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Whipped...friends?? Or...

Whipped…friends?? (Part One)


Harry doesn’t bother going back to the living room to join the boys. In fact, he’s stood frozen in place for the past ten minutes, staring at the door Y/N’s walked out through with the excuse of being late for a date she had never once mentioned before. Harry didn’t even think she was dating, let alone actually seeing someone already.

It’s all come as a bit of a shock to him if he’s being honest. He likes to think they had something special going on, but maybe it was just all in his head. Or maybe he should’ve said something to her, proper admitted his feelings and all. But what if she didn’t like him back? Harry’s always been a sort of risk taker when it came to getting what he wanted. But he always thought risking their friendship was too much. If she liked him…that would be amazing. But…what if she didn’t.  

If he told her how he’s stayed awake more times than he can count thinking of her. How he’s watched her sleep next to him and wanted to kiss away the frown she gets when she’s having a bad dream. He wants to jokingly tell her how the boys tease him for being so whipped, and have her laugh because they both know it’s true. He wants to tell her that he loves that he gets along with Gemma and his mum. That they adore her because she’s everything they want for him. He wants to tell her she’s everything he wants for him. He just wants to explain to her, or at least try to because it’s very hard to find the words for it, how she makes him feel…whole. How he misses her when she’s not with him, and only falls harder when she is. 

So no, Harry doesn’t bother going back to the living room. Walks up the stairs of his home instead, body slumped and heart wrenching. He thinks he’s lucky that he’s made it down the hallway and to his bedroom with out breaking down. Managed to somehow drag his feet and supported his heavy body…heavy heart, through his bedroom doors and to the bed. He stares at it for a short minute, thinking about how he’s going to have to sleep on his own tonight. How he’s going to be denied of Y/N’s warmth tonight. He’s not going to have anyone to wrap his arms around, to breathe their scent, to smile into their hair when he wakes up in the middle of the night reminded that he’s not alone. And he sits on the edge of his too big a bed, feet firm on the cold floor, the heels of his hands digging at his eyes because surely this is all a dream..a nightmare. Thinking about it, he doesn’t remember ever being this…this…gutted? Jealous? Empty? Broken? All of the above, and more!

Walking down the streets of anywhere hasn’t been much of a hassle for him since the band’s break. He’s able to walk through roads and into shops with no problem. The paps have been nice enough to keep a distance when taking photos, and he’s grateful for that. So in all honesty, now he’s only ever just a tad tense when Y/N’s with him. But it’s not a bad thing, no, he loves having someone to go around town with, rather just feels the need to protect her a bit more on their outings. 

So he keeps an arm around her shoulder, body tucked close to his, guiding her as they walk down the busy street, pulling her closer when he thinks someone passing by might bump into her. And she doesn’t complain. Tonight’s temperature’s dropped rather low, and the heat emitting from Harry’s body keeps her warmer than she thinks her own coat does. Y/N thinks it’s nice. Loves when Harry’s close to her. Loves the fact that his scent will linger on her clothes for days until she finally brings herself to put them in the washer.

They come to a stop by a hot dog cart, tummies grumbling because they hadn’t eaten anything since brunch, and even then Y/N hadn’t felt well enough to eat more than half of what was on her plate. So as per usual when that happened, Harry had to finish her meal, too, not that he had complained.

Now he’s standing in front of her, hands rubbing at her arms to heat her up as he offers to buy her a hotdog because “ye’ need t’ eat somethin’, kitten. Can’t have ye’ gettin’ sick, now.”

So she nods her head yes and tells him she’ll be waiting for him inside of the bakery they’re stood in front because “s'too cold outside. And I caught a whiff of the goodies! Gonna head in and get us a table.” Harry can’t help but smile down at her, and before he’s able to say anything, she leans up to whisper in his ear, “I know…you used to be a baker.” The sound of her giggle tickles at his ear, his smile only stretching more, and now he understands what the boys meant. He gives a light chuckle, kissing the top of her head before whispering a low, “I’ll jus’ be a minute.”

Y/N never needed to tell Harry how she liked her food, it’s fair to say they know each other well enough not to get the other’s orders wrong. And as simple as that thought might be, it makes them both happier than the other will ever know to know that type of stuff. 

Harry never thought he’d feel such happiness looking at someone either. When his mum used to give him talks about girls and how important it is to treat them like princesses, Harry would wave the comments away. He was old enough to know that yes, his mother did raise him to be a proper gentleman. But he never thought, or at least not at the time because he was so young, that he’d have someone making him feel the way Y/N does. Only ever wished.

But now he’s looking at a beautiful woman standing in a bakery. Her eyes fixed on the displays because he sure knows she’s got a sweet tooth.

“Tell me wha’ ye’ wan’ and I’ll get it for ye’.”

Harry’s whispered words have Y/N turning around swiftly, smiling up at him because Harry’s never short on getting her anything and everything. Not that she ever asked for much. 

He thinks he’s got more money than he knows what to do with, so he’s always more than willing to get Y/N anything she pleased. But that’s the thing about her, she doesn’t ask for much. Give her cuddles and your time and she’s more than happy. That’s how Harry knows she’s meant for him. She’s simple, and Harry loves simple. Harry loves her. 

Harry can’t quite recall at around what time he’s been falling asleep at nights. After that first night, he only knows he’s been falling asleep to memories of Y/N.  

During the days he stares at the TV mindlessly, jumping at the sound of his phone in hopes it would be Y/N. And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed to see it was Louis, or Niall, or Liam. On occasion his mum who by some reason or another knew what was going on. Don’t get him wrong, he loves talking to his mum, he just rather wishes it were Y/N.

“Harry, sweetheart-” and he could hear the hurt in her voice. That tone a mother gets when they know nothing they say or do can help a suffering child. “-don’ give up, baby. You fight for her, you hear me.” And Harry will pinch at his lower lip in an attempt to keep his voice steady before assuring his mother that “I won’t mum. I love her." 

The boys come around as often as they did before. And after asking why Y/N wasn’t around anymore, Harry told them "she’s apparently datin’ some bloke. I’ve not heard from her. Won’t return m'calls.”

He’s tried to reach out to her plenty of times. He’s called, texted, stopped by her place, all to no avail. 

And Louis doesn’t remember seeing Harry this down over a girl. “Tha’s shit, mate. She spends every wakin’ moment with ye’ and somehow still meets someone? Reckon ye’ would’ve taken notice, ehh?" 

"Cheryl thinks there’s something else going on,” Liam adds, “says a woman knows when a friend has feelings for a guy. And she says Y/N never quiet looked at you as just a friend.”

Harry would much rather believe this than keep thinking about Y/N doing what she did with Harry with someone else. But he pushes the thought to the back of his mind, because if by any chance she did like him, she wouldn’t have left him.
And it’s awful knowing he doesn’t know when he’ll see her again. All he knows, is that he’s not giving up.

After sulking around for what feels like an eternity, Harry’s gathered up enough strength to pull himself out of where he was staying and into the busy city that is NYC. 

He’s arrived here only a few days ago for business, hasn’t even told Y/N seeing as she won’t answer his calls.

So he pushes thoughts of her to the back of his mind, or at least tries to. And thankfully, the fans he’s just recently met did a good job of distracting him. But only for a moment when he was interacting and taking photos with them.  

And it’s times like these that he doesn’t take for granted. He loves making his fans happy. Loves getting to thank them personally. And though he’s able to keep all thoughts focused on who he’s talking with, the second he walks away to get on with his night and readjusts the scarf she gifted him two Christmas’ ago, is the moment he feels his eyebrows knit in focus, recalling another memory.

If there’s ever any situation for Harry to be protective, it’s now! He doesn’t know how he’s ended up at the park near Y/N’s. Doesn’t remember if he walked or drove. All he knows is that he was lying about in his room when he got a call from her. And hearing her frantic voice going on about how she thought she was being followed had him running out the door before she could tell him where she was.

“Just please, Harry. Stay on the phone with me.” She was whispering and stuttering and her voice was shaky and Harry. Was. Scared. 

Like hell he was gonna just stay put.

So now here he is, phone still to his ear whispering words of comfort. “Where are ye’?” “S'okay, poppet, you’re g'na be okay.” “I promise.”

And then suddenly the worst thing that could happen. He’s got no idea what’s going on, but the rush has him forgetting he’s wearing nothing but sweats and a thin tee in below freezing weather.

He tucks his phone in his pocket.There’s no point, their phone call got cut and all he heard before it did was a man’s voice and her muffled one.

He’s running. Where to, he’s got no clue.

It’s not until he hears a cut scream that he knows exactly where she is. Now. He’s angry.

