well off society

Welcome to The Commonwealth

It took an entire two weeks to reach her destination, luckily she had a map of the roads she could follow. She avoided big cities like New York City, knowing from her previous experiences, that it would most likely be a death trap. When she got there, she was surprised to see the bright blue sky, which she hasn’t seen since she left Arkansas to travel to DC. Her map had a pinpoint labeled “Diamond City.” “Hopefully I can restart…” She said to herself, as her chestnut fur Husky hopped with her down the road. After a while she ended at the giant gates of what she presumed was her destination, looking down at her Husky, she let out a sigh of relief. “We made it buddy, Diamond City.” When they walked in, the two were greeted by a well-off society. She was given many stares, mainly because of the vault suit she was wearing, but she ignored them, exploring around the city. It was getting a bit dark, but there was still some area to explore in the city. Walking down an alleyway, she see a shadowed figure leaning on the wall.