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Second Chance - Part Two

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Wow. The response I’ve gotten is just…wow. I can’t even. I am so glad that y’all are enjoying this as much as I am! Thank you so much for your comments and likes and reblogs. You are all amazing! Here is the second chunk! I hope everyone continues to enjoy the story! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part!

Also, thanks again to @sannvers for editing and to @mmegaston for doing a final proofread!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 5,479

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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There has been a lot going on in my life lately
Things that I didn’t really expect to be part of
I’m sorry for not really being myself lately and taking a step back from everyone
I just needed to focus and breathe and try and find happiness again
But I didn’t realise I had it here the whole time
It was nothing to do with me
I just had to remove some negative people from my life and start fresh
We get to a point in our lives when we realise that we deserve better and that’s not being selfish or conceited it’s being real and living
Life is so short and only we can make the choice and the changes to make our life better
If we wanna move forward we can’t go anywhere with the hand break on or the anchor attached
Life is the same
Let go of the things that are holding us down and you’ll feel the wind in your hair again, you’ll move forward, you’ll see new things, rediscover a feeling you forgot and eventually looking back won’t be an option

Thank you to those who never left my side and pushed me when my anchor was well and truly stuck and Taylor, thank you for setting me free time and time again.

tagged by @park-jimizzle (you create amazing moodboards ♡) also since this is my first one i also based the general format from yours so I hope its okay >< 

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Demons and their counterparts

Did ya miss me
Are ya scared
Oh don’t worry
You’ll be fine if you prepare

Are you waiting
By your screens
Listen closely
Hear his screams

I’ve been waiting all this time
Think ah deserve a bit of shine
Sick of hiding in the dark
Guess it’s time to make my mark

Gonna show you who I am
Gonna show just what a can
Need to terrify you
Need to show my control

Say goodbye to the world you know
Cos nothing will be the same
It’s time to make a change
It’s time, let’s put on a show

I have my control
I have all my power
I ain’t weak no more
I’m stronger than you

You all watched
As this happened
You let me
Play My game

I played my part
Made my moves
It’s your turn now
Make your plan

Will you save him
Will you fight
Will you end this
Will you set me free

Or will you run
And leave me be
In turn damning us all
For eternity

There’s two sides
To this story
Will you listen
To them both

There’s two sides
To the story
Can you help us
Set us free

I mean well
Don’t mean to scare
Just tried to grab
Your attention

Our time is up
Go we must
Please try find me
Please set me free


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i'd like to do the prompt thing. "just because i accept this gift, it doesn't means im not still upset bout it" + tomarry

“Just because i accept this gift, it doesn’t means I’m not still upset bout it,” Harry scoffed as he looked over the diary. “I can’t believe you thought this was… why would you even give this to me?”

Tom looked out into the night sky. The height from the astronomy tower left no room for defense against the cold night air, so he shivered and pulled his cloak closer to him. He wanted to get closer to Harry, but he sensed that he would be unwelcome at the moment.

“You of all people know what that thing means to me. It is…was my soul. You are the one who destroyed it and set me free. You are the one who…well, it’s just yours now okay?” Tom could see a shooting star fly across the sky, and wondered where it would land. Maybe he and Harry could run away together in search of it.

“You… you’re saying that you’re giving me your soul,” Harry asked with a hint of a smile on his face. “Who knew that you could be such a sap.”

“Shut up,” Tom elbowed him and Harry had to grab onto his arm to keep himself from falling. 

“Hey! If I fall off of here, how am I supposed to hold onto your soul,” Harry whined.

“I’d catch you of course,” Tom smiled and wrapped his arm around Harry protectively. “It’s not like I would ever let you go now anyway.”

Handsome Stranger

This is for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare‘s second prompt for week 1: Study Date. No studying actually happens woops. Aged up Alyanette hoping to add Nino into the relationship. Title taken from ‘Absolutely Smitten’ by Dodie bcause I listened to it like over 30 times while writing this

Summary: Abandoning their study date, Alya and Marinette talk about each other and their cute waiter, Nino. Rated T. Check the end notes on AO3 for some additional info.


