well she probably did care about a lot of stuff haha

agentsokka  asked:

Not sure if you've made posts about it before (sorry if you have!), but could you elaborate more on the alphas not 'getting' each others' main flaws? I'm really curious since I haven't heard their relationships described like that before.

Sure, let me try to articulate what I mean here. 

Basically, the alphas as a group all love each other SO MUCH, which is awesome, they’re this closeknit squad and they’re all so important to each other and their relationships all make me feel enormous sprawling feelings, but the sheer AMOUNT they all love each other sort of blinds them to some of their own needs. They all want to think the very best of each other, and the occasional thoughts they have about each other that aren’t like 100% positive get immediately suppressed and marinated in guilt juice and they try not to acknowledge it and go back to focusing on the good instead. 

So they’re all kind of bottling things up about each other, right? But it doesn’t come from any malicious place, it comes from a place of wanting to be the best they can be because they care about everyone else’s opinion so much but also knowing they aren’t always their best selves – and knowing their friends aren’t always their best selves – but if THEY know their friends sometimes are shitty, that means everyone else might know that THEY are sometimes shitty, too. 

They’re all trying so hard to downplay the bad and upjump the good, which is MUCH MUCH easier to do with online relationships. 

You throw them into physical proximity and suddenly those annoyances you all tried so hard to pretend didn’t bug you that bad and never talked about because talking about unpleasant things is, well, unpleasant, start to boil over. Put that on top of the stressful circumstances that led to several relationships starting the session OFF more strained than usual, and wow. They had no fucking chance. 

I love the alphas so much – they got shit on by a lot of the fandom because their plotline was so internal and cerebral, but that is the kind of shit I LOVE. The betas were all friends, but they never felt like ONE GROUP to me. The full four way group dynamic never crystallized. We always found them interacting one on one and rarely ABOUT one another, because the betas’ conflicts were more or less external. The betas’ story up to Collide was them vs the environment, the game, doc scratch, sburb, the horrorterrors. The alphas’ story is so much about THEM. Their relationships. Them as a group. Their interpersonal issues and foibles and there’s this element of nitty gritty real HUMAN-ness to their struggles that isn’t super present with most of the betas who feel like more fantastical figures that struggle against equally fantastical antagonists. (The betas KIND OF segue into something like this post-Collide, but it’s not expounded upon as much, they’re split into different groups, and also a lot of it got retconned - Jade and John had some interesting moments on the boat but that stuff was probably the biggest victim of the retcon.)


Here’s an example of what I mean to wrap it up: 

Jane and Roxy are best friends, they love each other deeply, you can tell from their every interaction that they care tremendously about each other’s opinion of them, but. Roxy has a drinking problem. This (I think) clearly makes Jane uncomfortable sometimes, but Jane suppresses it and pushes it down because she wants to think the best of Roxy, she minimizes the issue. No one ever confronts Roxy about this very serious problem she has in any real or effective way (not just Jane, NO ONE does this) because they all want to think the best of her and oh… haha….. it’s just a little foible… just  a quirk…. it’s cool…. not a big deal …. I’m sure roxy has her life under control no big deal!!

Basically EVERY alpha relationship has something like this going on. Everyone downplays how much the AR bugs them because hey I’m sure Dirk has things under control he probably does this on purpose god Dirk you’re so silly jeez Dirk we’d really like to talk to you instead of your fucking hell robot sometimes but oh well I’m sure Dirk knows what he’s doing ho hum let’s all downplay how much this actually bothers us because we want to think the best of Dirk and can’t imagine him ever creating a situation he genuinely cannot deal with or control because well gosh he’s just so capable!

Everyone downplays how selfish Jake can be because oh well Jake is just silly he’s so nice he doesn’t MEAN to be this way I mean it’s JAKE how could Jake English ever do something as vaguely malicious as take advantage of how he KNOWS Jane never really says what she’s thinking if that thing is hard to say and use that to his advantage to give him a perfectly reasonable out on having to tell her he isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with her and then, KNOWING she actually did have a huge crush on him, constantly inundate her with his issues with his boyfriend for months thereafter. Surely Jake could never be that manipulative he’s so nice!! (NOTE: I love Jake English, specifically BECAUSE of things like this, I honestly would not like him if he were actually the way fanon paints him all the time, some weak cinnamon roll that can do no wrong.) 

etc etc etc

This is why I love the alphas! They are a group of fucked up teenagers who are all struggling so fucking bad but all need their friends to believe everything is ok, and who need to believe their friends are ok, who want so bad for each other to be happy that they sabotage themselves both individually and as a group in misguided attempts to pretend at and manufacture that happiness without actually doing the hard work of fixing the underlying issues preventing them from TRULY achieving it. 

(The one issue, as with most things in Homestuck that I have issues with, is that we are not shown the resolution to these arcs and struggles in canon, boooooooooooooooooooooo)

Okay so I know it’s been awhile since my WINGS fansign but my life is in shambles and I’m going one day at a time lol so here it is

I arrived at the fansign early this time…thank god lol and legit picked the pages that the members were gonna sign right before. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but they happened to sit in the perfect order since I picked different photos from all 4 albums for each member to sign and the members who shared the same album were sitting together lol I also wrote my name down (Kat 누나) so that they would know what to write. Namjoon I didnt put Noona. It didnt seem right since I knew we would just be speaking english to each other.

Anyway I went in and took my seat. I was in the middle second row. Pretty good. Once again it was like 99% fansites lol It seems many fansites work in at least a pair. One takes pictures while the other uploads previews to twitter. Or while one is getting their album signed they will point to their camera/fansite coworker so that the member will wave or act cute for their specific camera.

So right when I sat down one of the fansites behind me tapped me on the shoulder and started speaking korean. I told her I didnt speak korean and in the most fluent english I have ever done heard she asked if we could switch seats. Obviously she wanted to get closer; who wouldn’t. She said she would take pictures of me with the members while I was up there if we could switch bless her soul. And honestly in my mind one row further back meant nothing to me so I said yes and gave her my email, honestly going on faith lol

I was so nervous to meet them again. Seeing them so close and in such a comfortable setting for them surrounded by fansites that they know so well. But I felt better than last time. i think i just had more time to get my brain under control lol and I was talking to my friends in my GC the whole time this time and it kept me light and calm. Bless them

So the fansite was true to her word and she sent me 75 HD photos of me talking with the boys. Unfortunately she did not get me with Hobi or Jin, but oh well, life goes on. i assume another member was being extra adorable and she had to stop to photograph it. Don’t blame her.

So Jhope was first and he was so bright and smiley (they all seemed in a super good mood tbh) He asked me where I was from. i told him America…then LA just to keep things simple (I am from LA originally gosh dangit) He got super excited and said that he loves LA. I told him that I loved his Intro and he rapped a small part of it and danced a little lol I asked him about this abs and he laughed and touched his stomach and said thank you. I asked if he still had them and he said no…suuuuuuure

Tae was next. Just like last time he was so shocked by my name Kat. He kept asking if it was my real name. i just insisted it was lol I’m assuming he was thinking of the animal and was shocked that I was named after cats lol I mentioned that I had a lot of friends who came to Korea to see them. Then for a friend I asked him what perfume he wore. He was very cute and acted like he couldn’t recall the name. i know he was just messing with me though and didnt want to tell me. The lady came over and told me to move and he pretended to be all panicked. I asked him to write the answer on the post it note but he just wrote some random lines lol and then I had to move on that jerk. I’ve included 3 Tae pics because his face during this exchange was too great

Jin was next. He’s so handsome and so put together. I told him I was worried about him going to the jungle. He asked me if there were lions or bears or tigers in the jungle. I said no to all and he said then I shouldn’t worry. He was really funny and I wish I could properly express over text the way he said it all. It was so cute cuz he kept pausing to think of how to say the animals in english. His english is honestly really good.

Next was Jimin that shy little angel. Even though the album for him to sign was right on top as I had intended he moved it and went through all 4 before I picked it up and gave him the right one lol he was so shy and flustered. He signed my album and then looked up to start talking to me, then suddenly he looked back down at my album with a shocked expression. He quickly added a noona after my name. He also drew a little cat which I love cuz sometimes I draw a little cat after my name too. But just the way his face looked when he realized he should add noona. He was so scandalized that he hadn’t haha He was also the only one to actually write noona. I’m dead. He then went on to point out one of my rings which is kind of his style. Then he pointed to one of his and said that his ring was bigger than mine. I said yes but my hand is bigger than his so he held his hand up to compare and he just died inside when my hand was bigger lolol he laughed shyly and then it was over lol

Next was Yoongi. He was very quiet; didnt talk much at all. I told him that i was from LA and he said that he likes LA. I told him I saw him at KCON and I would be going to Muster. I also told him that we would win daesang and he just smiled slightly and nodded (little did he know) Even though he didnt talk much he held my hand almost the whole time as if to show his appreciation. Even though he didnt seem like he wanted to talk english with me I felt appreciated and that he was interested in what I was saying the whole time.

Jungkook was next and oh lord was he so cute. He was in such a good mood. He said hello in korean and I said hello in English and his face lit up. He said “oh! English! ok!” Like he was super ready to speak english. Our conversation:

Me: You’re really excited today!