“Get the fook of a'her!" 

The guy doesn’t even get a chance to turn around and look at him before Harry’s big hands collide with the stranger’s back, gripping at his shirt and yanking him back and to the ground.

He looks at Y/N only for a second, still tucked into the corner the bloke had her in, eyes full of fright.

And honest Harry doesn’t train for these type of situations, but he must admit the boxing sessions are useful in this precise moment. All it took was a right hook to the guy’s face. That was enough to have him falling to the ground again, this time a mouth full of blood. And Harry knows. Y/N knows. He’s gonna have the outline of Harry’s rings imprinted on the side of his face for a while. 

Within seconds Harry’s attention was back on Y/N. Fingers ghosting over her face because he doesn’t know if she’s hurt. But she wraps her arms around his torso and clenches at the fabric of his shirt, face tucked into his neck. Harry exhales into her hair and wraps his arms around her shoulders, holding her against his body as he closes his eyes. 

"M'here. I’ll always be here.” He whispers. 

And Harry knows he can’t ever let this happen again. He won’t. 

But how can he protect her when she won’t let him? 

How can he, when the first time he sees her since that night is by the hand of someone else. 

And…what is she doing in New York?

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Can you do Adrinette "you only love her! not me, not us"? i love all your drabbles btw :)

Aww, thanks, sweet Nonny. Hope you enjoy this one! <3

“You only love her! Not me, not us,” Marinette sighed dramatically, rubbing her cheek against Plagg’s head. “I fear we’ve been replaced.”

“Eh, who needs ‘em?” Plagg purred, nuzzling her back. “We make a better team anyway, Princess.”

“Hey, she’s not your Princess,” Adrien complained. “And Tikki and I aren’t replacing either one of you, right, Tikki?”

“Well, you are slightly more even-tempered than Marinette. It certainly makes things easier,” the red kwami reasoned. “And you would look magnificent in red.”

“If I didn’t know any better, Tik, I’d think it sounds like you’re angling for a little change-up,” Plagg drawled.

“A change up?” Marinette frowned.

Adrien’s eyes widened. “Like I would be Ladybug?!”

“Honestly, I think Fu got it all confused the first time anyway. You’re much better suited to a cat, Princess.” 

“Yes, she is,” Adrien said firmly, pointing to his chest. “This cat.”

“And Adrien doesn’t have his ears pierced so…”

He turned to Marinette. “Wait, is that your only hang up? My ears not being pierced?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never wondered what it would be like to be the kitty.” She scratched a couple of fingers under his neck and he melted into the touch.

“We can easily pierce his ears,” Plagg grinned. “Where’s a safety pin or something?”

“What?! You’re not piercing my ears! Especially not with a safety pin.”

“It might be fun,” Tikki said, eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Mari, you’re not really going to let them pierce my ears, are you?” Adrien asked desperately.

She looked him over and then winked. “You really would love ravishing in red, my Lady.”

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Five Times Chat Noir Failed at Flirting and One Time He Didn’t

Written for Day 13 of Marichat May. Sin comes from a Greek word that apparently also means missing the mark. So, this fic is Chat Noir missing the mark.

Thank you @agrestenoir for helping to come up with this idea.

Things had been a little awkward since the day Chat Noir and Ladybug learned each other’s identities. They still worked well together as a team, and they still saw each other every day, but something was different. Marinette was still friendly as ever, and Ladybug still joked around, but it wasn’t quite the same. She was all business during akuma attacks, and she hardly spoke to him after they detransformed. The more he considered it, the more he realized it all happened the day she found out he was Chat Noir.

The only way that made sense was if, for some reason, Marinette didn’t like him. Either Adrien him or Chat Noir him. Either option was confusing, given that she was always friendly to Chat Noir and Adrien alike, but it was the only thing that made sense.

Plus, it was something he could possibly correct if he tried hard enough. After all, they were partners and friends, which had to mean something.

So, when he saw her walking home alone late at night, he was only too happy to greet her.

“Hey, princess,” Chat Noir called down to Marinette. “Need a lift?”

She jumped and turned to look up at him. “Chat Noir? What are you doing out here?”

He dropped down beside her. “Well, I was just doing a little solo patrolling. What are you doing out so late?”

“I was just walking home from school. Alya and I were working on our history project together.” She frowned. “Why are you out patrolling alone? I could have joined you.”

“I… well…” He shrugged. “I was actually just getting some fresh air. You look like you could use an escort, though.”

She snorted. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” He winked. “ It would be my purrleasure-”

She shook her head, her grip on her schoolbooks tightening. “You should head home, Adrien. We’ll be patrolling tomorrow anyway.”

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Two Men, Three Angels, And A Baby, part 6

Part 5

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Lucifer’s announcement weighed on Sam’s mind, but he kept it to himself. He spent long nights continually searching for a cure, looking at the same sites and books that he’d already trekked through.

Time continued to pass and soon, the air turned crisp and the nights grew spooky. You’d always liked Halloween, and Sam wanted to celebrate the holiday with you, even if you were a baby.

One day, he walked in to find you and Dean in the living room. You were standing on his lap, your fingers gripped tightly around two of his.

“Look, Sammy! She’s weight-bearing now.”

“Look at you, Y/N!” Sam said with a smile, earning a giggle from you. He sat down next to his brother, finally noting what was on the TV. “Dude, what the hell are you watching?”

Friday the 13th. It’s some awful remake, but Y/N seems to really fancy that one guy.”

“Dean, she’s going to have nightmares!”

“Calm down, Sam. Y/N loved horror movies when she was normal. Why would that change now?”

Sam kept his mouth shut. He didn’t want to worry his brother.


Sam smiled and reached over, carefully taking you from Dean. “So, you can stand now, huh? Do you think you can walk?”


Sam carefully stood you on the floor, his fingers in your grasp. He stood, bent over; he realized how much taller he was than you. Slowly, Sam helped you take a few steps, earning another giggle from you.

Sam heard a click behind him. Turning, he saw Dean holding his phone up. “Dean, what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Dean said, sliding the phone back in his pocket. “Definitely not getting blackmail photos.”

Sam scowled but felt himself being pulled away as you continued to try and walk.

“Hey! Go grab me a beer while you’re up.”

You were able to make a teetering way out of the room, but Sam’s back began to ache slightly. He swooped you up, which made you giggle, and made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a beer for Dean and one for himself.

“Are you hungry, Y/N? You want a snack?”


Sam opened the cabinet and let you examine the snacks, finally pulling the package of Goldfish out when you pointed at it. He handed it to you, watching as you tried to unfurl the top, as he filled your bottle with water.

“Sammy! Just the man I was looking for.”

“Gabriel? What are you doing here? Have you finally found the cure?”

“Not yet, but we’re looking. Promise. But I do have a question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Ahh!” You shook the package of crackers, still unable to open it.

Gabriel smiled and took the package from you, easily opening it and shaking a few of the fish into his palm. He held it out to you and you carefully took one, slipping it (and your fingers) into your mouth. “I was wondering what your plans for Halloween were.”

“Uh, I hadn’t really thought through that.”

“You taking Y/N out to trick-or-treat?”

Sam looked down at you. “Well, she might actually like that…”

“Of course she will! Kids love candy and dressing up. So, what’s her costume gonna be?”

“I… I don’t know, Gabriel. I’ll probably pick up some princess dress or something.”

“That’s no fun! And we’re not gonna rake in beaucoup candy if we can’t all coordinate.”

“Coordinate? All? What–”

“You don’t honestly think we’re going to miss her first Halloween, do you?”

“It’s not her first,” Sam pointed out. “And who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, Luci, and Cas, of course.”

“You… want to go trick-or-treating with us?”

“Duh. Well, I don’t know if Luci wants to, but he will. But we’ve got to go as a group, costume-wise.” Gabriel studied you and Sam. “Hmmm… you said you’re gonna dress her up as a princess?”

“I don’t know, Gabriel.”

“I can work with that.” Gabriel smirked up at Sam. “Has anyone ever told you you look like a young Judd Nelson?”


“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Shut up, Dean. It’s just one night.”

“But… look at this.”

Sam tried to hide his smirk as he looked at Dean in the blue tanktop. “I don’t see a problem with it.”

“Don’t give me that. Your costume is basically normal clothes!”

Sam had to admit, he’d lucked out. Gabriel’s costume for him was just a long-sleeved white shirt, covered with a red flannel, matched with jeans and boots. Sure, there were fingerless gloves and a bandana around the ankle, but Sam didn’t mind.


“Oh, you’re just loving this, too, aren’t you?” Dean asked, picking you up from the crib. He would never admit it out loud, but he thought you looked pretty cute in your sparkly pink dress.

