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Color Art Meme #2

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One of the reasons the original Cybermen are so creepy and the later ones aren’t is, well, look at them. They don’t just look like shiny robots—the traces of their humanity are very obvious. And there’s something far more horrifying about one of those creatures saying “this is what we want to turn you into” than a cool, sleek robot saying it. Because let’s be honest, being a cool robot doesn’t sound all that bad—even the no emotions part might seem like a plus to some people. But when one of these guys stands before you and claims to be superior—to have improved themself—the horror and tragedy is immediately apparent.


Childhood Trauma - A moodboard


the resemblance is uncanny

Best Stolen Gift

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 599

Warnins: Implied Smut

A/N: Thanks to my sweet lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing for me. And happy birthday to my absolute favourite actor, Jensen Ackles.

“Best birthday gift ever,” Jensen mumbled against your neck, making you giggle, still high on on him and practically still seeing stars even minutes after he rolled off you and pulled you into his arms.

“You say that every year,” you smiled at him, softly pegging his lips making his grin widen.

“And every year it is true,” Jensen hummed, drawing lazy patterns on your naked back, as you ran your fingers through his hair drawing him closer. “You are the best gift I ever had.” Jensen promised, kissing your neck making you giggle again, enjoying the way his stubbles teased your still sensitive skin.

“I am glad me getting stood up brings you so much joy,” you joked thinking back to your first date or whatever you’d call it, making him chuckle and bury his face in your neck.

“10 years and you still don’t know,” he muttered, making you frown and tug his hair gently, making him look at you.

“Know what?” you asked, with a bewildered expression on your face and Jensen’s green eyes sparkled at you making the golden flakes shine even clearer.

“Promise you won’t divorce me?” Jensen asked, with a smug grin on his face and you rolled your eyes.

“I have gotten kinda attached. Two kids and all. Now spill it Ackles,” you fought to keep a straight face but it was hard to be stern when he looked at you like that. With childlike amusement and so much love, an expression only he could master to perfection.

“You weren’t stood up. Well the guy was late, but he showed,” Jensen averted your gaze a little when he saw your confusion, his hand kept drawing symbols on your back as he spoke. “Jared and I were watching you for the first 30 minutes you were waiting. The red rose on the table made it kinda obvious it was a blind date. I told Jared that you deserved better when you were almost leaving and we saw the guy carrying a red rose in the door. Jared just… well… He told me to show you better and he walked up and spilled his coffee all over the guy.”

You eyes opened wide, but you felt no need to scold him. You just couldn’t believe that Jared and Jensen had been able to keep this from you for 10 years.

“So you walked up to me and asked me to come with you to your birthday party?” you bit your lip to keep from laughing and Jensen blushed slightly, still not looking at you.

“Well it sounds creepy when you put it like that,” Jensen muttered and you could no longer hold back your laughter. You tangled hand in his hair again and wrapped your free arm around his shoulder, pulling his closer and into a tender, passionate kiss.

“But you are my creep,” you teased when you broke the kiss, making Jensen chuckle as you lovingly slapped his arm. “I can’t believe you never told me dude! You got a lot of making up to do.”

“I’ll start right now,” Jensen wiggled his eyebrows at you before ducking under the sheet making you let out a squeal and giggle.

“Jay it’s your birthday not mi… arhhh,” your protest turned into a sultry moan as your husband’s sinful lips and tongue found their target. Your last coherent thought before getting completely lost in your husband and the pleasure he brought you yet again, was to remember to thank Jared tonight, after kicking his ass for not telling you about his little matchmaking game himself.

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The original The Sims game was inherently dark and kind of creepy.

Is it just me?

When I first bought the game back in 2001, I remember it being addictive, awesome, groundbreaking for its time and wonderfully odd. When compared to the later, sweeter installments, and even its many expansion packs, it feels cold and well…kind of creepy in comparison.

The original How to Play instruction manual for The Sims, which I remember vividly but could never find in my house, was snarky and full of witty commentary. Later on the manual was more straightforward, but still retained some of the self-referential humor that is inherent in the gameplay and is, I think, part of what makes the game kind of unnerving.

(To this day, I wish I could find that damn original manual!)

