well some of you may be

War Water

What is it? Basically, it is water + nails. 

Why nails? Nails contain a lot of iron. Iron has a strong anti-magic connotation. It is used to repel spirits/ fae as well. 

What is it used for? Repelling magic, reversing magic, returning magic to the sender, absorbing negative magic, protection, warding against negativity, cursing, psychic warfare (when you’re fighting with other witches).

Additional ingredients: urine, Spanish moss, blood, black salt, salt.

Additional information:  It might turn black. That’s normal. No worries.

Some witches prefer not to keep this in their house, and would rather keep it on the porch  or patio, perhaps because it may nullify any spells/ workings. 

If you add your urine, it may stink to high heaven. It may fill up your entire house with a wretched smell. I speak from experience. Maybe it’s something I ate.

To American LGBT+ People,

I know things are hard across the pond in America, that your right to exist is being challenged by the very government whom supposedly serves in the interest of the people. But please, stay strong and stay passionate. You are alive, which in itself is an act of defiance to those whom would bury your existence into nothingness. Stay passionate, so that you may inspire a whole new generation of open-minded, loving people. One day, you will be known as the generation that endured and survived a government of bullying as well as protecting the right of freedom and of life. I know some of you feel inferior to those whom dictate their oppressive ideologies unto the people. But you are not. You are beautiful, intelligent, loving and caring. YOU ARE VALID. We love you. We accept you. We will not stop fighting for you. Just keep holding on, keep on being authentic. -Axel

How To Write an E-mail To Your Teacher

One of the things that can totally stress out an overthinker like me is formal e-mails. Somehow I always end up anxious about all kinds of useless things. Did I make everything clear? Wasn’t I rude? Over the years, I’ve learnt to become more comfortable with writing formal e-mails, but I thought I’d share some of my advice to make things a little easier for you as well :)

1.       Spell check spell check spell check spell check

2.       Also, grammar check

3.       Better too formal than too informal

4.       You want to clearly mention:

  • Who you are
    • Mention your full name and maybe your student number or administration number
  • What class you’re in
    • They may be teach various courses! Make it easy for them to know who they’re communicating with.
  • Why it is that you’re writing

5.       To continue on that, ask yourself why you’re writing, and most importantly what you wish to achieve by this. Make this the main point of your email: what do you expect of this teacher?

6.       Don’t make it unnecessarily long

7.       It’s okay to expect a certain degree of understanding in difficult situations

Don’t just assume your teachers will automatically backfire if you want to explain a personal situation to them. If they won’t listen at all, they are just being rude tbh. They should at least listen to what you have to say. What I’m aiming at here are e.g. situations where you have been dealing with panic attacks, maybe someone died, you’ve just been having a really hard time and your school work may have suffered under this. In these cases (or actually all cases) your (mental) health is more important than anything. Expect them to at least consider that. 

8.       Don’t worry too much; at the end of the day they’re just people

9.       For longer emails you may want to repeat any requests at the end

10.       Be friendly :)

Some more random questions you may end up asking yourself:

What if my prof mails back informally?

Personally, I prefer to maintain a formal writing style even in the mails take the form of “K, thnx.”. However if you feel like you and this teacher are well acquainted or if you don’t feel comfortable going all formal after an informal reply, that’s okay. Do what feels right for you, just keep in mind that you’re not two pals chatting – unless you are quite close ofc :)

What do I do when I forget the attachment?

Google mail has an amazing function these days that sees when you mention an attachment and stops you when you want to send the mail without it. If you don’t have this kind of function most mailboxes should come with an option to retrieve sent e-mails within a certain amount of time. If the ‘damage has been done’ (this happens to me aaaaall the time btw) you can always write a clear and short email in which you explain what happened and of course don’t forget to attach the attachment.

How do I start and end an email?

It kinda depends on your situation, again, and the level of formality. I personally tend to go with this:

Dear mr./mrs. [surname],


Kind regards,

[full name] [optionally followed by student number]

[sometimes I add my study + the year I’m in]

 Note that I don’t use any official titles when I email e.g. professors. This is not because I don’t show respect or anything - it is just that this is the kind of addressing that I feel is most natural, neutral and generally acceptable in my context :)

I struggle with saying what I want to say. How do I write a good email?

