well played kyoani


Fandom Achievement Unlocked! <(((“>

So what are the odds that Room 25 happened to be vacant and the receptionist was super lovely enough to offer a sneak peek? Awesome odds, that’s what! Now that’s service!

Fun things! The actual hotel shares the same name as Rin’s home stay dad (I did not know that prior to this stay so well played, Kyoani!) Room 25 happens to be a Superior Room with Ensuite, meaning it was one of the much bigger rooms for two. (Rin, you high-maintenance princess, you!!!) Also, you don’t actually get to use the fancy key tags behind the reception but a typical plastic tag with your room number on it. The animators did get the design of the tag for Room 25 right, however! The hotel also has complimentary postcards which is love! I wish they had one that featured the neighbourhood at night though, I can tell you it’s a sight I have never seen before, haha.

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