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Tricks and Treats

“Vitya,” Yuuri calls from the bedroom, which Viktor is never, ever going to handle with grace. Luckily, he’s only put on lipstick from his stage makeup kit. Viktor can finish his costume later. Right now, there are more important things, like–

Viktor curses in three languages, before randomly landing on French and spluttering out, “darling, you’ll be the death of me!”

“Rude,” Yuuri admonishes, because of all the languages they share, French isn’t yet one of them. The serious, scolding expression on his face melts away all too quickly to teasing. “Did you think I wouldn’t find it in our closet?”

“Well,” says Viktor, gaze everywhere at once. “There… wasn’t a lot of fabric to find?”

Yuuri hums in agreement, runs a thumb down one naked side, hypnotic even in motions as small as this. “You can’t hide anything from me.” This is true. “A sexy pirate costume, really, Vitya. I barely squeezed into this daring little get-up.”

“Yes,” says Viktor, and is not dignified enough to hide his whimper.

“I thought we were going in matching poodle onesies.”

“We… were.”

“Until you saw this online and couldn’t resist,” Yuuri murmurs, stepping in closer, lashes low, “until you thought we’d have our own costume party here at home after we stop by Yurio’s–”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Viktor is saying, nodding frantically, “I love your mind, solnyshko, you’re brilliant, you–”

The seductive approach slows, Yuuri cocking his head along with his hip. The fake leather, frills, and buckles of the pirate dress cling handsomely. “What, you’re shy now? You bought…” Then, Makkachin skitters into the room. 

Atop her fuzzy little head rests her custom pirate captain hat, which Viktor had already wrestled onto her minutes earlier.

A long pause follows. Puppy panting does not make it any less awkward.

“This,” Yuuri says flatly. “Is Makkachin’s costume, isn’t it.”


It takes coaxing and some pleading and a lot of reassurance, but Viktor still gets to strip his fiance.

He swears Yuuri wore it better… but Makkachin is the one who wins the costume competition that night.

“Custom-made, and so cute,” Mila praises. “But it’s a little loose on her, like it’s stretched out? And why is Viktor’s lipstick… on the shoulder…”

“I wish I were dead,” says Yuuri, and Georgi, who is dressed as a vengeful ghost, just moans along with him.

Poverty in my childhood

I’ve been thinking about the ways growing up poor has made me who I am, and about Appalachia as a region and its troubles. I grew up seeing poverty you couldn’t imagine would exist in the 1990s in the richest country in the history of the world. I thought at the time I was lucky, because I had so many friends that had it so much worse, and my elders had nearly starved, worked for cents on a day, got paid in company store credit, etc. It took me a long time to even recognize that I had grown up poor. I knew my grandparents had, but I didn’t grow up feeling like we were poor, not when so many people I saw were worse off.

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cristiano's baby is fake?

no, not fake. there’s a baby for sure, and it’s his, but i don’t think he slept with her to make that baby (and neither that they are in a relationship)

Tonight I saw an 11/12 year old girl reading Alex Morgan’s book when I was out having dinner with a friend. Her Mom told her to put it away and participate in the family discussion (there were three older girls at the table with her - her sisters). I couldn’t help it, I leaned over and said, “She’s one of my favorite players too.”

The girl lit up, just positively beaming with excitement, and she said she couldn’t decide between Alex Morgan or Hope Solo being her favorite. I told her they were both amazing players and not to worry about picking a favorite. The Mom seemed happy and surprised that I was talking to her daughter about this. I asked the girl if she would be watching the upcoming matches in February. She said she didn’t know there were any, but that she had been watching the Victory Tour. She asked me if I saw those games and I said “Of course! But oh my gosh the last game made me so mad!” She nodded very seriously and said, “They were trying to do something nice.” I told her I agreed.

The Mom jumped in at that point and asked me when they would be playing again. (My friend was rolling her eyes and dying of boredom at this point, but I kicked her.) I explained to the Mom they would be preparing for the Olympics, Olympic qualifiers, etc and told her when the matches would start again (starting with Ireland, Jan. 23rd and then all through February.) Even how ESPN2 and FS1 are usually the ones that broadcast the matches. I had finished my dinner at this point and we’d paid the check, so I left after that. But as I walked away, I heard the family talking excitedly about watching the next game.

Spread the USWNT love! Spread the USWNT knowledge! If they won’t advertise the games well enough, word of mouth will have to do until then. People want to watch, they want to be fans, they just don’t know how or when. So jump in! That’s one more family that will be tuning into the match on January 23rd! And more in February!

I was grinning ear to ear for a while after that. My friend told me I was a dork. Fair enough. But I hope that girl got a little validation for her love of soccer tonight. :)

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For the prompt thing: Marichat, "I'm Pregnant" (future AU, if It's possible...) please :3

Send me a ship, otp, brotp, reader x charater, etc. and a prompt number and I’ll write you something based off it.   

(prompts no longer accepted)

A/N: Well, this got longer than I intended, but then, ENJOY

11. “I’m pregnant.”

One thing for sure, he didn’t expect it.

Okay, fine, maybe he should have been more observant and by the number of times they had done it, well.

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