Kookie: …..

Me: LOL You’re really happy!

Kookie: Yes! Happy!

(He signed my album then…lol)

Kookie: Today…..today……today….today… … I am happy

It was so cute. He wanted to speak english so bad but just couldn’t get the words happening. But he was smiling and bouncing in his seat the whole time bless him. I just died from his cuteness

Last was Namjoon. At this point I was super proud of myself for having survived through all the members and all the language barrier. Namjoon was next and I was like OK! relief! You got this! He was super nice. He asked me about where I was from. How long i had been in Korea. He joked that my korean must be really good by now. He told me to be careful of the cold. It was small talk but he was so nice and charming. Then we were done..It was the end. The lady had come to tell me to move it along and then as if an after thought…as if he just wanted to let me know he said “You’re really attractive”…

And I died. I put my head down I was so shocked. But then I told him “No, you’re really attractive!” Pretty sure I was laughing a lot at this point lol and just so shy and then the lady came back and was like girl for real go lolol

It was like Namjoon knew I was way too chill. I had done much too well. He had to end me.

That’s pretty much it. Everything after is probably stuff you’ve already seen circulating twitter and tumblr. Tae playing the piano and playing with a yoyo. Jimin stickering people. Jin singing part of his solo song. It was the last fansign for wings and it just felt like such a happy and great time. All the members were in a great mood and I was in a great mood, and I was also dead.

I forgot to mention that I did hold all of their hands! lol 

Thanks for being so patient guys!!! 

Mob Psycho 100 x Paranatural

Okay my dudes, I figure I may as well put these ideas down in one post since I don’t have time to draw them (or any more at least). They all stemmed from a convo a month or two ago between me and @happikattwuzheere concerning how Reigen is the Anti-Spender.

@7bluecats and @cocoa-bee I think you two were asking about this general stuff.

-cracks knuckles- 

Okay so. I have like. Several variations on the theme.

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Episode 87, part 1: did you know one of my favourite things about DSOD is that Jounouchi doesn’t duel in it? No reason.

Jounouchi is facing Rishid in a duel of deceit (and cards); Rishid is pretending to be Malik and Jounouchi is pretending to be someone who can play this fucking card game 

You sure did, hon.

Things aren’t looking good for Jounouchi; he’s facing Rishid’s creepy snake-monsters summoned from Trap cards, and he doesn’t have anything to protect himself with except his Scapegoats, or squishy-sleep-sheep as I like to call them.

Uh-oh! The squishy-sleep-sheep have dissolved! 

… Okay is NO ONE even glancing behind them, like this is SO BLATANT I feel embarrassment on behalf of Malik for being so cocky and brazen and foolish that he thought that this would work AND IT IS WORKING

Speaking of embarrassing overconfident megalomaniacs

… I feel like this is the result of living in an environment where usually when he says something he thinks is a really sick burn, the reactions are “Excellent burn, Mr Kaiba Sir, pls don’t fire me” and “haha good one Big Brother and I should know, I’m a 10-year-old!”

Anyway, Jounouchi’s about to give up, which I was very excited about, until someone had to be a RUINER and convince him to keep fighting and that person was Mai and dammit she’s too gorgeous to stay mad at. She invokes the duelists Jounouchi defeated to get to the finals:

“That depends, are we talking about Haga, who cheats a lot and runs away from consequences? Or Esper Roba, who also cheated a lot and had a meltdown when he started losing? Or maybe Mako, who panicked when he started losing and tried to give up? Cause my answer is either ‘start cheating’ or ‘cry and give up’ and I’m getting the impression from your tone that that’s not what you want??”

Seriously talk about worst examples ever.

Shizuka also decides to get in on the Platitudes That Don’t Align With Reality party

at WHAT?

Even if we take the assumption - and it’s a wrenching one - that “playing card games really intensely instead of going to school or getting a real job” counts are “working hard”. Even then. I’m extremely dubious that Jounouchi has actually worked hard at any point except, like, once it gets past halfway point in a duel.

… The Shizuka+Jounouchi stuff is usually super cute but that’s a liiiiiitle codependent there honey

Everyone in this show needs therapy.

For example!

This is some Grade A childhood trauma tbh and we are only BOARDING the Trauma Train for the Ishtar siblings….!

“We lived in oppressive crushing darkness, of course, but the metaphorical light to live. As a second-class sibling. With only some beatings.”

#AU-where-Momma-Ishtar-lives #and-the-Ishtars-are-well-adjusted  #and-emotionally-healthy  #so-Battle-City-is-just-Kaiba-duelling-Atem  #and-then-some-hot-Egyptians-show-up  #and-give-Atem-some-cards  #and-everyone-goes-sightseeing 

But I get ahead of myself. Rishid asks Jounouchi why he’s dueling in this tournament and Jounouchi thinks of how Yugi and Yami are minding Red Eyes for him and says:

Which is ALARMING because that happened AFTER you signed up for the damn tournament and that was only, like, YESTERDAY, so, like, did you HAVE a reason for entering? Do you remember what it was?

And then he’s like, anyway, if I give up…

Um, I don’t think Ryota would care? You met Esper Roba fucking yesterday so he probably also doesn’t care? And who fucking cares whether Haga cares or not??

This is such a weird angle for me. Tellingly, it doesn’t come up with Yami, who dueled against a series of literal murderers! Some of whom are dead now anyway!

They in fact did not, young man. Certainly not nobly.

But whatever.

Okay at this point Yami has gotten interested and decides he wants to be part of the 5-way shouting match that’s happening across and around the duel arena, so he ASKS YUGI’S PERMISSION TO TAKE OVER FOR A BIT


But then weirdly, this is his contribution:

Which is a super sweet callback to a moment Jounouchi had with YUGI, not Yami. Jeez, no wonder Jounouchi’s fucking confused about who he’s promised to duel. Maybe they’re deliberately trolling him?

At this point, they deign to proceed with the actual fucking card game, and Jounouchi pulls off a great combo: deliberately discarding a card…

and retrieving it with Graverobber to bypass sacrificing to summon!

Who does he choose?

the Trap Deck’s worst nightmare: Janky Jinzo

Who promptly destroys all the snake-abominations, thank christ

And then Jounouchi just has to make it weird again.


“haha good one Big Brother and I should know, I’m a 10-year-old!”


“Capturing Her Damaged Heart”

Rated M. See chapter 1 for list of warnings. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A deadly disease plagues the world. People are dying, the dead are rising. The infection spreads too fast to stop. Everyone tries their best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but things get messy for Natsu when he finds a blonde woman on one of his missions. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Zombie Apocalypse AU. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Six: Her last name

(October 4th, 2017, Wednesday Afternoon)

“Good morning, Natsu!” a very short girl greeted him when he walked through the door. She pushed her long, pale blonde hair out of her face so she could flash a smile.

“Hey Mavis,” Natsu said with a wave, stepping aside so Lucy could enter the room.

The girl perked up when she saw the newcomer, walking over to check her out. “Oh, hello! Are you the new girl?”

“Yeah,” he answered for her. “This is Lucy. Lucy, this is Mavis Vermilion.”

Mavis held out her hand. “It’s amazing to meet you! I’m so glad Natsu here was able to find you. It’s so hectic out there. How are you doing?”

Lucy paused before staring down at the hand, then looked at Mavis’ face. Her green eyes held a genuine happiness that seemed to ease the discomfort Lucy held in her shoulders. Slowly, she raised her hand, but hesitated before sticking it out.

Mavis met Lucy the rest of the way, gently taking her hand to give it a light shake, feeling the slight tension in her fingers. She noticed Lucy’s silence, but didn’t comment on it. “I hope you’re enjoying your stay at Fairy Tail. I’m sure Natsu’s already told you all there is to know about it here, but if you ever want to ask me something, or just talk, I’m available.”

Mavis let go of Lucy’s hand, turning to face Natsu. “Is she here to meet the master?”

Lucy’s head snapped to look at Natsu, her eyes wide and full of fear. He chuckled, waving his hand as he said, “Don’t worry. He’s not a master. He’s just the guy in charge.” He looked at Mavis, giving her a pointed look. “She’s the only one who calls him that.”

She shrugged. “You don’t hear me complaining when you call him Gramps.”

“Hey, he likes that nickname though,” Natsu defended. He turned back to Lucy, offering a soft smile. “He’s nice, I promise.” He realized he had been saying people were nice a lot. He wanted to put her at ease, but now he felt a little repetitive.

“He’s free now, if you’d like to talk,” Mavis said, turning to lead them to one of the offices.

Lucy stuck close to Natsu as she followed them to the room. Her eyes darted around on the short trip there, as if waiting for something to jump out at her. Natsu noticed her odd behavior, wondering why she was paranoid.

He turned his attention to the office, a plaque on the door that read ‘Principal Makarov Dreyar’. After a few knocks, they heard a man’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Come in!”

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 5

Hello hello Tarra Treks is BACK! Read ‘em and weep, I sure did by the end.

6x20 ‘His Way’
- Netflix: “Bashir shows off his new holosuite character, a 1960s Las Vegas singer who performs in a lounge full of martini-swilling customers.”
  me out loud: “Why are you like this.”
- what is this boozy Mad Men fantasy
- it’s actually SO STRANGE to see them all in here in their uniforms!
- “pretty sweet pipes for a lightbulb” oh I like this, I like that he knows?? weird, weird and fun!

