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Pidge's Garden: Video Games
  • Pidge: *pops into Shiro's room* Hey.
  • Shiro: What's up?
  • Pidge: I was thinking about the whole video game thing and how you can't play first person shooters, and I came up with the perfect solution. *hands him her 3DS*
  • Shiro: What's this? "Animal Crossing"?
  • Pidge: Yeah. You get to be mayor of your own town and take care of a bunch of whiny animals. It's basically like being leader of Team Voltron, minus the evil alien empire trying to kill you.
  • Shiro: Huh. I'll try it out. Thanks, Pidge.
  • Three Days Later:
  • Shiro: This smug villager...
  • Pidge: Reminds you of Lance, huh?
  • Shiro: The resemblance is uncanny...

in which takenaka gets shot bc this whole thing is such bullshit

Reason // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: could I have a jungkook scenario where him and her are best friends and she’s always pointing at girls like “what about her she’s cute” or when a waitress flirts with him she’s like “hey go for it she’s into you” and jungkook is just not interested and shoves it off and he doesn’t really know why he just doesn’t find any of her suggestions attractive until one day when they’re walking in the park or wherever and she trips and lands on her face or eating something and it spills down her shirt and she’s not fazed about it at all and he’s just sweetly laughing at her clumsiness and that’s when he realizes that the reason he never thought those girls fit his standards was because they weren’t her.

words: 1616

category: fluff

author note: every time i write abt kookie i think of him as a boyfriend which is funny bc im not rlly romantically attracted to jungkook?? enjoy!

- destinee

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Why is any of this a problem? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me that it’s more like a dream come true than a crisis.”

“I…it’s so much, Pans. It’s too intense. Feelings all over the place. It makes me feel like I’m going to explode.”

Pansy’s mouth quirked into an understanding grimace. “Feelings.” She sighed. “Well, feelings aren’t necessarily evil, even if they often are.”

“Luna says that feelings will get me orgasms.” Draco buried his head in his hands.

Pansy laughed. “She’s not wrong. Well, of course one can obtain orgasms in any number of ways that do not involve feelings. But I have a hunch that if orgasms from Potter are what one is after, one must endure the feelings. He is a Gryffindor, after all.
—  Moldova’s Magical Tea by anonymous (part of H/D Wireless, now posting! Will update author info after reveals.)

Eurus Holmes is an era-defining genius…beyond Newton.

When John was visiting his “new” therapist, he stated, Molly Hooper was the only person who could really see through Sherlock’s “bullshit”.  Eurus heard this loud and clear.

Eurus knew Molly would make Sherlock say “I love you” first.  She knew this woman would be the one to put her brother on the back foot in a very, very big way.   

Eurus essentially took all of Sherlock’s power away in front of Molly Hooper.  She empowered Molly over the man she loves by putting that situation in front of her.  There was no bomb, never was.  It was all about Sherlock, yes…but it was all about how powerless he really is in front of Molly.  Emotional context.

Molly Hooper is not weak, she is a lion.  Her love is not weak, it is unbreakable.  Her love is not meaningless, it means everything.  Sherlock’s love is not meaningless either, it means everything.  Eurus proved it.  That was The Final Problem.  

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Since Ed is my fave, I did notice something about how the snake treats him. When he won a Grammy last year, she literally did everything she could so the camera would be on her. Even my mom who likes Ed too said "wtf is she really trying to make this about her??" and that was before I became a larrie so she got on my bad side before I even found out about everything she's done to Harry. Like that journalist said, "the only read bad thing about Ed is, well, his friendship with Swift" :)

Oh, anon, I like and agree with your message from the very first to the very last word!! Thank you!

Library Lovers.

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Pairing: Gaston x reader

Word Count: 890

Tagging: @girl-next-door-writes  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83@impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt @hobbithorse19@feelmyroarrrr @lefouismylife@redimagines @letowolfie @ciaprincess@speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lani elenawrit

A/N: This was a request I received from a anon:  I am so in love with Gaston right now. Can’t ever get enough. But if you’re feeling up to it, how about a gaston fic where reader works at the library and gaston admires her so much, that he asks her if he could read with her, even though he hates reading but finds that he actually enjoys it, especially her voice when she reads to him?

