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female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”

The Signs and Tests

Aries: Studies kinda hard, and manages a B

Taurus: Studies wayyy harder than they need to and gets a 100%. Also does the extra credit

Gemini: Barely studies and literally breaks the scantron machine because they got 12982%

Cancer: Tries to study and falls asleep. Crams the morning before and clutches an A

Leo: Doesn’t sleep until they understand the subject and gets a bombass A

Virgo: Goes to starbucks but doesn’t actually study. Still gets 100%

Libra: BB at least you tried…

Scorpio: Doesn’t sleep all night to study and barely passes with an A ‘cuz they’re so braindead

Sagittarius: “Shit it’s 12 AM ALREADY????? Well… I’m gonna go to bed and see what the fuck happens tomorrow”

Capricorn: Literally reads the study guide once and remembers everything and gets 100%

Aquarius: Doesn’t study. Gets a 92%. “Oh no I failed ):”

Pisces: “What is really important is that we have our health (: “


Richie Tozier: Richie’s girl

Request  “ can you do one where reader used to be a trashmouth like richie but then she got bullied really bad so she stopped talking and now she’s quiet (almost mute) but then she becomes friends w/ the losers club and gets really comfy with richie but they dont know why bc she seems shy and stuff and richies super loud and flirty w/ her and one day when they’re alone she talks for the first time with richie and they’re cute and fluffy and she opens up about how she likes him and maybe sweet kisses ahh ily ?”

A/N i feel like i paced this weird fjndfjsn, i hope i got in everything u wnted also, of course; ily2.

Pairing → Richie Tozier x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  →me putting detail into things that didn’t need that much detail again smh

You smiled wide at whatever crude thing just came out of Richie’s mouth. You and the Losers sat around a small mossy clearing not far into the woods. You were lying on the grass, your legs propped up on a log, Stan and Eddie were doing their homework in the shade, Bill had brought Georgie along, and was keeping him entertained, and Richie was trying to start a fire, by twisting a twig between the palms of his hands.

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The Signs and Tests

Aries: Studies kinda hard, and manages a B

Taurus: Studies wayyy harder than they need to and gets a 100%. Also does the extra credit

Gemini: Barely studies and literally breaks the scantron machine because they got 12982%

Cancer: Tries to study and falls asleep. Crams the morning before and clutches an A

Leo: Doesn’t sleep until they understand the subject and gets a bombass A

Virgo: Goes to starbucks but doesn’t actually study. Still gets 100%

Libra: BB at least you tried…

Scorpio: Doesn’t sleep all night to study and barely passes with an A ‘cuz they’re so braindead

Sagittarius: “Shit it’s 12 AM ALREADY????? Well… I’m gonna go to bed and see what the fuck happens tomorrow” 

Capricorn: Literally reads the study guide once and remembers everything and gets 100%

Aquarius: Doesn’t study. Gets a 92%. “Oh no I failed ):”

Pisces: “What is really important is that we have our health (: “

a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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Eyes Full of Promise

Member: YongGuk // B.A.P

Genre: Romance, Yakuza/Mafia!AU

Short Summary: And here, we have a YongGuk who is jealous yet sorta kinda in denial.

Words: 1.5k

Dating Bang YongGuk was no easy feat. The man was insane- both in a good and bad sense. Starting from the lowest pits, he was a cold-blooded murderer, a bastard of a son with his bastard of friends that were terrifying the streets of Seoul. Murderer. Psychopath. Bastard. Those names were familiar to YongGuk like the back of his hand.

Yet there was still some good left in the man. At least that’s what she chose to believe whenever he spared her a glance. Spared her a fraction of his precious time. Sometimes giving her a little smile which she treasured so, so much. It left her wondering who was the real psychopath in that dangerous dance that the two of them led. Him, a bastard shaped to be who he was from childhood, or her who chose that path. A wonder indeed.

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bow down witch.

pairing: seokjin x reader

genre: fluff, comedy

word count: 1,270

prompt: You accidentally challenge your boyfriend to a Halloween-themed pun-off

note: october prompts info

What do you think of when you hear the word Halloween?

Most people would probably say some variation of the same thing: costumes, pumpkins, candy, or alcohol. They were the main staples of the fright-filled holiday after all, so those answers were only to be expected. It was a wild time of busy preparations as people decided what they wanted to dress up as for the unique day of the year where they could be almost anything. Orange and black decorations lined the streets while local businesses set up jack-o-lanterns in their window displays. Special Halloween-edition candy filled the shelves of almost every single store. And well, what better occasion to drink than on a night when you were pretending to be someone else? However, with that being said, that was simply what most people thought of. It wasn’t everyone, and that was due to the fact that people like your boyfriend existed.

What did Kim Seokjin think of when he heard the word Halloween? —Puns. He thought of it as a glorious opportunity for ample amounts of puns.

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Obsessed| Part ONE

Negan x Y/N x Daryl

Words: 1253

Summary: The reader is the 20 years old daughter of Rick, in a relationship with Daryl for some months now. When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Daryl attacked him because Negan was interested in you.

Warning: Coming Chapters contain smut, drugs and suggested rape


Everything started so good. This day started so good. We all were happy, we all were safe and now, nothing good was left. 

I was scared but I guess this was normal in a situation like this. We were on our knees, surrounded by those men, who pointed their guns to our heads and the worst part was: All my loved ones were here and could die, everyone except Judith. My baby sister could lost her whole family right now, this thought made me sick.

“Calm down, Y/N. I am here, I won’t let anyone hurt you,” Daryl whispered, who was kneeling next to me and I tried to calm down, but it wasn’t that easy. I just was happy he was here. So many days we were separated and I had hoped to see him today again. My wish came true, but this wasn’t what I imagined.

“You can’t promise something like that,” I whispered and looked to my dad, who was next to Carl. Jesus, when I lose one of them I would die.

“Pissing our pants yet?” Scared I looked to the man, who got out of a bus and in his hand he had a fucking baseball bat, “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close. It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon.” Shit. All I could thought about was that this guy here was completely crazy. He smiled like something great just happened, walked to the circle, where our people were kneeling and I knew exactly who he was. This has to be Negan. The real Negan.

“So, which of you pricks is the leader?” The man who took all our weapons pointed to my father and I closed my eyes, when the man I was fucking sure about he was Negan, walked to him. My strong father, who was my little hero my whole life, he was pale and I never saw him this scared. He wasn’t scared he might could die, no, he was scared because everyone knew we won’t make it out alive, not all of us.

“…give me your shit or I will kill you,” Negan said in a cold voice to my dad, “Today was career day. We invested in a lot, so you would know who I am and what I can do. You work for me now. You have shit, you give it to me. That’s your job. Now, I know that is a mighty big, nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it you most certainly will. You ruled the roost. You built something. You thought you were safe. I get it. But the word is out. You are not safe. Not even close. In fact, you are pegged, more pegged if you don’t do what I want. And what I want is half your shit.” He started to walk and looked at each one of us. When he was in front of me I drop my gaze. I didn’t want to look into his eyes. I didn’t want to see his face in the nightmares I have and I had many of them, every single fucking night. I saw walkers, I saw the dead and the faces of men like him, who were just crazy. Without Daryl I would have lost my mind a long time ago.

“You don’t really think that you were gonna get through this without being  punished, now, did you?,” Negan asked amused and I could hear my heart breaking into pieces. He will kill us all. I looked to Maggie, one of my best friends, pregnant, she deserved so much better and now she could die and even if Negan won’t kill her or us, she might die tonight, she wasn’t in a really good settle.

“So now… I’m gonna beat the holy hell outta one of you,” he said happily and I was glad when Daryl took my hand in his one, even when his grip was painful but he tried to calm down, before he might do something stupid. I knew him very well to see that he was about to do some mistakes. Negan walked from my father to Abraham and over to Carl, who looked to this dangerous man like he was about to kill him. Jesus, my family was crazy.

“Shit kid, lighten up. At least cry a little.” Nope Carl won’t cry. My little brother had more guts than I could ever have, but I just saw so much more pain in my life. I was broken, not completely but a part of me just was broken. I was too much in my own thoughts and when Glenn screamed ‘No’ I just was confused about what happened when Negan’s men pushed him back in line. At least Negan showed mercy and didn’t kill him right now for this move.

“All right listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’es free, it’s an emotional moment I get it,” Negan explained and in the moment he decided to sing a fucking song and chose in that way who is going to die, I closed my eyes, let my hair fall in front of my face like a curtain and tried not to cry when Negan stopped his little game “and you… are… it.” I opened my eyes, saw it was Abraham and closed my eyes again when I heard the other cry, when I heard the sound of his head squishing and I thought I’m gonna puke but I managed it. Abraham was dead. I started to cry with this thought and opened my eyes slowly, looked horrified to all the blood and how Negan stopped hitting Abraham’s head which wasn’t even a head anymore.

“Look at my dirty girl,” he laughed, meant his baseball bat Lucille he introduced earlier  and I winced when Negan suddenly looked to me, “Oh sweetheart, you hid your pretty face from me and now look at you. A beauty with doll eyes.” He smiled and I had no idea what I should do. Now I looked to the man who was able to kill us all, who just killed Abraham for fun and I imagined a monster, but he was just a handsome man with the smile of the devil. I didn’t know what to do when he looked to my hand which was still clasped with Daryl’s.

“Was he a friend of yours?”, Negan asked amused and scared I look to my father, who looked like he will pass out soon.

“Y-yes,” I answered and winced even more, when he stroke a strand of my hair back and I saw that Daryl will explode in some seconds. O god we will die.

“And your name is?”
“Y/N,” I said quietly and Daryl shouted: “Get the hell away from her!”

“Daryl!,” I whispered scared and Negan started to laugh.

“You worried I could find interest in your little girl? Because you are damn fucking right when she looks at me with this big fucking eyes, I just wanna take her and…” That was too much. Daryl jumped up, released my hand and hit Negan in his face. I started to scream and just felt how Michonne grabbed my arm, pushed me back, when Negan’s men took Daryl to one of his cars. Negan’s attention went to Glenn and the punishment for Daryl’s action was Glenn’s dead. 


I know my english is bad but I hope you guys like it somehow. The gif is not mine xx

Sucker For Suckers

Flood warning for smutty smut smut.

Exiting the bath you glanced to the interconnecting door between yours and Spencer’s hotel rooms. You’d definitely locked it before you’d gone for your bath right? Yeah, you were sure of it.

You tossed your phone onto your bed next to your bag and lay down, you’d air dry naturally and then pull on your pj’s. Now you were on the bed, you couldn’t be bothered to move again.