“Come on, Mr. Jock. We’re supposed to meet the angels in ten minutes.”


Dean parked the Impala and got out, unbuckling you from the car seat. Sam buckled the baby carrier over his shoulders, tugging on it to make sure it was secure. Then he took you from Dean and slipped you inside.

“There you are.”

The Winchesters turned, finding the angels behind them. Dean started to laugh but covered it with a cough.

“I don’t understand why I’m dressed like this,” Cas said, fingers brushing aside part of the dark wig. He was dressed in all black, looking very confused indeed.

“I hate you,” Lucifer said to Gabriel. He was dressed in jeans and a green sweater.

“Come on! This is the best group costume ever!” Gabriel was dressed in his janitor’s jumpsuit from the first encounter he’d had with Dean. “Everyone loves The Breakfast Club.”

“Ah!” You kicked your legs out, intrigued by how it felt to be held up on Sam’s chest, but still have your limbs free.

“That’s right!” Gabriel said with a laugh. He handed you a small pumpkin bucket. “You ready to go get alllll the candy because you’re just the cutest member of the best 80s movie?”

Bedtime Stories

Requested by @hochiiiyo

Prompt; that’s not how it goes! 


“Daaaddy, we’ve already heard that one, tell a new story!”  

Gajeel chuckled, rolling his eyes at his daughter’s insistence. It was getting late, but neither of the twins were going to settle without a story for bedtime, and it was his turn to enthrall them with a new tale. He could hear Levy giggle in the next room, and silently vowed to get back at her later on, when the kids were safely tucked away and sleeping. Right now, he had each twin perched on either knee, bouncing them gently.

“Eh? Ya don’t wanna hear about the dragon and the princess?” He teased, ruffling Shutora’s wild locks. So much like her mother’s…

“Nope! Mama told us that one last night,” she replied, and Yajeh nodded sagely, a serious look in his eyes.  

“Yeah, so we wanna hear a new one,” he added, and Gajeel couldn’t help but ruffle his hair as well. Yajeh was more like his father, though he did have a few silly moments thanks to his sister. Despite the years that he had been a father to these two miscreants, he was still in awe that he was something he’d never thought was possible. Maybe he’d give Levy a bit of loving instead of teasing, just to thank her for the millionth time for this.  

“Aight then, what did ya have in mind?”  

“How’d you and mama meet?” Yajeh piped up, tucking his feet up under him while Shutora nodded wildly at him.  

Gajeel froze at the question, a cold sweat pooling at the base of his skull. He clenched his teeth slightly, fighting the shudder of dread that threatened to sweep down his spine. ’Fuck,’ he thought, lcikign his lips nervously. ‘I didn’t think they’d ask this early.’  

Two sets of dark honey eyes were staring at him expectantly, waiting for his answer. Obviously, they were hoping for a pretty story that involved anything but that. He knew that they’d ask one day, and then he and Levy would have to tell them honestly; he certainly didn’t want anyone else to do it before they could. But as to how to tell them now…

“Ah, that,” he said, sighing after a long moment. He hugged the twins closer to him, settling for a more vague story that he hoped they would be happy with. After all, they had attention spans of a kitten, hopefully they’d get bored enough to ask for a more entertaining story.  

“You know how all your friends are scared of me?” He asked, and the twins bobbed their heads in response. “Well, it was like that with me and yer mom too. I wasn’t exactly the nicest of guys back then, either,” he said, his voice taking on a slight edge.  

“So you were mean to mom?” Shutora asked, snuggling closer.

“… Yeah, a bit.”

“Did you say sorry?” Yajeh asked, staring at his father seriously. Gajeel blinked, almost shocked by the question. He nodded slowly, exhaling deeply as he regarded the kids seriously.  

“Yeah, I did. Lots and lots, too.”

“Good!” The twins chorused, hugging Gajeel and surprising him. Good? He bit back a mirthless chuckle. It was anything but good, but the kids’ simple answer had him reeling. They were just as forgiving as their mother, he realized.  

At least, for now, till they learned everything. And he hoped that when that day came, they would still just be as loving and forgiving as they had been tonight.  

“Okay, it’s late guys,” Levy popped her head in, gracing the trio with a warm smile. Gajeel nearly sighed in relief; she had rescued him from elaborating further in his story. He lifted the kids in his arms, ignoring the protests that the kids expressed. Whirling around lightly, he rolled one twin into one of the bunk bed and hoisted the other into the top bunk.  

“There, story time’s over, you’re getting the princess and the dragon next time,” he growled, tickling Shutora before ruffling Yajeh’s hair. “Now, get to sleep, brats.”


“You didn’t tell them,” Levy mused gently, threading her fingers through his mane. He only grunted, nuzzling his face into her lap as she substituted his head for a book stand. It was the last hour before they would drift off into sleep themselves, the time where they could finally cuddle and share their day without the kids bounding in excitedly.  

“Couldn’t.” He said simply, sighing deeply. She rubbed a slow circle on his scalp, making him rumble in content. Gone was the anxiety that he had felt earlier, yet he still felt uneasy. It never truly went away, the regret that he felt when he thought back to the fateful event. Despite her eternal forgiveness, he still couldn’t stop the tendrils of guilt wrap around him, threatening to drag him into nightmares.  

Her fingers continued their dance on his skull, sliding down to his shoulder as she set aside her book. “Need a distraction?” She asked simply, and he chuckled. Count on her to know exactly what he needed. No words were required, just simple love and understanding.  

“Gods yes.”  

Princess Pink - Daddy Daze (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Daddy!Steve x Reader

A/n:  This story was inspired by my own dad who use to paint my nails when I was little cause my mom was allergic to the smell.  Finally back sorry it took me so long.

Daddy Daze Masterlist | Tagging and requests are open

Steve loved your 5 year old Maggie.  Adored her.  She was his best girl and the only girl he could ever love more than you.  Steve had been gone more than normal recently and was really missing his girl.  He missed you too, but Maggie was his everything.

When Steve stepped into the house late in the evening, the sight of you sitting on the couch nursing a cup of tea with Maggie lay fast asleep beside you, made his heart swell.   He dropped his shield and bag, flinching when it hit the floor loudly.

Giving him a smile you don’t even move to get up for a kiss.  He only had eyes for his little girl.   You knew you would get your attention but he needed his princess and she needed him.

“Can I wake her up?”  Steve whispered to you before crouching in front of Maggie.  Nodding at him to wake her up, you got up and headed to your room, running your hand along Steve’s back as you passed.

“Just make sure she isn’t up too late.”

Steve gently rubbed Maggie’s arm, causing her eyes to flutter open softly and a big yawn to escape her. “Da-Daddy?”  

“Hey doll.  I’m sorry I woke ya,  just missed ya while I was gone.”  She gave him a heart melting smile before wrapping her arms around his neck.

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I Got 99 Problems and You’re Number One

… Yes, this is what you’re thinking. Me being super late to start @starcoweek3 


So.. yeah, I’m a bit ashamed it took me this long to finish, like, we are almost over it…

Also, guys I didn’t give up JanTom Week, all the fics have half done but I had a major block with Jantom (probably due to EA just wanted me on the climax chapters and I’m still finishing it) I plan to finish before next jantom week lol

Also,, huge thanks to @mrevaunit42 and @axis2600 for helping to post this anyway, you guys are awesome! *hugs*

Also a special mention to @fullertoons for creating this amazing au! 

I hope you enjoy :D

PS: lots of people identified this as the Starco song because of EA, and I ended up using to write in this too along with this one.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

I 99 Problems and You’re Number One

Marco sat in the waiting room annoyed. He and Star went to Mewni to come kind of ceremony that she was obligated to comply and for whatever reason, he got into it too. The princess had asked him if he could wait for her to get ready to give an opinion to her dress and how he was supposed to say no when she looked at him with those blue eyes full of hope?!

He had a major problem, not only because he was completely hopeless for those blue eyes sparkling hope, or the cutest heart marks she had, or how she was enchanting on every single way, or how Star walked like floating like she was a ballerina… No, all that was consequences of his number one problem.

The fact he was falling for the princess.