“You know,” Marinette said, taking the pen from between her teeth to point at Alya, “this is supposed to be a study date. And I don’t see any studying going on over there.”

Alya waved her off and didn’t look over. “Yeah, yeah, I’m studying. Just. A different kind than planned.”

“Oh yeah? Let me guess.” She tapped a finger to her chin in a thoughtful manner. “It’s that cute waiter again, isn’t it?”

Alya didn’t answer, but did launch a noodle at Marinette, who grinned widely and ate it even after it fell onto the table.

“Come on, we both know he’s cute, no denying it. What’s his name again? Nino, right?”

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Marvel Maniac

Imagine meeting Sebastian Stan on a night out and hiding your inner fangirl from him until he catches you in an amusingly compromising position

What is a fangirl? You. You were most definitely a fangirl especially for Marvel. You weren’t ashamed but it wasn’t exactly something you shouted from the rooftops, all of your closest friends knew a few work colleagues but that was it.

You had a good collection of fan art, T-shirts with shields and fake metal arms, mugs cups underwear action figures even a cute little cap shield tattoo on your right hip. All in all a pretty good collection of memorabilia. You’d watched all the movies and tv series and fangirled over casting choices more times than you could count. You’d never had the chance to go comic con as much as you’d tried but it just never happened although you’d watched all the panels on YouTube. You would have given your left arm for a chance to meet anyone from Marvel at this point you didn’t even care who it was. Okay maybe thats a lie you knew exactly who you’d meet if you could Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans either was good both was preferable.

So when you were out for a girls night in New York with your friends you didn’t expect to act quite as calm as you did when you found yourself immersed in conversation with none other than Mr Stan himself. It could have been the 6 cocktails that kept your demeanor as cool as it was, it could have been the fact that you didn’t want to ruin whatever was happening and if you freaked out on the outside like you absolutely were on the inside you would for sure terrify the poor man and send him running for the hills so you were calm, calm enough to cause concern amongst your friends who couldn’t understand why you hadn’t had a total mental marvel outburst.

And there you were a good 45 minutes into hanging out with Sebastian Stan and his friends still internally freaking out still externally lying to his fucking face.

“ so what do you do then (Y/N)? ” he asked

what you mean besides stalk your instagram and ogle pictures of you on google? No don’t say that (Y/N)

“ My family owns a toystore so I help them run it ”

“ you help them run it or you just play with the toys all day long? ” he asked giving you a sarcastically quizzical look

“ hey someone has to make sure they’re working properly. Good job i don’t mind getting my hands dirty ” you bit back a smile as you replied

“ do you sell comic book toys ” he quizzed

“ we do, although i can’t say i’ve ever played with Captain America or the Winter Soldier ” You lied

He almost choked on his drink “ now i know you’re a fan and hey the nights still young ” he winked smirking at you

“ wow ” you laughed

The rest of the night went on like that easy conversation and laughter. He asked you for your number as you were leaving and it was your turn to choke on your drink. It was so surreal the whole night you’d stayed cool, well until you got outside the club and finally set your inner fangirl free. Jumping up and down round and round screaming and laughing maniacally. Your friends watched as you danced around doubled over with laughter nodding at you when you asked if it was real, did that just happen, did you really just spend 3 hours talking and dancing with Sebastian freaking Stan. Did you in real life just swap numbers with him.

“oh my god (Y/F/N) please tell me i did not just make that up, that happened right like that really just fucking happened?”

“yes (Y/N), yes it just happened. Quick question though whatcha gonna do when he finds out how much of a marvel freak you really are?” she questioned

“SHIT!! I have no idea” frantically trying to figure out how this was gonna go down “its fine girls i kept that calm in there maybe i dont have to show him” yup you didnt believe yourself either. Oh well you’d just have to work really hard to play it cool he didn’t need to know you went to bed wearing pyjamas with his face on them besides you probably would never see him again right?