If you just don’t know how to say whatever you want to say, just take a piece of paper and a pen and jot down what it is that you’re mailing for. Sometimes it happens that it is hard to request something, or to clearly explain a situation, or to write and email and not come over in a certain way. Try to make a short list of what you need to say.

Once you’ve got that, you want to keep the points I mentioned earlier in mind. Who are you, why are you mailing, and what do you wish to obtain? That should get you somewhere. In any case, just try to be clear and brisk.

Allright that’s all I have I hope this helps ;) 

anonymous asked:

For Mod Neha: Assalamu alaikum. :) Would you possibly be able to share some information on Sufi Islam or point me in the direction of a good resource to start learning please?

Walaikum asalaam!

With the disclaimer, as always, that I may make mistakes, and don’t know much about the topic, here’s some starting points - 

Sufism, [arabic equivalent = tasawwuf], is a way of approaching Islam that places importance on wanting to lose oneself/wanting to “annihilate” the self within Allah. Sufis (and non-Sufi Muslims, as well) place great importance on tawakkul, which is absolute trust and love of Allah. Sufis reach this state of annihilation of self, or fanaa, by dedicating oneself to dhikr, or remembrance of the Diety, usually through chanting the 99 names of Allah, salaat (prayer), music, the whirling that everyone loves, as formal goals, including: 

- Salvation from ignorance and attainment of gnosis (Ma`arifah);
- Refinement and purification of the self (Tazkiyah Al-Nafs);
- Cleansing of the spiritual heart (Tasfiyah Al-Qalb) and the enlightenment of the soul (Tajliyah Al-Ruh);
- Sincerity and devotion to the Creator (Ikhlas) and detachment from material and worldly concerns (Zuhd); and
- Commitment to the service of all the creatures of God

[from here, a good resource in general]

There’s also, ihsan, meaning perfection, which is a goal for all Muslims, but exemplified in Sufis. Ihsan is faith brought to flesh, it’s the desire to become the personification of the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. ﷺ . The Prophet ﷺ says ihsan is: 

“To worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you.” [x]

Articles [Mostly academic articles, please forgive me if they are difficult to read. My experience has been that Sufism is easily appropriated, and there’s a wealth of misinformation regarding it.]:

Sufi Writings:

Writers [These are in addition to the above]:

  • Ibn-Arabi is my favorite Muslim writer, and many of his works are a good starting point - You can see all his love and devotion within his texts, and it’s stunning, even in English. [link to site with texts and other resources]
  • I don’t think i can talk about Sufism without mentioning Rumi, so I want to direct you to masnavi.net for his major work. It has the whole of Rumi’s Masnavi online, along with Persian audio, and English/Turkish translation. (From my use, the English is a bit wonky at times, but it’s understandable). If you want to grab a physical copy, I highly recommend Jawid Mojaddedi’s translations, but I understand if that’s not possible because he is translating the books separately. Rumi talked a lot about fanaa, in terms of spiritual and physical death, so if that is something that would bother you, please take care of yourself first.
  • Hafez [link to poems]. Hafez’s love poetry is really well known, but he’s also an amazing critical writer, he often talked about religious hypocrisy, which is an important consideration, especially with Sufism, which many people are attracted to in name, but not so much in the discipline and work that goes into it.

And one final recommendation, but highly done so: 

  • Women of Sufism: A Hidden Treasure by Camille Helminski. This one is not available online that I can find, but it’s an incredibly important recommendation, as it seems that women are often left behind in regards to religion. If you can’t pick up a copy, here is a list of the major women covered in the book, I can’t promise they all have a wealth of information online, but I think it’s important to recognize them: 
    • Rabi’a al-’Adawiyya
    • Halima of Damascus
    • Rabi’a bint Ismail
    • Lubaba al-Muta ‘Abbida
    • Fatima of Damascus
    • Sha’wana Ghufayra
    • Dhakkara
    • Fatima al-Barda’iyya
    • A’isha
    • Fatima
    • Futayma
    • Al-Wahatiyya
    • Zubda and Mudgha
    • ‘Abda and Amina
    • Unayza of Baghdad
    • Lady Nafisa
    • Umm ‘Abdullah
Important announcement ⚠️