Just looking at that main screen with that one neighborhood you’re forever attached to as the jaunty background music plays in the ever-sunny world, even that kind of weirds me out. 

Maybe it’s the uncanny valley-ness of the dated graphics, maybe it’s remembering the way the kids never aged, how the adults remained awkward and odd and never got any older, and how if the children failed school, they were just sent off to some horrific place only known as “boot camp”…forever. Yes, remember? They NEVER came back.

And when those burglars came stalking in the night and the Buy and Build modes just shut off as that scary, urgent music played and you were left helpless and asleep…

And when the fires started out of nowhere while your Sims made that same plate of salad-looking food and you forgot to install a smoke alarm and you were forced to watch them hopelessly burn to death and run around screaming for their lives…

And in the first expansion pack, Livin’ Large, when that awful Tragic Clown appeared and made it impossible for your Sim to rest or eat until they fell ill and eventually just died unless you put that eerie clown portrait in front of the fireplace…if you even figured that out…

Sure, things got more mellow and felt less odd with later expansion packs, especially when you were given the ability to visit shopping areas like Old Town and other places outside of the claustrophobic little classic neighborhood.

And OK, I’m not saying The Sims is a scary game or even that it freaked me out as a child, but I will always look back on the original as being, well…kinda creepy.

Pidge and Keith’s relationship (Friendship or more) is amazing and you cannot convince me otherwise. 

  • Keith helping Pidge with their hand to hand combat and Pidge helping Keith learn more about technology.
  • Come up with the sickest burns, don’t challenge them, you won’t win.
  • Keith being Keith never apologized to Pidge’s face about when they wanted to leave Voltron but Pidge found a note taped to the Green Lion that literally only said “Sorry -Keith
  • The Red Lion is the first one that Pidge installs extra stuff too because it was late at night and Keith was there. 
  • Both of them like quiet so its not uncommon for them to be sitting in a room together in complete silence, doing two different things.
  • Keith is well aware that Pidge can take care of themselves but all the same, he’s extremely protective of them.
  • The best pranksters, they’ve literally pranked every single one of their friends.
  • Literally can communicate with just looks, its kind of creepy how well they can.
  • They spent a whole night where Pidge educated Keith on all the memes that they know.
    • First time he used one it almost gave Lance a heart attack.
      • The first one was *looks into the camera like its the office*
  • The two that stay up the latest together. Pidge because they are working on tech stuff and Keith because he’s training.
    • Sometimes the others find them in the morning past out on the couches from staying up late talking to each other. 

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Miwa Shiro’s art for Fukumoto’s episode… Well, I’ve to say Fukumoto you look creepy too… are you following Hatano’s footsteps? ^_^;

Translation courtesy of Google translate:

俺は暫くこの街に融け込む事になるだろう。 #jga

I’m going to melt into this city for a while. #jga

Meanwhile Nito Subaru is retwitting the old draws he made when Joker Game was being aired for the first time…

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Elgang's reaction to the elsword anime

Elsword thinks it’s cool! His friends are in there, and he has plenty of screen time. He likes, and hopes it will continue. He is absolutely oblivious that the anime has made him look weaker than DiE in PVE.

Aisha is irritated they have to make her act bitchy. What, what do you mean she always acted like that to Elsword?! Of course she doesn’t! Well… she means… she doesn’t hate him… anyway!

Rena laughs, and thinks the characters are believable. She wishes she has more screen time, but appreciates saving Raven’s butt.

Raven doesn’t remember his skin being that pale… Isn’t it a little darker…? Well, he accepts it, he supposes. Doesn’t exactly like how they drew him and his eyes, though. Also wonders what a car is when the ending credits play.

Eve notes that many of the features that define them are removed. A lot of their eyes are degenerated into typical ones, and that they spend a majority of their time not doing anything than actually moving. And - she can float down on the floor, there’s no need for Add to save her… Overall, 4/10.

Chung wonders about his dad. But the anime is kinda boring… he scores it a 6/10.

Ara hasn’t seen herself in the anime, despite her being in the opening and the ending songs. She huffs as she stares at her 4 seconds of screen time in the OP and EDs.

