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The bet

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Request:Hey 👋🏻 ❤ So could I request a 40’s Bucky x reader?the reader is very shy and a friend of Peggy. Bucky is the ladies man. One night they all went to a party and Bucky asked the reader out as a bet she said yes and they became a couple. Bucky begins to fall in love with the reader. After a while she discovers by accident about the bet and her heart got broken. Bucky does not give up on her and tries to win her back! With a happy ending,angst and fluff!! Thank you love you 💛💙

Warnings: angst, swearing, fluff

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   Bucky was bored, Steve was bored but Peggy was having the time of her life. The three of them were out celebrating the end of the war, the fact they were still alive; In fact, it seemed everyone was out celebrating their win. The bar was crammed full of men and women, all dancing and drinking, having a jolly good time, everyone except Bucky and Steve. Peggy had had one too many drinks and she was content to talk the entire night away, boring both men into a light sleep. The only thing that woke them up was when Steve accidentally let his head slip out of his hands and he smacked the table, jolting both men awake. Bucky looked around in shock, before looking at Steve who was now rubbing at his red forehead. Bucky snickered softly, shaking his head but his laughter immediately died when his eyes caught something lingering at the entrance. 

   A young girl, around Peggy’s age, was standing at the entrance to the bar, looking rather anxious. Immediately she perked up as she looked in his direction. Bucky thought she was smiling at him but he quickly realized he was wrong when Peggy jumped up and rushed over to her to hug her. 

   "(Y/N), you’re here!“ 

   "I wouldn’t miss out on the chance to see you,” She smiled gently, showcasing her beautiful smile. 

   Bucky looks at the two interacting for quite some time, entrance with (Y/N) but a quick tap to his shoulder quickly snapped him out of his trance.

    “I’ve got a dare for you,” Steve smirks coolly as he folds his arms over his chest. “I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you go and ask her out,” Bucky looks at him, furrowing his brows. 

   "Okay…what’s the catch?“ 

   "You have to date her for more than four months,”

    “no,” Bucky shakes his head, folding his arms over his chest. “No way, do you know how many days that is that I’d have to go without kissing some cute blonde?” Steve chuckles, shrugging his shoulders.

    “What about two hundred?” Bucky purses his lips in thought, humming softly as Peggy and (Y/N) approach the table, still talking to each other animatedly. 

   "Fine two hundred dollars,“ Steve chuckles as he leans back into his seat, closing his eyes once again.

    "Guess you’re gonna be out of two hundred dollars in a month," 

   "Whatever,” Bucky growls to Steve as Peggy and (Y/N) sit down. 

   "Steven, James, this (Y/N), a friend of mine,“

   "Hello,” Steve answers politely, giving (Y/N) a soft smile. Bucky on the other hand was going to be more flirtatious, he did have to win a bet after all.

      “Heya doll,” Bucky leans forward, smiling at (Y/N) smugly. The poor girl blushed madly, her entire face red as Bucky looked at her. 

   "Hi,“ (Y/N) replies quietly, her eyes glued to their hands as she does so. She was shy, Bucky loved the shy ones.

    "She recently moved to Brooklyn-" 

   "Good choice cutie,” Bucky winked at her and Bucky swore he’d never seen a face redder than hers. It was…cute. Most women were throwing themself at his feet, batting their eyelashes and acting all sorts of sweet and innocent but for once Bucky thought he’d found a girl who actually was what all those women pretended to be. She seemed so genuinely moved by his compliments, as though no one had ever called her cute nicknames or told her how cute she was. 

   Oh, Bucky was going to have fun with this one. 

   The “party” had dragged by painfully slow, with Peggy still rambling and (Y/N) occasionally breaking the constant talking with small input here and there. Every now and then Bucky would throw a compliment her way, a ‘your hair is looking fantastic’, or maybe a little something like 'Thats one hell of a dress’. E very time he so much looked her way she ended up blushing madly but nonetheless it always brought a small smile to her rosy cheeks.

    Around 10 Peggy finally crashed, quite literally too. She was slowly talking one second and then the next she was fast asleep. Steve picked her up and carried her home, leaving Bucky and (Y/N) all alone. He was of course going to walk her home, what kind of a man would he be if he didnt? And truthfully he was actually looking forward to some one on one time with (Y/N), she seemed beyond nice and Bucky wanted to get to know her more.

    “(Y/N)’s a gorgeous name,” Bucky states as he walks along, hands shoved in his pockets. Even in the dim lighting of Brooklyn he could see (Y/N)’s wild blush. “And that blush is pretty cute too,” Bucky smirks as (Y/N) cracks a wide smile, hanging her head to hide jus how much of an effect his words had on her. “So (Y/N), you got a man of your own?" 

   "Um no,” (Y/N) whispers, cheeks burning once again. 

   "No?“ Bucky asks dumbfoundedly. "That’s- no- that’s not possible, how can someone like you not be datin’ anyone?” (Y/N) shrugs, her ever present smile still there. 

   "I’m really quiet, guess that’s not something men these days like,“ 

   "I like it,” Bucky supplies rather quickly. “Shy gals are the cutest," 

   "Seems like you’re the only man on the face of the earth who thinks like that,”

    “Good,” Bucky smirks a bit, “more for me,” (Y/N) smiles, a wide toothy thing that had Bucky’s heart fluttering just a bit. “So (Y/N), I was wonderin’ if maybe you’d like to go out on a date sometime, I get if you don’t want to but you seem really nice and I’d love to get to know ya more,” (Y/N) looks at Bucky with a shocked expression, eyes wide and lips parted.

    “Are- are you serious?" 

   "Hell yeah I’m serious,” Bucky smiles at her widely. 

   "You’re not lying to me?“

    "No doll,” Bucky stops walking, turning to face her immediately. “I’m bein’ dead serious, I’d love to take you out for some dinner some time, maybe see a movie, go feed the ducks, whatever the hell you wanna do,” (Y/N) blushes once again but we smile is much brighter and bigger than he had ever seen it. 

   "I’d love that,“ Bucky sighs gratefully, internally chanting and rooting himself on. In five months he was going to have a nice stack of two hundred dollars in his hand… 

    Well- Bucky had fucked up Royally, what had supposed to be nothing more than a stupid bet had quickly turned into something more. Bucky quickly realized what a gem in the rough he’d found, (Y/N) was unlike any other girl he’d ever met. She was abnormally sweet, so caring, beyond adorable, and not to mention the most hilarious person he’d ever met.

    After having spent a couple of years with the military he was used to strong language, crude jokes but what he heard from (Y/N) completely topped anything he hear in the army. It was a huge surprise when one day whilst (Y/N) was cooking a meal for the two of then he quite suddenly heard a loud crash followed by (Y/N)’s feminine voice yelling a short but consice "Fuck!” Bucky didnt think he had laughed that hard in his entire life. But Bucky quickly learned that (Y/N) also had a bit of a feisty side. She was bound and determined to do everything herself, she didn’t need help doing a single thing. While most women would expect him to do everything (Y/N) would most likely punch him if he even thought about doing a single thing for her. She was different and Bucky loved that.

    It didn’t take him long to realize just how screwed he was. A month of dating each other and he realized he was in love. The damn idiot had actually fallen in love. Now, it was the five month mark and Bucky was as anxious for it as he could be. He couldn’t accept Steve’s money now, not after falling in love with (Y/N) and he sure as hell had to tell her about the bet, how horrible would it be of him to not to do so? He’d be the worst boyfriend on the face of the earth but whenever he tried to he’d choke up and refuse to tell her. But now he had really done it. 

   He had meant to tell her that night but then things went a little….sidewards and now he was laying in (Y/N)’s bed, butt fucking naked as he held a sleeping (Y/N). Her skin was still slightly sweaty from precious activities but if he even dared pulled away she’d begin to shiver and whine in her sleep so Bucky stayed by her side, holding her as close as humanly possible. 

   He’d tell her later, after she woke up. He’d make her a nice breakfast (even though she’d probably beat him for it), he try to explain it as nicely as he could and hope for the best. 

    “Wait…” (Y/N) looks at him, her eyes brimming with tears. “Are you- are you being serious?” Her tone was meek and quiet, just like the tone she usually had around anyone but him. Bucky sighs, his stomach twisted up in knots as he nods.

     "Yeah, yeah I am,“

    "I was just- I was just a bet to you?” (Y/N) squeaks, her voice breaking as her tears threatened to spill over. 

   It physically made Bucky sick to see (Y/N) hurting, especially because of him. He’d never seen her cry and the idea that he was the cause of these fresh tears made his heart ache. 

   "In the beginning yes but as soon as I took you on that first date I realized that you meant more than that-“ Bucky stops when (Y/N) sniffles, a single tear rolling down her beautiful cheeks. "Doll, I promise-” Bucky reached out to wipe the tear away but his hand froze in mid air as (Y/N) abruptly stood up, tears now freely sliding down her cheeks, turned on her heel and marched to Bucky’s front door. She grabbed her jacket and hand bag, not even giving Bucky a second glance as she did so.

     "(Y/N), doll, I promise it’s not like that anymore-“

     "Two hundred dollars?” (Y/N) looks at him, her beautiful lips trembling. “Two hundred dollars is all I mean to you?” Bucky’s heart aches, it hurts so fucking much and all he wants to do is reach out and hold (Y/N), comfort her and convince her that she meant the world to him. But before he could even open his mouth to respond (Y/N) slammed the door shut, leaving Bucky all alone in his apartment. 

    Bucky immediately ran to Steve’s place, damn well knowing that Peggy was probably there as well. His fist best upon the door loudly, he panted from the exertion of running god knows how many blocks, and his eyes burned with unshed tears. Immediately the door opened, revealing a rather dishelved looking Steve. 

   "Buck, uh- I’m kinda busy right now-“

    "Yeah, I can see that,” Bucky grumbles as he marches into Steve’s apartment, ignoring Steve’s cries not to. Bucky completely ignored the fact that Peggy was laying naked on the couch, a blanket wrapped around her body as she looked at Bucky in disappointment. “I fucked up Steve, I fucked up so bad," 

   "What? What’d you do?” Steve asks as he slams the front door shut, obviously unhappy with the way things were turning out. “I told (Y/N) about the bet,”

     "you- you- you fucking idiot! Why the hell would you do that?“ 

    "I thought she deserved to know!" 

    "God Bucky, what kind of an idiot does something like that?”

    “I do!" 

   "Wait-” Peggy raises a hand, silencing both boys. “What bet?” Both men sigh in disappointment, knowing that Peggy would beat both their asses for what they did.

     "That day in the bar, the day we returned home,“ 

    "Yes,” Peggy nods, acknowledging the memory.

     "Well I told Bucky that if he could date (Y/N) for a solid five months I’d give him two hundred dollars,“ Peggy looks between the two of them, dumbfounded, and even a bit hurt. The room is silent for far too long, no one says a word as Peggy sits there brewing in her anger. Both of the boys nearly cowered in fear, waiting for Peggy to snap and bite their heads off. 

   "You two-” Peggy whispers quietly, “Are the biggest dicks on the face of this earth!” Peggy chucks a pillow their way, cursing both of them to hell and back. “I can’t believe you’d do that!" 

   "I know,” Bucky cowers in fear as Peggy continues to throw pillows. “We were stupid!" 

   "I ought to get up and beat you to a bloody pulp, both of you!" 

    "Or you can help me fix this with (Y/N)!”

     "Why should I you heartless prick?“ 

    "Because I love her, okay! I love her more than I’ve ever loved anything in this world and I can’t- I can’t lose her,” Peggy finally settles down, looking at Bucky with a now much softer gaze. “I want to fix this, I want (Y/N) to know how much I love her.” Peggy sighs softly as she readjusts her blanket, pulling it up her body a little higher. 

