suits season 5 promo.

yachi from yaboykeiji‘s dragon au?? she was just so cool and like…imagine her with a pet resurrected bird. 

kiyoko is too gay for this

TV Tropes on the “Umbrella of Togetherness”:

Back in the day, it was not seen as kosher for a young woman to be seen in public with a man who was not a family member. One exception was during a rainy day, when a man could offer to share his umbrella with a young maiden in the street if she hadn’t one herself.

It is a romantic image in media all over the world — but it doesn’t quite have the iconic “oomph” to Westerners that it does in Japan. The Japanese equivalent of the ‘John [arrow through heart] Jane’ love graffiti is drawing the pair’s names standing under an umbrella.

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Okay, so this appeared on my Facebook feed, and i haven’t stopped cackling since. While I support others various opinions about masturbation whether you love it or hate it but I’m already fully aware I’m going to hell on the simple principle that I can’t stop laughing at the quote “save your soul, don’t touch your hole”
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“Oh thank god. Dean!” You called to him from the entry to the ally, dropping your gun to your side and slowing your pace to a slow jog. 

Dean stopped mid-step, his back still turned to you.

“Where did you go?” You asked. “Sam and I thought someone had taken you!” 

Dean was still stopped in the middle of the ally way. And you slowed to a walk, your boots crunching on a broken bottle that had been throw haphazardly on the ground. 

“Dean….are you okay?”

The hunter slowly turned his head, his body following, to look at you. You gasped when you saw him. Your gun slipped from your gasp and clattered to the ground by your feet which seemed as though they were stuck to the floor. 

His eyes. They were black.