Okaaay it’s been (nearly) 5 fun years! However I have decided to leave this blog;;

I know this may seem too sudden, it probably looks like it came out of nowhere and I apologize for that (◞‸◟) but trust me, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for longer that you’d think. I considered I should wait a bit after my last post which was only last night but well, I couldn’t 😞 and this post has actually been on my drafts for a while, I won’t tell you when exactly I wrote it but, it’s been some time. (I’ve even had to edit it several times too because things kept adding up 💦) Anyways…

I was able to meet wonderful people through to this blog and I’m so grateful to it for allowing me to do so 💕 Sara, Annie, Zoey, Gabi, Ann, Alex… my girls I’m so glad I met you! You’re all precious and just now that I still love u ok 😘

when I first started this blog it was so much fun! The fandom was small but very close, almost like we all knew each other, it was so nice! 😭 many of those who started/had their blogs at the same time as I did have long left those blogs and I’m pretty sure there are others who even left tumblr 💦 I hope they’re all doing okay now and I’m super grateful to them too for giving me a great fandom experience!

To the all current fandom and oh! the people who recently thought of me for the valentines messages: THANK YOU 💕 all your words mean so much to me and it made me super happy to hear them, I so don’t deserve them 😭 it even made me feel guilty about wanting to leave, but like I’ve said, this is not something I’ve just decided or came out of nowhere, it’s something I’ve been considering for a while now. Still, thank you so so much for thinking of me and liking this blog showing up on your dashboards 🙏

Also infinite thanks to my 9k followers!!! You guys are the best thank you for following this blog, to those who have been from the very beginning and those who got here recently, thank you all for clicking that follow button! I hope you liked the content I gave you and felt happy with it 😁 that was my ultimate goal with this blog really, to make you happy with my posts and give you nice content you could get feels from haha 😅

I learned so much about gif making with this blog, damn! I was able to improve a lot thanks to trying hard on making gifs for this blog and I did get a lot better! I look back at my very firsts gifs here and realize YEP I’ve definitely improved 🙌 y'all allowed me to do so (since notes got me motivated haha!) so thanks 💕

ah of course thank you for all the notes! It was gratifying to see a post getting many notes along with nice comments! That’s what kept me going and made me feel like I should totally continue to make things 😎 Uhhhh so yes, just lots of thanks to everyone who made my time on this blog a good one with your kind messages, replies, comments… (tags 👀I noticed those! 👀) I really appreciate all of them and will definitely keep those words with me (〃ω〃)

I don’t know if I’m forgetting anything… I hope not 😵 I still don’t know if I’m going to delete this blog or I’ll just leave it as it is, haven’t thought much about it buuut, let’s change the topic a bit here; I do want to give away the urls I have in case anyone wants them?? So they don’t go to waste… I have obv kikyousama, inukou, inukog, and inukik, if you’re interested in any of them please message me so we can arrange the change (I will be very picky tho!) I’ll give you some time so you can reach me and ask for it, after that I guess I’ll go inactive (I’ll announce when) until I decide if I’m gonna delete or not

For the inukik URL though since there are many who have messaged me about it I’m very troubled and don’t really know what to do here;; maybe I can do like a giveaway as in like/reblog a post x times and then I’ll choose a random winner from there? What do you think? I think hat would be fair… bc I would feel bad choosing by myself u know, BUT ofc I would have to make sure the person does deserve it!!! can’t just give it to anyone right it’s too precious

TL;DR I won’t be using this blog anymore! Still haven’t decided if I’ll delete it or not and I’m willing to give away the urls I have (kikyousama, inukog, inukou, inukik, bakuryuha) so in case anyone wants any, message me and we’ll discuss it 😉 In case too many people want the same one, we’ll have to go for a giveaway or something 😬

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I think this really needs to addressed, there are a few popular vegan youtubers that I'm sure you are aware of who all promote a different vegan diet. E.g; rtf, mostly fruit, hclf, wslf, junk food vegans, etc. young girls get so confused with what is food they should and shouldn't eat and may develop eating disorders and even fear certain foods. I have seen this with some of my close friends and it is sad :( what do you suggest? Just pick one youtuber and just watch them and not the others?

its not limited to just young girls & certainly not to veganism.  In fact a recent study showed vegans were less likely to have disordered eating.  