Julian is criminally pleased with himself and his preternaturally astute holographic lounge singer

- wait are Kira and Shakaar an on-again-off-again? since when?
- Julian: “He knows about love, life, women!”
  Miles: “Three things you know nothing about.”
  Julian: “Now that’s a little unfair.”
  hey if you knew about life you wouldn’t have walked right into that one
- hold up, I just realized I’m watching Quark give Odo relationship advice. QUARK AND ODO. TALKING ABOUT ♡
- Odo: “Who asked for your opinion?”
  Quark: “You did. I came here to talk about a missing shipment of groat clusters.”
- please tell me what is in a Warp Core Breach

this is incredible

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mycutecard  asked:

Hi! I love your art and your version of Swapfell Sans is my favorite ever! Do you have any headcanons for his personality? By the looks, I'd say it's the same as Fell!Papyrus, or something like that? Also, is it ok to make fanarts of him with that design? Write fanfics? Do you have a Swapfell Papyrus design too? Anything about his and Chara's personalities too? I know that maybe you just did the design without considering these details, but I had to ask since yours is really REALLY my fav!

OMG, thank you! I’m really glad that you liked his design that much!
I’m 100% okay with any kind of fanworks, but I’d really like to be given a notification (’cause I just love fanart jkevnkjvkndfjklnkjn), if that’s not too much trouble. And yeah, I’ve got plenty of headcanons for SF universe!

I imagine SF!Sans to be the older brother. His younger self was pretty much as excitable and hopeful as US!Sans, but having to deal with harsh realities of their world whilst trying to take care of Pap (who was an infant back then) shaped him into what he is today — a very incredulous and cautious character. To him his position in the Royal Guard is more of like a necessary measure to keep his family safe and fed than a longtime goal (like with UF!Pap). He’s probably a lot more restrained behaviorwise than UF!Pap as well. Also, in one of the battles from his younger days his right eye socket has gotten badly damaged, so he’s almost blind on his right side.

SF!Papyrus is… quiet. He’s not the most talkative of characters, and doesn’t really start a lot of conversations himself. Even when asked something he is most likely to give a short “yes/no/maybe” answer. Though, he’s a lot more active than UF!Sans when it comes to pretty much everything — he doesn’t really dose off at his work posts, he’s pretty clean and doesn’t make a huge mess out of his room (more than that, he sometimes even takes care of some misplaced things for Sans), and he doesn’t plague his brother’s life with tasteless humour (at least very often). He also takes a role of some kind of spy for the sake of making San’s life a little bit easier — his ability to teleport allows him to soundlessly follow possible troublemakers in the monster community, eavesdrop on their conversations, and report them to his sibling. He’s not as agressive as UF!Sans though.

I haven’t really thoroughly thought through his design, but I have some raw version here:

SF!Chara has a patience of a saint. She (or they/him, whatever is your preference; I tend to lean more to female version of Chara) is very loving and gentle, yet very calculating when it comes to battling monsters. She closely observes her opponents, finds out flaws in their logic, and then proceeds to explain why exactly taking her soul is a bad idea. She stayed with Asgore in the Ruins for a rather long time, and he (like a responsible parent he is) taught her how to defend herself. Though she still refuses to FIGHT, she can dodge attacks pretty nicely, and that skill helped her to stay alive in her battle with Sans. To Sans she is an enigma, the embodiment of everything he was stripped of — MERCY, love and kindness. Her mere existence is mocking everything he stands for, and he slowly, oh so very slowly begins to rethink his life choices.

You don’t really have to follow my headcanons, but I still hope my ramblings were of use to you! I’m always open to discussion, so if you have any ideas of your own I’d love to hear them!

rofa1309  asked:

RFA + V and Saeran as parents?

Yesssss~ Let’s do this! lolololol

 it might be a little short as inspiration is running from me… gET BACK HERE YOU LAZY SHIT


Oh, it’s all under the cut after Yoosung’s just for length



- very proud

- omg he carries a photo of your family in his wallet and shows it to all his friends

- he’s not that good with her tantrums and tries everything to make her happy. but sometimes he knows he has to be firm so he deals with it accordingly

- sometimes he gets stressed about your little girl so you have to do things for him - even if you just said you were going to rest

- sometimes you wonder who the baby in the family actually is

- your daughter is pretty chill and loves to watch him play LoLoL (she loves all the pretty colours on screen even though she doesn’t really get what’s going on)

- usually you have to drag her away after a little bit though because too much screen time is bad for her health (Yoosung didn’t even notice until she was tugging on his sleeve asking if she could sit on his lap and watch which is when you swooped in and took her away)

- Yoosung is a lost cause anyway

- reads a lot of animal picture books to her

- sometimes brings her to work with him once she’s grown up a little more and shows her all the animals

- lets her help out whenever possible

- when she’s older he teaches her LoLoL

- still asks her to study and helps her when she needs it they end up noogling a whole load of stuff

- when it comes to the talk he chickens out and asks you to do it

- your daughter grows up pretty self-sufficient and knows when to stop playing games and study unlike Yoosung when he was her age

- will probably comfort her a lot when her ex breaks her heart and then has the harshest glares you’d ever seen if they see them in public

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Bloody Ocean Waves: Chapter 3

All of the breath in my body left all at once. I could feel my heart rise to my throat. Keith was without a doubt the one holding me at sword-point. I mean I can feel him pressed against my back. And I’d recognize those abs anywhere. I knew this was unavoidable. It was only a matter of time but I didn’t expect it to come so soon. I’m going to die today by Keith’s hands. Or should I say sword? Hell, I don’t know how he’s gonna react. He might throw away his blade and then beat me to death. I mean it’s not likely but anything’s possible I guess. The real question is what I’d prefer. Definitely sword, it’d be faster and less painful. I mean I’d prefer to live but that is becoming less and less likely as the day goes on. I wonder if I don’t die right now how could this day get worse? Somehow I don’t think that could happen but I’ve been surprised before.


Oh shit right, Keith’s talking to me.

“Y-yeah.” My adam’s apple pressed awkwardly against the sharp blade when I spoke. “Yeah, it’s me.”

I felt Keith stiffen behind me. Speaking of which could he possibly back up a little? I really don’t want to feel him basically grinding on me in my final moments. Then again I once heard this phrase that was something along the lines of “The weak don’t get to choose how they die”. I’ve thought about that phrase a lot during my time in space. A weakling like me doesn’t get to die surrounded by my family like I’ve always wanted. Since becoming the Blue Paladin I’ve thought that I’d die on the battlefield. A battlefield millions of light-years away from everyone I’ve ever cared about. Instead, I’m gonna have to die uncomfortably close to Keith’s dick. Who would have guessed?

“Prove it.” He growled.

“You’re a dick.”

The sword pressed against my throat slowly moved away.

“Okay, it’s you.”

Once free I quickly stepped away from him and turned around. Keith had a firm grip on the handle of his sword but kept it lowered. His stance was clearly defensive but not aggressive. His bandaged hand was pressed tightly against his chest. It was clear that he was in pain, I just hope that he didn’t reopen his wounds. I mean I hope that he didn’t erase all of the hard work I put into taking care of him. I don’t care about his well being at all. Nope, not in the slightest he could drop dead for all I care. Anyway, this situation was, by all means, a surprise. Yeah, he knows that it’s me but he also knows that I’m a ghoul so why am I not dead? I avoided looking him in the eye.

“What happened?” To my surprise, he didn’t sound angry. He just sounded confused and… frail. This was wrong. Keith didn’t do frail. Keith’s an awesome pilot that does crazy stuff like fly through asteroid belts on the regular. He’s easily the best fighter out of all of us and Shiro’s right-hand man. Both figuratively and literally seeing as he forms Voltron’s right arm. He has been nothing but confident in both his skills and his decisions since we all became paladins. Seeing him this unsure was worrying. And those new drooping ears sure didn’t help the situation. Honestly, with that heartbroken face and those ears, I’d even go to say he looked cute. Like a cute little puppy dog, you had just kicked. Though to be fair the fact that he’s covered head-to-toe in blood and holding a deadly weapon sure negate that puppy dog effect.

I should probably answer him but… how? What exactly do I tell him? That I was born a monster but I’ve tried my whole life to be human? What does he even want to hear?! Fuck it I’ll just shrug that’ll probably work.

I bit my lip and gave him a half-hearted shrug. Well more like half-shouldered shrug since one of mine is completely unmovable due to excruciating pain. Keith’s grip on his weapon loosened and his lips tightened. He glared at me though it was lacking any actual anger, instead, he looked concerned? It’s kind of hard to tell with his new Galra-like eyes. At least he’s still got his pupils, I’ve only seen completely yellow eyes from other Galra. Pfft, I just came up with a funny pun, he “galred” at me. ‘Cus he’s Galra and he just glared at me. Haha, classic Lance. Right, serious conversation time Keith’s talking again.

“Lance that’s not an answer, what happened?!”

