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Friends Part 4

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2643

Warnings: Fluffy, loads of Bucky being a cute pie some sexual innuendos and some sexual tension.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You take a sip of your coffee as you look at the computer in front of you; you are never going to understand why you accepted a job at the Stark Industries, sure they pay you really well but looking at budgets all day was starting to make you crazy.

To be honest, the budget in front of you is the least of your concerns, it’s been five days since Bucky went on a mission and you still haven’t heard from him. Usually, he texts you to let you know that he was alive and well. But so far nothing, according to Natasha they are fine but the mission is a lot more complicated than they anticipated.

You wish they would be home soon, you hated worrying much, you couldn’t sleep when you were worried.

You almost have a heart attack when you hear your phone ringing, you look at the id caller expecting it to be Dan but no it is Wanda. This is odd she never calls you “Hey Wan is everything fine?” Your mind goes to the worst scenario possible, afraid that something might have happened to Bucky.

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thetimba  asked:

You are always so unfailingly polite to people who suggest things that are either incorrect, deadly for you, or "hello, this is a chonic thing do you REALLY think I haven't tried that?" goals, tbh

I try to operate on the basis that people want to help, and that is a very good and kind thing. They don’t have to care, they don’t need to try and help someone in some small way, but they try anyway, and that’s to be encouraged.

Sometimes the information is wrong or just doesn’t work for me, but however mildly frustrating it is for me to have to repeat myself, it’s infinitely preferable to dealing with people who don’t care and would step over someone suffering, or worse, dig the boot in. 

I get a lot of…bad messages, on tumblr. From people who are willing to show the world just how cruel they can be because I don’t allow for anon messages. So they’re bold in their hatred for a sick person, wishing they would “shut up or die already” because in their mind I either deserve this or I talk about it too much and I’m not their idea of how a sick person should be (whatever that means)…and I tell them sincerely I am sorry for whatever they are going through that prompts them to act as such, and wish them well. Sometimes I’ll get a hearty “fuck you cunt” in return and that’s my cue to hit the block button. Other times it opens up a dialogue that other person has been needing and they will usually apologize and move on. But some of them stay, and I get to watch them learn, and change, and understand what it means to take light into dark places.

I can still lose the rag sometimes and need to vent, but I always try not to lash out directly at that person unless their rhetoric is truly abhorrent. Sometimes I’ll say, you know your message really hurt me, but I thought about it and realized you must be hurting worse to want to do something like that to another person, so whatever you’re going through I hope you find peace.

Because for every awful message, I get ten good ones, from people who want to help. So even if they are wrong, or I know it already, or I’m having to repeat myself for the hundredth time that day…I’ll take the world where people care, rather than one where they don’t.

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hey, hino, sorry to bother you but I wanted you ask if you have any advice on how to draw them thicc muscle bois for beginners, like i've been practicing and trying but none of the ones i draw come out looking right and they often look disproportionate.

hey it’s never a bother! i’m just trying to think how to explain since i’m really bad at explaining ^^;;
i think to me it just depends on your style. sometimes it just doesn’t fit even if you actually used references and all–even for me actually. so as an example, when i draw, i just try to balance it out with my style.

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Well everyone seems to be asking this so sorry about the monotony but I’m curious.  I love reading, do poetry, am an artist, always the first to notice small details (on another note I like this about myself as I notice animals before others and can go ‘look at that!!!’), a musician, and a little bit strange and my words come out weird sometimes, and probably majoring in environmental science. And I’m always, always stimming. Usually by humming, fiddling, tapping my foot, softly singing, doodling if theres paper, or multiple at once. On a scale of  one iron ring to full iron body armor how much protection from Them would I need if I were to attend Elsewhere?


You are the first person to notice when something is Off, and that is not a good person to be, here. You would be noticed very, very quickly. If nothing took offense the first few times, if you learned quickly … maybe that would be an end to it. If not, you would always have an audience for your music, always eyes on the back of your neck as you tried to write that essay.

If you were lucky, they would be charmed, although lucky is perhaps not the right word for that, either.

Dating Lena Luthor (jealousy)

Originally posted by aurorajames

a/n: whoa, this got away from me. I didn’t know which direction this was going in… I just wrote. And look at that, the garbage muse demanded both perspectives of jealousy. Bless the garbage muse!

- - - - -

If anyone asked you, you’d say it happened so suddenly, unexpectedly but naturally. The juxtaposition of it all was nothing new to you - Lena herself was seemingly a mass of contradictions. When you first laid eyes on her you weren’t as intimidated as most people would be, but you were still wary about how to act around her.

She’d sensed this too, but that was expectation. She was always some level of guarded around people, and she was especially reserved around new people. Almost everyone had their opinion on Lena Luthor, but you were part of the very few minority whose opinion counted under the “don’t really have one” section. You’d met her while you were working, and she came in and ordered from you. You’d made small talk with her, even put a little smiley face on her coffee cup after you’d asked for her name. All she gave was a smile that didn’t reach her eyes as she politely thanked you and made her way out. You thought nothing much about the situation.

