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Life With G-Dragon

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/Yuyu ~

A/N ; “This is like.. very very long.. ;~;. Shows how things would progress! “

Being Friends ;

  • Your first meeting would be at a Fashion Show
  • Somehow you would sit next to him, your friend on the other side
  • During the show, he would comment with you the outfits and the styles
  • Not really talking much just from time to time because of the cameras
  • But in the dinner, something that was private and no cameras was allowed
  • Jiyong would start talking to you, complimenting your style and choice of clothing
  • Would also talk with your friend, introducing his own friends also
  • After that, he would ask your number to stay in touch
  • Your first meeting wouldn’t be often, but patience is key in the start
  • Having 2 meeting per month, it wasn’t too bad.
  • But it was a matter of time until he was asking you to meet him more and more
  • Because both of you were alike and enjoyed the same things
  • He would put effort to try meeting you with other friends too
  • Because he didn’t want people being over you too much, especially the cameras and the media
  • As the friendship grew, you would meet the other BigBang members, getting along pretty well with they
  • You suddenly would find yourself in the middle of celebrities
  • Not that you would mind it, of course
  • Jiyong would take a lot of pictures with you, but only publishing these where you two were with other friends, never tagging your account as well
  • He would post some pictures of you both on his private account
  • Of course, he invited you to follow his private account after about 8 months of friendship 
  • Knowing that he really considers you a close friend when he goes to you asking for advice
  • After a year of friendship, you both would be trying to set each other in dates
  • Let’s just say that it was a fail every time and you both had to comfort each other shortly after the relationship
  • Going shopping together would happen, but not so often
  • Because he’s a fashionista, if you needed advice about a clothing he would gladly point out what you should wear and what not
  • Min HyoRin would be your best friend, she was often around because of YoungBae and you two just started to do everything together
  • When you agreed to go out with her and YoungBae with Jiyong tagging along, it was kinda awkward
  • They both were a couple and you and Jiyong would be a bit awkward because of it
  • It didn’t last long, you both would talk about how it was so awkward and cringe together, laughing
  • Some people would ship you and Jiyong together, but you both didn’t pay much attention to it

Crush ;

  • Finding out you had a crush on Jiyong was a bit of a shock
  • Because just yesterday he was only a friend in your eyes but now it’s different?
  • Jiyong would also start liking you
  • The others members would realize he liked you before he himself realized
  • It would be a bit awkward because of this, everyone would notice that you two were a bit different towards each other
  • But after that phase, he would just be around you more
  • Going out more than normally and looking out for you more than normally
  • People would notice that his clubbing would stop
  • And that he was spending more time with you
  • It was pretty obvious that he liked you, but they didn’t know if you felt the same
  • So they were afraid of saying anything to you, what if it destroyed your guy’s friendship
  • Would support everything you wanted to do, and even help if he cans
  • He really wanted to confess
  • But there were so many things holding him back from doing it, such as cameras, the media, his fans
  • Mainly because he was afraid that you would reject him
  • In the end, he just asked you out, after 3 months of liking you he just decided to give it a shot
  • Was really surprised and blushy when you said ‘yes’
  • He planned the date carefully, he didn’t want to get caught neither hurt you because of his career as an idol
  • Jiyong couldn’t give you a normal date, but he tried his best to take you out
  • Your date would be in the middle of the night, around 3 in the morning.
  • It would go well, you both would enjoy it
  • In the date, you would see a new side of Jiyong, Shy smiles and genuine smiles
  • Teasing would be daily, mainly coming from Seungri and YoungBae
  • Your dates would mostly be inside the YG Building, entering the building with the trainees so no one would suspect of anything

Boyfriend ;