I didn’t want to admit it. Saying the truth out loud would make this all too real. I’ll just keep avoiding the question for as long as I can.
“Alright alright calm down, we rescued Allura and you got injured while fighting Zarkon” I mumbled ‘big surprise’ under my breath “Then both of us were hit by some weird magical beam courtesy of Haggar. And then while we were warping away something went wrong with the wormhole and all of us were separated. After having a pretty rough landing myself I found you looking all Galra-like and patched you up, and now we’re here.”

“You know that’s not what I meant-” He paused while his eyes grew in fear. “What did you say?”

Oh no, please god no this conversation doesn’t need to get any more awkward. Please spare me one moment of peace. He’s got to know right? I mean how do you just not know that about yourself. I mean I would have never guessed but… Keith has to already know he’s Galra right?? Please don’t make me explain to Keith that he’s Galra. How am I this unlucky why is it always me in shitty situations like this? Might as well bite the bullet already, who knows maybe the universe will give me a break today and not force me to explain to my teammate that he’s a monster. Keith is strong, stronger than I could ever be, but anyone would break down when they realize that they’re part of the species that we’re supposed to be fighting.
“That I found you looking all Galra-like?”

“Y-You’re joking right?” It sounded like even he didn’t believe what he was saying. Guess that confirms that theory. Keith didn’t know he was Galra and now I’m the bringer of existentially bad news. Man, this whole situation just sucks.

Then Keith caught sight of his hand. He dropped his weapon in shock and brought his hands to his face. His furry, purple, and clawed hands. The hands of a monster. He dropped to his knees and just kept staring at his hands blankly. His face was devoid of emotion. He just kept inspecting his hands. Like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His pupils were shrunk to inhuman sizes and his breathing panicked. Despite his fragile state he still refused to cry. Even in his toughest moments, he stayed stoic. I think he’s having a panic attack. How do I help him? I’ve helped Poco out of her panic attacks but Keith and she are completely different people. And I’m not that close with Keith I don’t know how to help him. I wish Shiro was here. Shiro was Keith’s adopted brother if I’m remembering what they told me correctly. Shiro would know just what to do. But I’ve got to try anyway.

“Hey, Keith budd-” I was cut off by him suddenly and violently scratching his hands apart. As if he could tear the fur right off of him. His new claws were doing serious damage to his already messed up hands. Purple blood started flowing from the new and deep wounds he had created. The sight of his blood only seemed to worsen his mood. He started scratching with even more force behind the movements. I had to stop him.

“HEY HEY WHOA!!” I screamed while I took him by the hand. He tensed up at the action as if I was hurting him. I loosened my grip in fear that I squeezed his already messed up hand too tightly. Ghouls are scarily strong, strong enough to accidentally break bones when all I want to do is a help. The moment my grip loosened he broke away from my hold and went to grab at his hair. But his hand brushed past his new ears. His lips tightened. He started clawing at his ears leaving deep gashes in the vulnerable flesh. I grabbed his hands without care for how strong my grip was. I held his broken hand in mine and the other with my kagune. I pinned his hands to the ground.

“Keith! KEITH!”

Now that he wasn’t ripping apart his ears I could see the damage. Both his ears and his hands were torn open showing just how sharp his new claws were. A large chunk of flesh was missing from his right ear. I could probably find it if I looked down. Keith was struggling under my grip but I kept him restrained. I was trying my hardest to not use too much force but with every second of struggling it seemed like it was my only option. After all, Ghouls are strong, but Galra can easily keep up with them when it comes to strength. I tightened my grip and called out to him again.

“Keith you gotta calm down!”

He wasn’t listening to me and I wouldn’t be able to hold him forever. I did the only thing I could think of. I smashed our foreheads together violently. He stopped struggling.

“Keith look at me.” I said seriously while making no room for protest. My temple was in a lot of pain, I ignored it.

He looked up and our eyes met. One pair a sharp and ugly red against pitch black. The other a deep indigo highlighted by an acidic yellow. Neither were human yet both would give anything to be.

“Repeat after me, alright?” I said before his attention could switch away from me. He slowly nodded while biting his lip. Poco always calmed down when I used this technique. Hopefully, Keith will react well to it as well.

“My name is Keith Kogane.”

“My name is Keith Kogane.” He repeated.

“I’m the pilot of the Red Lion.”

“I’m the pilot of the Red Lion.”

“A member of Voltron, defenders of the universe.”

“A member of Voltron, defenders of the universe.”

“I have a stupid mullet.”

“I have a stup- LANCE!” Damn, he almost fell for it.

“And I’m not a monster.” He hesitated to repeat after me. “Keith please.”

“And I’m not a monster.” He said at long last but it sounded dishonest. He wasn’t fighting me anymore. Instead, he was just sitting there looking lost and confused. It was pitiful to see such an incredible person at his weakest. If there’s a God out there he sure is a bastard, forcing such wonderful people to hurt themselves like this. Forcing them to be something that they never wanted to be. It’s funny that it took me this long to see his but Keith reminds me a lot of Poco. Both are undeserving of their situations. I wasn’t able to help Poco but I refuse to let Keith go down the same path. I would do anything to save him from himself.

“Could you let go of me?” He said in a tired tone.

“Only if you promise not to hurt yourself again.” He nodded softly. I reluctantly let go of him. He didn’t hurt himself but he didn’t move either. He just kept looking down at the floor. I extended my kagune to grab the med-kit lying on the other side of the cockpit. I slid it over to where we were sitting. I took a piece of cloth and soaked it in disinfectant. I softly took one of Keith’s hands and starting patching him up again. He didn’t protest.

Damn these are some serious scratches. Both of his hands were borderline mangled and drenched in purple blood. I pressed the cloth against his hand, he flinched but kept silent. I wonder if I should have cleaned the blood off first. Man, I really wish Poco taught me more about medical stuff. Once I figured that his wounds were clean I took another cloth and started wiping the blood off. Would be better if I had some water. Wait, I’m pretty sure Coran said that Altean bandages were waterproof during his med-kit explanation. That means I could clean myself off in the river without having to re-bandage anything. I would love to clean up after Keith’s better. Like seriously I’m sure being coated in blood isn’t good for my complexion. Once his hand was deemed clean enough I started wrapping it up.

I took his other hand and winced once I saw how bad it was. This was the hand that already broken, to begin with, so that was a good start. Keith really didn’t go easy on himself. For the most part, it looked like his other hand, deep gashes but nothing too serious. But there was one gash that was deep enough to reveal bone. I started patching this one up a lot quicker than I did the other hand. I pressed the disinfectant cloth into the wound and Keith jerked back in pain. I saw him bite down on his tongue to prevent a scream. I kept the cloth on regardless. I took another cloth from the med-kit and started cleaning up his hand.

“Haggar did this to us didn’t she.” I paused in my cleaning and looked up at him. I really wasn’t expecting Keith to speak up first.

“Yeah, she did.” I answered before continuing my rather poor patch-up job.

“We can’t return to the others like this.” I hummed an agreement.

“There’s got to be a way for us to fix this.” He continued.

“Maybe another druid could help?” I suggested.

“Maybe.” He mumbled while inspecting his bandaged hand with a weary expression. Guess he doesn’t trust in my ability to patch him up. Though to be fair I don’t either. I don’t have a clue to what I’m doing.

“Allura never mentioned that druid magic could do something as radical as a species change.” He said mostly to himself. Wait, what?

“Could you repeat that?” I paused in the cleaning of his wounds. There was no way what I think is happening is happening. The universe would never be so kind to me.

“I said that I didn’t know druid magic could change someone into something else?” He answered with a confused expression. Probably wondering why I would ask him to repeat that.

Oh my god, I can’t believe that something this good is happening to me. All of my good karma is coming together to create this one great act. Keith doesn’t realize that neither of us are human, he thinks this is completely due to druid magic. I have a chance to keep my secret. He doesn’t think I’m a monster. He still thinks I’m human. I can’t let him realize the truth I can’t let him know that I’m a disgusting freak. But this should be easy. I mean I’m already used to lying on a daily basis to the people I care about. All I have to do now is find a druid that can fix this while keeping the fact that neither of us are human a secret. Holy shit I could break into tears right now, it’s been a long day but things are finally looking up for me. Just have to keep the act up.

“Oh yeah! I mean I was super confused when I woke up like this.” I lied easily as I starting bandaging his hands up. He nodded his agreement but the action was cut short when he suddenly reached out and grabbed my shoulder. Honestly, I was surprised how gently he held me. He looked terrified and… concerned?

“Lance what happened to your arm!?”

“Hm? Oh, I had a bit of a rough landing, I’ll manage.” I waved his concern off.

“I’ll manage!? Lance, you lost an arm!”

I shifted out of his grip and returning to bandaging his hand up. If I act casual he won’t think it’s a big deal.

“It’ll grow back.” I said with a shrug.

That seemed to calm him down a bit though he still looked concerned for me. Though his concern was quickly replaced by discomfort.

“Oh, right.” He said awkwardly. He fidgeted slightly in his seat and avoided looking me in the eyes. Guess he doesn’t like being reminded of my “ghoulness”. Can’t really blame the guy, no one should be completely comfortable with a man-eating monster. Just goes to show how I need to do everything I can to keep the truth from him. Better switch the topic before things get even more uncomfortable. I’ll just start bickering with him like we always do, that’ll get rid of this serious mood.