The days between became shorter and you found she’d drop by frequently. She eventually engaged you in conversation, and even stayed for a few minutes if it wasn’t busy. This had become a consistency of your day: you’d come into work, sometimes you’d see Lena, and always she would spend some time conversing with you. You only started getting suspicions after two weeks of your coworkers mentioning a nicely dressed woman asking for you by name when you weren’t at work. You figured, the next time she dropped by, you’d leave your number on the cup for her discreetly.

And with a stroke of luck, she came by only two days after you resolved to make a move, and if you passed off her coffee to her with shakier hands than you’d usually do - well, she hadn’t said anything and you most certainly weren’t going to bring it up.

A day and a bit had passed and she still hadn’t used your number. With a little disappointment, you try not to dwell on it too much when she walks in with a blonde woman chattering away beside her. Her eyes sparkle and she chuckles at something the woman has said, and you realize it. You’re an idiot. Nice going, trying to go after a woman who’s clearly taken. Lena puts her arm on the blonde’s forearm as they stop in front of the cashier and you make your way over.

“Hey, what can I get for you?” You cringe just the tiniest bit when you hear the mild aggression in your tone. You hope it’s subtle enough to not warrant mentioning.

“Always so good to see you.” Lena smiles at you and you try to ignore the swoop in your chest as you see her genuine excitement.

“Yeah, totally. Just your usual, Lena?” You’re already clicking away at the till and moving to make her order.

“You really weren’t kidding when you said this was your favourite, huh?” The blonde speaks up, and your irrational hatred springs up because she sounds so pleasant.

“Ah, of course. (Y/N) is the only person I trust to get my coffee just right.” You try futilely not to let that get to your head and concentrate on getting Lena her coffee without dropping the stupid thing. “Thank you, darling.” Yeah, none of this is going to work.

The blonde just laughs and jesus christ even her laugh is so sweet.

“Oh, by the way, this is Kara.” Lena introduces you and you wave awkwardly.

“Yup! That’s me!” Kara waves just as awkwardly but she’s seemingly disproportionately excited and freaking nice about it and she is so perky and you can just tell already how sweet she is. You want to hate her, you really do. Somehow, you know you just can’t.

“Will you be getting anything, dear?” Lena asks her.

You inhale sharply as you try to get through what may be the most trying few minutes of your life, ever. You deserve something nice after this - after all you are still standing through the world’s most emotionally taxing coffee order.

Kara nods excitedly and an image of a puppy flashes through your psyche as you put in her order of a dozen sticky buns which, holy hell, they’re the size of your fists what is she doing with all of those?

You try not to ponder the thought too much, seeing as though you’ve deduced, naturally, that she and Lena are probably going to share them and you so deserve a drink after your shift but then-

“Kara, you haven’t even eaten lunch yet.” Lena’s voice interrupts your thoughts.

“Yeah, duh, that’s why I’m ordering now.”

Despite yourself, you’re laughing at the blonde and when she looks at you, she tilts her head and then cracks a smile, looking all too pleased with herself.

“Clearly, the professional agrees with me.”

“Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that.” Your mood lightens a little and Kara’s given you cash to pay off her so-called lunch.

They’re about to leave and Kara looks far too excited as she sticks her entire face into the paper bag you’ve put the sticky buns in and you hear a muffled thank you coming from her as she waves her entire arm in your direction (you think how lucky it is that no one is in her general vicinity). Lena stays a few paces behind her and winks at you.

“Really sorry I can’t stay and chat like we usually do. I’ll see you soon?”

You try not to get too excited about the implication. “Well, I’m certainly not going anywhere,” and you lazily wave your hand as you gesture around the shop.

She takes another moment to regard you and then she smiles. “Of course.” And then she’s walking off after Kara and you spend the rest of the day in an even tempered mood.

That very night you get a text from an unknown number while you were yell-singing to your 90s R&B playlist.

????: “Figured now is a good time to use that phone number the cute barista gave me, since I didn’t get to have my daily fix of conversation that I’m usually treated to.”

You stop in your tracks in the middle of R. Kelly’s Bump N Grind and stare at the message for an unnecessarily long time when another notification pops up.

????: “Unless, of course, the unfortunate twist of cruel fate rears its ugly head and decides this number doesn’t actually belong to the cute barista and I’ve thus been bamboozled :(”

You can’t believe your luck, and suddenly you feel a little bit lighter (ignoring of course, the alcohol buzzing slightly through your blood)

you: “ahhh, but sweet luck smiles upon you this time. it’s definitely I, the cute barista”

Lena: “Well, that’s lucky :) I’m glad I made the right decision.”

Lena: “I am sorry about today, I really did wish I could have stayed like I usually do. It’s always nice talking to you.”

you: “it’s really no problem. I like talking to you too. Especially since you’re probably so busy and you’ve cooped yourself up in that big scary office all day, it’s good to see you’re still alive sometimes”

Lena: “Aha! The big grinding wheels of capitalism never stop, I’m afraid.”