  • Getting him to settle down was a hard task
  • He loved you, that for sure
  • So for a long time, you just were kinda of… friends with benefits or something like that
  • Not saying you were both in a relationship, but not denying it either
  • Jiyong is very romantic, he would do little things that made your heart flutter
  • But it was just normal to him and he didn’t really pay attention to it
  • You two would be official when a paparazzi caught both of you on a date
  • He decided it was time to finally take act, he confirmed you guys relationship
  • Something he never did before to his other girlfriends
  • He just wanted to be with you, he really believed that you were the one and all that hate wouldn’t bother you, he wouldn’t let it
  • After a day of the relationship being confirmed, he would write a letter to his fans in his Instagram
  • Thanking the ones who supported his choice and telling the ones that weren’t so positive about it that he deserved to love, that he deserved to have someone in his life like everyone else
  • After the relationship was confirmed, he wouldn’t post pictures of you both on his public Instagram, only on his private one
  • You also would have an Instagram
  • Jiyong would like to make hidden messages in pictures of you both, wearing something that you wore and even something that were very easy to see
  • The hate would stop as time passed
  • Some fans were expecting you both to break up, but that wouldn’t be the case
  • Time passed and passed, and your relationship would hit 5 to 6 years
  • All that time, Jiyong treated you like a queen
  • He would go on dates at day, not really caring much about paparazzi anymore if they wanted to take pictures, let they take
  • It would just be confirming he didn’t plan to break up anytime soon
  • He would meet your parents at the 2 years of the relationship, not wanting to keep avoiding they anymore
  • Would also introduce you to his parents who would gladly accept you without hesitation
  • Because well… Jiyong never introduced his girlfriend to his parents
  • Also, writing you songs would be a thing, and he wouldn’t put these songs to the public, they are only for you to hear
  • Loves skinship or any affection, it’s like he craves they and never gets tired
  • Going with you to your friend’s parties even if they don’t know your friend because YOU’RE going
  • Death glares anyone that checks you out or stays more than 10 seconds looking
  • Gets easily jealous, but when he gets jealous over these little things, he just sulks to himself and just gets over it quickly
  • Fights wouldn’t happen often, they were really rare
  • But when you two fought it was really intense, something serious would have happened
  • Jiyong often knows what he did wrong and apologizes
  • So that’s why
  • These intense fights would lead to rough sex as apologies, marking your body possessively with his teeth marks and hickeys
  • He would be more into Lovemaking
  • But could get very kinky if you wanted to, he would put your pleasure before his, he always did this every since the first time you two had sex
  • If there were kids into your family, Jiyong would be all over they, he loves kids
  • Talks often about having kids but doesn’t push you if you’re not ready, also wants to create music for a little more before fully settling down with you
  • He thinks about marriage often but never tells you
  • When he first thought about it, he put a really long time thinking, would ask your parents that he wished to marry you, but not now, just to get their blessing so he could stay more relaxed
  • When he goes to variety shows, you always are brought up, he doesn’t hesitate to talk about you anymore
  • It’s public, it’s been long since you two are dating and people are already used to it
  • His fans grew up and accepted you, happy that you were making Jiyong shine more than he did already

Marriage ;

  • He was really excited and wanted to get married quickly
  • It was time, he was already at the age where he wanted to settle down completely and start a family before he got too old
  • He proposed in public, he wasn’t afraid of people seeing or hearing him declare his love for you
  • He would just show up with your whole family in a street of Seoul, get on his knees and ask for you hand
  • That would be the topic on the internet for days
  • YoungBae married first, and Jiyong wanted to quickly follow behind
  • He didn’t do it because he wanted to quickly follow YoungBae, he just wanted to finally claim you as his wife
  • It would be an expensive wedding, he wouldn’t save any money, he wanted to show your parents, his parents and you guys family that he would give his all in this relationship
  • It was no surprise that Jiyong wanted to have a baby quickly, he said that all the time
  • Your honeymoon would be in Japan, and of course, Jiyong would talk about having a baby now that you guys were married
  • If you accepted he would get right into it
  • Let’s just say that in less than 4 months you were already pregnant, he really didn’t give you a break when you accepted to carry one
  • While you were pregnant he would be a bit protective
  • Doing your chores for you, it would get a bit annoying how he would be all over you
  • But he only wanted you to not stress, because that could turn bad for the baby like the doctor said
  • He would be there for all the check-ups
  • Also, would take pictures of the baby bump and posting it on his child Instagram
  • When you guys discovered the gender, you two would quickly jump into thinking about names
  • Just after the moment the name was decided, Jiyong created an Instagram for his child, posting your baby bump
  • Till’ the day it was born
  • Would cry when he got to hold the tiny baby he and you created, he had been waiting and wanting for this to happen for so long and now
  • His baby was there in his arms, so small and fragile
  • After the nurses got the baby to weight and height him he would quickly move to your side
  • Kissing your forehead and wiping your sweat
  • He could imagine what you went trough to bear his child, you guys child and wanted to care about you
  • Let’s be honest, Jiyong would spoil his child
  • He practically would buy the whole clothe store for his child and all the toys they looked to
  • You would have to stop him from giving your child everything
  • If they cried in the middle of the night and he was there, he would be the one to quickly move to his kid side and try to calm they
  • Would love to take family pictures
  • Your mornings would be you preparing you guys food after you did the baby’s
  • And Jiyong feeding the baby, with a big smile on his face while he played around a bit with his kid
  • The kid was the most precious thing to him in his eyes
  • After he married, he stopped doing so much work and stayed with you more and more
  • You and he would get numerous invites to appear on ‘Return of Superman’
  • I think he would accept it so he could show that he was a great father and that he could take care of his kid alone
  • Would also be a form of him spending more time with his kid and making their first word ‘appa’ and not ‘eomma’
  • Matching outfits with your kid would be something he would do all the time
  • Jiyong would be a great father in general, always loving his kid
  • Wants more kids after his current one becomes 5 years old if you want, he wishes for a big family
  • But please, watch jiyong he can be a bit immature from time to time and fight playfully with his own kid

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I don't watch voltron (I plan to but haven't had the time yet), so could you please explain the sheith discourse? Idk anything about any of the characters specifically, but just based on appearances I've always liked that better than klance.

Oh my sweet summer child, I wish you well if you ever decide to brave through this fandom hell. Okay so I’ll sum this up because honestly I do not wish to talk about this discourse anymore.