 We have an RD for WSLF group members and are looking to affiliate with an MD who can do remote evaluations, as well & an Eating Disorder Psychologist.  We have a monthly budget for helping our community who can’t afford it.  You can learn a lot from every flavor of the Whole Food Plant Based Movement.  We are horrified at the underbelly of disordered eating we have been exposed to & want to do everything we can to help. We take specific steps in WSLF to make sure anyone with a low BMI understands they need to follow a High Carb / High Fat diet.  We have done everything we can to ensure it does not become an obsession even writing in the WSLF guide pg 108;

“WSLF is not a religion.We don’t seek to judge one another on how “whole” we eat. It’s a spectrum based on health goals and shouldn’t get in the way of celebrating holidays, birthdays and special occasions. Even though we strive to celebrate without oils, we definitely enjoy whole fats and sugars for special occasions. Being too steadfast about a lifestyle can be unhealthy in itself.We want you to live a little, try a fun new vegan product and then do your best to make a healthy version. At some point in the distant future, we will all be celebrating with healthy, “wholer” foods. For now, being able to loosen your belt for celebrations helps draw more people in rather than being that weirdo in the corner with a bowl of beans and a spoon you brought from home.”

And our motto is “we don’t restrict we replace” along with following the USDA Dietary Guideliness and Shift Patterns to help our community eat healthier.  Here is a breakdown of very similar plant based diets that have been around for ages & don’t have youtubes.  You can focus on the differences or the similarities, its up to you.  I promise if you war out the differerences you’ll be miserable, though.  

We have a very conscious membership base in our WSLF group that help respond & we are always on the lookout for restrictive behaviors.  The saddest part is that many of these people that post Anon Asks on Tumblr to many people in the vegan community are children.  It is totally heart breaking.  If you have a problem and are reading this you need to talk to your parents, family, friends, there is nothing to be ashamed of other than not seeking help as soon as you possibly can.  Next week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  

http://nedawareness.org  Feb 26 to Mar 4.  We hope everyone in the vegan community can come together and share the tools available & information provided.  https://mentalhealthscreening.org  There is a free screening you can take and materials to help spread awareness.  

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness & only 1 in 10 seek treatment… https://mentalhealthscreening.org/blog/eating-disorder-statistics  91% of female college students surveyed have tried to lose weight through calorie restriction…

We have a confluence of people eating themselves to an early grave with SAD and those restricting themselves to an early grave all looking for the same answers, but path is much different.  We do everything we can to make those interested in WSLF aware it is for those with healthy & above BMIs.  If we can do more please share.  We will let Tate watch all the vegans & understand how & why they arrived at their various eating patterns and advice.  If you are having trouble evaluating the different advice patterns we highly suggest talking with your parents and perhaps convincing one of them to take the ECornell Plant Based Nutrition Courses to help you navigate to a logically and science supported diet or even taking it yourself for college credit if possible.  A properly planned vegan diet has the preponderance of scientific evidence supporting it.  Mrs Vegan & I advocate for such a vegan diet. 