Something had been bothering you for the best part of the day. Something that really shouldn’t have been bothering you as much it had.

Actually, it was more like a someone. The same someone who was more than likely asleep in the room next to yours.

Spencer Reid.

Spencer had been looking extremely good recently, even despite the fact that he was hobbling around with a crutch due to getting himself shot in the leg. His hair was longer than you’d ever seen it before and at multiple times over the past few weeks, you’d found yourself looking at his hair and wondering what it would be like to run your fingers through it.

The two of you had been sent to do an inmate interview out of town and due to the lateness and the distance, had been allowed to put a hotel room and meals on expenses. For your desserts, you’d had the strawberry cheesecake, but Spencer had had an ice cream sundae that had been topped off with pieces of candy, which had included a large cherry flavoured sucker.

Which was when you’d started to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Your eyes had become completely entranced by his lips as they worked their way around the sucker, his pink tongue poking out every so often to swipe over it as he innocently carried on speaking to you, although by this point, you were a simply nodding along, having no actual idea what he was saying. All your brain could think about was his lips and what else they could do.

Which as you were lying on your hotel bed, was now all you were thinking shout again.

Jesus Christ, Y/N. Get a grip, you told yourself.

Yeah, get a grip on his hair, tug him towards you and push him down between your legs so he could use his mouth on something else.

Oh fuck. Stop it!

But you couldn’t, your mind was in overdrive and you suddenly needed release. Hiking your towel up and kicking your bag onto the floor with a loud thud, you slipped your hand between your legs and got to work, focusing on the imagery from earlier. Dr Reid’s lips.


Spencer couldn’t sleep and a loud thud from his colleagues room jolted him. What had the noise been? Had she fallen off the bed or something?

He both cursed and blessed the fact that the hotel had given then interconnecting rooms. It meant they’d been able to keep the doors open earlier so they could talk as they were getting ready for dinner. Which had also meant that Spencer may have accidentally caught a peak of Y/N’s beautiful body as she was changing. He hadn’t meant to, but the way the mirror in her room was angled had meant he’d been able to see her as she changed and it had only added to his already ridiculously huge crush on her.

Spencer hauled himself off of his bed, grabbing his crutch and limping over to the doors between the two rooms. The thud had worried him and now he could hear a strange noise. Heavy breathing.

Shit, perhaps she had fallen and now couldn’t get back up.

Placing his hand on the door knob, he quietly turned it and pulled the door open, his jaw dropping at the sight in front of him.


Spencer knew he should look away but he couldn’t. His colleague, his gorgeous and amazing colleague, was lying on her bed in a toweling robe, her legs spread and her eyes closed as she frantically rubbed her fingers over her clit.

Her breathing was heavy, little gasps and groans escaping her parted lips and Spencer felt his dick twitching as blood rushed to it, making him immediately hard.

He was just about to turn away when he heard a name fall from her mouth.

“Spencer… ”

What? What now? He glanced over and saw that her eyes were still closed, a light sheen of sweat covering her body. She shifted her legs further apart and Spencer’s eyes widened as he watched her slip two fingers inside her slit, his name… his name, on her lips again.

He coughed. Not intentionally, at least….he didn’t think so.

Her eyes flew open and locked onto his.



Oh god, you’d been so close as well.

But now somehow, the object of your lust filled fantasy, was standing at the door between your rooms watching you.

Well this was embarrassing. You pulled your fingers from yourself quickly, wiping them on the bed cover and pulling your towel back down.

“Spencer… What the fuck?!”

“I… I erm… I heard a noise. I thought… I thought you were…. Never mind.”

He leant on his crutch and tried to turn around. It was then, that you saw the sizeable bulge that had formed in his pants.



“Wait!” you called out, sliding off the bed and walking over to him. Now you’d seen that he was turned on, there was only one way you could see this going. And that was like the plot of a bad porno.

But still…

Standing in front of Reid and hearing his breath hitch, you boldly placed your hand over his groin, palming him through the thin cotton of his sleep pants.

“Did you like watching that, Dr Reid?” you felt him twitch in response and you slowly started to stroke your hand up and his length, watching his tongue flick out over his lips.

“You can… You can feel that I did…. ” he murmured.

“Do you know what I was thinking about when I was doing it?”

He shook his head, although you knew you’d called his name out and that he’d heard it.

“You Spencer, I was thinking about you.”

You squeezed him through his pants, watching his pupils dilate with lust.

“How bad is that leg exactly? Can you still.. fuck?”

He groaned as your hand slid up and down his shaft as your other one moved to your towel and tugged it loose so you were standing in front of him completely naked.

“I…. I think so… I’d have to be on… Oh fuck… Bottom, though.”

You grinned. “Suits me fine. There’s plenty of things I was thinking about doing to you that involve me being on top. The main thing being grinding on that beautiful mouth of yours.

The hand that wasn’t grasping his crutch suddenly gripped yours, stopping your ministrations on his dick.

“Then stop thinking about them and do it.”

Oh my! Those were unexpected words from him. But oh my! Yes….

You helped him over to your bed, the crutch being discarded onto the floor swiftly followed by his clothes. Carefully, you pushed him back onto the mattress, taking in his glorious body as he positioned himself comfortably. His knee was still bandaged from the gun shot wound and you hoped he wasn’t lying when he said he was certain he could still do this. But then, if you were doing all the work, surely it would be okay.

You climbed onto the bed next to him, kneeling by his side and moving your hand with the intention of stroking him.

“No.” He shook his head at you.


“You mentioned something about grinding on my mouth. Y/N, I’ve just stood and watched you finger your pussy. Do you have any idea how badly I want to taste that now?”

Well. Okay then.

Spencer reached behind him and pulled the pillows from under his head so he was laying flat. He licked his lips slowly at you and that was really all of the encouragement you needed.

Inching forwards, you carefully swung your leg over so you were straddling his head, your hands gripping the head board. Looking down you could see his eyes had drifted to between your legs and then they looked up, locking onto yours. Placing his hands onto your thighs he pulled you downwards, onto his mouth and you let out a loud moan as the flat of his tongue connected with your already overly sensitised clit.

His mouth began to work, his eyes never leaving yours as he swiped over your throbbing bundle of nerves over and over, applying just the right amount of pressure to have you gasping within moments. Fucking fuck! His mouth was everything you’d dreamed about and more, his lips sucking around your clit to increase the sensation as his tongue flicked away, his fingers digging into your thighs as you tried to raise yourself off, the feeling almost too much. He kept you there though and you were sure that your juices were probably dribbling down his chin right down with how turned on you were.

Letting go of the head board, you allowed your hands to snake over your body, pulling and teasing your neglected breasts, a groan vibrating through Spencer’s mouth as he saw what you were doing. One of his hands released their hold on your thighs and when you dared to look behind you, you could see that he was pumping away at his cock.

You were close, so very close, now actively grinding on his lips as he licked and sucked at you, the room now filled with the sounds of both of your excitement. Finally, you felt that tell tale flicker deep inside your lower stomach and you gripped the headboard again with both hands, as you came, shuddering and squirming over Spencer’s mouth. From beneath you, you felt a series of jolts and you realised Spencer had reached his own end as well, watching you come as he was stroking his own dick had pushed him over the edge and he had a pool of glistening fluid atop of his tummy.

You swung your leg back over and collapsed on the bed next to him, giggling as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I was kinda hoping that you’d be inside me when you did that,” you told him hoarsely.

“Same here. But…. Fuck…. I just… ”

“How much recovery time do you need?” you raised your eyebrows at him, licking your lips. Now you’d had him, you wanted him again and again.

“Half an hour…. Maybe?” he groaned, shifting on the bed and then wincing as his mess started to move.

“Half an hour it is then. I’ll get something to clean you up, and maybe a drink or something. Then we can talk.”


“The things we just did and how often they’re gonna need to happen. Your mouth is magnificent Spencer. And I kinda had visions of tugging on your hair and stuff but I think you need to be fully able bodied for that sort of stuff. So I think we’re going to need to date. Okay with you?”

“More than okay with me.. ”

Harry Styles is a model and the currently most in-demand face in the fashion industry who might be just a little bit too full of himself and Janey Darling is the photographer that knocks him off his high horse… and subsequently off his feet.

this is the rewrite of my 2016 autumn exchange fic with added scenes. about 8.5k words. slightly nsfw towards the end and if you read this far you might as well…

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Three is Company (Jared and Evan x Reader) (SMUT & THREESOME)


 Requested by Anon(s) 


 "-And I’ll have vanilla, thank you! Huh toppings? Nah just vanilla man,“ 

 "Yeah just vanilla like everything else,” you mumbled.

 "Mmm what was that babe?“ He replied after licking his cone of ice cream. 

"Nothing Jared, drop it,”

 "I will not drop it, this is good ice cream, dropping it is just a waste!“ You rolled you eyes, you adored Jared but recently in felt like something was missing… sexually. You just felt like maybe you two could try something (or someone) new.

 "Oh come on I was joking sweetheart,” he said wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “Now what’s eatin’ you?”

 "It’s nothing,“ you tried but it was so unconvincing.

 "I’m gonna keep asking you until you get so annoyed that you answer me,” he announced, than pressed a cold kiss you your cheek. 







 "THAT’S IT NOW WE ARE OFFICIALLY DONE!“ Jared yelled and turned off the Xbox, both of you too were to competitive to play video games together. You smiled and kissed him, all of your angry words dissolving. You tried remove your lips from his but he just held you closer to him, pulling you into him as he laid back. His hand that was resting on your waist, slid down and squeezed your ass. You slid your hands under his shirt and crept it up his torso, he threw it off and pulled yours off as well, quickly bringing your lips back into his. 

 His hands snaked around your back and started working on your bra, you started kissing and nipping at his neck, working quiet moans out of him. Your bra dropped from your shoulders, "Meh didn’t need this thing anyway!” Jared laughed as he threw it across his room. As his hands started working on your breasts you unbuttoned his jeans and palmed him through his boxers. He let one of hands fall from your boob and unzip you jeans, he tried to slid them off your thighs and failed miserably. You giggled and stood up, stripping your body of clothing, Jared did the same. “Movies make all of this sex shit seem so easy, I don’t think I have ever had an experience that wasn’t at least slightly uncomfortable," 

 "Jared, you’ve only had sex with me, are you saying sex with me is uncomfortable?” You raised an eyebrow.

 "Well not intentionally, I imagine sex with anyone is uncomfortable. In the movies you can just throw the girl into a wall and start fucking her,“ he laughed taking off his socks, loosing his balance slightly.

 "Do it. Slam me against the wall," 

 "What (y/n) no!”

