well played kp


There have been some observations I’ve been making this episode that I didn’t think were worth mentioning. 

  1. Everyone left Kim’s house only to send Larry back in alone. Why not just have everyone stay inside? Why did the writers do it this way? I just assumed it was bad planning. 
  2. The suit is missing form the closet. I had assumed Kim had took it with her on recon (she didn’t, but I couldn’t remember at the time), and when it cut to the next scene showing that Kim didn’t have it, I had assumed that it was an error or I was somehow a moron.
  3. Larry beat Kim in a fight. Alone. I thought at the time it was just because he was the only one that knew how to use the lightning stick.

It never occurred to me to put these points together. I’m such an idiot. Well played Larry. Well played, KP writers. Y’all are on point today.

God damn!


“it’s extremely wrong to fight for peace by using violence against my evil dad, when you could fight for peace by obeying his commands and using violence against his enemies, and acting surprised when atrocities happen, which is what i have been doing, and which has been working out quite well for me.”