It had been 3 weeks since you met him and you’d gone on a total of 5 dates it was going well, really well actually you’d admitted you were a fan, downplayed it ofcourse sure you told him you’d seen a few of his movies but only once. You conveniently didn’t reveal that you may aswell have known all the words to every Cap film and had seen them WAY over 50 times you also still hadn’t admitted to the pyjamas or the fact that you drank your coffee from a mug shaped like Captain Americas head. See it was going well. For now!

It was the day of what was going to be your 6th date and you weren’t feeling too good so you’d agreed to rearrange when you were feeling better. You’d settled on the sofa wearing your avengers onesie, Caps head full of hot cocoa and Civil War on T.V. Perfect. Your roomates had decided to abandon you and go out drinking half way through the movie not being able to stand to watch it AGAIN. It was coming up to your favourite scene the one where Cap finds Bucky in Bucharest and you sat crossed legged goofy grin whispering the lines when you were startled by someone clearly trying and failing to hold back laughter. You jumped up out of your blankie revealing your very unflattering onesie

“OH MY GOD Sebastian, you scared the shit out of me what are you doing here, how did you even get in??” you quizzed

“did i just catch you reciting lines from one of my scenes (Y/N)?” he quizzed obviously amused “ and are you wearing Avengers pjs?”

“ n-no , i wasn’t i don’t know what you saw but this is the f-first time i’ve seen t-this movie” it was bad, he caught you thats it he knows you’re crazy “ I I mean well maybe not the first time but”

“ Is that Evans’ head?” he was laughing now, not just giggling laughing full on losing breath belly laughing “ i thought you said you’d only seen a few of my movies? you said you weren’t really a fan of the MCU”

“ Is there any point in me even trying to hide my crazy now? ” you asked feigning exasperation

He shook his head gaining composure. Once he’d stopped laughing at you that was   “oh sweety no, your crazy is definitely showing. ”

You let out a sigh before slumping back down on the sofa and fiddling with the buttons of your onesie “ I’m not totally insane i just kinda like Marvel”

“Kinda?” he asked raising his eyebrow at you

“not kinda, i really like it okay, happy?”

“i think its kinda cute that you tried to hide it from me, although i don’t understand why” he said more sincere now

“Seriously? If i’d have told you about my Winter Soldier underwear collection the night we met you would definitely not have asked for my number”

“ No you’re right, I’d have asked you to show me the collection instead ” he chuckled taking a seat next to on the sofa and grabbing the remote rewinding the movie and stealing a sip of your cocoa

“ what are you doing?”

“well when you said you were sick I came over to take care of you, your friends let me in on their way out.so if watching my own movie and drinking from a cup with my friends face on it helps make you feel better then I guess I’m gonna do just that” he smiled at you before placing a soft kiss to your forehead and snuggling you against his chest

“oh” was all you could reply with the biggest smile on your face as you settled against him to finish the movie.

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You work in a hospital. Any tips you could give us on writing hospital settings?

i’m going to make one thing clear when it comes to hospital/medical settings:

if your doctor or nurse character discloses confidential information with someone who is not the patient and at no point it has been specified this patient has signed medical release forms that allows the doctor or nurse to disclose said information, they are violating HIPPA and can lose their job over it.

the only exception i can think of is if something drastic happens and renders the patient unconscious and in serious need of medical attention that needs someone’s authorization. then they’d disclose the information to the patient’s next of kin to authorize certain medical procedures.

other than that, specify if your patient has signed the medical release forms to allow doctors and nurses to disclose confidential information to any third party, especially if you are writing a doctor or a nurse.

unless they’re a morally corrupt doctor or nurse. in which case, it’s a different ballpark entirely. i’m talking about actual, good, not morally corrupt doctors and nurses.