 "Wanna know what was bothering me earlier? Sex with you is so vanilla, you’re so afraid to hurt me, maybe that’s what I want!“ You yelled one arm over your chest the other waving through the air. 

 "Well fuck (y/n) I’d rather have Evan fuck you than hurt you during sex!” He yelled back, you had to admit it was kind of a funny sight, Jared yelling at you with his dick just, out. 


 "Uh you d-don’t have to,” a small voice stuttered from the door.

“Oh fuck. I forgot Evan and I were going to study for our test on Monday!” Jared said tossing you his shirt. You looked between Jared and Evan, both boys were obviously turned on and you were as well. You dropped Jared’s shirt and sauntered over to Evan, pressing your chest to his. You rubbed a hand against the excitement in his khakis, as you kissed his neck, him and Jared spoke in unison.

 "(Y/n) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!“ Jared practically screamed. 

 ”(Y-y/n) what are you d-doing?“ Evan whispered placing a hand on your bare waist. 

 You turned to face Jared, "Well you said you would rather have Evan fuck me than you hurt me, so unless you’re gonna pull my hair and slap my ass than shut up!” Jared may have been an ass but he was never a hypocrite. 

 "What do I look like to you, a Cuck?“ He yelled back.

 "Well that far away from your naked girlfriend, yes. But if you come over here and join us than no,”

 "But I’m not g-,“ 

You cut him off "Listen I know both of you are not completely straight, Evan you stare at too many boys to be straight and if it weren’t for Zoe Murphy I’d think you were gayer than her brother! And Jared you have multiple gay porn sites in your search history. That being said, you don’t have to fuck each other, you have me between you,” you scolded Jared, you knew he used his homophobic comments to cover up his own issues with his sexuality. 

 "I do not confirm nor deny your statements, but I do have one rule, he doesn’t get to like, go in you,“ he waved his hand back and forth. You nodded and lead Jared to the bed and then stood and faced Evan.

 "Is this all ok with you? You can leave and forget any of this ever happened," 

"And, and say no to this,” he gestured at your naked body. “I-I’ll be okay, I really want this,” you kissed his jaw, and left a trail of kisses all the way to his lips. You slid your hands under his shirt, and used you forearms to snake it off his body. He placed his hand on your hips and leaned down to kiss you, you made quick work of his khakis, dropping them and his boxers to his ankles. Taking his hand you walked t the bed where Jared had been jerking himself off to you and Evan.  

You laid Evan down against Jared pillows and placed Jared behind you, “ok so this is how this is gonna work, since Jared wants to be doing the penetrating, he can fuck me from behind. Evan you’ll be doing just about everything else. That work for you two?” They nodded, your pulled Jared into a hug and kissed him, pulling his forehead to yours you whispered, “I love you, to the moon and back,” he did the same. You straddled Evan’s hips and started leaving hickeys on his neck, he was already a whimpering mess. Your guided his right hand down to your clit and as if he’d done it a million times, he rubbed it in clockwise circles, you moans and bucked your hips into his hands. Jared’s jealousy was strong but Jesus this was hot, to see you getting off from so many new angles. He grabbed your hips and lined himself up with you, “Jared, oh fuck Evan. Jared c-Condom! Oh fuuuck,”

 Both Evan and Jared stopped moving and looked at you in shock. “How’d you know that he wasn’t wearing one when you can’t even see him?” You blushed and shrugged your shoulders. Jared rolled his eyes and did as you said, he also rolled one down Evan’s length. 

“You can never um be too s-safe,” he stuttered but ran his hand over Evan a few more times. The new feeling made Evan’s hand rub your clit harder and he groped your boob. 

“Oh fuck. Evan oh oh Jesus Ev,” you moaned, his hands felt to fucking good against you, they were rough from climbing trees. Jared clenched his jaw and thrust himself into you rather roughly. He was fucking you hard and fast, hitting your G-Spot over and over again, forcing your body forward, you ended up with Evan’s face just below your chest. Evan pulled you down onto him taking on nipple in his mouth, biting it and rolling it between his teeth, he grabbed his cock and used it to tease your clit. 

 "Oh fuckFuckFUckFUCkFUCK YES JARED OH GOD EVAN OH FUCK,“ you screamed their names. Jared’s hand tangled up into your hair, pulling your head back towards him, you moaned into the pain. 

 "You’re so beautiful (y/n), oh oh th-thank you oh fUuUuck,” Evan moaned as you rubbed his dick, you couldn’t believe he said thank you. His head dropped back against the pillows, you basically rendered him useless. Jared placed his empty hand in the middle of your shoulders, gently pushing your chest onto Evan’s moaning face. You hadn’t felt this kind of euphoria in so fucking long, it was too much, but the right kind of too much. Between, literally, Jared pounding your G-Spot from behind, pulling your hair, and squeezing your ass roughly, and Evan teasing your nipples and clit at the same time, you could feel your orgasm building up inside you quickly, the world stopped turning in the moment.

 "Oh holy shit (y/n) you’re so fucking tight. You’re so tight and wet, you fee so good on my cock,“ Jared moaned into your ear, using your hair to pull you closer to him, his length filling you. Your hand was running down his excitement, his tip flick over your clit repeatedly.

 "Wow, this is, this feels just, ooooh god god GOD wow (y/n), oh god (y/n) please. J-just like that. OOOh FUCK!” Evan yelled, you felt him twitch in your hand and he came. As he rode out his orgasm he used his hand, and roughly rubbed your clit. 

 "Oh sweet Jesus, oh fuck Jared, Evan, I’m close I’m so fucking close, oh oh fuck Jared harder, Harder, HARDER! Oh god Evan Evan please please, oh oh huuuuuuuuuuuu,“ you screamed as Evan and Jared worked your body over the edge, you felt like you were in heaven. You couldn’t think straight you can do hard, your body went weak and you collapsed on to Evan. Jared came moments later he let out a deep sexy moan as he came in you. He pulled out of you, cleaned himself up, and pulled you off Evan and into him. 

You realized two things, one: Evan didn’t know what to do next, and two, he just got a really good hand-job and after that he deserved more than what he got. You cleaned up Evan and started rubbing his cock. 

 ”(Y/n) w-what are you doooing,“ he croaked, your hand making him hard again. You took his length in your mouth and bobbed up and down on him, he tangled his hands into your hair. "Oh Jesus Christ, oh my oh my oh my GOD,” he yelled as you hollowed your cheeks and took all of him inside your mouth. You cupped his balls and moaned on his member, you could tell he was close and so could he. “(Y/n) I, I can’t last any longer. Oh my god you’re fucking amazing,” he could only form moans for the next twenty seconds. He came in your mouth, you spit it into the trash can and kissed Evan’s cheek. 

 Jared pulled you into his chest, you were facing him you kissed him on the nose and curled into him. Evan moved off the bed and bent down to get his pants, “Ev what are you doing. I have two rules when it comes to having sex with me, ask for consent and after sex cuddles are mandatory!” You said gesturing to the empty space behind you on the bed. He climbed back into the bed and pulled a blanket over the three of you. He wrapped his arms around you, Jared had one hand in your hair and one hand on your ass. Jared leaned up on one elbow and so did Evan, they shared a soft kiss and went back to cuddling you. Something told you this wouldn’t be the last time. 

// Sebastian Stan - Tease //

Relationship: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: Ok so I got this idea from @platonic-otp: Person A and Person B play Never Have I Ever with shots on a boring, Saturday night in. After they run out of shots, they decide to continue playing with clothes–taking one piece of clothing off every time one of them has done something the other hasn’t. Person A says “Never have I ever given someone a lap dance” and watch with lust-filled eyes as Person B takes off their last piece of clothing save their underwear. Person B then turns on seductive music (Partition, One Dance, etc.) and situate themselves in Person A’s lap as they get ready to give them a show.

Follow them their prompts are good as fuck

And encouragement from my fave @dylpicklesprays (even though she’s mad at my ending)

Warnings: Sexy as fuck Sebastian Stan, smut, mentions of one night stand, cussing, SMUT

Rating: NSFW, 18

Word count: 2967

Originally posted by minmiin1d

With the release of Civil War, the cast finally got to showcase the work that they had worked so tirelessly on for months, long days followed by even longer nights, and now finally coming to a conclusion. The film had premiered weeks and weeks ago and now for the first time in a while, Sebastian had a lot of free time. Time that he didn’t know what to do with.

The two of you had been friends for as long as you could remember, you remember meeting him back in New York in a coffee shop of all places. Both aspiring actors, talking for hours on end before inevitably hooking up. A one night stand. You had left before he had woken up and even if he was awake it was obvious what you were. A hook up. Blowing off some steam, and you were fine with that. You would never even see the guy again, well, at least that’s what your thought until you walked into your interview for a new marvel film, and there he was.

You glanced around the waiting room for a seat, a mixed population of faces. ‘There must be other characters auditioning today too’ you had thought before your eyes landed on an empty seat and without a word you sat.

“Y/N?” The voice next to you spoke. Where had you heard that before- oh my god. The guy from last night. What was his name again?

“Holy shit, hi!” You had greeted him, avoiding having to say his name.

“You left awfully quick this mornin’.” He had laughed.

“Had an audition to get to, just like you did, plus you and I both know you would have done the same… dude” Oh god, why did you call him dude?

He had raised an eyebrow. “Dude?” before it sunk in, “You forgot my fucking name didn’t you?” The tone of his voice had seemed serious until laughter poured out. He held out his hand for you to shake.

“My names Sebastian Stan.”

From then on you were friends, sure, you found him painfully attractive and there may have been a small-not-so-small crush once you both got the part and had to see each other pretty much every day, but after a few weeks it was fine. You were friends, and that night was never spoke about, no matter how often it toyed on both of your minds. Sebastian had changed since that night. His hair was now much longer, often pushed back, lines now etched into his skin that at one point hadn’t been there adding a sense of maturity to him - but in no way was this unattractive, if anything it made him somewhat more attractive. His shoulders now more broad and muscles toned, clear definition. He was older, not that boy you had met that night, Sebastian Stan was a man.

But you were friends now, and as much as you wanted something with him, often finding him tangled in your thoughts as you pleasured yourself after a long day, you knew nothing would happen, so you tried to forget the idea, and failed. There was something about Sebastian that you couldn’t quite ignore. You were drawn to him like a moth to a flame, the closer you got the more dangerous it would be yet you couldn’t help yourself. But, as you constantly had to tell yourself over and over again, you were just friends.

During filming you had even agreed to stay with him for a while, he had a spare room and in exchange you gave him a ride. Fuck, no not like that. A ride to work. Carpool. But now, with a ridiculous amount of time on your hands and, with nothing else to do on a Saturday night in, shots became a good idea.

