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“Papa?” Angie asked softly, looking up at her father as she held onto his hand. “What’s it like to be in love?”

“Well, Angie,” Alexander said, thinking about the way to answer such a question. “It’s like the best kind of friendship.”

“The bestest kind?”

“Yes,” Alexander laughed. “The very bestest.”

Angelica climbed into her car seat, and attempted to buckle herself in, because, as she said, she was five now, and five-year-olds are ‘big girls’. Alexander stepped forwards and took the seat belt from her hands, buckling her in quickly, and moving to the driver’s seat. He started the car, the noise of the engine rumbling softly, and began driving home, the school blurring away into the distance.

“What’s it like for girls to be in love, Papa?” Angie asked after a few minutes of driving.

“I think it’s the same for girls, Angie.” Alexander replied, not entirely focusing on the question.

“But how would you know? You’re not a girl! I’m a girl! How will I know if I fall in love, Papa?” Angie exclaimed dramatically, kicking her legs up animatedly.

“I’m not sure, Angie.” Alexander said absentmindedly. “And where are you getting all these questions from, anyways?”

“Frances told me that her dad is in love!”

“Frances Laurens?” Alexander inquired, the story piquing his interest.

“Yep! And I got to wondering, what’s it like to be in love? Then I asked you and now we’re talking right now!” Angie answered, giggling at her own words as Alexander pulled into the driveway.

“Well, Angie, I’m not quite sure what it’s like for girls to be in love, but I’m sure you can ask auntie ‘Liza, and she can tell you all about it.” Alexander told his daughter, stepping out of the car and unbuckling her, taking her hand in his as they walked up the short set of stairs to the front door and inside the house.

“Isn’t auntie ‘Liza in love with another girl? Wouldn’t it be different?”

“Angie, that just means that Eliza and Maria can answer twice as many questions. They’re going to pick you up at five because I have that very important meeting that I told you about. You can ask all your questions then, alright?” Alexander asked, looking down at his daughter for an answer.

“Got it, Papa!” She replied happily, grinning at him, and ran off to her room.

The next day, as Alexander was picking Angie up from school, her teacher had kept them behind for a few minutes with some idle chatter.

“Papa!” Angie exclaimed exasperatedly. “I wanna go home!”

“She’s right, I should probably get her back home. It was nice meeting you, though, Mr…”

“Jefferson,” Angie’s teacher answered, smiling at Alexander. “Thomas Jefferson. And it was quite lovely speaking with you as well… Alexander, was it?”

“Y-yes, my name is Alexander. Goodbye, I guess I’ll see you for that field trip on Thursday.” Alexander said, taking Angie’s hand in his and using his free hand to wave goodbye.

“Goodbye, see you then!” Thomas replied, waving back as the two left the room.

Angie remained silent the entire walk to the car, which was an unusual feat for the small girl. She didn’t say a word until she had been buckled into her car seat and Alexander began driving.

“I didn’t know you were a girl, Papa!” She said, breaking the silence.

“Angie, I’m not a girl. What makes you think that?” Alexander inquired, amused at his daughter’s statement.

“Well, last night I asked auntie ‘Liza and auntie Maria what it’s like for girl to be in love,” Angie began, talking quickly, as excited children are known to do. “And they said that girls cheeks get red, and they stu-stummer-”


“Yeah, that! And that girls get a dreamy look in their eyes, like people’s do when they play pretend! And you did all those things with Mr.Jefferson, so you’re a girl!” Angie declared, crossing her arms in satisfaction that her argument was a solid one. 

This time, it was Alexander’s turn to remain silent.

“Ma I was trying to order something but it won’t let me so I think either this card had less than I was told or it’s messed up”

“Ok let’s call the number on there to see if it has any money”

“You have a total of 1 dollar”

“I think you had less than you thought amber”

Stan-at-Home - Chapter 4: Stanford Pines, Set to Rights

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Chapter 7   AO3

I really wanted to update something last month, but life got in the way.  So, here, have an update for my Stay-at-Home Stan AU fic.  And I promise, I won’t update this fic until after I finish “Stan Pines, Farmhand”.  I really wanna get that fic DONE.  Anyways, in this chapter, Ford meets Angie’s absent-minded neurologist friend as well as his own gotdang son.  And nightmares for both of the Stan twins start to reach their conclusion.  Anyways, enjoy.