Lena: “Kara adores you, by the way. She thinks you’re a genius for those immaculate sticky buns, in her words.”

you: “LOL, hate to let her down but… you should tell her I don’t actually make them. Nobody in store does actually”

Lena: “Nothing can convince her, I will tell you that. That girl is the only person as stubborn as me. She’s the only one besides my secretary who can drag me away from my desk to go to lunch.”

you: “well that sounds vaguely unhealthy”

Lena: “Indeed, I’m quite lucky I’ve got a friend like her to remind me to be a human.”

Friend. A friend like her. Idiot. You decide from thereon out not to jump to conclusions so quickly, and you’d kick yourself in the shin for your unnecessary bitterness if you could.

Lena: “You should drop by my office sometime, whenever you’re free of course. I realize it may be too much to ask of you, especially since you have your own life and other obligations I’m sure you must attend to. But it would be nice to see you more often. You may be the only thing I look forward to most days.”

You smile to yourself, truly not believing your own eyes. For once, you got lucky.

you: “I mean, if that’s the case, who am I to tell a pretty lady no?”

And that’s how it starts. You’d only been to her office a few times - she’s spent more time coming to the coffee shop than you have visiting her. The weeks go by and Lena assures you it’s no trouble - that her getting out of her office for fresh air is surely well needed and you don’t need to worry about visiting her an equal amount. Jess, her secretary, still knows to let you in whenever you come by, equal parts being the attentive secretary that she is and from the very special access to Lena’s office that only you and Kara have. The first time you ever stopped by, Jess stared at you questioningly, almost in a challenge before gesturing you toward the direction of Lena’s office. You felt the burning weight of her scrutiny on your back, and still couldn’t shake it off when you bade her goodbye.

The next instances you’d seen Jess, she’d looked at you with something in her expression you couldn’t read, but you didn’t think much of it. Each time, she’d smiled at you sweetly and you realize she’d become much friendlier with you whenever she saw you - as friendly as she could get, you think.

That didn’t shake you much, not necessarily. What did confuse you was the employees who began to stare at you while you made your way through the lobby, or the evident weight that settled in an elevator whenever you got into one full of L-Corp employees.

At first, you were supremely uncomfortable, and you’d thought to bring it up to Lena but thought against it. You were so self-conscious and immersed in your own thoughts, you hadn’t noticed the L-Corp employees milling around in the lobby checking you out or gossiping about you.

“What an absolute stunner.”

“Do you think Miss Luthor is getting in on that?”

“That’s not fair, doesn’t she have something going on with that reporter?”

“You already know that’s never happened. Jess said so.”

“Jess did not say so, Jess would never divulge anything about Miss Luthor.”

“Well she hasn’t shot the idea down! That’s all we need…”

“Well, if Miss Luthor doesn’t make a move on that hottie that’s always visiting her, then I will.”

“You would never.”

“I could dream.”

Lena had always insisted she’d call you a car whenever you visited her, but you insisted you could walk since everything you had to do was in a nearby radius anyway. One day, you decided to surprise her and bring her on a date for a late lunch. Dressed in your motorcycle gear, you dismounted your sportbike and took a take out bag of food out of your backpack to keep it from spilling anywhere else. You walked through the lobby and security let you in after signing your name, and again, past your untrained ear, the gossip milled about.

“Oh my god, a motorcycle too. How much hotter could anyone possibly get?”

“You’re really in over your head, you know.”

“I wonder when Miss Luthor is going to make it official.”

You made your way to Lena’s floor and spotted Jess. She was typing away at her computer when she saw you and spared you a glance as you wordlessly left the bag of take out on her desk.

“You are truly a miracle. Bless Miss Luthor for having you.”

You smirked at her and made your way to Lena.

“Hey,” you said as you closed the door behind you.

“Hello, darling.” She took the time to glance at you and smiled as she continued typing on her laptop. “I’m almost done here.”

“Hurry, I miss you.”

She smiles brightly again but otherwise undeterred. “We’ve been texting all day.”

“I know, but it’s not enough.” You smirk as you sit down in the chair across from her and leave your arm hanging off the back.

“I’m sure you can wait a few more minutes.”

“No, I can’t.” You pout at her and give her your best sad puppy eyes and somehow, she knows what you’re doing because she doesn’t need to glance up when she answers.

“Don’t do that, you know I’m weak for that.”

“I know. It’s how I get my way. I’ve been thinking about you all day, please hurry so I can kiss you and not feel bad about it.” You know you’re being annoying, but Lena biting her lip and finally stopping in her task to look at you tells you the sentiment isn’t unwelcome.

“Darling, you don’t have to feel bad about kissing me, ever.” She tilts her head slightly and gives you a smirk of her own.

“Well, how about you finish whatever you’re working on so I can do all the things I want to do to you and have you entirely to myself.”

“Oh, sounds promising.” Lena is typing again and you try not to laugh as you see her look of concentration and the sheer determination now much clearer on her face now that you gave her an incentive.

“You’re bad for me, you know.” She closes her laptop and stands up to walk towards you in one fluid motion and you grin at her.

“Me? I’m just the lowly barista.”

“A lowly barista with a really nice motorcycle.” She sinks into your embrace and leans up to kiss you.