“Took you awhile to notice, though.” I said slyly. “Guess you’re slower than I first thought.”

“I had other things to worry about.” He growled while his cheeks flushed a strange lilac color. Huh, I guess Galra do blush purple.

“Oh? So you’re admitting that you care more about yourself than me?” I said, though my words were lacking any real anger. Keith seemed to pick up on the fact that I was just playing.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” He grumbled just as I finished bandaging his hand.

Now how do I treat his ears? Guess I’ll just wing it. I reached up and cupped his chin. He leaned into my touch, guess that means he’s letting me work on his ears. I moved his face to the side so I could get a better view of his wounds. His left ear had a few cuts on it but his right ear was missing a whole chunk of flesh. I gently dabbed the disinfectant on his cuts. He tensed at the action but stayed still enough for me to properly work on him.

“Man, you really owe me for this.”

“I feel like you should owe me.” He eyed his bandages with a raised eyebrow and a grimace.

“Excuse me! You don’t get to complain to the person who just saved your life.” I stopped cleaning his wounds so I could put my hand on my chest in an over-dramatic offense. He let out a huff of air in a mix of amusement and annoyance.

“You don’t have to do this you know. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

“Oh please like you could do this any better.”

“It’d be a challenge not to.”

“A challenge huh?” I eyed him with a raised eyebrow and a sly smirk. I planted the still wet cloth in his hand and he winced at the sudden pressure on his injured hands. But he didn’t let that wince show for long. In fact, a normal person wouldn’t have even spotted it. But I’d like to consider myself a pretty observant person. And I know that Keith can never back down from a challenge, no matter how pointless it was. Though to be fair I’m just as bad. Actually, I’m even worse considering I’m the one starting these challenges most of the time. But it’s not like I’d admit that to Keith, I’d never admit a lot of things to Keith.

“Prove it.” I said with a cat-like smile as I sat back criss-cross apple sauce and planted my chin on my hand, elbow resting on my thigh. I could feel my kagune wave lazily behind me. Keith rolled his eyes at my tendency to make everything into a competition. Whatever, he can roll his eyes all he wants but he’s still the one that agrees to my challenges. At least this will give me a chance to relax while Keith does all the work. Besides, Keith would be much better at this than me. Not that I’d ever admit that out loud. He’s just so naturally gifted at everything, well everything besides talking, but of course, he would be just as talented in medicine. Though that’s not too much of a compliment considering I’ve been doing all of this with only one hand.

Keith set to work immediately leaving no room for messing around. He took some of the patches used for smaller wounds and set to covering all of his cuts. I would have figured the regular bandages would have been better but now that I’m thinking about it I’m not exactly sure how you would wrap his ears without covering his eyes as well. I eyed his wounds wearily. Most of them would probably scar. I figured they’d look kind of like tiger stripes once fully healed. The lines thinning and thickening in an intricate pattern that covered most of his ears. I wonder if it’s possible for Ghoul’s to get scars. I’d love to have a cool scar like Keith will. Girls love badass looking scars. Something noticeable like on my face but not big or messy enough to be considered ugly. Something like a cut on my eyebrow. Keith is gonna get so much attention from those sweet looking scars. Though, I guess his ears would look a whole lot less cool once Human again.

Once his ears were properly bandaged he started ripping off all of his other bandages and re-wrapping his wounds. My expression soured but I kept quiet. Those bandages were just barely clinging to his form before. As much as I’d hate to admit it he really does need proper care. And even with damaged hands, he could deliver that much better than I ever could. Man, why is Keith so badass? He’s super injured and just had a panic attack but he isn’t letting him phase him at all. He’s even dressing his own wounds while I just sit back and watch. What did he do to become so great at everything? Why is he so much better than me in every way? I mean he’s a better pilot and a better fighter, plus he’s Shiro’s favorite. When all of us were still on Earth Shiro was my hero and I always dreamed of getting his attention. And now that we’re all soldiers against our will I still lack his recognition. I mean I’m always trying my hardest but that’s always going to be nothing compared to Keith.

“Lance?” Oh looks like he finished redressing his wounds. And now he’s looking at me all concerned like. Damn, my expression must have given away my depressing thoughts. I can’t let this get to me, not in front of Keith. He doesn’t need another reason to see me as weak. I just have to stay strong until both of us are human-looking again.

“What’s up?” I hastily put on my signature smile and met his gaze. The moment our eyes connected he looked away from my face. My eyes must really freak him out and I can’t really blame the guy. I mean he must have been raised on scary stories about ghouls just like all other humans. Back on Earth ghouls lived hidden not out of personal choice but due to fear of death. All known ghouls were hunted and killed like wild animals. Even the “peaceful” ghouls that didn’t kill, like my family and I. It’s almost funny how humans were raised to fear ghouls yet ghouls were raised to fear humans even more.

“Never mind.” He muttered awkwardly. Keith has never been good at emotions. He dealt with swords and ships not talking and emoting. I guess a sincere looking smile is enough to ward off suspicion for now. Better change the subject before he could push me further.

“Hey, you’re one of those weirdos that prepare for the apocalypse right?”

“The term is survivalists but yes I am.” He looked sour at my comment about his weirdness. And I stand by my statement about him and his weird hobbies. Like seriously who spends their free time on stuff like cryptid hunting, conspiracy theories, and survival scenarios? He could be doing much more useful things in his spare time like actually taking care of that thing attached to his head he calls a mullet. I don’t think his hair has ever actually seen a shampoo bottle in his entire life. I mean that’s what I do in my free time, skin and hair care is no joke.

“So have you decked Red out with anything useful? Specifically a change of clothes and some towels?”

“Yes?” He said, clearly confused to why I was asking for such things.

“Because we, my now furry friend, are going for a dip.”

“A what?”

“We’re gonna go wash off.”

“Oh, yeah that’d be nice.” He said with as grimace as he looked down at his bloody and torn undersuit.

“So lead the way?” I got up to my feet and offered my hand to Keith. He took it and I pulled him to his feet. I looked down at him with a small smirk. Keith might be better to me than everything, receives Shiro’s affection, and isn’t a bloodthirsty monster but at the very least I’m a good deal taller than him. Keith took off to the other side of the cockpit and crouched down to a large metal box that had been attached to the floor. Looks like he had Red’s cockpit modified just like I modified Blue’s. Nothing big but just a few additions that we felt were necessary. Pidge and Hunk probably helped him just like they helped me since those two were in charge of mechanical stuff.

The box was locked and Keith took the padlock in his hand. A holographic screen with a keyboard filled with Altean symbols projected from the lock. So it’s an Altean padlock then, I haven’t seen one before. The Altean language is complete nonsense to me in both spoken and written form. But I guess that’s to be expected from an alien language. Keith started typing in an over complicated password that really should have ended at the fifteenth symbol. But no instead it kept going until I had lost count of how many symbols long it was. How does Keith even remember this code? Why did he make it so long? Oh wait I know the answer to that question and it’s because he’s a paranoid weirdo.

Finally, the lock clicked open and the holographic screen dissipated. Keith opened the lid of the box and inside was everything you’d expect and so much more. To the left were a collection of knives bundled together by a piece of red cloth, four folded up ponchos which of course were all red, several boxes of matches, a catalytic heater and some bottled gas fuel, and finally a folded up red sleeping bag. To the right were four Altean first aid kits like the ones we had in our lions, three canteens all full of water, a water filter, a mass of canned foods which ranged from “Canned Corn” to “Canned Narsfluf Meat”, a large net, some kind of super advanced space radio, six red flares, a notepad and a box of pencils, and a compass. And underneath all of that were a collection of sharp weapons which included a Swiss Army Knife, a hatchet, a machete, and a pair of bladed brass knuckles?? What would you ever need bladed brass knuckles for?! Holy shit man, what else is in here? That half broken pencil I lost in third grade!? My little sister’s misplaced teddy bear!? My long gone self-esteem!?

“My god Keith how did you even fit everything in here!?”

“Practice.” He said with a stone cold expression while looking me dead in the eye.

“Wha- you know what never mind, just get me a set of clothes and a towel.” I don’t think I’ve ever felt this defeated before.

“Alright.” He said before unpacking some of his supplies to reveal a second layer of bullshit hidden underneath the first layer. In this new layer I could see six sets of Keith’s usual outfit, a load of folded up towels and blankets, a portable stove, a bow saw, a set of armor, several red glow sticks, a few candles, a bunch of trash bags, and a parachute. Why would he even need a parachute? What is wrong with this box. I, a man-eating monster, and Keith, a furry purple alien cat-human hybrid, pilot giant mechanical lions and were hit by a magic lightning bolt cast by a space druid. And yet somehow a single metal box manages to be the strangest thing to ever happen to me. I’m pretty sure it is physically impossible to fit all of this shit into a single room and yet somehow he fit it all in a box.

“Why do you even need all of this…”

“It’s good to be prepared.” He said with a shrug and an innocent look on his face as if he didn’t break the laws of reality to pack this box.

“Look, man, there’s being prepared and then there’s whatever the hell this is!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Keith! Look at everything in here! What is RIGHT about is!?”


“No I’m being serious here I’m sure some law of nature was broken today!”

“Lance stop.”

