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Giant: Ch. 11

You could still be,
what you want to,
What you said you were,
when I met you.

A bit of normalcy came after the shooting. As normal as either could hope to ever have once everyone knew of their relationship and a group of highly trained, well-funded operatives lingering on the fringes of their minds as an apparent constant threat.

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Queen (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Hiiii, I just came across your writing and it’s amazing! You write Sebastian so well! I was wondering if you could do something with him and the prompt “Please tell me you didn’t get on the subway like that?” You’re amazing! Thanks!

“Let’s pretend we’re strangers” Bucky angst OMG you angel, please!

A/N: Again, I combined two dialogue prompts in one. My apologies to the anon who wanted some Bucky angst, rather than Seb fluff. May I direct you to my Masterlist, which has Bucky angst for days. This was super cute and I think I might cry if this ever happened to me, regardless of Seb being present. Thanks to @entirelyyou for the other prompt! 

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I Only Have Eyes For You

In celebration of the 5 year meeting of Dan and Phil, I took advantage of a prompt that was sent to me and altered it just slightly. Enjoy!

Title: I Only Have Eyes For You

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Violence and feeling very sorry for Phil.

Description: On the eve of their 5 year meeting anniversary, everything is set for a perfect proposal. However, fate intervenes and suddenly Dan finds himself questioning whether they’ll ever get engaged at all.

Word Count: 3500

A/N: Thank you to the Anon who sent me this prompt, I hope you don’t mind I added a twist to it.

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[Request] Dean - Feeling Neglected

There you sat, scrolling through your Instagram. Mostly you just zoned out and passed the time, but eventually you fell upon a picture of your boyfriend. Or technically now your ex.
Just last week he informed you about all of his plans over the next year. He planned out shows and tours, traveling for his performances, all of his goals he listed, but you realized that he never once mentioned you. Sure your realized that Dean was busy building a name for himself and trying to make his dreams come true. But you never once thought that you wouldn’t be by his side. You always tried your best to be supportive. Yes, Dean would have to cancel dates and would come home late, often smelling like booze and smoke, but always you kept a smile on your face. Long story short, he left that night and you havrnt heard from him since, in 17 days (not that you were counting).
After staring at his photo for what was close to 5 minutes, you pressed the home button and tossed your phone across the couch. Taking a deep breath, you got to work cleaning your already spotless apartment. It seemed like all you had been doing was working or cleaning, really anything to keep yourself busy. Even though you and Dean didn’t live together, he was over close to every night before the incident.
An hour later and there was a buzzing coming from the couch. The face you had longed to see finally popped up. You hesitated before answering. Placing the phone to your ear, you let out a quiet “hi” barley loud enough for him to hear.
“Hey. I just wanted to say that I am going to Japan for the next couple weeks. I know that I left some of my hoodies over there and I just wanted to see if I could come up and get them sometime today?” You could tell he was waiting for your response, but you couldn’t get any sounds to come out. He was acting like you were a stranger when just a few weeks ago you were best friends and lovers. Somehow his simple question made you burn with anger.
“Hello?” His worried voice was enough to snap you out of your muteness. Muttering a quick “whatever” you hung up. Less than a minute later, he texted saying he would be over in an hour.
Good, you thought. You immediately went to work freshening up. You curled your hair, shaved your legs and put on your sexist dress. Calling one of your guy friends, you had him come over to pick you up.
“Ji, it will work perfectly. Just let me pick you up while he’s still there. Act lovey with me and touchy Feely. Dean won’t be able to handle it.”

