well she tried xd

request by richardnevilleofwarwick
19th century AU Henry x Elizabeth, austen-brontë like (well… i tried lmao xD)

She is rich, her father being the owner of one of the most powerful and wealthy companies in the south of England. Elegant, skilled dancer, charming… and yet, none of her suitors have been equipped to handle her and her character —her father’s temper behind her mother’s beauty. She has to marry, yes, she knows it well, but she will never let her ‘new’ husband control her life and fortune.
Discouraging all her ‘aged’ tutors from the english country, a request is sent to a younger one from Welsh, who instructed in some of the most prestigious french families. His unconventional methods only created resistance from her, but their small age difference helps. A dialogue appears, and to her surprise, she finds a confident in him. Her parents are more than pleased by the results, but their views change radically the day they find a letter: she is in love and he, apparently, is not indifferent to her impetuous charms…


Liliana sat in the window that looked out onto the lake. Her notebook was rested on her lap and she was sketching with her hair falling over her face. The footsteps that passed her every few minutes didnt faze her, until the sound stop. Looking up, she came face to face with Josiah. “Well, hi there.”