“Ok, never have I ever…” He thought hard for a moment as you watched Sebastian intently, a small, innocent smile at his lips as the alcohol making his eyes glassy and reducing him to a giggling fit every once in awhile “called someone the wrong name while hooking up?”. Honestly, the questions had started out innocent enough, but the more you drank, the worse the questions got. You shook your head and he scoffed. “Take the shot, Y/N.”

“I never-”

“You called me Carter that night.” He reminded you.

“Oh shit, yeah I did.” He giggled to himself, as you brought the shot of whiskey to your lips before letting it run down his throat, leaving a burning sensation behind. You squinted and shook your head before looking back at Sebastian with a smile. “But in my defense, you were hot as Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl.” Not were, are.

“Can’t argue with logic.” He laughed picking up the bottle to refill the shot glass.

“Hey, Seb,  I have a question about that actually.” Your voice trailed off. Oh fuck, why were you bringing this up now? Oh yeah, tequila. No- you couldn’t ask him now, maybe he hadn’t heard. You glance to see his blue eyes piercing your own. Ok, no he definitely heard, a small smile tugging at the side of his lip.

“Shoot, Doll.” Doll. That nickname made you physically weak.

“It doesn’t,” Fuck, well now was as good a time as any right. No, no it was not! Alcohol is never a good addition to something like this. Fuck it. Blurt it out.

“Do you regret that night?”

There was a silence in the air as Sebastian watched you, brows furrowed. “No. Not at all.” He replied. “Do you? Cause, I get it, I wasn’t very… experienced back then?”

“No, I don’t. I mean it was great, you were great… I did at first. I was worried it would be awkward but, it wasn’t- isn’t.”

“I figured we’d get together at some point you know.”


“Yeah,” Sebastian simply shrugged as if that was common knowledge, words accidentally slurring together. “I had the biggest crush on you, ya’ know, Doll.” Had.

You almost choked on the sip of beer. Did he just…? “Oh really?”

He nodded, grabbing another one of the green bottles at his side and picking up the bottle opener, his large hands making it seem so small and frail. His hands. “C’mon you must have known.” He laughed, emphasizing on the word in disbelief. “Anthony even noticed, I made it so painfully obvious.” He brought the bottle to his lips and took a big swing, not taking his eyes off of you.

“Not obvious enough apparently.” You shrugged.

“Bullshit. I literally flirted with you any chance I got. Always finding ways to talk to you, or touch you…” His hand resting on your thigh casually. “But, I realized you didn’t feel the same and stopped, or at least tried to. I ain’t ever had very strong will power doll.” He laughed again, sipping his drink once more.

“Oh please. I was so into you!” You blurted, laughing awkwardly. “Why else would I agree to come over just to watch Star Wars with you on a Friday night?” 

“Well shit, you should’ve said something, babygirl.”

“I just did, didn’t I?” He watched you intently, you saw his eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips. Running his tongue across his own and taking his bottom lip between his teeth. His hand was still on your lower thigh. He scooted closer to you and you held your breath. He leaned in, his lips meeting yours. Ok, you and Sebastian were no strangers to a quick make out or two when you were drunk. Usually it was messy and sloppy, feeling rushed. But this was different, it was gentle, as if he feared you might break at his touch. When he kissed you, all other thoughts fell away, the room became silent and it was just the two of you, in the moment you were sharing, every inch in your body was alive. His hands would usually have gravitated to his favourite part of you, your ass. This time his hand rested just under your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek the other at his side, supporting him. The gaze you engaged in before asked a question that the kiss answered; “do you still feel the same?”

The kiss was over before it had barely started, so short yet so perfect. His hand lingered on your cheek which was now flushed and surprisingly, so were his.

Sebastian cleared his throat. “So, uhh, shots?”

You nodded, and with that Sebastian picked up the transparent bottle. “Ok never have I ever-” You stopped when you see Sebastian pouting. “What’s up, Seb?”

“We’re out.” He gestured to the bottle of tequila in his hands,

“I’m pretty sure we have some more in the kitchen that I can go get? Or we can just use the beer.”

A mischievous grin formed on his pink lips. “I have a much better idea if you’re up for it?”

In your slightly-past-tipsy state you shrugged. “What is it?”

“Instead of shots, you take something off. You’ll get it as we go on.” He explained, simple enough. He nodded for you to continue your question.

“Oh, uhh, Never have I ever… had phone sex?” Sebastian shrugged, gripping the thin fabric of his t-shirt and pulling it over his head. Oh, so it was that kind of game now? Not that you objected. Sure you had seen Sebastian without a shirt countless times but, whether it was the liqueur or the topic of conversation, this time you couldn’t drag your eyes away.

“No where near the real thing, but it’s interesting.”

You shrug, no point arguing on a topic you barely knew. “Okay,” you thought for a second, “Never have I sexted a colleague.”

“Now when you say that, as a joke or genuine? No, nevermind, I’ve done both.” Sebastian laughed, then telling a story of how he sent Chris links to a ton of fanfiction that had been written about the two of them and classing that as sexting because, ‘some of them were pretty damn spicy’.

The game continued, you inevitably losing, wait, were you losing? No clue, all you know was that you were left completely exposed to him, the only pieces of clothing left being your underwear with Sebastian close behind in sweatpants and his boxers. At least, you assume he was wearing boxers.

His eyes burned into you, scanning every inch of your body over and over again. “Never have I ever given someone a lap dance?”

“I guess there’s a first time for everything.” You mimicked his shrug.

Sebastian’s eyes widened, he clearly hadn’t expected this. “S-seriously?”

“With appropriate music, of course.”

“Of course.” He repeated, rising from the floor to sit on the single chair behind him. He handed you his phone with spotify open. You played the first thing that came to mind, and it was a damn good choice.

See me up in the club with fifty of the girls

Posted in the back with my things on my grill

Sebastian opened his mouth to speak, about to make a joke about how Beyonce’s Partition was your choice, closing it immediately when he looked at you, bent over giving him a perfect view of your ass as you placed his phone on the floor. You knew his eyes were on you, as if you could feel his gaze so you lingered, teasingly before straightening up and looking at him. “See something you like, Stan?”

“Not the first time I’ve seen it.” He answered, a smug smirk on his face. “I check you out any chance I can.” He teased.

You walked towards him, his hand outstretched, welcoming you to his lap but instead his fingertips merely grazed your thigh. You stand behind him, leaning down as your arms stretched down bare his chest and torso, breath tickling his ear. “No hands, Seb.”

“No hands,” He repeated.

You leave a few kisses on his neck before walking around to face him, straddling him as the music continued. You started out slow, grinding your hips lazily against Sebastian, though you were aching to just let him fuck you. You laced your fingers in his hair, tugging his head to the side, smiling as you heard Sebastian groan. “One thing I always remember about you Seb,” You started, you hips still moving slowly but with enough to drive him crazy. “You have a spot, right here that drives you crazy when I touch it.” Your lips briefly press onto his soft skin, right above his collarbone, earning another moan from Sebastian.

You sped up your movement up, grinding against his thigh. Your hands raked back down his chest stopping just above the waistband of his sweats, a prominent bulge now there. You smiled to yourself, knowing he was loving every second. Your focus now shifted, you wrapped your hands around his neck, his face was merely centimetres from your cleavage, a sight he would never be bored of. He placed a small kiss on your left breast, his lips attaching to the same spot again, this time rougher and sure to leave a mark. His larger hands made their way to the clasp of your bra.

“Ah ah, Seb.” You warned, “No touching remember?”

“Lips don’t count?” He tried and you shook your head. You stopped moving and he groaned. “C’mon baby girl, don’t stop.”

You smiled, loving the impact you had on him. In one swift movement you unclasped your bra, tossing it to the side. Sebastian growled, “How can you expect me not to touch them, they’re perfect.” Without saying anything, you pulled the band on your underwear a little higher and grinded against him again, your breasts now free and in his face. “You’re such a tease, Kitten.” He growled. Kitten? That’s new.

You begin to move your hips in slow circles against his concealed cock, the friction sending small waves of pleasure throughout your body, making you want more. You move faster, tiny moans tumbling from your mouth. Sebastian’s head fell back, his lip so tightly in between his teeth you feared he may make it bleed as he restrained himself from touching you, a concept which was all he could think about.

“Baby, c’mon… let me have a feel… give me a taste.” He begged.

The more you moved, the better it felt, heat growing in your core. You moved faster, sloppier and couldn’t help but bury your face in Sebastian’s neck, his smell flooding your senses, engulfing you. Sebastian whimpered under you, bucking his hips up against you,  and you couldn’t help it as your hands moved down his back, bringing him as close to you as possible.

“I’m gonna cum in my pants if you keep that up.” He breathed into your chest. “C’mon doll, let me touch you. Let me make you feel good. Let me treat you right. Baby, please. Let me fuck you better than anyone else could dream of doing.” His hands move to your hips, a firm grip that was sure to leave a bruise in the morning and this time you don’t stop him. Every fibre in your body wanted this. Wanted his touch, Wanted to him to fuck you.

“Sebastian, please. Do it.” You practically panted, begging him.

“Tell me what you want kitten, I want to hear you say it.”

“I-I want you to fuck me.” You pleaded and that was all he needed to hear. He gripped your thighs and stood, your body wrapped around him, leading you to him bedroom. His switched on the light and kicked the door shut behind him, practically throwing you onto his bed in front of you.

“We won’t be needing these now, will we Doll?” His fingers hooked around the band of your underwear and ripped them from you.  He stood in front of you, his eyes taking in every inch of your body.

“Sebastian, come on.” You whined.

He pulled the remainder of his clothes off slowly, you threw your head back once his erection sprung free. You definitely didn’t forget about that. His size still ceasing to amaze you.

Sebastian hovered over you, pushing your thighs apart.

“Now it’s my turn to tease, Doll.”

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Bloody lips

I just want to know why when I write, my first scenario is the shortest, and the last one is the longest. Is it some kind of a curse…?

“Hey, I looked for y-”
You saw your boyfriend and stopped immediately, staring in shock at him.. His lips pressed to some blonde girl’s neck. You stuttered, not believing your eyes. 
He parted their bodies and looked at you with wide eyes.
Then you realized. There was blood dripping from his  mouth.