Elesis laughs at the fact that she’s carrying the El Search Party through Hamel. She teases how weak his little brother is, and that he should get a bit stronger. Also wonders what a motorcycle is.

Add can’t help but wonder if his appearance in the anime makes him look, well… he doesn’t know… creepy? That millisecond scene of him peeking out the waterfall seems cringey, and while he did like the fact he saves Eve in the end, he finds himself disappointed that’s all he does.

Lu fumes because shes only in the opening and the ending.

Ciel doesn’t really care at the moment, there’s only one episode and they’re not even included in the episode.

Rose: “What anime?” She’s confused.

Ain is amused at the anime. He’s a little sad that he doesn’t appear in the official anime, not even in the opening and the ending credits… but, at least he has a 1 minute scene dedicating to him being saved by Elsword… That’s good, right?


tinwhistletoo replied to your photoChloe:  “Well if it isn’t the creep who has been…

She looks creepy! Those eyes! That sly smile!

mdianasanders replied to your photo “Chloe:  “Well if it isn’t the creep who has been stalking my…”

She does have demon eyes :p

Chloe - the demon child.

Her father - Kevin - is an evil oracle.

Her mother - Caitriona - is an evil secret agent.

Her twin brother - Eric - is evil.

Her uncle - Ethan - is an evil crime boss.

Chloe, her aunt - Lexie, and her cousins - Gianna and Amalia are not evil.

Yet, you wouldn’t know that by looking at her!  I was shocked (and may have laughed a little) by the way she was glaring/smirking at Luciano.  Even Thania running past looked scared of her!  Then once she seemed to get her point across to him, she gave him a smile and went back to being a “normal” sim child.

So she was dubbed the demon child after this….

  • stiles, dreaming about lydia: ...lydia??? why are you here??? this is really weird and NOT RIGHT OR NORMAL ALSO I AM DREAMING IN MY BED NOT FALLING ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL #JUSTSAYING
mine (jimin) pt.1

halloween series

warnings: werewolf!bts, maybe some language along the way

in which you find your mate~ but things aren’t always as easy as they sound. 

includes lots of possessive jimin and werewolf bts  

as you all know by now i suck at titles lmao but yeah

=“mine” (jimin)

18th birthday. Such a joy, right? You’d finally find your mate, and you’d live happy ever after, without any worries. Not so much when that person turning eighteen was you. You were the black sheep of your pack, and no one would really want to be your mate anyways. The mating progress was a dream, a fairytale to you and you only hoped that when you’d find your mate, they’d be nice to you. There was also this small voice hoping that your mate wasn’t one of the wolves from your pack. Not that there was anything wrong with your pack, they just weren’t… The nicest pack around.

“You’ll love having a mate. I swear, they’re the best.” your one and only friend Emmy tried to comfort you, but it only made you feel a little sadder, because you somehow knew your mate wouldn’t be very accepted. Emmy and you were the two weird one’s out in the pack, yet Emmy had this kind of feeling… She gave off a very relaxing feeling. It made everyone at ease, including you. Emmy was lucky enough to have a mate from a different pack- you’d met him once, his name was Seokjin. A sweet, sweet guy. He was a little older than Emmy, who just turned nineteen, but you knew he cared for her like she was his world~ and Emmy was right. That was something you wanted to have too.

“Jin invited you over to come to dinner with us, again. You know you’ll have to come one day, right?” Emmy asked you, and you nodded, trying to change the topic immediately. Jin was from one of the strongest packs around, and you weren’t going to lie, the idea of being at dinner with the two of them and possibly some of his pack members too, it scared you a little. Seokjin was the alpha’s best friend, among five other guys from which one was the beta. You’d heard stories about the alpha~ he was only twenty, but already feared by many. He became the alpha at such a young age since his parents disappeared, you could only imagine what that’d do to you as a young kid. You felt for the guy, really. But the thought of him still had your legs shaking.

