing your entire body to grow awake.

And so soon his lips were on yours. You tasted him, how sweet he was. You had understood why people became addicted to drugs because goddamn you would drink poison if it tasted like him. You two were one, on your own wavelength. Your heartbeat thumped together in a beautiful rhythm, your breath on one another, so shaky in the most wonderful way.

It was a delicate kiss that sent your knees weak and knocking together. His lips had fit so perfectly with your own it couldn’t have been coincidence. He peppered your lips with more and more kisses each time releasing a butterfly in your stomach.

Jun pulled away a huge smile reappearing as it spread across his face, lighting up the darkest crevices. You could have kissed one another forever if it wasn’t for the pure happiness bubbling within Jun. That big nerd had to pull away because he couldn’t stop smiling. And you had never felt so perfect.

anonymous asked:

If you have time~ Style 5 scenario where their s/o has a nasty case of the hiccups and the guys try things to get rid of them? I dunno I just think it'd be cute haha..

I’m so sorry this took so long!! :(( But here it is! I died writing this oml, the cuteness in my head was unreal

Your hiccups had started half way through dinner. You were sat peacefully, munching away on mackerel, again, lost in your own thoughts when the first one came. Hic. Trying to push them down, you continued eating. Hic. This time Haru looked up at you, slightly confused at your irritated expression. Hic. Hic. “Oh. My.” Hic. “GOD!” Haru couldn’t help but smile at your irritation about your sudden case of hiccups. His chair made a slight scraping sound as he got up to get you a glass of water. He placed it in front of you, along with an animal straw Nagisa had accidently left there months ago.

“Plug your ears and drink.” He instructed as he sat back in his seat. You followed his orders, grimacing as you swallowed the water. However, when you removed your fingers from your ears you realised your hiccups were gone.

“Thanks, Haru.”

It was the middle of the night. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get to sleep, so instead you were lying awake staring at the ceiling. Makoto was sleeping like an angel next you, his arm hooked over your waist as always. Half way through making a mental meal plan in your head, you hiccupped. Freezing in fear of waking up your boyfriend, you tried to surpass the next few hiccups. To no avail. The persistent hiccupping awoke Makoto and you felt him stir next to you, his arm shifting off your waist to rub his eyes. “____? What’s wrong?” His morning voice, or more like 1am voice, was deep and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“It’s nothing babe, go back to sleep.” As soon as you finished your sentence, you hiccupped again.

“You know…” Makoto said as he leant over and ducked his head down, connecting his lips with yours. At first you were shocked, but soon you kissed back and wove your fingers through his hair. Pulling back for air you laughed.

“Damn, Tachibana, getting frisky are we.” You chuckled as you rolled over and shifted so the pair of you were entwined. Kissing your nose he replied.

“Ah, but your hiccups are gone aren’t they.”

Half way though your homework, they hit. A continuous stream of hiccups. Nothing worked to get rid of them either, no holding your breath or drinking water or even standing on your head. Which was a very dodgy attempt up against the wall, almost resulting in a trip to A&E. Giving up and realising the you would have to live with them for now, you sunk back into your seat, picking up your phone to text your long term boyfriend, Nagisa.

From ____

To Nagisa-chan

Nagiissssaaaaaa I have a horrid case of the hiccups and my homework is driving me insane! Who even needs to know this any way??

From Nagisa-chan

To ______

Ha, your hiccups should go soon! And no slacking on your homework, we made a promise, remember!

You sighed and chucked your phone onto your bed, watching it bounce to a stop before picking up your pen and staring at the crap on the page in front of you. 

Half an hour later and you had finally finished the first set of questions. But, of course the damn hiccups were still there. Yawning, you stretched stiff limbs.

“Honey I’m home!” You flew of your chair and screamed as Nagisa flew through your door hollering a greeting. He started laughing hysterically as he saw you lying on the floor, white as a sheet with an expression of sheer terror on your face. “Oops, ____-chan, are you okay?” He said as he walked over. You began to giggle at the situation.

“Yeah, I think my hiccups are gone as well.” You said as he offered you a hand.

“Okay so, I’ve researched it as much as I could and come to this conclusion. You must eat a lemon.” You snorted from your place on Rei’s bed.

“I don’t care if I die from hiccups, I am not, ever, eating a lemon.” Rei sighed as if explaining the situation to a young child.

“I never said it had to be an entire lemon, it only has to be a slice. Just enough to send your body into a slight shock.” Rei pushed up his glasses and you laughed at his dorkiness.

“Okay fine. But if it goes wrong dinners on you.” You quirked an eyebrow at your boyfriends antics as he rushed out of the room, you couldn’t help but feel as if he was using this as an excuse to see you freak out. Soon however, Rei returned, holding a perfectly cut slice of lemon triumphantly in front of him. You laughed and hiccupped at the same time, resulting in a strange noise that both of you laughed at.

“Open wide.” Rei said as he put the lemon towards your mouth. Grimacing, you lent forward and bit into it. Sour juice squirted into your mouth and your eyes squinted as you sucked, constantly thinking that at this rate you were going to turn into a sour mouthed grandma. Rei was laughing at the vast array of facial expressions flickering across your face. Spitting out the lemon, you shivered in disgust.

“Remind me to never listen to your ideas again, Rei.” Rei pushed up his glasses again.

“It worked though, did it not.” You realised he wasn’t actually wrong. Your hiccups were gone.

“Breath in.“ Rin made a gesture with his hands as he sat cross legged in front of you. "And in. And in.” You gave your boyfriend a strange look as you began to feel like you needed to breath out. “Hold it.” A look of disbelief passed across your face, was he trying to kill you? Rin rolled his eyes at you and your expressions. “I told you to trust me didn’t I? Now let out a little breath.” Relieved at the thought you might be able to breath without hiccups soon, you followed is order and let out a little breath. “And another. Good, now let it all out slowly.” Now it was your turn to roll your eyes as you began making elaborate gestures, as if you were a very flamboyant yoga instructor. You sighed as you finally took in a deep breath of well needed oxygen.

“That was strange.” Rin laughed and pushed himself up, only to tackle you to the floor.

“Worked though, didn’t it. Lori taught me that.” He kissed your nose and you wrapped your arms around his neck, happy to finally be rid of the hiccups that had been bothering you all day.