               “Stanford.”  Ford looked up.  Angie smiled at him.  “May I join ya?” she asked.  

               “Uh, sure,” Ford said.  Angie took a seat next to him on the couch.  

               “I have somethin’ fer ya,” she said.  “Hold out yer hand.”  Ford did as he was told.  Angie carefully set a necklace in the palm of his hand.  It was silver, with a delicate chain that held a replica of the Star of David.

               “What’s this for?” Ford asked.  Angie sighed.

               “Growin’ up, I was always told that the sign of the cross would keep demons and evil at bay.”

               “This isn’t a cross.”

               “Let me finish.”


               “Anyways, I looked into a bit more,” Angie said.  Her knee was bouncing, in much the same way that Fiddleford’s did. “Seems like holy relics or holy symbols weaken otherworldly bein’s.  I figured that, since ya were raised Jewish, you’d have a more personal connection to the Star of David than a cross.  And that might strengthen its power a bit.”


               “It ain’t a permanent solution by any means.  But maybe it’ll help keep Bill out of yer mind while we work on the proper fix.”  She nodded at it.  “That’s blessed silver, done by a priest.  And the necklace has a good history, too.  It was a gift from Ma and Pa to celebrate the twins bein’ born.  Givin’ expectin’ parents a nice necklace is a tradition from Ma’s side of the fam’ly.  There’s nothin’ but good feelin’s and happiness with that lil thing.”

               “You’re very thorough,” Ford said softly, running the necklace through his hands.  

               “I’m a scientist.  I’m supposed to be.  Go ahead, put it on.”  Ford slid the necklace over his head.  The moment the pendent settled on his chest, he felt more grounded.  A humming he hadn’t realized was in the back of his mind suddenly stopped.  Angie looked at him.  “So?”

               “It works.”

               “Really?” Angie said eagerly.  Ford nodded.

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Steve in the waiting room of Peggy's tattoo parlour and Angie swings by. She's like a Disney Princess in a floral dress perfect for spinning in.

You can find the rest of my punk!Steve AU right here :)


Steve looked up from his sketchbook when the jangling of the bell that hung over the front door rang out and filled the room. The sound was immediately followed by a familiar figure gliding in through the door, shoving her sunglasses onto the top of her head as she stepped inside. Her eyes swept the room until they came to rest on Steve, which was when her face broke out into a delighted smile. 

“Steve!” she exclaimed, walking towards him with one arm outstretched, the other one preoccupied by holding a travel mug.

“Hey, Angie,” Steve greeted her as he rose to his feet, an equally pleased grin plastered across his face. Angie drew him into a one-armed hug, and for a long moment he was surrounding by the warmth of her enthusiastic hug and the scent of her - lilac, perhaps. She wore it in a pleasantly scented cloud around her. 

“Hey yourself,” she said, planting a kiss on his cheek that surely would’ve left a mark from her red lips. She stepped back out of the hug, but kept one hand on his arm. “I’m only here for a minute, I just stopped in to bring Peggy her tea.” Angie pointedly held up the mug as she spoke. “I would’ve brought you some but I had no idea -”

“Angie, is that you?” 

Peggy’s voice interrupted whatever Angie had been about to say, because Angie’s mouth immediately snapped shut and a completely different kind of smile than the one she’d given Steve pulled at the corner of her lips. This one was more private, softer. It was the kind of look Steve figured he usually had whenever he saw Tony. 

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Stan eating the bad food at Ma Pines dinner for him and Angie? Or Angie taking care of him after.

This turned into the first bit of the party Ma Pines throws to celebrate her youngest son’s “marriage”, but it includes the food thing, don’t worry.  Also, I decided that Stan and Angie’s first clutch (Molly, Danny, and Daisy) was laid like a week before the party.  That’s what they were celebrating when Shermie saw them at a human restaurant.

               “Okay, no need to be nervous,” Stan whispered to Angie.  She fussed with her dress.  “Just Mom, Shermie, maybe Aunt Gidget and some cousins.  And your folks, too.  When are they-”

               “They left ‘fore we did, ‘member?” Angie said.  “They didn’t want to wait while ya convinced me the eggs would be fine.” She bit her lip.  “They will be, right?”

