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@lilacxsehun requested: Jungkook/Reader inspired by the lyrics “He says I know what I want and I want it now I want you cause I’m Mr. Vain” in which Jungkook is the CEO of a big company you work for. 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; CEO/Boss AU 
Word Count: 12,037
Author’s Note: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a CEO AU so I was very excited to get this request. As I was writing this, I wasn’t entirely sure if Jungkook’s position should constitute him more as a CEO or a boss but eh, ignore the technicalities.

Summary: In which an awkward first encounter with your new boss gives Jeon Jungkook all the more reason to make your job an interesting experience.


To say you are late would be a complete and utter, tragic and ill-fitting, understatement. By the time you were supposed to be here at the building, you had just finished adding the last minute touches to your hair with the straightener, and by the time you were supposed to be doing that you needed to finish your makeup and by the time that was happening—!

Well, you get the idea.

Point is, you are running incredibly behind on your schedule—as if life just wanted to prove a point that no matter how much it seemed you could stitch your life together by managing to land an interview for a company actually relevant to your degree, something always had to go wrong. It just so happens that the bad day you constantly worried about just had to occur today. On the day of your interview.

You think it might be enough to get you to scream. First, the power just had to cut off the night before, disarming your alarm clock and resetting all the previous settings so instead of just beeping at some abnormal time it just didn’t ring at all. Given that you had also forgotten to plug your phone in for charging the night before as well, there was no way that could have been any source of an alternative method for waking up. All of that led up to the simple fact regarding the issue that you have a very difficult time waking up in the morning even with an alarm, so having none only elevated that struggle, bursting out of bed after frantically wondering about the time, and attempting to compress an hour’s worth of preparation into 5 minutes.

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a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


#marvelpocweek || day three: favorite mcu female
↳ Daisy Johnson

I was given a gift, and I use it to stop bad people from doing bad things.


I mean, like, you’re in my apartment and it’s morning and you slept in my apartment, and now you’re wearing my t-shirt and making coffee and I can’t believe this is happening and everything coming out of my mouth is very cliche.

And While We Live (Prologue)

She was wearing a black dress. It reached just above her knees, with a loose skirt and sheer black sleeves. He was wearing a blue shirt and well fitted dark blue jeans. She was tall and he was taller, by a palm and a half. He had a black leather biker jacket and blushing, asked her if he could keep his helmet in her apartment. Giggling and nodding, she pulled her own leather jacket in front of him… Prepared, aren’t you?  She had decided to wear flats that day. After standing still for a moment, he was the first to leave the trance and waited for her to close and lock her door.

They had this way of standing out and blending in at the same time. That’s why they were perfect for each other and they were on their way to find that out.

Perhaps he had already. You could see his eyes linger on her every face change and twist. His eyes would grow big, his head would almost bobble at the same rhythm of her hand movements and he would smile, not exactly at what she might be saying, but because she had just dazzled him with a grin. He liked that she was so expressive when talking about her work and her hobbies and her uncle’s adventures.

They ate and shyly, she asked him if he would like to go back to her apartment for coffee. As they walked back, the mood shifted a little. Or evolved… The tension was present, but it was an intoxicating tension, almost like a bubble that could burst at any second. The smells were stronger, the lights brighter and the footsteps on the sidewalk seemed to be taken at a slower tempo. The tension was ready to shift once again, it was something feline, ready to pounce.

She had to kiss him. I have to. His lips had been calling for her attention and the bastard knew, as he had been licking them more often looking at her. Why would that be? Was that anticipation on his part as well?

But would it worth be it?

She didn’t know it yet, but she was opening the door to her future.

I really hate the way people talk about ADD/ADHD like it’s made-up and is just hyper little white boys screaming in their elementary school classrooms and shit like that.
It’s really, really hard to live with as an adult.
You can’t follow or remember schedules well, not matter how hard you try. You can’t organize your things or your to-do lists no matter how many methods you use. But adults are supposed to be organized, punctual, responsible people. They shouldn’t have to write things on their hands and arms because that’s the only way to even maybe remember it.
You can’t focus when you need to, and you end up so frustrated with yourself because you know you could do the work if you could just stop getting distracted every five seconds. But adults are supposed to be settled down and calm and focused by now. They shouldn’t be on the verge of tears because it’s taking three hours to read ten pages of a book for class.
You can’t stop tapping your fingers, doodling in your notebooks when you need to be taking notes, and making little noises to occupy your brain. But people just tell you to shut up and stop being annoying, and be mature for once.
You forget your meds one day and you can just feel how annoying you’re being but you can’t stop and you’re begging yourself inside to just stop but you can’t control it and you’re acting like a child and people get annoyed with you and don’t mince words to tell you that.
You scramble to appear like every other person around you who seems to have their life together, but you’re just not an adult in the way that everyone thinks adults should be and it’s so frustrating and draining and disappointing.
And then you see people claiming ADD/ADHD isn’t real, and kids who have it are a burden to their parents and teachers, and that you just outgrow it and by college you should be functional in the way that most people or functional. And you just feel broken and less-than and like you’re ten steps behind everyone else, just because you’re wired a little differently. And it’s so hard to be like that but no one takes you seriously. No one gets that it’s an actual developmental disability. No one gets how much you end up hating yourself because you aren’t what you’ve been told someone your age should be.
It’s just frustrating and difficult and no one seems to care or understand.


Skyeward AU: Criminals (Part Two)
          » Skye and Grant Ward are dangerous and happily married criminals. When he goes missing, she’ll do anything to find him—whether that means killing everyone who stands in her way or seeking help from the people who’ve spent years hunting them.

(see part one)

[22/11/16] SHINee @ BNR

                     Compiled from Minhole, Zoeyyy, 2505S5INee

                                              (Very Long Post)

J: Why’s everyone so tired?
O: I filmed a variety show before this..
Taemin said he did one today and another yday and didn’t sleep well.
Minho had schedules since 4am and was busy the whole day.
Key had a gathering with his staff from Drinking solo since they didn’t get a chance to and he was still feeling drunk.

The choreo was made such that they could use a hand mic when they usually use head mic.  

Taemin participated in making the choreo
T: I tried to include emotional movements.
J: member who gives that feeling best?
T: .kibum?
T:i think its me..?

Onew wrote “Beautiful Life” lyrics before “So Amazing”.  

J: Logo song from Coffee boy
M: I thought that was Onew hyung
O: Oh, I don’t even remember I recorded the logo song?  

Minho fire car scene
T: it feels like i’m killing Minho hyung
M: why did you kill me?
T: I felt bad as i was running towards i don’t know whether to feel bad or happy. 

Roles in MV
K: Driver.
O: loner.  

(Kibum asking Minho to buy him another car)
Minho: I’ll buy you a car but I’ll take a house from you
Taemin: I’ll take both Minho and Key  

Before playing “Rescue”
J: there’s a “Ah” in the song, whose voice is it? We shall talk about it after playing the song.
*all start guessing*
J: all of us recorded the “Ah” part, so, we might have to contact the sound engineer to check. So, we can’t give the answer right away.   

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InkTober 11 - “This is my logic.”

I am ready, my friends…

The script is not my finest example of my own calligraphy, but it is what is written on the inside of the box Prime left to alternate Spock. So. Y’know. Just in case you needed your heart to be ripped out and stabbed today.

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