“Earth to Y/N?” Emmy waved her hand in front of your face, and you were taken aback a little. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking…” you trailed off, trying to pay attention to whatever Emmy was talking about now. “So is that a yes?” she questioned, and you raised an eyebrow at her, “yes?” you didn’t know what she was talking about, but Emmy let out a grin, “finally! So dinner is on saturday. Yes, saturday as in tomorrow. Wear something nice. It won’t be just the three of us. Jin invited his other friends too, including the alpha, so if you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the talk of the town…” Emmy started to talk about the alpha and your thoughts drifted off. What if your mate was in a different pack than your own? Would your parents let you go that easily? They didn’t really like you that much, so maybe they would.. If you were lucky, just like Emmy, you’d get to leave.

“But Emmy, I don’t want to go to that dinner, I’m sorry, but-“ you tried getting out of it but it was too late. Emmy shot you that, “if you finish your sentence, ill kill you” look. You decided to shut up and prepare yourself for the worst. You’d have to dress nicely, Emmy said, because you were maybe going to meet the goddamn alpha. “Emmy, don’t you think my rank is a little too low to be meeting the alpha like that? And I’m not even of his pack…” you unconsciously started tapping the table with your fingers, something you always did when you were nervous. “Well, I am part of his pack now and Jin told me he wanted to come himself to take some time off. You act like the guy’s a freaking vampire, Y/N. He’s really sweet, actually. But he’s also just really tough.” Emmy tried to reassure you and you were going to trust her on this one. “Alright. But I’ll leave the second I don’t like it anymore, okay?” you at least deserved that, right? “Like you’ll have the balls to do that. You’re too shy for that, Y/N, we both know that.” Emmy giggled and you rolled your eyes at her, “anyways, I have to go now. It’s getting late. Besides, I promised my parents I’d be home before twelve. It’s literally almost twelve.” you suddenly realized the time and you were already on your feet to grab your backpack.

Emmy frowned at you as she followed behind you, “you have to get home? Are you sure you can’t stay over? I mean, it’s indeed almost midnight, and you know the creepy wolves come out by midnight. It’s your birthday, I’m sure you can…-“ this time, you cut Emmy off by waving your hand in front of her face, “no, no. It’s alright. I can handle myself. I’m eighteen now, remember? Thanks for making this birthday a little more bearable.” you thanked Emmy with a smile and she nodded at you, “alright then. Well, get home safe. Remember to avoid any creepy looking things.” You opened the front door and stepped out into the chilly wind, “bye Emmy, see you tomorrow then, I guess.” you blew her a kiss and you turned around, walking a little fast. You heard Emmy faintly yell goodbye back at you, but you were too busy focusing on the sounds you heard to really notice.

Since Emmy was now part of Jin’s pack, she also lived in their territory. You being part of another pack, you were basically not allowed to cross unless you had permission. In this case, you did, but if you did walk into someone from their pack, how would they know Emmy allowed you to stay? You tried to be optimistic, but these were always thoughts that’d cross your mind at midnight. The heels of your boots made clicking sounds on the street, and you stopped in your tracks when you heard two voices coming closer to you. “It does smell a little weird here, we should check it out.” the person sounded like they were half asleep, but you still knew it’d be handier for you to just go through the woods.

You went straight off the pad, and you let out a relieved breath, happy that Emmy literally lived on the edge of her pack’s territory, so it shouldn’t be long before you were surely safe again. You pulled your hoodie over your head, covering up your hair and forehead. It was a little bit colder in the woods, and a lot wetter too. Sure, it just had to rain the day before. Your wolf huffed at you, she told you it wasn’t smart that you came through the woods. You wanted to agree with her, mainly because A. it was a little dark to be really certain of where you were going and B. you could definitely hear leaves crunching behind you. Maybe it was just your imagination, or maybe it was just an animal, hell, it could’ve just been the wind but you were pretty sure that you weren’t alone in here.

You brought up your pace and started humming one of your favorite songs in your head, trying to calm yourself. You were doing a great job at it, and soon you forgot you ever worried as you were happily dancing to yourself. You knew you were close to your pack’s territory, you could feel it. Sadly, luck wasn’t always at your side, and that showed when you heard a low growl coming from behind you. You stopped, your heart suddenly beating a lot faster and it took all of you to keep yourself from finishing the sentence you were singing. You hated not finishing something, and your insides were tingling.