♛ Ayato ♛

“…Why did you come here?” he grunted, wiping the blood from his mouth. You froze, his dark gaze paralyzed you. Smirk appeared on his face. “You’re gonna be next, Chichinashi…”
“S-stay away!” you managed to say, trying to back away from him, but you stumbled and fell to the ground. “M-monster…”
He chuckled.
“Yeah, I’m a monster. And you’re my prey.”
Not letting you escape, he pinned you to the floor, looking at you with satisfaction.
“Now, let Yours Truly taste your blood… I waited for it for too long…”
You screamed as his fangs pierced your neck, as painfully as possible. And he made sure to leave very visible scars.

♟ Kanato ♟

“Huh? What are you doing here?” He narrowed his eyes with annoyance, turning to you and stepping closer. You turned, wanting to escape, but he appeared in front of you, making you startle. “You’re not going anywhere, are you?”
“W-what are y-you…”
“Isn’t that obvious? I’m a vampire.”
“I-it’s.. i-i-impossible…”
He smirked.
“I should be mad at you for saying such things. But your expression is priceless now… Nee, Teddy, what should we do with her, now that she knows who we are~?”
You looked at him with wide eyes and tried to back away, but he grabbed your wrist roughly, making you squeak in surprise.
“Do you want to leave me…?” He growled. “I won’t let you. You’re my prey from now on. If you ever try to escape, I will turn you into a doll, understood~?”
With those words, he pulled you to his chest and pierced your neck with his sharp fangs, ignoring your pleads and struggling, knowing that you were just a weak human who couldn’t fight him in any way.

♞ Laito ♞

“Hmm? What is my Bitch-chan doing here~?” He smirked, immediately forgeting about the other girl, as he came closer, capturing your chin and looking straight into your eyes. “Does she want to have some fun as well~?”
Your heartbeat fastened, as you stood there, paralyzed, staring at him with wide eyes, not fully believeing in what’s happening.
Laito chuckled.
“Don’t be so serious, Bitch-chan, there’s nothing to be scared of…” He wrapped arm around your waist, leaning closer to your ear. “It won’t hurt that much… And if you’re good girl, I will make sure to reward you…”
He lowered his head and bit into your shulder, making you regain your senses and squirm panickly. 
“Don’t struggle, Bitch-chan~ If you give up to me, I’ll make it more pleasant than you can even imgaine…”

♝ Reiji ♝

He silently wiped the blood from his mouth and turned to face you.
“I don’t remember calling for you…”
“R-Reiji… w-what does it… h-how…”
He sighed with annoyance, looking at you sternly.
“You should apologize for interrupting me in-”
You didn’t listen to him anymore, forcing your legs to move, wanting to run away from here. But after few steps, you bumped onto him, as he appeared from nowhere in front of you.
“Such a bad mannered woman…” He grabbed your wrists, pinning you to the wall. “Did you think you’d escape from me?” He smirked, leaning closer, ignoring your attempts to break free from his grip. “I must punish you then~”
Sharp fangs pierced your neck in the most painful way you could imagine. 
“There’s no escape from me… so don’t even try, you pathetic human…”

♚ Shu ♚

“…” He stared at you without a single word, ignoring the blood dripping onto his sweater.
“Did you want something?”
“W-what…?” You looked at you with teary eyes. “S-Shu, what does that… m-mean…?”
He sighed with annoyance, stepping in your direction and you froze, staring at him in fear.
But he just passed you.
“If you’re so scared, run away. I won’t stop you.”
Before you could even think about it, you grasped his sleeve, trying to stop him. You didn’t even know why did you do this.
And he stopped, turning his face to you, and smirked.
“I hope you’re prepared to be my prey then…”
You groaned quietly, as he pulled you to his chest, and in the next moment his sharp fangs pierced your shoulder.

♜ Subaru ♜

He stared at you, probably even more scared than you yourself.
“…What are you doing here…”
He parted from the girl, going hesitantly in your direction. You backed away immediately, so he stopped.
“W-what are you…?” You asked, staring at him with wide eyes, trying to calm harm your racing heartbeat.
“I-I’m… a m-monster…” He said, looking down. You saw his expression, full of regrets. He for sure didn’t want you to find out.
You breathed deeply and started to slowly come closer to him.
“Y-you didn’t tell me… because… you w-wanted me to be safe… d-didn’t you…?”
You knew how low self-esteem he had. And you believed that everything you two got through before wasn’t just a lie. So you gently wrapped arms around him, as if saying “it’s alright”.
“…” He was too astonished to hug you back, but after a while, he managed to place hand on your back. “(Y/n)…” He hasitated, leaning closer to your neck. “I’m sorry…”
You didn’t move, only winced a bit, as you felt a sharp pain in your neck. 
But, even if it was so difficult, you let him do as he wanted. Knowing, that you can trust him no matter what.

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What happened to kon, BTW?😂😆😅

When his fuzzy little cotton stuffing couldn’t compute how nee-sama and Ichigo could’ve possibly not gotten together, he packed up his shit and left for good

Okay, but real talk: I nominate Kon and his storyline for the biggest WASTED POTENTIAL of this whole damn series.  No joke.  At least Kubo sort of tried with other chars even if he didn’t do so well, but Kon?  One shining moment of wonderful storytelling in chapter 16… and that was it.

Y’all remember this?



*sits down and takes a deep, calming breath, massaging temples*

At the very least, the anime writers tried to do something with that storyline.

Personal headcanon?  After discussing it with Rukia at some point, they (as in she and Ichigo) come up with the idea to capitalize on Kisuke’s lingering guilt over the whole Hōgyoku deal.  I say they, but this is all Rukia, master grifter:  

Basically, since Kisuke got away with little more than an apology, Rukia was also given a lifetime free pass on whatever the hell she wants from the shōten, no charge, so she asks Kisuke for a gigai made especially for Kon.

It’s all state of the art, too: undetectable, durable… the works.  Kisuke even offers to use the tech that would eventually turn him into a human, if that’s what Kon wants.

And so Kon is given what he was once so cruelly denied: a life of his own.  He’s free to stick around Karakura and it’s implied that he’s always welcome in the Kurosaki household, but Kon chooses to travel (and yes, every now and then return to Karakura to visit).

They also present Kon with legit (that is, legitimately forged) paperwork.  The first name on the documents? Kai.

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Kagehina + 11? :0

#11 - partners in crime au (this ended up being a first years leverage AU? I hope that’s okay)

“You shut your entire face.” Shouyou whispers into the coms while he waits for Tobio to get to him.

“Don’t tell me what to do when I have to bail your useless ass out yet again because you can’t do a simple lift.” Tobio snaps back, huffing a little bit between his words. He’s probably running. Which is good because Shouyou doesn’t have a lot of time.

“Well at least I can talk to people, unlike some antisocial thieves I could mention.”

“No one gives a shit about talking to people.”

“No, you don’t give a shit about talking to people.”

“Guys, if we’re made because of you I’m going to be extremely disappointed.” Yamaguchi interrupts with a casual murmur, trying not to be too obvious since he’s down in the main hall with a whole bunch of random people and the mark. Shouyou and Tobio both shut their mouths, the audible click making Tsukishima laugh because he’s a big fat jerk.

Shouyou tries not to look too suspicious as he hangs around the locked door he’s supposed to be going through. Not that he couldn’t handle anyone who gives him problems, but a person laying on the ground out cold is more suspicious than someone just standing around so he’s trying not to knock people out today. Which is why he was supposed to lift the key from the guard but his thievery skills are poor at best and he had ended up with no key and the guard already through the door.

So Shouyou listens as Yachi and Yamaguchi tag team the mark, playing him like some kind of musical instrument, and starts to get impatient. He’s just about to ask Tobio what’s taking him so long when Tobio comes running around the corner. He looks pissed but that’s completely normal.

“Finally, what took you so-”

Tobio runs straight into Shouyou and pushes him up against the door. The lock is digging in to Shouyou’s back but he’s a bit too busy kissing Tobio to complain. He wants to ask what is going on but one of Tobio’s hands is palming his ass while the other works on the lock and Shouyou can’t help but make an appreciative sound in his throat.

Someone behind Tobio clears their throat and it’s like a bucket full of ice water for Shouyou’s libido. 

Tobio pulls back from Shouyou and cranes his neck to glare at the intruder. His cheeks are a little pink but Shouyou is the only one who is really breathing hard. Behind Shouyou Tobio’s deft fingers keep working on the lock.

“What.” Tobio snaps, it’s not a question.

“Uh-” The guy starts but Tobio just keeps on going, making his glaring face work for him.

“We’re busy. Get lost.”

Shouyou gets what Tobio’s doing. This isn’t the first time. He helps Tobio along by leaning up to bite at Tobio’s neck. Tobio shudders above him.

“When you’re done, if you could just-”

“Get. Lost.” Tobio repeats.

The guy nods and backs away quickly. Tobio leans forward and kisses Shouyou again, even though there’s no one around to perform for. Behind Shouyou the lock clicks and the door opens and Tobio pushes Shouyou back through it and against a wall in the room beyond.

“Why is that lockpicking thing so hot?” Shouyou asks him between kisses.

“Gross.” Tsukishima says over the coms.

“This isn’t a pleasure cruise.” Yamaguchi reminds them softly.

Tobio pulls back and the look on his face tells Shouyou that they will finish this later.

“Let’s go steal this guy’s entire company,” Shouyou tells him.

I’m still filling prompts for this post today~!

Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language

A/N: CURSE YOU @pathybo

Dauntless (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, ​Part 8​, Part 9​, ​Part 10​, ​Part 11​, ​​​​​​​Part 12​​, Part 13​​, Part 14​​, ​Part 15,​Part 16,   Part 17​, ​Part 18,​Part 19​, Part 20, Part 21)

Dauntless: Jealous Much?

​Dauntless: Competition

​Dauntless: Uh oh

​Dauntless: What Are You Afraid Of? (​Part 1​, ​Part 2​)

Dauntless: Where is He!? (Part 1, Part 2)

Dauntless: Happy Birthday (Coming soon)

Dauntless: I Love You

Dauntless: Camille

​Dauntless: I Can’t Stop (​Part 1​, ​Part 2​, Part 3)

Dauntless: Caffeine, Baby?

Eric POV

“Listen here, you motherfucker,” Camille snarled, glowering at me from across the table. “So help me if you don’t pick one fucking name, I’m drawing them out of a hat!”

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“No shit,” Harry mumbled, still chewing on the banana in his mouth.  “Freddie Mercury, was a fucking king. Is a fucking king. Will always be a king.”

“Agreed.” I giggled, still wrapped up tight in his sheets, watching him saunter around the kitchen.