’ If it’s secret and elite, it can’t be good. ’
’ We live by the rules, we die by the rules. ’
’ Where can I get some more of that shit? ’
’ Well, it may not be right, but it worked. ’
’ You’ve been digging, and if you keep digging, you’ll be digging your own grave. ’
’ Is this the part where I spin some ingenious line proving that I was in fact listening all along? ’
’ You were a skull… we could’ve been the envy of the whole campus… and you threw it away! ’
’ They said that it was at the building which doesn’t necessarily mean that its in the building. ’
’ Our membership has its pleasure, its hardship, and sometimes its pain. ’
’ Stand up and shed the last symbols of your old life. Remove your clothes. ’
’ I would do anything to protect you. Won’t you do the same for me? ’
’ Our rules supercede those of the outside world. ’
’ This is your preacceptance to the law school of your choice. ’
’ A snake without with out skin shows its veins. ’
’ Why are you breaking up with him/her? ’
’  No, this is the part where you get an F in Group Discussion. ’
’ Alright, what did the skulls give you? ’
’ I think its best for you to go by tomorrow. ’
’ Are you even listening? ’
’ I am a skull… ’
’ I told you not to let him/her in here! ’
’ No time to be shy. ’
’ Stand up! Hesitate and you’ll never see this place again. ’
’ I would appreciate it if you would indulge me and just stick to the facts. ’
’ I got a dead college kid downstairs who’s got twice as many rights as you. ’
’ I don’t have to be here, you know. I know my rights. ’
’  Well, unless you plan on growing a penis/vagina, you’re not gettin’ in. ’
’  Give us yours and you will forever have ours. ’
’ I need some answers, and I need them now! ’
’ Faith, ladies/gentlemen. ’
’ Lemme explain something to you. ’
’ We are dealing with a real life homicide here. ’
’ All right, boys/girls. You heard the man/woman. ’
’ It is time to remove __________. ’
’ Imagine that. It’s all paid for. ’
’ Get up and shut up, __________! ’

anonymous asked:

I'm a young trans boy (I'm 14) and I recently came out last September, despite feeling "cis" through all my life, except an episode when I was 11/12 and I wanted people on the inert et to call me William and refer to me as a boy. My parents have told me repetitively that it was bullshit and that you don't suddenly "feel trans" like I do. I jus wanted to ask if I was valid for feeling like that.

Well your parents dont know you better than you do, nor are they likely to understand much about trans issues. It is possible to not always have known yes. For some it can take a long time. They may be correct in the sense that you dont just wake up one morning and decide to ‘become trans’ but they may be buying into the stereotype that to be trans you have to have always known and have shown ‘signs’ of it. That is not the experience for many. That being said, it is also possible for such feelings to pass if its something that has come on. It can sometimes be a phase that passes. Its possible that some people are cis and conflate being gender non-conforming with being trans. Some are questioning and unsure. But just because you may only recently have realised doesnt mean you arent trans though

I cant really tell you either way. I just encourage you to explore it further as to how you feel and think about why you feel those ways. Research into it all. Doing a lot of research will also demonstrate to your parents that you understand it and feel that it describes your experience. Educate them on it as well and show them stories of trans people who didnt always know, those who came out later in life and took longer to realise it. Your experience is likely not specific to you, there will be others who are similar. If you are unsure or feel it would benefit you (or for your parents benefit) you could ask them if you could see a gender therapist

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Open? Yay! While Tsuna and Guardians away on some business their pregnant S/O got attacked(cause assassins and such) which results in premature birth and S/O near-death state(child survived). How would they (excluding Lambo and Ryohei) deal with it?

Part 1 / 2


  • Not very well. Having lost his mother, he sympathizes with his child. Knowing that his mother was ill, he knows what it’s like to grow up with a mother who may not even be around in the future
  • He’ll make sure the pinnacle of the medical industry checks up on the both of you- making sure the two of you are still healthy and for your child, going to grow up okay and make sure this wouldn’t lead into some childhood trauma
  • As for you, he’s going to be in shambles. While Tsuna may have taken a large space in his life, you are the pit of his heart. He already had issues allowing himself to love someone and this situation did not make that any better
  • He’ll be drowning himself in work and yet at the same time, if it doesn’t involve some life-or-death meeting, your hospital room will be his temporary office. He’ll take care of you himself - making sure you recover well because he won’t allow death to take another important woman in his life again
  • Tsuna, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Lambo, Shamal, and Bianchi will be his biggest supporters in coping in this tragedy. Thankfully his supports keep him in check during those times where his anger takes over in this nearly hopeless situation


