well oc or design

Kravitz is good


Well…those are my original characters 

The only ones that have names are the redhaired girl :Laia and the goat (Mouflon) Muflo lol, 

i like that kind of punk-someting style, so i tried

In story i dont have anything well defined yet xD

I realize now that I never posted the finished version of this.
Here it is.

High Roller. Concept for a DnD character I want to run at some point. He’s a casino barbarian who’s rage state is [poker face] instead of anger. 



Themis, the Greek Titan of divine law was among the original inspirations for the modern depiction of Libra - the scales of justice and balance. Upon being tied to the affairs of humanity, her wings were bound and she took up the mantle with tireless effort to create harmony

The sand of time and the water of life fill her scales, though never remain full - as humanity has much to learn, and yet to achieve balance. 

Some concepts and ideas about a new story idea I’m calling Lacuna!! The main character is this ritual performer by the sea. The story idea is inspired by the Bahamas sink holes and the myths of the Lusca!! More details later!

loadingcutepeople  asked:

Can you tell us more about Jinwey and Kitzom? Because they are both tol, smol and beautiful

Jinwey my smol son

species design inspired by the jumping spider. average size of an adult of the species is 80-100cm. Jinweys kind have shorter life spans than Alteans. Jinwey is the oldest in maturity in the Voltron squad. He’s got like a dozen grand kids (cute grubs they are, Coran has babysat them a couple of times).

Kind and Honest that can be very blunt (his whole species are a honest bunch. like they can lie, but don’t see the point. this is probably because their ancestors used to be a hive mind based species. i came up with a whole history of that and i’m just like //weeps//).

Being the smollest in the gang, he starts liking being picked up and carried around. there’s just something pleasant about it. Is an inventor, makes all kind of junk. 

His species head butt in greetings with friends and family and they do this yelling screeching when they are happy >:3c

Jinwey is the strongest in the squad

this is result of the incredible strong gravity on his planet.

he can lift the whole squad if he wanted to

plus his lion (yellow lion also likes to be carried)

Kitzom, my bootiful toll fish son. Though only the 2nd tallest in the squad (Vaamal beats all there)

From a planet where the water is like in zero gravity mode, so literally floating oceans (i need to draw it). He’s the small type of his species, which are colourful with variation patterns, where the bigger types don’t have as complex colours and patterns (so imagine like birds of paradise, where the pretty males gotta attract the ladies with their style).

Coran nominates Kitzom as the Blue Lions substitute pilot and later on takes the position full time when Coran retires.

Kitzom is an expertise in the medical field and is hella flamboyant. Loves to help peeps up in fashion department and style his (well its fins not hair) and others hairs (he’s the one who was able to finally tame Coran’s hair in his youth. man i got a comic about it that need to be finished :)))))).

Extremely loyal and man i just love my bootiful toll fish alien son.



I said I was going to change Tatsuo’s design, but I ended up not doing that (besides adding a streak in his hair lmao) 

Instead, I changed the way he presents himself. Given that he’s a criminal that was once a known name, he probably hides his appearance a lot. I guess by hiding I mean he wears a large hood over his head. Tatsuo probably goes by a code name also, but I don’t have one for him right now, so for now we call him by his real name. 

Lady Cerridwen.

Lucidia goddess oc!!! :D I think she’s the first ever goddess oc created… As far as I know, at least… and I love her…. I’m not sure on too much of her personality yet, since I haven’t really roleplayed her at all?? But her design is defs complete!

Concept details:
-Prefers just being called ‘Cerridwen’
-Likes writing (poetry mainly)
-Her own poetry is kinda…. dark.
-“The stars shine down upon thee- Til’ you’re killed by a fALLING TREE-”
-She’s pretty sadistic, especially when she decides she doesn’t like someone
-Often misses tiny details in favour of the bigger picture
-Really likes weird mugs?
-Cocky, to a fault. Kind of a diva, very spoilt.
-Will cause a scene if she doesn’t get her way.

ANYWAYS I may draw more of her later…!!

[Lucidia belongs to @loverofpiggies!!]

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town