well she used to look like a princess

Listen okay. I used to hate myself for being mentally ill. I used to legitimately hate myself and tell myself IN THE MIRROR EVERY MORNING that I was worthless and would amount to nothing.

And do you know who changed all that?!

Carrie Fisher.

Look, I’m not well versed in Star Wars stuff. I’ve barely seen the films Carrie herself was in. But I know damn well who Princess Leia was. So here’s this woman talking about her own mental illnesses and addictions and struggles, and she’s doing it unapologetically. Like, she’s not reducing herself when she talks about those things, she’s just talking openly about how they fucked with her and her life but how she conquers them every day by being bigger than they are. And that was radical to me. That was like a light bulb switching on in my head. Yes, I’m an addict. Yes, I am depressed and have anxiety and PTSD and ADHD and tons of other diagnoses.

But if she kept fighting, so can I. If she grew bigger than her illnesses, so can I. If she lived without apologizing for her brain, than so can I.

Thank you, Carrie. For showing me that how you fight is what matters in the end, and that you win people’s respect by being honestly and unabashedly yourself in the face of a world begging you to compromise.

Rest in peace now.


Don’t know ‘bout you, but I’m not too fond of seeing Diana using her shield and sword All.The.Freaking.Time.

I prefer when she used to rely only on her skills, Lasso and bracelets, occasionally her tiara, because her main objective was the preservation of peace. Remember peace? 

And sword, shield and armor were a last resort, used on very special opportunities, say…combat aliens, gods or mythological creatures.

Sometimes even Superman

Oh, well…

Thing is: now, with her weapons and looks, she’s more like a rip-off of “Xena: Warrior Princess”, which is funny, because Xena was always considered a rip-off of Wonder Woman.

snippet: dad!alfie

a combination of an @ateliefloresdaprimavera headcanon and the fact that my dad always used to call me ‘his poor little wounded soldier’ when i was ill as a child

“Right, let’s have a look”

Alfie pulled the thermometer from your daughter’s mouth with one hand, putting his glasses on with the other. He considered it for a moment then quirked the side of his mouth in a ‘well shit’ expression.

“Nah, you’re fucked”



“Let me see”

He handed it over to you and you sighed.

“You’re fine, it’s a mild fever, Day. She has a throat infection. I told you, it’s a throat infection, like the boys was”

“Come here, princess”

He bent to scoop her up from the sofa, carrying her over to the stairs.

“Time for bed for my little wounded soldier”

“My throat’s scratchy”

“I’ll bring you some tea up, honey”

“Bring some whisky up with ya, as well”

He shouted down from the landing and you rolled your eyes.

“You’re not getting drunk while you’re looking after your sick daughter, Alfie”

“It’s for her!”


I’m a reading manager in a primary school. I run the library and today I was telling my 8 year olds that in two weeks time we will be playing Mastermind and that they needed to think of a specialist subject.

I told them my specialist subject was Xena Warrior Princess.

Their teacher said she used to watch it on Channel 5 but it stopped halfway through the show.

I told them that channel 5 thought it had become unsuitable.

The children asked why.

I said that at the time when it looked like Xena and Gabrielle were in love Channel 5 stopped showing it as frequently.

The children looked very sad, and one child said “But they loved each other? Wasn’t that the best bit? Why did they think it was bad?”

I said “well, at the time it wasn’t so okay to be with a girl if you were a girl.”

They looked completely downtrodden.

One child said “Well that is wrong. If they love each other what’s wrong with that?”

This is a school with a 99% Muslim population, most of them with very strict families and most of them refugees / deprived.

I am an openly transgender teacher.

These children are our future and I’m so happy they are.

So, my boyf and I were talking about disney princesses and like, we talked about how this one girl we know reminds me of Belle. It’s not who she is or what she looks like, it’s her vibe. I mean, she looks nothing like Belle and she’s not a bookworm but her vibe, so Belle. She’s every guy’s dream, she doesn’t get lusted after etc. Then, he started talking about who among our friends give us the disney princesses vibes. I started naming disney princesses then he tells me who they remind him of. 

I mean it wasn’t the first time he told me about it and it wasn’t the first time I heard about it, I just choose to ignore it. Well, I don’t believe them. I kept telling them I could pull off one of Cinderella’s sisters. Because I’m ugly like that. Hahaha. Other than Jasmine and Mulan, I usually get Meg and Belle also from my college friends, prolly why I learned to love those two. 

I mean, if I have a say on this, I could say Meg kind of reminds me of me. Uhh, thinks of love then gets effed up. And got afraid of falling in love when the right guy came and kept her walls up. Plus, she’s one of those female badass women characters who has like, the best movie lines. 

And they also think my voice reminds them of Meg, too. Plus the way I move or act around. I don’t know what they mean though. I mean, I’m always like this. I can’t really see that.

For Belle, I think they just thought I’m a Belle because I always carry a book with me back then and like, isolate myself from them to finish what I was reading. And also, for the friends I made abroad. They think I’m the odd one because I’m the only one who doesn’t drink, doesn’t know how to swim and doesn’t know how to skate. Basically, I’m the odd one.