A/N: Well of course I can! I really enjoyed writing this piece! Requests are still open to submit Gaston story fic ideas! 

Warnings: N/A 

Everyday now during Gaston’s gallivants through the village, he always seems to find himself at the library. A place he used to avoid at all costs. He didn’t enjoy reading, or barely had the time. But one day, to escape all of the people who crowded him. In order to find a place of sanctuary, more like a good place to hide in a hopes of them dispersing.

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I… may have gone a little crazy with the sun spots… but… he IS the sun god… so I’m not going to apologize….

The first picture is, well, obviously when he was greeted by the welcome-to-humanity party. So he’s a bit scrawny and kind pale. The second is after awhile being on earth, and spending some time at our favorite demi-god camp. I imagine him somehow trying to convince Meg to trust him… and with those bright blue eyes, well, how can she not? Of course, he must have done something to lose her trust in the first place but that’s for another day. 

I also just want to see the sun god in a CHB shirt. *fans self* Damn.

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65 klaronine again if you can work Henrik in that would be awesome

So apparently when you request Henrik, I just base half the drabble about the little kid xD So this is probably more a Henrik/Caroline + KC drabble xD.

KC + “I have a secret.”

“What are you doing?” Henrik asked when he walked into Rebekah’s room. Caroline and she were lying on her bed, deep in conversation and looked startled at the interruption.

“We’re talking,” Rebekah told her five-year-old brother and glanced at her friend for help. Caroline, however, was always weak around the youngest Mikaelson and would let him get away with almost anything, including intruding on their personal conversations. And Rebekah had so wanted to share about her date with Matt the night before.

“Can I stay?” Henrik asked, pouting at Caroline, knowing she was the one most likely to agree.

“We’re talking about secrets, Henrik. I’m sorry, but they’re private,” Caroline tried explaining. The young boy wouldn’t understand much of their conversation, but that would also mean he could accidentally mention things around his parents or brothers.

“What are secrets?” Henrik asked curiously. His brothers had already sent him away and he wanted to stay with his sister.

“They’re things that no one else knows,” Caroline explained. “Things you only tell your close friends.”

“Oh…” Henrik contemplated that for a moment and then he grinned. “I have a secret,” he whispered.

Caroline moved closer to Henrik. “Really? What is it?” she whispered, trying to include him at least for a little bit.

“I ate Elijah’s last cookies,” Henrik whispered in return, “Kol showed me where he hid them.” He giggled at the memory and looked at Caroline with a beaming smile. “Can I stay now?” he eagerly asked.

They both looked pleadingly at Rebekah and she groaned. “Fine, fine,” she muttered, “But only for a little while!” she warned her brother.

He nodded and turned back to Caroline. “So what’s your secret?”

She thought back to something appropriate to mention in front of him before she settled on one he could understand. “Last week, I changed the covers of some of Klaus’ books so he brought the wrong ones to class,” she confessed.

Henrik giggled and nodded. “I heard about that! Kol and he were talking about it when they send me away. Apparently, they have secrets as well,” he pouted at that. He didn’t like the exclusion from his older siblings at times. He could talk just as well as them, he was five years already.

“What were they talking about?” Rebekah perked up in interest. It was always nice to get dirt on one’s siblings.

“About Caroline,” Henrik said and Caroline looked up in surprise.

“Why were they talking about me?” she asked in surprise. “I didn’t do anything this week…”

“I don’t know. I know that Klaus said he fancied you, but he wouldn’t explain what that meant to me. They send me away right after.”

“Wait they said what?” Rebekah laughed and looked fell back on her bed in a fit of laughter. “Oh, that’s rich.”

Caroline was shocked in silence. Klaus having any type of feelings for her was surprising. She always assumed he only tolerated her because she was his sister’s friend. The interaction the two had was antagonistic half the time anyway. Playing pranks or having arguments. How the hell was that the thing that made Klaus ‘fancy’ her?

