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Aaron Ashmore reflects on past Veronica Mars role
Killjoys isn’t the first genre show Ashmore has been a part of. He also photographed Superman as Jimmy Olsen on The WB’s Smallville, betrayed Veronica Mars, and retrieved objects for Warehouse 13.

‘Veronica Mars’

Ashmore originally auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane, Veronica’s ex-boyfriend, on Rob Thomas’ teen-noir drama. That role eventually went to Teddy Dunn, but Ashmore was called back in season 1 to play Troy Vandegraff, who briefly dated Veronica before it was revealed that he was just using her to help him smuggle steroids into the country from Mexico.

The actor didn’t know about his character’s true intentions until the got the script for that episode, which he says helped his performance. “I think it’s interesting because then you’re not playing into anything or foreshadowing that he’s going to be a bad guy,” says Ashmore. “You actually think that he’s going to be this really cool guy and that he and Veronica are going to get along very well.”

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“[Troy] was so nice to Veronica and she’d had such a crappy time of things that people were like, ‘This guy’s great.’ It lulled them into a false sense of security, so when he turned out to be a jerk, people were so angry at him,” says Ashmore, who enjoyed playing Troy’s sense of humor and wit. “He could have been such a nice guy and great for Veronica, but like most people, he turned out to be an ass.”

As for Troy’s later return, Ashmore thinks it allowed Veronica to be the bigger person as she worked to prove that Troy was indeed innocent: “It was interesting to have her stand up for somebody who’d totally screwed her over.”

  • Annabeth: Percy, did you just release those fishes?
  • Percy: They deserve the liberty after being contaminated and held in captivity for so long they might have drowned in that wretched aquarium.
  • Annabeth: *sighs exasperatedly* Fishes don't drown,Seaweed Brain.You of all people should know that.
  • Percy: Exactly my point.

            we’re hell raisin’ and we don’t need savin’
                              ‘cause there’s no  s a l v a t i o n  for a bad girl

darthomirians  asked:

Okay so your slytherin percy posts are actually perfect and i noticed you mentioned in your last ask about your headcanons, and i was wondering if you would like to share them bc im 100% sure theyd be perfect

Awe thank you! So here’s just a few head canons I have down so far for Slytherin Percy (I haven’t gotten too extensive yet but this is just the general outline.)

  • He’s a pureblood. His mother and he come from the long and noble Jackson line. Sally was part of the Order and her family actively fought against Voldemort during the war. Because of this, they were deemed ‘blood traitors’ and hunted down mercilessly by death eaters. After Sally’s parents were killed she fled and lived with her Nomadic Uncle. Two years later a death eater tracks them down and her uncle sacrifices his life to save her.
  • Percy’s father, Poseidon, is a nomadic pureblood from Greece, exploring the world and learning about different types of magic along with his two brothers. Sally meets him one summer and she can tell he has a different type of magic than her own. By the time he continues on his journey Sally is pregnant, surprise surprise.
  • When Percy is born she can tell that there is something slightly different about his magic as well, something that reminds him of his father. She can tell he’s going to be extremely powerful
  • He does accidental magic as little as a week old, making his bottle float across the room.
  • His wand is made from the combination wood of an oak tree and ash tree, long, not too flexible but not too stiff, and with a phoenix feather  core.
  • His magical skills include - healing charms, elemental magic (mostly water and some earth), legilimency/occlumency, and a bit of dark magic (lesser known)
  • His favorite subjects are DADA and charms
  • His patronus is a fox.
  • He meets two kids on the Hogwarts express. A pretty blonde haired girl named Annabeth and a scrawny boy, Grover. Although Annabeth seems to dislike him at first, they quickly become the best of friends, despite ending up in separate houses. (He in Slytherin of course, and she in Ravenclaw)
  • He becomes the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team, playing the position of a Beater.
  • Percy and Annabeth start dating in their fifth year. They’re the couple to beat in practically everything since the team up together whenever they can. (Gotta watch out for those Slytherin/Ravenclaw duos)
  • But they’re extremely competitive with each other. She plays chaser on the Ravenclaw team and half the match are them fighting and/or flirting
  • He has some trouble fitting into the Slytherin house at first. There seems to be conflict with blood purity and ideals but he soon finds his rhythm within the house of snakes.


[…] The property at Malvinas, where the Newell’s youth teams still train, was the place where a lot of stars left their mark. In the sidewalk between pitches #3 and #4, somebody noticed something strange. All his teammates were changing but he just walked very fast and stood at the doors of the club, waiting. Enrique Dominguez, his coach, reached the father of Lucas Scaglia and asked him:

- What is Leo doing there?

- He’s waiting for us to leave because he wants to go to our house.

- But he always goes to your house… Why does he look over prepared today?

- It’s because he’s staying over the whole weekend and on Saturdays and Sundays Antonella, Lucas’s cousin, is there and Leo likes her.

Side Story: The Melancholy of Elaine

Jericho: “Damn it Ban!! You…”
Ban: “Kakah! ♪
You might be the first… ♪ ”
Jericho: “First what?!”
Ban: “The first human being I don’t hate being around”
Jericho “I… I’m the first? Don’t hate being around? You mean… you like me?”
Elaine: “Uuuuh… that’s not fair, no, no!!!
If a human girl that cute is together with him..”.
Ban: “I’ll kill ya ♪ ”
Elaine: “Ban will start to like her!!!”