“Yah, eh, you out there… Would you kindly not kill me?” you muttered, looking around you, the flashlight of your phone not being much of a help. You knew that whatever was here with you, it wasn’t human neither was it in it’s human form. Your wolf was ready to burst out if there was something here, and try to protect you. You weren’t the strongest wolf out there, but hopefully you were strong enough to save your ass and train more. You heard another growl, this time way too close and you felt the hairs on your neck standing straight as you finally found the culprit behind the sounds.

On the ground, not too far away from you, was a bright red coloured wolf. You weren’t sure if it was a rogue, or if it was a pack member. You let out a breathy laugh as you held your hands in front of you, taking a small step back. “N-no worries, I won’t hurt you. I’m- I was just about to go, actually, I didn’t… I didn’t mean to trespass. I have permission.” you mixed up your words and you just knew you were dead. You took another step back, and ended up against something that felt like a tree. The wolf suddenly seemed to coward away, and with a low snarl, it turned around to run.

“Thank you, dear lord-“ you started off, thinking you were safe until you realized that the tree behind you, definitely wasn’t a tree- something very human. Something very alive. You froze against the person, knowing they were the reason the other wolf scurried off. “What shall be your reason for trespassing? Who gave you permission to come onto our territory?” the person spoke up, obviously a boy now. You turned around, looking straight into a pair of eyes. “Eh, yah, my friend gave me permission, she- she lives right around the corner.” you tried to smile but you were sure that you looked terrified. Another voice confirmed that for you. “Taehyung, leave her alone. She looks like she’s about to crap her pants.” a voice that sounded like pure heaven spoke from behind the boy that you thought were a tree, and you squinted your eyes, trying to find the body that fit this angelic sound.

“Jimin-ah, we had problems with rogues before. Even though the other wolf was just a pack member, the girl might as well be lying. We don’t know.” the tree-person, now known to be Taehyung spoke with an annoyed voice when the angelic voice spoke again, “Taehyung! Don’t disrespect me like that, I’m your hyung. Go back to the pack house, I’ll deal with her.” his voice sent shivers down your spine, and you bit your lip, trying to calm yourself. “Alright, hyung. Only this once.” Taehyung huffed before looking back at you, “why are you so special? You should’ve been dead by now.” and his words confused you till the end, but before you could ask why, he was long gone.

The person with the angelic voice stepped forward, and you tried your best not to let your jaw drop, because even with the slightest bit of light, you knew this person was a drop dead, gorgeous creature. Your eyes fell into his, and his look seemed to soften and you felt your wolf squeal, ‘mate’. Your eyes widened, and you were 100% sure the guy, Jimin, was whispered the exact same thing by his wolf because within a second, he was right next to you. “You, what’s your name?” he lowly spoke, his hand on your wrist, keeping you from running away. “Uhm, excuse me sir, but would you kindly let go of my wrist? That’s none of your business.” you tried to make your voice sound strong as you ripped your hand away from him, making him raise his eyebrows at you. “Really? You want to speak informal to me?” Jimin seemed amused, and you shot him a glare, “I’m pretty sure ‘sir’ is formal. In english vocabulary it is. Why should I speak formal to you, anyways?” you curiously questioned him, but you reminded yourself to leave as soon as you had your answers.

You had to force yourself from looking anywhere but his perfect face as he took another step closer to you, only making you step backwards again. “Well, you aren’t in your own territory. I might as well kill you just now. Actually, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.” he playfully replied, and you knew he wanted you to say that you were his mate. Males seemed to enjoy to hear that their mate is theirs, but you weren’t going to give this guy the satisfactory. You didn’t know why, you knew you wanted a mate more than anything, but something seemed not right about this person. “There is none. You’re totally right. Why haven’t you killed me yet? I’m still waiting.” you bit your lip as you saw his eyes darken, all playfulness gone. “Why haven’t I…-“ “too late. Goodbye, Jimin.” you cut him off, your heart beating loudly as you ran, ran over the border back into your own pack’s territory. You were lucky that you were so close to it, you knew Jimin wouldn’t follow you now.