You hold her gently at her hips and kiss her at last, sighing contently.

“How’d you know I brought it today?”

She merely hums as she leans up again for another kiss. “I have my ways.”

“Are you spying on me, Miss Luthor?”

“Of course not.” She gathers her purse and coat as you wait for her, and you both make your way towards the elevator. You wave a goodbye to Jess as Lena announced her departure, and all the secretary spared was, “Bye Miss Luthor, have fun, take your time coming back!”

Lena rolls her eyes and you both get into the empty elevator. When you reach the lobby, the entire place seems to simultaneously quiet and become utterly aware of your presence. Again, you feel unnerved. You can’t ponder it too much because Lena is pulling you in for a kiss and her arms wrap around your neck. You instinctively place your hands on her waist and bring her closer to you, returning her kiss and moaning slightly when her tongue licks at your lips. She sighs contently when you squeeze at her hips and bite her bottom lip, and she runs her hands through your hair as you deepen the kiss. Before anything else can escalate above the realm of PG-13, you reluctantly pull away and she’s smiling at you.

You smile back and seem to have to catch your breath, but you glance up and see the eyes of various employees looking at you, some scrambling to look away, others shamelessly staring in awe. You hear a few whispers but can’t make sense of any of it and Lena takes your hand and intertwines her fingers with yours.

You follow happily as she takes you toward the exit, not missing the way she looks at the employees who still stare at the pair of you and you finally put words to your suspicions.

“What was all that for? I thought you didn’t like PDA.”

“Well, I certainly like kissing you.”

“You didn’t do it to make a point did you?”

Lena looks up at you seriously and your hand still holds hers. She’s about to say something but you interrupt her first.

“Oh my god, no way. You’re not jealous are you?”

She answers a bit too quickly, “I don’t get jealous.”

“You’ve never kissed me like that before.”

“I think the several nights I’ve spent at yours beg to differ-”

“Not in public then.”

She squints at you and you squeeze her hand as you pull her closer to take her other hand. “Baby, you don’t need to be jealous.”

“I told you, I have no reason to be jealous, let alone of all the employees who should be working rather than spending their hours-”

“Hold up.” You smile as you spot the crinkle in her brow that she gets whenever she’s annoyed. “Are you being serious?”

She pouts her lips, actually pouts, and the crinkle only lets up just the tiniest bit. “Jess may or may not have caught onto some rumour mill between the employees.”

You look at her, trying to spot any traces of a joke. “Babe, really. You don’t need to be jealous.”

“I mean, why should I blame them for commenting on how good looking you are? I can’t say I disagree. It’s just unnerving sometimes and I wonder why you would even put up with me when there are plenty of other-”

You pull her to you so that she’s pressing against you and you interrupt her rambling as you lean in for another kiss. She sighs and calms reasonably down before you speak.

“No matter what anyone says or what you may think, I don’t want to hear about what anyone else has to say or what they might think. You’re the only one that matters and you’re the only one I’ll listen to, because it’s you that I want. Just you.”

She looks at you for a few moments before she sighs. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just new to this, it’s been a while.”

“Oh I am absolutely not complaining. Do keep kissing me like that all you want, whenever you want.”

You laugh as she swats your arm playfully and you take her hand to your lips and kiss it as you both walk in the direction of the restaurant. Lately, your efforts to convince Lena to ride your motorcycle with you are futile, but she’s relented with a ‘maybe after work when I don’t have to be in this skirt’, to which you easily replied, ‘I can totally help you out of it anyway, all you need to do is ask’, to which she rolled her eyes at you and you had to peel your eyes away from her biting her lip.

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (11/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N spends her free day training and surprisingly, a date with an Avenger.

Notes: another filler chapter but it’s fun. steve needs to chill sometimes so :)

Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12


Y/N has been sparring a lot with Natasha, Clint and even Tony. She also substitutes as a combat coach for the twins on separate occasions. On some occasions Thor would be in Asgard for long periods of time but he trusts the team to handle the earth by themselves.

There are also days where she’d be in the lab with Bruce and would work on the mechanics and computer systems of the agency’s design and structure since Y/N is first and foremost a computer engineer. Then there will be nights where she’d be on the balcony with Steve, talking about nothing and everything. Drinking a few glasses and chatting.

These things are what she looks forward to the most ever since she became an Avenger. After fulfilling the missions given to her and the team, Y/N finds a way to make herself comfortable in the new but quickly familiarizing environment. She was getting used to her life and happiness was slowly creeping up on her.

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That moment when you see a SD&S tag and this is what you’re working with…sorry @tuesdayswithrachel… The reality of #Iwokeuplikethis is NOT pretty, especially today.  Dark circles for days and days…

I haven’t slept well much at all the past couple of nights.  I’m usually excellent at compartmentalizing.  But, things with my parents have gotten so bad that I just can’t.  I am feeling so stressed that I have this weird feeling of being underwater all the time.  So much pressure, shortness of breath, and anxiety.  Fun.