    “She’s not going to be easy to win back, she’s sensitive and she likes to hold a grudge,” Bucky nods, sighing in defeat. “But I know you can win her back James,” Peggy smiles softly, “Plus with a little help from me you’ll be golden,” Bucky smiles, sighing in relief. 

    “Oh thank you so much Peggy, I can’t thank you enough," 

   "You can thank me by getting out of here, I’ll come buy Tommorrow to figure something out, okay?” Bucky nods as he runs a hand through his hair, gripping the strands gently.

    With Peggy’s help he actually had a chance at winning (Y/N) back, there was a glimmer of hope for him. He just hoped that he hadn’t hurt (Y/N) too much, he hoped it wasn’t too late to repair what they had.  

   "She loves the stars,“

     "Yeah, I know that Pegs,”

    “Loves chocolate," 

    "I know that too,”

     "She loves to read-“

     "Peggy, this is all shit I already know-”

    “She likes red wine too,”

    “How is this going to help me at all?”

    “Just combine them all together,” Peggy sighs, shaking her head. “A night under the stars, some chocolate and red wine, pick up a book for her," 

   "Peggy, Brooklyn is covered in snow, how am I supposed to-”

     "Stark has been working on this machine, more like a room really. Find (Y/N), tell her you’ll pick her up at six, I’ll give you directions to the place, you just show up with your stuff and I’ll have everything ready,“ 

    Bucky was a bit reluctant to agree, after all, what if Peggy screwed him over for making the bet? But this was the best plan he had right now so he had to roll with it even if his gut feeling was telling him it was a bad idea.

     Bucky rapped his knuckles against (Y/N)’s door, sighing shakily as he awaited an answer. 

    "Go away,” (Y/N)’s voice was soft, full of insecurity.

     "(Y/N), please just open up,“ 

  "Are you here to rub two hundred dollars in my face?” 

  “No, I’m here to ask you on a date-” 

  “a date? Are you serious?” 

  “Please (Y/N), just open up so I can talk to you,”

   “Why should I?” 

  “Please (Y/N),” Bucky rests his forehead against the cold wood door, sighing as he does. “I’m beggin’ ya doll,” Bucky could hear (Y/N) sigh softly and not a moment afterwards the door swung open, revealing a rather worn down looking (Y/N). Her eyes were puffy and red from crying, her hair was a mess, and the only piece of clothing around her body was an old robe. Even now Bucky found her stunning.

    “So…a date?” 

  “Yeah,” Bucky nods, trying to tear his eyes away from (Y/N)’s gorgeous form. 

   “I’ve picked some stuff up and I’ve got something special planned for us,”

   “Do I have to dress up?” Bucky smiles a bit, shaking his head as he does. 

  “Of course not, wear whatever you want,” 

  “…when do we leave?” 

  “Six,” (Y/N) sighs, resting her head against the doorframe. “I know I hurt you,” Bucky looks at his feet, shame flooding through his system. “It was stupid to even have the bet, I shouldn’t have done that to you and I’m so sorry (Y/N)-” 

  “It’s okay,” (Y/N) shrugs, “Guess it was the only way someone would ever want to date me-”

   “No doll,” Bucky takes a step forward to hold her, just like he usually did when she was hurting but this time he stopped himself, deciding against it. “That’s not true,”

   “that’s why you dated me, right? Had it not been for the bet you wouldn’t even be with me right now, would you?”

      “I don’t- I don’t know doll,” Bucky sighs, looking down to his hands once again.

       “Yeah…that’s what I thought,” Both of them fall silent for a bit, just staring at the ground, each one biting back their own words and feelings, too scared to share them at such a vulnerable moment. “I’ll be ready at 5:45,” (Y/N) finally speaks, their voice so quiet Bucky had to strain to hear it. “You can come pick me up then,” Bucky nods, sighing shakily as he does,

      “Sounds good,” He gave (Y/N) a gentle smile but it didn’t quite reach his eyes like it usually did. (Y/N) smiles back, mirroring his expression as she murmurs okay and gently closes the door, leaving Bucky all alone on their doorstep.

     Well, she had said yes, that was a start.

    As promised Bucky was there at 5:45, knocking on (Y/N)’s door gently. Immediately it swung open, revealing the girl herself and holy shit- she damn near took Bucky’s breath away. She wasn’t dressed in anything extravagant, just a simple floral dress, she didn’t even have a lick of makeup on and Bucky still thought she looked far more beautiful than any other woman he’d laid eyes on.

  “You look amazing,” Bucky whispers, his eyes unashamedly raking over (Y/N)’s form. A slight blush rise to her cheeks, the same blush that made Bucky fall in love and suddenly he felt like he was on his first date all over again.

   “Thank you,” (Y/N) whispers all shy and timidly, making Bucky’s heart flutter lightly.

  “I uh- I’d ask to hold your hand but I think you’d break my hand if I did,” Bucky smiles sheepishly as he and (Y/N) make their way down the steps and out onto the open streets. Wordlessly (Y/N) clasps Bucky’s hand in her own, giving it a soft squeeze, a reassuring squeeze. Even when she was mad at him she could help but give into the affection, Bucky loved it. Bucky smiles happily as he guides (Y/N) along, his thumb smoothing circles into her skin as they walked along, venturing further and further away from civilization.

  “Uh- you’re not taking me out here to murder me, are you?” (Y/N) chuckles nervously, looking at the abandoned streets and overpowering weeds in fear.
  “Of course not,” Bucky chuckles. “I’ve just got something special, that’s all,”

  “Is it murder? I bet it’s murder,”

  “It’s not murder,” Bucky chuckles a bit. “I promise,”

  “Well, what’s in the box?” (Y/N) gestures to the small bag Bucky carried in his free hand. It was full of all the materials Peggy told him to bring, chocolate, wine, a good book all he needed was Starks facility and hopefully he was good to go…hopefully…

   The place Peggy had given him the directions to was…run down to put it lightly. It was a crumbling buidling in some old lot, one that barely looked inhabitable but Bucky didnt doubt Peggy, never did and never would.

  “This is the surprise?” (Y/N) asks in disbelief.

  “It’s on the inside,” Bucky mutters, biting his lip as he took a few steps towards the building. He trusted Peggy, he trusted Peggy, he trusted Peggy, he trusted-

   Bucky stops as he enters the building, his eyes roaming around the interior in shock. It was full of stars- not exaggerating. The entire interior was space, he could see all the planets, every star, every little speck of dust in the universe was in this room.

  (Y/N) trails not too far behind, her eyes wide as she stepped in as well. If Bucky thought that was cool it became magnificent when suddenly the stars and planets began to move, orbiting as though they were actually in space.

  “Bucky-” (Y/N)’s voice is quiet, full of surprise as she looks around. She trails off however as they reach out, touching a small star close to them. The thing moved to her hand, sitting there as though an actual fucking star was made to fit in her hand.

   “You like stars, don’t'cha?” Bucky asks as he gently tugs (Y/N) along, to a small spot in the middle of the room. There was already a blanket there (Thanks Peggy) and Bucky sat down, pulling (Y/N) alongside him. She looked around in awe, her eyes twinkling in a way Bucky had never seen before. She looked so beatiful, so full I happiness and curiosity that Bucky wished he could just live in this moment forever, just to watch (Y/N) smiles the way she was smiling. “I also- uh- have some chocolate and wine,” Bucky pulls the two Items out, setting them down on the blanket for (Y/N) to take. “And I know you love poetry and love so-” Bucky chuckles as he pulls out some poetry book he had found at the store. It was chuck full of cheesy romance poems and he knew (Y/N) would simply eat up.

   “You did all this for me?” (Y/N) asks softly, her eyes brimming with tears as she looks at Bucky. Bucky nods, smiling at her so sweetly and so lovingly he was surprised he didn’t develop diabetes.

  “Yeah I did, with a little help from some friends,” (Y/N) smiles, her eyes watering even more as she pounces forward, wrapping Bucky up In a warm, tight hug.

  “Thank you so much,” She whispers as she nuzzles into his neck, breathing in deeply.

  Bucky wraps his arms around (Y/N)’s waist, sighing softly as he finally- finally held her. It felt so good to have her back in his arms, it had only been a few days but even that had been too much for him.

  “Anything for you doll,” Bucky whispers as he kisses the tip of (Y/N)’s ear, a small action that she loved dearly. “I’m so sorry about the bet, I promise you mean so much more to me than some stupid money. The thought of hurting you the way I did makes me sick, I don’t want you to ever think I don’t love you, because I do, I love you so fucking much (Y/N) and I wish I had told you sooner,” Bucky rants as he rubs his nose against (Y/N)’s pulse point, her heartbeat soothing him slightly.

    “I love you too Bucky,” (Y/N) smiles at Bucky, her cheeks now wet with tears. “I love you so much,” Without any hesitation she leans forward, connection her lips with Bucky’s.

     It felt so good to be kissing her, to be able to feel her and hold her, it felt so amazing to know that she knew that he loved her, what was even better was knowing she loved him back. Bucky and (Y/N) loved each other, that’s all that mattered.

    Bucky pulls (Y/N) a little closer, kisses her a little deeper, a little more passionately, a little more sensually-

     “As cute as this moment is,” Howard Stark’s voice blares through the room, breaking the two lovers apart. “I’d like to remind you two not to have sex inside here, I don’t need your bodily fluids all over my experiment, thanks,”

The Beginning

Hannah and Baker’s first full day as girlfriends. HNITS verse. 7k. 

On that sunny June morning, when Hannah wakes up, she remembers everything is new.

It’s been less than 12 hours since Baker showed up at her house and told her she loved her. Less than 12 hours since Baker kissed her on the street, promising she’d come back first thing in the morning so they could keep talking. And it’s been less than 12 hours since Baker texted her goodnight for the first time in weeks and weeks.

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Be Together

Summary: Y/N gets a facetime call from Jared and shows him the cute little gifts that she got from her friend 

Pairings: Jared Padelecki x Reader

Word Count: 868 

Warnings: Too much fluff? 

A/N: This was submitted by @sgarrett49 , thank you for requesting. I hope you like this, please let me know what you think 

Y/F/N- Your Friends Name 

Y/N entered the nursery while rubbing her belly as their baby boy kicked; knowing it was his room. She walked to the closet making sure everything was in place before making her way to the pile of packages that accumulated over time. People were already sending gifts and packages that she could use and it only made her excitement grow even more. She couldn’t believe in one more month she was going to be a mom; she was going to share a family with the love her life.

Speaking of, it was the second day that Jared left to go back to filming and Y/N couldn;t how much she’s missed him already. While he was visiting, it was the most company she had a=ever had and she loved it. Despite the fact he made her sit down and get her whatever she wanted, it came so close that he was going to help her use the bathroom but she drew a line there and he knew better than to cross it. While she opened a package that was from her friend, she couldn;t help but chuckle as it was every baby clothes that had moose on them. Even the shoes that had antlers coming from the side. Y/N placed them on the side as a reminder to show them to the original moose himself.

Midway Y/N took a break to use the washroom and to grab a mini snack. While she cleaned up the mess from making her snack, she heard her phone ring so she grabbed her plate, going as fast as she can to answer the phone call. She huffed as she entered the room, missing the FaceTime call that was from her husband. Y/N quickly called him back not wanting to miss to hear and see him, once it rang a couple of time she started losing hope thinking he went back to work. But before she could end it, Jared picked up his face wearing the brightest smile ever. She mirrored the same smile as she adjusted the laptop to a better height.

“Hey baby, is everything okay?” Jared asked, referring to why she didn’t answer before.