Everything started shortly after the show aired on Netflix on June 10th. Due to Keith’s and Shiro’s close bond, familiarity with one another and always attempting to protect each other, they became a popular ship. So popular in fact that Josh Keaton, Shiro’s voice actor, acknowledged this on his blog and even coined the name for the ship: sheith.

It didn’t take long until he and Neil Kaplan, Zarkon’s voice actor, started mentioning sheith on their twitters as well. To top it off, Chris Palmer, who directs the show, also made this Shiro drawing with the description “Shiro loves you, baby” and tagged “he is looking at Keith.” Honestly with so many people involved with the show (even if the VAs aren’t directly involved, it was still nice) showing support for the ship, and considering Montgomery and dos Santos who previously worked on The Legend of Korra are producers in Voltron, a lot of people believe they could become canon like Korra and Asami.

Things blew up however when SDCC happened in July. Tim Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos who were at the event were asked by a fan about the ages of the characters, since the only clue we had was the DreamWorks’ site saying they’re teenagers. Pidge is 14, Shiro is 25 at most and everyone else is late teens.

However, many fans interpreted it as proof that Shiro is factually 25 and the other three are 17 and claim that Shiro/Paladin ships are pedophilia, wrong, incorrect and a bunch of other nasty things. They use the video as confirmation and refuse each and any other evidence to contrary, even when it comes from the same people that were in the video. Some even attack the voice actors over it, which is why Josh Keaton stopped talking about ships altogether on Twitter. The truth is, most people before and after the video saw and still see Hunk, Keith and Lance as being 18-19 and Shiro as 20-22 at most, not 25 since he doesn’t even look that old.

There is a whole lot more to this story, including but not limited to the fact that the official comic still mentions they’re five teenagers even after the SDCC event, Josh Keaton confirmed on twitter that ages were never brought up during recording and how Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos refuse to answer any all questions regarding the ages, and someone found a video prior to the age video where Montgomery talked about Shiro being a student, not an instructor as people against the ship kept mentioning. Recently Pidge’s voice actor also snapchatted about Shiro/Keith and Shiro/Keith/Lance. Last week it was revealed that the garrison where the paladins previously studied at is college like education and a military base as well, meaning they couldn’t be younger than 18.

Tbh the whole thing is a mess, the only thing we know for sure is that the creators themselves apparently never gave this too much thought in the first place because they wanted people to see the characters as being the age they believe them to be. And now they either refuse to talk about it anymore or contradict each other in what they have to say about it, but antis refuse to stop and continue harassing shippers and the ship tags daily with violent threats and name calling.

Incidentally, NYCC is coming up this week and the same three crew members will there. It is speculated that more fans will ask them about the ages and I’m already dreading the next wave of shitstorm coming this friday.

For more about Shiro/Paladin discussions, this post is a good post about it.

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How did u and summer become friends???

summer posted fanart of a pokemon au, and i reblogged it and said that lance would name his vaporeon ‘vape god.’ summer thought that was hilarious so we started talking and came up with more pokemon names, but our friendship was mostly just the occasional message.

and then one day i found this picture of a horrifically taxidermied deer ass/hoohah and i thought ‘oh man, summer would love this.’ 

and the rest, as they say, is history

Unknown Territory // Jughead

Summary: Reader is Riverdale’s mysterious teenager. Jughead and the reader share a lot of firsts and she’s going to be his first time until feelings are said and plans change. How will everyone react when sophomore starts with a new couple.

Characters: Jughead x Reader, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, and Archie Andrews

Words: 1212

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters that appear in this story.

Warnings: Allusion to sex, swearing, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Popped into my head. This is set in the summer before sophomore and Jason is not mentioned what so ever in this.

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Jughead Jones, little was known when it came to the strange but real teen that was almost always alone. Everybody knew that Jughead and Archie Andrews were best friends; after a short period no one knew why they didn’t hang together anymore.

There was one person that was the true mysterious teen. You were the girl with the trademark dark eyeliner and computer. It wasn’t known what you did on it but the hint was the large studio headphones that more than likely covered your ears.

Last year was when you caught the attention of Jughead more than any other year. He craved mystery but he craved you more.

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This isn’t a call-out post for a specific person. I’ll just call her X. Fan X made a post to complain about mean anti-reylo fans, saying how reylo shippers were being unfairly accused of racism (among other things). She cross-tagged her post with the finnrey tag. (Anyone who’s spent time in the finnrey tag has seen similar posts, yeah?) I sent X a PM, politely asking her to remove the tag. Some people had already commented on the post, asking for the tag to be removed, but it was still there, and I figured a PM might get her attention faster. I mentioned in passing that her post was off-track as well as badly tagged, and thought that would be the end of it. 

Instead it evolved into a conversation where X wanted to prove that she’s a fan of Finn, and she has NEVER EVER seen anything racist said about him on her dashboard from her fellow reylo fans. 

So before I dove back into the conversation, I did a keyword search on her tumblr. One of her most recent reblogs at that moment was a post that talks about how Finn is a beta male and inferior to Rey, and Rey had to save him 100 times, and so forth. (Some of y’all know the post I’m talking about. And no, I’m not exaggerating on the wording of it, that’s literally what it said… along with a bunch of light-and-dark and Romeo-and-Juliet imagery about reylo.)

