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"Why are you crying?" Four word prompt.

i really wanted to write a little something about sign of the times so this is what i came up with!! hope you guys like it xx


“I can’t believe you’re making me wait like everyone else.” I grumbled, sitting in our bed with my laptop open to the BBC Radio 1 page. It was about 7:50 AM on April 7th. Harry was still lying in bed next to me, watching me with an amused smile on his face, his hand cradling his cheek.

“S’only fair as my biggest fan that you don’t get special treatment.”

“Or,” I was picking at my lips absentmindedly, still scrolling through the website, trying to find the right page, “You just like seeing me surprised and freaking out.”

Harry gently pushed my hand away from my face to stop me from picking at my lips, a habit he was always scolding me for.

“I would never be so cruel.” He said, but he was smiling at me.

“Aren’t you freaking out? This is the world premiere of your first single as a solo artist.”

He shrugged, “A little… Mostly excited though.”

I grinned and pinched his cheek, “I’m really proud of you, bub.”

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blonde roast [yumikuri & eruri]

21.“You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.” 

@kittyboo8015 as a thanks for 200 followers :)

This wasn’t really where I saw this going… At all. Equal parts yumikuri and eruri, accidentally. Coffeeshop cliché. I hope you like this one Kitty. I call her Krista in this… They’re college age. Levi is late-twenties. Erwin is a lot less old than Ymir says. Poor babe.

[~2.4k of Levi & Ymir somehow being friends, awkward flirting, coffeeshop au]

It was five o’clock.  

Ymir knew it was five o’clock because Levi always got antsy.  He wiped the espresso machine down twice, refilled the grinders, and then cleaned off each of the tables with mechanic, jerky swipes.  He did this every day, like a tiny angry wind-up toy, and had since she started three weeks ago.

“What, you think he’s gonna stick around today?” Ymir watched Levi out of the corner of her eye while she made a latte.

Levi didn’t answer, just ducked his head very slightly and wiped down the register.  Ymir wondered if he knew the tips of his ears flushed pink.  She shrugged and put the latte on the end of the bar.

“Y’know,” she said, leaning on the bar next to Levi not particularly caring if the customer got their drink.  “If you smiled at the guy, you’d probably have his number already.  Amongst other things.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Levi grumbled, glancing at the door, and then turning to find something else to wipe down.

“I’m talking about his dick,” Ymir said.  It was enormously satisfying to watch Levi sputter.  “Although, do you know how to smile?”

Levi whirled on her wielding the dishrag and his snarl like weapons at the same time the front door jingled.  His eyes widened.  

A rush of sympathetic adrenalin fizzled in Ymir’s stomach.  “Go get him, shorty,” she bent down to mutter in Levi’s ear, clapping him on the shoulder and taking the rag.

“Shut the fuck up,” he snarled under his breath.  He gripped the countertop too tight as he braced himself.

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Jaeden Lieberher ~ Naruto

Request:  “This was amazing! lol could you maybe do a jaeden x reader, (it doesn’t have to be perfect or long) with the prompt “So let me get this straight, you decided to sneak through my window at 3am with  a billion snacks and the intention to cuddle and watch Naruto?” idk i thought it was pree cool lolol”
Summary: pretty much the request? Let me know if in the future you’d prefer to know more about the plot than just the request.
Type:  pure soft fluff.
Warning: Only warning would be swearing again, I think. Oh, and a kiss. Idk if that’s a warning. Sorry I’m new to this whole thing lol.
Word count: 1454 (including A/Ns)
Hope you enjoy it. Let me know!

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You Are Your Worst Enemy

I’m so sorry I haven’t been active. I’ve been busy with school and other things going at the moment, so I had to step back from my writing for a bit. I’m slowly starting to write again and working on the stories I have in progress. And, to the anon who made the request, I am working on the prompt. It’s about halfway done. 

Anyways, I’m a little nervous to post this. I’m not exactly sure why, but I really hope you enjoy it. I was inspired by the song Worst in Me by Julia Michaels. 

Summary: Even though Riley Matthews wants to move forward with her relationship with Lucas, something won’t let her. 

Word Count: 5,308

Insecure—it’s the worst quality Riley Matthews has. It wasn’t so bad when she was in middle school. Sure, she cared what her friends thought in middle school—maybe a little too much at times—but she was always able to come back from the dark place her insecurity took her. However, in high school, her insecurity only became more intense. She not only cared about what her friends thought about her, but now, she worried about what everyone around her thought. It could be something as simple as walking home and someone looking at her a little too long, and she would start tugging on her clothes with insecurities seeping through her.

Insecure is Riley Matthews’ worst quality.

Anger—it’s the worst quality in Lucas Friar. It was known that he had a temper—it was the reason that got him thrown out of his school in Texas. He couldn’t control it sometimes, and he thought the move to New York was only going to intensify his anger—and in some ways, it kind of did. Sure, he was in a new environment and had new friends that made he want to be a better person, and maybe that was the problem. He cared too much, and when someone he cared for deeply was being hurt from an outside source, Lucas wanted nothing more than to stop it. But, when he couldn’t, that is when the rage he felt would slowly start to push through. He wished he had better control over his anger, but the holes hidden behind his bedroom posters said otherwise.

Anger is Lucas Friar’s worst quality.

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Four word prompt: "S'gonna be okay darling"

The sun was peeking through the blinds as I blinked away the sleep, a slow smile stretching across my face as I felt the rise and fall of Harry’s breathing against my cheek, my arms twined around his waist. It was his day off today. I had just finished exams and tomorrow I was flying with him to LA while he did promo for his new album. I pressed kisses to his back, only waking him because we had both slept in much later than usual.

He groaned and I leaned over to lightly nibble on his earlobe, “Good morning.”

He started to blink slowly as I kissed over his shoulders. He groaned again as I pulled him so he was lying flat on his back and I crawled over him, straddling his waist and then pressing my body to his chest like a koala bear. He chuckled and put a hand to my back, lightly scratching my bare skin.

“Good morning.” His voice was low and raspy and I closed my eyes at the sound as he kissed my hair. “What do you want to do today?”

“A whole lot of nothing.” I said snuggling deeper into his arms.

He laughed, “Then why’d you wake me?”

I propped my head up so my chin rested on his chest, “I missed you.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re pathetic.”

I rested my head back on his chest, “Maybe, but you still love me.”