Then again, she wasn’t one to talk, now was she? She had had a crush on him for years and had used their little feuds and banter as just another way to interact with him. Caroline groaned; they were both so messed up, she decided.

“What does fancy mean?” Henrik demanded to know, looking at the two girls who had such different reactions to the word.

“It means,” Caroline started before she paused. What did it really mean? Maybe Henrik had overheard wrong.

“It means that Klaus likes Caroline,” Rebekah told him, “Like how Elijah likes Katherine.” She made a nasty face at the thought.

“So Klaus wants to kiss Caroline,” Henrik declared with a proud grin that he had figured it out. That’s all that Elijah seemed to do when Katherine was around.

“No!” Caroline exclaimed at the same time that Rebekah nodded and said yes.

“He wants her to be his girlfriend, but that’s not happening,” Rebekah explained.

Henrik shook his head in distress, “That can’t happen,” he said panicky. “Caroline is already my girlfriend!”

“Aw, I know Henrik,” Caroline pecked him on the cheek, “And you’re the best boyfriend I will ever get. But this would be a different kind of boyfriend or girlfriend thing.”

“Because you would kiss Klaus,” Henrik realized. He thought about it for a moment. “Well I suppose you could have two boyfriends,” he allowed, “But only if I can have two girlfriends as well.”

Caroline laughed, “Of course you can,” she allowed.

“Wait why are you talking like you dating Klaus would even be a possibility,” Rebekah tried to read her friend. “OMG you like my brother!” she exclaimed in shock. She was surprised she hadn’t realized it before.

“I- Maybe,” Caroline confessed, turning away from her friend. “Would that be okay?”

Rebekah considered it for a moment. “Well I’d rather have him bring you home than another harlot like Elijah did,” she confessed.

Caroline knew how hard that was for Rebekah. As the little sister, she didn’t like sharing her brother’s with anyone, but she would make an exception for Caroline. If that would ever become an issue.

“So go talk to him!” Rebekah urged her, “You now know. It’s not going to do you much good to keep sitting on this. Besides, Henrik is clearly the worst secret keeper ever and will probably tell Klaus that you like him too, the second he leaves the room.”

Henrik nodded at that, and Caroline glanced at the door. What could be the worst that could happen? “Okay… Okay,” she gathered her nerves, “Don’t come looking for me. I’ll text you when I’m home,” Caroline instructed Rebekah, hugging her friend and her little brother.

She waved while she exited their room and walked over to Klaus room. His door was closed and she knocked twice, hoping that Kol was no longer with him.

“Klaus?” she called out at the same time the door opened.

“Caroline!” he opened the door in surprise and looked at her in confusion, “Why are you here?”

“Henrik is the worst secret keeper,” she blurted out, unsure how to start the topic.

“He told you,” Klaus groaned. She nodded and he opened the door to let her in the room. “What did he tell you?”

“That you fancied me,” Caroline confessed. She noticed him shut his eyes for a moment, while he sat down on the bed. She sat down next to him. “Do you?” she dared to ask.

“Does it matter?” he retorted, regretting not to send Henrik away before he confirmed his feelings about Caroline to Kol.

“No. I suppose not,” she said, noticing how his face fell with her words. “I mean it’s not like it would change my feelings,” she added.

“I assumed as much,” Klaus nodded. He had never expected Caroline to return his feelings. This only confirmed what he already knew.

Caroline rolled her eyes, “For someone who assumes to know everything, you’re really blind.”

“What do you mean?” Klaus questioned.

“That I like you, you idiot,” she turned her head, avoiding looking at Klaus. “Don’t ask me why, but I do,” she whispered.

Klaus slowly lifted her chin so he could look her in the eyes. “I like you too,” he admitted before he brushed his lips against her.

“Yeah,” Caroline laughed softly, “You’re brother told me as much. But it sounds better when you say it.”

“I like you,” Klaus said and kissed her on her nose. “I like you,” he brushed his lips against her closed eyes. “I like you,” one peck on the corner of her lip. “Do you believe me?”

“Yes,” she said and pulled him closer, capturing his mouth with hers. She believed him. She might have been blind before, but a little kid had helped open her eyes to what was always in front of her.