As soon as you knew you were safe, you rested against a tree, a real tree this time. Taking time to catch your breath, you thought back about what just happened. This Jimin person, no, your mate, you’d just left him behind. This might’ve just been the worst decision of your life, but something told you that this wasn’t going to be the last time you’d see him. “Jimin… Where have I heard that name before?” you whispered to yourself, shaking your head. You stood up straight, continuing to walk back to your house as if nothing even happened. Truth was, your life changed a lot in those small moments just now. You knew it too, you just weren’t willing to accept it just yet.

// end of pt.1 //

not really sure how to feel about this, but well, i said there was gonna be a special halloween series… so here it is. please tell me if you like it. i might not continue if no ones excited aha but well, just wanted to give it a try. 

To find A Father


Rambunctious music played in the headman’s house as the village celebrated the vanquishing of the demon that had been plaguing them for months. The sounds of merrymaking could be heard from afar, but one jovial laugh was audible above it all, shortly followed by a grudging rumble. Inuyasha and Miroku had been coerced into staying the night as thanks for their services. Well, Inuyasha had to be persuaded, Miroku was more than happy to accept the hospitality.

“We are truly indebted to you good monk,” The headman gushed “Please, you and your friend enjoy yourselves while you stay, it’s the least we can do to repay your kindness.” The headman smiled to the two companions.

“No no, it was no trouble at all, we were simply doing the Buddhas work.” Miroku said with a slight bow of his head. Inuyasha “Tch-ed” from his spot against the wall. Inuyasha knew he was really just taking the opportunity to have a break from the kids, those little hellions were near impossible and only Sango could really handle them.

“Even so, the villagers would like to express their thanks.” the elderly headman said, and almost as if a dam broke, Miroku and Inuyasha were surrounded by thankful farmers and housewives. All of them clamoring to express their gratitude, loudly. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and prepared himself for a long night as tittering women approached him with mischief in their gazes.

The early morning sun shone on the two travelers as they said their farewells to the village headman. A small crowd had gathered to see the two men off, and Inuyasha idly scanned their faces, allowing Miroku to do the talking.

“Once more, my friend and I would like to thank you for your hospitality, but we must be on our-”

“WAIT!” A voice called from their right. Everyone turned to watch as a middle-aged man jogged up to the stranger of the two travelers and bowed before standing upright again. “I would like to personally thank you for saving my oxen yesterday. Without it, my family and I would have been much worse off this winter!” The man said jovially, his brown eyes crinkling at the corners in a very familiar way.

Inuyasha stood momentarily speechless, uncomfortable with the attention, before turning his side to the man while crossing his arms. “Yeah, well, it’s not like I could just sit around and do nothing.” Inuyasha gave an indignant sniff. Then he sniffed again, once more facing the farmer. Leaning in close to the mans face, Inuyasha’s nose worked furiously for several seconds as the farmer shifted from foot to foot.

“You smell like someone I know.” Inuyasha declaired, finally leaving the mans space and examining him from afar.


“Yeah, kinda look like her too. Oi, monk, don’t he kinda look like Kagome?”

Miroku walked over to get a better look, leaning in much as his companion had. “OOH, you’re right. The resemblance is uncanny!”

“Excuse me, but did you say Kagome?” The man interjected.

“Huh, oh yeah, that’s my wife’s name.” Inuyasha said flippantly.

“Where is she from?” The farmer queried.

“She comes from somewhere far away from here.” Inuyasha replied, somewhat wary.

The crowd could almost see the wheels spinning in the farmers head. The man began shifting from side to side, a small, hopeful smile on his face. “Do you-would you mind if- I accompanied you back to your village?”

The mans request set Inuyasha completely on edge, and as he opened his mouth to speak Miroku cut him off by stepping in front of him and bowing slightly. “Of course, it would be a pleasure to have you join us in our village!” He said smoothly before rounding on his companion and pulling him into a conspirational huddle with their backs to the man. “My friend, before you try to run this man off try to think logically. He has probably heard tell of an exceptional young priestess by the name of Kagome who hails from a distant land. The man most likely has some problem he wishes to discuss with her, or he simply wants to satisfy his curiosity.”

Inuyasha grumbles for a few moments before seeming to grasp onto something to convince Miroku to leave the man behind. “Yeah, well why does he look and smell like her? That’s just down right creepy that a stranger looks and smells like Kagome, how do we know he isn’t some shape shifting demon or something?”