I can’t explain the joy of that sight, Harry with his hair messy and long, wearing a tight pair of boxers and nothing else, dancing around to Killer Queen with a banana in his hand. It was such a simple sight, but one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen all at the same time. There was a happiness shifting within the deepest pits of my stomach, heart and mind. He was a vision, a dim-witted smile on his face as he clicked his fingers and sang along, swaying his hips. So beautiful. So perfect.

“Do you know what I would sacrifice, just to see him perform even one song live?” He groaned, sulking a little.

“With the little show you’re putting on, I think you could easily start a tribute act.” I told him, watching a gleeful smile spurt onto his lips. “I once saw a Queen tribute act, and they were fucking incredible. Can you imagine the real thing?”

“Even the thought makes me want to cry.” He said, and then started approaching me, singing along again. “Drop of a hat, she’s as willing as, playful as a pussycat, then momentarily out of action, temporarily out of gas, she’ll absolutely drive you-

WILD!” I joined in. “WILD!”

She’s out to get you!”

He jumped back onto the bed, making me scream with delight as he knocked me backwards, kissing at my lips as I squirmed and giggled below him, wrapping my fingers through his hair and trying to kiss him back, but my smile was stopping me.

“Oh my holy fucking shit, I’m so in love with you.” I told him. “This is like, the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt.”

“Good weird?” He said between attempted kisses.

“Yes good weird.” I blushed. “Amazing weird.”

I’d never felt closer with someone. Never.
Being in his arms felt like home, warmth and comfort and something that was just second nature, like I wasn’t even fully aware of it, it was just my norm. Laughing with him sent this weird feeling bubbling through my stomach, like I’d never laughed that way before, like certain giggles belonged to him, released from me for his ears only.
Being in love was a weird feeling, one that I was still trying to wrap my head around at the same time as having this feeling in my gut that told me I should have always felt this way, I should have always been with him.
After littering me with a few more playful kisses, he jumped back off me, sauntering back over to the kitchen, swaying his hips to the music.
I sat upright so I could watch him, Moggy jumping and curling up on my lap as Harry attempted to prepare our breakfast, too distracted by his dancing, and I could see how happy he was. It was almost like he was constantly smiling.
It was the 5th of May, only two weeks since we’d first said we loved each other, since we had sex, and although not much had changed, nothing felt the same.

“You tired?” I asked him.

He’d had a pretty restless night, his nightmare shining through in the way it always did, ruining what should have been his one escape, but some nights were worse than others.

“I’m fine.” He said, though I was sure he was lying.

“You should get some more sleep.”

“Ren, it’s fine. I’m fine.”

I think with each progression of our relationship, we’d both been hoping that maybe it would trigger something within him that would stop the dreams, or at least calm them, but nothing had changed. There wasn’t anything I could do to stop them, no matter how desperately I wanted to, it just wasn’t in my power.

“Harry.” I called, signalling for him to join me again.

Looking a little sceptical, he wandered back over to me, sitting at the foot of the bed and reaching out, locking our fingers together.

“You okay?” He asked.

“How’s therapy going?”

“You don’t need to worry about me.” He tried to dismiss.

“Well, tough shit, I do. So… talk to me.”

I watched his chest shuddering, using his other hand to run through Moggy’s thick, white fur, to which she purred appreciatively.
He looked down to his lap, taking a few moments to compose and ease himself before finally being honest with me rather than trivialising his thoughts.

“Ren, I-I can’t even explain, how happy I am for you… that you don’t go to therapy anymore and that you’re doing so well. It… It fucking makes my heart beat harder when I see you happy, and loving yourself. It makes everything better. But… I guess, it’s just kind of… It’s made it more apparent that I’m not there. I’m not even close. I just… I can’t even see an end and… it fucking hurts.”

He looked back up to me, the mornings sun beaming through his large window and making the green of his eyes even more captivating than they were usually. We were in the latter stages of Spring, and his eyes mirrored the world, green and growing and vibrant.
I had never seen his eyes during Summer, but the thought alone was enough to leave me breathless, just envisioning the kind of life that would burst within them.
I tightened our locked digits, biting gently at my bottom lip, my heart hurting.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. “I can’t even begin to understand how hard it must be for you.”

“Sometimes at therapy… it’s almost like I can see the hope draining from Dr Jacksons eyes. We’re both trying… so fucking hard. We’ve been trying for a year and a half now… every week… and we have nothing. I feel so… defeated. I’m so tired. We’re… trying all these new techniques with like… meditation and trying to access repressed memories but I don’t think it’s working. She even wants to watch me sleep now. We’re getting desperate and it’s killing me.”

I pulled him in closer, latching my hand at the back of his neck and making sure his forehead crashed against mine, looking deep into his eyes, residue filling them, just like the way that raindrops land on petals in thick splashes, beautiful but too heavy for their new home.

“How do you have the strength to not drink every night?” I asked him, trying to stay composed for his sake. “You know it stops them, so… I don’t know how you have that strength.”

“Because I’m fine with being fucked up when I sleep, but I can’t fuck up everything I’m lucky enough to have when I’m awake. That’s what would happen. I know it’s easier when I drink, but I can’t let it take over my life. I miss just… sleeping. I miss being able to enjoy my sleep. There’s only one good thing that I’ve got out of these fucking dreams. Just one. It just feels so… cruel.”

I lowered my brows, still trying to hold back tears because I was the one who was almost forcing Harry to talk. This was his time to be vulnerable, not mine.
But seeing him in pain and seeing him hurting was something that just recoiled. His pain was my pain. My pain was his.

“What the hell did you get out of this that’s good?” I questioned.

He swallowed, nudging his cheek further into my touch when I reached to wipe his tears away, his nostrils gently flaring.

“You.” He simply said.

There was an ache in my chest, one that I couldn’t distinguish. It was painful, like I was sad but reflective and grateful and this entire mix of things.

“Me?” I gasped.

“Without these dreams we wouldn’t have met. I wouldn’t have been at that group therapy session, and we wouldn’t have… been in a fucking fake relationship, which I still can’t believe we did.” He managed to laugh through his slow tears. “Without these dreams I wouldn’t have you in my life. But… you’re the only good thing.”


“There’s supposed to be good in everything bad, and you were that. You were… are, my good thing. But… They could have stopped when I met you. They should have stopped then. It’s not fair. I’m so fucking tired, Ren. I’m so tired. I think fate might be real… and, if it took those dreams to meet you then… they were worth it. But I have you now. We’re here now and we’re in love so why can’t they stop?”

It wasn’t unlike Harry to see the good in something bad, no matter how difficult the search was. He would find a way to see some form of light within the dark, even if that meant sparking a flame himself.
I was the only positive he could see in this, and that alone hurt, because that meant that Harry had spent three years looking for light, trying to spark flint, and everything had remained dark.
I couldn’t comfort him. It was impossible. Any promise I could make, there was no guarantee I could keep. I wanted to tell him that everything would be fine, that one day he would wake up and realise automatically that he’d slept straight through. He’d wake up realise that his sleep had been nothing but pure, sweet dreams accompanying his tender slumber, and his nightmares would quickly become a thing of the past, something he couldn’t remember clearly, like most nightmares.
I wished that I could say that to him, but I couldn’t. I’d broken promises to him before and I didn’t want to do that again.

“I love you,” I told him. “And I’m so proud of you, for coping the way you do. You have to keep fighting and you have to keep trying. I’ll be here, all the way.”

He gave me a weak nod, eyes fixed with mine as his tears calmed naturally, composing himself, breathing in and out, and resting his forehead against mine.

“I feel like… I’m close, y’know? Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, and you’re there… I get this gut feeling that I’m gunna have the answer soon. Is that naive of me?”

“Trust your gut.” I simply replied. “Maybe you’ve been making more progress than you’re aware of. Remember how abrupt me finishing therapy felt? Maybe it’ll be the same for you! It’ll just happen. You’ll be making progress without even knowing about it. I’m sure you will.”

With no warning, he pushed his lips forward to greet mine, the tips of his fingers pulling me closer like he was desperate for me, like kissing me could cure the ache in his stomach and the agony in his heart. So I tried to kiss him back like I really did possess that power, forceful and commanding, trying to prove how much I loved him with every subtle pant and caring touch.
I heard Moggy groaning a complaint before she jumped off my lap, meaning I could clamber from my original spot and move to straddle Harry’s waist, dangling my arms over his shoulders and rolling against him, whimpering my sweet tune into his open mouth.
He groaned appreciatively back to me, his hands searching up my spine until he reached my bra, his fingers beginning to fiddle with the clasps.
I humoured him for a while as he tried to mess with the thing and get it off, just continuing to kiss him until I literally couldn’t, letting out the softest chuckle against his kiss

“Ren, don’t laugh at me.” He sulked, pulling away from my lips.

“I’m sorry.” I covered my mouth with my hand. “I tried.”

“This is all very new to me, you have to be delicate.”

“Okay okay, I’m sorry.” I was trying to restrain my smile.

“Just… Let me…”

The tip of his tongue poked out from between his plump lips, one eye gripped shut as the other looked up to the side, snapping the back of my bra as he tried to undo it, but he was having no luck.
I tucked my lips into my mouth, and it reached the point where my cheeks were literally hurting before I finally blurted out another laugh, flopping my head onto his shoulder.

“I’m sorry!” I cackled. “I can’t help it, I’m sorry.”

“Y’know what, you are the worst.” He huffed. “I see you in the morning, Florence Daisy Valentine! I see you putting your bra on backwards and then swivelling it round because you can’t do bras either! No one can do bras! Fuck bras.”

“Don’t turn this on me!” I cried.

“I will turn this on you. How long have you been wearing bras? And you can’t even do them properly. You’re a backwards bra person. You can’t say anything!”

“You’re so right, I’m sorry.” I kissed him again. “Bras are the worst. It’s okay that you struggle with them.”

“Piece of shit.” He said, beginning to meddle with it again.

I heard my phone ringing down on the floor by my side of the bed, and Harry let out a huge sigh, flopping back down onto the mattress and dramatically sobbing to himself.

“It just wasn’t meant to be.” I laughed, clambering off him. “We’ll try again after breakfast.”

“You’re going to have to make breakfast.” He wallowed. “I’m too sad.”

I fell with a thud onto the mattress with my head poking over the side so that I could see my phone.
When I noticed who was calling, I hesitantly reached out to pick it up from the floor, turning around and sitting with my legs crossed on top of the bed, my phone still in my hand.

“What’s up? Who is it?”

“It’s my sister.” I swallowed.

He flipped round so he could so me properly, his eyebrows creased towards the centre, giving me a somewhat cautious look.

“Answer.” He told me. “Don’t miss it.”

It must have been seconds away from going to voicemail by the time I eventually picked up, pressing the phone nervously to my ear, Harry’s eyes still on me.