               “Harper’s watchin’ ‘em.”

               “But what if-”

               “They’re eggs.  They’re not gonna go anywhere.  And while we’re on the subject, don’t mention ‘em.  Mom doesn’t need to know that her future grandkids were laid by you.  She might have a heart attack.”  Angie rolled her eyes.  

               “I know that.”

               “Shit, almost forgot.”

               “What?” Angie asked.  

               “Turn around.”

               “Okay…” Angie said hesitantly, doing as she was told.  Stan unclasped the necklace Angie was wearing.  He jiggled the chain, making the ring it was holding slide off into his palm.  Angie turned around again and looked at him, perplexed.

               “Mom’s gonna expect my wife to be wearing a wedding ring,” Stan explained. “And even though we didn’t have a wedding, or get married, this ‘ll work.”

               “Ya gave it to me when agreed to be mates,” Angie said quietly.  “Sounds like the human concept of ‘marriage’ to me.” She held out her hand.  Stan carefully slid the ring on her finger.  Angie smiled at him.  “Ready?”

               “As I’ll ever be.  Wait, no. Forgot something.”


               “This.”  Stan kissed her.  The door to Ma Pines’ house opened.

               “Aw, look at these two lovebirds.  I thought I heard voices!” Shermie said.  Stan and Angie broke apart, startled.  “No need to stop on my account.”  Stan shoved his older brother roughly.


               “Yup.  Angie, lovely to see you again.”

               “Nice to see you as well, Shermie,” Angie said pleasantly.  Shermie stood to the side.

               “Come on in, then!”  Stan and Angie filed inside.  Noticing the panicked look in her eyes, Stan took a hold of Angie’s hand.  “Mom, Stan and his wife are here!” Shermie called, walking away.  

               “It’ll be okay,” Stan whispered to Angie.  She nodded silently.  “We’ve got our story straight, and Mom is gonna love ya.”  As if summoned by Stan mentioning her, Ma Pines appeared in front of Stan and Angie.  Ma Pines propped a hand on her hip.

               “Look who it is.  My youngest son that I haven’t seen in years.  And his lovely wife.”  Angie smiled, all traces of nervousness hidden.  

               “You must be Mrs. Pines,” Angie said sweetly.  

               “Oh, honey, we’re family.  Call me Cassie,” Ma Pines said.  She held out her arms.  “Can I get a hug from my son and daughter-in-law?”

               After the rather awkward hug, Stan and Angie followed Ma Pines into the living room.  Ma McGucket leapt up from the couch she and Pa McGucket were sitting on.

               “Sweetie, there ya are!” Ma McGucket said, enveloping Angie in a tight hug. “Stan fin’ly pulled ya away from the eggs, I see,” she whispered to her daughter.  Angie nodded.  “Sugar-cube, they’ll be fine.  Trust me.” Angie nodded again and broke off the hug.

               “Your parents were just telling me that you’re a singer?” Ma Pines said to Angie.  Angie blinked.

               “Uh, yes?” Angie said.  “In- in a manner of speakin’.”

               “Would you mind doing some singing for us?” Ma Pines asked.  Angie paled.  “Oh, did I say something wrong?”

               “Angie gets stage fright,” Stan fibbed.  “She needs time to prepare, before she takes the stage.”  

               “A singer with stage fright.  And I thought I’d seen everything by now,” Ma Pines said idly.  “Well, are you hungry at all?”

               “Starving,” Stan said.  Angie nodded. “But, um, Mom, Angie’s got some dietary restrictions.  Her family’s a specific kind of-”

               Shit, we didn’t come up with a name for the phony religion?

               “Catholic,” Ma McGucket supplied.  “We don’t eat red meat, bread, dairy, or most alcohols.”

               “Oh.”  Ma Pines crossed her arms and frowned at Stan.  “You coulda told me ahead of time that your wife has such a limited diet.”

               “Slipped my mind.”

               “Hang on,” Shermie said, seemingly appearing out of thin air next to Stan.

               Sweet Moses, did my family learn to turn invisible while I was gone?

               “Is that why you were eating so healthy the other night?” Shermie asked Stan.

               “I don’t know if I’d call it ‘healthy’,” Stan said, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

               “Grilled fish, a seaweed side salad, and a glass of wine?  Compared to the fish and chips plus two bottles of beer you usually have, yeah, it’s healthy.”