Miroku ponders this for a few moments before a sly grin lights up his face. “Inuyasha, it’s entirely possible that this man is one of Kagomes ancestors. Does that not explain his appearance and scent? And just imagine how excited your wife would be to meet someone that she is possibly related to in this era. She would more than likely want to thank whomever brought him.” Miroku finished suggestively.

Inuyashas cheeks pinked at the implications behind the monks words, sputtering slightly before straightening and turning to leave with a huff, leaving behind a very confused crowd and a very amused Miroku. Several meters down the dirt road Inuyasha calls over his shoulder. “You two coming or not?”

Miroku grins at the bewildered farmer and gestures for him to follow, a similar grin lightening the mans features.

“ We never did inquire as to your name good sir.” Miroku prompts the farmer.

“My name is Reiji. Higurashi Reiji.”

The sun was nearing the western horizon when the three crested the final hill before they reached the village. Turning to his companions Inuyasha gruffly ordered them to “Wait here.” Before bounding off in the direction of his wife’s scent. The hanyo found Kagome with Sango and the children, kneeling on the ground next to the stream as they washed their linens and kimono.

Kagome turned and smiled brightly, abandoning her wash in favor of hugging her husband. “Inuyasha! I’m so glad that you’re back, I missed you.”

“Keh, wench I was only gone for two days.” Inuyasha said with his usual smirk firmly in place, even as his eyes gave him away.

Sango stood, wiping her hands dry on her apron, her young son asleep in his carrier on her back. She glanced at the twins who were slashing in the water a little ways downstream before asking “Where’s Miroku? He should be with you.”

Kagome looked over Inuyasha’s shoulder, searching for the absent monk. “Yeah, where is Miroku-sama? Did something happen?”

Inuyasha’s smirk widened. “You could say that. C'mon, there’s something you need to see.” He said, taking her hand into his and drawing her along behind him.

Sango called to the girls and followed behind Inuyasha and Kagome, the latter now peppering the former with questions. One of her daughters tugged on her sleeve. “Papa home now? Papa bring us p'eznts?” Sango only smiled in response.


“Inuyasha, why won’t you just tell me what it is?”

“You’ll see when we get there wench.”

“Yes, but what is it?” Kagome exclaimed just before the hilltop came into view.

“Close your eyes.”


“Just cover your eyes Kagome, I don’t want you to spoil your surprise.”

“Okay…” Kagome says as she grudgingly raises her hands to cover her eyes. Inuyasha takes her shoulder and gently guides her forward. “You better not let me trip Inuyasha or you’ll be eating dirt right along with me!” She threatens. Her husband just chuckles in response.


Two figures rested in the shade of a tree that was conveniently located just to the side of the road. The more familiar of the two noticed the approach of his friends and family and rose to his feet to greet the two little girls that came surging toward his embrace, scooping them into his arms with practiced ease.

Reiji climbs more slowly to his feet, anticipation and apprehension thick in the air around him. He watches intently as the hanyo leads a young priestess towards him, chuckling at something she said. Soon the distance closes between the farmer and the young couple, Inuyasha positioning his wife directly in front of the now nervous man, her hands still obscuring most of her face. Reiji dry swallows.

“Alright Kagome, you can open your eyes now.” Inuyasha says.

Her hands reluctantly leave their place, no longer hiding her features, though her eyes remained closed. Reiji sucked in a breath of air, and Kagome opened her eyes at the sound. Shock was written on every one of her features as she gazed at the man, their eyes locking. Time slowed to a sluggish crawl. Her mouth gaped as she struggled to form words, before finally she managed to find her voice.


The world stopped as that single whispered word left her lips. For what seemed like an eternity, the two gazed at each other, not even birdsong breaking the silence.

Eons could have passed as father and daughter stood on that hilltop. The quiet surrounding the two seemed to wrap them in a cocoon, isolating them from the rest of the world. And then the peace was broken by a sobbing Kagome launching herself into her fathers waiting arms.

“I thought I would never see you again!” He whispers against her hair, tears streaming down his face as he presses a kiss on the top of her head.