X hadn’t noticed it. She missed the blatant racism and erasure of Finn as a lead in the post. She liked the pretty wording about how epic reylo is going to be, and that was enough to make the racism not ‘visible’ to her.

That’s what I think of when I see someone say that they’ve never seen anyone being racist in [insert ship or character or movie/show name here] fandom: a fan who will reblog a blatantly racist post that comes across their dashboard, and then have the ignorant bliss to say that they’ve never seen any racism in their section of fandom. 

Better This Way (Chapter Two)

Well— Wade finds out Peter is an Omega. That’s all I’m going to say lol

Thanks so much for all the love on this fic so far! I tagged everyone who showed interest in Chapter One, as well as those who messaged me so if you need to be TAKEN OFF/ ADDED TO the list, hit up my ask box, that’s the best way to make sure I remember since I don’t always remember to check comments before posting. Also I tried to tag several people and couldnt for some reason (sorry) and also sorry if you were tagged twice!

Excited to hear what you guys think!

For New Readers– My Spideypool Is Andrew G./Ryan Reynolds.


Enjoy :)
Peter had set out early tonight, heading across the city to think through a few things that had been on his mind lately.

And by a few things, he meant Deadpool. Specifically Deadpool. Only Deadpool.

Their patrol last night, where the little girl had almost died– it had shaken Peter to his core and Deadpool had stepped up to comfort him. Sure it had been an odd sort of comfort that involved sexual innuendos and rampant teasing… but the Alpha hadn’t just left. Hadn’t just shrugged off the emotions and moved on. And Deadpool didn’t know that Peter was just as susceptible, if not more susceptible, as the Alpha was to the fear and panic pouring off the people they saved. He didn’t know Peter felt every pulse of hormones or pheremones and had to force himself not to react to every emotion from everyone every time he interrupted a crime.

He also didn’t know that Peter could read every emotion coming from him, every time his confidence wavered, every time a flash of fear ran through him. Peter was well aware the Alpha was only about half as brave and maybe three quarters as reckless as he pretended to be.

And last night when Peter had been so upset, waves of empathy, comfort, security had rolled off the Alpha in waves and Peter had wanted to sit there for hours and soak it up.

And when the security had changed to interest…well Peter had wanted to soak that up for hours too.

But Deadpool was sure his Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man was just his Friendly Neighborhood Beta, so any of that was just… off the table. Most Alphas only hooked up with Betas, saving their mating bonds and love for Omegas. And Peter couldn’t just hook up– not without exposing his Omega biology, and not without getting his heart broken.

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So Much More [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “#1 with jason todd please ❤❤ congratulations on your 1.4k milestone you deserve it 💙❤💙❤💙❤”

A/n: Here’s another 1,400 milestone drabble. I’ve almost got them all finished! YAY! I really liked this one so I hope you guys love it and I’d love to know if you do! <33

1. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

@crazymangaluv​ I believe you asked to be tagged!

If there was one thing that confused people, it’s your relationship with Jason. They never could tell if you both were together or not for a multitude of reasons. Shall we list them?

Well first thing is that you live together, but simply as roommates. You both are vigilantes so it made night jobs easier. Along with those nighttime activities, you’re partners. Wherever Red Hood goes so does [s/h/n] and wherever [s/h/n] goes so does Red Hood. As far as your relationship outside vigilante life, you guys are often found together. Having similar interests you like the same places. If he had a nightmare, you’d sleep with him so he’d feel safe. Sometimes he holds your hand in crowded places in fear of losing you. Strangers even have called you both a beautiful couple on a few occasions.

Not to mention you had a, friends with benefits type of relationship too. Sometimes you both are on an adrenaline high from patrol and need to let off that extra steam.

Though lately, Jason’s been pushing for more and more contact with you. Not that you’re complaining, you didn’t think much of it. That wasn’t until he started to seem jealous of guys around you. He started to not like it when guys flirted with you at bars or clubs. Which killed the mood for you sometimes because you are in fact single.

But you put up with it because Jason is your best friend and partner. Knowing it’s just his protective nature. Well, you put up with it until now.

Tonight was a night you actually didn’t have patrol, so you decided to take the chance and actually go out. You had met a guy about a week ago at a bar, having got his number you set up a date for tonight.

You walked out of your room where Jason was out on the couch loading his guns and extra clips for his patrol that night. When he saw you his jaw dropped. You wore a black dress that highlighted your curves, your hair was curled and fell perfectly. Your makeup was natural tones except the red lipstick that made your lips stand out.

The way his eyes raked your body and his voice caught in his throat made you smirk. “I guess I don’t need to ask if I look good.” He cleared his throat before standing up and walking over to you. “Uh, yeah. Where are you going?”

You shrugged, moving to sit on the couch to pull on your heels. “Just getting a drink with someone.” He nodded, his hands resting in his pockets. You stood up, shifting to make sure your shoes were on comfortably. “So, who is it you’re seeing?” Jason asked curiously.

