well that got her attention

Puppy Love - Part 4

The Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory

Remus enters the room and perches on the end of Sirius’s bed, where he is sitting. He attempts a smile.

Remus: Listening to Roberta Flack, on repeat.

Remus: Forget it.

Sirius: Hey…

Remus is silent, looking surprised.

Sirius: What?

Remus: Well, I’m sorry too. I didn’t realise… your mum…

Sirius: Yeah. Well. It got her attention, I guess. It’s the most she’s spoken to me this year.

Sirius: I just wanted – something – they couldn’t control.

Remus: And they can’t make you marry someone you don’t want to. You don’t need a fake boyfriend to prove that.

Remus: Yeah…

Sirius: I guess it would be selfish to tie you down any longer.

Sirius: Merlin’s honor.

Remus: I have detention with McGonagall.


Remus played by the wonderful, beautiful @lupinaesthetic

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Just confess your undying love for Ortensia already we all know you like her.


“My undying WHAT!?!”

Well, that definitely got his attention, though he was instantly skeptical. This was probably just Lola messing with him. Getting revenge for how he had relentlessly teased her about her SUPER-COMPLETELY-OBVIOUS CRUSH ON BUGS THAT EVERYONE COULD SEE. Not that he wanted to re-open that little argument, after everything that had happened. Almost getting arrested, and nearly being shish-kebabed by a crazy turtle… but, if anything, she deserved it. The scale was already so far tipped in her favor, that it would just be an injustice not to get back at her somehow.

“Lola, if that’s you, you’re going to be sorry!” He crossed his arms bitterly — nothing like the old ‘pass the blame’ technique to divert the attention away from yourself. “Sheesh, and people say I hold a grudge… well, I do! And don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

He didn’t want to address the idea of loving liking Ortensia right now, and certainly not in public. But there was no denying that he felt different around her. Happier, like he hadn’t in a long time. Like he could simply be himself. He could just drop everything, because she held no expectations for him. No judgement. The just enjoyed each other’s company, pure and simple.

He loved that about her. But not just that, he loved how she was so different from everyone and everything he knew. She was a Disney toon, and that brought about characteristic if caring and compassion and kindness that he just wasn’t familiar with. It was odd and foreign, but in the best way possible. And yet, even with all their differences, they could still relate about so much. Ortensia was from the same era of animation as he was. She could relate about the changing times, and had the same yearning for the ways that things had been. She could relate to feeling unappreciated, though her situation had been far worse. Without even realizing it, she’d taught him to appreciate things. She made him feel good. They got along. Their differences complimented each other perfectly. He couldn’t picture his life without her. He–- oh, great

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