Morning Bliss. 

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i'm not feeling well (so just like the last time I sent you a crappy day prompt, I think). I have a sore throat like you wouldn't believe, so-- maybe something where 1/2 of stevetony loses their voice? or goes off grid during a mission and scares the bejeesus out of the other. hope you feel better soon!

aw yuck. i hope this helps!

The fiasco is Tony’s fault.

He’s second in command, so it’s his job to tell Steve he’s being a moron when he’s being a moron. And going on a mission after nearly being choked out on a mission two days prior is being a moron.

But then, what kind of moron does that make Tony for not putting his foot down and benching him?

Supreme moron.

Steve’s voice has only been audible over the comms because they’re such good quality. He’s nearly incomprehensible in a non-tech enhanced conversation because the bruising around his trachea was so bad he’s about one yell away from losing his voice entirely.

Which, again, is why Tony is the Supreme Moron.

Everything is going fine until the swarms of A.I.M. lackeys start riding Tony’s ass with laser cannons. He has to pull his focus from keeping-an-eye-on-everyone-and-especially-Steve to making-A.I.M.-agents-sorry-they-ever-signed-up-for-this. 

That is, naturally, when he a) loses track of Steve and b) hears him attempt to yell something. He only gets three syllables out before his voice gives up the ghost and all Tony hears is his raspy breathing.

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Transgender day of visibility. I’ve wanted to write something for it since I got aware of that it is today, which was only a couple of days ago. I don’t keep the date in mind, like with most things, but I still think it’s important. Just that my crappy memory is… well, crappy. Interesting though, that the first time this was celebrated was in 2009, which was only a couple of weeks after I first came out as trans. That’s 8 years ago now. Funny how time flies. I couldn’t think of a specific event or experience to share, although I tried to, so I’m going to be more general-ish.

But what did come to mind is how very supportive most of everyone has always been to me since I came out, and how amazing that was/has been. The only one who’s been struggling with that is my father, although I know he’s been trying in his own way, but doesn’t understand the concept. I wouldn’t say he’s been mean about it, just ignorant and avoidant. But everyone else has been very supportive and accepting, including but not limited to my mother and sister, and all of my friends. It’s like I was preparing myself for facing all kinds of transphobia but when it didn’t happen I was happily confused.

My biggest hardship when it comes to being trans has always been the Swedish trans health care system, at least the first 4 years of being in it. I see it as that I was stuck in a “catch 22” in which they thought I was too mentally unstable to transition while I thought I couldn’t possibly get stable without it. However, switching doctors and praying to Satan about it did make things a whole lot better, and my medical transition finally started in 2013. In other aspects of society though, I never much experienced any actual hardship with being transsexual.

Although lately, hooking up with male strangers for casual sex does have its disadvantages with being trans, I have to admit. They expect something I can’t and don’t want to give them. At this point I feel stuck with trying my best to work with what I have until I can get it changed for something better. Yeah, I still have some more medical transition stuff that I want to do and can do, but it’s not exactly happening tomorrow. Give it a year or two, more realistically accurate. But I have to make do until then.

I wanted to make a bit longer post cause this isn’t something I can cut down to a few sentences. And I can write about me being trans and how it affects my life for ages at an end. It is almost constantly affecting me, one way or another, but at this point, I feel a lot more at ease with myself and my body than I ever have before. That’s huge, and probably worth celebrating in and of its own.

But back to the topic, I’m not stealth, never really have been (although I tried it out for a few years after I moved to this island of Sweden but realised that’s not the way I want to live my life) and I prefer being open about my transness. However I’m not proud of being trans, but not ashamed either. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but not of something I was unavoidably born with. So I’m visible, always have been on some minuscule scale at least, but I also know not everyone can and/or want to be visible and I fully respect that too. We all do what we can.

And, about the picture, yeah I overcompensated as part of my denial before I came out as trans, that’s what’s up with the over-femininity there. I don’t mind sharing that picture though, I didn’t look bad, although that wasn’t me, but it was how I looked back then.


          “I will find you,” he whispered in my ear. “I promise. If I must endure two hundred years of purgatory, two hundred years without you—then that is my punishment, which I have earned for my crimes. For I have lied, and killed, and stolen; betrayed and broken trust. But there is the one thing that shall lie in the balance. When I shall stand before God, I shall have one thing to say, to weigh against the rest.”

          His voice dropped, nearly to a whisper, and his arms tightened around me. “Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.


Here are some scans from the April 27, 1987 issue of Time magazine, courtesy of my wonderful friend Donna, who found it—the real, actual, almost-untouched magazine!—while helping to clean up her parents’ old house. And then she just slid it across the table to me at lunch and said, “keep it!” Twist my arm, Donna.

(Everybody check out dat almost-nakey Edge.)

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last page i had crappy backgrounds and good character art. this time i have crappy character art and good backgrounds…! ah well. better luck next time, haha :’) thanks for being so patient with me while i got this page together, guys. (if you like these backgrounds, they were posted on their own last week; check it out!)

that core stuff sounds kinda scary, huh? /i/ sure wouldn’t wanna be down there if it went off…

(where’s [̢͘R͢͞E҉̵̶̸͝D̨̡̀͢Á͠͏C͏̨T̴̡̀E͢͞͏D͜͜]̷̢?)

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