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  • Matthias: What did she say?
  • Nina: She said you’re a very nice fellow, and a credit to the Fjerdan race. Ooh, look, blini! I haven’t had proper blini in forever.
  • Matthias: That word she used: babink. You’ve called me that before. What does it mean?
  • Nina: It means sweetie pie.
  • Matthias: Nina—
  • Nina: Barbarian.
  • Matthias: I was just asking, there’s no need to name-call.
  • Nina: No, babink means barbarian. She wasn’t insulting you! I swear!
  • Matthias: Barbarian isn’t an insult?
  • Nina: No. Well, yes. But not in this context. She wanted to know if you’d like to play Princess and Barbarian.
  • Matthias: It’s a game?
  • Nina: Not exactly.
  • Matthias: Then what is it?
  • Nina: In Ravka, there’s a popular series of stories about, um, a brave Fjerdan warrior—
  • Matthias: Really? He’s the hero?
  • Nina: In a manner of speaking. He kidnaps a Ravkan princess—
  • Matthias: That would never happen.
  • Nina: In the story it does, and they spend a long time getting to know each other. In his cave.
  • Matthias: He lives in a cave?
  • Nina: It’s a very nice cave. Furs. Jeweled cups. Mead.
  • Matthias: Ah. A treasure hoard like Ansgar the Mighty. They become allies, then?
  • Nina: Do you like these? Maybe we could get Kaz to wear something with flowers. Liven up his look.
  • Matthias: How does the story end? Do they fight battles?
  • Nina: They get to know each other intimately.
  • Matthias: In the cave?
  • Nina: You see, he’s very brooding, very manly, but he falls in love with the Ravkan princess and that allows her to civilize him—
  • Matthias: To civilize him?
  • Nina: Yes, but that’s not until the third book.
  • Matthias: There are three?
  • Nina: Matthias, do you need to sit down?
  • Matthias: This culture is disgusting. The idea that a Ravkan could civilize a Fjerdan—
  • Nina: Calm down, Matthias.
  • Matthias: Perhaps I’ll write a story about insatiable Ravkans who like to get drunk and take their clothes off and make unseemly advances toward hapless Fjerdans.
  • Nina: Now that sounds like a party. We could play.
  • Matthias: We most certainly could not.
  • Nina: At one point he bathes her.
  • Matthias: Why would he—
  • Nina: She’s tied up, so he has to.
  • Matthias: Be silent.
  • Nina: Already giving orders. That’s very barbarian of you. Or we could mix it up. I’ll be the barbarian and you can be the princess. But you’ll have to do a lot more sighing and trembling and biting your lip.
  • Matthias: How about I bite your lip?
  • Nina: Now you’re getting the hang of it, Helvar.
So This is Love


Allura shoved her hand up into her hair, pushing away falling strands from her face. She let out a sigh and slumped backwards, leaning onto the wall of the castle. She was so…tired.

“Everything alright, Princess?” Coran asked, his voice holding the care of a father.

“I’m fine, Coran,” she assured him. “The battles just have me worn out.” Allura gave him a smile that she hoped was reassuring, but Coran didn’t buy it. He eyed her warily, opening his mouth to say something, when the paladins came into the control room.

They had just come out of a battle with a particularly nasty robeast, and everyone was looking a little worse for wear. Pidge had a rather large burn on her hand, where her armor had given way. Hunk had bruises forming on his face, and Allura recalled his cry of help during the mission as the robeast struck his lion with some beam, making his head crash against his dashboard. Lance was cradling one hand in the other, his fingers looking like they weren’t quite bent the right way, and Keith had a bloody gash on his cheek.

Shiro…Shiro just looked very, very exhausted.

During the battle, he’d gasped something out about having recognized the robeast before, and Voltron had disbanded soon after, leaving everyone scrambled and worrying for him. Shiro had assured everyone he was fine, but Allura (and everyone else) saw through his lie.

Looking at all of the paladins, Allura realized her qualms would have to wait. She straightened up and folded her hands in front of her, giving her friends a small smile. “I know this mission was a rough one,” she said, “and you came out with trouble, but we succeeded in freeing Xther from the Galra Empire. We should all be proud of ourselves.”

Everyone nodded at her speech, albeit a bit halfheartedly, when Coran let out a curse.

“Quiznak,” he bit. “Princess, paladins, I’m sorry, but we’re going to need to make a stop at the Balmera. Something that blasted robeast did damaged the crystal.” Coran let out another curse, and spoke some colorful Altean phrases Allura was sure a princess wasn’t meant to hear.

Despite Coran’s clear dismay, Hunk’s face lit up. “Can we visit Shay? And Rax?” (Lance smirked at Hunk when he mentioned Rax. Allura wondered why.)

Allura smiled. “Of course, Hunk.”

“Yes!” He pumped his fist in the air, letting out a whooping noise. “This is going to be so great!”

Shiro gazed fondly at Hunk, like a father watching an overexcited child. “We need to go to the infirmary and get fixed up first,” he said. “None of us are in good shape right now.” Then, as a second thought, he said, “Coran, is the crystal operational enough for the infirmary?”

Coran nodded. “Yes, yes. But our shields are severely impaired. We’ll need to arrive at the Balmera soon in case we want to avoid certain death by one of the Galra’s troops.”

Allura nodded. “We leave for the Balmera in the morning. Right now, we rest and heal.”


The next morning, Allura, Coran, and the paladins were gathered in the launch room, ready to go to the Balmera. Hunk looked as excited as an Altean child on Skliftmis, a gift-giving (or gift-receiving, for the younger ones) holiday. He was rambling on about how he couldn’t wait to see Shay and Rax and all the other Balmerans, how he had missed the place, etc.

Allura couldn’t deny that she felt a small spark of excitement as well. It was always nice to visit ally planets, and to see how planets free from the tyranny of the Galra were faring. Allura also found herself looking forward to seeing Shay, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. But that didn’t matter.

“Ready to wormhole,” Allura said. The paladins took their seats as Allura placed her hands on the platform, connecting with the energy of the castle and the universe to wormhole away. She focused on the image of the Balmera, inputting the coordinates to the system, and a gaping blue wormhole opened up in front of the castle.

They sped through it, the Balmera appearing on the other side.

Hunk let out a noise of happiness, almost a squeal, but not quite, as they beheld the yellow/green planet. It looked much like Allura remembered it, only more crystals had appeared, giving the planet a sparkling effect. It looked amazing.

Allura couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as they descended onto the Balmera and stepped out of the castle onto the rocky terrain. Balmerans greeted them, with Shay and her family at the front of the crowd.

“Princess! Advisor! Paladins! Hunk!” Shay sounded overjoyed to see them all, a large grin spreading across her face.

“Hello, Shay,” Allura said, stepping forward. Shay enveloped her in a hug as a greeting.

Allura felt something in her heart begin to overflow, causing a tingling sensation in her chest. Shay pulled away and went to hug Hunk and the others, but Allura still felt the phantom of Shay’s arms around her, her cheeks beginning to heat up.

What is this? Allura thought, though she already had an inkling of the answer.

“What brings you here today, Voltron?” Rax, Shay’s brother whom Allura always thought of as a bit cruel, asked.

“Our crystal is damaged,” Keith said. “We need to repair it or get a new one.”

“Only a repair will be necessary.” Coran launched into an explanation as to what had happened to the crystal and how to fix it, but Allura was distracted.

Shay was listening intently, leaning forward just a bit as if to hear Coran better, nodding along, and looking eager to help. Allura had to admire her.

Lance nudged her arm, causing Allura to jump. “Lance! What is it?”

He gave her a knowing smile, then pointed at Shay. “You’re staring.” (God, he was just like the annoying little brother Allura never had.)

Allura elbowed him in the gut, taking pleasure in the surprised, “Oof!” that came after it.

So what if she was staring? Allura was a princess. She could do what she wanted, and that included admiring Shay in all her beauty.

Shay was quite lovely. She was big and muscular, and her glowing eyes reminded Allura of the stars. Allura loved the stars.

After Coran finished his explanation with a few interjections from Pidge, a few mechanics from the Balmerans, Hunk, and Coran went inside the castle, discussing new ways to fix the crystal and how they could even improve it. Pidge raced after them, shouting, “I can help, too!” making Allura smile at her.

Lance, Keith, Allura, and Shay were the ones left. Shay was smiling after Hunk and her family in the castle, looking proud. Allura went over to her.

“So, Shay,” she said, “why aren’t you helping with the crystal?”

“I’m not much one for mechanics. I suppose I’m more of a nature person, or maybe an artist.” Shay looked around the Balmera, a small smile gracing her lips. (Lips Allura felt oddly attracted to). “I suppose there’s not much difference between the two.”

“Nature and art?” Allura asked.

“Yes,” Shay said, “they’re very connected.”

Allura nodded. “When I was little, and Altea was still around,” she said, “I would go into the gardens of the castle with my mother, and I would paint her with the junniberries, which are - were - a type of pink flower. I don’t think I ever painted her very well, because I was so small, but she would always put my pictures up all over the castle, as if I were some esteemed artist.” Allura smiled at the memory. Her mother had been the kindest woman she’d ever known. Allura hoped to be like her, one day.