“A guy I met at the bar last week. Gonna see if there’s any spark.” You smiled and slung your bag over your shoulder. Jason’s jaw clenched and his hand turned to a fist in his pocket. “But be safe on patrol okay? Don’t make me have to patch you up.” You teased and patted his shoulder before walking out your front door. Unaware of the anger boiling in your partner right now as he set out on patrol early.

Jason was angry every minute he was out there. He was a bit more violent than usual and everyone took note of it. “Jason, what’s under your skin?” Dick asked over his comm. “Nothing” He answered shortly. “Doesn’t sound like nothing” Tim was next to speak up. “I said it’s nothing!” Growling at his brothers. “Is it because [F/n]’s on a date?” Dick questioned, ignoring the irritation he was causing his brother. “Why would that bother me?” Jason said through grit teeth.

“Tt, it’s obvious your feelings for her Todd.” Damian huffed on the other end of his comm. “You don’t know what you’re talking about runt.” Jason retorted, agitated. “Jason, we know you well enough to know when you really love someone. She’s your world and we all know it.” Dick spoke sincerely. “You don’t know anything.” Jason mumbled before dropping down on a mugger about to jump out and grab a girl walking home. He threw him against the wall, punching him in the nose to hear a sickening crack. Then kicking him in the leg, hearing it snap before knocking him out. Right then he heard someone land behind him. “Great” he mumbled before turning to see Bruce standing there.

“What’s wrong with you tonight? You’re using excessive force even for you Jason.” Bruce’s low voice rumbled through the alleyway. Jason rolled his eyes, “Just be happy I didn’t kill him.” He went to get back to the rooftop but Bruce stopped him. “Jason, I’m serious.”

“Well what the fucking hell is new?!” Jason yelled, hitting Bruce’s hand off him. “I think you’re done for tonight. Go home and don’t come back out until you have a handle on yourself.” Bruce commanded before grappling up to the rooftop. Jason clenched his fists before punching a nearby dumpster. Leaving a sizable dent in it.

Jason grappled to a nearby roof. Just sitting on the edge thinking. He knew Damian, all of them, were right. He did have feelings for you but you just saw him as a friend. You were going on a date for fucksake. He sighed before growling to himself and pulling off his helmet in frustration. But how could you have no feelings for him at all, it was obvious you both weren’t just friends.

All of the anger seemed to drain from his body in the moment. How could he be angry with you? Or at this guy you’re out with? He’s the one who couldn’t get the courage to tell you how he felt. At that moment he realized, he wasn’t angry at you or that guy, he was angry at himself. Coming to the realization Jason stood up quickly and raced back to your shared apartment, he couldn’t let himself lose you. He quickly changed into jeans, a black v-neck, and his leather jacket before heading out to your favorite bar. Hoping he’d find you there.

Taking a deep breath he pulled the creaky doors to the diamond in the rough bar you both frequented. Stepping out of the brisk Gotham air and into the warmth of the building. He looked around, scanning for you. It didn’t take him long to find you and your date. He could tell you were a bit tipsy by the way you were giggling. You were only one to giggle when you had been drinking. Though he didn’t like the way the guy’s hand was moving up your thigh. Jason knows you better than anyone, meaning he knows you would barely even kiss on your first date with a stranger, let alone put out. He hated the idea that this guy was going to try and take advantage of you.

Growling he stormed over. “Hey!” Yelling at the guy before standing next to you. “Jason?” You quickly turned to face him. He grabbed your date’s wrist, forcing it off you. “Don’t touch her like that.” Jason growled. “Who the hell even are you?” your date asked as he tore his wrist away. “That’s not important” Jason growled dangerously.

He looked at you, “You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.” Scoffing before standing and picking up his jacket. Throwing a few bills down on the bar to pay for the drinks. “Wait no!” You tried to stop him before he left, but you were ignored as he walked out of the bar. Feeling both sad and angry you turned to Jason before punching his chest. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Yelling before turning around and walking out too.

Though Jason was quick on your heels. “[F/n] wait!” Yelling as he ran to catch up to you. “I don’t want to talk to you.” Pointing at him. But he caught up and stopped you. “Please just let me explain.” Frustration laced in his voice.

“Explain what?! How you just fucked up my date and entire night?! What the fuck kind of friend are you?!” Screaming at him and poking his chest with your finger roughly.

He hated that word, ‘friend.’ It made his blood boil. He wanted to be so much more than just your friend. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.” Jason yelled back at you, the sentence making you freeze in place.

He took a deep breath, letting any anger and frustration go. “[F/n], you and I both know we’re more than just friends. The way we know each other, the things we do together. It’s more than just friends, or friends with benefits. Friends with benefits there isn’t the passion that we have. [F/n] I think of you as so much more than a friend. I…” He hesitated “I love you.”

You stared into his eyes, seeing how genuine his words were. “You love me?” Asking in disbelief. He nodded “I do, I really do.”

He watched as you processed everything. “Jason I…”

“I understand if you don’t feel the same. I know it’s all sudden but I just couldn’t keep it in anymore.” You could’ve sworn you heard his heart break. “No Jason it’s not that. I-I do have feelings for you in that way, I just… I don’t know if I love you.”

“Do you think one day you could?” His voice when asking was almost a whisper. He wasn’t completely sure if he wanted the answer to this question, but he had to ask it.