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mutual(s) pining

a work brought to you by bunfox productions, aka yours truly and @lesbianremus! you can also read it on ao3, right here. big thanks to the lovely @nachodiablo who looked it over for us!

this is a prompt fill for the weekly prompt at @introvert-club. this week it was “internet crush”. anyone is welcome to participate, and use the tag #wolfstar introvert prompt for us to see! enjoy :) 

Some days, scrolling Tumblr is pretty boring. A flower, a transparent backpack, a dejected joke about depression, a dead Soundcloud link, nothing to inspire. Sirius is hunched over their laptop, watching the screen with their chin resting on their hand. A long discourse post they can’t be arsed to read, gifs from a show they don’t watch, and then.

Inspiration strikes.

It strikes in the form of two selfies. The person in them is standing in a sunny garden, curls spilling out from under a snapback, and smiling with their eyes closed. You can see lilacs blooming in the background. The person has freckles and a t-shirt with a whale on it, featuring the text “I’m a little overWHALEmed”. Same, Sirius thinks.

They click follow without even looking at the blog.

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Title: Catfish

Pairing: Brohm

Word Count: 4496

Rating: T….?

A/N: I really didn’t plan on this being so long, buuuuuut, I didn’t want it to end too quickly or be a bit too rushed. I also planned on posting this earlier, but I was being a lazy asshole and didn’t finish it as quickly as I wanted. This was from a prompt given to me by @cranknewtwhodis and I actually had a lot of fun writing it. :) Anywho, I’m gonna stop babbling and just let you read this now. :/



“This is so stupid.” Ryan groaned, watching as Luke put the finishing touches on the fake profile.

He stretched, having been at the computer for a couple hours working on this and making it believable. Luke had been doing all the work, creating the profile, finding a picture, all that sort of stuff.

Ryan watched in silence as Luke pressed the enter button, solidifying the fake account into reality.

“Done!” Luke’s satisfied voice pierced through Ryan’s apartment, the look of pride and joy crossing his face.

Luke stood up, patting Ryan’s shoulder harshly and going to the fridge to grab something to drink.

“You are now the proud owner of  ‘Katie Winters” account!“

*end of flashback*

Ryan stared at the screen of his laptop as he went over the day him and Luke had made this damned account.

He had thought it was a bad idea from the beginning, but Luke had said it would be funny, and maybe he’d make a couple friends out of the whole thing.

Yeah. Because telling someone you’re not actually the person they think you are is definitely a friend making conversation.

But isn’t that exactly what had just happened?


"Who’s Bryce McQuaid?” Ryan asked, reading the name off of his suggestions box on the screen.

Luke turned to face him, looking down at the screen, squinting slightly so he could see the face along with the name.

Realization hit him and he rushed over, taking the mouse from Ryan and clicking “send request” instantly.

“Hey! What the fuck, Luke?!”

Luke chuckled, setting himself down next to the shorter male and clearing his throat before speaking.

“That’s a friend of Jonathan’s. He’s always open to meeting new people.”

Ryan stared at the profile picture, sighing as he did so.

For a month he had been doing this, mostly when Luke came over to chill, but other times when he was just bored.

The two had become experts on this, and had about 150 people thinking they were this Katie girl.

A message popped up on the screen, the person sending it? Bryce.

Ryan blinked, staring at the screen before him, hearing Luke’s amused chuckles in the backround.

He read the message to himself silently, resting his elbows on the table and leaning into his hands.

'Hey! Do I know you?’

Make that 151.

*end of flashback*

Ryan shook his head, exhaling quietly as he looked out the window, blinking a couple times to adjust to the sunlight streaming in.

He should’ve stopped right then and there. He should’ve shut the account down and never touched it again.

But he didn’t. And now he was supposed to be meeting Bryce.

Granted, he had told Bryce everything, but that still didn’t make it any easier.

He was going to meet up with the person he had been lying to for over four months.

Four months.

Another flashback hit Ryan as he scrolled through his messages with the blonde male.


'So, Katie, I was thinking about meeting up sometime..’ Ryan read the message from the screen, sadness going through him as he did so.

He would have to tell Bryce another lie. He hated lying. He hated this fake account.

He was tired of it, really.

Bryce was so sweet and innocent. He didn’t deserve all of this.

He didn’t deserve the manipulation Ryan was supplying him with.

For months, Bryce had shown “Katie” nothing but kindness. Not once asking for pictures or a phone call.

And yet here Ryan was, lying through his teeth to keep this little game going.

But he didn’t want to play this game anymore.

Ryan had a thought.

He could tell Bryce the truth. End things now before they got progressively worse.

Yes, that was the best thing to do.

Ryan swallowed the lump in his throat, his fingers on the keys, thinking of what to say.

The words came to him effortlessly. It’s not like he hadn’t thought about it before.

'Bryce, I need to tell you something…’ He typed into the chat, biting his lip, waiting for the response he knew would come.

He always responded.

'What’s up?:)’

Ryan sighed, his fingers typing away, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible.

'I know you’re probably gonna hate me after this, but I want you to know that I really did enjoy talking to you for all this time.’

'Katie, what are you talking about?’

Ryan groaned inwardly, running a hand across his face, trying to find the words as best he could.

'I’m not Katie. I’ve never been Katie.’


'Bryce, I’m a catfish. I’m not even a girl. I’m sorry…’

Ryan sighed, setting his head against the table and getting ready to close his laptop. He wasn’t expecting a message back from Bryce. How could he? He was expecting to be blocked.

He stayed there for a few minutes, listening to his breathing and gaining up the courage to try to shut off the device.

A notification beep and he flinched.

A response and he nearly fell out of his chair.

'I still wanna meet you.’

*end of flashback*

That’s when he knew. That’s when Ryan knew he had fallen in like with Bryce McQuaid.

Fast forward to a month later, and here he was, setting up the final details with Bryce.

Bryce was in Chicago for the week, and had agreed to meet up at a coffeehouse with Ryan.

This was supposed to be happening today, in an hour or so. Ryan was just giving Bryce the address of the place.

“Okay, so it’s 1462 North Milwaukee Ave.”

The two had resorted to calling each other after Ryan had told the truth. Bryce said he wanted to hear his voice. Ryan thought it was because he didn’t trust him.

Either way, it had worked out, and they called each other often. Well, more like Bryce called Ryan often.

Ryan liked to think Bryce was falling for him as much as he was falling for Bryce. There had been little indications here and there.

Like the time when Ryan asked why Bryce was still talking to him when he lied.

Bryce’s response?

“You’re still you. Just a different face.”

It had surprised Ryan, to say the least.

He waited for a response from the male on the other end of the phone, guessing he was writing the address down.

Ryan got up, holding the phone between his shoulder and his ear as he grabbed a glass and opened the fridge, pouring himself some lemonade.

“Okay, got it. 1462 North Milwaukee Ave?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“Alright. That’s about 20 minutes away from where I’m staying, so I’m gonna go get ready. I’ll text you when I leave?”