“Hey, sorry I was just downstairs making myself a snack.” Jared shot her look and she giggled knowing he hated hearing do anything required her to move; he wanted her to rest, it was enough that she was carrying his son. She shook her head while explaining herself, “Don’t worry. It wasn’t anything crazy and no I’m not tired.” Jared chuckled himself, Y/N always knew him, she was the only one who truly sees what he was truly thinking and feeling. Their baby boy soon gave Y/N a solid kick at the sound of his father’s chuckling; Jared smiled as Y/N gasped and he could see her arm moving around in circles. “He misses you,” Y/N smiled as she moved back to let Jared see the bump that never seemed to stop growing.

“I miss him too and I miss you,” Jared replied trying his best to hold back his tears. “I can’t wait to be back.”

“Me too J, but don’t worry before you know it we’ll be together. All three of us.” Y/N and Jared shared a silent conversation; all their surroundings not mattering to them. Because in the end, they didn’t need any words; they just needed each other. Y/N’s gaze trailed to the side and her smile grew brighter as she remembered the cute clothes. “Look what Y/F/N sent us,” she said excitedly as she held up the different onesies and the shoes. Jared let out a bolting laugh, loving the clothes more than Y/N.

“My mom said she wanted to send some things as well.”

Y/N snickered, “This baby has more clothes than you and me combined. And he’s not even born yet.”

“Yea, clearly he’s going to be the spoiled one and he’s going to like it,” Jared chuckled. It was silent for a few minutes as the two took in the little moment they had until Jensen’s voice grew louder as he came into the frame; interrupting the married couple’s moment. Y/N smiled as he referred to Jared as moose, showing him the cute gift making Jensen laugh as well as he made a joke that they wouldn’t fit Jared.

“They need us back on set,” Jensen whispered; hating himself for ruining the moment, he knew how hard it was being away all the time. Especially when there was a baby on the way. Jared gave him a nod before returning his attention back to Y/N who smiled knowing it was time for him to go.

“Go do your moose thing, we’ll be fine.”

Jared chuckled as he said his goodbyes. Blowing her a kiss while Jensen clenched his hands into fists; mentioning how they were about to kick some demon ass. They ended the call and Y/N’s heart clenched at how she already missed her husband’s voice and rubbed her belly as their little boy wanted his father too. But she knew they will al be together soon.

Part 2

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Teacher, Watch Us!

Character(s): Wen Junhui, Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung), Jeon Wonwoo, Woozi (Lee Jihoon)

Genre: Fluff, and even more kinder kids from SEVENTEEN!

Word Count: 1,976

Summary: It’s a new year for the kindergartners, leaving you a fresh group of kids! It seems that the 96 line has taken a liking to you, how exciting!

A/N: Continuation of the Kindergarten!SEVENTEEN series! I really like doing these and honestly have no idea what to write and just go along with whatever comes next… I never plan what to write lol. Please enjoy! I plan to come up with the other lines as well!!! :D

95 Line / 96 Line / 97 Line / 98 & 99 Line

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“Yes, we’re from China, so he doesn’t understand too much Korean. Thank you so much for accepting us, I hope my little boy adapts well to the school here.” The mother is seen off, much to the dislike of her son. He hid his face behind her for so long, and now you finally had the chance to see his chubby cheeks and little pout. You knelt down to his level, trying to see his eyes through his bangs. His arms were crossed and his lip quivered slightly.

“Junhui, right?” He nodded after a couple of seconds. “Do you want to meet the other kids now?” He shook his head no. “Then… do you want to stay by me? You don’t have to talk to the other kids if you don’t want to.” Jun nodded again after some short time span and then immediately clung to your leg when you rose back up. You offered your hand instead, which he grasped as if it were his lifeline. You chuckled. It’s been a while since you had some of the shyer kids. He wasn’t to blame though, Junhui was transferring four months into the school year after all.

The minute you walked into the door with Jun by your side you were bombarded. You shielded Jun with your body quickly. “Soonyoung, what do you think you’re doing?!”

“The other kids helped me decide my new code name! Kwon Fire! I rise up and eat up everything in my path!” Soonyoung spread his arms out as if he were imitating a traveling flame. He turned to you and beamed. “Isn’t that cool?”

You smiled, checking on Jun to make sure he didn’t get hit anywhere on accident. He was clutching onto the back of your shirt, unharmed but a little intimidated from Soonyoung’s radiance. Radiance. “Hey, Soonyoung. Fires are kind of scary, don’t you think? You said you wanted to be a hero that doesn’t scare everyone away?”


“How about… a star?” Soonyoung stopped hopping around and pointed into the day lit sky curiously.

“You mean like the ones up there?”

“Yeah.” You nodded. “Your energy and smile are very bright. Why not be as bright as a star?”

“What about the sun?”

“Soonyoung,” you said. You touched both of his shoulders and smiled warmly. “There are stars even brighter than the sun. I think you’re one of them.” You could have sworn that you saw Soonyoung blush. His smile returned and he hopped over to his friends.

“I’m a star! I’m a star!” Hoshi hopped up and down along with some other kids. He grinned widely. “Did you know that I know what star in Japanese is?!” You shook your head and asked to hear it. “Hoshi!”

“Well, Hoshi. Let’s go round up the other kids for snack time.” Soonyoung, or “Hoshi,” was practically glowing at this point. He squealed and ran off to go collect a group of kids for snack time. Snack time was a little early, but you wanted to make sure that Jun wasn’t overwhelmed by the energy of the other kids in Hoshi’s group. You looked at said boy, who was still hiding behind you, and ruffled his hair. “Let’s go eat!”

You lead the small boy to an empty circular table and told him you’d be back. He seemed reluctant to have you go, but it seemed like he understood. You made your way to one corner of the class where some plastic instruments and a shelf stuffed with books were. Additionally, there was a kid gently placing some of those books behind the shelf where a previous student had hid away the books he wanted to read.

You crouched down next to the boy, who had stopped reading and was watching you. “Wonwoo, do you want a snack?”

“It’s early today.”

“Yeah, there’s a new student. He’s a little quiet and doesn’t know a lot of Korean, do you want to sit with him? He can be a new friend.” Wonwoo looked over at Jun’s table and locked eyes with the boy. They both looked away quickly and the boy next to you shuffled closer. He was a little shy too, but with time you knew he’d warm up to Jun and vice versa. You moved the hair out of his eyes and gave Wonwoo a comforting look. “I’ll sit at the table with you two if you want.”

“Okay.” Wonwoo grabbed your hand and followed you to the table, where a pouty Jun sat. He saw that Wonwoo was holding your hand and started to sulk a little bit. You noticed this and laughed quietly, hoping not to embarrass him. Wonwoo let go of your hand and took a seat across from Jun’s.

“You boys can talk if you want to. I’ll go grab someone to help pass out today’s snack.” Junhui stopped his pouting for a split second to look at you with pleading eyes. He was begging you to stay or to take him with you. Little did he know that Wonwoo was doing the same. “You two will be fine. Three minutes, it’s short. I promise.”

You walked away and started passing out bowls of fruits to the tables of kids. You noticed that a table that was previously empty of plastic bowls and spoons had such things messily placed. 

“It’s okay, I’m helping out! That’s what the ‘Hero of the Stars’ does!” Hoshi said with two bowls of fruit in each hand. There was a spoon placed into each bowl, but one of the spoons was placed so that the handle was lodged into the mess of sticky fruits. Chuckling, you grabbed another bowl for Hoshi and followed him to the table where Wonwoo and Junhui sat. Among those two boys sat another.

“Jihoon?” Jihoon turned his head around, munching on some strawberries. He hummed as his mouth was full. You smiled instead of speaking. He flushed slightly and finished chewing.

“You have it wrong, I didn’t come because they looked awkward here. This is my table.” Jihoon stuffed more fruits into his mouth and refused to look up from his bowl. Hoshi set the bowls down and immediately started eating from the one you set down for him while you cleaned the handle of the plastic spoon for Wonwoo. You fixed Jihoon’s hair and sat at the table with the four boys.

“No need to be shy, we won’t judge,” Hoshi managed to say through all the fruits in his mouth, but slurred still.

“Woozi* won’t judge? Who’s that?” Jihoon asked. Hoshi finally swallowed his food and sprouted a cheeky grin. The former of the two groaned and you had to move the bowl so that he wouldn’t slam his face into his food. 

“That’s your new hero name! Mine is Hoshi! I have some power like the stars, what should we make yours?” Woozi… Jihoon thought for a second.

“I like to make music.”

“Really?! Can I hear it?” 

“Let’s eat first, Hoshi.” You chided. Hoshi pouted and returned to eating his fruits. Jihoon gave you a grateful look.

“Hey! Wonwoo stole a strawberry!” Hoshi yelled. You glanced up at Wonwoo and saw that his eyes were widened, but the corners of his mouth were tilted up slightly.

“I didn’t take it,” Wonwoo stated, then tilting his head over to Jun. “He did.”

Jun stopped munching an apple slice and looked at the two boys in front of him. He caught onto Wonwoo’s game and the hints of a smirk came onto the child’s dace. “Are you sure Woozi didn’t take it?”

“My name is not Woozi.”

“Ah! He’s not denying it, he’s the perp!” Wonwoo shouted. Hoshi quickly grabbed his spoon and tried to steal some fruit from Jihoon’s bowl.

“I thought we would be partners! Heroes stick together! I see that you’ve turned! Turned into a rotten fruit!” You watched Jun and Wonwoo share a smile when Woozi took his bowl and started to run around the table, Hoshi in pursuit. “Jeez, you may have small legs but you’re really fast!”

“You boys… seriously. You two didn’t want to talk to each other a couple minutes ago and now you’re already scheming.” You clicked your tongue. Wonwoo and Junhui shared another smile, pretending to innocently finish up the last of their fruits. Jihoon sat back at the table and placed down an empty bowl. “Did you finish?”

He nodded. “As I was running I ate the rest of my apples.”

Hoshi sat back down at the table too, pouting even more. “Hey! As you were running you stole one of my apple slices! One of them is gone!”

You sighed and told Hoshi you’d give him some extra fruit if he would settle down. He agreed and began to eat the fruit that he actually had left in his bowl. When the rest of the class had finished eating you allowed a free time period. It would last longer since snack time came earlier than usual.

You made it back to the four boys after helping a group of girls wash their hands from clay and marker. They were all discussing something and getting pretty passionate about it, but it looked like they were having a lot of fun. 

“No! I want Jun and I to be the dancers! We’ll be the flashy guys who will catch the most attention.” Hoshi shouted, making Jihoon shake his head.

“Then what are the vocals for?”

“They’re the music for us when we’re dancing!”

“Hey, that’s not fair. I still don’t have a part yet,” Wonwoo said.

“You can sing too,” Hoshi said and crossed his arms. Wonwoo did the same.

“I don’t want to sing.”

“Then dance?”

“I don’t want to dance.”

“He can be one of those flashy rappers,” Jihoon settled. Wonwoo huffed but agreed.

“What?! You said no rappers but you’re letting Wonwoo be one!” Hoshi hopped up and down, flailing his arms about. “That’s not fair!”

“At least he’s cool enough to be a rapper,” Jihoon teased. Hoshi stuck his tongue out in response and grabbed Jun.

“Whatever, I’ll show you my awesome dancing skills. Then you show me yours. We’ll blow the whole stage away with how awesome we look!” Jihoon rolled his eyes and tapped Wonwoo on the shoulder.

“We’ll make the lyrics then. You can also play…” He reaches behind him and takes out a plastic xylophone. “You can play this… but take really good care of it, okay? It’s special.” Wonwoo nodded and inspected the little instrument with scratches on the side of it and fading color. “I’ll play this toy piano. I’m learning how right now and reaching the keys are hard on a real piano. This one is easy though even if the keys only go from C to G and it doesn’t even sound like a real piano.”