Shay seemed to read Allura’s mind. “Your mother sounds like an amazing woman,” she said softly.

“She was,” Allura replied, voice equally soft.

Shay’s eyes widened. “Princess, I’m so sorry.”

Allura smiled, a bit sadly, and said, “Do not be sorry that she is no longer with us. The loss was a hard one, but…her life was well-lived. She loved unconditionally, and with everything she had. I think you would’ve liked her.”

Shay laughed. “If she was anything like you, I’m sure I would’ve!”

Allura felt her face heat up at that comment. “W-well, I’m- I’m flattered.” She resisted the urge to smack herself. “I’m flattered”? Who said that?

Shay looked amused at Allura’s response, laughing out loud when Allura covered her blushing face in her hands. The laugh wasn’t malicious at all - Allura didn’t think Shay could do anything malicious - but rather wholeheartedly pleased by Allura’s reaction to her flirting.

Once Allura recovered from embarrassment, and Shay stopped chuckling every time she saw her, Allura straightened her back and looked Shay in the eyes. “I do think my mother is far more like you than me.”

Shay didn’t get these words at first, but after a minute, she was the one hiding her blushing face in her hands, and Allura was the one laughing.

“You’re too nice, Princess,” Shay kept repeating, mumbling into her hands. “Too nice.”

“You are as well!” was Allura’s continuous response, which only made Shay blush more.

Allura wondered where her sudden confidence in flirting had come from. She had never had the courage to act like this back in the old days of Altea, when suitors were always trying to gain her affections. Allura thought maybe Lance had gotten to her.

Speaking of Lance, he and Keith had disappeared off somewhere. Allura didn’t dwell on what that meant.

After a few more minutes of excessive compliments, Shay turned to Allura. (Yes, there were most definitely stars in her eyes.) “Come on, Princess,” she said, “I want to show you my favorite place on Balmera.”

Before Allura could respond, Shay grabbed her hand and led her to a giant, rainbow colored crystal.

“Wow,” Allura gasped, eyes wide in awe. “I had no idea crystals could look like this.”

“Oh, neither did anyone else, before this crystal emerged,” Shay said. “But this isn’t even the best part. Come with me.”

Shay took Allura’s hand again, leading her around to a small hole in the crystal, just big enough to climb through.

“You- we can go inside the crystal?” Allura asked.

Shay nodded excitedly and pulled Allura in after her.

Inside the crystal, it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thousands of different colors bounced around and sparkled, mixing together to create an indescribably amazing effect. Allura was reminded a bit of space, only with far more colors. She was in awe.

“Shay, this is amazing,” Allura said, wonder in her voice. She finally ripped her eyes away from the crystal, the sparkles looking like stars, only to be confronted by more stars in Shay’s eyes.

Shay was looking down at Allura with so much emotion that Allura was taken aback. Tentatively, slowly, yet with no reluctance, Allura took Shay’s other hand in hers, realizing she had never let go of the one Shay had led her by.

“You’re amazing,” Shay breathed.

Allura met her eyes, and, between them in that moment, there was an unspoken connection.

The air was filled with a soft electricity as Allura stood on the tips of her toes and Shay leaned down, their lips connecting, Allura finally realizing why she had admired Shay so much.

The admiration she had felt was the allure of love, the pull to Shay drawing her closer, closer, closer.

After what felt like an eternity, the two girls pulled away from each other and stared, reverent in each others eyes.

Yes, Allura decided, this was love.

All exhaustion she had ever felt was cleared away by the exhilaration of that realization, by the touch of her lips to Shay’s, by the way Shay’s hands slipped from hers to settle on her waist and pull her even closer.

Allura’s hands moved up to Shay’s neck to pull her down a little more (wow, she was tall) to let Allura kiss her more.

This woke everything in Allura up, cleared away every tired cell in her body, replaced them with something so awake it took her breath away.

This was love.

The Wedding

Dear Jessa.  I have always been inspired by your amazing fics, so here is a little something I wrote, that was inspired by one of your drabbles…. I think you’ll know which one.   Happy Birthday. 

by @louezem

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Another foreshadowing post

There are a few things I noticed here on this page (it’s from chapter 1):

1.) Yona’s hair has already grown back to its former length. This could very likely be an indicator that the Xing arc won’t be the final one, since she now has shoulder long hair.

2.) Her expression: She doesn’t seem to be very happy here. Could it be that someone important to her has died? Or is it because they’re on the verge of another war? With the possible enemy being the Kai Empire this time?

3.) She’s holding a dragon sword which looks similar to the sword that is shown in some earlier illustrations from Kusanagi-sensei. I don’t think it’s the sword from the prophecy though…

4.) The person who is talking to Yona. I do not think that it is Hak, simply because we can’t see the whole body of the person. Also the clothing is a bit different. I compared it to those of all the other male characters. Well, if it is Hak, he could’ve simply changed his clothes or something. I guess we don’t have to pay much attention to this. But the person is also referring to Yona as “Princess Yona = Yona-hime”. Hak normally uses “hime-san”. So that’s another reason why I don’t think this is Hak. Which leads me to point 5.

5.) It looks like Yona is still a princess here. Which means she hasn’t claimed the throne (yet). So it’s very likely that Yona won’t be the one sitting upon the throne after this arc is over.

6.) Where are the four dragon warriors and Yoon? It doesn’t look like they’re around here. But this could simply be because it’s the first chapter of the series and the author didn’t want to show us all the characters yet…

Another artwork I want to talk about is this one:

As I’ve mentioned before, this is also one of the illustrations where Yona is shown with the dragon sword. And is she wearing the royal robe here? The pattern on it sure looks similar. I also noticed that Hak’s glaive looks a bit different to the one he’s currently using. But the only difference is that it has some nice engravings on it. Also, is Yona wearing a different hairpin? Maybe it’s a present from Hak, because she got rid of the cursed hairpin in the latest chapter.

And the most important thing here is that the three main characters are shown together once again. Which also means that Soo-Won must be alive at this point of the story.

But… We all know that this is just another artwork and therefore it’s also possible that there’s no real meaning behind it.

Acquainted with the Night (5/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~6300

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: As always, love and gratitude to @ripplestitchskein​​ and @unfolded73​​ for their help with this story.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld​​ for the gorgeous banner.  

Tagging by request: @natascha-remi-ronin​​, @the-captains-ayebrows​​, @maryvmassakre​​, @katealexandra26​​, @superchocovian​​, @vanyali07​​, @imhookedonaswan​​, @captain–kitten​​, @dreadpirateemma​​, @like-waves-on-the-beach​​, @fairytalesandtimetravel

Also on ff and ao3

Chapter Four

Dawn broke, gentle and quiet, before Emma was convinced that Mordred no longer followed close behind.  Whatever curse he had cast, the magic strange and unknowable to her, it did not seem to be able to follow them on foot.  From her perch on a fallen log – the dew, gathered on tufts of moss, seeping into her trousers – she listened.  The sounds of the forest echoed brightly in her ears, no longer quite so intrusive.  Droplets of water coalesced at the crests of leaves, falling to the ground with a soft thud.  Birds all around began a tentative song, ruffling their feathers, and picking away at the soggy bark of the mighty oaks.  The breeze was gentle, but steady, and the gnarled branches creaked as they swayed back and forth.  Water living deep in the earth wound patiently through the soil, rising to feed the stream below her feet.  Smooth pebbles and boulders tumbled easily through the water, slicked over with algae.  It was a pleasant chorus, atonal but synchronized, growing louder as the sun angled higher.

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minific because I watched wonder woman and it was awesome. expanded from a draft I threw at @veleda-k_k, now that i’ve done 15 minutes of googling about suffrage in the UK.

Diana sees Etta working one day at her desk, stiching a sash. Sufferage for women, it says.

Diana frowns, tilts her head. “What is -sufferage?” She says. There is so much she is still learning. 

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The Breakfast Club Pt. 2

~Power Rangers AU~

Kim was frustrated.

Frustrated at her parents, at the school, at her shitty old friends. And most of all, frustrated with herself.

And as she sat in the library she couldn’t help but dwell on what she’d done to get here. How could she have been that cruel? Especially to someone she once considered her best friend.

It all just made her self loathing worse, as if she wasn’t insecure before all this happened.

She sighed, turning her attention away from her dark thoughts and to those around her. There was Jason Scott, golden boy turned fallen football star and then Billy Cranston, quiet kid who kept to himself.

He seemed nice.

Then there was Trini Kwan. They had a few classes together but she didn’t know anything about her. Nothing at all.

