well shes not that bad

also i was going to make some fucking… post about the nature of memory or whatever and the difference between like, going back to a place you’ve been slightly unfamiliar with/mystified by ever since you were a kid, and going home but home’s been remodeled, and then….. then i got out of the shower and i was drying my feet and very lucidly thought “huh, i remember when she had this body”

so oh well. it would have been a bad post!


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

you would think that Shiro would be a little more…cautious around Keith after learning that he is part Galra.

I mean the Galra tortured him-For a year , took his arm - a part of himself,replaced it, and now it serves as a constant reminder.

They made him do things so horrible he was referred to as a monster…

Even Allura, the diplomat that she is, the peaceful altean,
Allura who has done nothing but try to get the paladins together since they met,

Allura who recognized and acknowledged Keith as the amazing pilot that he is, who got to know Keith for the person he is, started to hate and resent him after learning that he is part galra.

When Kolivan is talking to allura, to try to get her to see that not all Galra are bad…well as bad as Zarkon, she turns and looks at Keith and says “I hope so”.

This really stood out to me. That Allura would look at Keith and “hope” that not all Galra are bad, as if he could turn at any moment. As if he was someone she couldnt trust, as if he has changed.

It’s understandable of course, the Galra killed her family and destroyed her home

but then there’s Shiro
Not giving a fuck

He’s been tortured, dismembered, and mentally attacked by the Galra, but he still sees Keith for who he is.

and I think that’s beautiful

Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…

we’ve gone down every list,
stuck but i have got to begin to resist,
caught up with the fact that life will be dark,
but can we handle being ~gay~ ?

(orlando, march 21 2017, one bad night tour)


this week was so nice!!! lectures will end in two weeks and I’m a little sad and also a little glad :DDD I’m gonna miss some of my teachers :’) I’m so tired of studying but I need to keep going :)) I’m really looking forward to the holidays because my dog is going to live in my apartment for a week while my family is on vacation and it’s gonna be so nice

watching snl with my mom
  • Mom: *points to Kristen Wiig* is she a lesbian too?
  • Me: *muttering* i wish...
  • Mom: what?
  • Me: oh uh, heh heh, nope, just kate, kate's the lesbian. absolutely. the only one. just what i want. *starts sweating*

seriously though i feel so bad for vex. i think she was starting to bond with kaylie a little bit - talking about absent fathers, saying ‘thank you’ when she left the room so vm could talk alone. she wasn’t involved in the pudding prank + she went through hell waiting alone in that inn for news. and then for scanlan to go after her like that, specifically the comment about ‘daddy issues’. poor girl. laura is such an amazing role-player. i think both she and her character were most hurt by what happened and i hope they both get a chance to work through that.

Lena’s story resembles other characters played by Katie and I hope it doesn’t end the same

1. Sad, lonely, cinnamon rolls who are or would be rejected by people  for some reason

Morgana has magic in a kingdom where everyone who does is killed

Lucy is a lesbian in Victorian Society who’s in love with her best friend

And Lena is a Luthor so everyone thinks she’s like her family 

2. Someone takes advantage of this sadness and rejection for their own agenda 


Lady Jayne

3. And sadly, everything goes wrong and they turn bad

So, if it happens, I wonder what or who is going to make her change who she is 


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.


I couldn’t keep my promise

Waaa!!! I really love Chloé so much okay!!


“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

anonymous asked:

Literally Jasper's dialogue in Alone At Sea solidified the fact that she's the victim for me. I read what she said as what I say when I'm trying to get my abuser to go easy on me "I've changed, I'm better, I'm sorry " etc and what Lapis said is exactly what my fucking past abuser said to my friend about me "I LIKED hurting her, I needed to, it made me feel strong" and its so fucking legitimately triggering to see Lapis portrayed as the victim because my abuser tried to convince me that I was bad

That scene always bothers me because you KNOW what the writers were trying to do. Portray Jasper as the dishonest abuser who’s just trying to manipulate and Lapis as the victim who misses her abuser and admits she did bad things to Jasper as well. What could’ve been a really good and well done dynamic (like the scene alone was perfectly serviceable albeit some generic dialogue) falls short because of previous portrayals in the series.

Jasper held no power over Lapis. She could not emotionally manipulate her nor could she physically overpower her. Lapis states outright she plans to keep Jasper as her prisoner and you see visuals of Jasper literally screaming in terror when Lapis pulls her back down. Lapis then states in Same Old World “after what I did to Jasper” fully acknowledging that she was the one in full control (and don’t give me that “she’s just blaming herself” nonsense because she admits to it again in Alone At Sea).

So when Jasper returned to Lapis, I did honestly see it as a victim begging someone who mentally and physically abused them to return to them. Lapis missed Jasper because she enjoyed hurting her and yet this is STILL portrayed like Lapis was the victim in all of this. Rather than make amends with hurting Jasper she instead launches her to space when she has just as much power to just use water to capture and overwhelm her.

This was supposed to portray an abusive relationship (somehow) but it was just a display of Lapis’s anger and bitterness acting out and hurting someone deeply while also receiving no punishment for it. It’s terrible terrible writing that, well, makes her the abuser in all of this.

I really didn’t wanna argue this bc it’s such a touchy subject but really, it’s so evidence now it’s hard to ignore. Jasper deserves better

I started watching TTGL some days ago, and then Back To The Barn happened B)