“What’s going on over here?” You asked, sitting among the group of boys.

“We’re forming a band!” Jun said and makes his way over to you. He plopped himself down to your left and pointed to each boy and began explaining their role in the band. “Woozi-”

“My name is Jihoon. Lee Jihoon.”

“…Woozi is the only one who knows how to play the piano, so he’s in charge of our music. I want to learn too, but my mom said I can learn once she finds a teacher for me. Wonwoo said he’s going to be a rapper and help Woozi write the lyrics. Hoshi and I are going to dance.”

You beamed at the four boys. “Sounds like you have everything all set and organized.” They all nodded and smiled back. “Make sure to show me your performance, okay?”

“Don’t worry,” Wonwoo said. “We’ll invite you to our first ever performance. So make sure to come and watch. Cheer us on, okay?”

* - Woozi (우지 [uji]) can sound similar to the word “we” in Korean. (우리 [uri or uli]). This is a reference to a gif set found here!

Work hard, play hard

Jughead Jones x Reader

The pictures for episode 8 motivated to write this. Enjoy!

With Jughead living with the Andrews now it was strange having my best friend only a few doors down the street. It was even weirder walking past Andrews construction and seeing Jughead, Archie, Kevin, Moose and a few other guys working together. What made it so weird is that Jughead was willingly working with Moose considering he is a jock.

“Is that Jughead Jones doing some heavy lifting?” I joked walking into the work yard, Mr Andrews throwing me a hard hat as soon as he seen me.

“Thanks!” Catching the helmet before it hit me in the face or winded me.

“What are you doing here?” Archie asked walking over to me with Jughead. Their clothes covered in dirt and sweat dripping off their faces.

“I was just going for a walk and this is what I find” Slightly smirking at the two sweaty, dirty boys in front of me.

“Well you’ve made my day so much brighter” Jug joked placing my helmet on my head, moving some stray hairs from in front of my face.

Looking up into his blue-green eyes, a small smile evident on my face as well as his, a slight blush gracing my cheeks. My heart was beating like crazy at the small action Jughead had went too. We’ve sat closer than this in Pops, we’ve even sat on each other when we’ve argued over a seat in the student lounge at school and never has my body reacted like this before.

“Here to help?” Archie chimed in clearing his throat, Jughead standing beside me, throwing his arm around my shoulder. “Could always use an extra pair of hands” He smiled, wiping his face with his t-shirt.

“I’ll make coffees and a food run?” I offered not really wanting to spend most of my day sweating but I don’t mind watching.

Work hard, play hard” Jughead winked.

“Okay princess” Archie joked rolling his eyes. “Dad, Y/N’s going to help” He shouted over to Fred.

After getting everyone’s orders for Pops, I left everyone to get back to work, Mr Andrews letting me use the truck thanks to the huge orders from these half grown men not to mention the fully grown men.


Returning back to the work yard half an hour later and the help of Pops helping put all the orders in the truck. Parking the truck I was going to beep the horn but the sight of a shirtless Archie and Jughead in a vest, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Why had I never noticed how attractive two of my best friends are. Finally getting myself together, I beeped the horn and jumped out of the truck.

“Lunch boys!” I shouted even though everyone turned everything off and vacated their work stations as soon as I tooted the horn.

“Burger, fries, onion rings, black coffee and a chocolate milkshake” Jug grinned looking at his order. “You’re the best” Kissing my cheek as he took his order.

Watching as Jughead walked towards the office I couldn’t help but notice how defined his shoulder blades looked through his vest, how his black jeans with the suspenders slightly clung to his hips and his famous black boots, food bag in one hand and his safety helmet in the other and of course his beanie still on his curly locks, somehow.

“He’s a lot happier now isn’t he?” I spoke to Archie, as he stood beside me at the truck watching me as I watched Jughead.

“He’s not drowning anymore” Archie agreed, nudging me with his shoulder, a smirk decorating his lips. “He’s always a lot happier after seeing you too” He winked, taking his order, kissing my other cheek and following Jugheads footsteps, leaving me with my jaw on the floor and a swell in my heart.

Water In My Soul [Jikook mermaid!au] ; Chapter Three

Pairing: Jikook
Chapters: 3 /??
Genre: Fantasy, slight angst, slight comedy, slight nsfw (later on)
Chapter 3: Word count; 4,761
“I’m going to find you again. You just wait.“ He mumbled to himself, determined to find the blue-tailed boy that had him questioning not only his reasoning, but his very sanity.

When Jeon Jungkook, average high schooler, has an encounter with a not so average blue-tailed, pink haired boy at a senior getaway by the beach, he’s left to question between reality and illusion.

Prologue, Chapter one, Chapter two

                                                  Chapter Three

“I freaking knew you were gay.” Taehyung admitted, mouth agape as he looked from Jungkook, who was still currently sprawled across the floor, back to the small boy who stared back at him with wide, curious eyes, completely unfazed by any of this. Jungkook stood up from the floor and ran a hand through his wet hair.

“Taehyung, I’m not-” He began to say, moving closer to his best friend who only gasped loudly, sounding jokingly but Jungkook knew his best friend was just being over dramatic as always. Taehyung moved closer to the boy swinging his feet, a small smile forming against the pink-haired male’s soft features.

“Jeon Jungkook, don’t deny it in front of him! How rude and disrespectful! Where are your morals? Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have to be an a-hole!” Taehyung ranted quite loudly. Namjoon and Seokjin raised their brows at one another, being able to hear the conversation going on on the floor above them. An amused smirk began to form against Namjoon’s lips, Seokjin only laughing and playfully rolling his eyes. Namjoon motioned for the other to follow him, beginning to move up the stairs and towards the only bedroom who’s door was open: Jungkook’s.

“Taehyung, I’m not fucking gay!” Jungkook groaned out, going over and shaking the elder by the shoulders, staring him dead in the eye. “I don’t even know this guy!” He was more than frustrated. This boy had brought him the most trouble and stress that he ever had in his entire life! Taehyung and Jungkook both turned their heads at the sound of footsteps, only to see Namjoon and Seokjin standing at the doorway, smiles against lips and eyes bouncing against the other three in the room. 

“Care to explain?” Seokjin asked, amusement laced around, not only his features, but the very words that left his lips. Namjoon cracked a small chuckle, slowly making his way further into the bedroom, having a seat on Jungkook’s floor, Seokjin following soon after. They both sat criss crossed, shining eyes staring up at the show before them; Jungkook gripping onto Taehyung’s shoulders, Taehyung scowling at the younger for being, ‘gay and rude’, and an unknown pink-haired boy smiling happily at everything around him.

“Yeah, care to explain?” Jungkook questioned, pushing Taehyung to the side and crossing his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the side as he watched the other boy. Taehyung, along with the other two in the bedroom looked at the pink-haired boy, who only looked back at them with the same oblivious grin against his equally as pink lips.

Nobody could believe the words that had come from the small boy, them going through one ear and out the other. They all looked around at each other, the same clueless expression against all their faces as they continued to listen on to the boy who just spoke as if this were the most normal thing on earth.

“Wait, wait,” Taehyung began from where he currently sat, leaning against the bedroom wall, pillow hugged close against his chest, trying to contemplate and process everything the other spoke. “Please, recap.” He pleaded, shaking his head in trying to work out his thoughts. Everyone silently thanked the loud boy for speaking up, them not still sure if their ears deceived them and they were actually going insane. The smallest boy in the room only smiled and nodded enthusiastically, taking a deep breath before once again reciting his story.

“My name is Ximeno.” He nodded, looking at each boy sitting on the ground before him to make sure they all understood so far. “I come from the East Sea. My pod are the Okeanós.” Seokjin held up a hand to ask the boy who went by Ximeno a question.

“What’s a pod?” He asked quietly, soon bringing the hand he held up to run through his hair, licking over his lips in thought. All of this was just too much to take in. Ximeno chuckled softly and tilted his head, his eyes shutting as if he were daydreaming and seeing his 'pod’ before him.

“A pod is from where you are born. The first thing you know, and the last you see. They are your brothers and sisters.” He spoke in a dream-like tone, his smile only growing wider before he continued to speak. “There are thousands of pods, the Aecors, the Unas, the Ebbas, among thousand others.” He nodded, opening his eyes back up to glance around the room, the faces masking those of awe, curiosity, shock and slight bewilderment. “In sea years, I am seventeen sals old, which is equivalent to,” He scrunched his nose and furrowed his brows in complete and utter concentration. “one hundred eight land years.” Everyone seemed to go weak at that and if Jungkook was standing, he’d have fallen to the ground by now.

“He’s lived my life six times!” Namjoon exclaimed in utter shock. Usually the three other boys would’ve laughed, or at least smiled at the elder’s comment but not even Taehyung, the loud, extroverted big mouth, could speak a  word. Jungkook gulped and nibbled against his bottom lip, eyes staring at the ground before him, his head spinning and his  heart sunken to the pit of his stomach. 

“How,” Jungkook began to speak, slowly raising his gaze to meet Ximeno’s eyes, his confused and bewildered while the other’s stayed bright and happy. “How did you get legs?” It was something Jungkook knew everyone wanted to know. How exactly did the boy not have a tail in this moment? How was he actually here? The question lingered in the air for a moment before being answered truthfully.

“I am not sure how this happened.” He nodded, beginning to fiddle with his thumbs, looking down at his legs in pure wonder. “The last I remember is being afloat on the white caps, wishing I could be like the boy I saw,” He cut himself off, looking up at Jungkook with curious eyes. “What is your name?” He asked, tilting his head in question.

“J-Jungkook. It’s Jungkook.” He answered, bringing a hand up to rub the back of his neck, hating the fact that he stuttered due to being caught off guard by the question asked. Taehyung grinned a bit at the other and looked back at Ximeno, becoming somewhat comfortable with this whole thing.

“I’m Taehyung.” He stuck a hand out for the boy to shake. He only stared at it obliviously, expression neutral yet eyes pooling with cluelessness. Taehyung hummed a bit, forgetting the fact that the boy before him had no idea how the world up here worked. He leaned forward and took Ximeno’s wrist pulling his hand closer and taking it softly within his own before giving it a handshake. “This is how humans say hello.” Taehyung smiled encouragingly. The human-turned boy let out a small 'ah’ sound as he understood now, slowly turning his body to Seokjin and carefully holding the same hand Taehyung had shook out to him, which he took happily.

“My name’s Seokjin.” He spoke, letting the warm aura he always had around him radiate not only to Ximeno but to everyone else, his voice soothing and reassuring. The smaller boy nodded and retracted his hand, only to then outstretch it one more time to the still shocked over the age part, Namjoon. Namjoon slowly took his hand, giving it a small but firm handshake before letting it go, seeing as the other boy looked down at his own hand and smiled brightly.

“Namjoon.” He stated, quick and clear. All eyes were on Ximeno, him laughing under his breath as he swung his legs a bit more, completely emerged and fascinated by them and everything else on land. 

“You all are called weird things,” He chuckled which sounded more like a giggle if anything. He looked up from his swinging legs and looked down at each one while reciting their names. “Taehyung, Jungkook, Seokjin, Namjoon.” He hummed happily and rested his head on his own shoulder, leaning back and letting his hands support his upper body weight.

“They’re human names.” Seokjin stated matter-of-factly, giving a small nod before bringing his tongue to flick against his lips in thought. “Why don’t we give you a human name? You are currently human after all.” He brought a hand to point down to the boy’s legs, noticing a small Band-Aid where his knee was now situated. The other sat up instantly, clapping his hands excitedly with a smile. 