“We didn’t know what happened to you, you just suddenly disappeared one day! Mama was so worried, and gramps refused to leave the house in case you came home. After a year, the police told us that you were probably dead. I didn’t believe them, I knew you were still alive somewhere!” Kagome says, rambling somewhat. She clutched his clothes and buried her face against his chest, inhaling the almost forgotten scent of her father.

“That’s my little girl, always believing in things that everyone thinks are impossible. I just can’t believe you’re here. How’s your mother? What about gramps? Did your mom have a boy or a girl, and what’s their name?” Reiji says between sniffles.

“Mama is fine, the last time I saw gramps he was fine too. I have a little brother, his name is Sota, though, he’s not so little any more, he’s in middle school now.”

“Gods… I can’t believe it.” Reiji says, sounding astounded, joyful, and miserable all at once.  “ I wish I could meet him,” pulling away slightly so that he could get a better look at Kagome, he seemed to brighten as he looked at his daughter “I - You’re so grown up, and just as beautiful as your mother. But Kagome, I have to ask, how in the world did you get here?”

Kagome chuckles as she rubs her nose with the back of her hand. “It’s kind of a long story daddy, but I kinda got pulled through the old dry well by a centipede monster on my fifteenth birthday.” Her father blanches at that and she simply turns to smile at her dumbstruck husband “But a certain brave, strong, wonderful person rescued me,” She says with a wink, “and has been taking care of me ever since.”

Reiji calms, and shoots the half demon a grateful look before looking back at Kagome. “So you went through that old well too eh?” he smiles in a self-depreciating manner  “I wish my story was as exciting as yours but it’s not. I just heard strange noises coming from the well house as I was heading out for work and I was worried something or someone had broken in or gotten trapped in there. I went in to check it out but I tripped on the stairs and smashed through the boards covering the well.”

Two snickers come from the side of the pair followed by Inuyasha whispering not-so-quietly “Well now we know where she got her clumsiness from.” His wife shoots him a half hearted glare, and he chuckles once more before going silent.

Reiji clears his throat quietly before he begins speaking again. “When I woke up I was At the bottom of the well in this time.” He shakes his head, re-living the disbelief he had at that moment. “I managed to haul myself out, but I was totally lost; I wandered in the forest for days…” the older man trails off as he remembers how he came to be in the Feudal Era. He shakes himself out of his thoughts and resumes his story. “Thankfully I had my utility knife with me or I would have never made it as long as I did. After about a week I was found by a woodcutter on his way back to his village. I must have looked quite the sight with how all the villagers stared at me, though to be fair I was dressed in my work clothes, I was filthy and I hadn’t shaved.”

Kagome laughs quietly and looks up at her father. “I can’t believe you’ve been here all this time! Theres so much to tell you.” she says, a large smile on her face.

“I have a lot to to tell you too! But where to start?” Reiji says happily.

One of the twins, who had thus far been silent, piped up then. “Papa! Hungry. When dinner?”

Kagome tore her eyes away from her father and looked to her new family. “I think it would be best if we caught up while filling our bellies!” Spining giddily, Kagome takes her fathers hand in her left, and loops her right arm through Inuyashas, and they all make their way down the hill for a hot meal, and a long night.


Scans from Kuze Seika’s Sayonara Mook.

Finally a feminine look that works for her! Though it’s not so much feminine as just obviously female-coded (Non and femininity don’t go very well together…). She does look quite a bit like the typical creepy Asian horror film ghost, I wonder if it’s intentional? Though I don't  even know if any of the iconic films had come out yet in 97…

The Lonely Tree (Part 14.5)

Word Choice: 1644

Summary: You help Steve with one of his pieces for the art show.

Warnings: Language, Nat and Wanda and Maria being the absolute worst

Y/N: One more part guys… I’m gonna cry. 

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You arrived at the studio before Steve, and even though you had posed for him many times before, the formal setting made you feel more nervous than you expected. You had just slipped out of your coat and were fidgeting with the white leggings and white long sleeved shirt he had asked you to wear when he finally made his appearance.

“Are you going to tell me why I’m wearing all white, or are you just going to skip ahead to the part where you murder me? Just curious. Nice choice of venue by the way, very dark and empty.”

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