Ryan smiled nervously, glad Bryce couldn’t see him at the moment.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you then, Bryce.”

“Bye, Ryan.”

Ryan set down his cup, taking the phone from his ear and ending the call.

He was so nervous. And scared, and excited.

But mostly nervous.

What if Bryce didn’t like how he looked? Sure, he’d seen pictures, but what if seeing him in person changed something?

What if Bryce decided this was all a mistake and didn’t show up because he realized it wasn’t worth it?

Ryan shook his head, exhaling slowly and taking a couple sips of lemonade to try to calm his nerves.

He glanced over at the laptop before walking towards it and closing it. He still needed to get dressed and take Buddy out before he had to leave.

Ryan made his way to the bedroom, noticing the fur ball whom he was just thinking about in his little doggy bed.

He crouched down, giving the dog some love before turning towards his closet and trying to pick what to wear.

He went through the clothing for roughly ten minutes before deciding on a gray sweatshirt and some black jeans.

He stared at the combination, cocking his head to the side as he thought about the outfit.

Was it alright?

He nodded to himself, shrugging. It was just a trip to a coffeehouse. Nothing formal.

Ryan found himself in the bathroom, deciding on a short shower to help ease his nerves.

He thought about walking Buddy, showering quickly, humming along to a random tune that had popped into his head.

He thought about today, and the nervous feeling came back. As he washed his hair, he replaced nervous thoughts with excited ones.

He was going to meet Bryce. After four months of back and forth messages, calls, and texts, he was going to meet Bryce.

And the best part?

He didn’t have to lie about who he was anymore. He could be Ryan, not Katie.

A huge part of Ryan thought the whole catfish thing was stupid, and a big mistake. But at the same time, there was a small part of him that believed it was perfect. Because if Luke hadn’t have pressed “send request”, then Ryan wouldn’t be meeting Bryce right now.

It was a blessing and a curse.

Soon he was out of the shower, using a spare towel to clear up the mirror so he could see himself properly.

He changed quickly, brushing his teeth and fixing his hair while he did so. He found himself biting his lip, a nervous habit he had picked up since the beginning of the catfish fiasco.

He gave himself one last look over and smiled at his appearance.

“Not too bad, Ryan. Not too bad at all.”

Ryan walked out of the bathroom, closing the door and going towards the coat hangers in the hallway, reaching for Buddy’s leash and putting on his shoes.

At the sound of his leash hitting the door, Buddy came barreling into the hallway, tongue out, tail wagging.

Ryan chuckled, patting the dog’s back while he attached the leash to his collar.

He stood up, looking at Buddy and smiling before opening the door, the small dog dragging him out of the apartment, wasting no time.


Ryan unlocked his door, letting Buddy in first before walking in himself. It was a relatively short walk, but Ryan didn’t want to be late meeting Bryce.

He was sure Buddy didn’t mind too much. The little furball was walked often, so it’s not like he was missing out on much.

He removed the dog’s leash, watching as Buddy made his way to the water dish that was empty.

Ryan sighed, not bothering with taking his shoes off. He had to leave in a couple minutes, anyways.

He walked into the kitchen, picking up the water dish and taking it over to the sink.

Buddy waited beneath him as he filled it, jumping up a couple times, obviously impatient.

“Hold on, Buddy.” Ryan spoke to his pet, rolling his eyes but smiling as Buddy’s tail wagged happily.

When the bowl was full, Ryan placed it down for the dog, who lapped up the water quickly, tail still going.

Ryan watched, his hands in his hoodie, his back against the wall.

He sighed at the mess Buddy was making, the dog was a bit too excited, getting water on the floor.

He was about to clean it up when his phone dinged with a new message.

Ryan jumped, the notification catching him off guard. He set the dish towel down on the table as he reached into his pocket, pulling out his smartphone and smiling at the name on the screen.


'Hey! I left a little bit ago. See you in like, 10 min?’

Ryan responded quickly, his hands shaking slightly as he did so.

'Yeah, I’m only a few min. away from the area.’

He sent it with no hesitation, looking down at Buddy and chuckling as the dog stared back up at him.

“I’m really doing this, Buddy.”

He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly to calm himself and stop the many emotions currently flooding him.

He cleaned up Buddy’s water spillage, throwing the rag in the sink, deciding to once again go over his appearance.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror in his hallway, running a hand through his brown hair and swallowing harshly.

This was it. He was going to meet Bryce.

There was no backing out now.

He grabbed his keys from their spot in his jacket on the cot hanger, biting his lip before exiting the apartment, but not before calling out to Buddy.

“I gotta go now, Buddy. I’ll be back in a little bit, please behave!”

With that, Ryan walked out the door, making his way out of the apartment complex and to his car, ready to meet the man he had catfished. Ready to meet Bryce.


Ryan pulled up into the parking lot, parking his car in a space towards the left, turning the keys and pulling them from their slot.

He leaned back against the car seat, looking in his rear view mirror towards the coffeehouse, eyes searching for the blonde male.

When he didn’t see him, Ryan exhaled. He had wanted to be the first one there, it was something he did often. He liked being first. It made him feel more prepared.

“I’m not sure anything could prepare me much for this.” He mumbled to himself, playing with the keys in his hand for a moment.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, getting ready to text Bryce when the male in question’s name popped up, along with a new message.

'I’m here!:)’

Ryan’s eyes widened, a part of him surprised that Bryce had actually showed up. There was a small part inside of him that was doubting this whole thing.

But the text had made him feel a lot better about it.

Ryan removed himself from his vehicle, locking the car up before shoving his keys in his pocket, deciding to text back while he was making his way towards the shop’s doors.

He was getting ready to type back when someone calling his name caught him off guard.


Ryan jumped a bit, his phone flying out of his hands as he did so, the voice surprising him enough to make him drop his device.

His hand flew out to catch his airborne communication device, and luckily, his fingers wrapped around the smartphone before it hit the ground.

He stood there, in the middle of the parking lot, clutching his phone to his chest, looking like a complete idiot, eyes searching the area for the body that belonged to the voice.

When a hand touched his shoulder, Ryan nearly jumped out of his skin. He whirled around, hand still clutching his phone, eyes wide.

When he realized who it was, he calmed down a little bit, but his emotions were now running rampant as he looked up at the person before him.

The blonde rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, smiling sheepishly and blushing a little bit.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. I just got a little excited.”

Ryan nodded, unable to find his voice at the moment. Bryce was standing before him-above him, really-looking as amazing as he did in his pictures.

His blonde hair was slightly askew from the autumn wind that was blowing around them, but it only made him look even better.

