well okay they jumped

@polymathema tagged me for this challenge to name 10 favorite characters in 10 fandoms, and then tag 10 people. So here goes! In no particular order.

1. Homestuck- Terezi Pyrope

2. Harry Potter- Luna Lovegood

3. Discworld- all [shut up, i know i can only pick one but that’s impossible, in conclusion read terry pratchett’s books]

4. DC comics– Wonder Woman

5. Steven Universe- Pearl

6. Child of Light- Genovefa

7. Sailor Moon- Sailor Mercury

8. Mob Psycho 100- Mob

9. Magnus Chase/Percy Jackson- Alex Fierro

10. Tank Girl- Jet Girl

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All the crossroad choices, where you KNOW there’s a Right Answer but you don’t know which is which:

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Chinese Food (Imagine)

“Babe, I fancy some of the Chinese stuff they’re selling in the main arena” Shawn tells me, wrapping a strand of my hair around his finger.
“And…” I say, raising my eyebrow at him. He doesn’t say anything, but just smirks at me. “Shawn, no. That’s like walking into a snake pit.” I say sternly.
“No one has to know” he grins.
“So you’re telling me that you want to go into the main arena, where all of your fans are arriving to get some Chinese, alone?”
“Yeah I guess” he shrugs, looking at me with a glint in his eye.
“Fucking hell Shawn, I can’t deal with you sometimes” I say, completely giving in to him. His eyes light up and he jumps up, grabbing my hand.
“Okay well you need to wear one of my hoodies so no one notices us” He says, grabbing one from his bag and placing it over my head.
“What about the team back stage, they’ll know we’ve gone missing” I laugh, feeling like a proper rebel.
“Well once we’ve gone, they can’t stop us” he grins, taking my hand. I pull my hood up and follow Shawn. He looks back at me and holds his finger against his lips, signalling for me to stay silent.

He sticks his head out of the dressing room door and pulls me out, quickly walking towards a side door. I try my best to contain my giggles, but hearing Shawn do the same doesn’t help me.
“Shh we need to be quite” he says in between laughs.

We finally get to the door that leads us into the main area, and my heart suddenly starts to beat super fast.
“Okay Shawn, I’m actually kind of scared now” I say under my breath as he takes my hand and we walk towards the food quarter.
“It’s okay, I’m with you. Just stay calm and keep your head down.”
“That’s kind of the problem Shawn, I’m with you, and 15,000 girls are here for you” I mutter, making him laugh.
“It’s okay sweetheart, I promise.”

I keep ahold of his hand and we get to a food stand. Lucky the queue isn’t long, so we’re waiting for a minute or so at the most.
“Hey can I get the share box” Shawn says in a really shitty British accent.
“What the fuck was that” I laugh, trying to hold it together.
“Shh” he giggles, paying for the food. I look up and notice the guy serving us looks at me and Shawn, then does a double take. He passes over the food and then he pauses.
“Wait are you-”
Thank god Shawn had already payed at this point, as he grabs my hand again and we shoot through the crowd back to the back door.

“Oh my god” Shawn says in between laughs.
“That was so close” I say, trying to catch my breath.
“Too close I think” we hear as Andrew walks up to us with his arms crossed. Shawn looks at me like a cheeky little child and then back at Andrew.
“Chinese?” He asks him, holding up the Box, praying he could sweet talk himself out of this one.

Round Two

Pairing: Alec & Female!Reader

Warnings: Smut

I stomped my foot getting Alec’s attention. He looked over at me, a smirk on his perfect lips. God I just want to kiss him right here and right now. “What’s wrong?” Izzy, my best friend and parabati asked. “Oh, nothing.” I quickly shrugged it off. What was wrong was Alec. I wanted to jump his bones right here, right now. “Well okay…” Izzy laughed as she looked between her brother and I. “I have to go so Alec take care of her until I get back.” Izzy said with a wink before walking out. “I will most definitely take care of you.” I froze when I felt Alec’s warm breath on my neck. “Come on baby.” Alec ran his fingers down my back stopping at my bum squeezing. “Fuck!” I hissed.