Epilogue: Don’t Leave Me Hanging (Headcanon KBTBB)

Fandom: Kissed by the baddest bidders
Characters:  Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota
Summary: More smut after the first round, if you haven’t read it here, please do as this is the epilogue. Trust me, you would wanna read that. Epilogue comes with a surprise bonus cux I love the bidders like you do ;)

NOTES: Sorry if this is slightly longer and some are better than others. I’m a very visualize person, I write better with clear images in my head or in front of me. =P

“Please, Mr. Ichinomiya. Please uncuff me.” You beg eventually, he has already devoured you, being embarrassed is far too late now. “Round two it is then.” With a broad grin on his face, Eisuke covers your eyes with his tie. “Mr. Ichi…”
“Shhh….” Whispering to your ear as he sets you free, well your hands anyway. “Let’s move this somewhere else.” Wobbling with his hands supporting your waist, completely clueless of what’s next. It cannot get any worse, can it?
“Bend over.” Hearing his cold stern voice makes you uneasy, where are you? You freeze, not really sure if he’s serious or what. “Bend over!” Remembering how rough he’s moments ago, scare as hell, you simply obey.

Shaking from head to toe with nothing in sight, you can’t bare to imagine what Eisuke has planned. “Are you scared?” He asks, shuddering at the sound of his voice. “I haven’t had enough fun yet. You won’t be able to talk or think, it will be hard to even breathe.” A shiver runs down your spine as you bend over with your shaking hands and grip onto something cold and metallic.

Parting your butt cheeks once again and feeling his huge cock so close to both your swollen holes. You just had sex moments ago and could barely keep your feet together, just how did he manage another erection? His bare chest firmly presses against your bare back, suddenly he grabs your chin and forces his tongue in your mouth as his fingers skillfully tease your entrance. Eisuke searches your wall in all directions, “Ahhh… Mr. Ich..”

He snaps your right butt cheek, “What should you be calling me?” You pant, extremely turn on. “Eisu… ke….more.. please.” You mutter. Rubbing his fingers against your clit faster, “Good girl, beg for it.” At least you don’t have to look at your own reflection this time, losing yourself in ecstasy as your voice increase in volume. Topping up with his hot breath caressing your sensitive skin, driving you out of your mind. “More… please, Eisuke.. more.” Wiggling your hip along as you beg, he quickly pulls out his fingers, “You horny little slut." 

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Wanted to share these because even though they lack DST3 context, I thought they were really cute! 

Imagine Fred sneaking you into the Gryffindor common room.

Requested by Anon

Well this is a fine mess you’re in. Curiosity killed the cat as the saying goes, and you just had to find out what the Weasley twins were up to. Now look at you. Trapped in some sort of anti-burglar device they’ve set up to stop people like you nosing around where they’re not wanted. Of course, really you were just doing your job. As a prefect it’s up to you to sniff out any wrongdoing or mischief making so when you saw Fred and George continually sneaking in and out of a disused store room on the fifth floor, you decided to take a look. Let’s face it, knowing those two it was bound to be something untoward. Not that you got as far as actually finding out. You are well and truly stuck fast until they come and let you out - ropes wound around your arms and legs stopping you from reaching your wand and a strip of material gagging your mouth to keep you from calling for help. It’s been a couple of hours now and certain to be getting quite late. You feel a surge of panic as you realise they may not bother checking until the morning. There’s no way you want to spend the night like this!

Fortunately, it’s not long before you hear quiet voices on the other side of the door. It’s pretty muffled so you’re not sure it’s the twins but then you catch some of the conversation. “Someone’s definitely been in.” That sounds like George. “Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to seeing how well our burglar alarm works.” And that has to be Fred. “Wonder who it is?” they chorus simultaneously, both sniggering at the thought of the poor unfortunate wretch. You groan slightly to yourself, knowing there’s nothing else for it but to brave their reactions. After all, you’ve done nothing wrong, not that they’ll see it like that.