“I would love a human name! I’ve always wanted one, and who else to give better human names than actual humans?!” He spoke enthusiastically. Namjoon couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy’s innocence, finding it not only amusing, but cute as well. Taehyung only did the same and Jungkook was too engrossed in his own existential crisis to pay much mind to it. 

“How about,” Jungkook spoke up and  thought for a moment after everyone was spending some time thinking it over, hugging his knees close to his chest. After a bit, he looked back up at the expecting boy.  "Well, Jimin sounds like Ximeno, so how about it?“ He tilted his head a bit, quickly inputting, "Not that I care or anything but, you know.” He nibbled against his lips once again as he noticed the small boy looking at just him, smiling brighter than before, nodding happily and bouncing in place, which was currently still Jungkook’s bed. 

“I am Jimin, nice to meet you!” He explained happily, laughing softly once the other three cheered him on and clapped for him achieving a human name, although still quite shell shocked and a bit flustered , Jungkook managed to smile a bit and also clap for him. Once the mood had calmed down, silence ensued. The other four watching Jimin as he only watched his surroundings, hand playing with the rays of the setting sun coming from the open window, his eyes focusing on the ocean he saw from not too far. After more minutes like this, Namjoon’s voice sounded against the silence, a small grin against his lips and an unknown glint in his eye.

“Well, Jimin, would you like to see the world?” He questioned, not caring to look at the other three who looked at him in complete confusion. Jimin nodded happily and begged to do so, his curiosity getting the best of him as he wanted to know everything about land and those who habit it. “Let’s take him to the pier.”  Namjoon offered, looking back at the other three. Seokjin’s smile couldn’t be hidden, laughing a bit and looking back at Taehyung and Jungkook with hopeful eyes. Jungkook sighed, this was just what he was talking about. All seniors ever wanted to do was get drunk, get high and party, and that’s all the pier was. Imagine hundreds of people meeting up on a boardwalk, drinking until they were throwing up in every street gutter they could find, loud music, pushing, shoving, sweaty bodies grinding against each other. Jungkook just wasn’t a big fan of it; but Jimin was too excited for Jungkook to back out now and before he knew it, he was already in the back of Seokjin’s truck, in the middle of Taehyung and Jimin who were both equally sticking their heads out like dogs on a Sunday drive. 

Jungkook found himself once again in the same atmosphere from the night before, only this time there were hundreds of more people and the music pumped louder than before. Namjoon and Seokjin smiled and turned to face the other three, eyes shining in excitement. “Let’s get this started, shall we?” Namjoon spoke happily, he hooked an arm around Seokjin’s shoulders, tugging him away and disappearing into the crowd of drunk adults. Taehyung and Jungkook gave each other a knowing look, Taehyung only smiling widely and shaking his head. The three began to walk into the crowd, Jimin’s eyes scanning over everyone as he laughed and smiled happily. Admiring the lights that decorated the boardwalk and how the people danced underneath them, smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces, it was absolutely beautiful to him. Jungkook watched the smaller boy in curiosity, not noticing that the corner of his lips would tick up into a smile when the other would smile, yet Taehyung did. Taehyung chuckled a bit under his breath and pulled out his phone, placing it up to his ear as he spoke into it.

“Hey,” He greeted the person on the phone, letting Jungkook and Jimin stray away, them in their own worlds to notice anyway. Jungkook only walked with the other, letting him have the time of his life just watching everything around him. 

“Do you think-” Jungkook started to ask Taehyung a question, only then noticing that he was nowhere to be found. Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion, turning a bit to look over the crowd, his best friend not in sight. He sighed and looked at Jimin who seemed to be staring up at something bright in awe. “Damn it.” He breathed before moving closer to the smaller boy. Jimin’s eyes shined as he pointed up at what he was staring up at, the lights glistening against his soft features. Jungkook also looked up at what he was admiring, humming once he was asked a question.

“What is it?” Jimin spoke over the music, his finger still pointing up at it, people dodging getting poked by it which made Jungkook laugh a bit. Jungkook leaned down to speak towards Jimin, looking up at the contraption before them.

“It’s called a Ferris wheel,” He began, nodding softly with a small grin against his lips. “You sit in a seat, and it goes around and around really high up in the air.” He explained, using his hands to motion a circle. Jungkook was always a bit afraid of Ferris wheels, just the possibility of him falling off of one or the whole thing becoming undone and rolling away with him on it terrified him. Jimin had other plans, though. He took Jungkook by the hand and dragged him towards the Ferris wheel line, it only having two other couples before him, more people forming the line behind him. “J-Jimin, what-” He began to say but was interrupted by the employee opening up the gate and letting everyone on. Jimin happily took the lead, stepping before Jungkook and happily taking a seat on a row. Jungkook gulped and hesitated yet followed anyway, he didn’t want Jimin to have to go alone. The two sat in silence for a bit, Jimin still admiring the way the Ferris wheel was built and Jungkook only looking at him in pure and utter wonder. 

The ride soon began slow, soon enough picking up speed which made Jungkook grip onto the bar before him for dear life, his eyes shutting tight as he felt his heart drop into his stomach, his fear of heights getting the best of him. Jimin’s laughter soon filled the air around them and when Jungkook opened up his eyes, he saw Jimin with his arms in the air, the wind messing up his light pink hair, eyes shut and laughter contagious. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh along and soon do the same, lifting his arms up in the air and yelling out in joy. Jimin looked over at Jungkook and laughed happily, enjoying how happy he looked and how happy he, himself, felt. The Ferris wheel halted to a stop as they usually do, Jungkook bringing his hands down, running his hands through his now somewhat messy hair. He looked over at Jimin who was strangely quite to see him staring afar into the distance, which he followed to see him staring at the ocean in the distance. He also watched the ocean, seeing the dark waves ripple against each other, the moon and stars reflecting against the surface before he spoke softly.

“Do you miss it?” Jungkook asked in a soft tone, licking over his lips before looking back at Jimin, his eyes scanning over his features, from his pink hair, to his pale-ish complexion, to his plump lips and sharp jawline. The other nodded a bit, tilting his head and glancing over at Jungkook, him now noticing that Jimin’s eyes were in fact a dark grey shade rather than dark brown. 

“Sometimes.” He answered truthfully, the corner of his lips ticking up into a small, sad smile. It must’ve been hard for Jimin, or rather Ximeno. The ocean was all he ever knew, it was all he ever needed, but he also needed to experience the world, he needed to know more about land, and as much as he wanted to stay a land species, he always was a water species at heart and soul. The ride started up once again, Jimin opening his mouth and letting out a scream that was different than any other scream Jungkook had ever heard, and he only stared at Jimin with surprised features. This scream sounded more like a call, it was a mix between a dolphin’s call and a whale’s, except it was constant and had a raspy yet squeaky tone to it. Jimin smiled and laughed, holding his hands out one more time and Jungkook only followed, just now realizing how amazing this actually was. 

The two of them got off in a fit of laughter and dazed steps, the height catching them both off guard as their knees wobbled, not that Jimin could walk correctly to begin with. Jungkook led him through the loud crowd yet Jimin tugged him back in. He furrowed his brows as he watched as the other closed his eyes and began to dance and jump alongside everyone else, laughing happily and tugging Jungkook closer. Jungkook wasn’t one to rave, party or dance, at least not publicly; but something about this moment just told him to do it, and so he did. Dancing and jumping to the beat of the music alongside Jimin and hundreds of other strangers. He laughed and shut his eyes, the bass’ vibrations traveling up his legs, all through his entire body. Everything seemed fun and perfect until the sound of breaking glass interrupted the bumping night, Jungkook opening his eyes up to see a guy beginning to walk another with a broken beer bottle in his hand, the shards sharp and dangerous. His eyes widened as he took Jimin’s hand, pulling him rough and quick away from everyone as he ran with him, down and away from the chaos that was sure to ensue sooner or later. Jimin didn’t protest, just following along with him, by this time he had gotten used to his legs, being able to run freely with them. 

Once far enough, Jungkook doubled over, breathing heavily and leaning back against a stand that was quite empty. Jimin, also panting, only moved closer to the stand, eyes shining once again. He took a necklace in between his delicate fingertips, looking down at the small conch shell and laughing a bit, soon looking back at the worker, who told him the price of it, and setting it back softly. His eyes caught something in his side view, his smile once again forming against his lips. “Namjoon!” He called, making his way over to the older who turned and looked at Jimin with a wide smile. Jungkook moved closer to the stand, taking the necklace and twirling it between his fingers, he then pulled out the money it was priced at, paying for it and slipping it into his pocket. He followed where Jimin had walked to, hearing laughter and Taehyung’s slurred voice.

“And this is fish boy! He was totally a mermaid or some shit like that yesterday.” He slurred and spoke towards a boy Jungkook had only seen a couple times. The youngest moved closer to the group, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes, glancing around the group, them wasted, words slurred and bodies unbalanced, swaying back and forth. 

“Taehyung!” Jungkook called to him, bringing Jimin to stand behind him, hiding him from the drunk group and the unknown male standing next to Taehyung with a dazed smile on his features. Taehyung looked over at Jungkook and his features brightened, laughing a bit as he pointed at the boy next to him, yet making sure to grip onto the bottle in his hand tight. 

“Jungkook! This is Hoseok!” He called out, looking over at the other boy. He was quite tall, sharp features yet sweet, friendly eyes. He stuck his hand out, Jungkook quickly taking it and giving it a firm shake before once again looking at Taehyung, eyes hard.

“Taehyung, can we talk?” He called over the music, Taehyung hummed and smiled widely, handing over his drink to Hoseok. He excused himself from the group before him, moving closer to Jungkook, reeking of alcohol. Jungkook groaned softly and scrunched his nose up, turning on his heel to feel his heart sink just how it seemed to be doing a lot lately. Jimin was gone and Jungkook felt the panic rise up in is throat. He quickly turned around, once again gripping onto Taehyung’s shoulders. “Did you see where he went?” He asked frantically, knowing the answer to that question but still feeling the need to ask it.

“Let yourself go a bit, man.” Taehyung laughed slowly, shaking his head a bit and lazily pushing Jungkook’s hands off of him. Jungkook seethed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I did let myself go! I let myself go last night and tonight and look at where it’s got me!” He spoke angrily. Taehyung only stared up at Jungkook cluelessly, which made Jungkook sigh in frustration and go up to the group. “Please help me find Jimin, I don’t know where he went.” He pleaded to the group that were bound together by the same boy. They were drunk, that went without saying, but  they felt the urgency and panic in the air and soon dropped everything they were doing and began to walk together, shoving anyone and everyone that was in their way. Jungkook would’ve found this amusing but he was too anxious to laugh or even smile at that moment. 

The music didn’t stop blaring against the hundreds of bodies pushing and shoving against one another, the group forming a line and holding onto each other, pushing past everyone and looking through every nook and cranny they could possibly find and Jungkook was now cursing Jimin’s small height. Namjoon led them into a pub with a Karaoke, Jungkook hanging back and watching the other four in confusion as they stumbled their way to the microphone, realization soon kicking in as Jungkook hurried to try and get them off the stage.

“Has anyone seen a mermaid boy?!” Seokjin spoke loudly into the mic, his eyes scanning over everyone who only stared back at him in confusion. Hoseok shoved Seokjin out of the way and took the center, holding a hand out next to where his ribcage was, shaking his hand a bit before slurring loudly.

“I just met him like ten minutes ago but he’s like, yea short, pink hair!” He tried to get the people listening to understand him, but was just making matters worse and Jungkook didn’t know if it was a good thing that people didn’t understand what exactly or who exactly they were trying to find or if it was a bad thing they were drawing this much attention to themselves now that they were underage and very much intoxicated out of their minds. It wasn’t until Taehyung screamed “He’s wearing my pants!” that Jungkook noticed pink movement at the corner of his eyes. 