“If I had taken every object in my house and stuffed it all into a box, which I should mention isn’t POSSIBLE, it still wouldn’t be anywhere close to how much shit you’ve got here!!”

“Lance you’re being over dramatic.”

“I am not being over dramatic.” I said dramatically with a hand on my chest “What do you even plan to do with bladed brass knuckles and a parachute!? I could maybe understand the rest of it but what would you ever use a pair of bladed brass knuckles and a parachute for!?”

“I just wanted to be prepared.”

“FOR WHAT!?!?”


I wasn’t going to win this. I let out a deep and tired sigh as I rubbed my template. How did he even get all this stuff? Did he ask Allura or Coran for some Altean versions of regular Earth survival gear? Did he bring all of this from Earth!? No, I would have noticed I was the one that flew everyone off of Earth. There was no way he could have hidden this box while we were flying to Arus. I don’t even understand what half of this stuff would be used for. Keith is weird.

“Whatever, let’s just clean up already.”

hendratds  asked:

Greetings new Mysme Imagines blog! I have one for you! RFA + V and Saeran coming home early one day to find MC dancing and singing along to Flesh by Simon Curtis? Bonus points if MC is a really good singer and wasn't expecting them to come home as early as they did. It can be NSFW, unless that makes you uncomfortable!

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! It was super fun to write this, though I hope you don’t mind I made the song a bit more vague, and more of a genre instead of that specific one?  ~ mod rosa

NSFW i suppose?


- He’s come home from classes early because a lecture was canceled, and walks in the door of the apartment to hear this low beat

- And this really amazing voice?

- Like, WOW

- He sorta walks into the kitchen where he sees you, dancing around, twirling the broom like a microphone stand, and singing your heart out to this dark dubstep?

- He’s low key impressed

- Sorta just goes ‘MC?’

- You whip around, and just stare at him like ‘you weren’t supposed to see that’

- He thinks it’s cute

- But the songs still playing and he catches some of the lyrics


- someone save this boy 


- Comes home early to surprise you


- He’s super into your voice, it’s really clear and soft


- He probably joins in with you


- that should be a tv show 

- You end up playing more like it at home?

- the bed gets used a lot more often ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


- Let off work early because Jumin’s in a meeting

- Walks in to be ASSAULTED by this low beat

- And over it she can hear you singing the words

- She’s heard your voice before in the past, but never to this sort of electronic music?

- She’s surprised that it fits really well

- 'MC?’

- you try to get her to join in, but she sort of just likes to sit there and listen to you singing this sort of music, since it makes you happy? let’s face it she just flat out ignores the lyrics 


- Walk in the door like where’s Elizabeth 3rd

- He only then notices the music coming from the kitchen, and your voice over it

- He’s pleasantly surprised

- 'MC i didn’t know you could sing like that’

- Freezes when he sees you dancing around the cat as you belt out these lyrics

- 'MC why do you like these songs?’

- 'they’re catchy!!’

- 'but the lyrics are so vulgar’

- 'that’s the point’

- Sorta accepts it as part of the things you like



let’s accept it, he would do that 


- Sorta knows what kind of music you like? for christs sake he has your entire internet history probably saved somewhere

- Is not expecting this when he comes back to the apartment though

- You’re singing over the music, and it’s really smooth and fits in with the music? and you’ve got your hairbrush as a microphone as you dance around the apartment to this super bass heavy song

- You aren’t expecting to see him  standing in the doorway when the song finishes

- Like 'how much did you see’

- enough to know you won’t be getting any sleep tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

- low key will try to serenade you with the backing track of some really dark dubpop


- Comes home from a shoot, earlier than expected cause the weather crapped out

- Can hear this low pop rock song and over the voice of the singer he can hear you! he’s always loved your voice and this is a nice surprise

- Can hear you padding around, dancing and stepping in time with the song

- 'MC?’

oh no I’ve been caught

He honestly doesn’t mind the style and lyrics? you have a combined mix which you play around the house

- It’s this eclectic mix of your dubstep and dark pop and his indie and house pop? who cares, it sound like home to the both of you


- Does he even ever leave the house

- Heard you playing this dark dubstep music while you’re cleaning one day and singing along to it

- Has probably heard the songs anyway? doesn’t really care about the lyrics or singing, even though you have a super cute voice (he actually really likes it, he’s just too much of a tsundere to admit it) but your dancing turns him on

- haha no leaving the bedroom till tomorrow

- You have a really similar music taste; you both enjoy dark pop and dubstep, and music with heavy beats and stuff, so you kinda just blare you music around the apartment and the other’ll probably know it

miyakokurono  asked:

Mc and the RFA watching the fault in our stars together, MC cries A LOT in it as she's lost a few people to cancer but also loves the characters. Who Cry's? Do they like the film? Ect.

I’m pretty sure almost all of them, besides Jumin, would cry! Haha, I haven’t seen that movie in ages, so bare with me.

Yoosung and Zen would probably be the ones to outright bawl. Yoosung a bit louder, but they’re both sensitive to movies and get overly emotional to them. He would probably cling onto you and stuff his face in your shoulder and mutter about how much he loves you and how he hopes the both of you never have to go through something like that.

Zen would hold onto you as well, spewing how much he loves you too, but he’s more of the type to pull you into him and hold you, trying to comfort you.

Jaehee and Seven would def cry as well, but more of a hidden cry. Jaehee would have a few tears streaming down, but she would hold your hand tightly and give you a few kisses, suggesting to watch something a bit lighter after the movie so that you two aren’t depressed the rest of the night.

Seven would be full out crying, sniffling, but trying not to make much noise or show it. Lots of wiping his face with his sleeve (I wouldn’t touch it again after he washes it ahbfhsj) After the movie he would definitely put on something lighter, try to cheer the both of you up with lame jokes, but that night he would be so much more cuddly than usual and muttering how much he loves you and what you mean to him.

Jumin, though. He would be a bit confused as to why you wanted to watch something so sad if it was going to upset you. He wouldn’t be a jerk about it, just ask if you were sure and sit and watch it with you, but he’d be a bit worried about how you would take it. Afterwards he’d suggest the both of you play with Elizabeth 3rd, or go out for a bit, to get some air. Would probably pepper you with kisses and refuse to let you get out of any cuddling.

I feel like with all of them, though, they would want to make sure you were okay with watching the movie. Losing someone to cancer is rough, and they wouldn’t want you to have to relive any memories. If you did, or happened to, they would try their best to cheer you up, to distract you, or to even let you cry it all out and get some repressed feelings out of your system.

(I hope you’re doing okay, if this happened to you! Losing a loved one is something I wish no one had to go through, but everyone has their own grieving processes, just please take care of yourself and don’t do anything harmful!)


So, as a preface to this, I would like to clarify; there are like, three basic types of high school au.

  • The cheesy 90’s movie type, with stereotypical groupings (I.E, theres the jock, and the Nerd, and the goths, ect.)
  • The Normal type, which is literally just the characters/people in a high school setting. Nothing special, but still enjoyable.
  • And then. There is the angst type. Family issues, reckless behavior, mental issues, found family/breakfast club-esque situation.

Take one look at the links I provided in the last post about it and guess which one I went with. (I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort found family shit dON’T JUDGE ME) I should point out, none of this is supposed to reflect the crew’s actual situations growing up. I know for the most part their families are great and cool people and I don’t mean any disrespect to them by writing this!! Just imagine that any and all family members are basically OC’s.

Also I sort of thought all of this up through short pieces of self-indulgent writing so this is all sort of based around a fic??? So any situational bits like that you can change or ignore if you want. I aint some gatekeeper my dudes.

ANYWAYS, with disclaimers and such out of the way, headcanons??? Headcanons

(Put under a read more because this is gonna be long af)

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Second Chances//Part 6

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Words: 2503
Pairings: Bellamy x Reader; Bellamy x Roma; Reader x rival!Roma; Clarke x Finn; Finn x Raven
Warnings: Angst; implied smut (?)
Episode: 1x05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming 

Author’s Note: It’s most definitely just me, but this part just feels kinda short. Idk, word count says it’s not short, but it sure feels like it to me. Anyways! I hope you enjoy reading it. I promise the story will get more interesting as we get further into the show.

        You slept and slept. After the whole Charlotte and Murphy situation, all you wanted to do was sleep. You went to your tent and fell asleep early every night for the past week, and you were grateful that no one said anything. The last thing you wanted was someone yelling at you to get to work or start asking you questions you didn’t feel like answering.

       You woke up to a lot of yelling and talking outside your tent. You got up and poked your head outside of your small tent. It was still dark and you retreated back inside when all you heard were murmurs and “Bellamy did you see that?” “Bellamy, what do you think it was?”

       You were so tired and annoyed of all of Bellamy’s little girlfriends that you couldn’t possibly care about whatever they were looking at. With a roll of your eyes, you got back into your bed, which wasn’t really a bed, but you didn’t care. You pulled a thin blanket over your body and closed your eyes, drifting peacefully off into sleep…..