The heavy wooden door creaks slowly open and the twins peer in cautiously. “So who have we got here then?” ponders Fred gleefully as George raises his wand, casting “Lumos!” eagerly. As the light from his wand increases, illuminating the three of you sufficiently, you stare defiantly at both of them as they both start chuckling. “Mmmmmm!” you mumble irately at them, rattling the ropes a little to emphasise the fact you would quite like to be set free now, thank you very much.
“Well, well, well…..”
“Lookee here…..”
“Ravenclaw’s finest well and truly caught red-handed!”
The two of them snigger some more, enjoying your futile efforts to escape your bindings. “Mmmm!!!” You’re feeling a little desperate now. It would be just like them to leave you there for a laugh. “What’s that you say?” Fred grins innocently, reaching out to carefully pull the gag from your mouth. “Couldn’t quite make out what you were saying there.” George guffaws at this, the light from his wand shaking as he laughs. “Get me down!” you hiss at them angrily. “Now, now…” Fred responds, enjoying every second of your discomfort. “First tell us what you’re doing, snooping around our private affairs.” He crosses his arms and looks at you enquiringly, waiting for a reply. “I wasn’t snooping!” you argue weakly. “I was just making sure you weren’t up to anything you shouldn’t!” George recoils in mock outrage. “As if we would!”
“How dare you insinuate such a thing.” Fred continues impishly, his grin contradicting their protestations. “Well, whatever” you sigh, less interested in their dodgy dealings and more keen on ending the humiliation of dangling about for their amusement. “Please let me go,” you beg “these ropes are hurting me.”

Your entreaty works as both boys stop their sniggering and regard you more soberly. “Alright then. There you go.” says Fred, using his wand to free you. “Maybe next time you’ll mind your own business.” George warns good naturedly. “Are you ok?” Fred asks, genuinely concerned. “I’ll be fine.” you reply tetchily, rubbing your wrists where the rope has been chaffing. “I just want to get to bed and forget all about it.” Suddenly an unpleasant thought strikes you. “What time is it?” you ask urgently. “Just after midnight.” they chorus their answer. “Oh no!” you exclaim despondently. “That means the password riddle will have changed. I’m shut out of my common room until morning! Where am I going to sleep?” Fred and George regard each other for a moment, communicating silently to one another as twins are wont to sometimes do. They both grin wickedly then turn back to you, eyes glittering mischievously in the dim light.

“We could be of assistance there…….”
“…..and let you in our common room…..”
“where there’s a very comfy sofa…..”
“……just right for kipping on.” they take turns to tell you. “It’ll cost you though……” George says, leaning closer and fixing you with a knowing smirk. “What?” you ask warily. Knowing these two it’ll be something ridiculous. “A kiss.” Fred replies with his own self-satisfied smirk. “You can choose which one of us gets it.”
“Has to be a proper smooch though.” George pipes up. “Not just a quick peck!” They’ve got a bloody cheek after what you’ve just been through but to tell the truth you’ve always found them both very attractive. If it weren’t for all their misbehaving you might even have considered declaring an interest in one of them. Mind you, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, all that blatant flouting of the rules is actually rather sexy. Not that you’d ever admit it to their faces. You snort and give them both a hard stare, playing a little hard to get but the idea appeals to you greatly. Shrugging with resignation (mustn’t let them think you’re going to enjoy this!) you roll your eyes and sigh “Fine.”

Fred and George grin at each other in surprise. They obviously thought you’d tell them to sod off. “One galleon!” George whispers and Fred nods his agreement of the bet and you can’t help but laugh. “Hmmm” you say contemplatively, hands on your hips as you survey your options. Whilst they’re both good looking (they are identical after all) Fred has that extra naughty little twinkle in his eye that makes your insides do strange things when he smiles at you. You smile apologetically “Sorry George.” and walk up to Fred, now beaming with delight at you. George tuts, handing Fred the galleon he owes and slinks off sulkily. “I’ll leave you two to it!” he mutters. Fred rests his hands lightly on your hips and grins cheekily at you. “Excellent choice, Madame!” he jokes, that twinkle of his giving you butterflies. You bite your lip coyly then placing both palms on his chest to steady yourself, you stand on tiptoe as he leans down, your lips meeting halfway. His mouth is soft and tender against yours and you yield to him as his tongue seeks entrance, mingling with your own in a way that makes you tingle all over. You smile against his mouth, enjoying the exquisite sensation as the kiss deepens into a passionate snog. He tastes of sweet peppermint, like the sticks of rock you buy at the seaside.