At least Conner has been behaving himself.  It’s difficult sometimes to drag things out of him, but talking is so important.  I recently finished Beartown, and it was SO good.  One of the many things I totally identified with is how the parents in the book struggled with the concept of giving their kids enough space but also trying to make sure they still stayed in the loop of what was going on with them.  Parenting is freakin DIFFICULT, man.  Mother’s Day is coming up again, and I was just looking at the Mother’s Day card Conner made me last year.  One line meant so much in particular: “I know that you always love me even when you get mad at me.” Having my kid never doubt that is pretty high on the list of life goals, so I treasure that card so much.

When you’re feeling this exhausted and stressed, it’s important to acknowledge the little things that bring some brightness to the day.  Conveniently, @neurotic-rob tagged me to list five happy things–thanks, friend–so here goes:

  1. My house has remained so clean that it’s almost miraculous since this past Thursday when I hosted gym book club.  HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??
  2. On Sunday, my family spent the whole afternoon together–dinner on the patio, countless Uno games, and a two hour walk in the woods.  So much laughter, and hugs, and that rare and perfect feeling of time slowing down.
  3. Good books! Always.  I LOVED Beartown, and I’m currently enjoying American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
  4. Being “that” couple.  When you go to a barbecue for your newly engaged friends and are asked, “So, how do you guys do it–you seem so happy!?” Still loving the crap out of my husband and flirting like teenagers. Heart eyes for days! :)
  5. Leftovers and part-time work.  If ever I needed a day with no responsibilities, it’s today.  Because of those two things, I get to have it.

Welcome to Mama’s 100 Quotes of Supernatural Challenge!!!

Wow! I am truly amazed at all of you wonderful people in Tumblr land. After 1 year on here I have 2000 followers!!!! (OK, so I know my blog is not a big ole bomb of excitement the majority of time but I am still tickled pink!)

So to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary, I am going to do a 2-part thing. I put a poll out a few weeks ago to see what all of you would like and the 2 popular responses were a challenge and for me to do some more blog promo’s. You asked so shall you receive!!

I have searched and searched for some of the most memorable, funniest, best quotes from our beloved characters of Supernatural. Below the cut you will find the list. I have tried to include at least 1 quote from just about everyone (well, from a whole bunch of them anyways) but the majority of the quotes do belong to our sexy Dean, Sam, and Castiel! So keep on reading to see the list and the rules for this challenge!!

(And feel free to hop on over to my other part of this challenge, Mama’s “Spread The Love” Blog Promo’s and shoot me some suggestions!)

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Caro, you're always so kind with your followers. I've met artists that lashes out because of things people say about their art, but you're always so gentle and nice. Thank you for care about what we think and thank you for letting us see your art. 💙

Well, sometimes people are just people. It happens to me too sometimes, but then I am really sorry for that. Bad days happen, so if I ever be a bit snarky, it’s mostly because I am having a bad day, so please never feel attacked when I come off as rude. I usually don’t mean it that way. 

I try to be open for constructive critique :) It’ll help me to become a better artist and since I have only little knowledge about dancing, especially ballet I think messages like that are really helpful. I am still a growing artist and I believe everybody should be treated with the same respect you want other people to treat you. 


Jungkook x reader.

Gender; Male x female.

Genre; Fluff, Angst-ish.

Warning; There is one curse word.

Word count; 1865.


Jeon Jungkook was bathing in it,
Breathing it,
Speaking it.

He was it.

The young boy never knew he could feel this much hatred over someone he never knew, only a name and a body created by his imagination.
A body that even gods would bow down to, a body that made Jungkook feel insecure even though it was something he created.

You weren’t even discreet about it,
Heck you didn’t even try to hide it!

Jungkook wouldn’t think much about it, about your little crush that is.
But for some reason it was always late at night or early in the morning when you would let out that melodic laughter and those stifled ones in hopes the boy you had been with for that two hands where needed to count the years.

Jungkook couldn’t believe it.
After all this time, all those moments, all the trust and loyalty he has given to you.
All those things down the drain.

At first he kept quiet about it, thinking that perhaps it was just a friend or a cousin.
But, with some help of his friends, Jungkook thought otherwise.
He would stay awake until you got up from the shared bed and he waited for those giggles that belonged to him and bit to this…

“Oh my god, Choromatsu!”

There it was again.

Your laughter that sounded far more happier then when Jungkook made you laugh.

That was the last straw.
The boy practically flew out of the bed, the wind hitting his bare chest and all, but the fury inside of him made him numb against the cold.
Heavy stomps made their way to the bedroom door that flung open, the loud slam against the wall was not the thing that made you quiet, nor was it the heavy angry footsteps.

It was the well build dark haired boy with fury in his eyes and in the words he spoke.

“You, you cheater!

You don’t think I didn’t figure it out?!

You are so loud, who wouldn’t figure it out?!”

“…Jungkook, what are yo-”

“Oh, don’t act all innocent [Y/N], you know damn well what I am talking about.”

“No…no I don’t.”

“Oh don’t fuck with me [Y/N], you really don’t think I hear you talking with this…

Cha- Chi- Co- Ca… whatever matsu?!”