He was tall, that was for sure. A lot taller than Ryan, at least. Of course, Ryan wasn’t really that talk to begin with, but either way, the guy was no small 21 year old.

His eyes were bluer in person, and Ryan found himself staring into them for a bit longer than he should’ve, but Bryce didn’t seem to mind. He stared right back, his smile and warm gaze sending a blush to Ryan’s cheeks.

Ryan shook his head, regaining his composure and clearing his throat, finding his voice.

“Not freaked out, just uh, surprised is all.” It didn’t come out as smooth as he had hoped, but Bryce just laughed it off, shrugging and pointing to the doors in front of them.

“So, should we head in?”

Ryan nodded slowly, willing his legs to move, his steps a bit clumsy, but he brushed it off, letting Bryce follow him into the coffee shop, holding the door open for him.

He could hear Bryce’s sharp intake of air as they entered, and Ryan guessed it was because of how the place looked.

He turned to see Bryce staring at the tables and walls, eyes wide and sparkling as he did so.

Ryan chuckled, waiting for the younger male to speak.

When he did, his voice was quiet yet amazed.

“It’s so cozy looking in here, like home.”

He motioned towards the walls, covered in posters that one might find in a teenage boy’s room.

“Is-is that a car?” His head turned towards the retro-looking silver car sitting atop a ledge in the shop, his mouth open with awe.

Ryan nodded, looking to where he was, smiling at the reaction.

“Yeah, it’s been there forever. Do you like it?”

Bryce rolled his eyes at Ryan, and the older male raised a brow, but his confusion faded as the blonde spoke up.

“Do I like it? It’s amazing, Ryan! How did they even get it up there? Where did they get it? Who’s was it?”

He babbled on and on, and Ryan shrugged, not able to answer any of his questions.

“I’m uh, not really sure. You’d have to ask one of the employees or something.”

Bryce nodded, gripping Ryan’s hand and dragging him towards a table by the car.

The sudden contact made Ryan shiver, the blush once again tinting his cheeks a pinkish color. He let himself be dragged towards the table for two, not at all mad.

Bryce sat down, his eyes scanning the area and Ryan watched patiently, waiting for the blue eyes man to take in his surroundings.

A waitress came over to their table, all smiles with a notepad in her hand, ready to serve the two.

Ryan smiled up at her, letting her take his order. She turned to Bryce, who froze, not sure of what to get.

“Um, I don’t know. Ryan, what did you get?”

“A small caramel latte.” He answered, smiling down at his hands as he did so, listening to Bryce repeat his order to the kind lady.

The woman disappeared behind the counter, leaving the two alone to talk.

Ryan swallowed the lump in his throat, looking out the window, not sure how to approach the conversation.

Luckily, he didn’t have to. Bryce was the first one to speak, his voice cutting through the silence.

“So, Ryan, how’d the whole catfish thing happen?”

Ryan stiffened, but exhaled slowly. He should’ve known the question would come up. It was probably the one big reason Bryce met him today. Or so he thought.

Ryan played with his fingers beneath the table, his eyes finding interest in the patterns on the wooden table before them.

“It was a joke at first. Something a friend and I decided to do to pass the time. Luke said it would be fun, I wasn’t so sure.”

“Luke? As in Jonathan’s Luke?”

Ryan nodded awkwardly, his eyes trailing towards the window. He really didn’t want to see the look on Bryce’s face at the moment.

“Yeah….that one. He’s the one that sent the friend request.”

He glanced up to see Bryce nodding, but he looked back down quickly, not entirely liking the attention.

“Are you a friend of Jonathan’s?”

Ryan nodded, running a hand through his hair nervously, clearing his throat for the second time, his mouth set in a slim line.

“Yeah, I met him through Luke.”

“And I met Luke through him.”

He heard Bryce laugh his own nervous laugh, and Ryan thought it was cute. He didn’t seem mad at all, which was a relief, to say the least.

Ryan flinched inwardly as the cup was set down before him, having been completely unaware that the waitress had come back.

He looked up at her, thanking her while she set Bryce’s cup down. She smiled and asked if they needed anything else, to which Bryce shook his head and Ryan did the same.

Once again she left the two to drink their coffee and talk in peace.

For a few minutes it was quiet, the only sounds being the soft clink of a mug as it touched the small plate it was settled on, and the two sipping at the liquid in the mugs.

It was a calm, peaceful silence, though. Not at all awkward, and Ryan liked that.

He looked over to Bryce, who was staring out the window, his reflection showing on the surface. He looked lost in thought, and Ryan didn’t want to bother him, so he kept quiet.

Ryan himself was thinking again.

Mostly about how he was glad he had made this trip today, and how it had worked out pretty well.

Bryce seemed happy, he was happy. Things were looking up. Maybe he and Bryce could make an effort to see each other more after this meet up. Who knew, maybe they could even start something because of this.

“I’m hardly mad.”

Ryan’s head shot up at the words, and he blinked a couple of times, Bryce’s voice taking him out of his thoughts.

He cocked his head to the side, brows furrowed as he tried to figure out what Bryce was talking about.

“What?” He asked, unsure if he wanted to even know. But it was too late. He was going to get an answer whether he liked it or not.

Bryce turned to look at him, his eyes soft and voice light as he spoke again, a small smile gracing his features.

“I said I’m hardly mad. I mean about the whole Katie thing. One might say I’m actually happy about it.”

Ryan raised his brows. He expected Bryce to be somewhat upset over it. But here he was, saying he was happy about it?

“You’re not angry? Upset? Anything like that?”

Bryce chuckled, looking down at his latte, his hands wrapped around the mug, his smile never wavering.

“I mean, I was a little disappointed. But I got over that quickly. The fact that you even told me about it showed you weren’t a bad person. Caring, even.”

Ryan felt his face heat up with yet another blush and Bryce just laughed, which made the blush grow.

“I didn’t know a person could be so flustered over a few words.”

Ryan rolled his eyes at that, rubbing his hand over his face before looking Bryce in the eyes and responding.

“'Just a few words’ can send a person over the edge, Bryce.”

Now it was Bryce’s turn to raise a brow, as if challenging Ryan. He smiled slightly as he looked at the shorter male.

Ryan exhaled, accepting the silent challenge.

He leaned forward, motioning for Bryce to come closer, and Bryce hesitated for a moment, but complied, finding his ear next to Ryan’s mouth as the older male broke through the silence.

“You’d be surprised at what words can do to a person.”


“Mhm.” Ryan’s voice was smooth, and he thought it made up for all of his clumsy moments from before, at least he hoped so.

“I’m sure you’ve heard something someone has said, and have it affect you.”

“I don’t know. You know that saying? 'Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you’? I think that applies to me.” Bryce’s voice was slightly above a whisper, like he was telling a secret.