An hour later and you were looking amazing, if you did say so yourself. With a faint knock on the door, you slowly got up, fixing yourself up and opening the door. You knew it was Dean, but you tried to act surprised.
“Oh! You’re here. You could have used your key, you know.” You said as you moved further into the house. Dean followed silently, looking you up and down.
“I didn’t want to startle you. Looks like you were going out.” Dean looked confused, his lips slightly parted as he stared at you. “That’s my favorite dress of yours. You wore it on out anniversary last year, remember?”
You were shocked that he knew that. You remembered going to store after store to find something perfect. Of course you knew it was your favorite. “Hmm, I guess your right.” You replied meekly. “Anyway, I know you must be busy with everything” he nodded and went back to the bedroom, hurriedly grabbing what he needed.
“Have you seen the Micky Mouse sweatshirt? i can find it.” He asked as he came out.
You wrinkled your nose, something that he knew was a habit of yours when you were keeping something from him. “Sorry, it must not be here.” You said quickly as you hear a knock at the door.
“Thank God, Ji” you muttered under your breath. Dean immediately knew you were aware of the sweatshirt’s whereabouts. Judging by your reaction, he had guessed that you had been wearing it just as you had when he was away.
“Hey, Ji!” You pulled him into a hug. Dean immediately felt himself turning red. You guys hadn’t even talked about things and she was already going out. “Dean, Ji, you remember each other right? He was just going to take me to that new restaurant.” Dean nodded, trying to keep his composure.
After an uncomfortable silence, Dean cleared his throat. “Um, in going to grab a couple things, but um, feel free to leave if you need to…” his voice trailed off as he hated himself for the words coming from his mouth.
“Really? Thanks, we don’t want to miss those reservations. Let me just get my sweater.” Dean went back to packing as you left.

“Well that didnt go well at all. He didnt do anything, Ji.”
“I really thought he would.”

Thirty minutes after you left, you returned back to your apartment. Figuring that it was enough time for Dean to gather his things, you walked into your apartment. There was a hunched over figure with a couple of empty bottles of soju next to it. Getting closer, you new it was Dean. He hadn’t left.
Hearing your bag fall at the front door, his head lifted up. “We need to talk.”
You sighed, always knowing this day was coming but never exactly ready for it. You slowly walked over to the chair next to him, he held up the bottle for you, which you gladly took while sitting down you and taking a swig. The soju burnt on the way down as it always does. He watched you closely with an expression you couldn’t begin to read.
“So, how was the date?” The callousness was clear in his voice. Taking another pull of the soju, you passed it back to him, fingers grazing slightly. You didn’t answer him, but rather he continued on, keeping a close watch on you. “I mean, we get in a little…dispute…and you go straight to some other guy? Thats really what I mean to you? Huh?”
His eyes were alight, burning with jealousy and some other emotion. For a second you didn’t know how to answer.
“A dispute? You’ve been ignoring me for months.” He leaned forward. “Thats not true. Ive just been busy. You know about my career, things are finally happening. You’re my girlfriend, I thought you would understand.”
Glancing away, you tried to control yourself. “Dean. I undestand, but you keep pushing me away. No dates, not even a dinner or phone call. All you ever do is text you aren’t coming home. I don’t even know what you want from me any more. I went to all your shows, I try to help but I need more.” It was his turn to look away. “Thats not true.” He said, not meeting your eyes.
“Dean oppa, just think of the last time we had a date. The last time you really kissed me. Its been so long. Its like I am not in your life.” He finally met your gaze, a look of shock on your face.
“So what do we do? You seem to have already moved on.”
You shook your head, “I just called him to piss you off.” He laughed, grabbing your hand. “Babe, it worked. I wanted to punch him.”
He tugged on your arm, giving you a little smirk. You let him bring you over to his lap. You had your legs draped over his lap, his arms around your waist.
“So what do we do, babe?” You traced patterns on his bicep. “First off, you have to come home, most days. And actually tell me about your life. I get that you’re busy, but we are supposed to be a team.”
He pulled you closer. “I’ll text you every day. And take you out at least once a week, no matter how busy I get. I promise you that I will talk to you about everything, see how you feel about my shows and collabs. You’ll always be my number one.”
You readjusted so that you could rest your head on his shoulder. “One more thing.”
He gave a little chuckle, “anything” he muttered.
Biting you lip, you took a deep breath. “You have to move out of your apartment.”
He pulled you back so that he could see your face. “Why?”
You leaned against him again. “Because you need to move in with me. That way, every day, you can see me every single morning.”
He smiled against you. “Deal. I’ll gather the guys, and we can move in together. And I’ll kiss you every morning and every night.”
He gave you a squeeze as you moved to straddle him. He smiled up at you, moving the hair from your face to behind your ears.
“But I have some making up to do,” he pulled you down and met your lips.
You didn’t hesitate to deepen the kiss, pulling him closer. Rocking your hips slightly, it was clear that Dean was glad to have you close to him. He kissed down your neck, slowly moving to the spot you loved so much. A slight moan left your lips and you shifted on his lap to get him closer to were you needed him most.
As he moved lower, you couldn’t help but pant slightly, moaning a bit louder this time. “God, I really have missed that sound. I can promise you one more thing,” he said as his hands found their way to your bottom, pulling you closer and standing up. “Babe, I can promise that we are going to do this even more. Like every fucking day.”