That’s when the last puzzle finally clicked.
Now you understood why the man with a face as red as osomatsu’s sweater was screaming at you.
It all made sense, and well, you wouldn’t lie if you said you wanted to burst into laughter.

“Jungkook, what are you on about?”
You said trying your hardest not to let that stone cold poker face fall, which was the most difficult thing you have ever done.

“Oh, you, you.” Jungkook started to tremble, his body by now even hotter than lava.
How dare you to act all innocent when clearly he had caught you red handed.
How dare you.

How dare you.

“How dare you, you bitch!”

Now, one might have exploded by now by the foul name given by their lover.
But if it was not for the greatly timed:


You might not have bursted into laughter.

“What, what are you laughing about?” Jungkook asked dumbfounded, eyes widened as he looked at his lover, hands clutching your chest as streams went down your face.
If you only moved back a bit more, you might have fallen to the ground, still with those teary laughter.


Was all you could say in the ever growing laughter.

“A-anime?” Jungkook definitely was confused.
The shaky finger of the teary eyed you pointed at the screen, the hand clutching your stomach now covered your mouth trying to mute the, now muffled laughter.

Jungkook followed and felt his face burn red again, not in anger this time, but in embarrassment.

Colourful moving pictures on a laptop screen in the dark captured Jungkook’s eye.
It wasn’t until a boy in a blue hoodie called out for the name Jungkook had been hearing for a while now.

“Oh, choromatsu!”

Immediately the hunk sculpted in Jungkook’s imagination broke like shattered glass, again and again, while it was being replaced by the wacky looking 2D character that he had been jealous of for so long.

“I am sorry.” You finally said after being done with the laughter fit that only sometimes came back and showed itself for a brief moment.

“They air the episode immediately after the release in Japan, and because it is so late I didn’t want to wake you up by the loud noises and bright light.”

Yep, now it definitely made sense.
You where just watching anime like usual and well, Jungkook was being a fool like usual.
A fool that started to let out short dull “Ha” ’s, which slightly worried you.





The boy slowly shuffled closer until his feet gave in and he fell right before you.
Before your brain could even process what was happening, your body had already been held prison in the warm embrace of Jungkook, hair tickling against your cheeks as his face burrowed into the crook of your neck.

“I thought I had lost you.” He whispered with breaths tickling your skin.

You where sure he could hear the skips and thuds your heart made, but you couldn’t care less.

Your boyfriend was being absolutely adorable and you could not resist the urge to hug him back.

“It’s okay, you’ll never lose me.” You whispered.

Silence did not even settle in before you began to spurt.
Shoulders shaking as a grumble erupted out of your chest.

“I am sorry.” You said in between laughter.
By now Jungkook had already detached himself from you and eyed you down with an eyebrow raised.

“It’s just that,

You where jealous because of Choromatsu!

That’s the best joke in history!”

Jungkook’s face once more became red as he gave you a light hit against your shoulder.

“Yah, not funny!”

“No you are right.

It’s hilarious!” You once again found yourself clutching your stomach.

“Ah, it hurts!” You said in between laughs.

“Choromatsu, who would have thought!”

With a huff and a pout Jungkook stood up.

“W-whatever!” The boy mumbled as he began to storming back to the bedroom.

“No wait!” You kept on laughing.
“Don’t leave me be with.



The slam of a door being shot only made your laughter increase and Jungkook’s shame grow.

He was jealous.

Of an anime character.

Please tell me there are other Osomatsu-san fans out there!

Please let’s be friends!

[Also, I am so so sorry.

But there won’t be any Once uploaded today.

Also no gif, because well, I am on my phone and nothing works.]


Family and Friends

((Okay guys prepare for a bit of expansion in the family tree lol; 

- on the top /left/ we have the twins’ 10 year old cousin Johnny, which is Papyrus’ son. Kyra /middle pictures/ is Pap’s wife/mate and Johnny’s mother (see third picture for how she looked when she first met Paps) 

- top /right/ is Cassidy “Cassy” or “Cass”, and she is Grillby and Muffet’s 3-4 year old daughter. She is usually brought over to play with the twins and sometimes Johnny. 

I will definitely put up a picture of the ENTIRE family of the twins and even a more detailed explanation of their world situation, then I may have it to where you can ask not only the twins things but other family members as well :D I think that’ll be fun so look out for that. 

Also, sorry I didn’t explicitly say this but I am currently on vacation so I haven’t been posting as much as I want BUT the ideas are still stirring so be prepared when I get back >: D

Enjoy these pics and have a great day/night everyone!))

Pictured: Stochkolm College AU Cora and Law (26 and 13, approx 2002)

It is not easy being Roci in canon, and it’s not easy being Roci in this AU. I still haven’t decided how much Doflamingo is involved in their lives (rest assured he isn’t making any appearances as a “””quirky annoying uncle”””” though, that shit is mad uncomfortable), but even without him Roci’s life kind of sucks a lot of the time. But at least he is alive, and also pretty happy most of the time! This got a little long (like, 900 words) , so! Cut! 