Ryan smirked. Bryce was really setting himself up here, and it was working in Ryan’s favor.

“Maybe not hurt you….”

He continued with the conversation, growing a bit impatient with his words, moving things along.

“You see, Bryce, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now,” He paused, adjusting his elbow on the table before continuing, “something I wanted to tell you in person.”

Bryce nodded, swallowing harshly, his voice a bit off as he responded, his face beginning to take on its own pinkish hue.

“And that something is?”

Ryan took this as an invitation to go further, and that he did.

He turned his head slightly so that his mouth was barely an inch away from Bryce’s, and with one swift motion, his lips caught the younger male’s in a small kiss.

Bryce’s eyes widened, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull away from the sudden contact.

He felt his heart flutter and warmth spread through his body, his eyes closing as the kiss continued.

Ryan was trying his best not to push things, so he settled with brushing a hand against Bryce’s cheek, pulling away gently and taking in a couple of deep breaths.

He could clearly see the growing blush on Bryce’s face, and as he spoke, it traveled to the younger’s nose and ears.

“I like you, Bryce.” He whispered against the blonde’s lips, his breath tickling Bryce’s cheek.

Bryce’s eyes popped open at this, and he licked his lips subconsciously, leaning back a bit to look into Ryan’s hazel eyes.

He stared at him for a minute, watching Ryan go from confident to nervous he held his gaze.

Bryce thought it was cute, how he could go from flustered to confident, back down to nervous within moments. It showed his flaws, and Bryce liked that.

After a few minutes of Ryan becoming more and more nervous, Bryce opened his mouth, his words short but sweet.

“I like you too, Ryan.”

Bryce closed the distance between the two, his lips soft against Ryan’s, the way Ryan responded with equal force sending a shiver down Bryce’s spine.

Bryce found his hand in Ryan’s hair, playing with the brown locks and smiling against his lips when he felt Ryan’s hand on his neck.

He pulled back hesitantly, deciding a full force make out was not ideal for a coffee shop filled with people. He sighed, setting himself back down in his seat, catching his breath and staring down at Ryan, who was doing the same.

Ryan closed his eyes for a moment, reveling in the feeling that was coursing through his body. His moth was slightly open as he took in air, and Bryce found it incredibly attractive.

When Ryan opened his eyes, the blue eyes male was staring down at him with half lidded eyes that filled Ryan with some dangerously lustful thoughts.

Ryan shook them off, smiling at Bryce for a second before looking out the window, his voice a bit husky from the heated moment.

“You know, I really thought the whole catfish thing was a bad idea,” he paused, turning to look at Bryce, his smile contagious, “but I’m starting to see its perks.”

Bryce chuckled, clearing his throat before he responded, the happiness apparent in his voice.

“Me too, Ryan. Me too.”

Secrets - A.I.

RequestCould you do one where you’re dating Ashton but one day Michael finds out you cut and he tries to talk to you about it but Ashton thinks you’re cheating on him??

Summary: Michael has a growing suspicion about Y/N and decides to confront her about it, sparking drama between her and her boyfriend, Ashton.

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader (relationship), Michael x Female Reader (friendship)

Warnings: mention and proof of self-injury. if self-harm is triggering to you, please read with caution. 

“Y/N, aren’t you hot?” Michael questioned when Y/N walked onto the bus, observing the baggy sweater covering her body. “It’s sweltering outside and you’re dressed like it’s winter in Antarctica or something.” Y/N simply shrugged, setting her bag down on the table and kicking off her shoes. “Nah,” she responded. “If anything, I’m actually real cold.” Michael let the conversation go at that, but he was still suspicious. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm in such a mood for a clingy Dazai scenario. Just him trying to get his s/o's attention.

Y’know, I could go for some clingy Dazai too rn… Here you go, anon! I hope you like it ❤

-Tap, tap, tap…-


The monotonous sound of your keyboard clicking over and over again as you tap away at it for the third uninterrupted hour rings in your ears like a sort of comforting white noise. It meant you were being productive; it meant work was getting done. You had been sent home from work with a ton of documents to take care of overnight, so if that meant having a very dull late-night work session seated in your dimly lit kitchen with the tones of very soft smooth jazz playing through the old radio in the background, so be it.


Okay, “uninterrupted” had been a strong word to use.

‘Drag this file over here… Fill in these blank tags… Fix the misnumbered entries…’


There it was again.

‘Come to think of it, just when exactly did he come in? …Ah, well. The faster I get this work done, the faster I’ll be able to go to bed. Hm? What was this again? Oh, yes: entry 37, entry 38, entry 3-’


You feel a pair of arms fling themselves around your neck from behind, the sudden contact taking you completely by surprise and causing your fingers to hit a few accidental keys. The assailant rests his head on your shoulder, his warm breath tickling the hairs on your neck and causing you to shiver slightly. Sighing, you decide to finally give in and admit defeat, your counting now completely thrown off. You crane your neck around to meet your distraction face to face, and you’re met with a wide grin.

“Ah! My darling has finally noticed me! So I am still alive! For a little while there, I was almost convinced I had died and become an ethereal being, incapable of showering you with my affection!~”

A small giggle escapes your lips at his dramatic inflection, and you roll your eyes as you lean in to give him a chaste peck on the lips before turning back to your laptop screen.

“I’m sorry for neglecting you, my friendly little ghost, but as you can see here, my boss gave me a lot of important, time-sensitive files that I have to sort out before tomorrow afternoon, and it’s turning out to be quite a slow process.”

Dazai frowns at this, letting out a small, dejected grumble as his eyes meet your computer screen. He shoots it a narrow, begrudging glance, as though he were jealous of your work and cursing it silently for taking your time with him away. However, his disgruntled expression is soon lifted into a devious smirk, the gears in his mischievous little head beginning to turn. If it was your attention he wanted… Oh, he would get it.

Your fingers return to tapping out the entries on your current document, flying over the keyboard effortlessly even with a lingering head still weighing down your left shoulder. You almost involuntarily begin counting the numbers out loud again, the words absentmindedly leaving your lips in quiet puffs of breath.

“39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45-”

“Oh, (Y/N)!~~”

Dazai’s voice comes out as a whisper this time, the way he raises the octave of his voice as your name escapes his lips makes you stop counting out loud for some reason. Your lips slowly cease to move, your fingers continuing to tap along at the keys in a quite even rhythm. That is, until…

‘God, why now?’

His soft, warm lips are suddenly pressed up against the skin of your neck, trailing long, deep kisses up and down from your shoulders, to your collarbone, to your jawline…

Your eyes widen slightly, and you swallow audibly, your fingers beginning to slow their pace much to your dismay. He’s done it. He’s really done it now. You know, at this point in time, that continuing to try to work with him around like this was only going to amount to a few mistypes in your document titles and off-count results. It was almost enough to convince you. Almost.