“Jimin!” He called out, rushing out of the pub. The other four watched him and decided to soon follow, stumbling over one another in hopes to catch up. Jungkook looked back and forth as he ran forward, soon Jimin’s frame coming into view. He let out a ragged breath of relief as he saw Jimin on the shore, doubled over on the floor, facing the ocean. Jungkook quickly made his way to him, touching his shoulder softly. Jimin looked up at him and that’s when the younger noticed tears in the boy’s eyes. Jungkook bent down to face him, his eyes scanning over his body making sure he wasn’t hurt. Jimin brought a hand to groggily run down the other’s face, Jungkook furrowing his brows and pulling his face back a bit.

“I don’t feel so good.” Jimin spoke, his breath smelling of pure alcohol. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed and laughed and laughed until tears prickled at the corner of his eyes and he couldn’t breathe anymore; and Jimin’s sounds of retching, throwing up and sobs only humored the younger more. In reality, Jungkook’s laughter was that of relief and just complete and utter amusement at this whole situation. Whoever saw this scene between the two must’ve thought that they had lost their minds and honestly speaking, Jungkook didn’t care. Once he had calmed himself down a bit, he helped Jimin stand onto his wobbly knees, soon helping him onto his back. Jimin sighed a bit, leaning his head against Jungkook’s shoulder, letting his eyes shut and darken off the spinning world before him. The younger only shook his head and began to walk up towards the group of four who watched them from afar. They all began to walk the way back to Jungkook’s house, too wasted to drive and Jungkook not knowing one thing about driving. It was a silent way back home, the only thing Jungkook hearing being Jimin’s slowly breathing, four sets of irregular footsteps behind him and the fading, bumping music behind them all. 

Jungkook opened up his bedroom door, all six of them spilling into the dark, moon lit room exhaustedly. The group of four leaned against walls and fell onto the ground, everything spinning around them. Jungkook went over and set Jimin softly onto his bed, watching him curl against the covers, eyes shut and features drained tired. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, turning a bit to face the group of four, eyes hard and annoyed. “Seriously?” He asked. The other’s kept their gaze low, Taehyung clearing his throat to speak but being interrupted by a small voice calling out in the silence.

“Jungkook, stay with me, please.” Jimin pleaded softly, making Jungkook jump in surprise, everyone thinking the small boy had been asleep by now. Jungkook’s cheeks reddened a bit at the request, looking up at the other four. Seokjin and Namjoon looked at each other, raised their brows and let out a small, high toned “hmm” sound, beginning to laugh amongst themselves before exiting the room, dragging a confused Hoseok away with them, disappearing in an instant. Taehyung glanced over at the two, nodding softly and also disappearing behind the other three, making sure to close the door behind him.

 Jungkook sighed and ran a hand through his hair, turning to face Jimin and slowly pull the cover’s back. He crawled into the bed with him, making sure to keep his distance, not wanting to infiltrate his personal space. Jimin, again, had other plans as he turned on his side and faced Jungkook, grinning weakly and still sniffling a bit. Jungkook had a feeling Jimin’s tears were more than just him feeling sick and throwing up, these tears were a whole other sick; home sick. Jungkook then remembered something, slipping his hand into his pocket and letting his fingers brush against the small shell, grateful that it hadn’t broken. He pulled it out of his pocket, slipping it over Jimin’s head softly and grinning at it once the small shell pendant fell directly onto the crook of the smaller boy’s neck. Jimin opened up his eyes and gasped sleepily yet happily, looking down and twirling the shell between his fingers, he opened his mouth, meaning to talk to Jungkook, thank him, but his exhaustion had gotten the best of him as he fell into an unexpected sleep, his hand falling onto Jungkook’s chest, lips parting and features softening. Jungkook hesitantly brought his thumb up to wipe away the tears around Jimin’s shut eyes before he too shut his own, the warmth of the other boy getting the best of him and the comfort of knowing the other was next to him  letting them both sleep safe and sound by each other’s side.  

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Can I ask for if the BMP guys were villains and MC was a superhero? It's okay if you don't want to

Hi nonnie~

Idk who you are (obvs) and idk when you sent this, heck, idek if you’re still following me.

I’m a lil’…okay, very rusty on my writing skills and it has been practically a year since I read my last route but, here goes nothin x3



Wilfred: Wilfred would be a the type of villain that was ruthless, but every time you foiled his plans, he’d leave with a sad smile. Not a smile that says ‘I’m upset you ruined my evil plans’ but a smile that said ‘I’m sorry I’m putting you through this.’ As time went on, you started getting more and more suspicious of him and found yourself getting more and more curious about the reason for his sorrowful stares. It got to the point where you felt your heart wrench at the sight of him because you could tell he was suffering in his own way and his sad smile itself was like a blow to the stomach. So, one day, after uncovering his secret plans to brainwash the nation’s females (and possibly a large proportion of the male population) by using his innate charm and charisma, you followed him. You followed him to his ‘secret lair’ and found him kneeling down at an alter, with two rather friendly faces stood up in frames on top of it. In front of each frame was an urn as well as a bouquet of flowers and you gasped as you watched what happened next.
“D-don’t worry mother, father…I’ll avenge you someday,” Wilfred stuttered, clenching his fists. “I won’t let these people live so happily after what this nation has done to you.” He lifted his head and smiled weakly, his voice breaking, “Aren’t you proud? I haven’t cried yet, I’ve been a good, brave little boy, just like I promised you I would be…and I won’t rest until you can rest in peace. Don’t worry Mama, Papa. I-I won’t let you down!”

“You…Do you really think this would make your parents happy?” You watched as Wilfred looked up and around, bewildered to hear a voice other than his own. Slowly, you stepped out of the shadows and looked him in the eye as you continued, “How can you possibly believe that your parents would want you to live this way?! If you don’t want to hurt the people then don’-”
“You don’t understand! What do you know huh?!” He rose from his kneeling position slowly, trembling as he did so. “I promised them! I promised them that I would be brave, that I wou-”
“That you would destroy your own sense of morals, your own happiness for revenge?”
“You..! You can’t say that to me. What do you know? You-”
“I know that you don’t like being evil. I can see it in your eyes, in your expression every time I leave!” You took a deep breath, continuing in a much quieter, soothing voice. “Wilfred…it’s ok to move one. Just because you want to stop all this and pursue your own happiness, doesn’t mean you’ll be letting them down. I’m sure the only thing your parents want, is for you to be happy…being brave doesn’t mean you don’t cry…it means you let yourself have the courage to pick yourself up and carry on after you do…”

After hearing your words, Wilfred finally did the one thing that he believed would be forbidden to him for life. He cried. Quiet, gentle tears at first, that gradually developed into streams until it was bawling, collapsed on the ground like a little boy who had gotten lost. Carefully, as if you were approaching a deer that could flee at any moment, you moved towards him and began petting his hair, hugging him close and murmuring soothing encouragement to him.

5 years later, the two of you are still fighting crime together, ending each successful battle with a celebratory kiss and, in the apartment that the two of you live in together, are his parents, seemingly smiling even brighter smiles than before, ever since you saved the real victim, their son.

Joshua: Joshua would be the most by-the-book villain there was. He would pull out all the stops, all the stereotypes and, even though each one would make you roll your eyes and laugh a little, you couldn’t help but be in awe of how well he executed each plot. Of course, not well enough to stop you but, still well all the same. However, there was something about him that was, different. All the other villains you fought had some form of reason or motive, you could see how much they enjoyed being evil and how much they loved trying to ‘take over the world’ or whatever…but not Joshua. Every time you beat him, he just sort of, left, as if he didn’t care if he succeeded or not, as if, he was just being evil for the sake of it.

One day, in the middle of a face off, your curiousity got the better of you.
“Why…did you choose to be evil…?” After being mildly startled at your sudden question, Joshua simply continued with the fight while you waited for a reply. He refused to say a single word until..
“…who said it was a choice?” And with one final slash at you, he left in a flourish.

Unfortunately for you, what he had said raised more questions than it had answered and so, you spent the next few days plagued by what he could’ve meant until finally, you met again. 

You didn’t quite understand why, but for some reason, he had ended up in your apartment, waiting for you when you got home, probably to deliver his evil message. However, as he was in the threatening process, you could tell he was just going through the motions and, sure enough…
“What did you mean, the other day, when you said that being evil wasn’t a choice?” Hearing your question, he looked up from his PowerPoint presentation and frowned, as if annoyed that you had interrupted his lecture on how he was planning to defeat you. Sighing, he replied,
“Well, if you must know, my parents were villains. The best super villains of their time, actually. Now, if you look at Figure 5-”
“So?” Again, he sighed.
So, isn’t it expected that their one and only son become the best super villain of his time? Now if you would pay attentio-”
“Wait wait wait. So you’re telling me…that the only reason you’re a villain is because it’s expected?!?”
“…isn’t that what a said? Now turn your eyes to the scree-”
“But that’s ridiculous!” At this, he thew his laser pointer down in despair, clearly giving up on his well thought out presentation as his sat down, crossed his arms and looked up at you expectantly.
“Go on then. Tell my why it’s ‘ridiculous’”
“W-Well…for starters. You should be doing something because you want to do it, not because it’s expected.”
“So you’re saying that if I want to be evil it’s ok?” He smirked, raising his eyebrows.
“What? N-No! Obviously nothing makes being evil ok-”
“Then aren’t you denying that I should do something ‘just because I want to’?”
“W-well no…that’s not what I mea-”
“Look, I’m leaving. Clearly, this is a waste of time. If you won’t listen to my presentation then fine, I’ll just find another hero to educate and defeat.” With that, he rose to his seat and walked over to the window for his exit.
“Wait! A-All I’m saying is, if there’s something else you’d like to do in life that would make you happier than all this, ‘super villain’ business, then do it. You shouldn’t let stupid expectations get in the way of your happiness.”
After a pause, he turned his head to face you, staring straight into your eyes.
“Then let me ask you this. Why are you a superhero?”
“W-Why? …I suppose, because the smiles of the people I save make me happy..”
“You ‘suppose’ huh?” And with that, he flashed the ghost of a smirk  and was gone, leaving you with your heart leaping.

About a month later, you still hadn’t heard from him since the incident, evil plan or not and were beginning to wonder if anything had happened until again, you were met by Joshua casually lounging around on your apartment’s sofa. ‘Oh great,’ you thought, ‘another lecture about his next evil plan. I should’ve known his lack of activity was too good to be true…’
“What is it Joshua?” you sighed.
Abruptly, he got up and walked to where you were standing, stopping just in front of you and gazing into your eyes with determination. Holding your breath, you braced yourself for what was to come.
“I..want to be a professor.”
“I thought a lot about what you said last time and…I want to be a professor. I like learning things, and then teaching and presenting them to others…I’ve always loved giving lectures and educating people.. I’m sorry it took so long, I was getting my degree…” he smiled sheepishly.
“Ah…I see..wait, what?! B-but, it’s only been a month tops! Y-You’ve already got your degree?!”
“Yeah..sorry it took so long…” he grinned, blushing slightly in embarrassment.
“Are you even human…?” You mumbled.
“Hmm? Did you say something?”
“W-what? N-No…” You laughed nervously, “A-anyway, why are you telling me this” You looked up expectantly, not sure what you were hoping for, but certain that he wasn’t all you could think about for the past month just because he was suspiciously quiet.
“Well..I just thought, since you were the one who opened my eyes, I should tell you…plus, it’s always a good idea to tell your girlfriend what you’re up to.”
“Yeah… I suppos- wait WHAT?! G-girlfriend?!?”
“Of course. Think about it, the superhero saves the super villain by showing him the error of his ways…isn’t it expected that they end up together?”
For some reason, you felt disappointment fill your heart.
“Just because it’s expected huh,,,?”
“No…” he flashed you a cheeky grin, “I suppose that’s more of an excuse.”