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My dog (stitch) is the lovable jumpy dork type, can u do one where the readers dog kind of /attacks/ chris and dodger just kind of joins in on the love and meet cue happens and fluff

Originally posted by a-happy-nerd

You somehow drove yourself and Stitch, your saint bernard to the furthest park, recently Stitch had jumped onto a person jogging at the local park near you that you were too embarrassed to go back.-for a while.

You grabbed hold of your boisterous dog, helping out of the car and not-so-casually walking around the park. Stitch wasn’t one to run off, in fact, he usually stayed very close but sometimes he has this rush of energy. For a big dog, that means bad things happen, like right now!

Stitch sprinted off, you sprinted after him but you weren’t fast enough, of course. Once close enough you realised, again, he was jumping on someone who happened to be laying on the ground. There face into the grass, as your dog and probably, his own was jumping and licking him.

“Stitch! Ohmygod, I am so, sorry, Stitch. No.” You pulled the massive lump off him, well tried to pull the massive dog off of the man, his deep chuckle only fueled yours and his dog more. 

He somehow managed to push himself up, his cap slightly askew and laughter emitting from him as you somehow managed to be sitting with Stitch settled between your legs, pulling slightly to introduce himself some more at the stranger. His own dog, licking his face and trying to get attention.

“It’s fine, really, I get it from Dodger” the man chuckled, now on his knees and pushing his own dog away, moving his cap slightly, and your heart stopped for a moment… Chris Evans? Which means, that’s Dodger Evans! 

“(Y/N), this is Stitch” you point to the giant, slobbering dork in front of you that was now getting affection from Dodger, who had finally noticed you and began to keen for affection. 

“Chris, that’s-” 

“Dodger” you yelled happily, causing the dog to go into a frenzy and jump in your lap, you giggled as you hugged the dog’s neck and smiled at Chris.

“Does my dog have a fanclub?” he asked, raising an eyebrow, tickling Stitch who rolled onto his back.

“I run the fanclub, I love Dodger” you smile as Chris laughs, nodding in agreement “he seems more tamable than my lump” you chuckled. 

“Yeah, seems it, he’s not, though. He just loves meeting people, although, my dog didn’t take out a jogger at the other park, so I’ve heard there’s even worse, Stitch has competition” he tried to joke.

“That was Stitch!” you tell him, honestly.

It’s silent as he slowly pets Stitch, “That doesn’t surprise me, especially, with how he introduced himself to me.”

“He ran extra fast cause he’s a fan of yours” Chris chuckled, suddenly being attached by both dogs again, then both Stitch and Dodger begin to chase one another around again; leaving both yourself and Chris to watch and talk; you mentally thanking your crazy dog.

“Come to this park often?” Chris asked, helping you stand and gather Stitch and walking you towards your car. 

“I will be, cause I am too embarrassed to show my face at the other one” he chuckled and nodded.

“Well, I’ll see you around then,” you nodded with a small smile.

(Send in drabble prompts/ smut/angst/fluff for the Avengers or Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan- Ro)

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About the mixup with legally drinking alcohol - it would have happened to me as well. (Random question if that's okay: Are you from Germany? I am :3)

I am not from Germany, sorry :p

Yeah, it’s so confusing sometimes. I usually research these things but since the entire series “nothing under 7 inches” was written in maybe 2 days? (loooooots of inspiration haha!) I didn’t really think about it anymore… Sorry!

Signs from my experience (cancer)
  • requested by: anonymious
  • Aries: Okay we don't usually get along really well to be honest. You just sometimes say things that hurt me and you don't even say you are sorry. Not sure if you notice tho and yeah I am kinda sensitive to things others say c; but you are also so childish which is kinda cute! If you really get to know them they are really great and loyal friends.
  • Taurus: Okay too precious for this world. Everything you do is so much art. We get along well but they can be so stubborn from time to time. Still cute and lovable. Can I just hug you all! Also loyal and make the greatest friends!
  • Gemini: Okay your sarcasm level it's over 9000! You are realists and your humor is on the other level! It's not easy to get along with them but when you do they are just the best thing that can happen to you! You are just fun to be around and I feel that you aren't as two faced that people say! Geminis I know are just so perf and cute and amazing!
  • Cancer: Okay you are my long lost brothers and sisters! I feel like we all have this really deep connection and that we just naturally get along with each other. Of course we are all little moody from time to time but we all get it and accept the fact in each other. All too precious to this world and omg.
  • Leo: So. Amazing. Omg. You are so nice and cute and funny and just adorable! I think we get along better than what people first think when they think cancers and leos. You have the funniest jokes and are loyal af. You can always trust that they are there for you! Your confidence is stunning and when you hang out with them you just notice that even you start to act more confident. Also their smile and them like overall are like sun and they are just shining brightly!
  • Virgo: We have this kind of understanding with each others. We feel like we are on the same page and all those deep conversations are something that I value so much. Sometimes you make fun of me how messy I am but it's okay! Still so freaking cute and adorable. I also admire how you actually can keep things in order like that's something I really just can't do!
  • Libra: Okay you are so nice and cute and we get along so well most of the time. Sometimes you get annoyed how clingy I am but you still bear with me and let me be my annoying self. You accept me how I am and omg. Most of you are so balanced with yourselves that I am jealous for that. So important and cute and cute and did I already say cute.
  • Scorpio: Okay why every scorpio that I have met are either hot or hot. Like is that common thing with you guys. You are all so deep stuff person but also you work hard to get what you want and when you get it, you won't let go. You are all so nice and idk just attractive persons, persons who I like to hang out with. Can I just marry you all? Oh wait that was not a question c;;
  • Sagittarius: Okay most of you are so open with other people that it hurts! You have maybe the best jokes ever and you really should think about going to comedy career! It's always fun to be around you and we never get bored when we hang out. You always want to do these extreme things what is the best! Like I said I'm never getting bored with you! c;;
  • Capricorn: Okay I haven't met many of you but you all seem to be so calm but so cute all at the same time! You set yourselves high goals and you work hardly towards them! Idk what else to say when I know so little but you are all cute c;
  • Aquarius: So freaking funny and lively! You are loud and you talk so much! It's so fun to be around you, there will be no quiet moment with you! You have really fun ideas ! You are all so adorable and funny. I get along with you quite well and I feel that we have been friends for so long even tho we haven't.
  • Pisces: Okay I either love you or then we don't really get along with each other. You are still are so cute and like everything you do (just like taurus') is really art! XD You really don't act like your age, it can go either way. Most of the time we get along with so well and you are so funny and you understand my point of view! So so so cute c;;