Hope you liked it!

BonesXReader: Joanna’s first date

After your shift on the Enterprise you headed to the day care centre on an upper-deck to pick up your four-year-old son Noah before heading back to your shared family quarters. Your husband, the CMO was working late because of a recent contamination in the Botany labs where several crew members had been sprayed with a previously unknown pollen from one of the plants. It hadn’t had any negative or worrying effects yet, but the Captain felt it was better safe than sorry.

You gave Noah some cut up fruit and left him on a playmat with his toys in front of the couch so you could do paperwork on you PADD. The doors opened and Joanna, Leonard’s 11-year-old daughter arrived home from school. “Hey mom, dad working late again?” A year and a half into your marriage Joanna had woken you up on your birthday with two envelopes. One birthday card. And one set of adoption papers. You’d been so happy you’d cried. She’d called you ‘mom’ ever since.

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Good Enough (7)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Kyungsoo dragged Sehun out of the hallway into an empty classroom, slamming the door behind him and blocking the prince from leaving. “You may be a prince ‘Your Highness’, but you are such an asshole. She’s a lovely girl and yet you treat her like shit. You don’t deserve her,” Kyungsoo practically shouted at Sehun, losing his temper.

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BlackPink[Rose`]- Rose` Has A What!!

Prompt: Rose` has been sneaking out of the dorms lately and the girls decide to follow her one day

Writer: Admin C

Word Count: 654

Requested[X] Not Requested[]

Female X Female

It was another night that Rose` has sneaked out. No matter how many times the she’s been questioned she denies going out. Well of course she can cause they don’t proof of her sneaking out.

“Ok this time we will get our proof and get answers” Jennie whispered as her Jisoo and Lisa watched Rose` sneak out the door.

“Let’s go” Jisoo said and the 3 girls started following Rose`.


“Hey sorry I’m late. The others went to sleep later then I thought they would” Rose` said as she met up with her girlfriend of 1 ½ Y/N.

“It’s fine as long as we get to see each other” Y/N said as she embraced the red head.

“Come on I know this all night frozen yogurt shop.” Rose` said as the two girls walked down the street linking hands, oblivious to the fact that they were being watched.

“Oh shit” Lisa muttered under her breath.

“Rose` has a girlfriend?!” Jisoo said in shock.

“We don’t know for sure that’s what she is” Jennie said.

“Why would she hide a FRIEND from us? They are obviously a couple” Jisoo whisper-shouted.

“I think we should head back” Lisa suggested.

“Yeah they are on a date, let’s go” Jisoo said shoving the two.


“So Rose`, anything new you want to tell us about?” Lisa asked as Rose` wandered into the kitchen in the morning.

“Uh no” Rose` says as she grabs a water bottle.

“Does YG know that you have a girlfriend” Jennie asks suddenly almost makinf Rose` choke on her water.

“How did yous?” Rose` asks.

“We may or may not have followed you last night” Jisoo admits looking down.

“What! Why?” Rose` asks in shock.

“Well we wouldn’t have had to if you didn’t hide it from us” Jennie says with Lisa and Jisoo nodding in agreement.

“Yes YG knows about Y/N, I was told to keep it a secret. Even from you guys” Rose` tells them.

“Oh” all the girls say in realization.

“Yeahhhhhh” Rose` says.

“So when can we meet her then since we already know about her?” Lisa asks excitedly.

“No, not happening. Just forget that you know about her” Rose` says walking towards the door.

“That isn’t something that’s easily forgotten!!!!” Jisoo yells as Rose` exits the dorm.


“What” Y/N asks in shock.

“Yeah they know about us. Those sneaky little –” Rose` says but is cut off.

“Ahh no cursing. We’ll figure it out ok. We always do” Y/N says taking Rose`’s hand in hers.

“You’ll stay by my side right?” Rose` asks.

“As long as you want me there” Y/N confirms.

“Meet me at the dorms at noon tomorrow then” Rose` tells Y/N.

“I thought you didn’t want them to meet me yet” Y/N says in shock.

“I changed my mind” Rose` says.


It was noon the next day when Y/N walked p to the door of BLACKPINK’s dorms and rand the doorbell.