               “Seaweed?” Ma Pines asked, puzzled.

               Goddammit, things are getting out of hand!

               “Cassie, how ‘bout showin’ these young folks the food,” Ma McGucket said smoothly.  “Like they said, they’re starvin’.”

               “Oh, sure.  Stanley, I’ll need to ask you why you suddenly like seaweed at some point,” Ma Pines said, already walking away.  Stan and Angie followed her into the kitchen.  

               “This looks lovely,” Angie said kindly.  

               “Hell of a spread, Mom,” Stan agreed.  

               But almost nothin’ safe for a mer. As a human, his mouth would have been watering at the sight of latkes, a cheese platter, and cake.  Now, however, his stomach turned over.  I feel sick just lookin’ at all the food I can’t eat anymore.

               “Stan, I made you a special treat,” Ma Pines said happily.  “I was hoping Angie would be able to have some as well, but it’s got all the things Sally listed as taboo.”  Ma Pines lifted the lid off a casserole dish.  Stan felt his stomach do a backflip at the smell.  “Steak and kidney pie!  Your favorite!”

               “Y-yep,” Stan stammered.  

               “And we’ve got plenty of sour cream to top it with.”

               “S-sounds great, Mom.  You’re the best.”

               “I’ll let you two get your food.  Then come to the living room.  I wanna hear all about how the two of you met, and when you started dating, and when you got engaged, and the wedding.  All of it!”

               “Got it,” Stan mumbled, still staring at the steak and kidney pie.  Ma Pines left the kitchen.

               “Ya don’t need to eat it, hon,” Angie whispered to Stan.

               “No, I do.”

               “Stan, that sort of food is incredibly rough on mer stomachs.  No matter how good it is, it won’t be worth it.”

               “Ya think I like bein’ greener than Fiddleford’s scales?” Stan said.  He swallowed.  “But I have to eat it.  Mom won’t let it slide.  She’s the one who would let me have bacon on special occasions.  Even if she bought that I’m doing the same weird religious diet you are – which she won’t – she knows that I cheat for parties.  If she thinks somethin’s up, she won’t let it go, and all the practice we did to keep the mer thing a secret will be pointless.  She’ll get to the bottom of it, no matter what.”

               “Then just get a lil bit,” Angie suggested.  

               “Get yourself a big slice of that pie, Stan!” Ma Pines called from the living room.  “It’s all yours!”  

               “That won’t happen either,” Stan muttered, getting a plate.  Angie kissed him on the cheek.”

               “Yer such a considerate ‘husband’,” Angie said quietly.  “I’ve got the sweetest, noblest man fer a mate.  Takin’ the fall fer my fam’ly.”

               “Don’t know how noble I’ll feel later tonight,” Stan replied.  Angie leaned against him.

               “It’ll suck, yep.  But I’ll take care of ya, darlin’.”

Love In Any Language

This is something I wrote for someone very dear to me. I hope it comes across as I intended it - caring, thoughtful and understanding.


It had taken a while - three months to be precise - but Peggy Carter had finally surrendered herself to the inescapable truth: she was in love with Angie Martinelli.

The sassy, spirited waitress had reached out to Peggy from seemingly nowhere, her warm, caring nature touching a part of Peggy that had long been dormant. Without her even realizing it, Angie had slowly and quietly worked her way Peggy’s life and, more importantly, Peggy’s heart. It had taken rather a lot of blunt honesty with herself to admit the obvious, but once she had done so, Peggy was surprised by how natural it felt to acknowledge Angie’s place in her life.

Now all she had to do was tell her.

Peggy, ever detailed, had planned out the entire evening. A lovely dinner at home for just the two of them, courtesy of Mr. Jarvis. Drinks in the living area accompanied by soft jazz from the Victrola. Then, when they were both nestled in the couch, cozy and content, Peggy would tell Angie how she felt. Or perhaps, she’d simply show her.

But as it often went with the best laid plans of mice and men, the evening hadn’t quite followed script and now Peggy’s perfect plan was currently in disarray, and Peggy found herself growing frustrated with the object of her affections. Angie, for her part, looked equally exasperated and more than a bit uncomfortable.

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