I pushed Alec down on his bed pulling my shirt off over my head before getting on top of him. “I just wanted you to fuck me right there.” I pressed my lips to his. “Right on the table.” I bit his bottom lip. Alec laughed as he stopped at my hips, squeezing. “Seeing that mundane look at you… God I wanted to-” but I cut him off. “Jealous much?” I asked. “Very!” He smiled as he leaned up on his elbows. “How about I show you just how much I love you.” I slid off of him. I pulled my jeans off then my panties before removing my cute black bra. Alec was already in the process of removing his clothes but as he was about to remove his briefs I stopped him. “Wait.” I bit my lip taking a seat on his hard on. I slowly rolled my hips. “F-Feel that?” I asked. “Feel how wet I am for you and only you!” Alec heavily sighed as he laid back looking up at me. “All I want is you Alec… Just you my love.” I stood up and watched as Alec pulled his briefs off and pumping himself a few times. “Ride me!” He looked at my dripping core. “Ride you?” I giggled. “Yes! Please ride me!” He begged. I nodded and slowly got down on my knees looking down at him. He rubbed the tip of his cock at my entrance. “Fuck.” I moaned. Alec took this as his chance and thrust up into me. “OH FUCK!” I screamed. I quickly sank down my eyes slowly opening. There lay my boyfriend with a shit eating grin on his face. “You were taking to long.” He shrugged. “Fuck off.” I protested before I started moving. The rhythm was perfect; I kept going. Bouncing up and down, my breast following. Alec grunted as he felt my clench around his thick length. “Just like that.” He said before a low moan left his lips. I moaned holding my one breast while my other fingers worked on my clit. “Oooh, fuck Alec!” I whined. I was getting close and he could tell as he began thrusting up harder. “Cum for me Y/N!” He growled. I whimpered as he slapped my hand away from my clit and replaced it with his own. “I-I’m gunna cum baby!” I squeezed his shoulder as my sight began to get fuzzy. The sound of skin on skin slapping and moans bouncing off the walls. “Oh shit!”

I lay beside Alec in the dark room. My heavenly euphoria still lingering. “I should talk to Simon more often if I’m going to get sex like this.” I smiled looking over at my handsome man. He looked over at me a tired smirk on his face. “I’ll beat the shit out of him if you do.” He mumbled wrapping his arm around my waste and pulling me in. I laughed and ran my hand down his chest and over his package. “You’re still hard?” I looked at him shock. “So… Round two?”


Yes, let’s leave Sakura-chan to Itachi-san. That’s a perfect plan.

Hospital visits II Troian and Sofia

Troian was glad to be back in LA and she was incredibly excited to see Sofia again and to take Vera to meet her little bundle of joy. She had just pulled up to the hospital, parking and then getting Vera out, who was carrying a bunch of flowers. She took her daughters hand as they walked in, making their way to the elevator and up to the maternity ward.

“Momma, you know how excited I am to see Sofia? Like so so excited!” She told her. “Okay, well I know your excited but don’t go jumping on Sofia or the baby. Just be careful” Troian warned, opening the door to Sofias room. “SOFIA!” Vera squealed. Troian walked in, setting the flowers on the bedside table. “Hey.. oh my god, she is so precious” @xsofia-carson

harry: liiiiiiiiiaaaaam

liam: yes harry?

harry: there’s a spider in the bathroom

liam: well alright ill just go and kill it-

harry: liam no

liam: what

harry: you can’t kill the spider what if it has a family??? friends ??? other spiders depend on them what if its a spider community leader??? an important member of spider society??? what if it has 100 spider babies on the way??? you have to gently capture them and release them back into the wild

liam: ……………….. okay well to do that can u pls jump down

harry: ……. okay ….. but no killing

liam: alright sunshine

probably I'm an average jumping bean

I wish I could be loved like a cute little bunny or
a kitten seeing it’s reflection for the first time,
If I wore a pantsuit as well as a jumping pygmy goat
I think everything would work out okay for me,
I wish I were a pile of corgi puppies in a basket,
If only I was as cute as a duckling in a line of ducklings,
I want a flood of love to wash over me
I wish I knew, really knew I was loved