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Just wondering if you have any tips on flirting with another girl ?

boy or girl, eye contact is still crucial! try letting them catch you looking their way three or four times, but not so many that it’s creepy. and when they see, just throw a cute smile and turn away. that’s a good place to start. and then, if you make it to conversation (which i believe you can!) try the push and pull, lightly tease them, like ‘haha wow you’re such a nerd.’ and then compliment them by saying ‘you’re such a nerd, it’s adorable.’ stuff like that. and remember things they tell you about and then bring them up again in conversation, it’ll show you care. or bring up something they’re wearing. like if they have a star wars shirt on ask what they thought of the new movie. or if they posted a pic on instagram at a concert, ask how it was. they’ll notice that you noticed and it’ll score ya some major points. so basically the same as flirting with anyone! and if she is a girl that is big on makeup, comment on that! she probably spent ages making that eye liner really even so tell her it looks nice! if her hair looks different ask about it! noticing the little things can really set you apart to her! if you are also a girl then it is tricky to do these things in a way that she’ll know is flirting and not just general friendly girl talk. that’s why eye contact is, again, crucial! and also little flirty touches are key, if done well. try to casually use her name a lot in conversation and when you do, you can lightly touch her shoulder. like “oh, hannah *touch hannah’s shoulder*, your hair looks really nice today! did you curl it yourself?” the little touch pushes that from friendly to a little flirty…just little subtle things like that…i feel like this is very ranty and hard to follow i’m sorry

The boys finding out their girlfriend used to be engaged before dating them

Anon: Gif-Reaction of the boys finding out their girlfriend was once engaged?


He is the oldest, and as you are around his age as well, the thoughts of marriage have been coming into his mind more and more. One day, as you were both sitting on the couch, cuddling, he suddenly asked you how you felt about marriage. He had made many plans to ask you, but even though he knew that you loved him, he was nervous about it. As a result, when you then told him that you were actually engaged before, he felt relieved. He showed you more love and more affection than usual, which was a bit strange, as he normally wasn’t all that affectionate. He was head over heels for you, and soon enough, you would be engaged once again!


He straight up told you that he didn’t care at all. You sat down and told him, on the day when it would have been your wedding anniversary, had you not decided against the wedding. When he told you that he didn’t mind, you had gotten a bit annoyed. You cared about it, but he was always so straightforward. You getting annoyed irritated him, because he didn’t want to talk about your ex with you, it made him feel uncomfortable, but seeing as this was an important, sensitive topic for you, he apologised and was open to listen to everything else you had to say about it.


Your mom really liked Sangdo, because he took really good care of you and he always behaved well, at least around her. She knew that Sangdo liked Photography, and so she decided to show him some of your photos, the ones from your childhood and young adult hood. It was only then, when a picture of you and your ex, who proposed to you after only 2 months, showed up, that he actually found out about it.
He felt annoyed that he had to find out through your mother, and that you didn’t tell him. A marriage proposal, an engagement, seemed like something so serious, even if it was rushed, and it didn’t last for much longer. The stress of the wedding plans drove you two apart, that’s what your mom explained to him. He generally does not mind it, or thinks different about it. He just wishes that you had told him personally.


After you heard the news of your best friend getting married, you sat down with Nakta. You were more stressed about this than he was. You thought that he might react jealous, or get upset, and when that wasn’t the case at all, it took you by surprise. Yooncheol was the most understanding about this out of all of them. He understood that you were in relationships before, even the really serious ones. Even if he was not engaged, he did have girlfriends too, so he could hardly judge you for having loved someone else before him. Your past relationships didn’t matter to him; as long as you were with him now, and loved only him now, all was well.


He would be so cute about it. When you told him about it, he would have a lot of questions; how long had you been together? How did he/she ask you? Where did she/he ask you? What was your relationship like? Was he a better boyfriend? How far did you come with the planning? Why did you break up? It seemed like the questions never stopped. But as you told him about all the different dresses you tried on, how much you enjoyed planning everything and organising everything, he found himself zoning out. Getting lost in your eyes, the way you talked about it so passionately, he just stared at you lovingly. Maybe asking you all those things was a good preparation for when he would ask you one day.


He would randomly find the ring one day and just straight up ask you about it. As you told him your story, that you were engaged but broke up due to you and your fiancé/e arguing all the time, he listened closely. On the outside he looked like he was calm and collected, he wanted to show you his cool side, and he didn’t want you to know that this affected him in a negative way. Even though he knew that you were his now, he was still worried, as he wanted to be the no. 1 most important person in your life.


He found a box with some of your older stuff in it. One item which stayed in his mind was a picture of your ex boyfriend/girlfriend proposing to you. He asked you about it, and you explained to him what had happened. He took the fact that you kept that memory as a challenge, and tried to out-do your ex, to be a better boyfriend than he was before, and better for you than your last ex. He would always show you more affection, come home earlier, and even bring you random gifts! He would sing for you, do aegyo, and do good and silly dances. He acted even goofier for you, because he knew that you liked it. He wanted to make you so happy, and you rewarded him for every little thing he did with a kiss on your proud boyfriend’s cheek.


He was a bit surprised at the beginning, when you told him. You were still so young, but already engaged? He did not even take you for someone who went that quickly in a relationship, especially for something like marriage. Your relationship was always quite chill.
He was not jealous, scared, or any of those things though. He knew that you liked him, he knew that he was the best for you. He was a great boyfriend for you, he didn’t think that you would leave him for someone else, you cheating didn’t even cross his mind.


As Sangwon is still fairly young, he does not have a lot of experience. So, as you two talked about your past relationships, and you mention your engagement a couple years ago, he felt a bit conflicted. You were older than him, and ready to marry, but as he is only 22, he would not be ready to take such a big step yet. He was worried that you wanted to marry and settle down already, he did not want to move to fast. You would probably have to assure that small cutie that everything was fine, and comfort him.

I hope you liked that.. It actually took me a while, though that might just be the case because it is my first ever reaction haha :D I tried my best, and I tried to put in positive and negative reactions.. so I really hope it turned out alright!

so I guess instead of making a proper witchsona I made a WITCHSONA AU

me and @keycrash did some talking about it under the cut but basically:

akane: ridiculously talented witch. likes to astral project, deals in spacetime fuckery, owns a little store in the city where people can buy supplies and services, book appointments, etc. very chronically ill, doesn’t show herself often.

aoi: akane’s secretary, sort of. he’s officially a hedge witch, does a lot of domestic stuff, cooking, protective charms, very practical things, whatever. but he minds akane’s shop and takes care of her orders and things like that. not naturally talented like akane but worked very very hard.

light: green witch, good with herbal remedies and medicinal tinctures. makes some stuff for akane from time to time. gets asked if he’s the seer of the field family a lot bc he’s blind.

clover: REALLY INTO DIVINATION AND STUFF. she likes to tell fortunes and read tarot and aoi’s like that stuff’s bullshit but she loves it. she’ll commune with spirits every so often just for kicks

THERE’S MORE BUT HERE’S THESE GUYS ANYWAYS. we thought out some stuff on the vlr crew but they can come later I like these guys best

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anonymous asked:

I'm super sorry if I'm bothering you, but I've been thinking about R!Pharah all day- I love the art of her with her switched tattoo. Is there anything else you've figured out for her, in terms of her personality and backstory? I love this AU with all my heart, by the way, you're a genius for creating it, thank you so much for doing so as well!

I’ll do my best to give a few extra details–bear with me if it contradicts previous info, I’m all over the gaff when it comes to this stuff haha.

I don’t think she shared the same amount of closeness with Ana is she did in canon, though that’s not to say that she didn’t care about her–it was more that Ana was always doing Something Else. 

Consequently, I think she spent a lot of time with Mercy growing up, and it probably had a pretty big impact on her world view. Through Mercy’s influence, and having an inside look at Overwatch as a whole, Pharah came to the understanding that there will always be those who will try to harm you and your loved ones–and you will not always be able to protect the people you care about, but you will always have the power to destroy the ones who hurt them. Consequently, forces designed with the intent to protect (like overwatch) have their limitations–but those designed to destroy have endless capabilities.

She got along with the rest of the Overwatch crew, but had the opinion that Jack and Gabe were naive in thinking they could really accomplish anything by playing peacekeeper. Though she didn’t know him well, she also became acquainted with Hanzo at some point during his time with Overwatch. His single-minded desire to protect the family that had chewed him up and spit him out, leaving him with nothing, made her….well, there was something about Hanzo that always left her somehow shaken.

Anyway, Overwatch falling was more or less all the proof she needed that her worldview was right, but by then it had evolved more into the belief that it’s ultimately foolhardy to have anything that requires your protection, because of how futile it is, so she distanced herself from the old guard and her mother (assuming they weren’t distant already in this au) and set off on her own. She probably still spent some time in the army, but also cultivated many skills independently as she worked to become a mercenary, with the intent on capitalizing on the constant desire of people to take from others or avenge themselves.

Now, she’s a pretty well known mercenary, and will do pretty much whatever–but in spite of herself, she’s not heartless by any stretch, and on occassion will do ‘vengeance work,’ where she’ll right a wrong inflicted upon someone pretty much for free.  Her less charitable work helps support these occassional soft-hearted moments. One such endeavor was a completely unprovoked attempt to take down Genji, despite have purchased illegal arms from the Shimada in the past. It went about as well as you’d expect, and she’s been expressly forbade from Hanamura since. 