Besides her name and the fact that she never seemed to be without her yellow leather jacket and a beanie. She was a mystery and for some unfathomable reason, that intrigued Kim.

Trini felt eyes on her and quickly looked up from her book to see the ex-cheerleader staring her down. The fuck did she want?

Kim looked away and Trini rolled her eyes.

“Fucking cheerleaders” she mumbled under her breath, turning her attention back on the words in front of her.

Kim sighed but continued to look around the library anyway, there was Zach Taylor decked out in black with a cool expression on his face as he messed around with one of those stupid fidget spinners.

And Tomi Oliver in all her glory, her head was down but the green bomber gave it away. It was her signature thing, kind of like Trini’s leather jacket.

Kim had never seen either of them without it.

The sound of heels clicking interrupted her thoughts and she turned to see Rita entering the building, fifteen minutes late. Kim watched as the woman dressed in a green pantsuit and too much gold jewelry slammed her bag down on her desk.

She was the definition of over dramatic, Kim thought as the librarian made her way to the front to face the students.

“Listen up!”

The place was silent, there was literally no reason at all for her to scream.

“I have very few days off in my career. And because of that I cherish them like diamonds but because of you little shits I am forced to be here! Babysitting you like a bunch of four year olds! And it because you don’t know how to maintain yourselves that the innocent-” she gestured to herself and Jason scoffed.

“Have to suffer because of it. How could you be selfis-WHAT DO YOU WANT BILLY?!”

Kim turned her attention to Billy who looked a little taken back at Rita’s reaction. He slumped a in his chair and slowly let his hands slip down  from the air.

He didn’t deserve that.

“I-uh-I was wondering if it you were allowed to use that kind of language when addressing students. I just think don’t think it’s legal for a teacher to be talking to underage kids the way you are. I believe it’s against sch-”

“That’s the fucking thing William, I’m not a teacher! And does it look like I give a shit whether or not the way I talk to you miscreants is appropriate?” She snapped and Kim watched as the brown boy sunk further in his seat. He mumbled something along the lines of an apology and Rita rolled her eyes.  

The ex cheerleader bit her tongue, Rita really had some fucking nerve to come down on him like that. She was pretty sure that the bitch could lose her job for doing this, and all he was trying to do was warn her.

She wondered why Billy even cared. Rita was terrible and everyone knew it.

Maybe he’s just good like that.

The witch muttered something rude under her breath as she made her way around her desk. She plopped ungracefully down into her chair and rummaged through her purse for something.

“You okay Billy?” Kim turned her attention away from the green goblin to Jason who had spun around in his seat to face the brown eyed boy.

“Yeah, It’s fine.”

He didn’t even look at Jason as the words left his mouth. Just continued to tinker around with a few colored pencils, he never let his eyes stray away from them.. She watched as the ex-footballer looked at him worriedly before reluctantly facing back to the front.

Something didn’t sit right with his response, she knew Billy wasn’t okay. no matter what he said. It made her want to punch Rita’s lights out for hurting him.

They sat there, for ten or so minutes, in complete and utter silence.

It made Kim’s skin crawl.

She hated the quiet, she got enough of that at home. She didn’t need it at school too.

“Hey you”

She thanked god for the sound of someone’s voice in this hell hole.

She looked behind her to see Tomi staring intently at Trini. She was trying but failing to get her to look over. Kim might as well help her out, there was nothing else to do. And besides Trini was too lost in the words of her book to notice the girl in the green bomber trying to get her attention.

“Hey Trin”

Her eyes shot up at the sound of her name and she huffed when she realized it came from Kim.

“What do you want?”

Her tone was sharp and cold, Kim ignored the ice in her words and pointed to Tomi.

“I think she’s wants to say something to you.”

Trini looked over  and then back to her.

“Don’t call me Trini. We’re not friends.” She stated simply and before Kim could react, Trini’s eyes were already on Tomi.

“What do you want?”

Her words held the same iciness that they did when she addressed the cheerleader.

Kim smilled, at least she wasn’t the only one that Trini didn’t like.  

“How’d you end up in here?”

So this is where the direction was going.

She didn’t want any part in it. She moved to face Rita who had her eyes closed, ear buds in her ears.

Could this woman be any lazier?

She rolled her eyes and readjusted herself in her seat. Kim didn’t have her phone with her due to the fact that her parents had taken it away earlier that month.

She didn’t argue, she deserved it all

“That’s none of your business”

Kim really couldn’t help but listen in, there was nothing to distract herself.

“If you don’t tell me then I’m just gonna assume what you did and whatever I assume will be way worse then the truth so you might as well just say what you did and save yourself a few rumors.”

“Are you blackmailing me?”


There was a few seconds of silence before Kim heard Trini sigh.

“Skipping, I got in trouble for skipping.”

It didn’t surprise her, she didn’t seem like the school type.


Apparently she wasn’t the only person listening in, Kim thought as she tilted her head to see Zach, now facing the two girls, out of the corner of her eye.

“What about you, huh? What did the great Tomi Oliver do to land herself in detention?”

The sarcasm in Trini’s voice when she called Tomi great made Kim smile.

She liked her.

“Well if you must know, I got caught smoking weed in the girl’s bathroom.”

Zach laughed and she could hear Trini snicker.

Tomi didn’t even seem to regret what she did, Kim envied that.

But then again, she wasn’t caught doing drugs in the restroom. What she did, it was so much worse.

“Well now that that’s settled, what about you princess?”

Kim stiffened but turned to face her anyway.

Everyone beside Rita was looking at her now. She didn’t like it.

It made her feel like a bug under a magnifying glass. She hated the feeling.

“Don’t keep us waiting all day.” Tomi smirked and Kim wanted to smack it right off her face.

“Yeah, come on, princess.”

Kim ignored the fuzzy feeling in her stomach when Trini called her princess, she was too busy trying to think of a way to get out of the question.


She trailed off, she didn’t want them knowing. She wondered how any of them didn’t know? It was the hottest topic in school for weeks before Jason an-

“I snuck a bull into the school.”

Speaking of which, Kim turned to the blonde grateful for his distraction.

“Yeah everyone knows about that, it cost us the championship and Coach Lee hasn’t shut up about it since. Thanks to you I have to hear that man go on and on about it all gym period. But the question wasn’t for you red, it was for Ms. cheerleader over here. Come on, it can’t be that bad.”

Tomi had no idea.

Jason sent her an apologetic look and even though his attempt failed, she was grateful nonetheless. They might have not been great friends but they were still friends. Kim was sure of that.

“Well I-uh-I-um”

Her mouth went dry and the atmosphere seemed thicker for some reason, the air hotter.

She didn’t know how to make what she had done sound less evil, she didn’t know how to make them understand why she had done it.

Shit, she barely did.

“I-well I-what I did wasn’t-I-uhm-I-”

“I blew up my locker”

The sound of Billy’s voice surprised her, his statement took her and everyone else off guard.

“Wait, what?”

Tomi’s interest no longer were focused on her and Kim let out a sigh of relief.

She looked over at the brown boy and he smiled sweetly at her before he was bombarded by questions from the others.

Thank god for Billy Cranston.

(chapter three coming soon)

As someone in her thirties watching OUAT

I have to say something.

I’ve seen this post today mentioning Rapunzel’s age on Tangled, and I was thinking about how in all the fairy tales the princesses are usually 18 (maybe even less, never more). 

When I was a child they have always seemed to me so adult, so mature. I couldn’t wait to get to this age and become a woman of my own (and if it comes with a prince, even better).

But then the years pass (still no prince in sight in case you were wondering), but I finally do feel like a woman. And as such, I look back at age 18, and I don’t see it as an age where I was really an adult. I truly didn’t know anything about life yet back then. I didn’t know who I was, not for real anyway. And I just look at these princesses now, from the wisdom of my age, and just think, whoa, whoa, what’s the rush? You have your all life in front of you to get to know yourself, then meeting that prince (or princess, or even no one in particular). All these fairy tales seem even more unreal somehow.

But then it suddenly hit me, my favorite princess is actually a woman in her thirties:

Her fairy tale story began when she turned 28 and not 18!

No offence to those of you who are still teenagers or in their early twenties, trust me, one day you will maybe understand this post better, or maybe you are even getting it now, but I just want to take this post to acknowledge the fact that A&E chose the proper age for their princess to began her journey as a swan in oppose to a duckling. 

Emma of age 18 was thrown into jail, and had a baby she gave away for adaption because she was still immature. She was led by the guy she thought was her “prince charming” right into a jail cell, and pregnant, probably because she was still a child who didn’t know herself enough to realize she needs to put herself first (or to use protection…).