Eventually, you part for breath, both dazed by the strength of your passion. Fred says nothing, merely looks into your eyes almost in shock. “This is the first time I’ve seen you lost for words, Fred Weasley.” you tease him. “I should kiss you more often!” His face splits into a huge grin. “Yes please!” he enthuses. “Now let’s get you to bed…..” He drapes an arm protectively around you and escorts you back to the Gryffindor common room. Once inside he kisses you again then disappears up the winding stone staircase to fetch you bedding and a t-shirt to sleep in. You sit and wait on one of the sofas. It feels quite comfortable so hopefully you’ll get a decent night’s sleep.

Fred returns fairly quickly and makes the sofa up for you to sleep on, spreading out the duvet and plumping up the pillows he has brought. Whilst his back is turned, you take advantage of his distraction to change into the t-shirt he has brought you. When he finally turns round, his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. The shirt is long enough on you to preserve your modesty but only just. Confronted with your bare legs, Fred seems about to blow a gasket. You smile shyly then dart past him and slip under the duvet. He leans down to kiss you goodnight, a briefer kiss than before but still just as delicious then says “Night then” and turns to go. “Fred……” you call out not wanting him to leave. “Are these your bedsheets?” He nods and replies “Yeah. I’ll just sleep in my clothes. I don’t mind.” Your heart softens at the thought of him willingly giving up his things for your comfort. You don’t want him to suffer though, plus subconsciously you fancy the idea of cuddling up to him all night. “I mind though…..” you tell him, peeling back the duvet as an invitation for him to get in with you.

Fred tries to play it cool but you can tell that really, he can’t believe his luck by the speed with which he crosses the room. He strips to his t-shirt and boxers then slides in beside you, bare legs brushing against yours as you both snuggle to get comfy. His arm reaches under your neck and you rest your head on his shoulder, his hand stroking your hair, the other gliding around your waist. Your arm rests upon his chest, palm facing down as your fingers gently rub him through the material of his top. “This is nice…..” you murmur as you lie in each other’s arms, enjoying the closeness of snuggling up to one another. “Mmmmmm” Fred agrees, wriggling slightly, sending shivers over your skin as his body shifts against yours. He places a gentle kiss upon your forehead before manoeuvring himself into a better position. He tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear then cups your face and dips his head towards you, his lips searching for yours, tongue softly probing to find your own. You sigh contentedly into his mouth, fingers travelling over the taut muscles of his shoulders and down his back. He feels like heaven. You have no idea how long the pair of you lie like that, wrapped in each others arms, legs entwined whilst nimble fingers roam lightly over bare skin, occasionally straying under clothes to explore more hidden pleasures. Despite his reputation for pushing limits, Fred is a perfect gentlemen, never going further than you are ready for. He touches you as if you are made of the finest glass, each stroke sending ripples of pleasure through you. His kisses are lovely - long and languorous, his lips soft, sweet and so very tender. The hours slip by and as dark begins to change to early morning light, you drift off peacefully, safe and happy in his warm embrace.


“His hair is more accurate in this one.”
“I know!”
“It took three tries, I’m content now.”
“Good, but I’m starting to think you like Redhead more than me.”
“So not true.”
“Uh huh.”
“And besides, you’re a redhead again yourself.”
“No need to worry.”
“The truth shall set you free.”
“Well if I’m going to be truthful then—”
When you first colored your hair I wanted to punch you in the face.”
“Whoaaa, why?”
“I’m not certain, but I do remember being quite shocked and upset.”
“Since then I’ve never truly gotten used to you being blonde.”
“Oh, nothing.”
“I just have the sudden urge to see if Walmart has blue hair dye.”
“I will not refrain from punching you a second time.”
“Bring it.”

There is well-known saying that if you love something, you should set it free and if it truly belongs to you it will return to you one day. But if you’ve ever found yourself in that situation and your love did not return, then you must let go of your sadness and move forward.
Letting them leave and move on with their life is the gift you gave to them.
Letting them go and moving on with your life is a gift you give to yourself.