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my cat doesnt use cat language like a cat?? i know cats pretty well so we we first got her i would listen to her when she started wagging her tail and stop petting her but she would rub on me and purr while VICIOUSLY wagging her tail, she also purrs when she is upset sometimes, for example, she will purr while clawing at you to let her down if she doesnt wanna be held !! its really strange, we have had her for 10yrs (since she was a tiny baby) and i dont know why but shes always done it !!

to be honest, that IS typical cat language!

wagging tail = highly stimulated. 

it means that energy, excitement, or frustration is building, & that all that energy COULD be released as a hiss/bite/swat. that’s why it’s best to leave twitchy cats alone, if you don’t know their particular mannerisms. however, stimulation isn’t necessarily bad or uncomfortable, & it sounds like your guy quite enjoys it!

purring = a multifaceted gesture. 

cats purr to express contentment, but they also purr to soothe themselves when stressed/in pain, and to socially communicate. this last type’s used when they’re uncomfortable & want something to be changed - instead of purring to self-soothe, they’re purring to appease YOU (examples would be: purring to be fed, or purring when trapped in a carrier)

you can discern a contentment-purr from an appeasement-purr based on other body language. like, if a cat’s melting into your arms & purring? contentment. if a cat’s trying to wriggle out of your grasp & purring? appeasement.


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Cats are........perfect beings

big six character aesthetics (part 1)
riley + maya + isadora

fanart for chapter 2/3 of squares, triangles, and other shapes by @sadrien

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I have provided three images for your viewing pleasure, which includes a transparent version and a version in which the excruciating detail I put into emphasizing the outline in the blackest part of the image is not lost (theoretically) in Tumblr’s abysmal presentation.

In light of discovering the videogame “OFF” merely hours ago, I believe that The Judge is my preferred character due to a certain connection I feel with him, a resonance if you so desire to call it as such. Were this a videogame, it is certainly not unlikely that I should find myself desirous to be a creature not dissimilar from The Judge, as I can see no flaws in a highly intellectual talking feline manifestation. Can you? Of course not. The Judge is flawless.