“Hi.” I swallowed.

“Hi.” She replied, seeming just as anxious.

“H-how are you?”

“Terrible.” She replied. “I’m… terrible.”

Those words stung me, regardless of the fact we weren’t really close, and I hadn’t spoken to her since I’d learnt she told our mother about me quitting my job. I’d said I was cutting them out, but I couldn’t bring myself to ignore my sister. She was the one member of my family that I felt like I’d made some progress with.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Just… Beatrice Valentine. That’s what’s wrong.” She seethed.


I was more than used to Matilda always having our mothers back, and fighting her battles for her, and attempting to overlook her mistakes and her failures. I was definitely not used to hearing she had any bad feelings towards her. At all.

“She let me think for a week that you just… didn’t show to my engagement party. She let me think that you decided not to come and didn’t tell me why. She let me think that. She only told me on Sunday that she actually… told you that you couldn’t come.”

At that stage, it felt like nothing my mother did could shock me anymore. I had expected nothing less.
It was Friday, meaning the following day would be two weeks since the event, and it almost meant that she herself had known for almost a week, and she was only just reaching out to me.
It was something I could have bit her head off for, but I chose not to.

“I’m not really… speaking to mum anymore.” I mumbled. “I… I don’t know how I feel about speaking to you, either.”

“Please don’t cut me out, Florence. I know I probably deserve it. I know there’s a million things I could and should have done differently but… You’re my little sister. I want to try and make this right. Even if that doesn’t include mum. I want to make things right between us because I feel sick. I feel sick all the time, Florence. I keep… I keep remembering all these different things.”

“Like what?”

“I remember when we were little… Before grandad died and left all that fucking money. They sat us down and told us that they could only afford for one of us to go to private school, and that they’d chosen me. It… It’s like everything they did was just-just to prove that I was their favourite. Do you… Do you remember your thirteenth birthday?”

I blubbered abruptly, tears forming and falling and fucking hurting all within a damn second, suddenly remembering something that I’d tried to bury years ago.
I covered my eyes, trying not to look at Harry who had just hitched even closer to me, not wanting to look up and see the worry in his eyes, but happily taking his hand and linking our fingers when we reached for me.

“Yes.” I blubbered, my chest aching.

“They said you hadn’t done well enough in some stupid, pointless mock exams, so they hadn’t gotten you anything. All they spoke about all day was how fucking disappointed they were in you, and all you did was cry. Because… you’d tried so hard. You always tried so fucking hard.”

“I’m not as smart as you.” I sobbed.

“But you’re not thick either, are you? They always compared you to me. They always have and they always will. But… they’ve always been so harsh. And I’m only just seeing it. I’m literally only just seeing it. How smart can I really be? I’ve allowed myself to ignore these really obvious things and I’m so, so sorry, Florence.”

My hands were shaking, but I tightened my grip even more, squeezing Harry’s hand so tightly. It couldn’t possibly have been comfortable for him, and no matter how weak I was, it was bound to be hurting him.
He took his other hand, tucking some of my hair behind my hear and edging to get closer to me, wanting to comfort me more than I was allowing him to. I couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“I just… I felt like you were never there for me.” I wept. “And… you’re my big sister. You should have been there for me more than anyone and you weren’t. You let them boost you by putting me down, and it’s been so horrible, Matty. I don’t want to cut any of you out… You’re my family and I love you all so, so much, but I’m so tired. I can’t do it anymore.”

“Please let me try.” She begged. “I’m not going to force you to talk to mum and… I’m going to try and learn and not speak down to you in the way I have done before. Please let me try and make this better. I really want to try and make this better.”


“I don’t know, but I want to try. I want to try and just… be your sister. Be your friend. Please, Ren. Please.”

A part of me felt like being her friend was just giving up, going back against something I’d decided to do only two short weeks beforehand. But another part of me felt like this was the exact progress we needed, and though it was coming a little later than I had been hoping for, it was still happening, and I’d be stupid to turn that kind of progress down.

“Okay.” I unlatched my hand from Harry’s to wipe away a tear. “Okay… Yeah.”

Really?” She beamed.

“We can try, Matty. All we can do is try.” I sighed, not feeling happy, or sad, just completely numb. “I’m not promising anything, because… I’m drained. But… we can try.”

“Thank you so, so much Ren. This means everything. Thank you. Okay so, I’ll drive over and see you soon, alright?”


“You won’t regret this, Florence. I promise you won’t.”

“Okay.” I mumbled again.

She rambled on about how grateful she was for another few minutes before the call, eventually, came to an end, and I still felt numb.
Harry sat silently waiting for me to say something, my grip on his poor fingers finally loosening a little. My head was all over the place, wishing I could find the words to say, but nothing came.

“Ren?” He prompted.

“I feel like I just always fucking let myself down.” I spat abruptly, barely aware of what I was saying. “I’m so fucking weak.”

“Ren, no! You-”

Yes, Harry!” I finally looked up to him, tears blurring my vision. “It took me years to have the courage to step away from them, and one call from my sister and suddenly I’m trying to figure it out? I give up so easily. I turn my back on things all the time and I always, always let myself down!”

“You’re not letting yourself down, Ren! You always wanted to figure stuff out, and they needed to know how bad things were and how badly they made you feel, and they had to approach you. Because this isn’t your mess to fix, is it? It’s theirs. And they’re doing it now, and the fact that you’re open to letting them only makes you a fucking better person. You’re not letting yourself down, you’re doing yourself proud.”

Harry always had the perfect way of wording things that could make me view things differently, and change my mind. Harry could somehow make me see myself through his eyes to a certain extent, and make me feel as though even when I thought I was letting myself down, that I was actually doing the right thing.
He just knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

“You really think so?” I sniffled.

“Your sister is willing to change, and work at this. You’re… such a big person for giving her the chance. Most people wouldn’t. Not after all the shit they’ve put you through. I really think you could figure something out with Matilda, and I really think you should.”

“Okay. You’re right. Okay. I’ll… I’ll try. That’s all I can do, right?”

“I’m so fucking proud of you.” He smiled, tears filling his eyes again. “You’ve grown so much. Proper sunflower now, aren’t ya?”

“Stop it.” I managed to giggle through tears, as he wiped away the final few with his thumb.

“You’re amazing, okay? And I’m not gunna force you to do anything. Whatever you wanna do, it’s your decision. Just giving my opinion, alright?”

“Your opinion is always so much better than mine though.” I kissed his hand. “I’d be stupid not to take your advice.”

He moved in and kissed me sweetly, and I just had a thought, just for a second.
That maybe things would always be that way.
Maybe me and Harry would always be there supporting each other.


“Does Harry still get jealous about me and you?” Zayn asked as I linked my arm through his.

“Hmm… I don’t think so.” I cooed. “I think now we’re a bit more committed, he’s a bit more chilled out about the whole thing.”

“Good. Maybe he’ll get off my bloody back now.”

Vocatus were hosting another evening for their staff, but this one seemed a little different to the previous. Harry had instructed we both dress up to the nines, and he’d literally invited pretty much everyone we knew.
Ahead of me, Niall, Sasha and Molly skipped in the right direction merrily, laughing and joking together, and if I checked back over my shoulder, I could see Harry, Liam and Mo bonding about something or other. We all had on our best dresses and our best suits. It was irregular to see us all looking so presentable.
I was blissfully happy.

“How’s your fake relationship going?” I asked.

“We’re prepped to the max now. I think we’re good to go. Time to show her off to my parents.”

“You’re gunna end up shagging her, aren’t you?”

“There’s a slight chance… I already have.”

“For fuck sake, Zayn!”

What? I couldn’t help myself. I’m weak!”

“This is already too complicated for your own good.”

“Like you can talk.” He huffed. “You bloody live with Harry now!”

“I realise that it all seems very ironic coming from me, but I’m also speaking from experience. You’re in for some trouble to say the least.”

“Well tell me this, Ren, are you happy?”

I looked back over my shoulder again, Harry already looking at me.
Maybe he’d heard his name.
Then again, maybe he just liked looking.
He shot me a wink accompanied by a gorgeous smile, and by the time I looked ahead of myself again, I was blushing.

“Probably the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“Well then, maybe I’m getting myself into something good, and you should stop lecturing me.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.” I admitted defeat with a smile. “Just… don’t go into it thinking it’ll be easy, alright?”

“Whatever. Let’s get fucked.”

We walked through the front door, and the place was already heaving. The infamous V after D night there had felt so intimate and quiet, and this was the opposite. The room was full to the brim, everyone looking scarily beautiful. Everyone there looked sophisticated.
I’d grown up going to things like that with my parents, but I never thought I’d go to such a nice event with my friends, on my own time, by choice.
It was nice.
Harry appeared at my side a few moments later, snaking his arm around me, his fingers clasping at my waist.

“You good?” He leaned into my ear and asked as Zayn rushed off to the bar.

“I’m great.” I replied. “Are you?”

“Yeah. I’m really good. You wanna drink?”

“I’d love one. Thank you.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

Immeasurably beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I giggled.

“Have I buttered you up sufficiently?”

“Uh… I guess?”

“Okay, well… I told Liam about the fake relationship thing and he’s about to quiz you. BYE!”

He literally ran away from me, the crowds fucking parting for him like they were bloody helping him without even meaning to. Fucker.
Liam was literally next to me within seconds, giving me this knowing smirk, like he already had planned exactly what he wanted to say to me.
I awkwardly smiled back to him.

“Hi, Liam.” I cringed.

“You two are fucked in the head. Perfect for each other. Who else would do that?”

“Zayn!” I pointed the blame. “Zayn’s doing it right now! Be mad at him! Tell him off!”

“I’m not gunna tell you off.” He laughed.

“Oh. You’re not? Okay…”

“I just wanna… try and wrap my head around it. C’mon, let’s take a seat.”

Liam was kind of intimidating to me, and I was still trying to wrap my head around why that was. He had this incredibly friendly face, and this warm vibe to him, but he still scared me. I think I’d just gotten the impression when I’d seen him that he was incredibly protective of Harry. I think he was the type of person who would never shy away from warning Harry off people he didn’t trust. I felt like I’d really need to be in hid good books or else he’d go back over to Harry and not care about saying he didn’t like me.
It was admirable, but terrifying.
We sat down together on one the dark grey sofas, and I tried to loosen up a little.

“So,” He seemed friendly enough. “Why did you do it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Uh… I think it would if you met my parents.” I swallowed. “They’re uh… They’re hard work.”


