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Thoughts on omega gladio? (Tho he's so alpha even if he were born omega bed probably be trans-caste)

My first thought is: Yes, please. I’m so very into this as just Gladio, who is an omega and it’s sort of a thing (because he’s…well, Gladio) but he deals with it as best he can and no one ever says shit because have you seen that guy? 

But also as trans-caste/trans-dynamic Gladio who has had this feeling of something being ‘off’ his whole life. He knows everyone always says that everyone is the same and dynamic doesn’t really matter but…it does matter, to him at least, because he knows he’s an alpha. He tells people as much when he’s younger but adults just smile at him indulgently, his well meaning father tells him that it’s fine to be an omega and that he can still do whatever he wants in life including being the first Omega Shield, if he wants (And Gladio is just?? So?? Confused?? because he already knows he can do whatever the hell he wants Clarus, that’s not the fucking point???) and other kids laugh and tell him he’s weird. 

…or they do until he shoots up to be about a foot taller than everyone and starts packing a mean punch and then the other kids have a lot less to say. But he learns to talk about it less, even when his mother suggests that if it’s just that he likes other omegas that’s fine or if he just feels like he doesn’t want to have children on day that’s fine too. (Gladio is once again confused. Other omegas are fine. So are betas and alphas? And kids are…whatever? Maybe? One day? He doesn’t know, he’s fifteen, the only baby he’s ever known is Iris and she was a pain. It’s not about that? How is everyone still missing the point?) He does, however, dedicate himself to being the peak of Alpha-ness.  His uses scent dampeners and alpha colognes, suppressants to skip his heats, becomes the biggest baddest guy in the citadel, looks into synthetic alpha hormones when he’s old enough to do such a thing on his own. 

His parents are…well. They love him and they try but there’s always an undercurrent of ‘you’re fine just how you are, you don’t need to do all of this. It gets especially bad when he moves out, which is a rare thing for an unmated omega to do. But common among alphas because having more than one adult alpha under a single roof can strain things. His parents want him to stay home, insist there is no reason for him to leave, and Gladio wonders how long they plan to pretend to not feel the strain of him being there. 

He’s very good at passing as an alpha, not like some trans-dynamic people who have the stereotypical traits of their birth dynamic; he’s not short or curvy or ‘delicate’ or pretty (that last one is debateable but never to Gladio’s face). By all accounts there’s nothing omega about him. Except heats. They still happen sometimes, there’s no way to completely stop them. Gladio wants to die when they do. It’s not even that he has particularly bad heats, he knows there are people who get sick and can’t leave their homes. His aren’t nearly that bad. It’s what they mean about his body that’s the problem.

But he’s lucky enough to have the friends he does. Noctis literally couldn’t begin to care less who is what (He’d taken in Gladio’s declaration of being an alpha when they were children with all the seriousness a six year old could, nodded, and that had been that.) Ignis is fine with anything so long as it doesn’t negatively impact Noctis (He’d taken the revelation with his usual thoughtful expression, asked a few questions, and quietly done some research on his own to make sure he never stepped on any toes. Toe stepping is, after all, not the sort of thing a royal advisor does.) And Prompto is…Prompto. (Gladio was already living away from his parents and well on the road of passing as an alpha before he and Prompto met and it was only some ill timed heat symptoms that made it have to be discussed at all, the conversation ending with a ‘I am an alpha though.’ and Prompto’s oddly subdued ‘Well of course you are big guy.’)

Annnd that went some places. *jazz hands* 

m-my choice…for this…

((high grade garbage. HERE WE COME THANKS ANON! :D ILU)) 

Genji - !!!!!, hands on his facemask where his cheeks are “Do that again”. He loves it, like a lot?? like holy shit s/o is so cute but now they’re just beyond super adorable. There is at least one joke or something to get s/o to laugh per day. What a nerd. 

Hanzo - s/o snorting while they giggle would cause Hanzo to smile and give out a little chuckle as well. He’s something he adores about s/o and it just makes him happy and makes him smile.

Mccree - Would look at s/o with that wide eye and shit eating grin before breaking out into laughter. It adds to your charm. He loves it. Playfully teases you about it. 

 Lucio - it’s perfection to his ears. And also sort of contagious since he snorts a little when he goes into a giggle fest. The two of you are just too cute. 