Memory Loss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 1

Archived | Posted October 26, 2015

Requested by anonymous

I’ve only seen the first Hunger Games movie (way back in 2012, when it first came out), so thank you for explaining what the ‘real or not real game’ was all about ^^ I had a lot of fun with this, so I hope you’ll like it, honey!


Summary: After a car accident, he lost his memory. Determined to help him get it back, you play the real of not real game with him.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

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Like Peppermint on Your Soul [Marry Me #4]

PAIRING: Dean Winchester/Castiel
SUMMARY:  Mary and John Winchester buy a week long Disney World vacation for Dean on his birthday every year. This year, Dean has a plan.

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All of them can be found on Ao3 HERE

Dean opens his birthday card and sighs. “Mom and Dad did it again,” he says, resigned.

Castiel comes up behind him and peeks over his shoulder to see the stapled folded pieces of paper inside the card. He smiles a little. “That’s nice of them.”

“I told them not to,” Dean grouches, unfolding the papers anyway. “It’s expensive and they’re retired.”

“That doesn’t mean anything to them,” Castiel points out. “Mary would tell you it’s just money. Again. Like she has to every year.”

Dean gives Castiel the hairy eyeball over his shoulder. “Whose side are you on?”

“Theirs,” Castiel answers, sipping his coffee. “Unless you’re planning on taking someone else this year. Then I’ll cry at your mom and she’ll never let you hear the end of it.”

“But she might stop sending me us a Disney vacation every year.”

Castiel snorts. “Would she, though? I get the feeling she’d just send the confirmations to me.”

Dean smacks Castiel on the shoulder with the confirmation pages. “You’re probably right about that. Who else would I take, anyway? We’re thirty. All of our friends are in their thirties. No one our age wants to go to Disney World at our age who doesn’t have kids.”

“Speak for yourself,” Castiel argues, kicking back on the couch, feet up on the coffee table. “I look forward to it. It’s the most magical place on earth.”

Delivered in his deadpan tone, Dean can’t tell if he’s being honest, even though they’ve been together for the past ten years. But he suspects that Castiel isn’t shitting him. Despite being overly serious most of the time, and a bit of a loner, Castiel saves up tons of money all year long in order to buy millions of souvenirs at the parks and take them out to nice dinners. There are ten damn years of tchotchkes carefully arranged and regularly dusted inside the curio cabinet. Around the house are scattered a decade of Disney magic. Cups from Epcot in the cupboards, collector pins covering a cork board in the office, character t-shirts in the dresser drawers, stylized hoodies in the closet, park passes and tickets collected in shoebox inside the bottom drawer of the coffee table.

Dean’s not an idiot. He knows why he “mysteriously” started getting this birthday gift every year. Part of it is because he’s never in his life taken a vacation for himself. No place has inspired him enough to beg off of work for a week. It helps that he doesn’t hate his job running the successful local garage with Uncle Bobby.

So, when he’d called home to tell his parents that he was getting serious with the local convenience store manager, and outlined a few months of dates to them in order to prove his devotion to his parents, they’d asked when he was planning to take Castiel on a weekend getaway. He’d made the grave mistake of saying he wasn’t planning on it and didn’t have anywhere in mind, besides.

His mother had scoffed and informed him that the best way to measure long-term compatibility was to take a vacation together. If they hadn’t murdered each other by then, there was a good chance of forever.

Two weeks later, on his twenty-first birthday, a week long Disney vacation confirmation letter had appeared tucked into a birthday card. It’s been like this every year ever since.

Castiel tips his head back over the couch to stare upside down at Dean. “Why is the card early this year? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.”