“Come on, Dazai, I’ve got to-”

He puts a finger to your chin, tilting your head slowly to face his. His lips are on yours in an instant, demanding your unconditional surrender. When you part, his eyes are boring into yours with a bright light of mischief burning bright behind them, distracting you from his actions as he uses one arm to reach over and close the lid of your laptop. His other hand runs over the sleeve of your sweater lightly, tracing an outline of your shoulder and arm. The delicate contact gives you goosebumps. Knowing you’ve played right into the palm of his hand, Dazai stands up straight from behind your chair, pulling the chair out slightly from the table and moving around it to offer his hand out to you. Still slightly dazed, you accept it, letting him pull you up and out of your seat only to be pulled into his embrace.

“Oh, alright. I guess I can work on the files later, if you’re that adamant about needing my attention right now.”

He laughs quietly, kissing the top of your head softly.

“I knew you’d change your mind.~”

“So… What now?” You ask quietly, thinking you probably knew the answer.

“Hm, well… I was thinking we could go out for ice cream? There’s this little place up the street that I’ve really been wanting to try out with you.” He looks down at you and smiles, sending a quick wink your way before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the door to retrieve your coats.

‘Or, maybe not…’

The man is still a mystery.

waking up from a nightmare
  • seungcheol: is really concerned and tells you he will gladly come into bed with you. as you lie next to him, he holds you close to him, kisses your forehead, and tells you, "don't be afraid of your dreams. they're nothing close to the happiness you spend with me in reality, right?" you laugh at his cheesy line, and you forget what was really scaring you. being in seungcheol's arms is comforting alone.
  • junghan: laughs a little bit, but when he sees that you really can't be alone right now, he takes your hand and leads you into your room. he tucks you into bed, leaves the room, comes back with a book in his hand, turns off the lights except for your lamp. he sits rights next to you, back against the headboard, and asks if you want to talk about it... and you do, but slowly, you drift back to sleep, comforted simply by junghan's presence.
  • joshua: "hM? oh... you need me to stay with you? okay, one sec..." you go back to bed as he's trying to collect himself and steady his breathing because that was a sudden request. he goes back into your room to see you sitting in bed. "oh! wait a sec." he grabs his guitar and goes back into your room. he sits at the edge of your bed as you lie back down and starts to sing and play a few soft songs to make you feel better.
  • jun: "maybe because you weren't dreaming of me! ah..." he follows you into his room and tries to entertain you with a few moves he learned recently. you laugh, but you tell him you just want to get some sleep now. he tucks you in, brushes your hair away from your face, and gives you a kiss on your nose. "if you dream of me, i'll fight all those things you're having nightmares about and get rid of it all, so they never come back."
  • hoshi: comes into your room and looks under everything, pretending to scare off the monsters or whatever is causing your nightmares away. he lies down next to you, and you bury your face into his chest. he strokes your hair and tells you that he'll do whatever he can to make your nightmares go away and that he will be right there for you when you wake up.
  • wonwoo: is surprised by your sudden request. he doesn't ask much, but he shyly says, "i can... stay with you... if that's ok with you." he sits down at the edge of your bed as you lie back down, but you pull on the back of his shirt. he understands what you want, and he's a bit hesitant, but he lies down next to you. you snuggle up against him, and he's surprised again, but he says, "everything will be okay. just sleep now."
  • woozi: is caught off guard because he's never really seen you this afraid because of something. offers to sit next to you in your bed as he composes a few songs on the laptop. as you listen to the song he's working on, he asks if you like it. "i love it." he smiles and lets you collect your thoughts. "jihoon?" he pauses the music. "yeah?" "thanks." he's quiet for a moment before he quietly says, "i'm sorry i can't do much for you when you feel like this, but i'm always here for you, okay? whether you're asleep or awake."
  • dk: "eh? a nightmare? about what?" you're quiet for a while before he smiles and says, "i'll stay with you... even if you didn't have a nightmare," adding a wink. he hops into bed first and opens his arms. with one hand, he pats his chest, gesturing for you to lie with him. you laugh and happily get into bed, feeling him wrap his arms around you and the nightmare already being forgotten. he kisses your forehead and tells you, "if i'm here, you won't have any nightmares. you'll never have anything to worry about."
  • mingyu: is a bit flustered when you asked him to stay with you. "oh? what? you need me to stay with you? a nightmare?" you go back into bed as mingyu just slowly trails behind you, stopping in the doorway. you pat the empty space on your bed next, telling him to come. he hesitantly sits at the edge of your bed and asks if you want to talk about it. he listens very intently to what scared you so much, and he eventually lies down next to you. once you're done and about to fall asleep, he takes your hand into his and says, "i think that...you don't have to be afraid because it's not real, but i am.
  • the8: he eagerly comes into your room and sits in another chair. he pulls it up close to the bed and leans closer to you. "you can tell me." he just has such a sincere look on his face that you just feel so much better. "it... wasn't that scary, i think it just surprised me," you say, but he gives you a confused look. "well, even if it wasn't that scary, you can tell me anything and i'll always be here. when you fall asleep and when you wake up, okay? just tell me if you're scared."
  • seunggwan: he gasps and says, "ah, you had a bad dream! i used to have a lot during trainee days..." he takes you back to bed and sits with you, talking about some of the nightmares he's had. "but none of them ever came true... so no need to worry! and now, if i have to admit (haha) i have a lot of dreams about you." you tell him you've dreamt about him before and he says, "see? so much better than nightmares, but why should we dream about each other when you're right here in front of me?" the two of you laugh, and he tells you to sleep. he sings a few of your favourite songs, and you drift off to the sound of his sweet voice.
  • vernon: flustered and doesn't know what he should say. "ah, are you okay? was it that bad?" he shuffles behind you as you walk back to bed, holding the tips of your fingers. he sits next to you, a bit stiff, but nonetheless asks if you want to tell him about your dream. you start to tell him about your dream, but you decide that "it's okay.... it wasn't that scary." but he says, "you know, i get scared really easily, too, so i completely understand. just tell me, okay? if it will make you feel better. i'm listening."
  • dino: isn't really sure what he should do, but follows you into bed anyway. he lies down next to you, leaving some space between the two of you. he tells you about he had a really scary dream once, but had a million more happy dreams to make him forget. he tells you the happiest dreams he's ever had, and you fall back asleep peacefully, completely comforted by his unusual, but dino dreams.