BuckyNat Kissing… sorta? || HB pencil on terrible office copy paper.

Gift #3 (of 4) for @king-queen-and-ace

This is- I mean… well- ok fine, there’s no hiding it, I am, straight-up, terrible at art-ing, but at least I tried, right? O_o

I tried so hard to get Bucky to look like his MCU version but unfortunately the skills required to properly encapsulate the beauty of that particular visage are well beyond those that I possess. Natasha was supposed to look like her character in the 2004 run (because I was vainly hoping she would be easier to draw) but she sort of just looks like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” (they’re both red heads, though, so that hopefully counts for something…)

I hope it makes you smile, at least!

First Kiss

A/N: SOO after seeing the new Victor Frankenstein movie, @sonsofmahal, @maxinia and I agreed that “the fanfiction just writes itself” and that therefore we needed to write some too. We agreed on the simple prompt of “First Kiss” and gave ourselves free reign from there.

Also @holmesianpose I believe you were interested in reading this as well. No promises on quality but at least I actually FINISHED SOMETHING YAY

Igor had little experience with love.

Yes, in the circus he had loved Lorelei. He loved her gentleness, her grace, the soft curve of her smile and the way her capable fingers gripped the bar of the trapeze.

It took him weeks to realize that his second love was Victor Frankenstein—perhaps because it was a different sort of love. If Lorelei was water, soft and soothing, Victor was fire. He was brash and brilliant and had a tendency to explode at inopportune times. With Victor, Igor feared being burned in a way he had never considered drowning.

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A Production || Jihoon || Pt. 2

Originally posted by grown-man-woozi

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 //  Pt. 8 (Final)

Word Count: 3340

Genre: college au, radio dj/campus dj au, fluff, romance, cutesy stuff, is it even worth reading????, alphabet soup for your heart and soul

You stood outside the library, constantly checking your phone. The cold temperature was starting to get to you and your ears were starting to turn red as well as your hands. You were scrolling through Woozi’s blog as his show from last night played through your earbuds. You sighed, you hadn’t been able to catch the show because you had so much homework and you didn’t want a distraction. Now you sort of regretted it but at least you finished all your chemistry work. You smiled slightly as a notification for a new post popped up.

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Once you get this, please say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY💕

Awe thank you! 😍😍 5 things i like about me:
1. I love how strong my legs are getting! I can actually see muscles when i flex and it’s cool ;)
2. I love the color of my eyes. I ahev my dads eyes and really nothing else so at least I have something :)
3. I love my politeness to strangers. My parents taught me good manners in public and I utilize them well. I say my pleases and thank yous and smile at strangers :)
4. I love my craftyness! I love sewing and scrapbooking and making bows and painting and wood burning and all sorts of things :)
5. I love my makeup skills. I’d like to think im decent at makeup on the days I actually do it 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you for tagging me! 💜💜💜

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“I’m not sure if they’re a secret admirer or a stalker… but at least they have good taste in gifts.”


                   its a small smile as he looks down at the box of chocolate and hunting knife that had showed up outside of their motel room. she had a point. certainly was a BETTER gift than most for a holiday that they didn’t really celebrate in the whinchester family ( well… dean often did but he never got any gifts out of it ) — the knife was actually useful for their job. the fact that he was getting any sort of present at all was throwing him off a little. and who didn’t like a box of chocolates.    classic valentines.      problem was.     they’d just gotten here.      dean hadn’t gotten the chance to charm his way into any of the girl’s hearts yet. they’d check in, gone to eat at a diner, and come back all within the past hour or so.     “ oh come on mom… it’s obviously sammy playin’ a trick or something. ”    or so he hoped.  “ chocolates probably have laxatives in them or — ” he cuts himself off trying to think. because it’s not like it could be anyone else unless, he turns to face her, the small hesitant smile that had been on his lips growing into a more developed one… “ mom… are you my secret admirer ? ” it would of course explain why she didn’t seem AT ALL WORRIED that there was a gift waiting for them when they’d come back. as the realization set in he couldn’t help it, he reached over and gave her a hug. “ i’m taking you out to dinner tonight. ”

@drop-of-kindness [x]

Frisk was startled when someone suddenly wiped something off their cheek. They had sat down on one of the benches in Snowdin, after just having been in another fight near Grillby’s. They knew that there were still some splotches of blood on them, but they wouldn’t have thought anyone would come wipe it off of them. Well, maybe it was Sans?