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Do you remember a while back when I asked you for song requests? Well now I have a Spotify Playlist named after you with all those songs lol-S♢

Oh btw sometimes I send stuff on here but I really don’t know if they sent so i apologize in advance for that. Also I hope you’re doing well. BOTS was amazing as usual. I’m cautious though I can already feel the drama stirring up >_>-S♢

omg really HAHAH I AM HONORED!!! although i don’t even remember what songs i suggested :’D man i feel like tumblr has been eating A LOT of my asks :(( i’m sorry, but thank you so much for taking the time to send me things!! i hope you’re well too!! oohoo~~~ drama and angst are to be EXPECTED in every fic of mine. like you don’t even have to guess, you just assume HAHAH can’t have an erin fic without angst :”)

as an dfab nb person who tends to swing closer to agender or androgyne/masculine, but also really enjoys makeup, i have a really complicated relationship with ‘gender norms’ or whatever term fits best. I’m genderfluid, and do sometimes edge in closer to ‘girl’ than ‘boy’, but. Not always. Not usually

I am undeniably feminine in appearance. Not because I dress in a feminine manner (although sometimes I do that as well), but because I wear makeup. Makeup is so incredibly gendered that it alone places me firmly in the category of ‘feminine presenting’.

I am at once grateful for this- my parents must never find out I’m nonbinary, not so long as I’m dependent on their support and this helps me hide- and also incredibly frustrated. I’m not a woman. I’m not femme-aligned. I am not femme-presenting, not usually. But because I paint my face, I feel like it invalidates how I feel.

I’m not a girl. I’m not a woman. I enjoy makeup, but that doesn’t make me feminine. I’m just me.

  • whenever you tease or make fun of him he shoots you the gyujin glare
  • likes to poke the sides of your stomach repeatedly
  • also loves to pin you down and tickle you whenever he suspects you’ve eaten the food he saved until you plead guilty
  • full-on bear hugs you to sleep
  • random kisses on the crown of your head, forehead, and temples
  • pretends to bite your nose when you’re eating because he cant stand how cute you look stuffing your face
  • occasionally tucks your hair behind your ears when he wants to get your attention
  • when you guys are sitting on the couch, he likes shifting your body so that your legs are over his lap
  • will not hesitate to lick the whipped cream off of your face when you’re eating cake
  • basically loves seeing you blush like it makes him feel very much loved like
  • Whoa… she’s blushing because of m e
  • when he wakes up before you he likes leaving a trail of kisses along your neck until you wake up
  • caresses your thigh or knee out of nowhere
  • always knocks on your guys’ door just incase you’re changing most of the time
  • but when he does walk in on you changing he either stares at you like
  • …nICE
  • or “IM SORRY BABE SJDJJSJD” as he covers his face with his hands and goes around to retrieve whatever he went in there for
  • he gets really protective when you’re sick like
  • he’ll scramble from place to place getting whatever you need/want with no questions asked
  • and he’ll be at your side every second because he feels as though you might get hurt somehow
  • loves to play with your hair for fun and usually says stuff like
  • such luscious hair
  • wow our kids are going to have great hair” and then he’d laugh but then again he gets nervous like oh yeah we gonna have kids someday sh i t am i ready yet
  • to sum it up: gyujin the cuddle bear, caring af, a nervous mess sometimes, he can go from whoops im sorry to dANG hOt stuFf, tickle fights courtesy of han gyujin, protective when it comes to your health and well-being, his fingers are usually tangled in your hair bc he loves the feeling, random kisses on the top of your head, forehead, and temples, caressing your legs out of nowhere, and pretends to take a bit at your nose when youre way too cute for him to handle