  • Tsuna will get majority of the emotional impact as he knows danger comes prepackaged with the title of mafia don
  • The self-hatred he feels for himself is coupled by the fact he was a soon-to-be father. How can he expect to raise his son well with love he only ever dreamed of when he’s worst than the father who he had shunned?
  • As for you, how can he ever face you? When the two of you got married, he vowed to keep you safe and happy and now? Now? Look what happened
  • He won’t be able to function or register anything for days. Not even Reborn can get through to him during those days. The only thing Tsuna will do is pray by your and the baby’s bedside, hoping you get better soon - no, resolved. He is resolved to make you healthy again - even if he has to sell his soul to the devil
  • All his guardians, friends, and family will be the net holding the crumbling sky in place, going as far to ask Byakuran to ask his parallel selves for some kind of power to heal you and the baby


  • He will go on a rampage. Though he is the calming rain, with a little wind, the soothing rain becomes a devastating typhoon
  • He’ll trust the baby to his dad or someone with equal trust because right now he can’t think straight. And from experience he knows that when he can’t think clearly, that’s when a situation gets bad to worse. Though it doesn’t mean he’ll just leave afterwards, no, he’ll watch from the shadows like the true assassin he is, ready to protect and kill
  • Yamamoto finally knows how his dad felt when he lost his mom. The acid that pumps through his veins, becoming more and more toxic as the seconds tick by, unable to do anything but look at that door between the earth and the afterlife, hoping you never turn that knob
  • He won’t be able to stop visiting you, trying to talk to you even if you can’t hear him. He hold your hand chants prayers, apologies, and the bittersweet revenge he brought in your and the baby’s name
  • Many will sympathize with him but is dad, Tsuna, and Gokudera stands out the most. Gokudera especially as, ironically, he is the voice of reason during this time where he abandoned his logic for pure instinct seeking the sweet nectar of vengeance
Weekend Visit.

So I got really inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s Elsewhere University comic and subsequent Tumblr dedicated to the lore and customs of the school, and whipped up this little story about a girl bringing her girlfriend up to spend the weekend with her at EU, and all of the measures she takes to ensure that her girlfriend doesn’t get snatched away and replaced by a changeling or suffer some other unfortunate turn of fate.

This is the first short story I have written in literal years, and I didn’t really edit it much after writing, so sorry if it is a bit sloppy. And yes, the characters are based heavily around myself and my girlfriend. I hope you enjoy, and please be sure to check out the original comic before reading. You may also want to check out the other fan work on @elsewhereuniversity as well, as it is all very good.

Story below the cut.

Keep reading

u g h  all I can think of after last night is this passage from Turn and Speak, Memory:

“If you tell me that I have to move on,” Jemma choked out, half-heartedly trying to tug her wrist out of May’s grasp, “I swear to God –”

“No, moving on is a myth.” Jemma raised her eyes to meet May’s, surprise written across her features. “I know from experience. But one day you’ll have to let Fitz go, and if you do this, you won’t. Do you really think you could shut down something that has his voice?

Her jaw went slack at the thought, and she swallowed. “I….”

“Don’t feed what’s left of him into some program,” May said quietly. “Let him go.”

At that, Jemma yanked her arm from the specialist’s grip. “No.”

it might as well read “do you think you could kill something that looks like him?

the answer is yes. and it almost breaks her.

anonymous asked:

well im everything just no rich and private it depends on the person, but im an open person and dont have anything to hide sooo but do you think your juno represents what you look for in a partner, whats ur juno sign? :)

It actually represents the person you will end up marrying as juno was the wife of Jupiter and it behaves to some extent as Venus but it’s more about marriage. So the person you might marry may have that sign in their chart.
Mine is in Scorpio and I have to say I am always attracted to Scorpio

anonymous asked:

Well, think about it like this.. when you were as mad as Taffy seemed, all you're focusing on is that anger, not really any other problems that may or may not be happening around you, but you're only focusing on that anger. To relieve some of it, you sometimes shout ramblings or really anything to help get rid of some of it. And in cases such as this, Taffy spouted out whatever he could think of.. which is unfortunately, putting the blame on you. But its not your fault.