“Thanks”, they mumbled quietly, unsure who it was.

Chara was quiet for a few seconds as the other seemed startled, though the other didn’t seem too scared despite that. The quiet thanks was enough to make them smile slightly, it sort of made up for that they had to touch blood. After a few moments they realised that they hadn’t said anything at all “You’re welcome…” It wasn’t much for an introduction but at least it was something.

souls yet to be found; ii. (yoonmin)

Continued adventures of ghost!Yoongi and his human friend Jimin AU, with the first scenario based off of this post and the next two my own. 

Click here to read the first part of this AU.



There is a Ouija board sitting on the kitchen table.

Jimin blinks, staring in confusion at Yoongi who is seated right in front of the Ouija board and chattering enthusiastically to… well, no one. At least, no one Jimin can see. Truth be told, the younger is quite surprised to find the usually grumpy and quiet ghost looking so happy and full of life (excuse the irony). He nearly expects it to be some sort of weird dream that he’s having when Yoongi suddenly looks up from his seemingly interesting conversation with the air and calls out happily, “Jimin! Come here!”

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A Time Alone Together

You look up at the skeleton, and you use the term “look” loosely considering you can’t very well see, from your place laid across his lap and you wonder what he looks like. He’d probably look pretty with the contrasting glow of the blue echo flowers and mushrooms that surround you two.

Not that’d you’d ever tell him to his face that he looks “pretty”.

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Nalu: 33: Celebrity/Fan

Sort of fan, moderate fan I suppose. Oh well, hope you like it :)


“I don’t see why I have to come to this Erza. These are your friends, doing your stupid fights, not mine.”

Erza gazed back to me, a polite smile on her lips, “Oh come on Lucy, at least try to enjoy yourself? I have to cheer them on, they always do for me.”

I hated MMA fighting. And I hated that one of my best friends was an MMA fighter, she had no idea how scared shitless I was for her, even if she had never lost a match. I’ve never actually seen a full match per say, but I saw snippets on it on the TV and when I picked up Erza after matches. I saw the aftermath, and that alone was enough to make me dislike it. Why would people punch and nearly kill each other for fun? What was the sense in that??

Me and Erza slid in between people in the stands, walking down to the front row seats as everyone took their places before the fight started.

“Who even are we here to see?” I asked, sitting down beside her.

I looked around and saw a mix of signs people were holding up, some that said Salamander and others that said Black Steel.

“Natsu. He’s a good friend of mine, strong too. Although Gajeel’s never lost a match either, so I guess we’ll just have to see how this pans out.”

I groaned internally as the light dimmed, and this whole big ceremony begun as the two competitors came out. One was big a bulky guy with a mass of black hair pulled up on his head. He looked gnarly, piercings literally everywhere on his body and old wounds covered with bandaids all over his face from fights before. The other guy looked kind of like a joke compared to who he was fighting. He had pink hair for one, and this crooked, goofy grin that nearly made me laugh. Was this serious?

A bell dinged and their shirts dropped, and mouth pieces being shoved between their lips. Seriously ripped, okay, could have expected that. They circled around each other with their fists held up, the chanting of their stage names echoing through the arena.

“Which one are we rooting for?” I whispered to Erza.

“Natsu. Pink haired guy.” She whispered back.

I nodded, and as soon as I did he threw a punch, but Gajeel dodged and uppercutted him in the gut. The crowd went wild and I could only flinch in pain. O u c h. He seemed to shake it off though, and get his head on straight again. I sighed. This would be a long night.


If I had known I would be at the edge of my seat and screaming my lungs out by the end of the night, I probably would’ve slapped myself in the face, but right now at this moment, I so couldn’t help it. This fight was really good, and that’s coming from me. At first I thought the winner would’ve been picked early because damn, Natsu was getting the crap punched out of him. I still cringed at every hit or kick being taken, but it really did get the blood pumping through me.

Everyone was screaming as Natsu landed three solid punches to Gajeel’s jaw, getting him back on his toes. He cocked his arm back for a fourth hit, but Gajeel finally ducked and dodged, elbowing him in the gut hard. I bit my lip just at the sight. Natsu curled over and Gajeel twisted his arm around  his back, and pulled him in for a headlock, flexing his arm around his neck. Natsu struggled and writhed, but Gajeel’s hold looked tight.