So basically, for my boyfriend, I’m Lea Salonga. Hahahha yas pls im not complaining i love her. 

Prince Eunwoo





look at him in this fancam, the boy looks so handsome. His voice is so perfect too? Like what?? HOW?? 

 Like here too he looks like a new member of Ouran to be honest. Does that girl know she’s holding hands with prince eunwoo?? does she know?? 

now let us talk about the boy’s smile. You know in those movies where the prince smiles at the soon-to-be princess and her heart melts? And she starts to replay the moment in her mind constantly? Well.. 


Low quality lighting? NO PROBLEM! You can still tell that Eunwoo looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Honestly, the moment moonbinny showed me iteen I chose Eunwoo/Dongmin because of his SMILE. Then when she sent me fancams of him I instantly thought he looked like a prince. He looks like someone who would protect you from all evil and love you forever. 


Important information

So, schRita is having internet issues and therefore will probably not be able to release Princess Fragrance today. In the meantime, since spacey is the second, she’s in charge of the blog !!!!

Proof that she is the second ? Ok. You see, after schRita is done typesetting, if you look very closely during the episode, you can see spacey’s translations.

Anyway back to business with us. Some people asked about season 2. Well great news, this French potato managed to get some EXCLUSIVE informations !!!!

You will have the titles of the episodes and some link to concept pictures. That being said, the titles are a bit weird since they’re not definitive ones, they kinda show what’s gonna happen in the episode ? So you’ve been warned, spoilers ahead !!!!

  • 1. The mystery unfolds
  • 2. As clueless as ever
  • 3. Suspicions
  • 4. Investigation
  • 5. Once upon a time
  • 6. The encounter
  • 7. Morpho
  • 8. On the run
  • 9. Steven
  • 10. Peacock
  • 11. The discovery
  • 12. Papillon
  • 13. Return
  • 14. Capturator
  • 15. Disappearance
  • 16. Umbrella
  • 17. Gorilla
  • 18. Heartless
  • 19. Mind-reader
  • 20. Something new
  • 21. Help
  • 22. Boiler
  • 23. Home
  • 24. Mud
  • 25. Here
  • 26. The truth

As for the concept art : I don’t know which episodes they’re for so yeah

x x x x x x x x x x x 

We hope you’ll enjoy them


Cuddles with Shawn//

The outfit you wear for a movie night with Shawn

It was a Friday night and I decided to call y/n up.
“Hey princess want to come over and watch movies with me.”
“Sounds like a good idea, but I have to get ready and I don’t really want to.”
“Whatever baby you look good no matter what.”
“Shut up Shawn. I’ll be over in 15 minutes.”

Y/n show up at my house and had bags
In her hands.
“What’s that.”
“Just some goodies for us.”
Y/n came and sat next to me. We intertwined with our hands. Then I look at her eyes. She was so beautiful and amazing. “Shawn? Why are you staring at me.” She started laughing. Then I blush. “Well princess you’re gorgeous.” Then I gave her a kiss. I smiled in the kiss. “I’m glad to call you my girlfriend.”
Y/N blush really hard. “Shawn I love you so much.” Then she gave me a other kiss. My heart just melted at her touch.

i used to be really hesitant to draw characters even a little fat like they had to be the Good Curvy kind of fat or like, they had to be minor or weird characters bc of COURSE you can’t make any of the powerful, confident, canonically ‘’’’beautiful’’’’ characters fat haha! I remember havin a conversation w the-slug-princess abt like, naruto characters, bc it was easy to hc characters like Hinata as fat, bc she is shy and self-conscious, so of course it was easy to empathize and project traits like being overweight onto her, like, look, she wears a big sweatshirt just like you used to all through highschool, she could totally be (a LITTLE, bc of course, she a Physically Active ninja) overweight, but it would never occur to anyone to make, say, Sakura fat bc well, she is strong, and a main character! and especially not Ino, since one of her traits is explicitly that she is beautiful! it seems silly to be like, and I never thought about it that way, but I never thought about it that way. and I’ve probably said this before but it really makes me feel better about myself when say, people tell me they love how I draw Ysera, because that was one of the first times I was like, she’s my favorite and there’s no reason she can’t be fat. There’s no reason any character can’t be fat. 

I love Sabrina so so much. But I saw what she was wearing to her movie premiere and I cannot let it go. I gotta bash this.

Girl. This is not only a movie premiere, it’s YOUR movie premiere and not only that but it’s also the 100th DCOM so all I wanna know is why did you show up with gold spray-painted tinfoil?
Like, well done on the make up and the hair and even the shoes, but that dress (if you can even call it a dress) nah girl.
Legit looks like you should be used to wrap up a cheeseburger.
You look like those car window foils.
Like, Sab, Princess, Angel, no. Please. Just, please, just tell me why? Honestly, what were you thinking.