“They don’t agree with anything I do. They think I’m a massive disappointment. I just… I wanted them to think that I had something in my life that was going well. Just one thing. It didn’t even work.” I shrugged. “They just… can’t believe that someone as brilliant as Harry would be with someone like me. Kinda backfired.”

“That’s shit. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It is what it is.”

“Okay, so, I get that.” He nodded, gazing out around the room. “But what about Harry? What were his reasons?”

“I think he just… kinda wanted his parents not to worry about him so much.”

“Well, that’s ridiculous.” He almost groaned, brows lowering. “That was never gunna work. They’re not gunna stop worrying about him until the dreams stop. None of us are, right?”

It made sense to me, why Harry had done that. I think in his head, it worked in the same way it did for me. It just felt like it was one less thing. Just something that had changed that they no longer needed to feel concerned about.
I guess I’d just never really thought of it in the sense of his parents knowing he had someone beside him to take care of him when the dreams got bad. It hit me in that moment, that that’s why he wanted them to think he had a girlfriend; so he wasn’t spending his nights alone and scared.
That was the main reason he wanted to get into that fake relationship.
It made sense to me, but what Liam was saying also made sense.
None of us were going to feel okay about what Harry went through until it was over, until we knew that he could sleep through the night peacefully for the first time in years. We were never going to stop worrying about him.
I nodded, feeling a little defeated, kind of numb to everything, even when I felt a huge thud beside me.
Louis had expertly jumped over the back of the couch and sat himself down on the back of it, his feet and his legs snuggled between the two of us.

“Oi oi, look who’s arrived!” He was a lot cheerier than I could allow myself to be. “Nice to see you both again.”

We both tried to cover it so well, but the greetings myself and Liam conjured up and shot back to Louis were nothing short of miserable.
He tensed alongside of us.

“Shit, sorry, have I butt in at a really bad time?”

“Louis, you know about Harry’s dreams, yeah?” Liam asked.

“Yeah. I… Yeah.”

He slumped downwards so that he was sat on the sofa properly, and his face had dropped considerably. It had taken just seconds for us to lower his mood considerably.
I suddenly remembered that not only did Louis know about Harry’s dreams, but he’d seen them.

“Do you worry about him?” Liam continued.

“I do, yeah.”

“And it doesn’t make a difference that he’s with Ren, does it?”

“I mean… I’m glad you’re there for him, and everything,” Louis turned to me. “But… No. It doesn’t stop me from worrying. Not after…”

Liam sat up a little, glaring back at Louis, and the grumpy look on his face proved to me that I had been right to feel a little bit intimidated by him.
His love and protection for his best mate clearly brought out this almost aggressive side of him.

“Not after what?” He prompted.

“Harry asked Louis to… watch him, once.” I sighed. “From what I heard, it didn’t go well.”

“He freaked out, I freaked out. It was a mess.”

There was a part of me that still kind of hated myself for ever suggesting to Harry that he should let someone else see his dreams, no matter how logical it was. I had used it against him for the wrong reasons, a way for me to mentally distance myself from the boy and convince myself that there was nothing special between us.
Hearing about how awful it had been only made me feel worse.

“What happened?” Liam asked, and it took all my might not to just run away from the two of them so I didn’t have to hear it.

“I mean… I knew it was coming so… Well, it wasn’t nice to see, but I’d been expecting it! It wasn’t too bad at first, but then… When I’d managed to wake him up, he like… He froze for a second, just looking at me… and then he flipped. He… swung for me. Thankfully, I dodged it, but-”

“He tried to hit you?” I cried.

“The worst part about it was how much he bloody apologised to me about it. Literally, for like, two weeks after. Every time I saw him. Drove me mad.”

“I can’t believe that!” I ran my hand through my hair. “I’ve never seen him like that! Not even close! He’s always been scared when he wakes up but never angry! I’ve never felt like I had to worry.”

“He said… summat about my eyes. I dunno. It didn’t make much sense to me. He was in a bad way. And then, like… I’m useless at the best of times, so then I start freaking out because he’s freaking out, and… I ended up knocking over and smashing this vase of sunflowers he had and… it was all just shit. He calmed down pretty quickly but, it did not go well. Like, he’d told me about them before but… I didn’t think they’d be like that.”

I was holding in tears as I took my eyes and looked to Harry, who was stood charming all my friends, nothing but magnetism and beauty shaping him. There was no way you would ever know the struggle he went through almost every single day of his life.
I knew from what he’d told me that afternoon, that he was actually exhausted. He was running out of stamina, slowly but surely.
I stood up rapidly, leaving Liam and Louis behind and just heading straight towards Harry. I don’t even know what I wanted to say to him or what my plan was, only that I wanted to be around him, to be in his company and to not be in complete denial that we shared a connection unlike anything else I’d ever known. I did help him, even if I wasn’t entirely sure how, I did.
I took his hand in mine as soon I could and dragged him to the corner of the room.
When I turned to look up at him, he saw the tears in my eyes.

“Hey, what’s happening?” He came closer to me, clasping his large hand against my jaw. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” I shook my head. “I just love you, okay? I love you so, so much.”

“I-I love you too.” He replied, seemingly confused. “Promise me you’re okay?”

“I promise. I just… I need you to know that I love you, more than anything. And I’m thankful that you’ve helped me so much, and I’m gunna do my best to return the favour.”

“You already help.”

“Well then I’ll do more.”

He moved his lips and kissed my forehead sweetly, wrapping his arms around and me and holding me close to him, and he whispered that he loved me over and over again.


Warnings: NONE

A/N: This is not a request but I had had this idea in my mind, and well.. most of you know how much I love Ezra Miller and that I start to have this bad crush with Bill…  I hope you like it!, sorry for my horrible english. and if you have a crush on these two… pls let me know I’m not the only one

Pairing(?: Ezra Miller x Reader x Bill Skarsgard

Title: You should see your boyfriend’s face

You had been in the cinema industry for almost ten years now, you’d started with small movie roles and gradually the directors became aware of your ability and talent to interpret any character that you get. You started to gain fame in Hollywood and other cities around the country; your fame grew until you became a world-wide actress and not only that made you won some awards and recognitions, but your big heart and spirit.

This last year, you had been working on your new film where you were starring along with Bill Skarsgard. The film had big expectations and good reviews on websites as Rotten Tomatoes among others, everything indicated that would be a successful movie. Right now, a few days before the premiere, you and your co-star Bill were being interviewed. The interviewer was a young woman, maybe a few years older than you, she was in front of you both and after giving a warm welcome, the three of you begun to talk friendly while answering the questions.

“Alright” said the young blonde-haired woman “This one is for Y/N” you settle in your seat and listen carefully

“I’m all ears” you joked and the three of you laughed

“We all know that you’ve been in a relationship with Ezra Miller for the last five years” you nodded in agreement “and well… we heard rumors that in this film there would be a sexual scene between the main characters” you began to feel your cheek turning red as you chuckled playfully remembering what had happened “How did Ezra react when you told him about it?”

You took a big breath before started talking, you turned to see Bill who was laughing vigorously and then began to speak “You’ll see, It’s not a rumor, it’s a fact. There’s a sexual scene in the movie” you confess, scratching the back of your neck shyly “and there’s a whooooooooole story behind this, you know” Bill was still laughing next to you, both had become good friends after working for more than a year together, and there’s no doubt about his real crush on you, but he was always being respectful with your actual relationship “Do we have time to tell you?” You asked to the interviewer

“Of course! We always have time for good stories!” Replied the interviewer and you laugh a little.

“Okay” you stayed quiet for a few seconds, thinking about where to start “It was like… the third month of filming and Sam – the movie’s director – had told us that next Friday we would be filming the scene number thirty-five, and I thought ‘shee-it’ because we had, Ezra and I, planned that day he would come to visit me on the set. I stayed calm all week and will expected him to arrive and tell him what we would be fliming that day, because I know if I tell him before, it would be a little uncomfortable and he would want to postpone his visit, but he was in London filming Fantastic Beasts and if he didn’t come that weekend I knew we wouldn’t meet until… I don’t know uuhm, the production ends, maybe.”

“And you tell him about it? Or you wait until he arrived?” the interviewer asked while listen to you “What happened?”

“Yeeeah, Y/N, what happened?” Bill said in his playful tone and you hit his arm

“Well… One part of me was excited to see him and the other wanted to run and hide in a hole” you laughed together “mmhhn… on Thursday, he called me and said that he couldn’t make it to Atlanta, where we were filming, and I was like ‘YEEEEES, I WILL NOT HAVE TO TELL HIM!’, obviously we  had talked about it before,  he was aware that I was going to film something like that and wasn’t angry or anything, he knows it’s work. But that didn’t end there. The next day I woke up very early and was in the makeup trailer being prepared by my makeup artist and I could see him through the mirror, Ezra had arrived in surprise and damn it! I didn’t know if I want to hug him or hit him in the face in those moments” they laughed “I ended up hugging him because I could never hit his beautiful face” the interviewer looked at you with an ‘aaweee’ face

“So…after talking for a while I finally decided to tell him that that day we would be filming the sex scene and he was like ‘O-Okay, I can deal with this’ and a few hours later we continued to film the scene. We were just Sam, Ezra, Bill and I in the room, everyone’s very respectful and wanted to give us privacy, and I remember Sam telling Ezra ‘If you want you can stay, you know, that way maybe Y/N’s not nervous and blah blah blah’ Ezra turned to see me in approval, let’s be honest, I was nervous as shit, wearing just a silk gown, in the same room with three men” now Bill was trying hard not to laugh “But I thought: Well, if Bill tries to rape me, at least Ezra will defend me… or join him.. dunno” you said jokingly “so we started filming, everything was silent and I was totally exposed in front of Bill, who was fully dressed and I was supposed to undress him and those things, so I walked towards him, following the script, trying to keep my mind calm and hoping that everything went fine.  We were in bed and Bill was on top of me, that’s the scene you can watch in the trailer, where he says something in my ear and I starts to laugh, it really wasn’t in the script” you confessed

“What did you tell her, Bill?” asked the interviewer

“Oh well… Ezra was with his serious face and red like a tomato, he looked like if he was going to explode and was too funny…”

You interrupted him “ ‘You should see your boyfriend’s face’ “ you shout simply, laughing “Then I gave him a quick look and I laughed, I apologized to Sam for ruining the scene but he was like ‘no, it’s perfect, keep going what you’re doing’”

The interviewed laughed, It was amazing to see the real chemistry between you two “An indiscreet question” she said “did you enjoy it filming that scene?”

You began to feel the blood rise to your cheeks, giving them a cute blush “I don’t know if I should answer that…” you confess shyly.

“I did” Bill replied looking at you, he loved to tease you all the time

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