I felt my heart sink for him, holy crap don’t die. Erza was screaming her head off for Natsu to break out, but I just fell silent in my seat. Was he even breathing? Was his neck getting snapped? Oh dear God…oh dear…God?

I felt my jaw fall open. This guy…he was smiling? While being forced over and in this dire chokehold, I saw that big, stupid, crooked grin cover his entire face as if this was fun for him. Wasn’t he the least bit worried that he could actually get hurt? What the hell was this monster?

I saw his eyes connect with mine, and I swear his grin widened even more at the sight of me. He showed me his sharp canines, before biting down on his lip and finally kicking Gajeel’s ankle and throwing him over his shoulder like a ragdoll. Gajeel fell still on the mat, and so did I in my chair.

The bell dinged.


Okay, lot’s of blood. Lots of blood. I stood up from my chair as Natsu was being announced the winner, blood spilling from his lips and nose, and I couldn’t even bare to see Gajeel when standing up. I rushed to the grimy bathrooms, the hallways and lobby completely deserted as everyone watched the fight, and snuck past the bodyguards who preferred no one left. I calmed myself down in the mirror, trying to shake out the pictures of men beaten that badly and shivered. Okay, I’ll admit, that was pretty awesome. Not that I’d become a regular fan or anything, but I can see why people like it now. I sighed and got out my keys from my bag, I think I can call this a night.

I wandered out to the hallways, swinging around my keychain on my finger and listened to the tap of my heels against the tile. People were still shouting from the arena, so I assumed everyone was still in there.

I heard a slam of a door and I jumped, my keys flying off my finger and sailing to the floor. A groan got stuck in my throat as they slid under a door, glancing up to the ‘restricted’ sign boldly posted on it.

I sighed, biting my lip. Was all of this really necessary?

I stepped up towards the door, gently pushing it open, and peeked my head inside towards the ground. Just a quick grab and go.

I leaned down and snatched up my keys, standing up and instantly stopping in my place. A pair of dark green eyes caught mine in his, refusing to let me go like a fish caught in a net. He looked startled, then…rather happy to see me.

Holy shit it was the Salamander.

The door slammed behind me and I snapped to it, whipping my head back towards him sitting casually on a bench.

He held an ice pack to his head, blood still smeared around his face and open wounds still unattended. He raised his pack in greeting, “Hey.”

I shuffled uncomfortably, my voice soft, “Hi.”

He arched an eyebrow, “You were with Erza right?”

I nodded, “Uh huh.”

He nodded, looking impressed, “Nice.”

I didn’t really want to look at him, not that he was unattractive or anything, (he was actually kinda cute) but I just couldn’t with his face all mangled like that. He looked liked every bone in his face was broken, it hurt just to look at.

“Uh, congrats on the win I guess,” I said, scratching the back of my head.

I felt nervous. Was it because he was sort of famous? Or maybe because I wasn’t supposed to be back here? Or because he obviously made it clear to check me out while being choked by a 250 pound man? Any one of those I’d like to think were good enough excuses.

“Thanks.” He said, genuinely smiling at me. Wow, he was nice for someone so famous. And in such a mean line of work. “Glad to see you cheering for me.”

I nodded in reply, keeping my head low from his face as I leaned against the wall. I saw him peek his head in my line of view. “Do I make you uncomfortable or something?”

I shook my head, scrunching up my nose in embarrassment, “No it’s not you. Well, it is you.”

He looked at me skeptically and I furiously thought of a better way to word that, “Not really you, just your face.”

Yup, nailed it.

His eyes wandered, nodding slowly, and said nothing else.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted, finally looking at him, “It’s just…”

I waved my finger around my face, referring to his, and giving him a sympathetic look, “All the blood and bruises and stuff. It’s hard to look at.”

He seemed to understand me then, smiling, “You must be new at this?”

I nodded obviously.

“Looks really painful, aren’t you going to fix it up?” I asked, worriedly.

He shrugged, “Eh, lotta work. Maybe later.”

I gawked at him as a door flew open, two burly men walking in and staring straight at me. “Hey, no fangirls back here. Get back outside.”

One of them grasped my arm and Natsu stood up, before a familiar face strolled through right behind them.