Roberto: Coming Soon

Keith: Coming Soon

Glenn: Coming Soon

Edward: Coming Soon


If you’re wondering, yes, I did get lazy and cba to finish this headcanon (^ ^”) I’ll write the others some other day…probs…Actually, lemme know if you want the rest…yeah, I’ll probs write it either way but yh, lemme know ^ ^

But yeah, hoped you liked it ^ ^

Stay Beautiful~


“Well look who showed up,” Luke shouted at you as got closer, admiring your figure which sauntered towards him and his positioning on the dock. The moon reflecting on the lake did wonders to your eyes; making them looking just as inviting as the cool water beneath your feet. You smiled and shook your head at his statement, not believing he didn’t think you’d hold up to your end of the bargain.

“If you don’t keep your voice down, the whole lake will show up.” You laughed, referring to the loud booming voice which escaped his lips. You wouldn't doubt the fact that his husky voice could carry across the entire camp ground, but the last thing you needed was to wake up your campers and have them walk down here and spot the two of you; a literal game of broken telephone being played right before your very eyes.

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Anorexia // The Pack [P2, with Brett/OC]

This is a serious note you guys. Again, if you know anyone that’s suffering from an eating disorder or depression, don’t stand back and watch their lives fall apart. Help them. If you don’t and something back happens to them, you’ll feel some sort of regret. Get them help. You never know, you might save a life.

This is the final part of the Anorexia imagine. I love two with my life because I experienced my best friend going through it.

Song listened to while writing this: Viva La Vida by Coldplay, How to Save a life by The Fray, Hold My Hand by The Fray, Echo by Jason Walker and Never Say Never by The Fray. {I really like The Frays songs}

Again, this is an AU so Allison, Isaac, Aiden and Ethan will be present. And Peter won’t be a jerk.

I couldn’t wait on writing this one, and I might start a serious. Like other disorders or something live-threatening. Yas or nah? You could request what you want to see.



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Could you please do a headcannon with the KBTBB guys if they walked in on the mc having a bath.

I love this request. It’s so cute! :D Here you go! 

Eisuke: It was another long day for Eisuke, who was coming home past midnight from a business meeting. Taking off his jacket, Eisuke headed for the bathroom to relax from the day’s events. When he opened the bathroom door, Eisuke froze. You were in the middle of your bath, listening to music with earphones in each ear. You were closing your eyes and your head swayed to the music, as Eisuke chuckled. He pulled up a chair and sat right in front of you, until you noticed. You felt a presence so you opened your eyes, to reveal your boyfriend watching you. 
“Eisuke! What are you doing in here?!” you yelled, trying to cover yourself up. 
“Me? Nothing. I’m just appreciating the view.” He said, with a smirk. 
You tried to cover up your body by sinking deeper into the water so Eisuke couldn’t see, but Eisuke just smirked even more. 
“You know I can still see you, right?” he said, leaning back into his chair. 

Soryu: It was your day off and Soryu was away for a couple of hours, so you decided to take a nice relaxing bath. You started to unwind in the warm bath, as the silence in the bathroom slowly drifted you to a warm slumber.
Soryu just came home from meeting with some people, but couldn’t see you anywhere. He was excited to spend your day off with you, but where were you? He called your name into the empty living room, as he put his things down on the table. Soryu started searching the house, with a heavy heart, until he reached the bathroom. 
You were elegantly lying down in the bath, your cheeks flushed red due to the high temperature. Soryu’s cheeks immediately flushed, as he scratched the back of his head. He knew that you were going to get sick if you spent more time in the bath, so he decided to wake you up. 
You rubbed your eyes after feeling a passionate kiss on your lips, to see a blushing Soryu in front of you. 
“Umm. Well, you were here and I wanted to get you out so you didn’t get sick. And I couldn’t resist kissing those beautiful lips of yours.” he said, with an even more flushed face. 

Baba: You were using the new bath bomb you got from the hotel, when you heard a click of the door. Baba was at the market, getting some ingredients for the stew you were going to cook so you had a bit of time to yourself. As you settled in the bath, you heard a click. Was someone in the house with you? You dismissed the thought of an intruder and relaxed in the bath, when you heard a shuffle, followed by another louder click. Fluttering your eyes open, you were facing none other than Baba. He froze from the doorway, and soon started to smirk. A mischievous grin was plastered on his face, as he walked towards you. 
“Well hello there, pretty lady. What are you doing here?” he asked, caressing your cheek. 
Embarrassed, you tried to hide as you yelled at him. “Baba! Stop looking at me! This is embarrassing. Can you just go out? I’ll be out in a second.” you said, cheeks flushed. 
Baba didn’t budge. Instead, he smiled a bit brighter and kissed you sweetly. 
“How about we save some water and I join you?” Baba asked, winking. 

Ota: 496. There were 496 dots on the ceiling. How did you know that? Well, Ota had been working on his painting for the past 3 house and you had nothing better to do. Any other noise would have distracted him, so that means no phone or TV. You felt as if you were being tortured. Groaning, you got up from the couch and headed for the bathroom. Ota was too into his painting to even notice, so you decided to take a bath to relieve some stress. 
”_____? Where are you? You’re my muse, you can’t just bail on me.” Ota said into the empty studio, pouting. He started to wander around to the bathroom, to wash his paint stained hands. Ota opened the door, to reveal you in the bath. 
“Ota! Get out of here, I’m kindof doing something!” you cried out, desperately hiding your body. 
That was when Ota had an amazing idea. You were his muse, and this was the inspiration he needed for his painting. 
“Wait right here! Let me get my paintbrush! This is going to be a great painting!” he cried out, running to get his paintbrush. 

Mamoru: It was now 5:30 a.m. and Mamoru couldn’t sleep. He woke up groggily, unable to relax for some reason. He reached over to snuggle with you, but all he found was a cold bed. ‘Where was this kid at 5 in the morning?’ Mamoru thought to himself, as he got up. The air was cold around him, and he instantly got worried about you. Were you okay? He made himself over to the bathroom, to wash him face before he could go looking for you. He didn’t really have to look hard to find you. 
You were in the bath, facing away from him. You took a deep breath as you felt all the worries leave your body when you heard a deep voice behind you. 
“Geez kid. I was worried about you.” Mamoru said behind you. 
You instantly turned around, embarrassed and touched that he was worried about you getting lost. Then, you remembered you were in the bath. Naked. Your eyes widened, as you threw your arms around yourself. Chuckling, Mamoru just rolled you eyes, as he tried to hide his blush.
“You actually look like a woman, kid.” he said, kissing you with passion before you could yell at him. 

I hope you liked this! I liked writing Mamoru’s and Ota’s. Hehe. This was a really cute request, thank you for requesting! :D 

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Why do you love jon and ygritte so much ? Big fan of them too

I’ll try to not be too long about this but i could go on for ages - even though writing in english is not that easy for me so i’m not very eloquent and i might do a lot of mistakes :)

There are a lot of reasons and i don’t know where to start *heavy breathing*. The obvious thing would be : they love each other (they don’t really say it in the books but  “first we’ll live” is just like it). Just so, not only do they truly love each other (which is a rare thing in ASOIAF/GOT but also not an easy thing in general) but they don’t need to say it - they play with each other, they sometimes compliment each other, they laugh together (i love Orell’s comment in the show about them “giggling together in the night” because that’s what they do), they sleep together, they LEARN together (i’ll talk about this a lot later). No political things or anything else at stake : just pure feelings. Just the pleasure of enjoying someone and to be with this person.

It’s also not a love based on the fact that they find each other attractive (they do, eventually, but at the beginning Jon finds Ygritte just plain except for her hair) and it’s not love at first sight either ; it’s something progressive, especially on Jon’s side. The most important side to their relationship to me is not really the fact that they get along despite their fights, it’s that they learn from each other, which is clearly transparent when you understand that “You know nothing” is not a catchphrase to show that Ygritte is making fun of Jon but that she thinks that he has so much to learn about life and who’s gonna be his teacher ? “I can teach you how to do it” she says at one point. It’s obviously a reference to do the do but it’s also so much more than that : she can teach him to experiment things he never did, things that are for her what’s life is about. They are SO different and that’s why there are so many funny situations between them but also why their relationship is so rich and interesting. In the books, Ygritte is a singer and a storyteller (like almost all the wildlings because their culture is very much based on orality) so she tells Jon things about her people and sometimes Jon disagrees and you have so many pages about them just talking about stories and their beliefs and learning even though they’re both stubborn. Ygritte teaches him about wildlings, Jon teaches her about modern stuff like castles (because she is so fascinated by castles and what men can do in general).

And they do learn. We don’t have Ygritte’s point of view and i don’t want to spoil the next books too much but oh guys HOW MUCH JON HAS LEARNT FROM YGRITTE. Jon can be annoying when he’s narrow-minded because of his education, his talent and his bastard situation (he’s my fave character of all time but he has flaws like everyone else) ; and he’s so much more open-minded after his experience with Ygritte and the wildlings. He also becomes one of the most modern and feminist characters in ASOIAF. He wants women to have a chance to fight if they want to because he knows they can be as strong and capable and smart as men. He wants Sansa to inherit Winterfell once he learns Robb’s dead. He respects women, he respects them so much - he doesn’t want to marry someone if he doesn’t love her and vice versa. He wants equity and justice, not power, which is so refreshing and also so important. It’s something that is in him and i believe that it was at first thanks to Arya but then thanks to Ygritte (Arya/Ygritte parallels in Jon’s mind are one of my fave thing ever btw).

Then of course there is this big wall between them that represents the gap between their world. They often make fun of each other because of their differences and it sometimes leads to some real fights but they always come past that because they love each other. If we forget the context Jon/Ygritte’s relationship is to me everything love should be : enjoying someone’s company, laughing, being physically attracted to eacher other, having a deep affection/care for the other one without erasing your own’s personality and independance, and learning about you about others about life about everything and eventually be a better person.

The thing is, Jon and Ygritte are both stubborn and even though they learn they still have their own beliefs, personality and history. Jon is a man of honor just like his father. He fights again his feelings and his attirance towards Ygritte for a long time and he starts sleeping with her only when his life is in danger because wildlings don’t trust him - it’s a deed yes but the most pleasant deed of all. He has to fight against guilt and desire all the time which is so exhausting but sometimes he looses himself when he’s with her and that’s the most beautiful thing. But if having sex seems to be a thing he HAS to do at first, it’s nothing like that after. It’s a way to enjoy her company and Ygritte is never sexualised : her most female attribute’s are at the same level that her hair or her smile for Jon, it’s just stuff that makes her very attractive (and gives him a lot of pleasure but the lord’s kiss is very important because he gives her pleasure too IT’S A NOT A ONE-WAY THING WITH THE GIRL DOING STUFF TO THE GUY OK IT’S ALWAYS A BEAUTIFUL SHARED MOMENT OF PLEASURE AND HAPPINESS BETWEEN THEM and that’s what love should always be about and i’m in tears this pairing is ruining my life). It has a very sad end because Jon can’t be with her forever ; he believes the wildlings fight is a lost cause and it’s just not who he is. He has things to do, people and the Watch to protect even though he loves her - he wants simple things, he wants to live with her at Winterfell, but the world can’t be simple, their relationship can’t be neither and he had choices to make, just like Aemon told him at the beginning. But he never forgets her and i hope we’ll see more of his grief in the season because she is always there in his mind.