He had looked down when asking the question, unable to look at you. You had barely processed the words before you breathed out a “Yes.”

His eyes shot up to yours immediately. A wide smile spread on his face before he reached out and pulled you to him. His arms wrapped around you as he crashed his lips to yours. Giggling you returned the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer.

After a moment you pulled away, your red lipstick having stained his lips. Laughing you wiped your thumb over his mouth to try and clean it off him. But instead he stopped you hand and pressed his lips to your palm before holding it to his chest. The intimate gesture making heat rise to your cheeks.

“They were right.” He chuckled. “Who?” Your brows knitted together in confusion.

He smiled before answering, “My brothers. When they said you’re my world.” Your cheeks heated up and you smiled sheepishly. Shaking your head you mumbled “Shut up” before kissing him again. Making Jason for the first time in his life feel pure bliss.

Baby Sidekick

Originally posted by ivanv

Reader x Deadpool

“Where are, we going?” You dragged out as Deadpool skipped along in front of you.

“To be helpful.” He answered which made you groan.

“But we’re not helpful.” You stopped which made him spin around to face you, cocking his head as he waited for you to do something.

“We’re being… I don’t have time do you want to come with me or not?” He sighed.

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.9

A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay last night, but I hope you all enjoy part 9. As always I need 100 notes and feedback, but y'all know the drill. And I know I the ending is a bit shitty, but it was getting long so I had to cut it off.Hope y'all enjoy💕 I’m starting to think these two pink hearts are like my signature here on tumblr lmaoo

 **WARNING** : Smut ;) I feel awfully dirty about writing this, but I really don’t mind.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

Five days. 

 It had been five long, awfully boring days since Calum had spoke to you. The morning after you ran off he sent you a good morning text like every morning, but the only response he got was the read receipt on the bottom. It was the same for his annual goodnight text as well. He had been texting and calling you non stop since then, but you didn’t give him the time of day. Whenever you actually did respond it was just to tell him to stop texting your phone. 

 “Cal do you wanna go-”

 “I don’t really want to do anything with you at the moment, Ashton.” Calum spat and the curly blonde stopped in his tracks at his doorway. 

 “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

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Tobi, a real sweetheart of an eyesore/chimera who has great jokes and even better fashion sense - neon floral print lederhosen have never looked so stylish! Throws a mean tea party and laughs like a bike horn. Definitely a dude you want on your squad.

I highly recommend reaching back into your childhood and pulling out what gems you find there!

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Is baby Hannibal supposed to be under age? Or just tiny? It's doing me a concern. :/



Exposed || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: this is just a burn on basically all of us and i’m so sore; ALSO I’M BACK AND FULFILLING REQUESTS WHOOO!!xo

It was embarrassing for you to even think about; the way you used to be before you actually met Jack at a club in London and really got to know him as a person and not as his brand. He was handsome, but you’d always known that, but he had a way with words that made you feel as if you weren’t talking to the boy whom you’d previously run a blog about, but he was a completely different guy. He was polite, a gentleman, and you came to the conclusion that photographs did not do his eyes any justice.

You exchanged numbers that night, and proceeded to spend hours upon hours texting non-stop, realising only when your eyes began to droop that you’d been messaging each other until three am, sometimes even later. It was one of your wildest dreams coming true, and you had to pinch yourself every so often to remind yourself that you were actually talking to him, and weren’t just dreaming.

When you started dating for real, and became ‘official’, that was when you met the rest of the boys. You played it cool, but couldn’t help the wide smile that remained on your lips all night long. But after a few months, you completely forgot about your blog, and the obsessive girl you’d been before you actually met Jack. You became a huge part of the buttercream squad, or 'gang’, as a few of the boys liked to insist it was originally referred to as. You would shake your head and press your lips together in amusement, thinking back to the time when your friends in the tumblr fandom all lost it over them tweeting such nonsense.

When you appeared in one of Joe’s vlogs, even if it was only for a split second as he turned around with the camera and caught a glimpse of you sat on his countertop with a juice box in your hands; the fans caught it without any issue at all. People began to speculate on who this mystery girl was, and why you seemed so comfortable in the company of all of the boys. As you read through all of the conspiracy enthused tweets, you couldn’t help but smile softly and think back to a time when that was you, messaging your friends in all caps and making up wild stories just to amuse yourselves.

They gave up eventually, especially when Joe liked a tweet that a fan account had tweeted, telling everyone that they needed to calm the heck down and understand that the boys were entitled to a private life. You thought for sure that it was all over and done with, until one morning, you rolled over in bed and reached your arms out, expecting to make contact with Jack but to no avail. You open your eyes groggily and jut out your bottom lip into a pout, yawning as you stretch your arms and legs out wildly before standing up and wrapping your dressing gown around your shoulders.

You walk out into the living room, and seeing as you’d heard their voices before, you simply smile sleepily at Joe, Oli, Mikey and Josh before walking into the kitchen and wrapping your arms around Jack from behind, absorbing his warmth. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” You mumble into his back before taking a step back and walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

As you walk back over to him, he kisses you softly and gestures down to the food he was preparing with a tilt of his head. “The only reason I’m up is because the boys blackmailed me into making them all breakfast, and you looked really comfy in bed.”