“Easy now Elfman, she’s with me.” Erza said, crossing her arms at me with a knowing look.

The man let my arm go gently, “Sorry Miss. We get a lot of strays back here.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off, smiling.

The two left us three together, and I stayed quiet as Erza congratulated him for his win and everything. She then studied his face, holding his chin as he pried from her fingers.

“Where’s your med kit?” she asked.

“Locker.” He answered, throwing the melted ice pack on the other bench.

Erza got out the first aid kit and sighed, “Damn, no stitches. I’ll be right back guys, Lucy can you get started?”

I scrunched up my nose, I had to get up close with that face?

Natsu looked towards me expectantly, giving me a playful grin, and I sighed, “I guess.”

Erza left and I sat next to him, facing his beaten face with the kit in my lap. I stared at all the wounds that covered literally every inch of his skin. Where the hell would I start?

He sniffed his nose, obviously in no rush to be properly healed. “So how’d you like the fight?”

I decided to pick up the tissues to clean all the blood from the wounds, giving him a distracted nod, “Great. You were really good. Got worried in the first half, but I’m glad you pulled through.”

I wiped the bridge of his nose, cringing as I felt the bone poking from the side, and he flinched. He froze then, keeping a grunt in his mouth, “Thanks-”

“Jesus, I think your nose is broken,” I cut him off from his casual remark, looking at the disorientation closer.

He shook his head, “It’s fine, just work around it. So you’re pretty close to Erza then? I’m surprised I haven’t seen you before.”

Why was he just shrugging this off as if this happened every day??                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

“Well…” I said, frankly way too distracted and concerned to being carrying this normal conversation, “It’s not exactly my scene to be honest.”

I saw him bite his lip, and I didn’t know whether it was out of pain or just something that he casually did.

“What is your scene then?” He asked, his voice rough as I dabbed a deep cut on his forehead.

I sighed loudly, giving him a desperate look as I dropped my hand. “I don’t know. Can you maybe get a real doctor for this? Go to a hospital??”

He shook his head, “No, I’m alright. You’re doing great, keep going.”

I exhaled a loud breath and scooted closer, trying to place bandaids on what didn’t need to be stitched up and cleaning up what I could.

“So what was your name again?” He asked, staring at me.

“Shh.” I shushed, trying to examine his bloody lip.

He waited for a moment, keeping his mouth shut, before he opened it up again, whispering, “You’re really gentle.”

“Sh-” I looked up to him, seeing him smiling down to me with a gleam in his eye. I kept my mouth shut then, forcing down the warmth spreading through me from my stomach.

I pulled on his lip gently, seeing how he bashed it against his teeth on the inside, despite the mouth piece. He then licked his lip, and simultaneously my finger too. I pulled away, giving him a disgusted look and saw him laughing.

“Accident. I swear.”

I punched his left shoulder and wiped my finger on his shirt, “Gross.”

He gave me a challenging look, “You wanna see gross?”

He sat up straight, forcing in a hiss of pain as he slowly lifted up his shirt around his right arm, until it uncovered his shoulder- and oh-

“No no no! No!” I yelled, stumbling to my feet and covering my face. Ew ew ew, his freaking shoulder was dislocated.

“I was getting around to placing it back in, but talking to you seemed like more fun.” He laughed.

“You’re a monster,” I groaned, peeking at him from behind my hand.

“Oh, right, you’re still a newbie.” He said, a sharp gleam in his eye, “You haven’t seen me angry yet.”

I looked at him skeptically, “I can’t picture you angry.”

He gave half a shrug with his good shoulder, “Guess that means you hafta come back and watch me again now.”

He gave me a little mischievous smile, and I mimicked him sarcastically, “Hm, I doubt it.”

He nodded, his eyes wandering as if he was musing it over, and looked back to me directly, “How ‘bout a deal?”

I rose an eyebrow.

“You come to my next show, and stay, and I won’t relocate my shoulder right here in front of you.”

My body froze. He got on his knees on the floor and pressed his shoulder on the edge of the bench, a smirk on his lips as he stared at me expectantly. My jaw dropped, and I started to shake my head, before stopping.

“No?” he asked.

“Don’t you dare,” I whispered, holding up my finger in warning.

“So you’ll come then?” He questioned.

