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  • Draco: Oh yeah, Potter does have have some talents
  • Draco: Like when it comes to picking a boyfriend *smirks and winks*
  • Harry, in the background: Cleary I can still screw up something I'm talented at, then

This AU is getting the tag #Count Camula because that’s what I titled all the files

No, I am not changing it to “Countess” didn’t you see all this genderbending and women in men’s clothes up in here

So a minor dirty secret I have is that I’m actually pretty well versed in Dracula related things

I say “dirty” but I literally took a Horror and Gothic Literature class in college and we watched the original Nosferatu in my senior year of German, my Dracula-versed-ness just happened to me, much as Dracula himself just happens to people.

So this was actually pretty heavily influenced by the original novel, including Camula pretending to be one of her own servants.  XD

I was gonna draw Alexis’s friends as Bloofer Ladies or something but I’ve been drawing a lot today and I’d had that off day yesterday, I got a bit tired out.

Also Chazz the Jazz is basically playing Lucy and Fem!Judai is playing… both…?  Lucy’s love interests???  Yubel’s there too probably.  (Lucy is a character who died horrifically in the novel after being turned into a vampire but I wasn’t about to do that to poor Manjoume, he suffers enough)



joriontel  asked:

I love how you're OCs are very #relatable as well as full of energy and so cool as what they are (Not-quiet Ghost Girl, Perky necromancer Magical Girl, Wrestling Hot Guy Werewolf) Also, how hot Greece is also very #relatable.

LMAO thanks dude! XD


Yuri on Ice Week

Day 3: A Tale of the Sleeping Prince

Отабек Алтын | Otabek Altin - Most Relatable Character.




gif meme:  Marvel + Favorite Hero

I didn’t ask to be super, and I’m no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero.

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