You roll you eyes and grin, nudging him slightly before walking around the counter and collapsing onto one of the couches, forcing the boys to make space for you. You laugh and grin at them all, taking a sip of your water. “Morning.”

You received a few grumpy 'mornings’ back, and you looked down at your watch to check the time. it was only half past time in the morning, and you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth the boys thought it was a good idea to get back at Jack for goodness knows what, by punishing themselves with an early morning.

You didn’t understand these boys sometimes.

An hour later, you found yourself cuddles into Jack’s side with your legs laying over Josh’s lap as you all watched the screen intently, having mutually decided that Prison Break was the way to go. Jack was scrolling down his phone, not the biggest fan of Prison Break unlike the rest of you, and mumbling incoherently under his breath ever now and then, a habit you noticed he’d carried since the day you met him.

The boys left at around twelve, most of them only having free’d up their mornings and then had meetings to attend or videos to edit and/or film. With nothing to do with the rest of your day, you snuggle further into Jack and turn the TV onto YouTube, scrolling through your subscription box and frowning when you realised none of your favourite’s had uploaded.

“Hey, babe, is this you?” Jack asks just as you decide on a video, and you hardly look up at the slightly old photograph of yourself before nodding and humming without thinking. It was only a few seconds later when it dawned on you, that the only place that you’d ever posted that picture was on your old blog, and you swore that in that moment, you heart stopped.


“What on earth does 'smol’ mean?”

“Oh my god.” You exhale slowly, shuffling away form him and curling up into a small ball on the other end of the sofa. “Please st-”

“’Jack is precious and needs to be protected at all costs. Don’t fight me’, spelt, f-i-t-e.” He reads out the post, and your cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment. “Babe, I can’t believe you used to run a fan blog about me!” You part your lips, but you were completely speechless as you watch him continue to school down the page. “Oh my god, you have like, hundreds of people tagging you in posts asking you if you’re dead and so many people are worried about you because you haven’t been online in a long time.”

“Well I wasn’t exactly going to continue running a blog about the guy I was dating, especially not because when people do eventually find out about us, they’ll probably trace me back to that.” You gesture to the phone, you face scrunched up as you try not to cringe into yourself. “Please put it away, it’s really embarrassing.”

He looks up at you over the screen and frowns at the look on your face, reluctantly putting the phone down onto the coffee table before tugging you into his lap and cupping your cheeks softly. “I’m only teasing you, you know that right? I don’t really care if you were a fan of my video’s or if you weren’t, but honestly? Knowing that you liked me even before I knew you, that makes me really happy.” He speaks softly, looking down at you and brushing the delicate skin under your eyes with the pad of his thumb.

You nod and scrunch up your nose again. “It’s still horrible to think back. Like, that blog used to be my life, and I met so many amazing people through you without you even knowing who I was.”

He smiles and presses his lips against your for a moment before pulling away and laughing slightly. “But seriously, what does 'smol’ mean?”

You chuckled, the tension falling away from your shoulders slowly as you sit up and rest your head on Jack’s shoulder, scrolling down your old blog and feeling incredibly nostalgic as you read through your conversations and looked at your cheesy edits, all he while explaining to Jack the way of the average 'fangirl’ language.

Later that night, when Jack had left to go pick up some food, your phone lit up, notifying you that he’d tweeted.

@Jack_Maynard23 tweeted:

If your girlfriend used to run a fan blog about you, don’t be sad, be rad, go pick up some chinese food for her, and proceed to tease her about it for the rest of her life #boyfriendgoals

It Wasn’t Just A Dream


Here is the long awaited SPIRIT GUIDE! AU.

Btw, If you have any questions about it afterwards feel free to drop by my ask and we’ll talk about it!

It’s in Thomas POV since it’s just an introduction. 

@what-even-is-thiss seemed interested, so I’m tagging him! 

As well as my buddy @bonnybee and my love @treblegirl 

Other people that wan’t to be tagged with be at the end of all of this! (Since there were so many omg)

Word Count: 3,120

Summary: He knew it wasn’t just a dream. He just didn’t know how to explain it.

Warnings: None! Only bad dreams.

Pairings: None! (Yet? Not sure. Probably not)

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Logince, fluff (If you're willing to, otherwise angst would work just as well!), One of them comes home really late and the other was quite worried

Hmm.. Why not both?.  ( I tried.. I hope this works for what you asked)

You know what, imma tag people..



Logic wasn’t really the one for emotions. They were usually irrelevant feelings that got in the way of rational thought. 

But a lot of that changed when the Royal showered him with affection. The roses, the songs, the soft touches, the unusually specific to his personality gestures.. the fact he remembers every important detail to the teacher…  

Logic just always assumed it would get tiring, annoying, that Roman would simply give up in his attempts to woo.

Well, He was very wrong… 

The Royal never pushed too hard, and only on a handful occasions did he do too much.  

