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Cold Water

Can u do a hayley imagine where guys just start making out and rough sex smut pls thx

can I have a smutty one with Hayley where you go skinny dipping? thank you, I love love love you guys and this blog and ahhhh xxxx

T here! Finally found some inspiration. I’ve been focusing a lot on other fandoms lately like Korrasami being canon so that’s a reason why I haven’t written for a loooong time. But I will warn you, I won’t write often. I’m sorry but I can’t. Enjoy this little thing though and sorry for mistakes xx

The water was ice cold around your ankles as you slowly waded forward into the dark night. Stars were twinkling above you with a small new moon serving as the only source of light. 

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Miss Novocaine- Chapter 16

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THIS IS THE SECOND LAST CHAPTER!!! Just one left after it and then we’re done done done done done done we are done.


I hated myself, really, I did. I hated myself for not letting what Lisa said slide. I knew when she was speaking to me that she was messing with me. She was manipulative and for whatever reason she just wanted to cause trouble and I should have recognized that and ignored her. But I didn’t.

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