summary: phil’s ace and can’t help but feel like he’s broken

genre: angst, but there is fluff at the end

warnings: identity crisis kind of

word count: 1000 exactly (i swear i’m some kind of wizard this is amazing)

link on ao3!

a/n: i really really really like holly

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Mystic Messenger Short (aka 2033 words :)) ), 707 | Luciel | Saeyoung / MC, spoils 707′s route massively, basically a angsty rant fic because when I was going through this part of the route I was thinking that if I were there I would be a lot more emotional (mostly because my personality is cry whenever anything happens…) and this is what I was thinking haha :))) Half of this is probably gonna be OOC but I just wanted to let this stuff out of me and I just let it go out into the internet because hey why not. ALSO, TW- SUICIDAL THOUGHTS IN THE SECOND HALF

also I was gonna edit it a bit to fit some more of what I wanted to actually write for this, but this is way too long for me to edit when I’m supposed to be going to bed

“Do you really not care about what I feel for you, Luce…?” You ask weakly, your hand gripping your phone tighter and tighter. Is this really what he feels for you? When he’s done protecting you, his job is done and he’ll be satisfied with everything? For some reason, a very small part of you thinks of Saeran. You throw the thought away as you focus back on Luciel.

“I said no!” He shouts at you, and you jump slightly in surprise. He continues shouting his thoughts at you, and the thoughts surround you and make you feel suffocated as tears begin to emerge. You had thought, some days ago, that you had finally grasped your emotions, that you could finally let go of this childish act of crying at every situation… but it seems like that day wouldn’t ever truly come.

Once you could finally take control of your voice, you croak out a beg for him to calm down and to stop avoiding you. You bite your tongue to stop the tears from coming, and it works for the moment between your voice fading out and his reemerging. He speaks softly, which you appreciate… but his words began to sting even more than before. “Stop wasting your emotions on me… it’s all a waste. We won’t ever see each other again once this hacker thing is over with.”

You look away, one hand clutching your phone to your chest as the other covers your mouth. He notices your reaction, and sighs in exasperation. “I can’t stand this…” he mumbles quietly, picking up one of the pieces of equipment he had with him. He takes another look at you as he speaks, “I’m going out to the hallway. I’ll come back in once you’re asleep, once you’re sorted your emotions.”

Out of feelings of bravery and desperation for air in this suffocating environment, you stand suddenly before he could take a step towards of the door. You throw your phone at the wall, cracking various parts of it as they descend to the couch. As Luciel looks at you with an incredulous gaze, you glare at him. “We’ll never see each other?” Your voice croaks weakly. “I’ll be safe?”

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Should I Get Off?

Originally posted by poorbeautifuldean

You help patch Dean up after a hunt and smut ensues.

2609 words

Dean x Reader

Read this on AO3 here

“Fuuuccckkk.”  You heard Dean growl as you locked the motel room door and dropped the heavy bag of gear by the little round table.  "Crap.  I…uh…I think this is deeper than I thought it was.“  The almost sick sound of pain straining his voice told you that his wound must be serious.  

“Come here, let me see.”  He winced as you examined his shoulder, but otherwise he held still.  "Shit, Dean.  This is a lot of blood.  I can’t see anything.  Take some of these layers off.“

"So it’s bad enough you’re always undressing me with your eyes, now you’re gonna get all domineering?”  He tried to grin but it turned into a grimace as you tried to gently slide his jacket and flannel down his arm.

“What can I say, Dean?  You make me want to do things to you.”  You quipped. 

“Naughty things, I hope.”  He said and then bit his lip to stifle another growl as he shifted his other shoulder to help shrug the ruined garments off. 

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Day 5 Prompt: Private work affair / Public scandal

[for @rocketangelweek]

Summary: According to Overwatch regulation 42-5.1, “While fraternization is allowed within the ranks, relationships of a romantic nature are highly discouraged and can be cited as grounds for dismissal”. Unfortunately, a certain delirious soldier recovering from surgery can only recall one thing, and it sure as hell isn’t the Overwatch regulations book.

Notes: In which Fareeha “Stick-in-the-Mud” Amari turns into an embarrassing mess under the influence of painkillers and Angela has to deal with the consequences. I thought of this like a day ago and literally erased like half of prompt I already had done to write it, but it’s been my favorite to work on by far.

Four hours. Four consecutive hours of surgery. While it wasn’t the longest operation of Angela’s life by far, it still took its toll. She cursed her patient aloud for her tight-lipped nature, removing her gloves, cap and mask before shedding her gown in order to strip down to her scrubs. All items were unceremoniously scattered across the floor before Angela collapsed into the chair beside the hospital bed.

Fareeha would definitely have to pay her back for the mess they were in, that much was certain.

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anonymous asked:

You know what I can imagine? Writer!Derek and college student!stiles who just moved into a downtown apartment in nyc, across the county from everyone they know and Derek had a deadline for an article/book and stiles has a midterm the next day and they both procrastinated so now they're sitting on their couch (well, stiles laying across it with his feet across Derek's lap and the computer laying over them) and studying/working together. Idk I just love that idea

Okay, I saw “writer!Derek” and immediately got excited because listen, writer!Derek is literally my favorite thing and I can’t even tell you how much I love it.

Anyway, I got distracted from the stormpilot fic I’m writing because of this ask and then this sort of just happened.

Also, I feel like this post by @sterekseason would interest you.

“– This is the ability to influence or control others based on bla bla bla…

Stiles had been staring at the same string of words for the past several minutes, none of it actually registering in his brain and none of it being written down in the notebook he had opened on the other half of the textbook resting in his lap. With a heavy sigh, he lifted his gaze from the stupid words and over to Derek, who was his personal foot pillow currently, on the other side of the couch.

Derek’s laptop was resting on top of Stiles’ legs, the bottom hot but not unpleasantly, and the light from the screen illuminating Derek’s concentrated face. His fingers were moving over the keyboard in a slow pace, mostly just an annoyed press of the backspace every few minutes, and his eyes moved from the screen to his fingers constantly.

See, while they were both doing much better after having moved to New York and left the horror in Beacon Hills behind, there was still one thing that constantly bothered them: procrastination.

Stiles, a proud college student, had a midterm the very next day, and Derek, writer of two published novels with a third on the way, had a deadline for a chapter coming up. And neither of them had really done anything, because they kept getting distracted.

They had had a whole bunch of great impromptu sex and several movie marathons over the past week, which Stiles claimed was productive in itself, but which Derek reminded him wasn’t the right kind of productive.

So with Stiles’ grades and Derek’s editor’s rage looming over them, they were sat on the couch in their downtown NYC apartment, both in their sweats and loose shirts, and both trying very hard not to get distracted. Again.

Except, Stiles couldn’t focus.