It took her 10 more years to come to the point in which she truly knew who Emma Swan was. To become an adult. To be really able of becoming the hero, the savior, the princess.

She regain her son when she was at the right age to become a mother:

She regain her parents certainly at a very old age, but at the age she could tell them how she really felt  

But also forgive them from a mature prospective

She was able to use what she learned about herself during her entire life, to fully fulfill her role as the savior and the princess

 And she met her true prince (well, pirate) after she knew exactly what she was looking for, what she needed from him, and what she deserves

Don’t get me wrong, at this age people don’t just stop being a little childish

The young spirit is always there at any age. But I feel like Emma (and all of us at this range of ages) knows just a little more about life itself, and she was taking the role of the mature princess at the age it was truly designed for.

Joker/Harley/Reader imagine: You’re sick

Hi, can you do a Joker x Reader x Harley? I would appreciate. :)

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Your P.O.V.

Oh dear how bad things could feel when I was sick. Everything seemed ten times worse than normally and I hated every bit of it!

My throat was sore as fuck and my head felt like a bomb, ticking every second and the pressure was building up. My muscles ached and overall I felt like a wreck. Harley ,Joker and I were driving around Gotham city two days ago and by the shore I got out of the car. Perfectly I decided to jump down and take a swim. It started raining and everything sucked. Batman came around and I had to swim in the cold sea for longer than expected and I was sneaky enough to get away. But I had to walk home with wet clothes.

Now I had a fever.

‘’Aw poor thing’’ Harley sighed and slid down onto the couch next to me. I was watching tv, a series called ‘Gotham’. So far it was pretty okay. I tilted my head to see my girlfriend in her pink pajamas. Oh did I forget to mention that we were in a poly relationship? It was kinda awesome, at least for us.

‘’Let me take care of ya’’ Harley smiled widely and moved on the couch, standing on her knees. ‘’You’ll catch this’’ I warned her with a hoarse voice. I watched as she rolled her pretty blues and grabbed a pillow. Then she poofed it in her hands. Just then Joker appeared out of nowhere. ‘’How are my two favourite girls?’’ He purred and his red lips curved into a big metallic grin. I opened my mouth to speak, but then I felt like I had to sneeze.

I put my hand in front of my face and then took two deep breaths before sneezing. It made me a little dizzy. ‘’She’s sick’’ Harley told Joker and then put the pillow behind my head. ‘’No shit’’ I whispered playfully and then grabbed a tissue, wiping my hands and nose on it. ‘’Oh Y/N..That leaves us with one thing’’ Joker started and then I noticed he was shirtless. He grabbed a dark grey blanket and put it on me, tucking me in softly. ‘’We’ll have to take care of you. Right Harley?’’ Joker looked at miss madness over here a little darkly.

That look never meant anything good. 

‘’Yes Puddin’’ The words left Harley’s mouth slickly. ‘’I don’t want you to to get sick as well’’ I tried to speak without losing my voice. Suddenly Joker just laid down right next to me, wrapping one arm around me. I sighed and tried to ignore that he just couldn’t understand no. I didn’t want him or Harley to get sick because of me. 

‘’Don’t worry. We’ll get some medicines for you to pop up and you’ll be good to go’’ He promised cheerfully. Yeah right. Harley snuggled up to me on the other side and put her hand on my stomach, of course on the blanket. ‘’Don’t be so worried Y/N. It’s going to be okay!’’ She purred lovingly and traced patterns with her fingers. Well I warned them.

‘’What’s this show?’’ Harley asked me as we all stared at the big flat screen in front of us. ‘’Gotham’’ I replied shortly and then tried to relax. ‘’Oh how exciting!’’ Joker chuckled and sounded happy. He liked shows that were filmed here or had anything to do with Gotham. ‘’ Hey princess’’ Harley looked at me, straight into my eyes. I just nodded. ‘’I’ll go and getcha some drugs to make you feel better’’ She promised and placed a kiss on my cheeks. Knowing Harley I wasn’t sure whether she meant real drugs or medicines by drugs. Then she got up and walked away, leaving me with Joker.

‘’If I knew how to cook I’d make ya some soup’’ He admitted after a while. I couldn’t help but to smile at him. ‘’I’ll be fine J’’ I whispered calmly and leaned a little against him. ‘’This is Batman’s fault’’ He stated bluntly and I just nodded. ‘’Well we can kick his ass later’’ He laughed again and I knew he’d do anything to piss off that bat. ‘’You, me and Harley. A deadly trio’’ I said although my throat hurt. Joker looked into my eyes and I saw love in the middle of that chaos. ‘’You two are my queens..you’re so clever’’

‘’I’m back!’’ Harley declared and ran over with something in her hands. I looked closer and saw two things which didn’t surprise me at all. She had Burana, water and a joint. A long joint. ‘’I thought we could share this’’ She answered my unspoken question. ‘’Come here Harls. We’ll have to stay in all day’’ Joker fake pouted. Harley was back on the couch with us quickly. 

I loved these two.

In This Galaxy

For @jonxsansafanfiction ‘s Valentines Challenge!
Day 3: Confessions
Summary: Dystopian AU: After Winterfell, one of the largest ships in the galaxy, is attacked by rebels, Lieutenant Snow is tasked with protecting the princess, but when they are saved by the royal military unit, Lieutenant Snow is interrogated over what really transpired during the rebellion.

“State your name and station.”

“Jon Snow. Lieutenant at The Wall.”

The man crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back. His blonde hair was cropped to the scalp and there was a long jagged scar down his right eye. He would be intimidating if Jon hadn’t spent the past five years at The Wall where he had seen the worst of what the war could do to people.

“What was your business at Winterfell?”

“I was sent by my general to discuss a private matter.”

“What was that matter?”

“That is above your clearance.”

The man’s eyes narrowed. He placed both hands on the cool, metal table.

“Lieutenant Snow, I can assure you I have clearance.”

“Unless General Mormont tells me personally, I cannot say any further.”

There was a moment where the man seemed to consider this and debate whether it was worth pressing the issue further but a knock from the other side of the mirror decided for him. Jon didn’t know who was watching behind the glass or how many people had been involved in the rebellion, all he cared about was getting out of here and finding her.

“Very well. So you arrived at Winterfell three days prior. Is that correct?”


“And then what happened?”

“My men and I were escorted immediately to General Stark’s office where the matter was discussed.”

“This is Eddard Stark?”

“No. This was his son. Robb Stark.”

“Where was Eddard Stark? Last we heard, he was the General in charge of Winterfell.”

“He is retired with his wife at Riverrun, or so I was told.”

“So you met with General Robb Stark. What happened after?”

“Once the matter was concluded, General Stark held a feast for my men and I. It had been a long journey from The Wall. It was to lift our spirits.”

“Were you intoxicated at this feast, Lieutenant Snow?”


“Was this when the rebels arrived?”

“No. That happened later.”

“So what happened at the feast?”

“We drank, we ate. It was a feast. Nothing of import happened other than that.”

“Was that when you met the princess?”

Jon’s jaw clenched imperceptibly.

“Yes and no. We were introduced in passing but I did not speak to her.”

“Did you want to?”

“I don’t see how that is relevant.”

“Answer the question, lieutenant.”

“No, I did not want to. She is a woman well above my station. I had no reason to want to speak to her.”

The man wrote something in his file and nodded. Jon knew what was coming but knowing it did little to ease the tension built up around his shoulders.

“So the rebels came at what hour?”


“What happened first?”

“A blast broke down in the hull of the ship. Even from where our quarters were, it rocked all of Winterfell.”

“Did you try to reach an escape pod?”

“No, I am a soldier. My duty was to my men. We stayed and fought.”

“But you didn’t stay for long.”

“Is that a question?”

“What did General Stark say to you during the fighting?”

“He ordered me to protect the princess.”

“Just you?”

“Just me. He did not trust anyone else.”

“And why is that?”

“Because Winterfell had not detected any enemy ships so the rebels must’ve already been on board when they attacked. There was no telling which of us were compromised.”

“But General Stark was sure you weren’t?”

“We trained together at the Academy. He knows I am loyal.”

The man jotted something else down. Jon’s unease grew.

“So you abandoned the fight and went to find the princess. What happened?”

“I escorted her to an escape pod but we were ambushed. We had to find refuge somewhere. There were six rebels after us and I couldn’t take them all at once without risking the safety of the princess.”

“I see. And so you blocaded yourselves in the infirmary. For the entire time?”

“Where else would we go? We could still hear the fighting. If we tried to reach our escape pod with those rebels looking for us, we’d be dead. I had a mission to protect the princess at all cost and I was not willing to fail.”