* …

auraphantom  asked:

Hi Cin! Not long ago i saw your post that you own a cintiq, and i wanna ask a question: in the future i want to own one to but some of my friends have doubt, they suspect that it will be slower than using a regular wacom, like it will have some kinda lag... So my question is: is it slower than a regular wacom without monitor in it and if yes, does it affect the progress greatly? (sorry is this is weirdly worded)

Well it depends on your computer graphic card, RAM space and overal running power I guess. If you use a computer that is like 10 years old and take forever just to open google chrome, then it may be slower, but if its relatively recent and powerful, you won’t have any issues! ( what takes a lot of space is Photoshop or other similar softwares)

carrioncrowned  asked:

Just wanted to drop by to say I'm absolutely in love with your artstyle and your line quality. It's so expressive and your use of light and harsh shadows is amazing! What do you use for traditional lineart, if I may ask? An actual pen and ink, or some kind of fineliner?

  OOoh  thank you so much! 💖💖💖

Well, this is all my black markers and liners I use. Also I use a black ball pens and white gel pen.
Also I use a some color markers for coloring.

P.S. You are really cool artist too! 💁

anonymous asked:

1/2 Hi Bing. I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I absolutely adore you and your sense of fashion. I have been struggling lately with my sense of self and my outward appearance. I hate my breasts, but I do not in any way feel like a man. I normally dress very "femininely" but I've noticed lately I don't feel as comfortable as I do when I don a well-put suit and tie. I read your post on binding and I almost cried because I've considered buying a binder and I'm scared.

As much as you may want to find a way to explain your discomfort, it sounds like you already know what it is. Gender is moving and changing all the time. Some days I wake up and I just know that I want to present more masculinely and other days I can just play it cool and go more androgynous. It’s a feeling that ebbs and flows. If you’ve been feeling uncomfortable with your chest, maybe you should consider trying out binding. Maybe you won’t like it, maybe you’ll love it. You don’t have to bind every day, you can choose to do it when you want to as long as it matches how you feel. 

Growing up in a conservative household can be hard and my gender identity certainly made me challenge what I had thought about what it meant to be male/female and masculine/feminine. There’s no real easy answer here other than to just do what makes you feel comfortable. Your wellbeing is the most important thing in all of this and you should be able to feel confident and happy in your body. 

Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help, friend. 


anonymous asked:

Despite my instincts, I seem to have found myself believing - to some degree- what you tell your followers. I want to keep an open mind at least, and I have a fascination with the supernatural. If the things you say really are true, I'm surprised how open you are about yourself. Your existence would be a pretty huge discovery to mankind, I think. Would you ever post a picture of yourself?

The rules of my experiment are very well defined. I think it is important to direct you to my published work, which can be read for free if you like, on the Tapas app. You may also look through my website which has very clear information as well.

I am not here to “out” my species. They all will make themselves known as they like. I’m here to learn something about how humans think. What reality is and how it is defined. Why superstition and faith plague us. You yourself have put words to it “the paranormal”. I tell you, I am NOT paranormal. I am normal, but people insist on segregating part of reality and calling it mystical. It isn’t.

All things that exist are real. Plain and simple.

I am here to explore that misconception in the politest and least detrimental way possible. And when it ends, I will go back to my eternity and live my life.

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ok but since it’s canonically confirmed that Minami is attracted to Yuuri their interactions get even funnier and cuter???


I mean I’m not surprised that Minami might feel something for Yuuri considering that he made this face after seeing Yuuri walk into the rink (but tbh who wouldn’t be flustered at the sight of this perfectly packaged sex demon)


he’s like hang on,,,,,,what’s going on,,,,,,something suspicious is happening over there



MINAMI IS JUST SO CUTE AND MIRRORS THE AFFECTION YUURI HELD FOR VIKTOR ALL THIS TIME SO WELL TOO he’s so precious I wish we had seen more of him he’s pure sunshine

(also shout out to potentially jealous Viktor who wants the katsudon all to himself)