Shrugging, Dean says, “because Mom and Dad say that for our tenth anniversary there we need to go for Christmas. Sort of cheesy, don’t you think?”

“It’s exciting,” Castiel says, eyes shining. “I’ve always wanted to experience a Disney Christmas.”

Dean plans his hands on either side of Castiel’s head on the back of the couch. He stares down at his boyfriend fondly. “This really is the highlight of the year for you, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Castiel grins.

With his signature eye roll, Dean says, “fine. Can you take off work with such short notice?”

“Of course. I’m the boss.” He tilts his chin up a bit, asking. Dean bends down and plants a small kiss on his lips in answer.


As it turns out, Mary and John Winchester have gone out of their way for the tenth anniversary. It’s the full VIP package, as far as Dean can tell. They’ve been put up the Polynesian Resort in one of the bungalows. When Dean drops his suitcase inside the entryway, all he can say is, “holy shit, this is too much space. We’re only here for a week.”

Castiel kisses Dean’s cheek on his way past. “It’s very large,” he agrees. The windows and deck doors are all open so that the afternoon sun streams in, and the gentle lapping of the lake surrounding the bungalow can be heard. It’s slightly cold, but not enough for two men from Kansas to need to close it up. “We can probably see the fireworks from here,” he says wistfully.

Dean comes up beside him and grins. “Having second thoughts about the Christmas crowds?”

“Yes,” he admits.

“I won’t let you get lost, I promise.”

Castiel turns and wheels his suitcase to the large master bedroom. “You never have,” he murmurs.

The fireworks are on every night, so even though it’s late in the day, they grab their jackets and head to the Magic Kingdom, planning to sleep in the following morning and visit the parks at a more leisurely pace for the week.

And Dean has to admit that there’s something about walking past Cinderella’s castle into the park proper that feels a bit like coming home. It’s like clockwork every year. He may piss on about the trip, but he loves it every year. Especially this year.

Dean’s been fidgety about his plan from the get-go, but it appears to be going off without a hitch so far. Castiel suspects nothing even after Dean insists that they dress in their nice jeans and good sweaters as they take on their usual haunts first, beelining for the roller coasters. They ride Big Thunder Mountain twice because it’s Castiel’s favorite. He says it makes him feel like he’s flying.

It’s their first night, so Dean splurges on fine dining at Cinderella’s Royal table, which eases Castiel’s slight suspicion at dressing up.

Darkness has well and truly arrived when they depart the restaurant. Castiel grips Dean’s hand tightly as he takes in the lights with wide eyes. “It’s beautiful here,” he breathes, staring up at Cinderella’s castle decked out in sparkling white lights that make it look covered in glittering ice. He can’t seem to move, he’s so entranced.

Perfect. Dean reaches into his pocket while Castiel’s attention is elsewhere and pulls out his cell phone. He sends the message that’s been waiting to go since they’d arrived at the park, and a minute later, grins at the small crowd of people approaching them. “Cas,” he says, drawing the man’s attention back.

Castiel looks at him and then is even more shocked when he sees who’s approaching. “How?” he stutters. “Why?”

His parents, brother Gabriel, sister Anna, Mary, and John surround them, making a small bubble that the rest of the teeming park crowds can’t reach. They’re all smiling.

“Dean?” By the time Castiel turns back to his boyfriend, Dean is already down on one knee holding up a crystal replica of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast. It’s beautiful, encrusted with white and pink sapphires. the crystal table holding the rose under the glass top has a gold engraved plate wrapped around it. It reads, Dean and Castiel, Tale as Old as Time. It’s silly. Beautiful.

Dean beams up at him and in the glow of the Christmas lights, Castiel has the funny thought that he really could be a Disney prince. “I planned this a long time ago. I wanted everyone to be here in our most important place today so that I could properly ask you to marry me. What do you say, Cas? Isn’t ten years long enough without making this official?”

“Yes,” Castiel attempts to say through his clogged throat. “It is. Let’s make it official.”

Dean jumps to his feet and sweeps Castiel into a kiss that solidifies Castiel’s belief that he really is a prince. Their family crushes in with hugs and congratulations, and Castiel feels nothing short of magical as the Christmas fireworks begin to explode overhead.