So then what? I could just watch him dislocate it again??

I bit my cheek, scrunching up my lips in defeat, “Fine, fine! Just stand up.”

He grinned widely, nodding at me, before his face falling to slight dismay, “Actually, I still need to relocate this, it’s starting to hurt now.”

My eyes grew wide, “WAIT-”


I screamed. Almost as loud as he yelled actually, but oh my god this absolute fucking monster, how dare he? Didn’t he know how much that physically pained me to watch? Jesus Christ, what a jerk oh my god why isn't he moving?

Announcing the #akumanoriddle sings project

So we all know that the manga is approaching the ending. Everything went by so fast after Haruki’s, so fast that the manga is going to be finished in 2/3 more months/chapter.

Sequel or some sort is very unlikely to happen, and before #akumanoriddle goes completely deserted i want to at least gather everyone who are still in AnR fandom for this fandom-wide project.

So what are we going to do?

Well, we’re going to sing.

Something like this and this. Since it’s a fandom-wide project to celebrate the ending of the manga/series, i’m thinking of The Last Party if not Queen (or both!). If people showed many interests, then we can split the participants into smaller groups to sing the ED songs (Like Paradox, Tenshi no Smile, etc). But this project top’s priority is to sing the group song.

  • If you cannot sing/not confidence with your singing voice, it’s okay! I can’t too and yet i still shamelessly join several project like this and sings inside the bathroom at 3am in the morning to make sure no one hears me
  • It’ll be wonderful if you can record your singing with a proper mic, but phone recorder is alright too. Just make sure that there are many background noises because
  • Even thought i understand the basics of Adobe Auditon, i am not that great to be able to magically erase the sound of construction or footsteps.
  • Of course, if you mastered After AuditionAuditon/Audiacity/any sort of sound mixing you are more than welcome to take over my position as the sound mixer!!
  • I don’t really set a minimum/maximum number of participants, as many as possible!

If you are interested/got any questions, please sent me a PM!

Tagging all AnR-related tumblr that i know (i have bad memory ok so i’m sorry if you get left out)

@redtoken @krovski @gigapig @akihaotaku @nakanohouni  @cronata @ihoshiku @bakarinn @sagaeharuki

ps: more info coming later

Did anyone notice Sansa face when Jon left? I mean he kisses her forehead in a take my time romantic way, looks at her lips for second then gazes into her eyes and lets go even though you can tell he is feeling something lol well at least to me. Sansa calls him and she says winter has come they smile and laugh he leaves her to be alone and just Sansa face to me is blissfully happy and she kind of looked like when your crush kisses your hand or hugs you and you share cute moment and he walks away and you feel these sort of things inside lol 😂😂 or I might be reading too much into it…

Pyrrha, when did you realize how you felt about Jaune? And what made you realize it? (Truth)
  • Pyrrha, chuckling lightly, smiling: It was sort of a love at first sight type thing....well, for me at least.
  • Pyrrha, her bright smile shifts into a more sentimental and warm feel: I just felt a spark, a zing. You know? He's such a loveable oaf. How could you not adore him?
to shed light unto darkness 🌒

A little after the sun had set, Marcus was making his way toward the bonfire. He had changed into his least-worn clothes, which although not completely fashionable nor matching, fit well in the rest of the camp’s post-apocalyptic-world grunge. Stretching his lips to a self-amused smile, he passed the rows of little tents and turned at the mess hall. A fog had settled for the evening, giving the air a wet sort of chill and causing Marcus to pull his blanket closer, like a cloak. Recalling Aidan’s invitation, and Aidan’s smile, and Aidan’s kiss, kept him warm, though, and he found very little to complain about indeed, even he smelled faintly of food. 

The fire was colossal tonight, maybe double, or even triple the height it was last time Marcus joined the circle. Just as Aidan had said, the circle was also bigger; he could scarcely pick out the Founders in the growing dark, and even as he neared, only strangers turned their faces up. Like owls, their expressions were blank and eyes slightly widened when they recognized who he was.

He moved on around the fringe, spotting Michael with some relief. “Michael,” he greeted, stepping over a log and into the light. Recognizing a few Founders around him, he nodded to them as well. As he went to find a spot he found himself also looking for Aidan. An eagerness flushed his blue eyes, dancing bright in the warm amber glow. He found space right by Michael.