“Hey, Derek, are you-”


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Other Worldly (Part 4)

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 3,007

Summary: When Dean and Sam are called away on a case, Y/n is left to dwell in the bunker with a few surprises…

Warning: Weapons, mentions of werewolves, vampires, and witches, minor swearing, mention of losing a loved one

Tags: @fandomcrazedhuman @kyleewinchester (If you want to be tagged in future updates, let me know!)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

Originally posted by hunterchesters

After two days of exploring and having fun, you still had little info from Cas. However, Sam and you were now the best of friends, staying up late talking, reading old tomes, and gossiping about his past.

Last night, you and Sam had decided to bake some cookies, although neither of you were a very good baker. Dean had had to sweep in and stop the kitchen from burning down.

“If you idiots are done almost killing yourselves, I’m going to bed.” He’d grumbled after, slouching past shame-faced Sam and you. When he was out of sight, you and Sam had burst into giggles, then cleaned up the mess which may or may not have involved a flour fight…

They had set you up in a room a couple doors down from them, in the room you had woken up in the second time. Sam had made you promise that if you needed help, you would come get him. Dean had slid a revolver in the space between your bed and night stand. “Just in case.” He had said.

In under only forty eight hours, you had learned so much as well, going through the library and reading information they didn’t talk about in the show.

“Wait, mermaids are real?” You had asked while examining the spines on a shelf. The word had caught your eye because the only mermaid you had ever heard of was the Zanna, Nicky.

Dean had rolled his eyes while Sam’s face lit up with a chance to tell you something you didn’t already know. “Not exactly in the sense of ‘The Little Mermaid’, but more or less, yes. Here, I’ll show you.” He had come to sit by you and you two spent an hour going through the old book, and subsequently other books.  

Somehow, the other day, you and Sam had gotten on the subject of Jess. You had been talking about one of your past relationships which led to Sam wanting to share too. You had tried to urge him not to, because you knew how painful that subject was, but he had insisted, sharing about his time with Jess that the viewers didn’t know about.

“You know I was going to marry her?” He had asked quietly. “Had asked one of her friends to come with me and help pick out a ring.”

You nodded, placing a hand on his arm in comfort. “Yeah, I know. I’m so sorry Sam.” He shrugged but wouldn’t look at you and you felt your fangirl heart break. “You know, in the fandom back home, all the fans want to do is wrap you all up in a blanket with hot cocoa and tell you how amazing you are. So I’m going to do it for them.”

You wrapped your arms around Sam’s shoulders in a sideways hug and rested your head on him. “You are all so amazing.” You said. “You have saved so many lives and fought so many wars and this world does not deserve you. You deserve to have your family and friends back and a proper life. I just hope you find it some day, because Sam? You are worth everything, and you should be treated as such.”

Sam turned to you and wrapped his arms around your middle, giving you a proper hug. He buried his face in your neck and you felt wetness on your skin as silent tears escaped. “Oh Sam, I’m so sorry.” You soothed, rubbing his back comfortingly and hugging him for as long as he needed.

When he pulled away, he had stopped crying and gave you a small smile. “Did I hear hot cocoa as part of this comforting thing?”

The rest of the day had been spent on the couch, both of you wrapped in a blanket and watching movies. You didn’t see Dean until the cookie fiasco and didn’t know what he had been doing during that time. Sam had gone over to ask him if he wanted to watch too but came back alone.

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lost in your sleeve (3/?)

“For a kid with so damn much family these days, he’s still somehow been dealt a shitty hand.” No magic AU where Henry’s just a sad, angry with with a fucked up family tree.

Captain Cobra. (Eventual) Captain Swan.

Notes: Reminder that Henry’s opinions - and it really is just his opinions - in no way reflect the author’s opinions and are by no means meant to be taken as truth. Henry is a sad, angry kid viewing things from a very specific lens. Things are picking up a little bit more, though. Hopefully the next update will be in about a week? I now have kittens who demand my attention but I’ll try to write when they’re napping. 

Song you should definitely listen to if you haven’t yet: Eugene by Sufjan Stevens.

(Thanks again to swallowedsong for reading this over and such.)


Wanna catch up? prologue one two

chapter 3.



            “I had a feeling I’d find you out here.”

            “Oh, fuck off.”

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Sexy // Ashton Irwin (Smut)

side note: this is my first shot at something like this and i don’t even know if this is my thing yet i’m conflicted which is probs why this is awkward but i think it fits so if you don’t like it i apologize alright i should probably stop typing now lmao

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Teddy Bears Aren't Cuddly

Posting this again because I did delete it earlier. wingsof-flame had sent me the prompt ‘Maka plays Five Nights at Freddy’s’ and I wrote it as my Halloween fic. Special thanks to Wings who also read through this and pointed out all my mistakes. Enjoy!

After weeks of begging her to buy the game for his laptop, as Maka was in charge of the money, she finally caved. She regretted it when her night owl boyfriend played it in the dark hours of the night. It wasn’t so much the game that woke her up since he played it with headphones on. No, it had more to do with Soul screaming and knocking his desk chair over at seemingly random intervals. Every night she woke up startled and with the urge to pound him on the head.

Allowing him to buy the game was the worst mistake of her life.

However, that didn’t mean she wasn’t a little interested in what the game was about. She knew the basics of it; the player spent five nights at a fictional place similar to Chuck E Cheese, but that was it. She never bothered to watch Soul play or ask him more about it. To be honest, it hadn’t piqued her interest until she overheard him talking to Black Star about it. A bunny and chicken that tried to kill you? How idiotic was that? How easy would that be to beat?

Soul had spent the entire week complaining that he was stuck on night five – it was apparently the hardest one so far. Maka, being the generous girlfriend she was, offered her help but he immediately turned her down.

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Love and Evasive Action - Part Eighteen

Hi. Greetings. Hello. Take a seat. This is an AU fanfiction.

I am now off to update my fanfic page, where in about ten minutes you will be able to find the other parts of this story.

Many thank yous to hartbigguyz who is currently betaing every story in the fandom, including this one, because she is a wonder puppy.

Thank you for reading :)

Right, lets get into this.

Chapter Eighteen

It’s a difficult few weeks, for Grace.

She’s not gay. She has performed a significant mental review, and has established that the notion of female anatomy does nothing for her. Like a dedicated student, she has reviewed the data, and drawn a sensible conclusion, underlining it several times in her head.

This does nothing to stop the nightly routine of getting herself off whilst thinking of Hannah, but nevertheless, this does not mean that she is gay. Or into Hannah, or whatever. This is instead merely a symptom of loneliness, and a fear of the future, and whatever nonsense Mamrie has polluted her head with.

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