“Because of General Stark?”


“And no other reason?”

“What are you insinuating?”

“You were alone with the princess for two days, Lieutenant Snow. You tell us.”

“If you’re asking if anything happened between the princess and I then the answer is no. Like I said, I am a soldier and she is a princess. She is well above my station.”

“But did you want something to happen?”

“I don’t see how this is relevant to the rebellion.”

“It is very relevant, Lieutenant Snow. Now answer the question.”

“My only concerns were about her safety. I kept her safe. That is all.”

A shout could be heard from beyond the room and Jon jerked forward, alert and ready.

“What’s happening?”

The man looked nonplussed, as if he barely even heard the noise. He merely flipped through the file in his lap.

“None of your concern. Now, how did the princess sustain her injuries?”

The shouting continued. Jon’s eyes flickered to the only entrance into the room. Something wasn’t right. He had felt it as soon as these men had arrived, claiming to be the White Cavalry, a military unit dedicated to protecting the royal family, but there was something off about them. Jon couldn’t put his finger on what it was but he needed to find her. He needed to make sure she was safe.

“Lieutenant Snow, how did the princess sustain her injuries?”

Jon looked back at the man, frowning.

“We were found by the rebels on the last day. There were three of them this time. I did my best but one of them got to her before I could incapacitate them.”

“I see.”

The memory pained him still. He had let them touch her. It was his job to protect the princess, his job to protect his friend’s cousin, but he had barely managed that.

“Is she okay?”

The man looked up from his file, a slow, sinister smile pulling taut across his face. Jon’s fingers clenched tightly at his side.

“Tell me, Lieutenant Snow, what is the nature of your relationship with the princess?”

“There is no relationship.”

“Hmm, I beg to differ. According to footage recovered from Winterfell, there is in fact a rather fond relationship between the two of you.” The man closed his file. He smiled even wider now. “So if I were to threaten your life, do you think the princess would rush to your aid? Do you think she would reveal her father’s plans for the warship?”

Jon’s breath left him in a rush. He brought both fists down onto the table and lurched forward.

“You piece of shit, where did you take her!”

The man leaned back. There was nothing Jon could do with the restraints holding him in place. His heart pounded in his chest, all the worries and doubts coming to surface all at once. They were part of the rebellion. He should have known. He should have protected her.

That is none of your concern, Lieutenant Snow.”

“You touch her and I’ll kill you!”

The man laughed, a foreboding sound to Jon’s ears.

“It’s quite touching, really, this little crush you have on the princess. Pathetic, lieutenant, but touching. It’s too bad she has to die for the cause. Such a pretty girl too.”

The shouting returned, now closer than before, and this time, it did cause the man to turn towards the mirrored wall with a furrow between his brows. Jon tried to regain control of his breathing. If he remained calm, he could find a way out of his restraints and save her. He could still save her. He had to.

Abruptly, the mirror exploded, shards of glass flying everywhere. Jon tucked his head towards his chest and angled his body as best as he could away from the projectiles. When he looked back up, his men were jumping into the room with their guns raised. Two grabbed the man who had been interrogating Jon, and his second-in-command unlocked Jon’s restraints with a smirk.

“Alright, Jon?” Edd asked. “You look like shit.”

Jon laughed and rubbed at his wrists as soon as the metal handcuffs had dropped away. He stood up, walking over to the man, and punched him square in the jaw.

“Not a crush,” Jon said, leaning forward so his voice remained low enough for only the man to hear, confessing something he hadn’t even said to the woman in question. “I love her. And the next time you try to threaten her life, I’ll make sure you die a slow and agonising death.”

As soon as the man was carried out from the room, a flurry of red came bounding towards him, his hands instinctively going around her waist. Her lips found his easily and she kissed him so fully, so deeply, that several of his men started to cough to get their attention. Jon chuckled, pushing her back but keeping one arm secured around her waist.

“Search the ship. Lock up any rebels you find and bring the injured to the main hall. Edd, I need you to contact General Mormont. No one else. Not even the royal family. We don’t know how many have been compromised.”

When his men had filed out, leaving him alone with her, Jon turned her in his arms and cradled her face in between his hands.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

“Jon,” she sighed, smiling. “I’m okay. I really am.”

He kissed her again, just to make sure she was really there in his arms.

“What’ll happen now?”

“I don’t know,” Jon said honestly. “But I’m not letting you out of my sight. You stay with me. It’s the only way I can protect you.”

“Is that a promise, Lieutenant Snow?”

“Aye. It is, Princess Sansa.”

Magical by SBK

The expansive, open room is filled with smiling faces.  Some he recognizes and some he doesn’t.  He is amazed at the extravagance of his surroundings……sparkling candelabras, massive chandeliers, flowers of all shades and shapes.  For the hundredth time, he wonders where he is and what he could possibly be doing here.  He looks down at the brilliant suit he is showcasing once again, proud of the fact that he looks so distinguished but confused by it all.  A hush spreads across the room as the doors are thrown open and someone seems to be making an entrance.  There is hurried movement at his side and he looks over to see Carl.  He smiles widely and was just about to ask his son what they were doing when the teen who is dressed almost identical to his father, gives him a slight shove.  He stumbles but corrects himself quickly as all eyes focus on him before returning towards the entrance.  He follows their gaze and gasps as Michonne steps into the room.  She is dressed in the most beautiful dress he has ever seen, lacy and silky and mostly white.  She is wearing makeup and her long locs are piled high on her head, a shimmering crown sitting atop.

He is completely speechless as she drops into some sort of curtsey and seems to be doing so especially for him.  He looks around with uncertainty, his eyes landing on his slightly bowed over son.  He turns back to Michonne and quickly bends at the waist, returning her bow with one of his own.  A tapping sound is heard followed immediately by the sweet sound of orchestral music.

Michonne moves toward him, her long gown flowing all around her.  She offers him her hand, walks with him to the middle of the floor, and proceeds to lead them in a waltz.  She smiles at him, allowing her eyes to drift lower, admiring him before she returns her gaze to his handsome face.

Rick wants to speak but can’t find his voice.  The woman in front of him has always been beautiful but she is extremely so right now as she is wearing a dress he could only dream of ever seeing her in, her eyes are shining with the most prominent twinkle he has ever seen, her skin looks absolutely delectable and their surroundings are almost magical.  He blinks his eyes several times, giving his head a slight shake in hopes of waking up or something.  This can’t be real…can it?

The dance and the music come to an end as Father Gabriel steps forward, clears his throat, and announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grimes.”

Rick pops awake, his heart racing, his breathing erratic.  He is lying on his back in their bed, in their room….in Alexandria.  He allows his eyes to move around, searching the room and reminding himself to pick up his clothes before Michonne wakes up.  Michonne.  He sighs and looks over to his side.  She is there sleeping soundly, right where she is supposed to be.  He considers the dream he just had and takes a slow, deep breath.  He scoffs then lets out a soft laugh.

Michonne opens her eyes and turns onto her back, looking over at her lover.  “Good morning.”  She stretches slowly then asks, “What’s so funny?”

He rubs his eyes then pinches the bridge of his nose.  “Just remind me not to watch those Disney princesses with Judy again.”

She frowns then gives him a questioning look.  “And why is that?”

He sighs heavily.  “I just had a dream about us dancing a waltz in front of a room full of people.  I looked like some prince and you were my princess.”

She turns her body fully to face him, propping up on an elbow with a smile.  “Really?  Well what did my dress look like?  Was it yellow like Belle’s or a pastel green like Tiana’s?”

He considers the question, then answers, “No.  It was….white maybe.  Long, lacy….like a wedding dress.  You were absolutely stunning in it.”  He turns to face her, wanting to see her reaction.

“A…..wedding dress?”  She swallows before inhaling and exhaling slowly.  “So you dreamt that we were….getting married?”

He hesitates for only a moment, wondering if he should reveal the truth.  “Yeah I think so.”

She slides closer to him.  “Well you know they say dreams are just unconscious wishes of the dreamer.”

He reaches out and caresses her arm.  “Really now?”

She nods.  “And….just so we’re clear…..you’re saying what I think you’re saying right?”

“Only if you’re saying what you think I wanna hear?”

They gaze at each other seriously for one split second before bursting into laughter and pulling each other in for a hug.

Vacation- Dylan Larkin

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Ok so I was trying to figure out where to send Dylan and fam on bye week vacation and I figured out the PERFECT spot! So I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Warning: None

Anon request: Hi could I request a Dylan Larkin imagine where you both take your kids on vacation during the bye week and it’s super cute?! Thanks so much!!!!


              When Dylan suggested going on vacation, you were sure this was not what he had planned.

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