She’s also bought from Deadlock before, but hasn’t interacted with McCree much. She’s steered clear since Hanzo joined up with them, though.

As for Mercy, she’s kept contact with her because she knows that Mercy isn’t totally a normal human anymore, and is well beyond anyone’s capability to hurt. Though they still share many opinions about where the world is going, Mercy’s intense single-mindedness frightens her sometimes. Still, she tries to help her as best she can, in more ways than one.

I don’t know if that was helpful or not, but hopefully it was something haha

How they admit they like you. Preference #1   (PAGE 1)

First preference! Hope you guys enjoy. If you want me to include a character in this one or any future preferences, don’t hesitate! Just tell me! I appologize if my preferences are really long, I just like to put some detail haha ;)

This page/post include Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler.

Second page will include Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson.

Jonathan Byers: This was it. The day that he would finally tell you how much he liked you. not just liked, but admired. From a distance. And preferably, from a camera lens. He was going to tell you everything.

At first, when he approached your cafeteria table very cautiously, he thought again. Y/N probably doesn’t like public love stuff. He decided to tell you in person, alone.

After school, he caught up with you at your locker, when there was nearly no one in the hall near enough the catch onto your conversation. “Hey, Y/N! Wait! Um, I’ve been meaning to say this for forever, and I didn’t want to keep it to myself and longer. This might be all out of the blue, but um, I really like you. As in, a lot. And I know this may seem stupid and you’ll probably reject me but I needed to say it so there it is-”

You interupted him kissed him hard. You felt your face flush and it felt so hot that he probably felt it radiating off you. He was shocked at first, of course, but kissed you back nonetheless, and harder. His lips were so soft, and you felt like you could melt into them. “The feeling is mutual, Byers,” you smirk. You had to pull away to reply and breathe, of course. You said one more thing before you left him breathless. “See you at the pizza place at 7:30 pm tonight.”

Steve Harrington: There was no way in hell (high school) that he, Steve Harrington would admit his huge crush for you. Yet there he was, knocking at your front door.

He was praying to all the Gods out there that it would be you who answered it, and not one of your parents or siblings. Well- the siblings were okay, but still-

His train of thought was disturbed when the door opened, and you were only in a tank top and short shorts. His mouth was wide open and he was shocked. You looked so good in very revealing clothes. He was also thinking What if those clothes were off-

“Steve, hellooooo?” You wave your hand in his face, bringing him back to life. “Oh, um sorry. I just came to tell you that I have feelings for you and I’d like to take you on a date,” he blurted out in a rush. Your body was rigid and still. You were speechless. Multiple days you would dream of him saying something like this. You expected him to be cocky about it, considering his reputation and all.

“Is this a joke, Steve?”


You raise your eyebrows and cross your arms accusingly. You wanted to play this off, despite the heat in your cheeks. You doubted that he genuinely liked you. “Please, take these.” He acts like a real gentleman and give you a bouquet. You move aside, gesturing for him to come in. You both go to your room and just talk the whole day, bonding and ending up with a date planned for tomorrow night.

Nancy Wheeler: It was definitely not going to be easy for Nancy to pluck up the courage to tell you how she felt. The only other person who knew that Nancy was bisexual was Barbara, and Barbara was her best friend, therefore, very trustworthy.

It was on Wednesday, lunch period when she came up to you. “Hey, Y/N? Can I talk to you? It’s about our homework for Mr. Anderson’s class- English.” You got up and strangely, she led you outside the cafeteria. When you said her nickname- Nance, she blushed, making you confused.

“Nance, I don’t think you need to bring me somewhere private to discuss homework. We could’ve just talked about it at my table-” she cut you off, bring her soft, sweet lips to yours.

You gently kissed back, bringing your hands to her face as she wrapped her arms around your neck. It was your first kiss, and Nancy’s. You smiled against her lips. Slowly, you detached her lips from yours. You were both smiling. Resting your foreheads against each other, you said, “I don’t think this was for homework, was it?”

She giggles softly, making your heart flutter. From behind you, both you and Nancy didn’t notice Barbara come out of the cafeteria doors. She was shocked, but only for a second. She smiled and quietly left you two enjoying each others silent company.

Barbara Holland: She was hanging out at the library with Nancy when she first noticed you. You were wearing denim jeans, a beige long sleeved shirt with a brown coat and dark cammo green Timberlands and your only accessory was a maroon scarf. She obviously didn’t care for the type of clothes you wore, but it did catch her eye.

Barbara wasn’t the outgoing type so she stayed with Nancy, discussing books and whatnot. She did steal glances every now and then, looking to see if you were still hanging ‘round the library. Sooner or later, you approached their table. “Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” You asked, hoping not to be denied. “We don’t mind! Here, you can sit next to me,” Nancy said.

You and Nancy knew each other, you had 3 classes together and often helped each other with homework. You sat in front of Barbara and smiled. “I don’t think we have met before. My name’s Y/N Y/L/N. You are…?” “Barbara Holland. One of Nancy’s best friends.” You smiled again, knowing this wouldn’t be your last encounter with Miss Barbara Holland.

During the weekends, Nancy’s house.

You, Nancy and Barbara had become best friends. You studied together, hung out together and sat with each other in the cafeteria. Nancy was the only one who noticed you and Barbara getting closer, as in ‘more than friends’ closer. “I’m just gonna go downstairs and get orange juice.” “Let me help-” “No it’s okay,” Nancy cut Barbara off.

She downstairs and Barbara bit her lip. “Y/N, I need to tell you something.” You raised your eyebrows and waited for her to continue. “I-I kind of like you?” You laughed. “I already know that!” Barbara was blushing, something she hardly did. “Really?” “Yes silly!” You scooted from your position on the carpet and knee-walked to her, giving her a big hug. “I like you too,” you whispered.

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In FE:A after Grima is defeated and all the awakening kids are born, how do you think their personalities would differ from the kids in the "bad future" timeline? (since their personalities were shaped from the war/ death of their parents)

Ooh, this is interesting. I haven’t read a lot of the characters’ supports with their unchanging parent for a while so I apologize if some details are off. 

Lucina: She’d be quite different. I very much see the best summation of Lucina’s personality as “child who grew up too fast.” Good timeline Lucina wouldn’t have this Lucina’s aloofness to the same degree (though she’s chrom’s child so maybe that’d still be there haha), and certainly would wear a smile around and be a lot more energetic/not serious. She’d still sort of have a hero-worship mentality around her dad though, haha. 

Owain: …I forget the canon explanation for his over-the-top hamminess. I think good-timeline owain would still have it, though, and I don’t think in the end his personality would be much different. He’d still want to be a legendary hero like his ancestors. 

Inigo: This depends on whether Olivia gives him the “talk to girls to get over your shyness” spark. If she did I think his personality would proceed similarly though he’d allow himself to be more vulnerable with people and allow his smile to drop if he’s not feeling happy, since people don’t rely on it the same way they did with bad timeline Inigo. If Olivia doesn’t give him this since she learned of it, he’d be very outwardly different, shy much like Olivia,  though I think his doofy core would be pretty much intact.

Brady: Oh he’d be even more of a Mama’s boy than bad timeline Brady is. It’s possible that since Maribelle has more time with him that she actually is able to iron out more of his, er, curtness. 

Kjelle: …Can’t see her being much different, she’s still Sully’s daughter and still gonna get ripped as hell for Severa to stare at. 

Severa: I think, after Cordelia’s exposure to bad timeline Severa, she’d be much more careful in how she raised her and the people/ideas she was exposed to. I think Severa would turn out with a much decreased set of insecurities and inferiority complex, and some of her tsundere-ness would probably be gone too. She’d allow people to see her genuinely happy, at least. She’d still be sweet and protective of Noire and people like her and I think she’d still get very shy at praise. 

Gerome: No more batman. He’d openly be his dorky, wyvern-loving self. 

Yarne: Well, he’d obviously be a bit less jittery and concerned about the last-of-his-species thing seeing as Ylisse is at peace, but it’s still something that’d cross his mind from time to time. Otherwise I think he’d be mostly unchanged.

Laurent: …I can see almost no possible differences. Maybe he’s a bit less emotionally distant. Though not likely considering his mom. Side Note I really like to HC that Laurent was super short, the shortest of the group whenever they traveled back but over the 5 years he spent in the good timeline before he’s found he sprouted up. 

Cynthia: Hmm… I seem to recall her harvest scramble convo with Severa saying that her hero stuff only started after Sumia’s death. So that’d probably be at least diminished, perhaps she’ll turn out just a bit more openly girlier. However she’d still be very excitable and clumsy and still want to be a pegasus knight like her moms and i think she’d still get along great with the Justice Cabal. 

Noire: Whew. This really all depends on Tharja. If bad timeline Noire’s support convo with and presence with her curbs a lot of her abusive tendencies, I think she’ll turn out fine. She’d still be a very sweet and timid kid but wouldn’t have the split personality. She might find her mother’s hexes and dark magic a little scary but nothing beyond that.  she’ll also fall in love with the good timeline severa who would have a very similar relationship to her as the bad timeline severa and noire do and itll be so cute

Nah: …Um. This is the character I know the least about unfortunately. She’d have less abandonment issues but I think overall she’d still largely act the same.