Jennie gasped as she saw who was at the door and slammed the door in Y/N’s face quickly.

“What’s wrong” Jisoo asks.

“She’s here” Jennie whispers as she keeps her back to the door.

“Who’s here” Jisoo asks.

“Rose`’s girlfriend” Jennie whispers to Jisoo.

“Let me see” Jisoo says as she goes to the door and opens it, “Oh my god” she says and quickly shuts it.

“What do we do” Jennie asks the older girl.

“Well I don’t know about yous but I’m going to make a good first impression unlike yous.” Lisa says and walks over opening the door. “Hi you must be Y/N, wow your so pretty no wonder Rose` likes you so much” Lisa says and hugs Y/N.

“Hands of my girl, Manoban” Rose` says as she walks down the stairs.


“Thanks for introducing us to her Rose`” Jennie says after Y/N leaves the dorm to go back home.

“It’s about time that yous meet her anyway”

Critical Role Sentence starters p.1
  • “I never trusted that Magneto looking motherfucker.”
  • “We’re in town, fuck it. Anything’s possible!”
  • “It’s like Weekend at Bernie’s.”
  • “I would like to rage.”
  • “Did you get that so you can spy on _____?”
  • “I encourage violence.”
  • “Do you want to go steady? Yes, no or maybe.”
  • “Warn me first!”
  • “You’re a bad ass, nameless NPC!”
  • “You fucked up.”
  • “Shoot that load, ______!”
  • “I knew it! I knew it! I’m a special boy.”
  • “It’s like your god has smiled on me and said ‘he’s cool, go for it’.”
  • “Yes, I’ve got two eyes.”
  • “Where do I knock off my points for pride?”
  • “That’s in additional notes.”
  • “What’s family for other than to take advantage of?”
  • “There’s nothing you can’t ruin.”
  • “You don’t understand, we haven’t been apart in about… ever.”
  • “Thank you, I hate to lose papaya.”
  • “Like a fourteen year old who’s father doesn’t love him enough to teach him how to groom himself.”
  • “Anyway, we’ll talk about it over fire camps!”
  • “What’s that term called? The one where your penis is inverted?”
  • “He’s a boy! Look at his giant bear dick!”
  • “Diamonds are forever.”
  • “Oh my god, you guys! All I needed was fried chicken.”
  • “I use fuck me.”
  • “You will leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave.”
  • “You have a twin? What’s she look like?”
  • “Us Dwarves are known for our dicks that are sensitive to rat bites.”
  • “I would like you to enchant my staff.”
  • “I mean it in a strictly platonic, arcanic sense.”
  • “Oh jesus ball sacks!”
  • “How would you like to make a gold coin?”
  • “You sick fucks.”
  • “Well, I mean, you came to a bar looking for young boys.”
  • “I thought you were heroes.”
  • “I waited two weeks to meet you.”
  • “I just wanted to be a hero.”
  • “I will, I’ll make you proud.”
  • “Of course I would definitely stop looking if I saw her naked in front of my poo.”
  • “I’m going to scry through my poo.”
  • “You’re stealing from a crying man!”
  • “You’re walking straight so it couldn’t have gone too well.”
  • “She’s vegan, of course she told them.”
  • “I can sense you, you dick!”
  • “We had a safe word for a reason!”
  • “My god, ______’s a hoarder. Or he’s in serious distress.”
  • “I think it’s the previous.”
  • “I encourage sandwich.”
  • “I have an itch and it can only be scratched with a cow bell.”
  • “Your kid is weird.”
  • “Not a child!”
  • “I have a plan… we’re all cows.”
  • “It’s cow or never.”
  • “This is udderly ridiculous.”
  • “#supple bear”
  • “You softened the shit of him.”
  • “Please, please don’t let them kill me.”
  • “We may be fuck ups, but we’re not without ability.”
  • “Always go in the backdoor.”
  • “Can you say anything that isn’t laced with innuendo?”
  • “Don’t throw around the ‘d’ work unless it’s the ‘d’ word time.”
  • AND FINALLY: “How do you want to do this?”