The other thing Logic didn’t expect.. was that he slowly became.. attached to the feelings he caused. The way he heart beat uncontrollably, though unpleasant, was worth it to see the Prince smiling. 

What was predicted when Logic eventually gave into to his heart.. was the long nights. When he sat up, with a mug of coffee. Trying to focus on the words on his book as he waited. and waited…

Most nights it was only a hour.. maybe too. But he always came home. 

Unfortunately, there that one night… that he almost doesn’t. 

No door slamming open as he hauls himself at him. 

No angry words at the terrible loss in battle.

No tears at the pain he may be in.

The worry ate away at him

That night was silent. 

But he waited. 

Until his eyes would not let him until his arm fell slack until he was barely cognitive and thinking.

Hours after the usual standard, Roman attempted to sneak in, his hair was dusted with snow, and he tried to be quiet, glancing around the dark room.

In the lounge, with a book in his limp grasp, glasses halfway down his nose, curled to the side of the couch was Logic. 

The Royals heart swelled at the sight, but the guilt also hit him as he realized the time.  

Without hesitation, his arms wrapped around Logan and very carefully, managing not to disturb him, he carried him back through the door he had snuck through. 

It was luckily not as cold as one would think as Roman pushed through a deep layer of snow. His heart was pounding, he’d planned this awhile. Past the forest and into the large open snowy field. Eventually, he was in the center. With large fluffy blankets, soft pillows laying in a candlelit glass gazebo.  He lay Logan down and sat crossed legged, watching his watch before he could finally tap the other awake. 

The moon was peaking up as he nudged Logan up, peaking his cheek as he got him to sit up.  “Watch” He whispered. 

Logan’s eyes blinked heavily as he watched the moon rise.  His sleep hazed brain eventually picked up on the ice sculptures that litter the entire field. Each on a detailed statue. One of each of them, of Thomas a few medium ones of planets and small ones of ties and glasses and crowns and other various things Logan had listened as fun items, such as Rubik’s cubes and hexagons and maths symbols and chemicals.   Logic was enthralled, his gaze lingering on every inch of detail. 

As he watched, the moonlight began to cast through them, refracting and not only casting rainbows, filling the sculptures with life, such as Morality’s shirt going blue, Roman’s sash red,  Anxiety’s hoodie seemingly black as the light managed to miss it. But it also made laser beams, filtering through all the ice upwards, pointing to the star-filled the sky.

 Logans gazed slowly followed, and there in the stars was his name, written in light. 

He didn’t even notice the tears as he looked up. Romans arms surrounding him from behind. His soft tones in his ears as he wiped away the warmth from his cheeks.   “I couldn’t find a better way… I know it’s a little much.. and it took forever, I’m sorry I worried you… but I needed you to know… you are my universe.. my sky, my stars… The light of my life Logan Sanders.”

Had Logans eyes been open, he could have sworn there was fireworks as he cupped the Royals face and his lips crashed into Princes.

“Babe”- Seth Rollins

Prompt: Seth And Reader can’t stand each other constantly fighting but it’s cause they like each other.

Whenever Seth Rollins would walk towards you backstage or his theme music would start or you just hear his voice you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. From the moment he turned on Dean and Roman and became the most arrogant person backstage, you just wanted to punch him in the face. 

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Disney Love Medley

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Basis: Voctave’s Disney Love Medley + Haz’s story of Tom singing Billy Elliot

Word Count: 843

Warnings: Swearing

Note: I do not own the videos nor the songs mentioned in this fanfic. All rights go to their respectful owner

Fan’s P.O.V

It was 3 am and I was still awake, on my phone, scrolling through Instagram. Refreshing the page every now and then.

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Hey, have you ever done how the houses play lazer tag or paintball?? I think that would be intresting.

No, I have not, and yes, it would ;)

• Gets well-acquainted with their gun so they know what they’re doing in the game
• Finds the best hiding places
• Tends to observe the beginning of the game rather than play so they can figure out people’s strategies and weaknesses

• Plays offense
• Jumps right into the game
• When they lose it’s because they were being too loud and gave away their spot
• Really good aim
• Teams up with Hufflepuff usually
• Team player

• Also a team player
• Won’t shoot an enemy in the back
• Doesn’t cheat/always plays fair
• Really good at finding people who are hiding
• Plays for fun, not to win

• They’re ruthless, man
• Will do anything to win
• Gets super into the game
• Sometimes teams up with Ravenclaw, though both houses prefer to go it alone
• Has absolutely zero problems with shooting you when your back is turned
• Really good at jumping out at you and scaring you to death
• “Surprise, bitch.”


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Request: Could u do a Jonathan Byers oneshot in the very very beginning where the reader is like El & she doesn’t really understand human emotion that well but she does speak normally & she’s staying with the Byers until they figure out wat to do with her & she literally HATES pants so she’s always walking around in large comfy sweaters & 1 day she sees a couple kissing and instead of asking John what that means she just randomly pulls him into a kiss but he doesn’t think much of it bc he knows she’s not well with those types of things but she’s always doing things to him bc she absolutely loves the shade of his face when he’s flustered & she just loves kissing him bc she loves the feeling.

Fandom: Stranger Things

Word Count: 1,441

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