(….oops I think i said i’d do short, i’m really sorry, and even now i’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope you’ll find this answer satisfying :)) I just want to finish with some quotes from Jon’s chapters in the third book. If you haven’t read it and like Jon/Ygritte, you should totally read the following things in the read more.

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Starlight Starbright

Anonymous said:
Hiiiii do you think you can do a scenario with me and Vernon of svt? Maybe like a stargazing road trip at night through Seoul kind of thing? :3 tysm ily
A/N: this is long overdue…
Word Count: 1182

“You do realize it’s 2am right?”

It was a chilly night and despite your coat, you shivered as your boyfriend lead you out of your apartment building. “I do, and I hope that you don’t have anything important planned tomorrow morning because,” Hansol guided you towards the curb where a truck was parked and gestured to it dramatically. “We are going for a drive.”

You stared at your boyfriend incredulously. “Did you even hear me, I said it was 2 am. You know, the time when most people sleep?” Your sarcasm was all but lost on him as he threw open the passenger seat of the truck and motioned for you to get in.“Except for Jihoon, insomniacs and maybe serial killers. Come to think of it Jihoon fits both of those categories…” You slapped his arm as you got into the truck, ignoring his burst of laughter.

“Anyways.” He said, running around the truck to get onto the driver’s seat. “You’re complaining but you still got into the truck didn’t you?” You chose to ignore his fairly good point, changing the topic instead.“Where did you even get a truck? You don’t have a truck.”

Hansol stayed quiet for a minute, avoiding your eyes as he pulled away from the curb. “Hansol?” You prompted him for an answer. He sighed. “I might’ve stolen Seungcheol’s keys last night.” He admitted, shooting you a slightly guilty look. At the look you gave him in response, he became defensive.“What? Don’t look at me like that. I needed a truck.”

“If the reason you needed one is because you’re planning on murdering me and hiding my body in it then you’re so dead.” You frowned at him, less than happy that you were dragged away from your comfy bed at such an ungodly hour only to be driven in a truck to who even knows where. “Come on, I wouldn’t be that stupid.” He was silent for awhile before adding. “If I murdered you then I think I would have way better ideas on how to hide your body.” You gave him a mock horrified look. “Okay now I’m getting kind of freaked out right now.” You teased him, laughing slightly. He smiled at you from the rearview mirror.

“Go to sleep Y/N. It’ll be ahwile till we get there.” His eyes were back on the road and from the way his eyes were set you could tell he was suddenly serious. “I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me where we’re going?” You asked, getting comfy in your seat. “Not a chance.” He grinned.

_______ “So you drove for almost an hour just so we can end up in the middle of nowhere? Should I seriously start considering that you’re about to murder me?” Your voice sounded oddly loud in the empty forest clearing. Hansol was getting out next to you with a blanket which you hadn’t even noticed he had with him in the truck. “Have a little faith in me will you?.” He raised his brow at you. You didn’t bother answering him, sticking your hands in the pockets of your jacket, trying to warm yourself. There was less of a breeze then than there was when you had left home but the December air was still quite unrelentingly cold. While you were occupied with walking around in circles, trying to warm yourself, Hansol had got up onto the truck and was beckoning for you to come over.

“Get up here. And don’t ask why.” You rolled your eyes at his command but didn’t argue as you walked over to the truck and let him help you up. Hansol grinned at you, throwing the blanket over your body and his. “What are you doing?” Your curiosity had gotten the better of you by then and you were feeling much less irritated. Hansol smiled softly at you, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Look up.” He whispered. You complied, feeling your heartbeat race in excitement. Your breath hitched when you saw the sight above you.

There were thousands and thousands of stars, some small and some brighter than others but all of them equally beautiful. It was one of the most wonderful things you had seen and definitely not a sight you could see in the city.

“Hansol this is- this is amazing.” Your eyes were wide with wonder and there was a huge smile on your lips. Hansol couldn’t help but feel shy when he saw your reaction. “I used to come here with my dad when I was a kid. I never showed this place to anyone, and, well- it’s special.” You were looking at him now and he could feel himself becoming even more shy.

“Do you like it?” His voice came out as an anxious whisper. He had planned the trip for so long, wanting to please you and make it as special and memorable as possible. Some part of him was scared that you would hate it. Your answer came with your lips pressing against his. His thoughts shut down instantly when he felt your lips on his, melting into the soft kiss. Breaking away, you stroked his face gently.

“I love it.”

His face broke out into a grin as soon as you said those words, cuddling up to you and laying his head on your shoulder. You laughed slightly at his childish action but didn’t protest when he came even closer to you. You stayed silent for awhile, both of you staring up at the sky with a contented feeling.

“Doesn’t it kinda make you want to run away and stay here forever?” Your voice was quiet and if he wasn’t sitting right next to you it might’ve been lost into the air. He frowned at you. “Why would I want to do that?”

You looked over at him with your cheeks coloured red from the cold. “Well, it’s just all so beautiful and it makes you feel like you’re the only one in the world. It kind of makes you… forget your worries. Everything else seems so insignificant.” Hansol let out a chuckle, stopping at your confused gaze.

“I used to come here a lot.” He stared at the sky while he spoke. “You’re right. It does make you forget everything. But I don’t need that anymore.” His gaze switched over to you, smiling. “I don’t need to come here and see the stars to feel less stressed. I see someone even more beautiful than all the stars in the world everyday. As long as I have her I don’t need to feel like I have to run away from everything. Worry means nothing if she’s by my side.”

You could feel the heat creeping up to your face and you knew your face was red again, except this time it wasn’t from the cold. You bumped your body into his gently. “You’re so cheesy.” You muttered, raising your eyes to the sky again to avoid looking at his eyes. He laughed, wrapping an arm around you. “Only for you.”

Preference #05 - Long Way Home

Ashton: Talking about nothing, yeah whatever, babe

“So why is grass green?” Ashton had a smile on his face as we questioned the facts of life, making up ridiculous answers. “Well, that’s because of the chloroplast.” I said, actually knowing one of the answers. He had one hand on the steering wheel of the car, the other drumming on his thigh along with the song echoing in his head. “That’s quite a big word. Say more.” His jokingly-sultry voice didn’t match his smile-cracked face that looked about ten times brighter than the sun. Seductively I responded, “Azuline… Epiphany… Fibromyalgia… Abstruse… Osmosis.” He clenched his chest and let out a sigh, “You’ve killed me with your sumptuous lingo.” We both laughed and I made some comment about his use of ‘sumptuous,’ and then the laughter died down and we sat in comfortable silence, the grass surrounding the blinding black road we drove on was nearly as tall as the sedan we sat in. “Why are we having these conversations?” I asked, not turning my head toward Ashton, only wanting it to stay up in the air and not be soiled by some too-realistic answer. The noise was empty for a few more moments and, for a second, I thought he wasn’t going to reply. But then, he said in a nonchalant tone, “Because when else would we have them?” The answer was worth the question and I felt myself settle further into the seat, the belt now comfortable on my chest. I sighed in amenity and felt Ashton’s hand slip into mine. “Let’s think about the word ‘nothing.’ I mean it literally says ‘No thing,’ so why don’t we just say no thing?”

Calum: I wanna get lost and drive forever with you

Calum made a sharp right turn and we passed a sign that mentioned the name of a street I had never heard of, making me realize we were no longer in a familiar city. “Where did you plan on taking us?” I said, looking out for any familiar landmarks or road names. “Nowhere in particular.” His voice had much too excitement for me to feel at ease. “Cal…” We had been driving for a little less than an hour, and he had arrived at my house by surprise, only explaining with “Road trip!” The sky was turning a dark purple at this point, and all I could do was let out a concerned sigh. “Why are you so freaked out? We’re just driving.” He chuckled, his eyes filled with something childlike. “We’re getting lost.” I squeezed my eyes shut and reopened them, hoping maybe it would make me recognize the area. “Is that so bad?” The question made me rethink my nerves. I thought about the consequences and suddenly felt no worry of time, or place, or anything. There was nothing to go home to, no meetings, no school, only Calum. And we were driving. And it felt like we were in a different world that was only opening up for the two of us to keep going. Apparently the new found serendipity must have come through to my facade and Calum continued, “I’ve always just wanted to drive on roads I’ve never heard of and not care. Who better to do it with than the person I love?” My heart fluttered and I smiled, the sky now much darker. I didn’t even notice the shades that occurred in between violet and midnight. The town we were in had disappeared and now we were in the middle of some kind of meadow. “So, do you have any idea where we are?” I asked, a grin of approval on my face. “No idea.” “Then keep going.” I faced the stars that stretched in front of us. “Til when?” His voice was like velvet and satisfying. “Forever.” And I rested my head on his shoulder. 

Luke: ‘Cause I don’t wanna be wasting my time alone

“Luke?” I looked at the road behind us, wondering what he was doing. “You missed the turn. You know, to get to my house.” I gave him a confused look considering he had been there nearly a million times. “Yeah, I know.” He sounded like he didn’t care all that much, which made me even more puzzled, and I felt my face getting redder as I grew to become flustered. “Well, are you gonna turn around somewhere?” He didn’t reply but he did glance over at me and sigh. “What are you gonna do when you get home?” He continued driving down the street, eventually making a turn, and I no longer knew what his intended destination was. “Luke, what-” “What are you going to do when you get home?” I sighed and looked back at the road. “Probably just, go on the computer, or something.” I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me so I just gave up and waited for him to explain it. He finally replied, “Same.” I was about to yell at him until he kept talking, “So, why would we both go home and waste our time? Why would we do that when we could just be in the company of each other?” That wasn’t the answer I was expecting and I felt my heart swell. “I don’t want to be alone right now, so… So I guess I’m sort of kidnapping you.” He looked over at me lovingly and I felt myself smile. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to someone with one of the biggest hearts I had ever seen, and he didn’t always show it, but when he did I couldn’t be more thankful for him. I leaned over and kissed his cheek, wondering how I ended up with him, and we kept driving. 

Michael: We’re hiding out in a dream

The sunset was upon Michael and I, half of the sun peering out from behind the ocean on our right. Both of my arms were rested on the window of the car, my chin hidden in between them, my eyes watching the unmoving ocean as the foreground continued to change between grass, and asphalt, and grass, and dirt, and more grass. The hues of the sky shifted so slowly that I hadn’t processed that the once orange tone was now pink. The road ahead of us was older, having some cracks and potholes, clearly worn out. I got out of the position I had been in for at least five minutes, my spine stiff as I tried to return to a normal sitting position. I looked at Michael, his sunglasses pointed at the rickety road. Wake Me Up When September Ends was softly playing, turned down low so we could take in the landscape. “A couple more months.” I said quietly, my voice rough from being silent for so long. “Til what?” He already had half a smirk on his face as he knew my answer would be something stupidly witty. “Until we have to wake up Greenday.” He nodded his head a couple times before laughing at me. I started to giggle in a way I disliked and I looked back to the infinite avenue ahead of us on our infinite route. “Do you realize we’re literally inside of a dream right now?” I said, my voice excited, the sky lavender. “More like hiding in one.” Michael said in kind of a dark tone that was true, but it cut away at some of my buzz. He must have felt like his words were a bit of a sword as well and continued, “But a much deserved dream.” I shifted my vision to the coastline, the ocean still permanent, unlike us; we remained constant against our background and for a second I was saddened until Michael squeezed my hand and I remembered I was constant with him. 

WOOH Yes thanks for reading this! This may actually be my favorite preference I have ever written, so yayyyy. I hoped you liked it as much as I did! I accept requests (but I do tend to avoid supernatural ones, sorry) and I ask that you like/reblog this so I can know to keep writing them! Love you v much :) xx ~Rachel